PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP>President Trump>Liz Harrington (Trump Spox)>Donald J Trump Presidential @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom>b-but Trump hasnt done anything! LINKS TIMES>Pres Trump Save America Rally in Youngstown OH 9/17/ (Official) (RSBN)>Pres Trump on GBNews w/ArrrNige 9/9/>Pres Trump Save America Rally in Wilkes-Barre PA 9/3/ (Official) (RSBN)>TrumpVideo: A Nation In Decline 8/9/>TrumpWave: Gestapo 8/9/>Pres Trump @CPAC 2022 in Dallas TX 8/6/ (Breitbart) (RSBN)>MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, AGAIN! 10/28/>God Bless the USA (Donald J Trump) 10/20/>NEVER COME DOWN (10hr ver) 8/11/ pastebin: >>396069353

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new baker needed

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>>396082704Thank you for bakes ULTRA MAGA

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Is this you?

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Tucker said not to talk about hunters laptop

>>396082843no because i'm not 28

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>>396082877Tucker says a lot of things most of which I don't listen to.

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>>396082770>The media ignored the video of Hunter getting a footjob from his underage niece>That means it never happenedLmao


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What's up, bros?

Well I saved the RSA key, I don't know if that user is sticking around but I'd love to hear more if he has more to say.

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Guys... just got a new shower caddy and shower curtain/clear plastic curtain liner/curtain rings

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>>396083153>What's up, bros?New shower/bathroom swag

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>>396082959Wow sharing Bruce Lee quotes. You know how to get me with a man I truly respect and admire.

Don't ever reply to me again.

>>396083195>>396083256Nice but that looks like it's just a shower curtain liner, you need a decorative curtain to go with it. Will post my shower curtain in like an hour when I get home

>>396082843I would never call myself cis-gendered because i dont use clown world language seriously. so basically what im saying is that nigger is fake and gay

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>>396083364>Nice but that looks like it's just a shower curtain liner, you need a decorative curtain to go with it. Will post my shower curtain in like an hour when I get homeWell it is a super durable 100% waterproof curtain and then its got a new plastic liner too... But it works for me bcuz im amish and we like simple

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>>396082961>> the rsa key is in the last thread. It looks like shills are just going to continue to derail back to stupid shit and hunter getting footjobs from hookers and recycled Natalie stuff until the other pedo that can be exposed is forgotten. Maybe it needs it’s own thread, if someone made one and wants toHelp find the “somebody I used to know” pedo comms il repost the key within the thread

>>396082843no i wear the totenkopf of the prussian hussars

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>>396083662Nice site. I was going to suggest you put it in the /t/ thread but I guess /t/ actually saw enough traffic that the hunter thread isn't there anymore.

>>396082877tuckers a trout fishermanthis is bass country

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>>396083996Tucker will never be a professional bass fisherman

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I just realized my friend who overdosed on fentanyl gave me this picture in my restroom,and it makes me kinda sad. I wish I would have done more to help him. I intebtionally avoided him because he was such a drugged out intense guy. I played baseball with that guy when i waz 10yo and now he is dead bcuz illuminati cant wait for druggies to die, they have to kill them immediately with fentanyl now

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Well I watched tonights kino and now theres another one on.. not a lot of talking in the older movies

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>>396084282enjoyed it, could have been called ‘why women shouldn’t vote’

>>396083347Can I reply to your son though?

>>396084712that would be very pedo

kickass kot thread in the catalog happening, also a big earthquake in mexico

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wait if russia plans on annexing luhansk doesn't that mean any ukrainian attempts to invade that region are, from russia's perspective, a violation of its borders and a declaration of war?i really don't comprehend the rules of deciding this shit but from my understanding russia is not treating it like a fullblown war right now and therefore not mobilizing all its forces nor the domestic changes that a state of war would entail, but i guess in 2022 laws both here and there are just what you decide they are

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>>396085183I'll just reply to his wife then

>>396085753wait i just finally got back did something happen AHHHH

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time to read through unMAGA threads

>>396085906no they're just saying they will discuss luhansk annexationyou should instead look into iran protests it might mean more dead iranians!

>>396085989yes it's been brewing for a few days now very MAGA also fuck you faggot i saw what you did fuck you

>>396083805Can we find this guy fitzsimmons on the visitor logs like she says? The c-g’s file taking forever on my

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death to america

>>396085906>wait i just finally got back did something happen AHHHHBased cholita poster! Kek!

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>>396085906idk but i noticed has had Fetterman go down 8% in the last day. i mean it's 63-37 but i remember it being 68-32 the other day. did something happened today there that i don't know anything about?

