German Economics Minister Habeck today:>If everything goes well with saving gas and we're lucky with the weather, we have a chance of getting through the winter in good shape.The other day he said if companies stop producing for a year they wouldn't be insolvent.Totally hopelesHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAt least we save CO2, right?AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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>>396081431keep those tomboys safe hans

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Nimm das, Putler.

>>396081431>damn I hope we survive hahaThis isn't something a minister should be saying to a nation like Germany, but then again we're all being lorded over by traitors and managerial scum so I guess it's part and parcel

>>396081431I expect riots and food clashes in mayor german cities by january 23

>>396081431No degree in economics right?

Wir schaffen das>Deutschland ab

>>396081761It's time to hang up some placards>glaubst du ernsthaft auch nur ein Politiker friert diesen Winter?

>>396082031the endgoal

>>396081431he hasn't been wrong on both of his statements.

>>396081431the humiliation is real


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>>396081431if napoleon didn't try to capture Alexander I so hard through the blizzard you would all have infinite nuclear reactors and baguettes just saying

Good. Accelerate.Fuck every mutt’s bitch!

>>396081431He's a philosopher and a children's book writer.

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>>396081431"lucky with the weather = "let's all pray for climate change and global warming!"

KRAUTS ARE KRAUTSthey will not do anything about this. They will freeze and comply and suffer in their current situation, they will sell their asses to feed their families. It will need years of getting fucked in the ass, literally. And one guy to stand up against the proletariat.

not my problem.

>>396082583>habeck>philosopherAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAAHAHsuits him wellphilosophy is the worst thing that ever happened to humanity

Well it did take shit times like the Weimar to create the Reich so maybe this is just things going full circle

>>396081768Nothing will happen chuchichätschli, krauts being krauts. They rather sick dick instead rioting.

>>396081431I'm sorry Deutchanons, but I genuinely hope everything goes to shit for the country so you can finally have proper reform.

>>396082114Also mann muss sich ehrlich machen:"Passieren" wird in Berlin erst etwas in die richtige Richtung wenn es gewalttaetig wird. Und das nicht irgendwo in einem Dorf in Sachsen sondern im Umfeld der Bundesregierung. Solang die Ampel Heino's ihren Popo warm & die Kohle sicher haben wird sich an deren suizidalen Kurs nichts aendern (vor allem die Erniedrigung die man sich durch dieses Drecksloch Ukraine gefallen laesst).Erst wenn da ein Minister oder wichtiger Abgeordneter mal legitim Angst bekommt und die Auswirkungen seines Versagena am eigenen Leib spürt wird was passieren.Man muss sich im klaren sein das diese Leute in einer Medienblase innerhalb eines Elfenbeinturmes leben und DEUTSCHLAND und das DEUTSCHE VOLK nur ein unangenehmer und nerviger Randbestandteil ihrer Realitaet.Lieber mache die mit EU & Ideologie Weltrettung als sich mit dem dummen Buerger abzugeben. Das Altparteien Kartell, das überhaupt keinerlei Konsequenzen mehr fürchten muss (=Tyrannei), sieht den Deutschen als dummes Zahlvieh für die Träume der politischen "Elite" und mehr nicht.Solange das Vieh nicht laut wird und um sich schlägt machen die gar nichts

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>>396082736If Thales was the first philosopher, then you have a point but if theology is a school of philosophy-- and there is no good reason why it's not-- then philosophy is inescapable having come much earlier, before him.

>>396081431Where in Germany does winter get severe enough to seriously pose a risk to anyone who isn't over 80?

>>396081761You could organize and Minecraft them. Just a friendly suggestion.

>>396081431>>396082736Sounds like this is part of the Great ResetWipe all German companies that don't get free funny money to keep them afloat.

>>396083587That's not it. We have seriously old buildings here (not the beautiful kind). A share will go moldy and the owners will not have the resources to rebuild / fix them leading to a housing crisis combined with inflation and an economic downturn. And THEN, winters will kill.

