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>>396082010ok boomer

>>396082010>bottom left

>tfw you embark on your first cross continent run from Freeport to Qeynos as a level 12 wizard with nothing more than some printed out maps

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>>396082286you forgot something...printed out mapsAND A DREAM

>>396082010Ultima Online, as you could kill NPCs.

Game threads on Holla Forums are my favorite threads of all. If Shlomo Shekelstein wasn't making me work for $15 an hour for 40 hours a week my game would already be done. Yes I know how to code.

>>396082010Could you imagine an Amazon or Netflix remaster of Everquest....

>>396082731How and where did you learn? I've been trying to learn coding as well.

EverQuest was based. Such a fun game.

I miss when games would let months worth of your work rot at the bottom of a dungeon that was impossible to get to without a dozen friends to bail you out or heavy cash for a corpse summon. Partialism tranny generation could never handle it. They also were probably too retarded to handle 33k modems and IRQ conflicts to even bother.

My cousin played this. It had two nicknames:EVER CRACKNEVER REST

Based fucking game. I did a few TLPs a few years ago, and had fun, but it wasn't the same. Close, but just not the same.

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Rosealia of Rallos Zek repeatedly would use her druid "SoW" to train sand giants to the two pillars in Oasis.Many would cry out in anger as the giants smashed them into oblivion. Ahhh yes, the redheaded, green-eyed halfling female terror of Oasis.

>>396082286my first character was a dwarf. I was wondering around right outside the dwarf city and he started to starve and I didnt have any food or water, which caused him to not be able to move at all. That was the end of that character.

>>396082010everyone I met in SWG was white

>>396082955I remember first nickname was NeverQuest cause the servers were always down!

>>396082010oh god my nostalgia is being overloaded. Lets go on a raid and kill all the darkys. I mean dark evils. >>396082678UO was pretty cool , had a friend that was way into it. I never played I watched him play some tho. God EverQuest felt so real. This was the first game that I ever played that I had to stay up all night playing. Back when people could kill you and take all your fucking loot and gear. They quickly changed it to only 1 gear item could be taken. Or I had to spend hours trying to run back to whatever zone to get my body back and some how avoid all the mobs while causing a TRAIN! I started as a tank and shit was boring, eventually switched to ranger. omg im gonna cum from the nossss. Shit was super white before all the minorities, retards, and normies even knew what the fucking internet was.

>>396083169dont sully an everquest thread with that shit game

>>396082891Back when I was a neet who didn't have to work, because free time is a primary factor for learning how to code. But all the information is available for free online. I didn't have to pay for any courses or go anywhere. I just autistically stayed in my room for 12 hours a day for about a year straight. I think I'm a slow learner I don't think it would take anyone else a year straight 12 hours a day to get decent at coding. If you are a true beginner right now then just start with some YouTube tutorials and try to move up from there. I don't think almost anyone really knows what the fuck they are even looking at or listening to before the first 100 hours anyway. So if you don't understand it I would say that's normal. Just keep watching and maybe 100 hours into it it will start to click. I would recommend starting with JavaScript it's the number one most popular language right now. People will shit on it but it's number one for a reason: accessibility.

>>396083215Everquest was pure KINO.

>>396083215>Back when people could kill you and take all your fucking loot and gear.UO was even better

>>396082010Runescape way back when had a few black characters and they were either bad guys or lived on Karamja which was basically a metaphor for Africa.It's owned by some kike now though so it's got tons of nogs and also fags.

>>396082010Best MMO ever made

>>396083282Another reason it probably won't take a new learner 12 hours a day for a year straight is because I learned it 10 plus years ago and they've made the language is much easier to use since then. JavaScript 10 to 15 years ago was an absolute cluster fuck incomprehensible piece of shit, now it looks pretty

>>396082821why would you even summon that kind of evil into the world?also Qeynos is SonyEQ.>tfw roaming through Karana as a level 10 ranger and getting killed by everything

>>396083417They've also made the learning resources so much better and abundant. Back when I started learning it was harder to find the information you needed

>>396082286>>396082010 based nostalgia.. that game was the shit in its heyday

>>396082010Age of Empires

>>396082010Warhammer Online

kinda weird grandstand but ok

eq was the shit i played on project1999 a few years ago and it was awesome toodont have time for it now unfortunately, maybe again

>>396083488Why You are so racist american wtfAmericans are foundation of racisism and are racist. Apologize now and deliver me big fat american burger big mac You fat racisist kiwi kiwi

>>396082010CivilizationSecret Weapons of the LuftwaffeLeisure Suit Larry

>>396083557Your mother projected you in the toilet

>>396083400That is clearly World of Warcraft user.

