Brit/pol/ - sectarian violence in Leicester edition

>“I have talked to many people across the communities since this trouble began, and they are utterly baffled by this. It does not represent anything that is simmering in Leicester, and does seem to have more to do with subcontinental politics.”

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bit nippy

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>>396075017rock hard cor

>>396074482WHAT DO THW POLICE DO?If they intervene they are racist If they don’t intervene and people get hurt that’s racist tooDiversity is your strength


Any of you lads worked and lived in Australia before? How does it compare to England?

Got the electrician coming round tomorrow to replace the light bulb, my anxiety is through the roof.Just remembered and been a wreck for the past few hours

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>>396076177Good Morning Sir

the UK is now a developing country

>>396076388Bump my thread, or I will wide opaaa yourr aaszzholl mada paakaaarRRRR

>>396076427bro if you threaten me with anal rape again I will call upon the holy spirit to smite thee with bad karma.

>>396076352That's not very nice, I have anxiety and may self-harm now you said that.

>>396076579sneed sneed sneed sneedsneed sneed sneed sneedsneed sneed sneed sneedsneed sneed sneed sneedsneed sneed sneed sneedsneed sneed sneed sneedsneed sneed sneed sneedsneed sneed sneed sneedsneed sneed sneed sneed

>>396076579what's stopping you from changing the light bulb yourself?

>>396076754Im a pajeet what did you mean by this ?

>>396076629That's just mean might commit suicide now, hate my life I'm totally useless anyway and now you bully me.

>>396076754I cant reach it and its flickering and may explode in my face or some think I dont know not an electrician.

>>396076915ok, why is the thought of having an electrician come round giving you anxiety? are you afraid of being judged or something?

>first dawn since the sun set on the British empireWhat do we call this new era?>captcha: PXXPG8

>>396077095Yes I dont know what to say when they talk, he seems OK about everything but I may ask my neighbor to come round and do the talking.

>>396077270oh come on, electricians/tradesmen are good people who are really only bothered about getting the job done and moving onto the next one as quickly as possible. It's literally just "hi, come in, the bad light bulb is over here"

>>396077500I look a mess, my flats a mess and im just not up to it

>>396077245The interregnum.

>>396077747he's coming tomorrow, do some tidying up now, you'll feel a lot better by taking action.

As soon as the shops opened after the funeral they were crowded why can't we sit quietly for any length of time?

>>396077245we should let the bames decide. its their time now.

>>396077920Its a bedsit so im going to hide under the covers. Simple.I hope it wont take long, its the light in the bathroom and the only decent mirror I have is in there.

>>396077747Are you a woman?

>>396078024No, are you being mean?

The bit on a ladies arse where the smells come out 2bqh

>>396078117No. It's just very bizarre that you're worried about looking like a mess. Are you a very shy person?

>>396078023anxiety problem solved then. Well done.

>>396078186it's not weird for males to feel anxious about their appearance m8

>>396078186I have crippling anxiety

>>396077270Ask if he would like a tea or coffee. Let him get on with the job. Clean your flat you filthy animal.

>>396078269Have you tried taking NAC and ashwaganda?

so the queens buried, whats the next thing they're cooking up.

>>396074482POC problems, WHO KNEW!?KeK

Hi britpol

>>396078417Execution of prince Andrew

morning brincels>>396078459hi

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>>396076304You bastard! Thats not actually happening to you. Im gonna trip if you keep pretending to be me

>>396076397>developing country*underdevelopedI personally think its a failed state, it fits the criteria

>>396078417all I know is that's it's going to be crackpot and downright dastardly.

>>396078417Prince charles'z corenashun

>>396078538gnostic lad?

>>396078538Take a photo of the broken lightbulb for proof.

>>396078269>>396078117>>396078023>>396077747>>396077270Absolute DICKHEAD.

>>396078520The file name for that gif should be "chinese coffee".

>>396078654Yeah we spoke about gnsostism, and that horrible user is pretending to be me :(>>396078655It would literally just be a photo of a lightbulb

>>396078779fuck, well atleast you can get that dog sorted today.

>>396078779Take a photo of the fucked circuit.

Live scenes from the royal vault

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>>396078779also did you see my post about getting your endorphins flowing again? you said you hadn't been out for a walk in ages.

>>396078679Absolute pussy faggot. Put on a skirt and bra you embarrassing little girl. Also >>>/r9k/

>>396074482>Muslims anywhere>No simmering issuesWhat a tard.

