What's the Ontario teachers endgame? This got seen by millions of people tonight

What's the Ontario teachers endgame? This got seen by millions of people tonight.

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Some men just want to watch the world transition

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>>396076920Full Garrison

>>396076988>It's simple we uh.. groom the batboy

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>>396076920Gee I wonder why this happens!

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Someone, somewhere, in another country that is not America, did something that you don't like. So as a result, you're conned into voting for capitalism and the interests of the rich over the people. It's your failure. It's the failure of republican voters

if anyone missed the segment: twitter.com/TPostMillennial/status/1572023805379231745

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>>396076920i think this will make the school distract buckle down even more on letter this guy be a pervert in the school LOL

>>396076920>>396077240The funniest part is too you're burying yourselves deeper into the thing that's causing your dissolution of morals and culture, capitalism. Capitalism is what makes you not matter anymore. Capitalism is the private ownership of industry, it means your entire society is run for profit. Not for your judeo christian morals. Not for you as human beings. Not for your benefit at all. All for profit. The result of running a society for profit? Open borders. Dissolution of the social norms you know and love. On the left, we tried to warn you of this but none of you ever have been smart enough to understand any of it

>>396077240>capitalism badwhat is your alternative to the BELIEF IN A MEANS OF WEALTH EXCHANGE do you propose people simply stop believing money has value? because damn son I feel the same way about NFTs

>>396077432None of you on the right even know what capitalism means.Capitalism means your industry is privately owned, by the richSocialism means your industry is collectively owned by The People.So Amazon, for example, would belong to all of us instead of Jeff BezosYou, as a rightwingers, support capitalism. You support the rich and the corporations AKA the private industries

>>396077397>The result of running a society for profit? Open bordersA "for profit" society would sell cancer cures on the sidewalk, hey fuck you. Real capitalism has never been tried.

>>396076920It was a quite protest. Parents walked into school with their kids. I guess demanding answers from the staff.youtube.com/watch?v=ayzyvfsCQs4This will only accelerate if nothing is done. HDSB is already deleting and disabling comments on all their social media platforms.twitter.com/HaltonDSB

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>>396077546No it wouldn't, actually. Good example of how full of shit your "free market" BS isA for-profit society doesn't sell cures, it sells diseases and then chronic treatments for those diseases so the saleman can keep on profitting off youStupid morons

>>396077536Capital is a means of wealth exchange. -isms are systems of belief.If you re-define it as anything else you might want to pick up your sociology dictionary and burn it because that shit ain't real English and nobody is buying what you are selling.If you don't belief in a means of wealth exchange then you have no ability to governm people, they have no incentive to listen to you.


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dangerously based monologue from tucker

>>396077606>>396077546>No it wouldn't, actually. Good example of how full of shit your "free market" BS is>A for-profit society doesn't sell cures, it sells diseases and then chronic treatments for those diseases so the saleman can keep on profitting off you>Stupid moronsPS it's not a debate as to whether your society is run for-profit. That's what America is. That's what capitalism is. Capitalism means everything in your society is run for-profit. Not for your profit, mind you, but for the profit of the richThat's what you supportIt's not a debate. We're not gonna have a fucking argument about it. That's a fundamental fact of the rightwing economic system (capitalism) you support

>>396077625Yeah no I'm not the "redefining it" you idiotic shitstain

>>396077597first guy in the interview... a chang in grade 10 who can barely speak english. " we dont care about that" yeah right he doesn't care about much in canada its clear.

>>396077397>>396077546This destruction of morals under capitalism is what turned me NazBol- trad Christianyoutube.com/watch?v=fDGmkPW_EUkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=db9LiYFCbpU

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>>396077606So you're saying that capitalism will NEVER sell me the thing I want (ie "hypothetical cancer cure")?Suppose you take my earnings away and give them to a card-carrying party member to distribute, somehow that will change the odds and create endless well-being??? Insanity.I guess you don't want to change the system itself, but you want to change my mind and open it to the idea of being enslaved. You want to make me feel like losing everything I own is an easy thing because "I never owned it anyway, capitalism owned it on my behalf".You are the reason tapwater has 200 ingredients. you are the parasite.