>>396083282>>396083417I'm trying to make real deal game so javascript probably isn't a good idea, I've been looking into C++ and C#. My problem with all the youtube videos I've looked at is that they leap right into functions and variables without explaining what each function does and how you write code with it. It's not the logic of programming that's giving me trouble, but the language of it, the formatting and wording I have to do, what all the functions are, when and why I have to write an equation and things like that.

>>396082010Get on p99 nigger

>>396083043Man, moments like that truly made EverQuest the goat. On ps2 eqoa there was this guild genocide that dedicated their existence to being the bad guys of the server. They would train, steal dragon kills, you name it. The beauty of a sandbox.

>>396082010Isn't this the game where the media got all uppity about because some kid killed himself over it?

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>>396083454lol poor rangers were useless.. at least you got sow at 45

>>396083297Canadian and american walk into a bar.They cant order anything because they are retards and shit themself. Fall and shoot their Head

is Everquest still a thing? Do people still play it? If so what expansion?

>>396083641He means asherons call, if microsoft wasnt so shit it could have been epic.

>>396083297god it was, and the way they cast spells was so cool that just hasnt been replicated sense. I played WoW but that shit was so gay compared to EQ. EQ was first person, 3rd person just seemed like cheating. Also looked like some kids fagget cartoon. EQ seemed like lord of the rings and it was truly open world. Hanging out near zone entrance and ganking people. Begging for a C3 and regen so you could quickly get your mana and health back and kill everything. I think if I could go back to middle/high school I wouldnt spend my time impregnating as many teens as I could. I would have spent more time playing EQ. There will always be teens, there was only one period of time EQ existed and was good to play.

>>396083730what expansion are they up to now?

>>396083764Austrialian go to Asia and make noodle

>>396083798It means piggy that You are fat and need to stop beeing little piggy ok? Piggy?

>>396082286yeah and how bout printing those maps at the fuckin library and only having them in BLACK AND GRAY! errolisimar

>>396083793There's TLP servers on Daybreak servers, they bought EQ. Starts out in classic and advances every month or so to a new expansion.

>>396083793more people probably play project 1999 than the actual EQ

>>396083793P99 is the best if you want the old experience. I think it goes up to the 2nd expansionthe modern everquest is dogpoop

>>396083774i played warrior tank, then switched to ranger just to get sow at lvl 45 . SOW was so fucking cool once I had it. My friend was an enchanter. Enchanters are fucking insane support and amazing for power leveling.

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>>396083664Yeah I also know C# and it's definitely a good choice. I would say pick it over C++, it will make any game you could ever make.

>>396083836They're on velious and stopped, some deal in place with daybreak to let them persist as long as they keep it only to classic, kunark and velious. No boxing on the server. It's the closest to original EQ you can get to imo

>>396083793yah live is still a thing on whatever the fuck dozen expansion theyre on nowproject 1999 is a private server that is just kunark and velious but has the ok of the real devs so no danger of shutting down

>>396083664I would say also save yourself the trouble and don't fall for the Godot trap. You needy is better in every conceivable way including in my opinion how easy it is to learn.

>>396082678Oh, lovely!Tibia PVP Enforced ver.7.3 was great.


>>396083981Can You kiwi just make me a big Mac or pizza or i will send You to kiwi place where You will be boosted by kiwi police

anyone played DAOC here?

