nojabjobs.co.nz/>Employment For Unvaccinated Unvaxxed.Unmasked.Undefeated.Uncircumcised. Alternate News Sites (doesn't mean they are good)polnewscentral.com/https://thebfd.co.nz/https://www.nam.co.nz/https://themedia.kiwi Looks like MPs are fearful for their safety after trying to kill the people they represent. Good. nzherald.co.nz/nz/intense-threats-deputy-pm-grant-robertson-flags-fears-for-mps-safety-on-election-campaign/75HTZMKVL6TV5RV3UPHGUII4QY/ Why is the questions listed for Wayne Brown and Craig Lord but not Efeso Collins in this article? Seems like blatant favoritism to me. i.stuff.co.nz/pou-tiaki/129795006/auckland-mayoral-candidates-share-their-disability-policies

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how did none of you nut in jacinda? you really let a cuck do it kek

Solidarity kiwi bro.

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Yeah I'm gona say based

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>>396083218>somewhere between a quarter and a third.Frankly I'm surprised it was that many.

>>396083218I read this and wondered what was going on here. Did the fag lecturer just have a mental breakdown?In my opinion it sounds like this fag was doubling up on the work and just had a fucking gay meltdown.

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>>396083398Honestly gives me hope in the younger generation

dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11227833/Trudeau-slammed-embarrassment-singing-Bohemian-Rhapsody-days-Queens-funeral.html - Cindy's ride to NYMacron and Husband wore sneakers to the funeral ndtv.com/world-news/french-presidents-sneakers-during-london-trip-cause-stir-online-3359341https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/queen-elizabeth-death-jacinda-ardern-says-aotearoa-will-become-republic-but-not-quickly/CAKU457MANLIZNFP3N7XDVWCR4/These WEF communists both loathe and also want to be royalty.

>>396082713>but not Efeso Collins in this article?What do you expect from a man who wears a necklace made from Fruit Bursts.

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>>396082713>nzherald.co.nz/nz/intense-threats-deputy-pm-grant-robertson-flags-fears-for-mps-safety-on-election-campaign/75HTZMKVL6TV5RV3UPHGUII4QY/Te Pāti Māori only got one paragraph/soundbite, but managed to call everyone they disagree with a white supremacist 4 times. He said after threats through YouTube videos they had pushed police to put a taskforce together to focus on white supremacy."There's huge emphasis on gangs, that have huge Māori participation, but nobody's looking at white supremacy."If you look at Christchurch, it was white supremacy; threats online, it's white supremacy. So let's just get down to the guts of it."

>>396084157>aotearoaWhen I see this word I understand everything about race relations and war and genocide. It's the word that reminds me to never allow native ideology to spread to my beautiful island home. fuck the old royalty, there is no more royalty here.

>>396084435what if they're just lying because they hate white people? check for foreskin before trusting a man in this day and age

Hello goyimCirno's perfect math class is now in session18th July covid death toll gets lowered to 1,252 for the second time in the past yearThe total number of covid cases on the 18th July was 1,510,0001,252 / 1,510,000 = 0.00086%To make that into a percentage, times it by 100 or move the decimal 2 places over0.086% chance to die from covid 19, of whom were only the elderly, sick, weak, dysgenic, obese and the VAXXINATEDTo estimate how many deaths there could be in New Zealand, we can times the percentage by the population of New Zealand then divide by 100.0.086 x 6,000,000 = 516,000Now we divide by 100516,000 / 100 = 5,1605,160~ is the upper limit to how many people could have died from covid-19 in this country.Currently, it's not even 2,000.Any question?

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>>396082952Horses are artificially inseminated bro

>>396084162>What do you expect from a man who wears a necklace made from Fruit Bursts.A van with tinted windows playing icecream truck music.Also, since I couldn't remember the name of the tune, I googled it. Pic related came up. I haven't looked any further, and I hate icecream trucks now.

