European astronauts have been in space, but only with Russian or American capsules. Although Europe ranks third in the world after the USA and China when it comes to spending on space travel , it has never sent people into space with its own European rocket. A gap in Europe's space travel. So far anyway – now it is supposed to be closed.The aerospace company Ariane Group , a joint venture between Airbus and the French technology group Safran, has presented concrete plans for how astronauts could conquer space with European rockets. The concept, dubbed Susie (Smart Upper Stage for Innovative Exploration), recently unveiled at an International Space Congress (IAC) in Paris, is essentially a completely new rocket tip designed to accommodate up to five astronauts and/or cargo.Europe's space agency ESA has been considering its own manned space flight for some time. Last but not least, the break with Russia on space projects as a result of Putin's war of aggression in Ukraine accelerated the discussion. It is said that autonomous access to space for Europeans is of great importance.welt.de/wirtschaft/article241147537/Projekt-Susie-Mit-diesem-Plan-uebertrumpft-die-europaeische-Raumfahrt-sogar-Elon-Musk.html

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>>396079923>With this PLANhow fucking embarrassing, let me guess, this "plan" that totally BTFO Musk, exists 100% in Powerpoint right now?

>>396079923>present tense BTFO>article contains word “could” and “2030”You petulant child


Ariane is the EU's ULA. Bloated bureaucracy of losers who can make all the plans on paper they like but can't deliver. They haven't trumped shit until they have working rockets operating cheaper than Musk's.

>2030Europe is so kind to build a better future in aerospace for the new europeans from Africa

>>396079923>china discovers new Moon mineral>fagropeans: "WE WILL BUILD THE ROCKET in 8 years(maybe)"

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>>396079923Well, I have a plan to construct rockets with 18 gorillian SI of thrust by 2026. Terraform Mars by 2032. Then finally populate Mars with a race of 8ft tall, big titty werewolf women.Bet you Euro cucks feel silly now.

>>396079923Why does everything "European" end up as a bloated, expensive and underperforming "design by committee" scam that even makes NASA look agile in comparison?The french seem to be the only ones with the drive to do such projects, unfortunately they also seem to be the ones with the worst bureaucrat grifters...

>>396079923>>396080279Guess what I have an IDEA that will BTFO Elon and the ESA.

>>396079923Europe has no spaceports and they never will. Too busy importing foreigners and buying trains.

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>>396080850>Why does everything "European" end up as a bloated, expensive and underperforming "design by committee" scam that even makes NASA look agile in comparison?It's not called the EUSSR for no reason, user.

>>396080574About 20 years ago Ariane rockets were really state of the art, maybe even top-tier. But they never tried to bring launch costs down and now they are expensive as fuck, without any benefit.

>>396080826>big titty werewolf womenYou couldn’t have stayed off (You) furry shit for one paragraph, could you?

>>396080935Europe is too far north to have an efficient spaceport - maybe Greece or souhtern Spain would be an option.There is the spaceport in french Guyana, which is situated quite well - almost on the equator.


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>>396080850>end up as a bloated, expensive and underperforming "design by committee">bureaucratThere's your answer.

>>396079923>is essentially a completely new rocket tipVery cool, how about that reusable booster stage though?

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>>396081187Someone is trying to signal for help that it's the Jews behind this.

>>396080995It's rocket launches: state of the art and top-tier only apply in two areas: cost per launch and safety rate (ie, doesn't explode). Looking cool and "being a feat of engineering talent" don't matter at all in comparison.Governments and their contractor parasites had decades, more than half a century to figure it out. They failed. The future is private commercial space exploration.

>>396079923>even Elon MuskIs NASA in shadow of Elon Musk?

>>396081385Yes. Privatization accomplishes more faster than government ever could. It's just that until this point no organization has ever had the kind of capital government organizations have access to.

>>396080548based truth enjoyer

>>396079923>could be>2030Yeah take that current day billionaire spaceman hahah sure showed himFucking retard

>>396081383Absolutely this.The problem is that bureaucrats see cost reduction as something evil and they avoid it at all cost.To them cost reduction means a reduced budget next year and the department's budget is seen as a measure of it's status.

