Based or cringe?

Based or cringe?

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>>396076447I wish babies did that....

>>396076447What the fuck


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>>396076447I don't see a problem with women enjoying the act of breastfeeding to begin with. It's part of procreation so it makes sense that it would hit the same reward center in the brain as other parts might.

>>396076447we need the purge day once a year, wtf is that tweet

>>396076447Oh yeah this guy is a pedophile, I forgot. He just likes thinking about babies sucking on his dick.

>>396076447(((Max Karson)))

>>396078608Honestly thought it was just a pedo being a pedo again. Yeah, the body is great at making one system do a lot of things. If two different things give pleasure, may as well use the same basic pleasure system.

>>396076447How about that guy sucking on barrel of a gun?

>>396078608This, at least I hope that's what he's getting at.

>>396076447It's also natural and feels good when you take a nice solid shit, it doesn't mean I want to see you doing it in the middle of the mall promenade.

>>396076447you just know someone has tried this before. disgusting

that's bait.

>>396076447My honest reaction:

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>>396076447I don't even understand.

>>396076447holy fuck when does the shooting just start already

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>>396078971You have such a masculine jawline user so handsome

>>396076447This is a fucking pedo outing himself. The last 2 paragraphs (?) have nothing to do with the first.

>>396076447Time to check his twitter history for creepy jew moments to screencap.

>>396076447Lol, he sound like a pedo jew

>>396079004Women get sexually aroused when they breastfeed their kids. It’s actually why many don’t do it.


.... what

>>396076447I'm going to go with suspicious.

>>396079116Tits hurt like hell when engorged with milk, so I doubt it.

>Based or cringe?Fuck off zoomer, the rest of us weren't raised on smartphones like you.

>>396078347> meme flag> obvious bait> still a faggotkys

>>396079202You are a fucking idiot Jesus

>>396079116Is that a thing? Because my wife seemed to mostly find it uncomfortable, with the occasional painful surprise bite to spice things up.


>>396079309Sure faggot. I've just been there, that's all.

>>396076447Sperm is very nutricious and babies do need food. Just pointing out the facts...

>>396079116Oooh. Lmao wtf.

>>396079335>>396079405He has no idea what he's talking about. Just a pervert that needs to quell the fantasies.

>>396076447>most degenerate nation on earth>but breastfeeding is somehow controversial

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>>396079116Having talked to an actual mother open about this kind of stuff, this is 100% true. But so many women are ashamed at every admitting something like that for the obvious social stigma behind it. It's one of those uncomfortable truths that everybody wants to avert their gaze from. But it does happen.

>>396076447Wait, babies don't have to suck men's dicks for food?Women and their sexuality are both loathsome and horrible though.

>>> Feeling turned on while you breastfeed or chestfeed might not be widely spoken about, but it could be more common than you first thought. Here’s everything you should know about the involuntary arousal you may feel while nursing and the links between breastfeeding and orgasms.

>>396079512Post em or gtfo is a groomer

>>396078904>a mother feeding and bonding with baby in a natural way>taking a shitNeo-puritan mutts are retarded

>>> Breastfeeding is often pleasant for women because of feelings of closeness and tenderness with their child, and yes — sometimes it can even be arousing. In fact, in some studies up to 50 percent of women found breastfeeding to be an erotic experience, but sadly a quarter of these women also experience shame and guilt over this. Although feeling sexually stimulated during breastfeeding may be uncomfortable and jarring, it is actually a completely normal response.

>>396079102Groypers got his youtube channel shut down recently which had a bunch of “I’m a pedo teehee just kidding” content. His whole schtick is that he wants to be “super empathetic” towards pedos to “help them”. But it honestly just comes across as someone who likes flaunting pedo talking points. He had some weird domestic abuse-like content where he’d emotionally manipulate his girlfriend.


>>396078347Jews do the reverse as "tradition".Disgusting religion.

>>396079116It's to encourage the behaviour evolutionarilyOf course some retards make a big deal about it and we wonder why anti-natalism is a thing

you guys didnt know this? yeah women get sexually aroused when they breastfeed, some even cum

>>396076447uhhhh the Etoro tribe literally does this, because semen is human life and it cannot be wasted. So they give it to kids.

