Why is their history so underwhelming

Why is their history so underwhelming

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>>396074172got moor'd hard

>>396074172I can't tell the difference between Spanish and other races. They just look like a mongrel specie

>>396074314>I can't tell the difference between Spanish and other races.the way I recognize spanish is because they look like a european who had the face of an algerian surgically grafted on top of their face

>>396074172They were bad ass in the conquest of mexico. The only issue is they did not kill all the beaners.

The Spanish empire was a mighty player on the world stage, but the world changed and they failed to modernise, after which they fell into obscurity.Many nations 'had their time', and that's okay. I don't know where you get this belief that every single nation can be a superpower all at once. Our lifespans are but a blip on the radar.

>>396074463>The only issue is they did not kill all the beaners.christianity forbids it

>>396074172They stopped genociding nafris too soon.

>>396074172they took too many siestas

>>396074479>The Spanish empire was a mighty player on the world stage,so mighty in fact that it became a french duchy with a bourbon king and later the anglos dismantled all their colonies in a year

>>396074172>Why is their history so underwhelmingit isnt

>>396074402oh, like a palette error or that blue-eyed woman with the obscene eyebrows.

>>396074172Their history was excellent until their stupid little "reconquista." Then Allah caused their tremendous humiliation and fall from grace mere decades later, tearing down the mountain of pride which they had built and causing their legacy to be remembered as a so-called black legend. And Allah knows best.

>>396074172Why couldn't Spain conquer Portugal?Portugal is Mas Chiqitas compared to Spain.I don't know the history, because I'm a burgerstani. Any Spaniards wanna share?

>>396074847spain after the reconquista is the most based part what are you talking about?

>>396074980The 70 years of worldly pride before their humiliation, sure. And how many before and after them boasted of such splendor and might in similar circumstances. The reconquista was the beginning of the end for the Iberian peninsula as it became bastardized into the modern invention of "Spain" and its little sidekick Poortugal; spiritually and culturally dead places which exist as whorehouses for British tourists.

>>396074572Few can compare to your history.

>>396074294The only time Iberia was great was when we occupied it.

>>396074172because it is written in spanish, and you cannot read spanish.

>>396075296>The 70 years of worldly pridethe spanish emipre lasted much longer than that and i say that as an historical enemy of it

I thought they were doing a lot. But I suppose they lacked intellectual/revolutionary changes.

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>>396074572Spanish Bourbons unironically preferred Germans over French as far as immigration was concernedAnd the American colonies took Independence by themselves, like your nafris colonies >>396075445Spanish history far outmatch that of FranceT. Speak both language, studied both countries history and literature and have ancestry from both side of the pyrenees

>>396074909Portugal not only conquered better lands than spashits but they also managed to resist moors heading up north to galicia and spanshit empire that at one point managed to make the king of spain also the king of portugal portuguese people deserve much more credit than many other europeans of course being the anglocentric cunts you guys are no one would ever care polacks would rather babble about how cromwell sold UK to the jews and decapitated their king than study actual mainland europeant.nonwhite

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>>396074909We did for 60 years. Portugal is a former world power, it's not Ireland

>>396074172>conquer half of the fucking globe>hurr why they so undawhelman??I know this is bait but my jimmies couldn’t help but be rustled.

>>396075804And the Roman Empire existed until 1453. Their little "empire," mainly a patchwork of banana encomiendas run by mixed race rape babies which didn't actually control most of their claimed territories, went to shit centuries before said third world colonies finally decided to declare independence and the crown was completely helpless to stop the whole thing from collapsing in just a few years.

>>396075296after the reconquest, the rise of the hansburgs and the Iberian union. Spain became the first world power in history, the Spanish Tercios dominated the battlefields of Europe for more than a hundred years

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>>396076457sure but most states in history where pretty decentralized when compared to the last 200 years of human history i still dont get why what you meant when you said 70 years btw

>>396076457Still lasted longer than the briish

>>396074172ITT: 1PBTID, divide and conquer, you arent white shit against Europeans. Saged with great respect for the Kingdom of Spain

>>396076523Oh yeah this isn't a world power. My sides. And these territories were actually controlled and not just claimed, plus they were civilized instead of jungles full of indio savages predated on by criminal and renegade conquistadores who were sent as a divine punishment to them. But I digress. >>396077007Once their little armada was blown up by angloniggers the writing was on the wall.