>>396081431I figure there will always be SOME homes and workplaces with heaters. We just each need to prepare to enter places where we are not necessarily welcome…or alternatively „not make it through winter“

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>>396083952>give vaids everyone>yeah the mold will be lead to te need of fixing rebuilding not new and interesting deaths for the coroner sureHahahaha

>>396083952Mold is just free food. Lick those walls.

>>396081993Nah. Literature. That's almost as good, right?

>>396083952Wait till all the water/shit pipes burst because they start to freeze. Ice expands and the house will be wrecked

Seems like a case of:not my problem

>>396082701Good hope they also wear masks and get boosters. Masks with Ukraine flag gets more good cuck points.

>>396081431Do Germans even understand what saving on anything means? They would have a problem one room not be heated properly, not to mention not heating all rooms at all.

>>396081431I'm sure his houses will be warm all winter so no big deal

>>396084561Are you going to drop a nuke and make it summer little longer?

>>396084276Water pipes inside masonry buildings don't freeze that easily. My house has been unheated for 20 years before I bought it and the pipes are fine. Hell, even the unheated garage rarely goes below freezing in winter. If you're that worried about your water pipes, just fucking drain them.

>>396084796>unheated for 20 years before I bought it and the pipes are fine.Yeah because the water was shut off you gigantic retard

>>396084796Shutting off the water this winter will be the answer if you don't use the pipe. Fuck, people will collectively wander around to get water again.

>>396081431wo sind die proteste? Angeblich gabs einen vor kurzem in meiner Stadt aber hab die verpasst wo kann man sich informieren?

>>396081431think of the tomboys

>>396081431pretty cool, that halfbacksee, if the German People dont save enough gas, then its the German People's faultIf the winter is cold, then its Global Warming (TM)s faultin any case its not the fault of the sanctions, the goverment, and mostly importantly,it aint halfbacks fault.

>>396083047toppest of keks

>>396081431So... one of the most industralised and modern and developped countries on this planet, is hoping that they get lucky with the weather....These are the people in charge????We have a plan.... we re hoping to be lucky with the weather.....Im supposing... but Im sure tribes in the backass end of the Amazon have better contingency plans than Germany.Inb4 muh weather.. im mean actual planning for emergencies..

>>396081993He has one in Philosophy.Still its the Germans fault for voting these radical leftists in. You’ll burn again.

>>396081768military police from October.

>>396084082>SOME homes and workplaces with heatersyour government will provide warmup shelters.your sister / mother van spend the night with the rape gang immigrants, because women blah blahbut you have to go home to a cold house to sleepEnjoy.>>396085116>>unheated for 20 years before I bought it and the pipes are fine.>Yeah because the water was shut off you gigantic retardisnt it amazing how galavtivally stupid some people are ?master race, my ass kek

>>396085628>military police from October.just in time for Oktoberfest

>>396081431Threadly reminder we are wasting cheap gas in our warm homes while the eurocuck economy is collapsing and eurocucks are freezing to

>>396085116As it happens, it wasn't shut off. The previous owner wasn't really in the business of giving fucks. And even before that, it was inhabited by old folks who only heated two rooms on the ground floor, so the pipes serving the 1st floor should have burst, right? As it happens they never did.In our parts, burst pipes are mostly a meme because we have thick masonry walls and mild winters. In Muttlandia with stick framed wooden buildings and - in some areas at least - harsher winters that's different.