>>396077859No there's no such thing as "nazbol trad christian" you autistic retard. You're just a republican and you're no different than the other moron autist culture war republicans

>>396077397>the left tried to warn that capitalism would dissolve social normseven if some warned of such an inevitability it's completely irrelevant given that the modern left drives this degeneracy (for free)

>>396077702>idiotic shitstainmy work here is done. have a nice day friend.

>>396077891Why do you people write this long rambling walls of rightwing text that are literally just meaningless incoherent schizo ramblings full of some vague and unsubstantiated and almost indecipherable "socialism bad" idiocy

>>396077264keep my wife's mullet out your FUCKIN mouth.

>>396077951Clutch your pearls harder in fake republican outrage and offensetaking, why don't you

>>396077947That's just your Fox News brainwashing. That's just your republican brainwashing

>>396077934No, I do not vote Republicans I want death to all:*Republicans/ Democrats*trannies/ faggots/ lgbtqejjrr*Kurds*Jews*homeless people*Japanese/ Chinese/ asiatics*racial mixers*capitalist bankers*literally all of Africa and SOuth AmericaI agree with Linkola and would nuke the world to start WWIII if I could in order to usher in Armageddon/ the four horsemen

>>396078093No, you're just a republican. You're not any different than any other republican

>>396077240>>396077397>>396077606>>396077667>>396078011>>396077934>>396078081>>396077536>>396077702>>396078049Democrats and Jews currently occupy the U.S. Corporation.>United States>(15) “United States” means— (A) a Federal corporation; (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or (C) an instrumentality of the United States.

>>396077597kek the reporter calls him he

>>396078133I would probably kill you if given the chance but also it is not from a place of hate but of rationality. If your place is set with God then you have nothing to worry, fellow Christian.

>>396077397Open borders is a product of globalism and equality = leftism Dissolution of social norms = spearheaded by communist governments that put women in the workforce and destroyed the family. They set the standard that capitalist countries followed later Fuck capitalism and communism, but communism more so

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>>396078166The united states isn't a corporation and you're the majority / people who run everything. White christians are the majority of people and the ones that run everything

>>396078178I never said I was a christian, you insane schizophrenic psychopath

>>396077264exploding milk? Wtf

>>396077397Your psyop didn't work in 2013 and it won't work now you stupid faggot.

>>396078212The Democrats and Jews currently hold the House, Senate, and White House of the Corporation known as the U.S. and we've seen rampant inflation and crime since they took power and poisoning via the deadly covid injections.

>>396078187The nazis were just capitalism. Just the GOP. Exact same policies and set of beliefs and con artistry on their voters

>>396078251>>396078299Denounce the Talmud right now.

>>396078299>>396078187>The nazis were just capitalism. Just the GOP. Exact same policies and set of beliefs and con artistry on their votersPS "national socialism" means, IRL, when capitalists pretend to be socialists in order to manipulate the masses, then blame their problems on a group of people in order to justify not implementing socialism

>>396076920All student to doing this thing

>>396076920They have no choice because the ontario human rights code includes an extremely broad and ill-defined protection for "gender expression". This guy can do whatever he wants and its a human right protected by Canada's Supreme Court in previous challenges.

>>396078295It's almost all white christians in the congress and you likewise don't have any concept of inflation of even what it is or why it occurs, or why it's occuring all over the world presently and not just in the USA

>>396078212>white Christians run everything>every individual in every position of state and corporate power is jewish

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>>396077264Nice segment tard

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>>396076920>endgameyou're watching itrumble.com/v10jopa-dog-turns-on-television-experimental.html

>>396078411So is freedom of association, but they pretend that amendment doesn't exist for some reason, so I don't think this is about legality.

>>396078369The Democrats and Jews are the party of troons destroying this nation. This is member of your Department of Energy.

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>>396078411if that is the case than someone must wear bigger more obscene tits and we will find out where the boundary is eventually

>>396078423But that's abjectly and plainly not reality. That's the most abject and plain nazi lie that you're telling that is just a full on, complete, immutable lie. And it's not going to matter how many stupid nazi propaganda internet memes you post, or ones that have little stars of david next to people's heads, it's just not going to matter it's something any person can plainly see is a lie

>>396077536>Socialism means your industry is collectively owned by The PeopleKek. No, it means it's owb by the communist party you dumbass. Klaus Schwab even spelled it to you thick brains. You own nothing under communism. And you are happy, otherwise you go to the gulag.