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>>396084435Reminder that Robert's literally a fat faggot


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>>396082713Legally I can piss off to NZ any time I want and live on neet gibs. Realistically everyone in NZ is a cunt and they would find fake excuses to fuck me around.The difference between the LAW and the CULTURE is a big reason why people don't want to visit anymore.

>>396085138cool story chief

>>396085138>everyone in NZ is a cunti don't even want to be here

>>396082713>FUCK THE GOVERNMENTNow you're getting it, you commonwealth fucking cuck.

Anons can’t find the thread anymore but whats up with the swab / rapid tests? Had two in the nostril (not all the way up just in the nose) and am freaking the fuck put. What’s going to happen.

>>396085744u goan dah

>>396085744you're gonna psychosomatise symptoms all on your own cause you're a retard who believes everything they read on the internet

Fuck people who aren't White and unjabbed

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>>396084539Wait till you get called a pakeha

>>396082713Living like a king; dinner tonight is 500g (25) chicken nuggies seasoned in cajun spice with a side of 100g tomato relish. $6.47.Thanks for asking.

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>>396086073just don't live up north bro

>396085627why does this dumb mutt think we care about his opinion?

>>396085973Anon even the MSM has put out that some swabs have E0 and other toxic material on the swabs. I didn’t have it shoved into my brain but it touched the inside of nostril. What’s the go seriously

>>396082952I heard in reality she smells strongly like shit

>>39608608925 you son of a bitch.I had the classic mince and 3 veg tonight, I don't have meat and 3 veg enough it's actually pretty based and good

>>396086089Enjoy your feast King

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>>396085744Bro, I rubbed one between my callused tradie fingers and there was heaps of fiberglass that came off. Hundreds of tiny shards of glass. They're not normal cotton buds. Also it's not just something to make them work because I used my own cotton buds when I got covid and the tests worked.

>>396082713Bros what are you drinking tonight?

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>>396086422It's only 600g of food all up, picrel is 850g. $4.84

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summers almost here boys! cant wait to rape all those euro backpackers my bros

>>396086553It was okay, sad I could have made roast lamb for around that price but I had a CBF meeting today.

>>396086571I know Tradie user, I’m a moron for ever putting them near my skin. I would advise not to touch that shit. Fibre glass you’re on the money. Do you know how fucked someone like me is who has them in my nose?

>>396083218>diatribe>I am ashamed of youWhy are kids these days so fragile? If someone calls me a niggerfaggot I just go on with my day you know.

Haha remember this guy?He's taken the government to court a few times e.g. for not being allowed to wear a necklace.This time he tried to change the rules to allow sex offenders to have butt sex with each other!What a massive faggotstuff.co.nz/national/129936555/notorious-killer-and-sex-offender-loses-high-court-battle-to-allow-prisoners-to-have-sex

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>>396086633Nice. I would estimate my dinner of 200g mince, pumpkin, carrots and cabbage was probably $4 ish.Murrys saying takeaways are cheaper are fucking retards

>>396086152This, everyone in the south island except for university fags are normal.

>>396086950Wow if only there was a better way to deal with people like this

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>>396084157>Academics like Te Matahiapo Safari Hynes have questioned what such a move would mean for te Tiriti o Waitangi, and if tauiwi (people who are not Maori, especially non-indigenous New Zealanders) should even be afforded a vote were a referendum held on the issue.>people who are not Maori, especially non-indigenous New ZealandersIs this "academic" trying to say white New Zealanders are indigenous?Who are they trying to say is indigenous to New Zealand whilst also not being Maori, I know academia has redefined Mori-ori to be a type of Murry, so it's not them?Is the the time archaeologists discover ancient artefacts with the Star of David on them?

>>396086822I should have worn a glove but I didn't think they would do that shit.I've heard they do it to make you sneeze but that's bullshit because no-one sneezes and the tests don't even say to make sure to get a good swab after a sneeze.I have seen footage of the PCR test where they fucking dip the stick into a liquid before they put it in someone's nose, that is probably where the nefarious shit is. Your swab might have been ready for that tech but it never eventuated in RAT's

>>396087048I shudder to think what a McChicken combo costs these days. Earlier this year I calculated it was $2.27 to mimic the large combo at home.What do they charge for 6 nuggies now? 6 grollion goy tokens?