>>396079923This is just embarrassing, one upping something on PAPER of all things.

>>396080995>be eurofag>don’t innovateMany such cases

>>396079923>380 more weeksAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>>396079923In maybe 8 years we might have something that spaceX have nowWow

>>396079923>could be>might be>according to experts>study showskek

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>>396081818Yeah, but it'll be twice as expensive!

I have also built rockets in my head that BTFO Elon Musk. I file them away next to the mental bets I place on sporting events and the fantasys I relive when I'm having a wank.


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>>396081914And less capable, let’s not forget that !

>>396080935>>396079923 It all makes sense once you understand this a europoor cope thread. They are starting to realize that the so called "Amerimutts" that they criticize so much are going to to have a nice and cozy winter with cheaper energy prices while they get the life sucked from them for energy. They are also starting to understand that they don't have the demographics to go at it alone and will depend upon the Americans for everything in a de-globalized world and that their currency will collapse due to hyperinflation while the USD will remain stable. Any europoor who denies these facts has not heard of Peter Zeihan.

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Imagine seeing the space x landing videos and thinking its real.

>>396079923>by 2030clearly an investor scam article

>>396082052Imagine seeing this and thinking space is real

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>>396080279>how fucking embarrassing, let me guess, this "plan" that totally BTFO Musk, exists 100% in Powerpoint right now?we have a 3d render

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>>396079923>spaceKek. Nope.

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>>396079923Ah yes a PLAN. A PLAN that will go through the globohomo checks and balances to make sure that the material is ethically sourced and will be piloted by several check boxes of gays, blacks, women, sexually confused freaks, small children, the disabled and people afraid of heights.

>>396082150Wild shit user. Some of the 'footage' is outrageous. Clear evidence of fuckary yet even people on here lap it up. I nearly fell off my chair when I first saw the 'landing videos'

>>396080279It's a plan, but Europe has a track record with the Ariane project.

>>396081178>Europe is too far north USA>pacific spaceport complex AlaskaKek

>>396079923>, it has never sent people into space with its own European rocket.I mean we could just mount a capsule on top of an Ariane IV or V it's not like we can't

>>396082515This is obviously not for launches into equatorial orbits. Look at the map - almost all of them are in the south.

>>396082044exactly. smug fucking euros forgot the most ancient of aesop's wisdoms - he who laughs last laughs best. so go ahead euros laugh when we warn you you're dependent on russia. after this winter we will own euros formerly well to do housewives and their questionably underaged daughters for the next 50 years.

>>396079923Europe needs to be completely self-sufficient.

>>396080935Europe has a spaceport in French guyana.It was used the launch the James Webb telescope earlier this year, from a French Ariane rocket.Cope more you stupid mutt.

>>396082515>how do parallels workKill xirself

>>396082647>Europe has a spaceport in French guyana.>Europe>spaceport in French guyanalmao

>>396082515>>396081178>>396082578My university actually does rocket launches at poker flats range in Alaska.

If you believe this shit you are a retard.Prove me wrong.youtu.be/49eIoaY8pVM

>>396079923>can't even heat their homes>WE'RE GOING TO SPACE WAAAAAARRRRRRGH!Top kek.

>>396080850Well, Europe has to get its shit together.It needs to develop its own tech and its own programmes, or we will end up vassals of the Chinese and Yanks.

>>396082796>end up

>>396081383> PrivateSo basically only for the rich.

>>396082710French Guyana isn't just a colony, it's legally part of France

>>396082710what's the joke?

>>396079923European be like >Can heat up my house this winter Also european>muh going in space chud!

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>>396081500> It will take UK's private water companies 2000 years to plug leaks in the water system.Let's all laugh at user.

>>396082796Why does everything European have to be a forced, government-run, "me too" project?With this mentality, you'll always be second or third, but with maximum cost.

>>396082872the european space agency

>>396079923Europe is dead, Africans can't even make a car, they won't build this.

>>396081178>>396082647>Giving rockets to niggers


>>396079923lol, it's just a "plan" they hope to implement in 8 fucking years. SpaceX has been flying reusable rockets since fucking 2015. They are so far ahead, in 8 more years, their Starship will be fully operational and flying regularly.