>>396085253FB & Twitter zensieren/canceln/shadowbannen dazu genau wie vei der geklauten US Wahl, der schädlichen Impfe und den Ukraine Kriegsverbrechern. Und die amerikanisch-jüdischen Mainstream Outlets berichten nur wenn es erniedrigend ist für die Bevölkerung. Siehe deren ständige vernegerte Degenerierten Propaganda vom Axel Springer.ÖR weisste ja selber, durchsetzt mit Frauen & Feiglingen die nicht sagen was ist.Willkommen in der Tyrannei.Solang du nicht alles selber finanzierst bei einem Protest kriegste die Message auch nicht raus.Wir haben medial & in sozialen Netzwerken keine freie Rede mehr, niemand traut sich mehr die Wahrheit online oder im Btag aus Angst vor dem irren links-grünen Cancel Mob der dich dann schlussendlich wegen irgendeiner spitzfindigen technicality ('er hat NIGGER 20212 gepostet!') deplattformed bekommt. Und jeder der nicht direkt die Selbstaufgabe für Ukraine oder Klima befürwortet - oder nur minimalunangenehm rüberkommt ist sowieso ein Nazi. Gegeben der extrem behinderten Gesamtlage ist es am besten für uns wenn Deutschland nuklear "gereinigt" wird.

>>396081431We fucking told you that climate lockdowns were coming next.

>>396085812>heated two rooms on the ground floor, so the pipes serving the 1st floorcuz heat never riseskeep digging Achmed


>>396081431>if companies stop producing for a year they wouldn't be insolventso what? just make a law that the companies have to pay all their workers anyway (and can't fire them obviously) and if the companies need money just have the government print it and give it to them. no problem. it will be great for the economy, because think of all the consumption it will stimulate. I'm a very well educated economist.

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>>396081431Can’t they use the DARPA weather stuff?

>>396081431MGW Europäer beginnen massenhaft zu sterben

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>>396082583>philosopherImagine going from Nietzsche and Stirner to this.

>>396081431>WÄRMHALLENFirst thing to do is ask who voted green and supports Ukraine.Then proceed to throw her the fuck out.

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No, problem according to Habeck we simply need just to stop living for a year and wake up when its summer.

>>396085949> cuz heat never risesNice try, but no. 1st floor bathroom is on a separate pair of pipes separated from the heated rooms by an unheated hallway. The miniscule amount of rising heat escaping from the heated rooms would have risen through the (wide open) attic stairway without appreciably heating these pipes on the way.Give it up, user. I've been living in this house for years and I know quite well when it gets below freezing (never). That may change if winters do get harsher, but at temperatures in the last couple of winters' ballpark it won't.

>>396081431>If everything goes wellthe whole EU is fucked isn't it? btw any nonglowie hohols browsing Holla Forums look - those are the people who were supposed to pay for your mashall plan

>>396086787BACKPEDAL, HO !!!

>>396081431Ich liebe dich Winter-chan

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>>396086821>btw any nonglowie hohols browsing Holla Forums look - those are the people who were supposed to pay for your mashall planactually they are the ones paying YOUR marshall plan.... you gonna pay for the hohols

>>396081431People don't understand European leadership is doing this on purpose. Just like the coronavirus lockdowns, this too is a stepping stone leading up to the Great Reset. They are gradually prepping people for life in the bunker (minimal rationing of resources, not being able to go out etc.)

>>396081993Economics is a meme degree on the same level as gender studies. If you want to understand the economy you need to study mathematics or physics.

>>396086961>you gonna pay for the hoholskek some marshall plan it's going to be then

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>>396081431It's all about kikes in US and stupid good goys here in Europe.

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>>396082966Stimme ich dir 100% zu. Der Pfosten hat mehr Beachtung verdient.

>>396086596>we simply need just to stop living for a yearJust like during the lockdowns, huh?Then 2023 they'll find another reason to shut it down. Then 2024.Who needs existence lmaoNot the common people, that's for sure.

>>396081768That would be a perfect time to bring out the water cannons for "Crowd Control" Noah.

>>396083047What is that

>>396088335>What is thatif we have to explain, you couldnt understand

>>396088335Apparently they dont have thermostats there.

Can euros buy propane tanks?

>>396088548i am afraid to go and look at the price these days.

>>396082363>tfw you'll never serve under the napoleonic hyper-nuclear empire

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>>396082768Almost perfectly 100 years between currency collapses. Euro dead by 2024.