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>>396087217Or let his victims at him. If you don't know, that guy was raping a little boy and then the father found out and he murdered the father. Poor kid got badly raped and lost his dad. And now that asshole wants to have orgies with other child sex offenders in their protected unit. (it was legal until 2017)

>>396087229>Is the the time archaeologists discover ancient artefacts with the Star of David on them?You might be rightjewishlives.nz/articles/te-jewry

>>396087361I know who he is lol, everyone does

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>>396087286Lol I dunno, I've never eaten them in my life, even when I was a kid in the 90's they were too expensive for the likes of me kek

>>396087447There are young people who come in, they won't know

Another Jewellery store in St Lukes mall hit today by a group of 8 masked robbers (of totally unspecified physical features, of course)nzherald.co.nz/nz/st-lukes-shopping-mall-raid-police-respond-as-stewart-dawsons-jewellery-store-targeted-by-up-to-eight-masked-robbers/3SJOQGTJR7FLVKJ363NL4MBMQA/

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Labour can't campaign normally anymore, they're so hated and have such guilty consciences for what they done that they think someone will murder them at any point.This is not something a benevolent government would have to do.>Robertson said protesters also later blocked his entry to the airport in Whangarei. "They were screaming and yelling at me that I was a paedophile and other revolting things. Those sorts of experiences are not great.">He had had DPS with him on that occasion because of Facebook posts suggesting his visit would be protested.>"I felt safe with them with me. But we can't do that for every MP. I think we are going to have to think about this election campaign in a slightly different way. We can't let them win, so we're going to have to think about how we do it differently.nzherald.co.nz/nz/intense-threats-deputy-pm-grant-robertson-flags-fears-for-mps-safety-on-election-campaign/75HTZMKVL6TV5RV3UPHGUII4QY/

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>>396087841Always makes me laugh when I met a Boer to moved here to escape this shit.

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>>396087939Damn, why are these freedom protesters removing the freedom for politicians to campaign?

>>396087841I don't mind ram raiders. All throughout school they were told they should be ashamed for being a man, but the gangs shown them what it's like to be daring and men of action.One day they will figure out there is a lot more money to be made in raiding boomers homes kek

>>396088038All we wanted to do is make the unvaccinated lose their jobs and homes, and turn their kids gay

>>396087242Yeah that sounds like bs. Idk there’s so many brands of this shit sourced from all over the world. I do think I’m well and truly fucked though and I’ve only ever had the 2 swabs in my nose so god knows what we have in store. Good luck user.

>>396088141Wasn't it Labour that banned the trans therapy?

>>396088316Pretty sure they enforced it.

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>>396086089Four helpings of jerusalem artichoke, onionweed and deadnettle soup, cooked on the fire. I think the only thing I paid for was the salt. So maybe 0.005c.

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>>396088659>I think the only thing I paid for was the salt.Must have been kosher. Fun fact: kosher salt is grain sized so it is lower in density, they then sell it by volume so you're paying more for less.

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Taupo kicking up a fuss just in time for 24thrnz.co.nz/news/national/475144/taupo-volcano-alert-level-raised-for-first-time-after-hundreds-of-small-quakes

>>396086073doesn't happen because I'm too brown :)>when your family are the only boongs for 200 hundred miles to survive the genocide but refuse to condemn it because life was super comfy in a 99% white society.shocking to young people, but race relations were actually better in the fucking 1920s than they are today.

>>396084632Your maths is wrong because the death percentage would have been higher with no vaccinated people in NZ, but it was 90% vaxxed

>>396089303>just in time for 24thWhat happens on the 24th?Taupo going off would be a fucking happening eh!