>>396077213>>396076523Forgot pic. And we ruled you more than twice as long as you could rule those shitholes. Sad!

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>>396077213why do you hate spain? your a sandnigger arent you...

>>396074172This thread... again..

>>396077356To be fair, I only ever met one Spaniard whiter than me and she was a Basque.

>>396076457while protestant dipshits burned churches and killed christians in bongland portugal and spain conquered the world a feat that angloscum like yourself can only dream of that the only reason that you are not speaking spanish is because the european crown of spain and portugal adopted masonry and jewry en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freemasonry_in_Spain en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freemasnry_in_Portugal en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jews_in_Spain en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jews_in_PortugalSame shit happened to the brazilian empire God hates apostasy so he punishes accordingly

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>>396077510i knew it

>>396077534Having mutineer thugs claim a continent they haven't even explored after seizing some tiny areas through acts of treachery isn't conquering the world buddy. Genghis Khan did that whole conquering the world shit better than you could have dreamed centuries prior. I'm not an anglonigger or mushrik so I can't respond to the rest of your comment.

>>396077317LMAO sand nigger really is comparing fertile ground filled with life with deserts with nothing but sand LMFAO what a brainlet I think all that camel pisss is starting to heat up and going right into your brain you camel jockey

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>>396077944Sandnigger just the portuguese people build more buildings here than any alladin ever did just Shitzill here is bigger than any sandnigger nation imagine saying that for all south america lmao

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>>396077800macaco eu uso isso aqui muito antes de voce sonhar em usar o plebbit

>>396077317Al-Andalus was ruled by Islamized Spaniards and a small Arab elite. You MENA have nothing to do with Andalusia

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>>396078086You do realize that was half of the civilized world at the time? Syria and Egypt are very fertile and were the richest provinces of Rome. Even the parts that were desert are still better than fertile, moist and rich jungles like the Amazon where there are natives who literally DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COUNT to this very day. But what can I expect from a brazilian anyhow, you could be one of them.>>396078302I'm sorry my friend, I know you're upset but your English if we can call it that has become incomprehensible.

>>396078086the land in south america is beautiful and fertile the people however.... well i guess they are fertile at least

>>396078481your ancestors fucked their black slaves mena fags are nigger mutts

>>396074500>christianity forbade it>meanwhile up northThe only reason we didn’t end up killing niggers as well was because of the jews

>>396078444The rulers were all Arabs until the taifa calamity, but there is a good point to be made. The population of southern Spain was 80% muladi and so called "fellow Spaniards" put them on the breaking wheel, and to this day characterize them as foreigners. Along with the jews, who under Islamic rule were simply banned from jewing people and thus rendered essentially harmless without the need for such barbarity.

>>396078560The people were absolutely fine until you kikes showed up thank God the portugese people BTFO you protkikes >>396078481>Natives the ones who are literally 0.4% of Brazil's population ? . The ones the government has recognized 690 territories for its indigenous population, covering about 13% of Brazil's land mass ? wow I guess thats how pisslamics cope with not being able to conquer propper land before getting BTFO out of europe in the late ottoman empire and getting bombed by jews until present day

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>>396078745>>meanwhile up norththere never was native genocide, you just shoved them in reservations, the native population was extremely small to begin with

>>396078985>the ones who are literally 0.4% of Brazil's population ?According to the same statistics which call Brazil a majority white country? LMAO

>>396074172Read a book sometime faggot

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>>396074172They peaked early.

>>396078985>The people were absolutely fine until you kikes showed up thank God the portugese people BTFO you protkikesim not a kike and my country didnt get btfo by portugese either after we frred ourself from the swarty iberians we became on of the biggest trade empires

>>396074172Portugese invented spice trade ad we know it, they were the first ones to take over coasts of Africa and India, subjugating thousands of darkskins. Give them some credit.


>>396080164You were in Brazil and Africa.