>>396082925That's because people stupidly thought that being dependent on Russia and China was not at all stupid.

>>396079923Not hard to do. He is a no talent hack that used mommy and daddies money to buy some good stock.Idk why you stupid fucks worship his pathetic ass.

>>396083053Starship will never breach the firmament

>>396083000Says user from a country that is spewing sewerage onto its beaches.

>>396082859It's also where there is the best and toughest jungle warfare training center in the world, operated by the French foreign legion.Even American troops go there to train.youtube.com/watch?v=_O7jIYf5edU

>>396080850>Why does everything "European" end up as a bloated, expensive and underperforming "design by committee" scam that even makes NASA look agile in comparison?Because it's a whole bunch of countries with their own committees funding and directing another layer of committee.

>>396083000Financial Times says UK will soon be poorer than Slovenia.

>>396083000Hard check bro

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>>396083026It's literally a part of France.The people operating the space programs there are unironically whiter than the people at NASA.

>>396079923Partly because the UK was against any kind of European cooperation snd hated science and space when it was in the EU.

>>396083287>France has so many niggers it's literally an African country

>>396079923in 10 years they could be where Elon WAS 10 years ago! OMG!! SUCH PROGRESS!!!

>>396079923Musk will be around by 2030, the EU?

>>396080279It is an NFT

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>>396079923>could be>2030That's like GM saying they're going to have 817 models of eve by then when they still haven't even started.

>>396082401This retard doesn’t understand acceleration

>>396082796>or we will end up vassals of the Chinese and Yanks.YOU ALREADY ARE LMAOLOOK AT YOUSucking american dick, taking it up the ass to "stick it to putin" while the american government laughs at how unbelievably stupid you are.Europe had its chance of being a superpower. It's gone now. Enjoy your winter

>>396083343are you posting from a VPN?

>>396080850iirc part of the reason is that parts needed to be made in every member state regaedless of capability or existing infastructure for some of their older ships. No idea if that's still a thing tho lol

>>396079923>concrete plansSure.This has about the same chance of being build as the shit I make in KSP.

>>396082480If anyone thinks ESA's priorities are going to survive this winter, they're delusional. The EU governments are going to have to throw everything they have at keeping people comfortable and calm.

>>396079923>planElon's rockets actually exist.

>>396083070The intelligent and smart thing for europe would've been closely allying with russia, getting cheap energy, bringing them into the EU, telling NATO to fuck off, and developing a pan european government that promotes your own interests, and not americas.Now look at you! Stabbing your own fellow europeans in the back and infighting at america's beck and call.

>>396079923>EU>planThey gonna force the Kessler syndrome to be fucking real to own Elon don't they?

>>396083501No. My point is that whites should stay out of Africa unless they're willingly to nearly ethnically cleanse it like they did in the continental US and Canada. Anything else is an invitation to disaster, mass immigration, and miscegenation. You are missing the point, yes France is using French Guyana. But that shouldn't be Europe's long term solution for a spaceport because it shouldn't even be part of France in the first place, or any European country, for the sake of their social, political, and demographic health.

>>396083626EU will have reusable rockets. That's more chances to uncover the CGI scam than with your rockets.

>>396080548Space is real, and disgusting kikes don’t want the white man to colonize it.>don’t even think about escaping us, goy>you were born to serve us, goy slave>what do you think you’re doing with that rocket?>hey, come back

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>>396083031Yes, and it's much better connected to the rest of Europe than fucking french guyana. There are regular flights from almost every medium sized European city.But the French would never allow that. They follow their national prestige projects with their retarded bureaucracy with European money.

>>396079923It's basically just a bigger Dragon 2 with a reusable trunk. Dragon 2 was originally going to do propulsive landing too, but NASA preferred parachutes for safety.It's not a terrible design though. Starship makes pretty much everything else obsolete, but it might be useful for niche LEO missions I guess. Being niche means it will probably expensive though.Without a reusable booster it's pretty shit too, but I guess ANY crewed spacecraft is a big deal for Euros.