>>396076447Mr. Girl is a deranged schizophrenic jew.

>>396079512>natural bonding process>ooooh nasty - pervertedYou are why degenerate jews are winning

>>396076447OP wants to rape children! OP is not only a faggot, but a pedophile and a child rapist.


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>>396076447>a nobody pederast has an opinionit should feel just as good seeing his infant female daughter nude as an unrelated adult femalewhat the fuck is wrong with this guy?

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>>396076447Female privilege. Breastfeeding tripping serotonin circuits would make evolutionary sense.

>>396076447He's gonna catch a lot of shit for making such an example so just for that I'll respect it.

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>>396080043This. Day of The Rope can't come fast enough.

>>396079202>>396079335From an evolutionary point of view, it doesn't really make sense for breastfeeding to be unpleasant for females.If it was, the mothers would reject the young quite often, and many animals would have ceased to exist.I think if it does hurt for a woman, it's an exceptional case, and that it usually feels normal or even pleasurable to breastfeed.

>this is why you’re arguing with meI hate people like this

>>396080120Top kek and praise be unto him, the great Kek, the divine avatar of the natural and fundamentally chaotic nature of the most High's creation. That or the state of affairs is more akin to ((pic related)) and the Ancient Gnostic Christians were correct. . . . Fucking Keksimus Maximus

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>>396079202They hurt when ENGORGED but that makes the milk-drinking feel better because it's taking the pressure off.>>396079335It's usually mild and not all the time, I suppose a woman who really enjoys having her boobs touched during sex would be more stimulated. It's supposed to feel good to feed a baby though.

>>396078608I’ve read that women can orgasm during childbirth

>>396076447it's a disjointed, mentally ill statement.

>>396076447I don't understand the question or the latter statements

>>396076447Women can suck my dick for food but not babies.

>>396083861>I’ve read that women can orgasm during childbirthAnd shit themselves

>>396080120Funny you should bring him up

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>>396078099Pizza pepperoni!

Something is allowed to feel good without being sexual

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>>396076447I want nothing to do with women besides a wife, they are filth that really shouldn't procreate, just every single one I've ever met is all nothing too crazy that's not too many and it'd be good for the population.

>>396079931>this psyop

>>396088675So is the orgasms that's making them shit themselves? Or is it the shitting part that's making them cum?

>>396076447I am not sure what he is talking about, all I took away from this is that he wants his dick sucked by toddlers.

>>396076447i'm not entirely sure what he's trying to say

>>396079116My mother didn't breastfeed me, but I guess that explains why I don't enjoy mon-son incest porn

>>396089019You should be vaulted from a trebuchet into some nigger's shit hut so he can try to throw spears at the birds for sustenance.

>>396089109It's just a necessary evil, it has to happen for everything to go smoothly.

>>396076447White people problems...

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CRINGE also isnt max karson literally a pedophile lol

>>396089131The weirder the porn, the fancier the individual. I have yet to be proven wrong.

>>396076447>jew says jew shit>on twitter>again

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>>396089315This guy should definitely not have kids if you ask me.


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>>396079335This. 3 month old baby user here. Women who find it sexually arousing are sexual deviants and probably started the cock carousel with their fathers.

>>396078755Checked. Fucking Jews man. Every single goddamned time.


>>396079765taking a shit in the natural way bonding with god in the mall

>>396076447so well fucking past cringe, OP.

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>>396089225They always do bondage the wrong way, I have never seen inventive bondage in all of my years as a scientist.

>>396076447Is this for real? I once watched some Chinese holistic healed with a tiny YouTube channel talk about how sometimes women will end up having sex with their husband while breastfeeding just to multitasking, and that it increases her orgasm. God, why create such a perverted world?

>>396089407lol didn't read to the end1) child labor is illegal (US federal law)2) sex work is real work (US federal law?)3) ??????????4) don't fuck a child

>>396089471The mecca of govt subsidized white trash caucasian negroes.

>>396080028Natural bonding processes arent always socially apropriate you nonce

>>396089529>inventive bondageooh, like making them eat floss and then joining them to a duck who also ate the floss

>>396089109>user reads between the lines

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>>396089538That assertation must be in jest.

