Something seems off about this guy

Something seems off about this guy.

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>>396076120Fuck kikes


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>>396076120his analog tv set is 100± years old

>>396076120True. He's not based enough.

>>396076120His grandmother was a literal school shooter. Look it up

>>396076745Wait the bitch who hated mondays???

>>396076120He is a disgusting jew

>>396076120it's just the bullet proof vest doing that


His nose is migrating to the right side of his face.

Nothings wrong, you’re just a liberal muslim that has a problem with the right wing so you larp on here pretending to be white nationalist to attack from right like everyone else on here.& no this thread will die because tranny jannies don’t want people to realize this so they’ll oyy veyyy shut it down quickly

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>>396076120Where your glasses at Clark Kent

>>396076120He's a good guy, actually an internet shitlord behind the scenes. He's just trying to keep it normie for his career.

>>396077262I'm no liberal.

>>396076120See eye aye

>>396076120he's not an asset and you aren't used to seeing people in that sphere who are real and not compromised.ironically it's everyone else that's off. lol

>>396076120Is STEIN a jewish name???

>>396076120Very likely a Fed. He would’ve been banned off every platform if he really was just a troll. Him and Dan Crewnshaw probably laughed and drank together after their “disagreement”

>>396076120He pretends he's not angry but then grabbed that liberal's sign board and ripped it up while nervous laughing. Fucking pathetic to watch.

>>396076120He's not even funny, feel like he's a plant. Why would he call AOC big booty not Big booba, fag

>>396076120He did the hot chip challenge on Timcast and handled it better than I would have.I think he's still honing is troll craft. He's had a few missteps. I can almost guarantee you he's one of those "funny in public, alcoholic depressive in private" kind of people. When he's alone and by himself I bet this guy is all frowns and sadness.

>>396076120it's that he's jewish. the "off" feeling you get is because you subconsciously know you're not looking at a white man, minute facial features give (((them))) away

>>396076120He is a homosexual.

>>396076120(((stein))) perhaps?

>>396076120he's probably a grifter, but who cares as long as it's entertaining.

>>396076120hes a jew

He’s Jewish. Won’t deny he is funny though

He's a good jew


it's really funny. You guys are so used to feds in media that when you see someone who isn't you all assume he must be a fed because you recognize that he's different from the rest.He's different because he isn't a fed you goobers.

>>396076120He is a flat-earther

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>>396078604High German and Yiddish

>>396076120he has the same look as the guy Burke from aliens who wants to transport aliens on the ship for the big corporation

>>396076120Fucken chad level that should not be possible. They killed his mom, thats automatic arch nemesis levels.

>>396077090Pissed off someone who is right handed and judging by his persona this does not surprise me. While the AOC thing was humorous not someone you would have watch your kids that is for sure even if he did have a different last name.

>>396079463He was a reality show actor before starting the city council


>>396082029Giving off those Rodney Alcala vibes something fierce

>>396078044but a Muslim ?even worse.

>>396082029this is what I'm talking about. he still has that synthetic vibe.


>>396077778Off by one>>396077777

>>396083495only got checked once. sad.

>>396083202your post is "he's just not a fed OK?" I never said he was. but I am saying that I don't trust him.

>>396083802it's slightly more.The feds themselves admit that their focus is in media. they don't need to infiltrate politicians, or anything else to such a degree if they can control discourse, and controlling media controls discourse.there IS a difference between Alex Stein and the rest of the right wing grifters because he's one of the very few who isn't controlled by the feds.but it's easier for people to rationalize that he's the controlled one, because the reality is too scary

He's the right-wing's version of Kenny Bania

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>>396076882That was Brenda Spencer. Good song though

>>396076120He's suffering from grief. He lost his mom and he snapped. Deep down he is wholesome and good so isn't going to sperg he instead talks slot of shit.

>>396076120Is that papa John

>>396076976you're a faggot tranny and Alex stein makes you seethe and dilate

>>396085552>He lost his mom and he snapped.qrd?

>>396078604fun fact. theyre called beer steins because they were made from jewish remains

>>396086140>mom got covid>mom went to hospital>direct instructions given to not treat with (ahh fuck I forget the drug name)>hospital uses drug anyways>mom dies

>>396087189>>direct instructions given to not treat with (ahh fuck I forget the drug name)remdesivir?think that shit is like 100% acute renal failure

>>396085552>>396087189my condolences

>>396087189This almost happened to my mother too

>>396076185>Fuck kikesThisHe's larping as a right winger but his true purpose is to bring dishonor on right wingers, make them look like complete assholes. His harassment tactics are obnoxious rude, borderline threatening and accomplish nothing for the right. He's a fucking jew so always be on guard for some kind of duplicitous treachery.

>>396077996All right wing e-celebs are (only) grifters that failed to break into Hollywood.Example - this faggot, Crowder, Shapiro, Ruben, Pool, Beck, etc. Anyone you can name tried their hand at the arts and failed miserably.

OP is Dan Crenshaw, another neocon stooge

>>396087832Yes, that was it

>>396085552>he is wholesome and goodI once read a jew criminal describing another fellow jew criminal in exactly those peculiar words...hmmm

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>>396076120He's psycho but in a good way. We need more like him. It takes a good psycho to fight the bad psychos.

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>>396079034>When he's alone and by himself I bet this guy is all frowns and sadness.iktf

>>396090349Don't simp for a Big Brother contestant.

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