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>>396083925You ever play a bard? That’s what I have on p99. Haven’t played in a while. But selos > sow ;)

>>396084028You better make me meatballs or i will call kiwis for kiwi and they will put You into the kindergarden. So make me pizza fast

>>396083856Why yes we do love going to south east asia and fucking endless amounts of pussy. It's an all time favourite pass time

>>396083925I had a 50 Druid, Necro, and Bard.I think EQ bard was the most fun class I have ever played in an mmo.

>>3960820102005 era Runescape

>>396083809Me and my brother used to play a game called DC Universe Online and go to the room where everyone spawns at, which only had two small openings that everyone had to walk out of to lead the spawn point, so he would stand in one opening and I would stand in the other opening, and nobody could get through because it wasn't the type of game you could just walk through people. It pissed off so many people and yet we were never banned. I once trapped over a hundred pissed off people in the spawn room just by standing in the doorway. I wonder if you can still do that

>>396083981good. SoL killed it.

tfw you jump off a cliff for 5 hours to delevel a twink and demoralize grown men at 13 years old. Ahh, the good old days. Spent a lot of my childhood ganking in freeport on Tallon Zek. Still got poon somehow too; it must be the strong white male genes.

>>396084069I used to play it back in like 2002-2003? but I was never a pvper

I played WRC 1 yesterdayfun game

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>>396084106Give me pizza and big mac or i will report You to kiwi for kiwi and they will come and put You in kiwi Police and You will feed kiwi for kiwi

>>396084069hell yeah.. fuck Hibernia. I was a kobold warrior.

>>396083809cooking spells into your spellbook is fucking retarded, but having buffs that are worth currency is the most based thing a video game has ever done.

I played EverQuest online Adventures for the PS2. Anyone else?

>>396084249Buffs that are worth currency? I can't even guess what that means since I never played

>>396084278Fuck yeah. Was a wererat power bard on clw during the end times

>>396084195You are drunk give me beer and kebabOr kiwi for kiwi comes for you

>>396084278no, but I was just watching videos of that game the other day and I was all >I wanna play thatI still remember that dumb commercial for it>TIME TO SLAY THE DRAGON

>>396084239Guessing you failed English at school.

>>396084374buffs that were considerable enough youd get tipped for them

I roleplay as a young Hitler in Dragon Age... never played it much. Very polished n shieet.

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Best thing about Project 1999 is that it has strict rules against dual boxing and RMT, which are the factors killing the game every time, people start new, quit and come back at a rate that keeps the server population between 300-1600 all through the day.I've played it on an off since 2016 and I gotta say, it's still the best gaming experience, a lot of it is the non instance dungeon design and general difficulty which makes grouping very slow paced with a lot of chat and banter.Raiding is super competitive, with a huge logistical focus, having parked bot toons all over and a dedicated team willing to fill roles and do chores. I really love putting the kids to bed, see a dragon has spawned and log in with my homies talking shit while reliving my teens, this time with actual focus and lack of anxt.Just wish there were more PVP alternatives on Blue/Green, since Red died a long time ago from exploits and lack of moderation.

>>396084080na, i generally tried to focus on just one character, shit was such a grind. Bard seemed really dumb for awhile then realized how amazing they were in groups. Feel like I always had a hard time getting a bard. >>396084108necro was pretty cool. Im fuckin 36 trying to remember this shit is hard. Im amazed i have as a vivid memory of it as i do. >>396084165haha top kek, pools closed faggets. Ya I love games that were like that, where you could actually affect the world you were in. Now everything is garbage. >>396084249i dunno i kinda liked the spellbook, I didnt really have anything to compare it to though. it was my first mmo. I bought it because the chick on the cover was hot. paying 10$ a month to play seemed insane to me, but those tities compelled me. Ya making money off of your characters abilities you worked so hard at to level up and obtain. Priceless.

>>396084193the rvr was that games meat and potatoes.

>>396084461You failed your local kiwi for kiwi group. Donate 2milion dollars for kiwi or get killed by kiwi Mi6

>>396082010Neon White

>>396083223op asked, I responded. mmos are a shit genre for slaves. farm goy

>>396084587yea I kind of missed the entire point of the game lol, but I just liked the way it looked. I think I played a necromancer so I could solo

>>396083223swg was also awesome but just for a shorter span of time

If you made an online game today where you could actually affect the world you're in like the good old days would modern Gamers love it or hate it?