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>>396083516Yeah, the pork-barrel aspect is so ridiculous.

>>396083551Heating homes with kerosene and LOX?

>>396080621This will be white people's last deed before going gently into that eternal good night: To pave the path to the stars and make it safe for the Afronauts to travel spacewards after Earth has been fully Africanized by 18 billion Dindus.

>>396080279Probably just a reason to print more money and delay the inevitable crash as long as possible

>>396079923Fake concept rocket based on nothing trumps other fake concept rocket based on nothing. Ok.

>>396079923Wow, it only took the ESA 50 years! Another 50 and we might have our own space station!To think that countries like france would have had their own manned space program had they not given it up to the EU

>>396079923Musks development of his starship is way ahead of anyone else’s.

>>396083626No they don't. youtu.be/49eIoaY8pVM

>>396080279Pretty much like Starship.

>>396084289The EU space program IS the French space program, that is part of the problem.Germans aren't interested in space because it can't be done by small and medium sized companies (which are the only ones innovating in Germany), and the rest of Europe probably can produce bottle rockets, if they try really hard.The French have a heavily entrenched bureaucracy, that also comprises most of their national "elite". Bureaucratism is in their DNA. So everything they try quickly becomes a bureaucratic nightmare.

>>396084324>starshiptop kekFirst fly to Mars. Oh right, you are 30 years late on that project. What is there to be found on stars anyway? You can't even protect borders or follow own written laws. No more planets for you.

>>396084188>kraut flag>heil Hitler get>POL id>actually funny bantsGermany must be studying shitposting from its Aussie neighbors.

>>396079923This is a concept for a space capsule little better than SpaceX's current Dragon, to start flying some time in the 2030s. It's not even close to being competition for SpaceX's Starship, which is a fully reusable rocket with no expendable parts, designed to lower launch cost by hundreds of times.The SUSIE might look a little bit like Starship, but it needs an expendable upper stage to get to orbit, and it can't take that upper stage back down to ground. That means an additional cost of millions of dollars per flight. The mass fractions are unambitious. It's a ~25 metric ton capsule intended to carry a ~7 metric ton payload. That would have been fairly conservative in the 1960s.SpaceX, on the other hand, is aiming for a ~100 metric ton fully reusable upper stage to carry 100+ metric tons of payload. This is more OldSpace showing no plan to catch up with SpaceX.

And as with everything else EU related this would work better if they stopped being faggots and decided to work with Russia captcha G00YS

>>396084565Yes definitely a PowerPoint, certainly not a deep in development program that is already flying and making second generation versions of their engines

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>>396084737>This is a concept for a space capsule little better than SpaceX's current Dragon, to start flying some time in the 2030s.Whole planet just has to buy Teslas for that to happen. And while we at it, also batteries and electric stations. Then Musk will have enough finances, 100 trillion on his account, to maybe spend some on rocket.

>>396084828That technology isn't quite ready for star wars. One screw loose and it's game over.

>>396079923>trumped Musk with a plan that could be operational in 8 yearseurocope never gets old

>>396084864Go on, the butthurt is very entertaining. Can I watch you cry when Starship flies later this year?SpaceX performed about two thirds of the world's orbital launch work this year. He's not depending on his Tesla money for it.

>>3960799232030... also if the french are involved it will be around 2050 and have cost 3.5 trillion times the initial budget, it will break down mid orbit and spew nuclear fallout over the entire continent of Europe.

>>396085044Give me 10% of their money and i would be in another dimension many times by now.

>>396079923The same ESA the lost $400 million worth of satellites because someone plugged a cable in backwards? The same ESA whose cutting edge launch vehicle can put up a whopping 1500 lbs to LEO and was only done once because Soyuz is cheaper and more reliable? That space agency?

>>396085044SpaceX might easily be more profitable than Tesla. They have a real advantage on the competition.

>>396082401size matter you know, all of that mass and shit?

>>396079923seed200.bitchute.com/5W8Qpgv76n77/MTDpsDWz7NzB.mp4Space is fake. Jewish money laundering

>>396084145I'm going full hydrazine. It's the most efficient with only little to no drawback.