>>396089303God I hope it kills us all. But nothing will happen, nothing ever happens.

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>>396086638Whats your MO?

>>396089628>Lake Taupō was formed about 26,500 years ago by the massive Ōruanui eruption. This threw out 1,000 times more pumice and ash than Mt St Helens (United States) did in 1980. The latest Taupō eruption, in about 232 CE, was much smaller than Ōruanui. Even so, it was several times larger than the 1883 eruption of Krakatau (Krakatoa) in Indonesia.

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>>396086638are you that guy who said you raped a bunch of backpackers in the national parks.

>>396089755For the first time in over a decade I feel happy to be alive, hope this doesn't ruin it.

Bros... "Urban Patrol"

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>>396089828Don't worry user, it can't do anywhere near the damage that the last 30+ years of immigration has done to this country.

>>396089627What are you up to this weekend mate? Do you want to go to a gig? We might even be able to find a girl for you


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>>396089975I remember they had a similar drill over in central christchurch on the 15th March 2019.

>>396088316No, they enshrined it in law

>>396090205I thought that was an armed offenders training thing, not NZDF.

>>396089627Your id is literally StDLeave the thread monkeypox-haver

>>396090267Either way that's why 3 soldiers with guns were arrested.

>>396089975>Several soldiers will enter coffee shops in the area to make purchasesNZ Army catering at it's finest

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>>396089975What the fuck kind of drill is this?


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>>396086621Fizzy drinks. Can't afford alcohol. Well, can't afford to get drunk and do stupid shit while on alcohol

>>396090611Stay alert, false flag glowop incoming.

>>396090623Pre-election drill. Faggot Robertson is scared..newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2022/09/labour-considering-axing-iconic-election-walkabout-as-grant-robertson-reveals-details-of-abuse.html


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>>396090781That guy who got done for Harmful digital communications and is running for Christchurch council will go shooting, this will be used as an excuse to allow vetting for political candidates.

>>396090839Haha sucks to be in the north island, losers.

>>396090839>all that carnage up north>south basically untouchedOh baby

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>>396090946>implying he even has guns

>>396090711Still no closer to understanding the relevance of the 24th. I've been away from the internets for about 6 weeks now. Only thing I heard about while away was "the queen died" because someone somehow got reception long enough for their news to update on their phone.

>>396090831I don't think it's that because 30 people is fuck all. You might be onto something if it was like a battalion doing the training but 30 people is fuck all to try and secure an area.

>>396089975I've seen notices like that in the past. I live in Palm. North and I saw notices from the Army stating that "riot control" exercises were to be conducted with the Air Force around the Manawatu.

>>396090974>sucks to be in the north island>>396091022>all that carnage up north

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>>396090831>Nooo, not our hecking iconic things that nobody else cares about

>>396091133My brother is in the air force, I will ask if he is a glow agent.

>>396091096Nobody really knows either. But they've been predictive programming for a while on this date. But maybe nothing happens. Nothing ever happens.

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>>396088291I think you'll be fine m8, it all costs money and people were already lining up to get the shot so they didn't need to dose the RAT's

>>396088316Kek Labour banned people from stopping it

>>396087939Need to start pointing out that all these threats only happened because Labour forced the vaxx on people. This is a problem that the Labour government created and it's an absolute pleasure to see Labour MPs fearing for their lives because of the situation they created.They are going to get fucked in the election and I hope I can help inflict some serious problems on these commie fuckers!

>>396091063Oh he probably doesn't have a licence, if he had one it'd have been stripped after he shared Tarrent's video. It'll be discovered he bought a MSSA from a licence holder, this will be an excuse to raid all licence holders and look for MSSAs.

>>396086822Fibre glass is not asbestos, that's why we use it for insulation and not asbestos. You will be fine. Exposure to these kinds of materials happens over your life regardless.

>>396091427Who is this that you are talking about?

>>396089828Bro, rocks from there landed in Australia.In the 232 AD (not CE don't use that term user), it was seen from fucking CHINA