Why the fuck are these amber alerts only used for parents taking their own kids?

Why the fuck are these amber alerts only used for parents taking their own kids?

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>>396080482Because real child abductions dont get prosecuted and the Amber Alert is just for show to make people think the police arent helping the child traffickers, which they are

>>396080561Reminder that the triple brackets COMES FROM A CASE Refusing TO ACKNOWLEDGE STOLEN CHILDREN BY KIKES. THUS, (((THEY)))

>>396080482because the majority of what we classify as "abductions" are committed by parents or a family friend. In the exceptional cases where some stranger does it, there often is no direct witness to call the cops instantly or provide a description. If the parents realize Timmy never made it home from school after they get off work a few hours later they don't really have much to go on.


>>396080482i've wondered that myself many times.

>>396080779The files all exist. Hopefully some user has them backed up.

>>396080482its for when one of their traffic'd victims escape.

>>396080949I think you're being bamboozled mate. The echo marks were a TRS meme.

>>396081121I never pay attention to amber alerts because you know nothing about the circumstances. It could be a father getting his child away from a mother making him a tranny for Twitter.

>>396080482They want them molested by pedofiles, they dont want them rescued from said pedofiles. Hence they target the parents.

>>396081157No no no. It was an '80s / '90s case about hundreds of missing children. Weird writing on the walls. The FBI refused to finish investigation and referred to the criminals as (((they))). It's literally where the echo marks come from.

>>396080561this * 1000 I was abducted by police as a homeless teen (pregnant, kicked out literally that week, boyfriend's mother works in welfare system and they stole the baby, drug tests were always clear but "heroin user" is still on my CV and I can't remove it) and they pimped me out to Terry Martin the mayor of Glenorchy city

>>396081222its for when a traffic'd child escapes. then they can't go to anyone for help or they'll get turned in for being missing and given back to the kike kidnappers

>>396080482ha this is by my house

>>396081222I agree with this, the rest of the takes ITT are schizo-tier though.

>>396081357Holy shit.

>>396081325so post proof

>>396080717No dipshit the ((())) come from an easily identifiable character that isn't an escape character to make a browser extension to put identification marks around article author names.

>>396081424I'm looking. (((They've))) done a good job erasing it, even from Holla Forums.

>>396080748The only time Amber alerts should be used.I just ignore them all now because they're always parents and I don't think the state has any business. If the families are too retarded to sort things out like adults that is not my problem.

>>396081325hes right I remember this. ((())) being used in official government papers . i want somebody to post proof too cause i dont have it

>child is not whiteNot my problem.

>>396081446browser extension memeing came after. it wasn't the cause

>>396081446No, the case is from before popularization of the internet. Old FBI files and pictures.

>>396080482No one's more upset than me.Not ONE of the little girl's I've taken has been named Amber.What a crock of shit.

Holy shit thank u for posting this, god bless. So fucking annoying fucking hate our government fuck at 11:00pm they sound this migraine inducing alarm, I have to go to fucking work tomorrow, ugh, I know it’s going to become more common and they’ve been doing this more and more. It used to be only once a year, now it’s like 5 times a year. Not looking forward to what they’re planning to do to us in Canada, I know they’re plotting something




there's digging to be done related to the founding of amber alert. iirc the femkike who created it has sketchy ties

>>396081494are you referencing the "finders" reports. although they did reference them as they I don't believe they had echo brackets. Although I might be wrong. the last line on the report is so fucking chilling.

>>396081603I was just ranting about this. It's always foreigners taking their kids they don't have custody of. Like why the fuck do I need to hear about Vancouver's immigration drama just because I live in the same providence?

>>396081325Sounds like the initial police report regarding "The Finders". DC Police began the investigation into young children being abducted and trafficked, they only had the case for a few weeks before the FBI took it over and everything was classified but that initial report was really fucked up. I don't remember the details but they basically knew these guys were working arms length for the government to kidnap kids.

>>396081780Yes, this could be it

>>396081494>>396081780>(((They've))) done a good job erasing it, even from Holla Forums.>it's the finders, which hasn't been erased at all and can even be found on plebbitletting boomers use the internet was a mistakereddit.com/r/ElsaGate/comments/8p62jh/elsa_gate_and_the_finders_seem_to_be_heavily/


>>396082279>ctrl f "(((">0 results found

>>396081898>>396081906I'm nearly positive those police stumbled on the daycare center for a newfangled MK ultra program.

>>396080482I'm more curious why the operator had a seizure whenever they tried to type a name.