>>396078875I havent heard the poor doggo, im gonna keep an ear out though>>396079017I dont know what that looks like, the light just isn't coming on>>396079044I did some exercise today, felt 10 times better, literally felt so much better>>396079076Whats your problem?Haha to the other user, you got rumbled, dont ever pretend to be me again fucking LOSER

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>>396079142muzzies have the best PR teams, unfortunately.

>>396078269Not YOU again, you pathetic autistic fuck.What are you even doing here

>>396079210Honest question, have you tried replacing the light bulbs?

>>396078417How the funeral was a disgusting show of white supremacy and how all the non whites felt left out/racismed

>>396078471Shame we haven't got stocks any longer

>>396079382No because i cant reach it and I don't have a lightbulb. So the electrician is coming out.

>>396079210>I did some exercise today,Good lad, made me smile, keep up the good effort, eat right and exercise, also cold showers if you're feeling brave.>I havent heard the poor doggo, im gonna keep an ear out thoughI think it's worth calling them to report what you've already heard, the only reason you didn't call earlier was the bank holiday.

>>396079510how tall are you?

>>396079042How did that lizard get those little green jewels?

>>396079510>i cant reach itthat's a bit of a weird excuse tbqh, can't you stand on something to reach it?

>>396079210>Whats your problem?Your ancestors fought wooly mammoths, foreign powers, love rivals, unknown disease and famine just to get you as a descendant. You are an embarrassment to them, all men, all Brits and life its self, what is your problem?

>>396079510How much are you paying the electrician to come to your house? Buy a ladder and a led light bulb.

>>396079548He's trolling you. He does it erryday

>>396079548My diet is so shit lol, been eating cereal, but at lesst im eating. And i do feel better, thanks for the encouragement :)Yeah I should call the rspca, the doggos cant make phone calls, they depend on us. I cry when i think about doggos in pain>>396079574Lol not tall>>396079687I dont have anything to stand on, i could stand on the toilet and try and reach over but might be dangerous if i fall>>396079698It is strange to think every human being alive today can trace their ancestry tens of thousands of years ago. Interesting fact, for every male that reproduced, 17 females reproduced. >>396079705Its included in the service charge, so... quite a bit lol

>>396077095Because it's josh begging for attention.

>>396079836Nope, took a selfie on my exercise bike earlier. You're an odd one

>>396080003What's a service charge?

>>396080067Ok, what shall i do to prove im not joshy. Im low key insulted

>>396080124So when you rent an apartment you have to pay extra money, for the grounds keep and cleaning of communal areas. Its like a hidden part of the rent

josh is trying out a few new larps. ignore the attention starved cunt.

>>396080230Wtf why does everyone think im josh??

>>396080181Really? I think the landlord pays for that in Australia. Obviously he'd pass it on to to the renter through higher rent most likely. Should've bought a ladder and a lightbulb before ringing the sparkie.

>>396080288First time I've been here in days, see josh, leave.

>>396080003>My diet is so shit lol, been eating cereal,Cereal isn't that bad, depending on what you choose. For me it's either branflakes or porridge>>396080288Josh derangement syndrome. It's fucking sad to see his tricks doing numbers on these dummies.

>>396080126>insultedWhat even that god awful retarded goblin can talk to people and change his own lightbulbs. You are lower than josh on the genetic scale you big girls blouse. I'm serious gb2r9k with the other manchild losers

>>396080126>Im low key insultedNo one cares. Just stop it with the goofy posts

me arse is fuller casio calculator watches

First day of work today

>>396080414Its ok, hopefully it wont take long. And yeah I hate the service charge, they do a shit job of cleaning but the other residenrs are animals>>396080451Not Joshy...>>396080469I was eating wheat bisks and now on what rice krispies? But need to be careful with milk, its fattening lolYeah its really weird, idk why they assume im someone else. >>396080503This whole lightbulb thing has really upset you. I recommend you go for a walk and eat healthy :)>>396080547Not goofy just sad, im sad and i kinda been avoiding my friends :(

>>396080660Exciting, what do you do?

>>396079705He doesn't pay, he lives in social accomodation. It's just one of those funny shaped fluorescent lamps, they're called 2D lamps. Depending on the cover you either twist it off or use a screwdriver to poke the little plastic tabs in and it comes off. Grab the bulb, count the pins, go to B&Q and buy a new one. Electricians aren't supposed to change bulbs for you but this one will make the job worthwhile by switching the fitting out for an LED one and it'll be good for another 10 years. I do this job every day.