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>>396082679Reminder that you can't Make America Great Again if you're as fat and weak as the average jabroni currently plaguing this country with their total inadequacy. You WILL go to the gym, you WILL Make America /fit/ again, you WILL lead the rest of this dilapidated population by example, you WILL help rebirth an American culture of Strength and Fortitude, and you WILL be happy.And no fucking fat chicks jfc

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>>396086338i have been out all day so i have no ideait is durr durr mehmet / mastriano monday, so there's that

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>>396085660i cant find a kot thread

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>>396080511i miss him so fucking much

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>>396086465well anyways we're officially just 7 weeks away from November 8th

>>396086968yes it's very MAGA and i don't need to leave america until after i'm so happybut yes as october approaches get ready to be inundated with MAGAness and politics and campaigns and political drama it's going to be great (especially since certain republican candidates are surging)

>>396082877no he didnt

>>396086546got pruned>>396087225october surprise will have something to do with abortion cap this post

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>>396087225>and i don't need to leave america until after

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>>396087225>but yes as october approaches get ready to be inundated with MAGAness and politics and campaigns and political dramaThe past few years have been so boring in American politics so hopefully it becomes interesting again.

>>396087556(for work i'm american don't worry user-tan!)

>>396087605i think the stakes are so high that both republicans and democrats will pull out everything possible! (especially democrats since they are facing potentially losing both the house and senate)

>>396087785Trump needs to stop playing with kid gloves if he wants to win the election again. He still has a diehard base but he cannot play it politics as usual, as it were.2016 was lightning in a bottle and cannot be recaptured in the same way. A new strategy and reinvigorated energy is needed.


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>>396086120>goes back and specifically finds posts of mine to bitch aboutara ara you brought it on yourself

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>specificallyfuck you

>>396088065>still yelling about stolen election >calling for drug dealer executions >beginning rallies with a patton speech about shooting your enemies in the gut and tearing out their entrails nigger what do you want him to do

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>>396088410sorry wife #4 i have to go to bed now

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>>396088469>nigger what do you want him to doIdeally, seize power and hang people. But as we need to be realistic, run on a scorched earth campaign. Voters will naturally follow a power lead.

slit your neck you fucking loser>Ukraine said its troops have marched farther east into territory recently abandoned by Russia, paving the way for a potential assault on Moscow's occupation forces in the Donbas region as Kyiv seeks more Western arms.

>>396088510>wife #4this is a no polygamist zone

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>>396086132Loaded, multiples 12 am visits, hmmm her intel looks legit

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>>396088613he is kinda doing that.whats it like 200 allies he has got voted in?

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>>396088617>abandoned by Russiaso not worth fighting over.

>>396088617I wouldn't trust anything Ukrainians say.

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>>396088808>he is kinda doing that.He's really not.

>>396089704so detail how you would do work with the restrictions he has to work with.

>>396089777>restrictions he has to work with.That's the problem. He believes in playing by the rulebook while the left and powers that be completely discard it.

>>396089777hey now>>396089914>believes in the rule of lawftfy

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>>396085660Seriously. What is it with you people and cats?

>>396082679wtf, we have done that forever. we do it whit plants, animals.. and viruses. so u dont think it happen in humens. wtf u stupid.

>>396086546It’s ok. You do t need it anyway.

>>396089994>>believes in the rule of lawDelusional boomer nonsense that binds and restricts the right from achieving any substantial victories. The "law" is no longer applicable when even the Supreme Court is compromised with activists and saboteurs, let alone the Federal Government and alphabet agencies.Shred and burn the "rulebook", seize power by force, and create new order.

>>396090397In a fictional novel, of course.

>>396090193they’re cool >>396090431so he should do something irl that you don’t even feel comfortable typing anonymously without a “jk”?

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>>396090629He's alluded to as much in the past in a post ironic sense. The future of America is bleak without some form of right wing or third position authoritarian revolution.

Guys.. today is Tommi Tuesday, tommi lauren will be on the tv.. and also, Carley Shimkus is pregnant so it looks like she isn't leaving her husband for me anytime soon!!

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>>396082679Evil always works in dualism - the dark (Satanism, pedophilia, murder, exploitation) and the light (luciferianism, fake hippy peace and love = i.e. liberalism and moral relativism).The dark force of evil have had a field day they know their time is up. Its all been a setup to make you all love lucifer as a saviour and liberator when he is ready to appear. All the world will adore him, worship him, he will bring peace, prosperity, liberty and joy - but he will also bring damnation. Lucifer is the original rebel, freedom fighter and libertarian - this is how he convinced 1/3 of angels to see God as the oppressor and rebel. But he wants to be like God, he desires your worship and all you are experiencing now is to prepare you to find liberation and salvation in HIMThen, when you are all onboard, his true wicked nature will appear and Christ will come an destroy him.So are there "good guys" in the deep state coming to save you as Q says? Yes. But only good by the World's standards. Q is the false prophet of Revelation. Your coming saviour is the antichrist.

Attached: 1647999675062.jpg (604x1299, 178.86K)>Many fundamentalist Christians believe the Antichrist, prophesied in the Book of Revelation, plans to present himself as descended from the Davidic line to bolster his false claim that he is the Jewish Messiah.[67] The intention of such propaganda would be to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of Jews and philo-Semites to achieve his Satanic objectives. An increasing number of fringe Christian eschatologists believe the Antichrist may also present himself as descended from the Jesus bloodline to capitalize on growing adherence to the hypothesis in the general

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>>396091049was wondering why her face looked different, wall’s coming for her

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>>396091081Christcucks are such delusional retards holy shit.

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