Vaggots seeing demons before dying

the twirlpocalypes is

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>>396076768hydra in nanoparticle design have led to the development of nanoparticulate systems that can sense intracellular molecules, alter cellular processes, and release drugs (kill switches) to specific targets in vitro.

>>396076768those are epileptic seizures you retarded faggot

>>396077174nice try homo

>>396077174They turn around first and see something. It grabs their arm and then kills them. One guy was trying to fight it.>>396076768What is the theory about what’s happening?

>>396076768Tonic-clonic seizures. /thread

>>396076884Artistry. Love it.

>>396077428And you don't get a star!

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>>396076768Vaxies seeing demons before being dragged to hell for getting the mark of the beast.

>>396076768spoopy, especially when that sir was trying to fight it off.

floating in the corner of your vision, you can see it, reaching for you...

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>>396078058They literally might be targeted via activated kill

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Oh wait I've seen this one before, people collapsing on the floor with covid at the start of 2020?

>>396078425>literally might be

>>396076768They always spin to the right... was this predictive programming?

>>396076768We could be seeing how many times we can spin pharma CEOs by ropes but instead we're watching our brothers and sisters spin to their deaths while they spin in billions of dollars.

>>396079404>our brothers and sistersJabbies ain't no kin of mine

>>396078409this. the corner of the eye hides demons

>>396079528based purebloodchad

>>396079528Then they've successfully divided you.

>>396079528you 100% have people in your family who got the vax. or are you gonna LARP as some appalachian down in the holler who is untouched by society? fucking retard.>>396079834this.

>>396076768they did the gta 5 ragdoll

>>396080072It's a doggy dog world. There's no time for loyalty, you've gotta fend for yourslef in these harsh times. If someone is stupid enough to inject themselves with poison then that death was their destiny. Family members who got the vax are embarrassments not worth feeling worry over. simple as.

>>396081911you dont have a family. if you do, they didnt give a fuck about you pre pandemic. you can't cut ties when you have none. kike nigger.

>>396081911>doggy dog worldonly if you get two birds stoned at once

>>396081911ignore the other vaxxies that are going to hell, most family members are old enough to think for themselves and if they believe that taking the vax is for their own benefit then let them, if they bring their own family to get the vax then its on them, they are masters of their own life.

>>396080072Sneed sells feed and seed, which is completely normal. Chuck, on the other hand, sells fuck and suck.

>>396081911>It's a doggy dog worldSnoops lame now but maybe 94-96, yeah.

>>396083402>1pbtid>FBI dog whistleHere they come.

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BumpAlso yall other autists get back on topic. Literally cant even focus on a topic. Seems like you are the ones vaxxed.Whats causing this odd behaviour? Also do we have any timestamps or articles talking about this? Nothing in the video indicates if they are from 20016 or 2022


>>396083918I've discussed vax effects/death for 2 years? What's to discuss? They even admit it freely.

>>396076768Attention whore chink psy ops

>>396078455No. This one is more serious. A person in one clip actually falls into a moving train and dies. Nobody is going to do that for a propaganda hoax.

>>396077387Certain types of seizures can cause hallucinations during the onset of the actual all the videos end shortly after they actually seize, it's because they only last like 1-2 minutes at most. inb4 shill, i'm just not a retard

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>>396083918Around 3 or 4 of these people are dying in very similar ways: look over their shoulders, freak out as if being attacked by a ghost, and completely seize in electrocution style. A typical seizure will cause a person to immediately drop limp and then begin shaking and spazzing. What these people are doing is much different, mainly because it appears they’re actually seeing something attacking them. It looks as if they’re conscious of what’s happening but are just subdued. A normal seizure the person will immediately go unconscious.

Oh yeah I just remembered, my jabbed mom had one of those seizures

>>396084731story time?

>>396084762I wasn't there, I'm just aware that she had a seizure of some sort around the time she had the stroke from the blood clots

>>396076884That was fast

>>396077387These are more than seizures. What has /x/ said because this kind of straddles boards.