>>396082712yes, the finders is a real (and fucked up) thing but it has nothing to do with the origin of the (((echoes))) meme

>>396082712Whoa. Like Akira in real life?

>>396082623There's freaking 2k+ pages of documents but it's there.

>>396080482Because according to the government, parents are the worst kind of kidnappers.

>>396081222I've thought about that sort of thing too.

>>396081357Sounds jewish enough to be the answer.

>>396080482Baby mama drama alert

>>396081342Fucking hell.



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>>396081776Wasn't she directly involved in child trafficking?

>>396081342This is bullshit but I believe it

Canadians aren’t allowed to turn amber alerts off. The option is missing from their phone.

>>396082971>it's therethen post it, you claim to know what you're looking for so it should be easy. You don't need to read 2k pages to find the parenthesis. You're clearly misremembering shit and it's making us look retarded.

>>396082623yeah maybe not (()) but I'm sure they are referenced as they.

>>396080482>Long black dreadlock hair>Grey Sweatpants>Brown Ugg boots>Sleeve arm tattoo>GlassesImagine the smell

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>>396081776There was ties to Hillary and Pizzagate

>>396080482>parents taking their own kidsThis is basically 90% of all kidnappings, you know that right?

>>396084226Do you have a source for that?

>>396084372Why else would anybody steal a kid, knowing amber alter could be sounded any second

>>396081342Tits or gtfo you know the rules

>>396080482Who cares about some nigglet anyway? Can't I put a race filter on these so my Netflix won't be interrupted?

>>396080482Because it's a psyop campaign being carried out to further destablize society. By employing power play style tactics to make it clear to the parents of the country. That they, the parents of said children have ZERO parental rights. They only serve as temporary caregivers and that every child within national borders is in fact the property of The State. This is barely stage 2 of this whole whole "parents and traditional families are the enemy" campaign though. Just wait until they really roll out stage 3 which far as I can tell will result in essentially the Mass Sterilization of targeted groups. Taking advantage of the pathological "viral" transmission of the Trans-kids ideology. Paired with the laws regarding Hate speech/pronouns and the ban on "Conversion Therapy". Which is fucking hilarious considering "conversion" and :"transitioning" are synonyms of each other. Stage 4 is all set to launch Q2 or Q3 2023 with the Amendments to the MAiD Act. Which further expands the criteria of those "eligible" to include anyone suffering from ANY mental illness(regardless of severity or if it;s even someone's first diagnosis). But most disturbingly the amendment includes the addition of "Mature Minors". Without any explanation of just what Definition of "Mature Minor" is to be used regarding the MAiD Act. Given what's already been occurring nationally regarding The State's Psyop/demonization of parents/families as I have mentioned above. It's obvious that "Eligible" is simply FedSpeak for Targeted, Coerced and or Persecuted into 'compliance'. Besides as established if you're a Parent in Leafland YOU actually have NO Rights regarding your own progeny. No, no,. no silly "your" children belong to The State, YOU have no legal right to be informed of ANYTHING that occurs with them. OUR school guidance counsellors happily informing them that they :"don't have to suffer anymore". Referring them to the local Euthanias----I mean "Children's Hospital" for "The Greater Good"

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>>396086536That makes total and complete sense.

>>396080482Good point

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>>396080717>>396080779>>396080949I don't believe that is trueIt started out as a way to identify (((kikes))) and [[[niggers]]]

Thats quite the nameWhat is the derivation?

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>>396089274The kid looks native

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>>396080482Yeah theyre especially stupid when they know exactly who took them, what they're driving, etc. That's not a missing child. It would take a few patrol units to track them down. Do yer fuckin job cops

>>396088416>That makes total and complete sense.I know. . . .I wish and have been praying for 3 years now that once. Just fucking ONCE I'd be wrong about the shit that's been going on or the motivations behind it all. Alas the only response from on High(or Below) has in fact basically been. . .>God and The Devil upon hearing my 1080th prayer to be proven wrong regarding the Nightmarish, Cyberpunk DystopianHellscape we now inhabit. "Nope! You're directly above target and fucking have it nailed down Dead to Rights bud! So. . .Sorry/Not sorry! Y'all didn't actually think we've kept you from dying for no reason did you?"TL/Dr: I fucking HATE both God and his dutiful MaxSec Warden and once I finally do get to "kick my last bucket." I'm gonna beat the Holy Howling Hell(and Heaven) out of both their asses I swear to God and on the waters of Lethe.

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>>396080561Reminder that a pedophile vile woman, charged with children abductions, is in charge of the amber alert system :)