1990s internet: people who seriously cared.2000s internet: people who aren't poor.2010s internet: people with nothing better to do.2020s internet: people who hate it here but refuse to leave, they'd rather ruin it for everybody else.2030s internet: the meme war goes hot2040s internet: what the internet was always meant to be, we just had to go through our purgatory of growing pains first.

>>396084735Fucker Smedly ruined that game, just as he ruined EQ and every other project his filthy paws touches

I haven't seen that Everquest art in ages... when I was younger I was convinced it was Elle Macpherson being used as the template, but I never found any proof either way

>>396084551>I really love putting the kids to bed, see a dragon has spawned and log in with my homies talking shit while reliving my teens, this time with actual focus and lack of anxt.oh god you are gonna make me start playing again. >>396084702ya thats why I switched to ranger, thought the bow and snare would help me solo. It kinda works but you need a really good bow or you are just killing shitty mobs all day. I remember one zone had good mobs I could kill but the problem was if I wasn't careful i'd cause a train. omg just remembering rez was a thing. holy fuck getting a rez and not having to run all the way back. ahhhhhh im installing it now.

I still call all my characters Xanartik after my first skelington. Also ruins of kunark cover was fantastic.

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warhammer is pretty enjoyable, mindless killin' of orcs or dwarves depending on your fancy. Lots of people playing it.

>>396084765>modern Gamers love it or hate it?they would fucking hate it, modern gamers are children that need instant satisfaction. the only group of players that would enjoy that are those that play RUST. The problem with that is, its all fps shooting and they dont want to cast no gay spells. or press a button for auto attack while reading logs for information about what kind of dmg you are doing. I think its just something us old fags can only appreciate. I cant think of any other game other than Rust that meets that qualification. ( I have 6k hours on Rust)

>>396084837I can hear the intro song playing in my head.

>>396084735I remember being super excited for it and got into beta and there was nothing fun to do.I remember going to Jabbas Palace and it was so lame. I still remember the total disappointment, and everyone had full sized AT-ST walkers for pets

>>396084901Nooo my queen shes all tied up and she cant protect those milky white tities. Ill save you, but not before I grab on these boobs real quick.

>>396084765>actually affect the worldRead: one-way street of shitting the world up, and whether you participate or not it's shat up for good. Shadowbane wanted to break this mold with guild-owned cities and guild-vs-guild warfare. In practice it was just another Everquest knockoff and the wars were the same as any other shitty MMO.If somebody wants to design an MMO with wars that don't suck, it needs a strict social hierarchy. Upper-1% pvpers are noblemen, active pvp participants who suck at it are farmers, people who do brainy things instead of Buttonmash Kombat are the artisans. The objectives of this system are to put powerspergs into every guild instead of all the same guild, and likewise distribute the brainy people the the angry people the sociable people the unemployed over-playing people so each guild is like its own little community with all the basic parts.Having a designated poopsocker guild means they rule the world, which means it's a poopy world.

Kelethin music sure brings back killed so many bats and skeletons.

>>396084849>oh god you are gonna make me start playing again.A part of me wants to tell you; don't.I just started again because I worked a job with incredible amounts of downtime, but eventually you get so mixed up in the raiding scene you it start effecting your life, staying up way too late.But I gotta tell you, the best conversations I've hade for years have been had in the last year of P99, just a bunch of good old boys talking about life while camping left court yard in Karnor.Best part is that everyone playing is married with kids, so everyone understands when you go AFK>brb wife aggro>brb kid aggroAlso, most people are succesful professionals, so there is absolutely room for networking and real life friendships, especially for Americans, hell, I've even met some doods I played with back in 1999

>>396085096>>396084735SWG was a huge fuckin let down. Seems like anything that attracts a big fan base or has little filter turns to shit.>>396084818I kinda hated the AA point system. I never really made it that far I was trying to take honors classes like some kind of fag. should have spent more time on EQ. >>396085128>Having a designated poopsocker guild means they rule the world, which means it's a poopy world.ya EQ was probably only good for the time I played because it was new and hordes of neets hadn't banded together to fuck my half elf ranger ass silly.