>>396078470still works for me

>>396078251There will be a time when comes the great Socialist Rapture Apocalypse where you will befall the chance to atone before the so called lest underground revolutionary Moses Underground and provide every detail for your Jewish capitalist misgivings at the hand of you rootless cosmopolitans who support finance capital and NATO.

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>>396078528It's quite real, take a look at COVID and Jewish involvement.

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>>396077240>>396077397>>396077397Just move to a communist country

>>396076920Tucker mentioned some new Canadian Law which makes firing said people impossible as they have grounds to sue.He could turn up next week with a Dildo strapped to his mid section and they can't do anything.

>>396078528>reality is whatever I say it isAbra kadabra alakazam. Your psyop is debunked.

>>396077240>16 post by this IDI just assume this level of faggotry will continue

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>>396076920This is a modern day Emperor's New Clothes. You aren't supposed to mention the man has giant prosthetic titties that he flaunts in front of teenage boys, mentioning it makes YOU the crazy person. It's only acceptable to praise and defend him for his stunning and brave transition.

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>>396078081No, it's called observed reality. I live in Canada, you think I don't see this every day with my own eyes? The modern left is a miserable ruin, it's not even a shadow of its former self.

>>396076920Her fucking hates working. He fucking hates kids. He's trolling the fuck out of the system to be early retired.

>>396077116We've lived long enough to go from Simpson's did it to South Park did it.

>>396078658Of course, he hits 40+ replies in other threads. he'll probably in this one too, just drop redpills and pat him on his head.

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>>396076920Masonic games. They’ve been doing this crap for centuries and you dummies keep falling for it.

>>396078251youtube.com/watch?v=XKY7q-DVRs8>>396078299They were wrong to invade other countries and install capitalism like Krupp but they were correct to exterminate the semitic filth known as Jews. Even the Stalinists were going to exterminate/ deport their semitic mongrel population to Siberia before revisionist (((Capitalist Roader))) Kruschev betrayed them and made the Soviets a Jewish revisionist state.

Hopefully this will normalize huge henti style tits. Hopefully gone are the days when some busty retard cuts em off. I'm ready for this new world of massive tits.

>>396076920They take away cellphones because it's a "distraction" but fake 42M tits on a man is somehow something we should accept. I wonder what peak clown world will look like.

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>>396076920It's basically just a fursuit for this dude. he gets off on this shit, super sick.

>>396076920I don't get it. Does it offend you that cis women have breasts? Would having large breasts disqualify a cis woman from being a teacher?

>>396078528We're going to exterminate you like we should have in 1953.youtube.com/watch?v=deDAxP8MzsQYou don't even deserve your own oblast. You deserve a spot in the oven.

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>>396078369See >>396078344


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>>396076920She's trying pull a Mr Garrison/Mr Slave to sue for millions when she gets fired

>>396078982No, but her wearing gigantic fake tits would. If these were natural no one would give 1/1000th of a fuck.

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>>396077397are you really trying to say that if democrats had absolute power open borders would stop? how would you explain brandon rewriting asylum/refugee definitions to import hundreds of thousands of previously illegal immigrants a month? are republicans blackmailing him or something?

>>396078587He wouldn't because the Koreans are racialist and would either kill him or sterilize him so he could not breed like Abshier. They do not tolerate semitic Jew filth in Koreayoutube.com/watch?v=ClDaD7KnFOE

>>396078049I'm not a republican, I'm the devil's advocate. Your goal is not to intimidate me into submission, but to strengthen and consolidate your own arguments.But you don't do that, do you?>>396078081Here you dismiss your opponent as brainwashed.>>396078133Here also you aren't comitted to a debate>>396078251>you insane schizophrenic psychopath>>396078420>gaslight attemptinflation is caused by usury. do you know what an audit is?>>396078212>White christians are the majority of people AND the ones that run everythingnon sequitur, jews run everything. it's well documented.>>396078528>little star of davidshould we maybe use bigger stars? is that why people aren't noticing?