>>396083918They are wearing masks in all but one video so I’d say at least 2020

I just posted to /x/ bump it, faggots>>>/x/32922202>>32922202

>>396076768This is freaky that they are seeing the same thing swirl around them, and except for the 3rd one, the woman on the bus, they all see something on their right side and turn that way, and either fight it with that arm, or that arm is the first to seizure as if somethings grabbing or attacking there.

>>396077174Ive never heard of an epileptic seizure that makes it looks like a giant demon grabbed your arm and spun you like a top, then kills you.

the way they all turn to the right tells me whatever it is affects the left side of the brain

>>396076768Not my problem

>>396076768>the twirlpocalypes is hereIt’s nano tech. They will activate them

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>>396076768Sorry chinaNot falling for this shit again.I remember the videos pre covid, all fake bullshit

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>>396086958Particularly gay psyop.

>>3960868755g doesn't work that way.. Maybe scalar waves could be used to cause pain or something else with the millimeter waves.. I'm just not convinced on this other claim

>>396076768During a stroke, one side gets paralyzed, a heart attack IRL I haven't yet seen, but possibly too.

>>396087162>>396086875This is what I believe as well. Graphene oxide is in the vaccines. I've seen other people claim via 5G and whatever exactly is being injected into people is giving real time biometric updates for those vaccinated. Julian Assange did mention smart dust and that it was powered by radio waves. An Internet of Bodies basically.

>>396076768No, they don't see anything. That's just how their body reacts during the seizure, before the convulsions hit.

>>396087629>An Internet of Bodies basically.Yes. Attorney Thomas Reinz afaik also mentioned 18 ghz pulsation activating the “payload” inside hydrogel.Lately labs are claiming no rna In the vax. I have bad feeling over this. Nano/ undeclared particles paper:>

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>>396076768One of the men in the video is trying to slap Whatever is coming for him, it really is demons

>>396088179Are you suggesting that the previous vaccines were MRNA and this most recent booster, the 4th jab(In the US at least) is something that can be activated via 18ghz pulses? I have a Trifield 2 EMF meter and that is around a strip of businesses and school in my area is getting hit with all day long. Its about 6 blocks of buildings. I was seeing readings from 15ghz to 20ghz spikes. They were real temporary but frequent maybe ever 30 seconds or less.

>>396077174no it's demons


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>>396076768If your friends play Kate Bush "Running Up That Hill" you can escape the Upside Down and avoid this fate.

>>396076768The weird spinning in circles can happen when you are having a seizure.

>>396077174This.My cat used to have seizures and it was exactly the same. They stare awkwardly behind them for a few seconds, the eyes dilate and then they start spinning and drop.

>>396087806Bullshit. They all clearly see and fear something, train guy tries to sword fight it, poo guy tries to fist fight it, clearly seeing something.Stop being so "skeptical" your brain falls out. Occam's razor specifically says "that explains all the evidence" and your "simple" solution does not do that

>>396088651I believe all of them jabs, since the first dose had nano inside. This was the “magnetic contamination batches” Japanese found in early days. 1. Dose is only nano, plus saline, no mRNA to accelerate the hutzpah ((I feel great after the first, I’m ok fellow goyim, take it too, it’s safe))2. Dose is nano+ mRNA (about 30 micrograms) ((more sore arm reports, some adverse reports)) 3. Booster is to kill the most devout npc faster and install Optional nano structures (( working with first two, plus working separately = that’s why purebloods were also encouraged to take it. Nano will still work))4. New bivalent mosaic-8 booster is full of old and new mRNA mengele style 9000. It also contains special nano which is only working with the base system— in Europe you need to take AT LEAST 2 doses to get the new booster. It’s nano will not work without the base. And it’s still not over, anons. There will be more jabs. After the financial reset, and die off in large numbers, NEW, post-reset vax will be life extension tool. That’s the elite goal. That’s why there’s “they will be looking for death and will not find it” They will be somewhat immortal as mRNA will FORCIBLY extend their telomerases.You can screencap this.Also, Nano-Sensor Modelling for Intra-Body Nano-Networks is on, but captcha is not letting me postCaptcha NSAPM

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>>396089111So your cat also tried to swipe at something violently and repeatedly while spinning multiple times right? Oh it didn't? Stop bullshitting, this is more than just seizures.