>>396085154In every job you have fraud. That doesn't means it doesn't exists. Just means some fake they done work. How many bosses build buildings their name is on? Very few.

>>396084188>kraut thinks africans will be able to maintain and use rockets as anything other than repurposed orktek bombs or makeshift shack sheltersDude, the blacks and browns can't even effectively maintain the dirt roads or governing entities Europeans left behind, muslims have fucked themselves by spending the better part of 1500+ years enslaving and breeding/colonizing each other with black slave armies at the deathcult orders of a jewish enabled pedophile warlord. the only other races who could effectively carry our torch are Japs and Koreans, and they have their own problems (a medium tech China mobilizing to avoid collapse, the Indian menace) to deal with. If we don't get our own shit together and clean up this planet or collectively GTFO there might never be another spacefaring race born on this planet again,

>>396079923How are you going to launch with no electricity this winter, Eurobro? You gonna light a match underneath?

>>396083551>The EU governments are going to have to throw everything they have at keeping people comfortable and calmAssuming “everything they have” is gonna be enough. Cute.

By 2030 I'll have multiple houses in the moon. Lol french rocket will be like another diversity rocket with failure points "niggers" all over.

>>396080850>they also seem to be the ones with the worst bureaucrat griftersThat's pretty much the opposite.>the CNES (french NASA) developpe a new product>but since it's a govt agency and europe is all about "muh free market">the CNES is forced to give it to Ariane Group or whatever private companies>now the private company goes to the EU to ask for gibs with say working project>EU discuss about gib for years>germany want to build half of say project even if they only fund 10% of it>italy just build everything germany can't>france fund 80% of the project and only get 30% of the work>spain do stuff even if they have no competence on the subject (france and italy will re-do the work afterward)>the project finaly launch after everything changed, delays and tons of wasted money>and it crash because of the german parts>meanwhile stuff italians and french do on their own are flyingThat's how european space program works.

>>396079923Europe will be in ruins for 2030. The leaders are 70IQ smug children. All of them.

>>396080279It's a crayon drawing, dumb dumb

>>396079923This thing will never fly.This is just another EU money sinkhole.

>>396084145Well, the people in that house would never be cold again.

>>396081000>You couldn’t have stayed off (You) furry shit for one paragraph, could you?what is this thread? a shitty simulation of Penthouse Letters for vatniks in trenchs over in Donbass or wat?

>>396079923>no manufacturing or testing experience with building manned spacecraft>barely theoretical and untested design>no actual spacecraft or even a working prototype>projected operational in 2030>claims to BTFO SpaceX, which has accomplished everything above and has demonstrated better efficiency from design to finished product than billion dollar govt funded agencies like NASA. To put it in perspective, the time from development to launch of the falcon9 rocket was ~5 years (Concept developed in 2005, first launch in 2010). NASA's Artemis rocket was outlined in 2012 and has yet to take off in 2022. ESA can collectively suck their own assholes.

>>396082044>the european is the fat one lol

>>396085742I going to hire your fatass family tree to fart under it

>>396079923Yeah this will be canceled when all funds are reallocated for heating this winter, sorry.

>>396079923The US cant even get to space without russian rockets. So what are we getting for our money besides diversity?

>>396082872French Guyana is in South America, not Europe, moron.

>>396086739SpaceX engines are all done in house, ULA uses russian engines but they are attempting to switch over to Blue Origin engines with the issue being that BO sucks

>>396080279This. Euro Space announce "Look what we can imagine"

>>396086580>flagBe gone, filthy degenerate

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>>396086607All of this when they're not even able to fuel themselves with the combined pressure of the migrant crisis and a key money laundering state almost within their influence being at war right now.It's bad here, but it might not get as bad as Europe's going to get.

>>396079923>plan>could be operation by 2030It's fucking nothing.

>>396081725>be mutt>clueless about historyliterally every one of you

>>396082584>me, le niggur, will own you whitey!in your dreams faggot


>>396087906>>396088001>>396088045You will never be considered Central Europe faggot. Actual Germans recoil on sight of you.