>>396085128Darkfall online. Anyone ever play that? It had all this stuff that everyone is praising in this thread

>>396082010Boomers, what was better Asheron's Call or EverQuest 1?

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>>396084901My parents bought me Kunark and I had to explain the fees. One of the greatest games of all time.

>>396085297>Best part is that everyone playing is married with kids, so everyone understands when you go AFK...Also, most people are succesful professionals, so there is absolutely room for networking and real life friendships, especially for Americans, hell, I've even met some doods I played with back in 1999I work from home mostly. I was thinking about getting a 2nd job and just make more money or something. But who needs money when I can play EQ all day. I'll totally tell myself and my wife I am busy networking and this will help me professionally. Ya and I'm a succesful professional, married with kids. The community of the games I play has been the biggest influence. Any game I try to play these days at best I can find is a 22-25 yr old. Cant relate to them at all and treat my like father figure while also talking shit constantly.

>>396085561Pre-trammel UO.

>>396085561EQ. mobs in AC would just stand around in place.. boring shit.

I remember my mom constantly telling me to pause World of Warcraft

>>396082731cope nobody has needed to code for games for 10+ years now. it's all plugins and drag and drop shit. knowing how to make art is more useful than knowing how to code for making games. although that may be out the windowsm as well with stable diffusion. t. made several shitty games in unity

>>396082010I can hear the title screen soundtrack from this image. Gives me goosebumps every time.

>>396085618Basically 50% of my guild are accountants or programmers working from home.100% bros.It gets really organic, because the time investment to get one toon to 60 unassisted weeds out the normies real quick.But it's a 12 year old server that will never get another expansion, everything has been done, to death even, but what hasn't... Atleast there is real competition and always new methods being thought up to one up the competition.

I remember learning a guy I played with lived literally four blocks from me. And instead of meeting up with him I ghosted him forever including in the game because I was so fucking autistic and retarded in antisocial. We should have been friends in real life


>>396085561who the hell had time to play more than 1 MMO? Out of respect for the friend I lost i'll side with >>396085621 that UO is the ultimate MMO even tho I never played. I had a friend that did and his opinion on that matters. Personally EQ was the best and really the only MMO I had time for. WoW I hate to admit had the best pvp system I have ever experienced. It was a fake open world that became less and less open. But all the kids know about WoW and we not here to talk about that. I went way harder into WoW than I did EQ. I had to quit EQ so I could go to school and find a gf. What a mistake that was.

>>396085561if you were a big fan of MUDS then ever quest all the wayAC had some cool things, but it felt like a whole different thing

>>396085844I use Unity almost everyday as well and I feel like I can't do much without coding but then again I'm not really trying to slap pre-made assets together so much as I am trying to make what I consider a real game. It actually really annoys me how much coding it takes to accomplish something

>>396082678I used to play this game made by Nexus from the 2000s called Dark Ages and it was top down full role playing with government office positions and guards etc., etc., even jails and player courts. It was fantastic...anyways I used to camp and kill off important NPCs during events like Christmas. One particular incident landed me in player jail for 6 months lol my character would've been permabanned had I not been such a smooth talker. All the noob players would go out and kill mobs to collect special items to turn in for loot and me and three other players had basically killed the Santa NPC that you would turn those items into using a special range skills lol and there was a line hundreds of players long waiting to turn in their loot and they never could they had to roll the server back an hour just to undo the damage I caused.

>>396085919lmao.. thats fucked up

>>396085914>everything has been done,I never hit 60. I think I got to about ~50s 55 maybe? I couldn't keep up with my friend. He skipped so much class they weren't going to let him graduate. I could totally get to 60 no problem now days tho. >>396085919I had a friend I wanted to hang out with in person all the time. But he was so obsessed with gaming he just wanted me on the MMO. At best I could bring my rig over and we could play together in same room. Which was fun. It was so weird to meet someone that had a bigger gaming addiction.