>>396088548we are not degnerate mutts we want to protect our environment at all cost to fight against putin and climate changewe will even strave to death or freeze if we can stop climate changean american would never understandRUHM UND EHRE FÜR GENOSSE HABECK

>>396081431>if>could>chanceWell that exudes confidence

>>396088335That is a wax thermostat

>>396081431love how he pretends this is some environmental crisis and not 100% artificially created by his could stop being a problem tomorrow.

>>396081431>>396081560>>396081614>>396081768>>396081993>>396082031>>396082114>>396082153>>396082230>>396082248>>396082330>>396082363>>396082374>>396082681>>396082736>>396082966>>396083047>>396083587>>396083952>>396084082>>396084128>>396084263>>396084276>>396084311>>396084480>>396084723>>396084796>>396085116>>396085206>>396085253>>396085336>>396085399>>396085477>>396085623>>396085628>>396085631>>396085679>>396085812>>396085822>>396085894>>396085949>>396085960>>396086201>>396086248>>396086596>>396086787>>396086821>>396086905>>396086944>>396086961>>396087072>>396087167>>396087658>>396088086>>396088252>>396088413>>396088666>>396088668>Fucking Europoors lmao

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>>396088797you forgot me

>>396082966Pretty much. The only thing that would make them change their course is if their homes are burning down or the first politicians start being killed.

>>396081560Never change Gypsy

>>396081431god, why can't they learn english instead of this caveman speak, kek

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>>396081431if x and y = 1 (one) chanceTranslation: currently we don't have any chance and we can't improve our odds.

>>396083047apex kek

>>396082966checked & thisSomeone minecrafting habeck would be a nice wake up call

>>396081431Seems like the Green Party is pro-Putin. They're making Russia's job easier than it should be.

>>396088666Why would satan be afraid of expensive propane? Did Vlad shut off the valves to hell too?

>>396083587>Where in Germany does winter get severe enough to seriously pose a risk to anyone who isn't over 80?People have become so spoiled and detached from negative feelings they shut down the world for 2 years when confronted with their mortality. The idea of having to say no to themselves more often this winter really is mind breaking for a lot of people.

>>396088797Seriously. Did you sort out all us Europeans yourself or used some bot? Must be easy living in US nowdays.

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>>396082966That's about the same in many EU countries.Our politicians, despite being "elected" by the people, all come from old or new aristocratic families, where polticial power is almost a generational inheritance, through money, prioritized access to specialized education, nepotism and contacts...Many EU countries overthrew their monarchies just to get completely fucked once again by the "bourgeoisie", who, happy to be rid of the nobles, grabbed the control of the power structures, completely locked the access to the upper echelons of society and doesn't give a fuck about the 90% of people they consider to be "inferior" to themselves (despite them being as retarded as the average pleb, they just have money and inherited influence).Modern politicians consider themselves as the new noblemen of our age, whose positions aren't something they strived for to serve their representatives, but rather something they perceive as being their rightful place in society: lords "lording" over the plebeians.So yeah, I agree, they need to be remembered that they aren't superior to the masses they serve.They came from the masses, aren't any more intelligent and need to know that if they keep on larping as nobles, they'll suffer the same fate as nobles.

>>396090027Forgot this:

>>396081431Man I wish that a lot of our politicians would have an accident.

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>want to make earth colder >hopes for warm winter ??????

>>396081431>Lucky with the weatherWinter is going to be very cold. Northern winds have already started. It will be very wet and very cold

lol, pack your shit and go to the southern hemisphere until the dust settles

>>396081768it will be the 4th of October

>>396090353It's a process, we will need two more winters and two more weeks a top of that

>>396090550>Winter is going to be very cold. Northern winds have already started. It will be very wet and very coldwe went form 30C to 15C in a week, and every day rain.was 8C last night

>>396081431Waiting holidays here like i was a kid.

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>>396086167The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where "feed" and "seed" both end in the sound "-eed", thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was "Formerly Chuck's", implying that the two words beginning with "F" and "S" would have ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck". So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called "Chuck's Feeduck and Seeduck".