>>396081034Wtf are you literally watching me? Are you my electrician?

Anyways im going to stop posting because i like comfy threads, im not josh, i dont want to be a trip i just post because otherwise i get very sad and i do silly things. Dont want others getting annoyed with me

>>396080838Upset me, I'm not the one needing a real male to come out and sort a lightbulb and another to open the door and talk to them while you hide under the bed you hopeless excuse for life. I'm a sparky I'd fucking piss my pants if that was presented to me as work. Like seriously dont be surprised if he just tells you to get Jeremy beadle out of the closet as you've been sussed out. Even your neighbour would have done it for you and felt bad taking the cost of a lightbulb of such a pathetic excuse of life. Who changes your nappies?

>>396080881Just graduated with my masters in comp sci so doing software development Watching news rn our culture secretary is very hot

>>396080838This character of yours isn't even funny which is what we come here for, it's boring and tedious and getting old real quick. Quit it with the pathetic posts you fucking loser

>>396081161eating a diet rich in fats is better for you than a diet rich in carbs. Pro tip a pint of full fat greek yoghurt is about £1 and make's a top tier breakfast.>>396081252see you later.


>>396081495>not available in your countrysigh, this better be worth it.

>>396081495Video not available in your location

>>396081615get opera browser, free vpn.

>>396081662Opera gx the browser for gamers

>>396081272They're just the untermensch mate. We have to remove all the battery operated smoke detectors and doorbells from social housing and put mains voltage on because tenants can't be trusted to replace a simple 9v battery. Instead they smash it off the wall with a cricket bat because it makes the low battery warning tone. This is how the country dies. Burnt out catering to the every whim of dysfunctional adult babies.

>>396081438Just has a load of geek yogurt and granola with my blueberries and raspberries. Have that every morning with a slice of bacon on toast.

>>396081272Idk you seem pretty upset... i have severe anxiety, something bad happened to me recently and i cant function. Just a complete wreck just... cant function. And im glad you're not my sparky because thats really horrible, im genuinely struggling with life and im a complete mess. Whatever you lack empathy. >>396081393Congrats :) >>396081420Just imagine for a second im not josh and im me, how shit is my life that you think its a joke. Oh well, I'm not posting anymore selfies, and im not funny, im just no good at jokes>>396081438I do like my yogurt but i feel guilty eating it. Yogurt and blueberries, love it. I like kale, spinach and blueberry smoothies too>>396081784Thats a very nasty implication. I value things, this is my home and i treat it with respect. I absolutely hate living around rubbish, it genuinely depresses me. I wish i could leave so much. People throw things out of the windows and i think why.

>>396081862Mmmm defo coming to yours for breakfast lol

what a shit thread

>>396081925Your life sounds tragic, I say this with empathy KYS, seriously

>>396081784>because tenants can't be trusted to replace a simple 9v batteryIs that real? Seems a lot of expense to go to

>you sound upset>I'm leaving I need womfy threads to post inLmao @ this Cumguzzling faggit

>>396081925>I do like my yogurt but i feel guilty eating've got to get over that, there's nothing to feel guilty about, (animal) fat and protein based meals are the best possible fuel for the body.

>>396081994That pathetic loser killed it.

>>396081862Handful of mixed nuts, hanful of blueberries, full fat greek yoghurt and a squeeze of runny honey is my usual breakfast.

a months worth of Brit/pol/s up me arse

>>396081925Just fucking end it m8, you'll be better off, we'll be better off

>>396082235Sounds like the tranny idk. Did you know it was raped a coke head?

anons flickering lighbulb up me arse

>>396081495absolutely weak callout, fucking waste of time.

>>396081925wot happen?

>>396082068>>396082320Defo uncomfy>>396082219Thats just projection>>396082501Dont joke about rape>>396082572Ahhh k...>>396082234I think I've just been lead to believe fat is bad, thats why its on all the labels, saturated and unsaturated. Whats the difference?

>>396082235>>396081994Ok well someone else post memes then, instead of being aggressive

>>396082707Something bad... and its really broken me. Like my soul is dead. Dont want to get the police involved. Just wish i was dead but cant change it

Since we don't have guns, what do you think is the fastest and most guaranteed way to kill yourself in the UK?

>>396082857wait til winter KEK

>>396082708>saturated and unsaturated. Whats the difference?chemical properties, I can't explain it better than that, basically both are good for you, those RDA's are bollocks. For a full explanation look up "keto diet".

I've just been on britfeel for the first time and it's a shit show. Fucking toe posters and anime faggots.