>>396079326I also found this interesting

>>396089569>They will be somewhat immortal as mRNA will FORCIBLY extend their telomerases.Okay you beat me too it. In 2015 they managed to already extend telomeres, however every time they did the rat subjects died from insanely aggressive cancers. Just recently Biden and the elites have been foreshadowing massive breakthroughs in cancer treatment. We are on the same page. Excellent breakdown friend you are right on the money

Reminder that vaxxies are emitting fucking MAC can detect them using BLE Bluetooth scanner app. They are popping as NA

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I had two seizures just like that about 6mo ago, though I only remember the 2nd. It's scary. First your eyes start tracking back and forth out of your control then your head turns to full lock on one side and then you have a generalized full body seizure. I didn't spin around because I was in a chair when it happened to me. You bite the shit out of your tongue and pop blood vessels in your eyes/skin, and you feel exhausted and confused when you come to. I haven't gotten a diagnosis because epilepsy is difficult to diagnose, but after some personal reading I think it is vertiginous epilepsy.I'm under 30 y/o and I'm not vaccinated. Not 100% sure if I've had cooties before but it wouldn't surprise me.

>>396086000The dude fucking swiping the air repeatedly that was so creepy ffs I'd gg.

>>396078058Or the spike protein is expressing in their brain causing them to hallucinate.I wonder is schitzophrenia on the increase

>>396076768Booba strikes again

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From yesterday thread

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>>396090453I shouldn’t, but KEK

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>>396076768Remember that CCP never lets videos leak like that without a reasonRemember those same videos of chinese people falling in the street allegedly from Covid back then while we never had the same death in the West

>>396089445Well having a seizure is scary so that explains the facial expressions, though they probably have no control over it. When you have a tonic clonic seizure, most of the time you lose control of your eyes, face, and head/neck before the rest of your body. The Asian swinging his arm around is surprising for a seizure though. Usually once a full blown seizure begins, the person has no control of their body.

>>396076768the vaccine made it easier to find you that's all you neeed to know

>>396079754Explains why I sometimes see a dark figure in my peripheral vision. Like I'm being hunted, luckily I did not get the jab.

>>396090516Gavrilo princep?

>>396090206He got stung by a bee, and allergic reaction kicked in.

Protip:If you twirl from right to left instead of left to right you will catch the death fairies off guard and they will hide from being surprised giving you time to run away from them.

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>>396090643I've had this happen before when sleep deprivedI've heard it called "3rd man on the rope" syndrome

>>396077387no idiot, they're neck muscles cramp up, which causes them to turn their heads and then their bodies because of balancingthat's why they all fall overnow what's causing it, i have no idea. but to go "ITS DEMONS! IT MUST BE DEMONS!" is retarded

>>396090553poolaks laugh at the stoopeedest dumbest shit

>>396090588Billy Boyyy> , ‘I am not interested in tracking your movements – I honestly don’t care where you’re going’?”

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>>396090159I've had a minor seizure once in 2018 and another 2019. Could they be doing this with microwave technology?

>>396079326>They always spin to the rightsome spin left though

>>396090818>stoopeedest dumbest shitYeah, we laugh at memeflaggots a lot

>>396090881It depends on which arm jab was done

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>>396077428Retarded faggot, that's not what a grand mal seizure looks like./thread

>>396090516Fake and gay. They could have started with deadly virus and skipped a lot of dumb steps if they could

>>396076768>when 5G hits

>>396076768demon bees

>>396090916Then laugh at your own flag dumb poolak cuz it's a meme flag for sure.

>>396090453Holy shit

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>>396087113this gif>me successful preforming mind-hack


>>396090709>Gavrilo princepOh, now I got it. Still not sure how they gonna spin this on Christians

>>396077174Think of what the term seizure be seized... perhaps by a demonic entity even though we label it as a medical condition.