>>396077536Why are leftist so unfathomably retarded? You clearly don't know what capitalism, fascism or socialism are. I'd tell you to demand a raise from George Soros, but clearly you don't deserve it.


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>>396076920You answered your own question.

Nobody cares really.People who care take action. People who don't really care cry and whine. This will continue because bad behavior is not met with disciplinary action.

>>396078749The tent got up and moved hard left, and inside the tent is now a circus with only clowns.

>>396077397You’re not right, but you’re also not wrong.

>>396077240DAMN SON you've been going hard in these threads tonight, making 20+ posts in each talking about how it's Tucker Carlson and not the sexual deviants who is the real problem.

>>396078369You just mad he actually gave people social programs while actually protecting property and the worker aswell as fighting your Jewish cringe redditor bullshit

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>>396079129Why would anyone have a problem with it being a prosthetic? If natural breasts aren't a problem at that size, then there's functionally no difference.

>>396076920they are mentally ill, they have no endgame.

>>396079177some of them are children of social scientists so we can't blame them that their native language is not English. Take a read of a sociology dictionary some time, it strictly defines every single word according to leftist narrative. It will help you communicate with the enemy in their own tongue.

>>396079324He will be in the oven soon enough. SMASH THE JEWS

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>>396077264>they aired this unblurredlmao

smothering all of her students in boobawith no survivors

>>396076920>what's his endgameGrooming and eventually raping minors.


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>>396079221The Ontario teacher's union is probably the most powerful entity in the province. They sway elections. There will be no discipline. You literally cannot get fired, unless you rape your students on camera and even then it'd likely be paid leave while you serve your sentence.


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>>396078848Exactly. There is some kike that uses a French flag that posts the most obnoxious kike demoralization propaganda that has been labeled MoarBenis Qui by me and some of the boys, and when ever I see his obvious bot like posting style, I immediately begin dropping JQ posts. Extremely effectiveThere is no point in engaging disingenuous paid cunts and robotsJust release the information they are trying to suppress and amplify the very single they are attempting to drown out in white noiseThey have no counter to that tactic None.>See shill>Respond with JQ and crimes statistics >Which the seething >profit of lurkers increasing knowledge Daily reminder ZOGZioBankster Occupational Government That is what most of the planet lives under currently

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>>396079578Those men were led astray by a capitalist bastard who would watch them starve on the streets and who supported muslim towelheads in the near east against Assad, defender of Christiandom. I feel sorry for those misguided and lost souls.

>>396079547HRT destroys your libido. Trans women have a lower sex drive than cishet men and cishet women. You only think they want to rape because you're still thinking they have a male sex drive. But they're not like you

>>396079338theres a pretty big functional difference, theres a man wearing them and he's a disgusting pedophile

>>396079578>anarcho syndicalists for joe biden

>>396079570Today I learned that "unions" are just left wing party members monitoring the workplace for badthink, they don't actually improve wages.

>>396077264>twitter>not youtube

>>396076920He’s an attention seeking faggot. Now he’s got his 15 minutes. He’ll hang himself in a few months.

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>>396079794That's just you making up stuff in your head and getting mad about it.

>>396079338I understand your point, but there is a difference between natural and unnatural. Those breasts are something you wear, and should fall under a dress code. Would you want a FtM gym teacher with a picrel Super Victor in their shorts, or would that cause uncomfortable feelings and cause unnecessary distractions?

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>>396078470worked for me, double retard.

>>396076920In the future under the antichrist homosexuals of all types will not be allowed within 5 miles or children. Cap this.

>>396079936That implies the Antichrist hates trannies and homos when actually he LOVES themyoutube.com/watch?v=peLk6EEOlrU

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>>396079578Nigger. Are you unironically reposting occupy democrats agitprop?Do you know who funds them?

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>>396077397Why are you talking about capitalism in every thread tonight faggot shill? Is this your WEF assignment today?The new crop of shills is using the Ender’s Game technique of two shills, one conservative and one lefty. The shills argue in the thread in an attempt to draw people into discussion. You can tell, because their speech patterns don’t have the oldfag rhythm or terminology. The conservative shill is engaging on planned talking points that we would ignore. They discuss like they’re in academia rather than a Mexican cactus carving forum. They’re doing this to get us to engage as we normally just mock the tranny shills. Or post disgusting tranny vag images. That has to be mentally stressful for the new shills. You’re a tranny WEF shill faggot. You’ll never be a real woman and you’ll kill yourself in 6 months. The world will be a better place without you, and sadly, you know I’m right. But enjoy the ride here until you’re dead.

