How can we defeat TikTok's sexualization of minors

One of the few things I agree with Trump on is getting rid of TikTok, or at least forcing it into new ownership under US jurisdiction. Unfortunately he wasn't able to follow through. Biden won't be helpful on this issue either, it seems.How do you combat this cancer app? Literal children twerking for their 20-40 year old male audience, receiving cashapp money in return.

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>>396075627i don't give a fuck. women are property and should be sold off into marriage as soon as they bleed.

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>>396075627i don't care

I made the webm from >>396074567 before anyone accuses me of watching this shit

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>>396075627What is this mutt made up of any guesses?


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>>396075627why do all these tik tok videos happen in the same room?

>>396077002mexican and american. american what i dont know.


>>396077856Americans live in McMansions devoid of emotion, character and decoration.

>>396075627You can't. Thanks for playing. Btw staying a virgin until 20 is abhorrent behavior. Heavily antisocial and euthanasia is a suggestion.

>>396077146kek, that's gold.You know there's trouble when mom's slipper comes off. Good parenting we need so much more of this.

>>396075627well im rock hard, do I just turn myself into the cops or wut?

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>>396075627treat women like spoiling rotten garbage.its the only way.I used to be a "romantic." Oh how i've changed.I know better now and its time that you do too

>>396075627I don't get the meme in OP's picrel. Why did that nig make himself bald and older after learning that she's only 13? Also, this isn't an important issue imo. Teenaged girls have been marrying older men since forever, and it never caused an issue. If anything, it might actually be a good thing since birth rates are dangerously low now. Women need to be dragged back to the patriarchy where their lives revolved entirely around their families. Convincing women that working for a living is healthy and empowering, or simply making it necessary by making costs of living insane, has proven to be highly cancerous for society as a whole. And so reverting them back to caring about being attractive to men again, as opposed to the current trend of uglifying themselves, even to the point of pretending to be men, will probably be a good thing (although acting like whores to get donations from men is definitely not a good thing - and so that's need to go asap).

>>396078150figures. looks like the exact room where that niglet killed her cousin and then killed herself. thought i had it on me tablet but nope, just this dancing bloke

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>>396079411That girl that stopped to check him out for a second could have prevented everything if she stayed and talked to him.

>>396075627whats to fix?

Shes also a gnome

>>396078013Mexican idiot. These spics are most of what you retards call “mutts” and most have backgrounds dating back to the mid 1990s

>>396075627Why get lip fillers at 13? Looks stupid.

>>396075627Look at dem milkers

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>>396075627Nah, how about they enforce the legal age restriction of social media? This is on the same level as a kid buying GTA.

>>396079583she was impressed, she even pointed out that he is using both sides. silly woman>>396079767I'm sorry you're not a White american.

>>396079411What's weird is that this kid's yearbook photo has always creeped me out. But he actually looks pretty normal on video. He's just scrawny (kind of reminds me of Asmongold desu). Some people are just not photogenic.

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>>396075778I don't use any of those so I guess I'm perfect. Who knew it was so easy. Ready for heaven now thanks.

>>396077146>flawless formdat one-leg stand while balancing the laundry

>>396077146Based Senora BTFO dumb latina thots

>>396075627Make redpill accounts

>>396075627We need to get rid of all social media.

>>396080108Me neither, but who needs all those platforms when you can commit all those sins on 4chan

>>396075627>13>massive slut>making tens of thousands from simps>love rap music>random black guy as pfp>HUNGARIANoof this black pill will last months. not even europe's most based country is safe from globohomo.

>>396075778Apparently I'm sinless in digital world.

>>396075627Good morning I hate women.I will need further examples before I can draw any conclusion at this time.

>>396075627destroy TikTok

>>396079411why does this looks like its from the 90's ?

>>396078150She's HungarianOnly white zoomers born are from working class rent dwellers anywhere now

>>396075627what's wrong with sexualizing minors?

>>396078674>make himself bald and olderKekThat's another youtuber who was catched trying to meet with a minor by a Chris Hansen wannabe

>>396080082lol he was probablupy acting weird for the photo like us outcasts do occasionally. i agree with your take of him too. asmongold makes my teeth itch. cant believe i thought him intelligent for a short minute when i first saw his videos.

>>396080674dunno, it was filmed in the 80s

>>396077146I finally understand the hit or miss pepe gif now

>>396081484thats why we say lurk moar and dont spoonfeed. that feeling of understanding is cool, better than being spoonfed ay?


>>396075627also, can I ask? does anyone know what it is she is actually doing? it seemed like hot potato 2 potato, but then changed to something else, like she fell forward or something. very strange

>>396079411>the exact room where that niglet killed her cousinThat was literally a closet

>>396075627We don't, k, I want to bang that chick.

>>396079583Nah, it's a white boy from Connecticut, he was gonna shoot up the place anyway.Most Jewish and Government GI place on the map.

>>396081754What do we say about trip fags again? Spoonfeed me that one if you please, Nigel.

>>396079767No we call you a mutt, mutt, because you're a dumb, mangy mutt.We're calling you dumb like a dog, mutt.

>>396077146Basado la chancla

>>396075627Why would you want to stop it? If their bodies look like this they are certainly ready

>>396080082he looks like he has severe aspergers.

>4chan>How can we defeat TikTok's sexualization of minorsYeah it is over

shes gonna hit the wall at 18

>>396075627I wonder what made those little whores believe they are attractive with their claw like fake glued on fake nails and lip fillers.They are only mimicking niggers.

>>396082110they say they are the sexiest 8 out of 8s ever to exist. thats what ive learned in my years of lurking brit/pol/

>>396077146Kek based mom fighting the anti-Christ

>>396080082nah this is just after he visited


>>396081882ok, is it the same closet in all these tik tok videos? americans are winding me up today


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>>396077146Thots are so fucking dumb it's no point trying to explain why to not be a thot. The only thing to do is physical punishment so their sub 30 iq can muster up a action - reaction pattern and possibly avoid it

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>>396077146>When hotties get old they sound like a moaning pig and u are in your 50s become in your own golden age u giga tera chad

>>396075627I think some of those 'models' on those camwhore sites are underage. Especially the Eastern European and South America ones.

>>3960757784chan has all of these.

>>396079411Love the face reveal at the end

>>396077146Based I want a granny gf who's not my mom

>>396075627It's a systemic societal problem from top to bottom. You need to stop sexualization in media in general, you need to get kids off of video apps, you need to get people to go to church, you need women to stop having careers, you need to end abortion, etc.

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>>396075627>or at least forcing it into new ownership under US jurisdictionSUS

>>396079583americans deserve it

>>396075627>all kinds of hormones and chemicals in the water>women look like this at 12 and 13>they'll just hit the wall 10 years earlier nowYou're going to see an entire generation of dried up roasties in a few years

>>396089555Walled 16 year old roasties soon.

The biggest tits won't fix some faces, only an ass can do that

>>396080108I use twitter but my whole feed is nothing but japanese onomatopoeia mixed in with the original picture from those artists.why do they live going "boing boing" with zero context and shit like that so often? I don't really get it

>>396077146based mom not even wasting a single second on being surprised by this or anything. she just comes in, correctly analyses the situation within a split second and immediately takes the appropriate action.

>>396075627we cant. Its chinese malware and theyve teamed up with jewgle. The infected must be burned

>>396079411No one gonna mention George Lucas waddling past the camera?

Very friendly reminder that TikTok is a Chinese psy-op against the West.

>>396075627>How do you combat this cancer app?I don't know

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