>>396074482>sectarian violence in londonLMAO.... so these are the fruits of multiculturalism? pretty good!

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>>396083019anything jews say is bad, is good>egg yolk>meat>animal fatsall good.

>>396083019Ok I'll give it a shot, why not. I thought it might be nonsense, because i bloat with certain foods, but not with others. Also the tap water here gives me such an awful headache

>>396074482>sectarian violence

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>>396082857>help me commit suicideno, seek help.

>>396083188you type like an indecisive low test fag. you need to adopt a LOW CARB diet now before it is too late.


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>>396081784I have a smaoke alarm that is connected to mains with a abttery backup. When the battery needs changing can I just do it or do I need to turn off the mains electricity or will I electrocute myself if I change the battery while it still connected to mains

>>396082851>Something bad...Just fucking spit it out you wee drama queen.

>>396083200Assisted suicide should be entirely legal. Why should anyone, especially the state, decide whether you're allowed to die or not if you want to?

>>396083395or just... smell the fire and get out . would you be completely gulfing in flames and ring up 999 to ask if your flat is on fire? why are brits like this? do you have a license for a smoke detector as well?

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I used to be quite indifferent to the monarchy, slightly anti-monarchist but ultimately uncaring, but when our 'liz popped her clogs it became international news and a lot of foreigners were confused by the outpouring of support by the British public. Things like, "How can you accept being servants to a queen?" and stuff like that. And I wanted to explain to some of those I knew personally that the support for our 'liz wasn't just because she was the queen but because of her significance as a person, the great things she did over her life, why this was international news in the first place and why even our enemies and those with no ties to us were offering their condolences and holding their own mourning periods. So I tried to come up with a little thought experiment which involved imagining England without a monarchy and placing our 'liz in the position of ambassador, then weighing up her accomplishments and significance and deciding whether the support was warranted.In trying to do that I came to the realisation that it's impossible to imagine Britain, its culture and its history, without the context of monarchy. If you tried to paint that picture to anyone they would see there is something missing. The long tapestry of British (English, get fucked jocks) monarchy and Britain itself are so intertwined that one cannot exist without the other. Thus, intentionally or not, anti-monarchist is anti-Britain itself. In a world intent on destroying tradition, our 'liz valiantly upheld it in defence of her land and people; may she rest in peace. I'm hopeful that Charles does the same, especially now that the republic dogs will smell blood and come hunting; God Save the King.Brit/pol/ is still fucking gay.

>>396074482The diversity solves itself, something the left failed to predict but yet again /pol was right.

>>396083522I dont understand you, its rented, it legal requirement ot have alarms. I'm just asking if I can change the battery while it connected to mains or if I should turn mains off because it beeps when battery low also I dont unsderstand electricity and it scares me

>>396083253If low carb helps me lose weight I'll try it. Got a bad headache >>396083425Why so you can all laugh at me. Whatever i dont even care i refuse to see myself as victim. Just feel a bit attacked and idk i know this is everyones safe space but i just want to vent for a bit then I'll leave

Do aussie lads go alright with the girls in England?I am not BAME.

>UK is actually dying and it was Brexit that killed it. i love the german perspective. the UK was fiiiiiine before brexit.

>>396083678>Why so you can all laugh at me?no, I also want to know what happened to you.

>>396077270say ayup m8, lights through there, keeps flickering n shit. wanna brew? then go and sit on the pc till you hear him shout 'all done pal' and then you let him out, shut the door, and crack on. fuck sake lad it aint hard but i do understand.

>>396083395The electrical terminals would be difficult to touch when you remove the alarm. If you manage to electrocute yourself, you did well.

>>396083697they smash it. Strong foreign accents are just too intriguing for our lovely roses.

>>396083678>If low carb helps me lose weight I'll try it.yes

>>396078417muslim n hindu riots

>>396083468Assisted suicide is for old people, disabled people or people on death's door. Not fannies like you that can't handle any stress.


>>396083848OK cool so i canjust open it up and change the battery nice, but if I die its your fault now

>>396083676if you're so worried just turn the mains fuse off and change the battery u bell. u fink the main circuit connects to a battery terminal? what is brit/pol/ nowadays.

>>396083902Nice. We are thr same blood, so it isn't muddying the water.

>>396074482basically a bunch of Hindu immigrants from India thought their same harassment tactics would work in the UK against Muslims, only to find out that Muslims are very organized in the UK and outnumber the Hindus.The Muslims beat the shit out of the Hindus and then rioted in the Hindu neighborhoods and smashed their houses while the Hindus were hiding inside in terror.Why did Hindus start a fight that they cannot win?