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>>396076920wtf i love school shootings now

testicula titty bigots!

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>>396080059wat is this from?

>>396079900Are you really comparing breasts to genitalia? Some cishet women do naturally have massively large breasts, and they're massive all the time.



>>396079338because its lewd and unnecessary. Why do they have to be comically large FF's with huge nipples poking through the shirt? Even the incredibly rare real woman with natural breasts that large at least didn't have a choice (and often gets breast reduction); this weirdo could have picked any size and chose the one that'd be like a physical handicap, probably to satisfy his weird AGP/fetishes

>>396077133lol underrated and checked


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>>396080186Well, why not? Some guys are have such big dicks that shorts won't hide them. MtF cut off their dicks and get breastsFtM cut off their breasts and get dicksIf nothing was sexual about breasts, then why are they censored so frequently? Why can't women walk around topless everywhere? You're splitting hairs.

>>396080342Is it lewd for a cishet woman to have such large breasts? Should such women be forced to have invasive surgery if they want to be a teacher?

Leaf refugees when?


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>>396077264>tucker saying "exploding milk porn" on live tvwha

>>396080565No, because they had no choice. This guy had a choice. He is just wearing a prosthetic like a costume, and without any kind of bra to hide the huge fake nipples poking through. A real woman would wear a bra at the very least

>>396077240The American right is more anti-capitalist than the American left in any meaningful measure

>>396080522How sure are you that it is illegal for women to go topless? Most states have had their topless bans overturned by the courts, since there are heavy restrictions on gender-specific laws.As for why women don't go topless as often as men, it is because men are a danger to women, not because there is anything inherently wrong with breasts.

>>396076920Just let the woodshop equipment chop those safety hazards off.

>>396078011Physician, heal thyslef.And then neck yourself, because it should be illegal to be this stupid.


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>>396080001Boomers are so fucking hopeless sometimes>beat the fuck out of degenerate kike "doctors" and burn their porn and sex mutilation documents>put faggots in work camps with pink triangles and slaughter pedophiles without mercy (unless they are a certain SS Officer who you keep sending on suicide missions and he keeps coming back no matter how many times he is shot and blown up, seriously how the fuck did that crazy asshole survive so many missions that were specifically meant to kill him when his prisoner battalion would suffer 99% causality rates?)>Weimar officials who were fostering CP and other degeneracy imprisoned or firedThese things are the same

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>>396076920He’s just practicing cutting his off

>>396080925>media mattersQui is behind that org isabella

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>>396077116Based af no cap

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>>396080764Some cishet women actually choose to have larger breasts. Hell, some cishet women choose to keep their large breasts, even when they have the means to get rid of them. Should they also be barred from teaching?Also, do you think cishet women should be forced to wear a bra? Not all cishet women choose to wear a bra, that's something you should already know

>>396077536As if Communism could ever spawn a thing like Amazon. As if most great things were not created in a highly competitive environment. As if communism doesn’t eliminate that environment. This is at the core of Darwin, evolutionary theory, and biology. Commies are so retarded it’s amazing

>>396080891Does Canadian decency laws make you act like this? Y u do dis? youtu.be/UnD6ye5vr7g

>>396080837>most statesA cursory Google search tells me 6 states it is legal.But again, my point is choice vs no choice. You can't go to work in a Halloween monster makeup because there are dress codes, but if you were Rocky Dennis no one would care. You can go to work in aesthetic makeup, however. And this man should be able to go to work with regular sized tits. Not Halloween monster tits.

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>>396077597KEK whoever posted this tweet had to know this was going to explode

>>396081244Leave his Halloween tits alone!

>>396081244You should dig a bit deeper. 6 states have explicitly protected it, aka "legalized" going topless for women. Most stated haven't criminalized it, or the courts have struck down those laws. Going topless is only explicitly illegal in 3 states, with some other states having ambiguous laws on it.

