Stunning and brave

Poles reveal new measures in the fight against putin

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fucking europoors

>>396082529>huge tv>dishwasher>top loading expensive washing machine>robot floor sweeperPrivileged leftists larping as the poor working man.

Feels good being the owner of two contents with an ample supply of non-Russian energy

If only your broke ass didn’t spend all your yearly pay on hookers and blow and bought 10kw solar panels.Retards, retards everywhere

>>396082529Lol, millions of people are going to die and I feel fine.

>>396082932It's clearly a tiny flat

>>396082932>>robot floor sweeperis this considered a luxury in fucking UK? I have all of those things you mentioned, except for the dishwasher, that's the expensive one

>>396082529Proceed to film everything in 4k 8hours editing And upload it on every social media platform for the next 5hours>saving the planet to stick it to putin

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>>396082529Take that, Putler!

>>396083239except you're not from venezuela, you're on a VPN

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brave 2022 fighters ,showing putin who's the boss by going back in time 80years

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>>396083738>venezuelan vpnYou'd find a pot of gold in a rainbow before finding a fucking venezuelan VPN

>>396082932jesus christ how poor are you?

>>396084924How removed from reality are you, if you don't even know what middle class looks like?Seriously, you dumb fucks are like clockwork. Someone points out how the guy doesn't live in poverty and you immediately get ego-invested about how he's not that rich. That's the fucking point, you stupid fuck. Maybe it'll slowly sink in now what people when they talk about the destruction of the middle class. Isn't going to hit some guy with a 300 m2 appartment.

>>396083183>>396083239>>396084924Rich tards larping as the working man.I am a working class British lad. DEATH TO THE RICH.

>>396082932Chink shit is inexpensive. Uk prices just got extra money for jews.

>>396082932Sorry to break it to you, bong, but Poles probably have a better standard of living than you at this point. You've been sold a bunch of lies if you think Eastern Europe is still poor.

>>396085550>Rich tards larping as the working man.Just tards who think the living standards they see on TV are the norm. Clueless idiots who've never seen what life is really like for the majority.

>>396085550500 euros worth of electric shit wont make anybody rich. Dumbass leftard

>>396082529How does doing the dishes by hand save energy?A full dishwasher is more efficient than rinsing by hand in hot water.

>>396086079It wont. He is just dumbass pole

>>396086079he's probably using cold water

>>396085827That might be so, but the average person really doesn't have a robotic floor sweeper on their mind. It's some excess toy. >>396085847None of this is my argument. We're talking about people not being able to cook food, while some dude in his fucking sandals is larping as poverty because he has to use a sweeping up brush instead of his little sweeper robot. It's the same shit out of touch celebs do. >>396085847Amen

>>396086215Its just cheap a toy and dont give shit about his true amount of wealth. Dumb fuck leftist learn to count

>>396085908Pic rel. This is working class. You are a privileged baby. Most of you are teenagers living in mommys house.

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>>396082529putler eternally BTFO'd

>>396086279So out of touch. Typical reddit/youtuber socialist.

>>396086342He seems to live in similar apartment, you retard. The toy is 15 to 300 euros from ebay. Its not the 3000 pound shit from manchester electronical boutique. You are retard. You deserve all shit happening to you.

Its funny that a typical UK rat earns 4x-10x what a typical pole yet the pole has better standard of living

>>396086469>poor people can just spend 300 euros on a fucking robot toy LMAO.

>>396086601Lmao do you live in the streets or what?

>>396082529So why is it making you so pissed off?

>>396082529That's a turkAnd pathetic

>>396086724Its just so söyful and gay. Typical leftard educating people to wear a mask and save electricity by washing dished by hand making more wasted energy

>>396086680I live in house which I have 75% paid off, with my wife and 3 children. I grew up in poverty and thus could not afford any university level of education and job prospects. But soon I will own my home, and then put the money away for the children's university fees. What I will not be doing is spending 300 on a fucking toy floor sweeper.

>>396086803Do you wash OP's balls with your mouth too? I don't remember asking you shit. Fuck off, retard. Humble yourself and put that bitch made ego of yours back in the box.

>>396085847Average salary in the UK is around 2.7k Euro per month (based on Pound values).Average salary in Poland is around 1.9 Euro per month (based on Zloty values).Cost of Living index: London: 72, Warsaw: 39 - tho one has to note that the purchasing power of Londoners is 24% higher. Switzerland has the highest purchasing power on the average wage in the world, so odds are your baseline doesn't exactly make it easier to objectively judge the significantly lower standards of a country like Poland.

lol even after tipping my power company $15 I'm still not paying more than $50 a month for electricity. damn it feels good not to be europoor

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>>396086469Imagine wasting 300 euros on something you can do in 5 minutes.

>>396082977>Solar panels>Latvia

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>>396086820so you're not poor, you're just stingy

>>396087052Based. I sell my surplus back to the power company. Grid connected home solar arrays are the ultimate red pill. I haven't paid for electricity in like 4 years.

>>396087178You're still planning off the solar panels though.Then when they go bad, you will finance more of them

>>396082529My fucking sides, it even had the soijak phenotype

>>396087317>when the solar panels go bad 60 years from now

>>396082529deserved it. shouldn't have said nigger.

>>396087317Paying off


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>>396087100Your image is confusing me.Is this that "Common Core" thing I've heard so much about?