>>396086253NAC literally got rid of all my addictions. Including my computer addiction. Before that I was on my computer 12 hours a day for the past 10 years. Now my computer sits broken for 6 months now and I literally don't even care to fix it.

>>396085967oh god someone called and now i have to start the loading screen over again

>>396086359>NACwhat is NAC?

>>396086443Nigger anus cooter

>>396086253Same, got to 58, but I just lacked the discipline and parental pressure really fucked it up...This time I got two level 60 chars, access to two more and some end game geared twinks slowly working through the 50s.>>396086382I remember my sister walking in on me demanding to use the phone, which caused me to hammer fist her on the top of the dome, this was actually the last time she talked shit to me, might makes right.

>>396082010Ricochet Infinity

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>>396086443That supplement that this board constantly talks about or at least did. Supposedly cures covid and shit. Very famous on this board. Still mentioned today

>>396086359>Now my computer sits broken for 6 monthsyou heartless bastard

>>396086443A supplement,haven't tried it yet, but seems pretty standard shit we need but don't get from modern western diets. Prolly gonna pick some up!

>>396086682Lmao that was really autistic of you

>>396082010It sucked my energy for 5 years EQbros.

>>396086682>might makes right.the weak should fear the strong>>396086731ah, ya now i recall. I felt like I saw it on /x more. I havent been to /pol in years. felt like it turned to complete shit, but last month or so has been great. this thread case and point >>396086784>It sucked my energy for 5 years EQbros.look at this pussy he played for a whole 5 years. I cant talk shit I think I only lasted 3-4 .

>>396082731Learn how to co...!Oh never mind. Good for you user, positive thoughts to you.

>>396086769do you REALIZE the consequences of your sister picking up the phone while you're fighting for your life in lower guk? at least she asked first. so that was nice of her.

>>396084735>>396084818>>396085096>>396085341god SWG was so good for a while, until they decided to turn it into a WoW clonemy buddy had at least a thousand hours into his teras kasi master bounty hunter and had just unlocked his Force sensitive slot when the changes came in. I'm still furious at how heartbroken he was

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>>396082731I don't know why anyone hasn't asked yet. But how do u live in US and code but make 15/hr? My friend has humanities degree and makes 6 figs coding. I mean you could do remote coding for anyone for 3x the pay.

>>396082821They already did it. Its called new world, the characters even look as shitty.

>>396086995god Steam isnt publicly traded company yet its pozzed too. Blackrockcock getting stuffed in everything. >>396087098ya I heard new world was going to be so cool.. then I saw anyone on my steams list play it for a week and then never again.

>>396086933desu, she DEMANDED to call... She never did that again...desu, she might even have lifted the phone, it's all very blurry, but in the end I stood like Reddit Mario Wojack, victorious over my sister, slumped in a chair with a mild concussion.

>>396082010world of warcraftalso grow up, manchild, stop playing vidyaalso all fields



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>>396083052>caused him not to move due to no food or waterClearly never played the game. Ya your stamina would go down but you could still moveT. Project 1999 player

>>396083215>Back when people could kill you and take all your fucking loot and gear. You lying faggot. On pvp servers if you killed someone you only got to loot the money they currently carried and 1 piece of armor that was not no drop

>>396082010based. i’ve been playing since 2001. started on terris-thule, but just do casual tlp with my brother these days. game is kinda pozzed since daybreak took over>>396082285ironically, erudite are the “smartest humans”, but qualify as a separate one from actual humans

>>396087018I don't want to code anymore. It's too stressful. So now I just doordash. I am done with coding forever. I think I may actually hate it now.

DIKU MUDs because you need to read, type, and program.

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there are swg legend niggers monitoring this threadtrust me

>>396087336this was march or april of '99 and your character could starve to the point where stamina did not regenerate

>>396087505>they currently carried and 1 piece of armor that was not no dropyou didnt read my full post, and yes you could loot all their shit when the game first came out. like i said it quickly changed to only 1 piece of armor. I was fuckin 11 so forgive me it was over 25 years ago. My memory might not be the best but I am probably cooler than you cause I played it before you did. Thus my experiences and knowledge win. check mate Oh and now im seeing more of your shitty posts. You have only ever played Project 99 and are not an old fag. All opinions discarded. >>396087573oh jeez, ya I do sys admin and tell people to turn shit on and off again. Tho my friend says his work is pretty easy, does like maybe 4 hours of work a day. Which is till more work than I do for the same 6 figs.