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>>396079923Ahh I see the Europeans have forgotten how things like the Seasons work again. As well as how things such as Industrial Capacity/Output actually require ELECTRICAL POWER. Which the continent as a whole seems to have also forgotten such electrical power is even produced. Hope y'all have been chopping wood and that you've already bought a wooden stove you're gonna need it, kek.

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>>396079923>European astronauts have been in space, but only with Russian or American capsules.MUSK BTFO>The aerospace company Ariane Group , a joint venture between Airbus and the French technology group Safran>a euro joint venture like the mighty eurofighter, the euro hawk or GAIA-XMUSK BTFO> The concept, dubbed Susie (Smart Upper Stage for Innovative Exploration)MUSK BTFO>Europe's space agency ESA has been considering its own manned space flight for some timeMUSK BTFO> It is said that autonomous access to space for Europeans is of great importance.MUSK BTFOEURO SIRS, IT IS HAPPENING! SPACE IS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE

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>>396088135sorry the UK is not part of Europe

>>396086093This.There is no single politician that wouldn't be considered a retard by any honest, objective standard.

>>396085974Why do joint ventures that involve us always fail so horribly?

>>396080279Trust the plan! Kek


>>396087053>It's bad here, but it might not get as bad as Europe's going to get.In some regions it'll be about on par with, or even exceed the level of the Invasions of the "Barbarian" Germanic tribes, Attila The Hun and The Mongol Empire invasions. Just with Sunni and Shia fundamentalists and a whole lotta Sub-Saharian Niggers "invading" from within Europe itself instead of charging out of the Steppe's. Also doubtful any leader from any of those aforementioned groups will get a badass Honorific/Insult/Nickname such as Genghis did. I'm sorry but "The Scourge of Heaven" has to be one of the best fitting and coolest sounding title attached to anyone in the last 1000 years kek.((pic related))

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>>396080703Why are Democrats obssessed with men under 5'8"?Why cant I look up to people that I actually have to look up to?

>>396079923>OP saysthat Musk got BTFO'd for some reason>Explain that ESA has PLANS and IDEASfor a new modular/reuseable rocket.>MIGHT happen in the next 10 to 20 years.So Elon Musk lost to afucking idea?How much of a retarded faggot is OP exactly?

>>396079923>could be>by 2030lol, lmao even

>>396085974You forgot the part where Germany outsources the manufacturing to our country.

>>396080935Nigger please.You don't understand how Rockets work.Youknow there are multiple stages to a Rocket, right?You know that these boosters and stagesneed to come back down right?You understand that you can't do that over populated areas, right?So bow compare the USA having huge oceans on each side, compared to Europe which can't really shoot rockets anywhere without risking deadly accidents.The European Space Port is in French Guyana, in the top part of South America.All this mighty prove is that Americans are expendables andyour lives worth less than Europeans, because they shoot rockets over you, risking to kill some of you when debris inevitably falls back down to Earth.9/10 Dumbass post, made me type out a long response.

>>396082401>>space>Kek. Nope.Are you an actual retard or an actual federal agent?

>>396079923>Ariane>SusieWill end up like the US's Artemis.Effeminate names lead to failure.

>>396088642I'm pretty sure it's your politicians fault and not your engineers or capacities. They often want to give work to companies that have no knowledge about it, but are their friends or something. The DLR seem competent. So, i guess it's all about the politicians fucking up something, just like here in France.

>>396079923europoor below room temperature iq how does it feel to knowing that you will never be able to escape poverty

>>396090057To be fair i dont know a lot about Czech spacial industry.

Elon invented nothing. It was a team of mostly White engineers. Elon did the hype marketing and financing. Europe can easily collect its own team of engineers and financing.

>>396079923Safran is the Hebrew word for "librarian" and a somewhat common Jewish name (Jonathan Safran Foer).

>>396088642idk germany has a competent industry so or someone fucks up hiring the wrong people or germans aren't able to to work in collaborative projects

>>396090254>>Ariane>>Susie>Will end up like the US's Artemis.>Effeminate names lead to failure.What if we memed Elon Musk's heavy lifting BFR (Big Fucking Rocket???) into being renaled "Big Chungus"?Just throwing the idea out there...