>>396082529"GET THE VAX, OR DIE"

>>396082529Ugly creature

>>396087360kek the only thing russia has going for it is cheap gas. that makes you look away when your sisters and daughters are sold to foreign men. that you have virtually no industry and make your youth leave in droves. russia is just a glorified gas station with nukes. as per putins plan you will be a chinese colony by 2050

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>>396087461>he seriously thinks people are taking out 50 year loans to pay for solar panels

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>>396085550>Rich tards larping as the working man.>responding to a pole get a load of this nigger

>>396082977I wonder if they have security fasteners on their solar panels? I dont have any solar panels but do they even use security fasteners to mount them?

>>396086173It's literally a turk

>>396086342That looks like welfare housing, the state pays for that through our taxes.

>>396087758>responding to a pole*bole

>>396086342Maybe if you're not American, that looks like a shitty ghetto that only niggers live in.

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My salary is about 500% of my costs of living, Poland is really cheap to live at so you have a ton of spare money to spend. People in UK or US might make more in absolute terms, but they then spend 70% of that money on rent/mortgage/etc. and have effectively less actual spending money. Which is why some fags consider a fucking roomba or a dishwasher a luxury good.


>>396086469>The toy is 15 to 300 euros from ebay.About 39% of all Americans could pay for an emergency that'd cost them 1k.Conversely, you stupid fuck, spending 300 on a roomba isn't going to be an option either. Now try and map that onto a comparatively poorer country like Poland.

>>396086469>$300 so you don't have to sweep 15 square feet of cuckshed

>>396087689Lol, you'll do fine during the winter just with your seething.

>>396088194>My salary is about 500% of my costs of livingYou're some fat metropolitan kike. Fuck you.

>>396088470Yes, I have a job that requires a degree and pays slightly below average. The rent in the capital city is pretty high, but if I lived in the suburbs, I'd go even lower with expenses.

>>396088194>Everyone has heaps of disposable income. They just spend it differently.At least we know your education is shit the next time we invade.

>>396086469>15e lOl

We will get average minimal wage for whole EU soon. I hope it will be at least 1500e


>>396082977You are going to be the first target, do you think people give a shit where your power is sourced from?? They will view your light and warmth as a sign that you support Putin

>>396088783>Austria>invading anythingMaybe invade Germany, since that's who you're getting all the gas from.

>>396086173imagine being this retarded to actually belive roach without questioning it

>>396082932>huge tvAbsolutely useless>dishwasherAbsolutely useless and dirty. Anyone who doesn't wash his dishes in 15 minutes after eating is worse than a poonigger.>top loading expensive washing machineDunno, it's more a taste thing.>robot floor sweeperWhen i see someone using this, i'm laughing inside. Fucking lazy fuckers. I bet they go to some fitness club too. Paying double while they could pay nothing while doing something useful.


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>>396087100Greatest math meme of all time.

>>396089527In reality, they pay us to take their wind/solar power during peak hours because they neither built nor permitted enough pumped hydroelectric energy storages.Not like you'd know anything about that. You've already proven convincingly that you know jack shit about the real world.

>>396090602>he thinks gas is used only for electricityOh boy, you're the epitome of DK effect

>>396087478Holy fuck, how black are you?

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>>396082529but the eurofags will still insist Biden is a better president than Trump.

>>396082529Not sure I could ever buy a roomba

>>396090671If anything, your projections are peak Dunning-Kruger.

>>396087052>spent 40k on solar panels>solar panels last for about 25-30 years>will brake even in 40-50 years >still pays electric bill>roof is fucked >retard.jpgrinse and repeat until chinese solar panel market hits a new ATH

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>>396082529The productivity collapse as people lose modern conveniences is going to be immense. If it gets bad enough that women drop out of work to run households, wages are going to go vertical.

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>>396090784I have two, they are awesome.

>>396082529Lets dance!

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>>396090261Dishwasher is goodI'm not a bachelorMy wife likes itTop loading is cheaper here$500?Robot vacuum is silly to me here, because it will just suck up kids toys and get broken

>>396082529He looks like turk


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>>396082529Lol, I thought he was going to end it with a plastic bag choking himself out

>>396087100>>396082977Solar is shit and believe me our country cucked out hard to the solar meme. They are placing these solar panels everywhere and believe me I have seen the farms of this shit. Either these are solar panels aren't exactly solar panels but some other form of device or perhaps solar isn't such a bad idea and better than we expected and the technology for solar is better than what is produced out to the public. But either way I guarantee you solar is shit regardless, of course shit like entire major cities and hospitals here in states where they are using solar as one of the major energy resources have half if not more of their entire major cities and rural areas including hospitals have entire blackouts due to lack of energy from the solar, extreme winds or flooding. And of course whenever this shit happens they cover it all up very quickly and reduce the amount of reporting and also lie about how bad the event is. Blackouts for hospitals in particular are responsible for deaths of some people.

>>396082529> has dishwasher, tv, washing machine, robot vacuum cleaner> All costs about 1200 EUR> privileged!! REEEEEEHow poor are you bongs, holy fuck?

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>>396085550Get a load of this tranny

>>396087478Mate, he’s carrying the 1 from 18-9

>>396082529This will literally last a week. They don't know work. And then at the same time demand you do it.

>>396091333Do you have that cok-line smearing one? I missed last time to download it ...

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