>>396079116should specify, "many women". it's not all of them. but many of themand honestly, them being embarassed about it is a sign of a healthy mind.

>>396081872Max Kerson aka mr girl is a weirdo pedo apologist who gets all his Internet fame by apologizing for pedos. He did it famously for the cuties movie and now he just posts the most inflammatory stuff to get infamy clout

>>396089676It's always the scat porn with you fucking people. Why not sew a person's gooch to a woman's gooch so they're forced to remain together while having seperate, but equally homosexual partners?

>>396089538There was a South Korean tv show where the dad says he masturbates his son to orgasm as a bonding experience. The host wasn't comfortable but he didn't drop character or say his mind. Even the audience tried to justify him. It was maddening to see how little they cared about what they were doing in the long term.

>>396079116oxytocin is released during breast feeding. this hormone is also responsible for that "fuzzy feeling" you get when you are with someone really close to you. it isn't explicitly sexually related but can have that effect.

>>396089913>sewingguh! such effort. just give me 30 feet of bondage rope I'll be boring and make a swing.

>>396089924Or what if they branded a dick swastika to the womens' foreheads who try to leave then they let them leave after?

>>396089134bit of an overreaction, user

>>396076447I do hate modern women, they need their rights and privilege's stripped away for abusing their newly found ""freedom"".

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>>396078608of course not, but making it sexual is pretty bent.

>>396076447Women don't enjoy breast feeding though. It's actually pretty painful. Maybe his coomer mommy domme porn has made him think breastfeeding is a sexual act.

How are Jews so morally contrarian?Do they actively try to be, or is built into them geneticallyLiterally every single fucking thing that is good and normal is treated as a horrendous evil, and everything reprehensible and weird is morally virtuous

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>>396089924How is that not considered molestation? And does the father not realize the son will turn to men from sex when he grows up?

>>396089407bro, prepubescent kids are not for fuckingnature even tells us this, by way of them being PREPUBESCENT

>>396079606only faggots and literal baby killers think breastfeeding is controversial. the only real controversy is about public breastfeeding.

>>396076447I hate this kike so much.

>>396090275>this psyop

>>396089973Basically they were all having orgies that even with dudes involved, were in fact NOT GAY because they all got to fuck women who the other ones fucked, but the first ones to deflower were not gay, until other men did, but they totally didn't care about it so it is straight to not put them in the dungeon.

>>396090037You could help feed the africans you care oh so much about, boatnigger. Your history is nigger history.

>>396090322No you should actually hate the kikes, they offer nothing and are parasites who would keep their fellow man alive as slaves rather than build a country of repute.

>>396078347It's 5 AM and my wife is asleep next to me and I had to hold back a massive kek from this comment.

>>396089047not a gay op you nigger kill yourself

>>396090123The only thing they care about is luxury for themselves and do not build shit for their kids to take over, and would scorn any man so that their kids grow up without friends and are hated by everyone so they realize why to treat people like cattle, they'd do the same to you.

>>396076447what the fuck is this retard smoking

>>396089529>"I'm more degenerate than you!"Why don't you put a rope around your neck and hang yourself, or isn't that "inventive" enough for you?

>>396090652He’s jewish

>>396089924anyone got the cap where anons gets milked by his dad doing a chinky voice?in retrospect, he could've just wanked it into a pillow or something

>>396090715Lol shut up pussy, 100 dollars I'd beat you like a bitch. I am more degenerate than you, I'm better than you at everything you would ever find yourself doing, except for obviously being a homosexual. Bondage is a grown man's recreation. It's done wrong but people don't care but they don't really get into it, it's a bunch of people who do it for the money. How about you invent butt chugging shitty alcohol so you can fit more fish and chips in your mouth, they left you off the boat for a reason, white negro. You are like a nigger, you are kept alive to farm, but are worse than them at it. And you fucking tried!

>>396090899>where anons gets milked by his dadYou ought to be shipped to israel on a c130 and nuked so that jews and iranians can be glassed for the greater good of society.

i can cum from touching my nipples can confirm it is a concern

>>396090123It'd just be the way it is, but what if it was just out of a dudes wicked pec? Or I mean obviously he's saying that if milk were secrted from the vaginal oriface that in fact it would be even.

>>396076447Fucking retarded.