>>396076920It is so over the top that I think they are trying to get fired so they can then sue and get paid bags of cash. I have personally hit rock bottom in life and so am now a hardcore accelerationist, for this reason the teacher has my full support. The system is completely fucked and so it deserves to be exploited. Another reason I like it is because shitlibs are dug in and so when fucked up stuff like this happens they are ideologically obligated to defend it, and that makes them look increasingly ridiculous. So don't do what they want you to do and attack the teacher, then they can attack you for being hateful right wing assholes, just take a step back and let the left look ridiculous. Good luck to them.

>>396081235Imagine thinking this severely deranged freak dude wearing comically large fake tits is in any way similar to a normal, mentally healthy woman.

>>396077397Your diagnosis is totally wrong.Capitalism is good as in its proper state it assigns value in a free market where all get to chose what they want according to their needs balanced by the world's ability to provide the desired objects. Supply and demand. This elegant and simple formula gets thrown wildly out of whack when you get a central bank that's owned by evil jews who can simply print money on a whim. Larry Fink. Lloyd Blanfein. Jamie Dimon; evil jews. We must, like President Jackson "kill the bank", and not just the Federal Reserve but the Bank of England. If we don't then we become slaves. Social norms are not in and of themselves "good". Some are good some are bad. Tradition itself can be evil. Look at the "royal family"; pure evil pedophile greedy arrogant ugly stupid scum. Do away with it. Thomas Paine is the great Englishman , greater than any king.

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>>396081419>rock bottomsome day things will be better for you

>>396078187>Fuck capitalism and communism, but communism more so>spending more energy on the enemy that is dead than the one currently assaulting youPoor tactic.

>>396081244I thought it was cher and her real child

>>396081235>Some cishet women actually choose to have larger breastsAre you retarded? No they don't. Their breast size is determined by their genetics. Not being forced into breast reduction surgery =/= putting on a fucking costume>Also, do you think cishet women should be forced to wear a bra?Teachers in public schools? Yes. Breasts are sexual and nipples poking through are obscene. It should be part of the dress code, they are working with children

>>396081549You do realize that saying they're mentally ill is a defense for their actions, right? They're clearly doing it for themselves and their own personal self-image, not as some kind of sexual act. The children have no reason to view it in a sexual context. This is entirely innocent. The only people upset by it are the remnants of old forms of bigotry

>>396079439why would they need to blur fake rubber "nipples"

>>396080600>this psyop

>>396081239>As if most great things were not created in a highly competitive environment.This is the reasoning the leads to open borders and lax divorce laws.If you can't compete with Pajeet who will do your work or half the wage you will never be great, goy!If you can't keep your wife happy constantly you will never breed greatness, goy!Post your nose right fucking now


>>396081763Because the whole point is that this freak is being obscene.

>>396081763Those are her real nipples because he's a real woman bigot

>>396081691>Are you retarded? No they don't.Have you never heard of breast enlargement surgery, aka breast augmentation? It's always funny when someone insults another's intelligence while making a completely wrong statement.>Teachers in public schools? Yes. Breasts are sexual and nipples poking through are obscene.The first modern bra was invented in 1889. Most teachers in America were female before then, and not wearing a bra wasn't considered sexual. Why makes it sexual now and not before?

>>396081738>You do realize that saying they're mentally ill is a defense for their actions, right? They're clearly doing it for themselves and their own personal self-image, not as some kind of sexual act. The children have no reason to view it in a sexual context. This is entirely innocent. The only people upset by it are the remnants of old forms of bigotryWe look forward to your imminent suicide.

>>396082016I accept your apology

>>396080522It's legal for women to go topless in Ontario. Has been for ages.Legally the school is in a real bind here, because...a. Just saying that a tranny is a man is a hate crime in Canada, so you have to pretend those are her breasts, like any other woman's breasts. What's your problem with her breasts, bigot?b. Not accommodating a tranny can get you dragged before a woke kangaroo court (outside the actual court system) that has the power impose serious fines and conditions on you.