>>396087701Moment you got food, it would regenerate >>396087852played the game on 56k modem when it launched and had all its server errors. Stopped playing when luclin fucked porting economy and ec tunnel. While original was kino, p99 is closest thing to reliving experience

>>396087312Unironically my favorite game. Irenicus going batshit in the market or the asylum? Great. The expansion pack was a thing of beauty. When I realised I was fighting armies and it actually felt justified, in game and in story? Priceless. One was fun, but two is fantastic. Also fuck Beamdog. HURDUR I AM A TRANNY I EXIST ONLY TO SAY TRANNY THINGS BUT NO I WON'T WALK THIRTY PACES RIGHT TO GET AN ACTUAL DIVINE SEX CHANGE BECAUSE THEN I WON'T BE OPPRESSED. They put bugs the community fixed back in. Christ, even the poor girdle ogre wasn't left alone. The writing. The voice acting. Criminal.

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>>396088149but that was the point of my original post. as retarded newbie I ate all my food and drank all the water and then I started, and I couldn't move. and I said>well this guy is fuckedthen I made a new character! who I believe got lost in the dwarf city and died from a rat

>>396082010everquest is top tier, i have a 60 wizard with epic and mana robeBUTeve online >

>>396088149i dunno i still remember looting a ton of shit when I first got the game then a month later or so it was just 1 item. but whatever like i said fuckin 25 yrs ago surprised i remember. Fuck all good luck trying to google and find that information out though. It might not have been the entire inventory you could loot but i know for damn sure it was more than 1 item when it started. >>396088804anyone i knew that played EvE was a fag. you post a video and it has the gayest pop music ever only proves my point.

Okay Holla Forums tell me what MMO you want to see.I'm an indie game dev that made my first million about a year ago.I have a small team.Give me your best ideas that would make you want to play it.

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>>396086002>It actually really annoys me how much coding it takes to accomplish somethingSoftware 2.0 will be your best friend.

>>396090098just copy old runescapeand give a full loot pvp system like the old wilderness

>>396083798still private servers and every so often for a few months old darktide bros get back together and fuck shit up for a few months when the servers drop semi active current pk servers

>>396090098>made my first millionif you want to keep your money just keep making fagget games for the fagget masses. Games for old intellectual fags with families not going to make you any money. We are just gonna play whatever Sam Hyde comes out with. Hes got that NFT card game thing but pretty sure hes working on some other shit too. Ultimately its the community around the game that makes it worthwhile. Im 36 and I don't want to play any fucking video game with angry horny zoomers. Make the game exclusively run on Urbit .

Everquest is made by Sony, which are gooks not white people at all

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>>396082286>Crunch, crunch>You have been slain by a hill giant.Welcome to the rice field motherfucker!

>>396082010I feel like there ain't to many niggs in a lot of Amiga games

>>396082286>die in the middle after hours of running and maneuvering around mobs>try to run back>fail>sleep>try to run back>fail>corpse timer counting down

>>396083400Asheron’s Call.

>>396082010this is racist we should make this game more black

>>396082731I love them too but they always get deleted by fucking jannies As for whitest games

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>>396083664Why not just use unreal engine? Serious question, Im ignorant.

>>396091234Or, worse:>jumping on boat>whee fun>fall off boat >water>stamina running low>blubNothing quite as funny as the old Giant Invisible Gnome in the doorway of the Kelethin bank though.

>>396083664a function can be either built-in or you can write your own function. the built in ones usually have documentation to tell you what the input parameters and return outputs are doing. otherwise you write your own.picture functions as little modules of code that can receive parameters ( i.e.: doThing(parameter1, parameter2, etc); ) and return outputs (return variableName;)