We're the 90s the last decade of White civilization?

If you were a teen in the 90s you understand just how magical it was.The 90s went out with a horrible bang...

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1890s, yes.After that, we've been living in Jewish civilization.

The last straight generation


user, try to differentiate between your sense of nostalgia and an accurate assessment of the world. Having sad that, make sure that your own children receive that sense of security that you are being nostalgic for now.

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>>396081815Oof, hit me in the feels user...

I like how every 90s kid in the world knew Marilyn Manson had ribs removed to suck his own dick. The story was fake and there was no Internet, yet somehow it spread globally.

The girls were hot, and the music was freshyoutu.be/kIDWgqDBNXA

>>396081978Also that he was the boy who played the best friend in Wonder Years.

I can't bring myself to be nostalgic for a time that was already hurling us towards this fucked up clown world of ours, I look back on the 90s with utter contempt now.

>>396081978The one I heard was Gene Simmons.

I'm a bit nostalgic for the 80's and 90's, since I was a kid or teenager. The only thing that would suck going back? Anything "technology". Ham radios, computers, smartphones, everything was way more expensive and less capable back then. But everything else was pretty much better, including cars.

>>396081978>>396082112I heard both of these rumors and I believed them 100%

>>396082142Lighten up bud

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>>396081572That photo is '2000s2001 was predicted by Kubrick to be the ape nigger year

youtu.be/beINamVRGy4Anyone else wanna take a stab?

>>396081572I wasn't a teen until the mid-2000s. Either way OP, your pic isn't from the 90s. That's a photo from a late 2000s "I love the 90s" themed party. You can tell by the plastic cups that say "I love the 90s" - likely related to the VH1 program

>>396082980it's just sad, there's so much jewish and illuminati symbolism in that music video (saturn air freshner for example). But even so, at least the Jew brainwashers wanted to brainwash us to be happy and carefree. They can't even bother trying to brainwash people to be happy and worry-free anymore. That's the real depressing part. Not only are we being brainwashed on a regular basis, that's been going on for decades, but now they just brainwash the public to be sad and depressed and hedonistic but only out of depression and not exuberance. Do upper middle class white kids even have any kind of culture aimed at them anymore? It's just so weird. Even in the mid 2000s as a white kid that went to a private catholic high school, there was still emo music and skater culture that seemed primarily geared towards whites (even though I didn't think in those terms at that time). But now...it just looks like it's all softcore porn on tiktok for girls, and then niggerslop mumble rap tier shit for the guys. It just seems literally dystopian

I'm drunk and sad so this is what I'm doing.Fuck Boomers, fuck Boomers, Fuck Jews, and fuck Janniesyoutu.be/Wt5EHAqhR1c


>>396081978Shieeet, even I heard that rumor, and I went to a tiny rural school in the middle of nowhere.

>>396082484I still believe them. All I remember from the 90s are cool movies and power rangers. Well all the version of power rangers. vr troopers, ninija turtles (omg april needed to get fucked) super nintendo and 3D0. Oh ya and Micheal Jackson videos. I was a huge fan of MJ as a kid. All his music videos were like little scifi movies. Would totally had gone to the ranch and got fucked if I had the chance.

>>396083879The 90s is when beta male music like this shit set the example that men should be feminine. That along with the "beta male gets the girl" common theme of all the movies of the 80s and 90s caused millions of young white males to adopt weak personalities in an attempt to mimic what they saw in popular culture. Anyone who listened to that kind of shit back then should be dragged out into the streets and have their guts stomped out.

>>396081572No.Go back to whatever cave you came from cringe millenial, we don’t care about soulless consumer poster rooms and edgy emo phase with emo bands. Your generation fully embraced stupidity and mindless “hookup” (calling everything culture). Shut your mouth.


>>396081978Is this a lie? Wtf lol


>>396081572Why you siphoning my viewers, leech

Left has yellow tongue buildup. Thats a swallower.

well the last majority white in the usa and europe yesall immigrants had to like go out of their way to get here, so we had like small population of all races but never enought to start anything you know koreans spics they were all in the 90si will also say the christian work ethic is dyng


>>396084660>adopt weak personalities in an attempt to mimic what they saw in popular culturetrue, but i also blame my overbearing father for making me tiptoe through my entire existence around him. I'm fine now and I don't sit around blaming him for shit, but it certainly was a set back. But also I redirect that towards the "jews" Slave morality always seemed like the thing to do. so much so I thought thats what jesus was about.