>>396082014>breast augmentationThey would not be hired with that size, and it would probably cause a similar scandal if they enlarged to that size while already employed

>>396081419Drake Shelton, Southern Israelite says "epistemology, ontology THEN ethics", before you wholeheartedly embrace accelerationism" how not to get your mind shattered on the internet"mega.nz/folder/uJcjwa6T#Y3ZM4EQmvSm-fTY28YcjAw/file/fVNQxJpA

>>396081419hey bong, came go post the same thing. i fully support this perverted teacher in whatever their aims are. ill send money to xer if they make a donation page. at first i thought it was a masculine man doing some troll and they are not deviant at all but the more i look the more i realize this is a legit tranny. in any case, i fully support it, accelerate

>>396082090Whether or not it would be a scandal is kinda irrelevant. I'm sure some people would be offended if they had breasts naturally that size.

>>396082014>Have you never heard of breast enlargement surgery, aka breast augmentation?It's first paid recipients were strippers, that is a kind of lewd sex worker. Carol Doda comes to mind as one of the first to undergo this surgery.nationalpost.com/news/world/carol-doda-dead


>>396079177explain then as his definition is objectively accurate

>>396076920I think I understand why they allowed people to get MAID.

>>396082014I would have no problem with a rule against thots with fake boobs teaching kids. There should be an exception for women who got fake boobs due to cancer or some legit medical reason that messed up their original titties.

>>396081738Yes, I think trannies have severe mental illness or are demon infested, or both, in 99.9% of cases. So what? Keep them away from kids. (And, preferably, lock them in institutions.)

>>396076920the teacher is a sicko and likely is masturbating to tucker's outrage

>>396081738Where does the line get drawn, then? Because humans are naturally a "give an inch, take a mile" species. When it comes to kids, however, they don't have the reasoning and logic of (most) adults, they are imprinting, and they most certainly don't have the levels of understanding of sex and sexuality, as evidenced by the number who identify as LGBT. Kids are stupid, and are easy prey. They are manipulated easily, coerced easily. Would you normalize him letting his students play with them or touch them, because they're "not real"? Should he, and everyone else, be allowed to walk around topless in school?There are decency laws for a reason. They're there to protect the vulnerable, not to protect you and me. Is there really no part of you, no matter how deep, that says "what this teacher is doing borders on indecency"?

>>396081244>regular sized titsaaand now you have all the female teachers suing. Can't win in clown world, but then again, that's the point.

>>396076920I personally think he is deliberately mocking the ideology by taking it to it's logical extreme. I commend him for that but at the same time I believe he should be jailed and executed for his sex crimes against children

>>396076920Trying to get fired so they can call up Sheckelburg & Goldstein to sue the school for discrimination.

>>396077133>wanna know how my anus got these scars?>my father... was a cross-dresser, and a fag

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>>396077536god damn you are fucking retarded.capitalism is a monetary system not a caste system you fucking dolt.in neither system you own shit is only the capital that is moving around and if you are not generating capital you get fucked either way

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>>396078275I think one of his writers is either a coomer or put it in as a bit of a joke. The guy is obviously just into the "regular" bimbo shit that a lot of trannies are into. If he was a weeaboo who was living out his hentai fetishes he'd definitely be wearing shit that told you as much since he has no shame.

>>396077536socialism means you freeze and starve to death in the dark after tearing down the foundations of the civilization that provides you with basic necessities

>>396082077>>396082969I just feel like, as a logical human being who gives zero shits what consenting adults do amongst themselves, bringing children into their world of depravity is truly sickening. And yet clown world somehow one-ups itself every other week.

>>396083367I don't see how fox news regular viewers can hear shit like that and not question if their favorite news source is trying to manipulate them. I hate trannies like any of y'all but let's be real for a second : fox news is trash. lemme take a step back and say all major news companies are trash, but fox is a bit more brazen about it


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>>396076920Trudeau is gonna put this faggot in charge of every school by the end of the week

>>396083964My devoted fox news watcher mom did not give a shit whatsoever and ignored Tucker's tangent into japanese cartoon porn. She could not care less about the particulars of the demented pervert's fetishes and does not want to know. She was just appalled by what he was doing.

>>396080648Probably wants to vacation this fall. Who could blame him?

>>396077264>>396077597Rebel Newsyoutube.com/watch?v=v93ZeUoxgNU

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>>396083433Maybe socialism is just like what you do in your spare time man, ya know.