>>396077270Hindu men are the biggest beta males on earth. Why are they starting fights with Muslim men, who are far more aggressive and alpha?Hindu men are the biggest beta males on earth. They are also massively outnumbered in the UK. Pakistani and Muslim gangs are highly organized in the UK and have been for decades.Muslims were literally rioting and smashing the houses of Hindu people in Leicester and the Hindus were hiding away in their houses afraid.Why do Hindus keep starting fights that they cannot hope to win?

>>396084312yeah, but you lot went the through an artificial selection process, you're like us but kinda genetically modified. In a good way. All the Aussies I've ever known were chads.

>>396084257I dont know I was worried if I opend it up there would be some big electricity flying around in there that would get on me, I dont know about electricity

>>396074482Hindu-Muslim war in the UK lmaooooo

>Ztard sucking muslims' dicksno surprise there

>>396084476Don't worry, my brother. We will return one day, when Australia becomes too pajeetified.

>>396084533checkednah youll be sweet m8

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>>396084470Fuck off you paki cunt.

>>396076304Weird because I’ve got a job tomorrow to change some guys lightbulb. Hope it’s not you, I don’t want to have to walk in a filthy flat with seamen stains everywhere.

>>396084533You've got electrons flowing through you as we speak.

>>396076304Shake his hand every 10 minutes, just to be sure

>>396074482bloodly bitch basterd country

>>396084755you're always welcome lad but I don't want to see you lot concede your territory. I want to see above replacement level birth rates first, then we can swap people again no problem.

>>396084470>>396084451The Hindoo is btfo

Good morning Brit/pol/ xI hope light bulb lad managed to get some sleep last night, poor lad must be a wreck about today. At least the electrician will be in and out, since it's just a light bulb.Substance abuse lady is coming to mine this morning, I think we're going to talk about my rehab placement n stuff.Worried about my best friend that I fell for and no longer talk to. I'm all she had :(Trying to not think about Sussex desu.Going to have a coffee and play dark souls 3 after I see the substance abuse lady.I hope your morning goes/is going well lads.

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>>396085020Australia is a lost cause. Immigration from China and the Indian sub continent is trending upwards while Immigration from England is slowing down. We are fucked. My town has become increasingly BAME over the past 10 years. Enough is enough.

ladies arses

with stink lines


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>>396085486>>396085534I used to sniff my sister's friend's dirty knickers when they would sleep over.

>>396085625You sneaky sniffer

Hindus are the biggest fucking cowards on earth. They are literally insane to think they can win in a fight against Muslims in the UK, where Muslims massively outnumber's hilarious to see these impotent passive aggressive Hindu beta males talk shit and get their fucking ass kickedThat's all Hindus do, is talk shit. Then when a Muslim beats the shit out of them, they run away screaming for helpHindus are impotent weak cowards. They are fucking delusional if they think they can win a fight against Muslims in the UK. Muslims in the UK are very organized and outnumber the Hindus too. Muslims are also protected by the liberal western governments.Hindus are starting a fight they are 100% certain to lose.

>Nice day yesterday watching some british culture>First story today is some non whites fighting other none whites.I think her funeral will mark the death of Britain, and the western world as a whole.

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>>396083960According to who?

>>396086460Astute observation. Keep it on the low, Mongs have lots invested in the current rape fest.

>>396086460yeh its the end of the empire, 400 years done. my thoughts here:


Peak Guardian:>David Weaver, 36, Glasgow, concert promoter: “I’m not watching it [the funeral] in any way, shape or form. I’m avoiding any more of this anachronistic and undemocratic facade. I’m at work – we’re very busy right now. We’ve all had to bring in packed lunches because Tesco is closed.>“It feels crazy to be looking at the BBC and every newspaper and then speaking to all my friends – it feels so out of touch. It feels like we’re being gaslit into caring. I get that there’s a time to grieve but the fact that the next king goes straight into power – this should be the time to talk about it and the future of the monarchy. A large amount of the population don’t care or dislike the monarchy but none of these people are being heard. I’m not disrespectful to the Queen but as a system it seems so out of time. It just shows Britain to be reliant on undemocratic institutions. The only way this can change is if people realise they have the power to make that change. We’re in thrall to the status quo.”What an entitled gaylord.