>>396081572except those are a bunch of zoomer broads pretending to be 90s girls, and failing miserably seeing as they think every girl dressed like a hybrid of buffy the vampire slayer and blossom. I hate zoomers sooo much. Can't do anything right.


>>396081978The legend was originally about Prince and was then adopted later for Marilyn Manson as I recall.

>>396081707/threadImagine thinking the 1990s was a glorious time

>>396084660Differences between dating in the 1980s, 90s and 00sWatch these films in this order and you will clearly see how the sexual dynamic changed decade to decade.Watch how the Globalhomo culture is slowly introduced into the dating dynamic.80sFast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)bitchute.com/video/QiglQq8nhctW/https://www.mov.onl/2021/04/fast-times-at-ridgemont-high.htmlhttps://ok.ru/video/1302491695663(In other languages)ok.ru/dk?st.cmd=searchResult&st.mode=Movie&st.query=Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)&st.grmode=Groups&st.vln=LONG90sAmerican Pie (1999)mov.onl/2020/05/american-pie.htmlhttps://ok.ru/video/3551539563046(In other languages)ok.ru/dk?st.cmd=searchResult&st.mode=Movie&st.query=American pie 1999&st.grmode=Groups&st.vln=LONG00'sScott Pilgrim vs the World (2010)bitchute.com/video/10OAKytJnTgt/https://www.mov.onl/2019/12/scott-pilgrim-vs-world.htmlhttps://ok.ru/video/86359214647(In other languages)ok.ru/dk?st.cmd=searchResult&st.mode=Movie&st.query=Scott Pilgrim vs the world 2010&st.grmode=GroupsBonus videoyoutube.com/watch?v=sO9oOuPlI2M

>>396081709George Michael ? Boy George ? Libarochie ? Queen ? It was a time of fag propaganda Bath houses in California

>>396082054There fat now user you child molester

>>396081572No90's were crap, that is why I would play PC games most of the time since the world outside was getting already very hostile and vulgar

>>396088646I think you would be very surprised but no one knew those people were gay.We were naive as fuck in the 70s and 80s.Knowing a gay person would be like knowing a homicidal maniac, possible but extremely rare.

>>396088643 Where did all the nigger babies come from white American women in the 80s and 90s Dumb ass

>>396088876White women niggers babies in the 80s ?Have examples ?I remember the first time I saw a White woman walking with a black man and holding hands.Traffic stopped.

>>396088643Boys in the hoodColorsGet on the bus Your a white nigger user


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>>396087281Nowt to do with the colour of her drink, moron.

>>396088869Michael Jackson ? Are you stupid or just helping destroy the USA No one is that stupid !!!!! Then again the death rates of the pandemic and opioids. Yes white Americans can be stupid assholes

>>396082206>Anything "technology". Ham radios, computers, smartphones, everything was way more expensive and less capable back then.And better than no for sure.It had more soul , games were much better and more causal than this money grab modern games .Games were superior more fun even without being played online.Had 100% more fun playing solo games back in mid 90's compared to playing online this days .I think the games were way more creative and casual and not some soul grab to make you addicted gayming junkie all time stuck in a computer screen and it's extreme common this days

>>396089151>And better than no for sure.better than now*

>>396088952Today the nigger population is bigger why because of the jungle fever in the 80s.

>>396081978>The story was fakeWHAT

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>>396081572Seen Ben Garrison's pictures? Don't lie you didn't. They are all from the 90s.

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>>396081707>this psyop

>>396088952White Americans got AIDS and women began looking for the next black supper Starr We are not even talking about the spic population

>>396088952LA riots who was that a nigger and who worships them stupid white asshole Americans Cuckold my wife nigger is in the suburbs

No one was conforming as they are now. Real bunch of uninformed asshole licking weiners

>>396089463Drive by shootings where popular then.

>>396081978aah, the good ol conspiracy theories

>>396081978I think ive heard about that on MTV.Now, have you guys heard about this joke bf? I remember reading it here back in 2015 or so: >a kid asked his father for a bike>dad gives him a refrigerator>kid never ate beans againWTF! i heard this joke when i was 9! in 1997! Kek. Who the fuck came with this joke?

>>39608157290s teens didn't look or act like that

>>396091195no and I don't get this joke