Good morning sirs

Good morning sirs

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Good morning sir

good morning bitch sir

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>>396081173Good morning sir>>396081261Good morning sir>>396081262Good morning sir

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>>396081173good morning sirs, do I redeem or not redeem?

>>396081173Good morning sirPls post some funny and weird Indian tiktoks

>>396081336Please do the needful and do not redeem

A beautiful good morning sirs I wish I had bob & vagene

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>>396081173>>396081261>>396081262>>396081332>>396081336>>396081341>>396081593>>396081808bloody bitch bastard

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Good morning sirs have you seen any lonely baby djurls around

Good morning sirs The gods intended for indians and aryans to be frens forever

bloody good morning sirs.

>Good morning sir>but im a little gir->here you go sir

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>>396081808>A beautiful good morning sirs I wish I had bob & vageneHit the height gym, face gym and money gym, not to forget personality gym

>>396083363Hi betifulSend bobs pic if ur thareVagne pic??????

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>>39608274425k volts at 500 amps turns people into an instant matchstick.

>>396083363Damn son, why is he making me feel so cringey about my nationality? BTW I've seen such behaviour IRL and it makes the girl uncomfortable and also the parents uncomfortable. And I see it and I get 3th degree uncomfy. Although I do understand Indian guys are doing it out of love, and not pervertness or something. They should keep the collectivist mindset back home. But even with this explanation poltard won't stop spamming this.

>>396083703>Indian guys are doing it out of love, and not pervertness or something.Check the rape rate of India. It's high. (might be because of the muslims, though)

>>396083703Yes and >>396083585 is out of love too. Pajeet pls. You're only making it worse.


>>396083703You have to be thr one to protect and save the innocent aryan girls user Just as indra intended

>>396081173good morning bloody basterd benchod do not redeem

>>396083863That's beyond redemption.

>>396084014>You have to be thr one to protect and save the innocent aryan girls anonnot my problem, if I do interfere, maybe I'll be punished by the group of Indians.

>>396081173>>396081261>>396081262>>396081332>>396081336>>396081341>>396081593>>396081808>>396082326>>396082744>>396083116>>396083160>>396083220>>396083363>>396083500>>396083585>>396083617>>396083703>>396083821>>396083863>>396083944>>396084014>>396084017good morning sirs

>>396081173Ready for a 12 hour work day sirs, do the needful

>>396081173Good morning sir

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>>396083863>You're only making it worseYou make no sense, I feel uncomfy too, I understand that them trying to show affection to children is not bad, but yep, I cannot guess the motives, because I cannot read people's minds..duh. But you are right.


>>396081173good morning

god damnit sir i want to touch the bob

>>396083703good morning siri understand that awkward moment completely he saw a cute blonde kid which just gappened to be a girl and just wanted to gift her flowers no perversion sir

>>396083863>>396084264>>396084209good morning sirs

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>>396084247and a rape morning to her obviously sirs

>>396081173Good morning sirs. I'll trade you bobs for 90 leaked videos of GTA VI, and vagene for the source code of both GTA V and VI

>>396084404I know you are making fun of me, so you can stop right here. Unlike the west where men can't show emotions, in India, men can show emotions. That's why some Indian men being childlike comes across as creepy. Now that I explained the cultural difference, you still won't accept it. Because when you think of Indian culture, you think of men rolling in cow dung, and that's it. Well, just let it be as it is. We are now corrupted by western crap that even my relatives make me uncomfortable when they come to my house.

stop discrediting Indians you bitch basterds I fuck you bloodyps can a kind sir post butiful white wamon with titti?

>>396084247Is she jewish?

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>>396084512show me your sexy bobs please my dear

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>>396084890>GO BACK SIRno sir

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>>396084927Sir were you introducing the uncultured whites in jarmanee to our rich cuisine sir?

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>>396085144no sir, I wouldn't do that sin sir, cuz I don't even know how to cook


>>396084407>when you see the street shitter

>>396084656my deepest apologize sirs for miss understanding cultural difference you are wrong sir when i think about India this is the first thing that comes to my


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good morning to all sirs here hope u have a nice day sirsdeath to kikes

>>396086114and poo in the loo to you too sir

Am extremely sorry jew sirs>>396086114 is paki muzzie proxy using I A pologize to all the Jews we are loving israel and kill pali terrorists sirs

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>>396082744Is he ok sirs?

>>396084164Who fears indians lmao oh wait you are a poo hahahahaha

>>396087180Punished socially. Not physically. Yes, I'm not afraid of Indian guys.

>>396086393sir i do hate my country ppl shilling for kikes sir im not a paki and a pajeet not from north india sirs and not a perv sir and i hate my ppl and country for more reasons sir.....

Good morning sirs can you read the google play card numbers to me

>>396086183not comfy sir....may other retard perv indians gets the poo sir

>>3960874466 9 4 2 0 1 4 8 8 Back side: c u m Now. that extended warranty

>>396087371nigger you live in a country with 1.4 billion people. of course you will have different opinions. the alternative is being a hive mind country like china. 1.4 billion that's twice the number of white people in this world and you certainly have seen how pathetic white people can become both online and irl

>>396083703German and Austrian culture is a lot more formal/colder than other. I know from experience that for instance slavs, pajeets and other asians laugh about your standoffish, cold and bureaucratic way you treat fellow people, often times even within your families.

>>396083703>Although I do understand Indian guys are doing it out of love, and not pervertness or

>>396087289You are being punished spiritually for refusing to activate your warrior genes to protect those who are unable, that was gifted to you by ancient divinity The proof of this is having to live in Germany

>>396088108The entire country was tricked into accepting a karmic debt that may have not even happened, and even if it did, the people there are not responsible for or even benefitted from supppsed tragedy.

>>396083703Collectivism is good

>>396087834i understand sir but atleast this present state of white people is due to kikes brainwashing while the culture and behaviour of white ppl before this subversion were so great....while here in india....its a mix of various people with various culture ,language,behaviour,beliefs...all dumped into as a country called india....where when few act and be like subhuman filth ....the stereotyping and hatred falls on decent ones and who are nice to others have to bear this pain and disgust.... who lives in this failure state of a country that desperatley clings to nationalism.wish i wasnt born here ...but im aware the situation is more fucked on the rest of the world ...especially in west now.I only want things to accelerate sir :,-)

>>396088867>this psyop

Good morning sirs I will do many needfuls today/

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>>396089271Your replying to a paid shill more than likely from your country

>>396089049Sir bros....

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A very non-redeemable morning to you sirs.

>>396088917this is not a psyops ..its the reality....of ur a shill pls do urself a favour...u have become slave for money....kys

>> the indian people still remenber these?

>>396090360i dont think most of them remember thisor most even know about this



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>>396090808Good morning Sir

>>396090810kek...even ppl in india are not safe from scammers aus user.

>>396090780When I first learned of these and saw that the human physical traits were the same as mine and many i grew up with, in rural midwest america, i felt very ashamed. If these descriptions hold any weight then much human suffering has been caused by negligence and dereliction of duty. I hope then these physical descriptions were just irrelevant folktales or non canon