Thread...this Twitter user claims "Kayla Lemieux" (previously Kerry Luc Lemieux) is a completely different person the Stephen Hanna.Perhaps that explains why they're both listed on the staff roster.twitter.com/girltruther/with_replies

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>>396085946>"Wow talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. He is wearing giant prosthetic breasts. Evidently this is part of his transitioning"kek

are twittards raging the same way over this fuck like they did over uzaki-chan?maybe now each time they come with the "her poor back" argument when they see a fictional girl with big boobs, we can show them the pictures of this clown

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>>396085946this guy walks into the teacher conference room looking for answers lmao

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>>396086745this already existed, removed the men carrying their fat wives and put this fuck

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>>396086274hwdsb.on.ca/ancasterhigh/files/2010/03/New-Winter-2014-TDJ2O-Course-outline.pdfTeacher with the giant prosthetic tits used to work at Ancaster High School and went by the name of Mr. Kerry Lemieux

>>396087405>hwdsb.on.ca/ancasterhigh/files/2010/03/New-Winter-2014-TDJ2O-Course-outline.pdfBanks 100K a year. wtf I thought teachers were poorfags.hwdsb.on.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/HWDSB-2020-PSSD-File-Submission.pdfThis black board member has a testlayoutu.be/v93ZeUoxgNU?t=550https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v93ZeUoxgNU

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>>396076920Probably a huge orgasm from all the humiliation

>>396087808>extra help sessionsayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lmao

>>396076920This is literally the end game.It's a sick sex fetish.It wants to be seen and shown off.These people should really just be executed.

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>>396087808imagine what he'd wear in the extra help sessions

>>396077597>that pozzed, gaslighting news reportGoddam the media are fucking scum. And I mean SCUM.

>>396080925>walk into a hospital and shit on the floor >get thrown out>claim 100% of surgeons are completely obsessed with turds

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Tucker Carlson is an enormous faggot retard

>>396077597God that video was just like watching pure fucking propaganda.

>>396078878really the only post here that matters, and i wish you would elaborate.

>>396077536>Socialism means your industry is collectively owned by The Peoplethe big lie of leftism, no it means the banks own everything which is why all communist revolutions were financed by capitalist western banksAlso, >real capitalism has never been triedwe have always had casino capitalism because in real capitalism the banks are subject to competition too but this has never ben the case, central banks have maintained a monopoly on banking for centuries and yet "capitalism" has delivered the greatest rise in living standards to the greatest number of people over the past century, imagine what could be achieved if we had real capitalism. Communism on the other hand has delivered the most dead people of any ideology other then IslamGrow up and stop believing childish egalitarian fantasies

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>>396082077The issue is the kids don't have a choice here. If you have a topless woman in public, you can simply look away. The kids however are forced to be taught by that thing. The idea that it's "her" choice goes by the wayside when it comes to others being forced to participate in that persons choices.

>>396077264Let's call it how it is: He wouldn't dare this in a school with a substantial, say 10% or more, amount of Muslim pupils.

>>396077536No ownership by private indiviudals leftlet. Look at farming. It is gov that centralizes.

>>396076920Attention. Subhuman garbage lives on attention.

>>396077606>You buy a disease>You are mad at other people>Whines instead of buying bulletsYou deserve to be a serf, good thing you are pining for that exact system.

>>396077947They are definitely very different. I certainly cannot relate with them any more. On the flip side I also don't relate with warhawk conservative corpos, so wtf. Where do we go for coporation free freedom these days? I kind of think that was the plan all along. A kind of long term trap.


>>396077397Capitalism is a jewish virus, this is known. Fascism is the cure.

>>396077264Here comes the lawsuit. How is he indulging his sexual fantasies? Is there a limit on the size of breasts allowed when transitioning? He is the woman in his minds eye - trans breasts are not limited to c cups.

>>396080342>because its lewd and unnecessary. Why do they have to be comically large FF's with huge nipples poking through the shirt?This is the next evolution of the eternal conservative. Shifting the debate to what size fake tits are acceptable.>WELL as a social conservative I draw the line at Ds. Anything more is DEGENERATE.

>>396088271Well he seems to be making trannies seethe so that's already making me like him.