>>396087825The guardian being allowed to print raises many questions about the "security" of the nation. Keep in mind its a non profit organization that broadcasts to the entire "nation".

>>396087825Traitors, the guardian is a muslim sleeper agent #Notmykin

>>396085565>poor tit gameA shame

>>396087825>A large amount of the population don’t care or dislike the monarchy but none of these people are being heardsomething like 76% of the population are for the monarchy, would be even higher if you took out foreigners thinking their opinion should matter

>>396088368but why though?

>>396087825I dont really care either, is the news back to normal yet?

josh pretending to be a woman every night from 0000 to 0600 just so maybe pube hits on him from time to time and he can finally learn how to talk to women

>>396088459fuck off you sad cunt

>>396088605embrace it

>>396088368>something like 76% of the population are for the monarchy76% of the population are insufferable normies who will cheer for whatever mindless shite is paraded on the stage in front of them

went into tesco for alpro and dill herbhad a nervous panic and ran away left my trolley in the aisle

ID:90lQsFBlFucking lol'd.

>Gurharpal Singh, an emeritus professor of Sikh and Punjab studies at Soas University of London and visiting fellow at the University at Leicester, said Leicester was a model of multiculturalism but there was an underlying divide.Literally fucking clown world, Jesus Christ, the Queen let this all happen and then just dipped.

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>>396087825this poor oppressed they/them had to make his own sandwich

>>396088740stupid glowies


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Still not over yesterdays ceremony lads. It was so majestic, I’ve still got the bagpipes running through my head

>>396088845I'm the glowie? From the sad cunt every fucking day, unprompted, that starts going on about some namecunt. Just shut the fuck up.

>>396087825Sounds like someone who took the jab so hopefully it won’t be long til his kind are purged

>>396088974don't pretend you're better than your environment you're here dawn till dusk

>>396088733>alproFuck off you insufferable faggot.

>>396085917Ok Ahmed

>>396088794That was the reason I posted it, absolutely hilarious.>noooooo we have to make our own food!!!

>>396088733Peak §oy

>>396089161bet he lied about tesco and it was in fact a waitrose

>>396089265>>396089073This isnt helping

>>396087825I don't give two shits about the royals and didn't watch the funeral, but I wholeheartedly support our constitutional monarchy as a system of governance. Everybody answers to a superior body that cannot be interfered with by the false prophet of democracy. The government answers to the king and the king answers to God.

>>396088769>economic ties

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>>396089406You're beyond help. You should just end your life. It has no value.

>>396089764You should join him then

>>396089764this nigga seething hard over almond milk

>>396074482It'd be so awful if all the moslems, hindoos, and sikhs started killing each other in our towns and cities.This must be avoided at all costs.

>>396089827I drink proper milk mucker.

>>396089882It's not milk. Almonds don't have nipples.

>>396089477God = jewish merchants

>>396089962I’ll have a coke

why don't you beat up poo's like we do in Australia?

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Spastics have life on easy mode

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>>396090085>reEEEE stop calling almond milk almond milkno

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Morning lads

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>>396090312boomers recently got a handout of more than a grand

>>396088459You've upset him with this one. Won't be long before the incel essays start.

>>396086460Yep. Was a nice comfy ceremony yesterday, but Britain was put to rest yesterday too after being on life support for many years.It marks the beginning of the end. Its over lad.

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>>396090312Forgot about this. Nice. I'm loving this free money.

>>396090568When does the violence start?

>>396090320You will.

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>>396074482Importing Paki, Poo and niggest niggers, imagine not let the majestic Chinese take over.Australia was completely conquered by the Chinese, everybody is happy.

>>396074482We're calling it sectarian violence now? Based

>>396084575it's not a war. It's a bunch of impotent weak Hindu men who talk shit and then get their ass kicked and then their entire hindu neighborhoods get attacked in massive riotsit's quite one-sided. Muslims are dominating the shit out of these hindu pussies

>>396090366Morning laddo


Anyone running a book on Leicester rucks?

>>396090997They are all animals and need culling

>>396091208Why get your hands dirty, lad?

>>396091208Muslims are good people tho. They are also the solution to the feminism of western women.Hindus on the other hand are only good at cheating, being annoying, and getting their asses kicked.If given the choice between hindus and muslims, choose to support the Muslims


>The parents of Madeleine McCann have lost their European court of human rights challenge to the Portuguese supreme court’s decision to throw out their libel case against a former detective who implicated them in their daughter’s disappearance.lmao get fukt cunts

>>396091429Name one civilised country with a muslim majority. They are savages.