>>396081009yeah and we controlled the colonized parts of what is now brazil for some time until the local purtugese revolted but i would not call that the netherlands being btfo if anything we conquered portugese brazil

Cope seethe and dilate



>>396082652because i want (you)s


>>396074294>>396075463>>396078444Spain is catholic, put your fucking protestantist or mulsim shit in your ass motherfucker

>>396074479Hyper inflated economy due to mass imports of gold

>>396074572Wow really a french douche and a drunken king? Sounds awful.

>>396074172>Why is their history so underwhelmingthe eternal anglo (pirets) is the answer

>>396074909Portugal was better. Despite their nasty ass language. Portuguese is shit tier language. I cant stand it. I was sailing the jolly roger on the internet seas for a movie, but the movie had Portuguese subtitles for some reason and it bothered me the whole time. I couldnt stop reading it. It's even worse because I was just hearing it in my head while listening to my movie in English. Just another way Portugal has personally attacked me.

>>396074172Classical feudalism, what is so underwhelming?

>>396074463Indeed.Especially that part when we kicked uou out. Hard.Seethe more and enjoy your 21st century moors over there.

>>396078302Why all south americans have buildings like this? It's all these pinks and yellows and blues. Everywhere from mexico to argentina. Why? Do you think they look good? Or is it like a historical thing?

>>396075955>I suppose they lacked intellectual/revolutionary changes.Francisco Suárez, Francisco de Vitoria, Domingo de Soto, Martín de Azpilcueta, Giovanni Botero, Luis de Molina...Also, they created a lot of universities around the true america (not the false america: usa), they protected the true faith against heresy in europe, and many things like that. Spain was literally rome but with anabolics

>>396074172>underwhelmingbut how? they literally gifted us with latinas, and latinas are gods gift to white men. BASED.

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Why does this exact same thread keep getting posted? Is it a jew being butthurt about the inquisition? Or is it a prelude to a psyop?

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>>396087630>what is so underwhelming?Because you anglo-saxons invented, empirism idealism, republics, marxist revolutions, deconstruction, insurrections, and so on. All this fucking modernism is your fault motherfuckers, your ancesters always was been fucking neanderthals, and barbarians. Accept your destiny motherfuckers.

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>>396074172>civilising an entire continental while spreading our language and creating one of the biggest empires everIf that's underwhelming, I'm proud of it>>396074314>a new world mutt calling others mongrels Why is it always like this?>>396074294>>396075463>t. Ahmed and Abdul

>>396074172Lack of translated works to english + Black Legend

>>396074909They simply couldn't and failed multiple times kekw

>>396076070Wow, a brazilian with brains. More intellingent than most angloids here


>>396088776Forget it bro. angloids and germs can't be reasoned with

>>396074909Portugal was once part of iberian union because we had no king, crisis of sucession, so we were under spain rule for like 60 years.We got tired of it and made revolution. Spain was like "yeah ok, we dont care". Thats pretty much it.We both had good relations for much of the timeNot worth it. You see. They didnt bother doing it. If Spain really wanted, they would have conquered us. Why invade if we have good relations?Its like Mongolia to China and Soviet Union The ones who really tried seriously to conquer portugal was France schizo Napoleon

>>396089055They always made shitty invasions with no effort. It doesnt coumt

>>396074172Show flag anarkiddy.

>>396074172They are alright

>>396074909Spain was a federal association of separate monarchies (Castille, Leon, Asturias, and Galicia) that became one country over history, however Portugal, Navarre (Basque Country) and Aragon (east coast of Spain) were already powerful states so they didn't join. Navarre and Aragon were eventually inherited but by that point Portugal already had a colonial empire, and Portugal and Spain already had defined borders, distinct cultures, and separate interests so they didn't compete. Then the Lisbon earthquake happened in 1755 and practically wiped out the Portuguese empire because all the offices of state were destroyed and the king lived in a tent for the rest of his life. Spain donated engineers and money, and subsidised the Portuguese economy to aid their recovery.Spain and Portugal briefly became one country during the Napoleonic Wars but throughout their histories they've been content to remain separate friendly nations. They also have a mountain range separating them so border friction was rare, as anybody could see where the border was and mountainous land is largely worthless for economic development. During the modern period both countries continued to work closely together as Caudillo Franco and President Salazar were both fascists.There's a lot I've missed but TL;DR: Spain and Portugal are frenst. Franco and the king in exile competed to give my grandad awards for his services to the Spanish language (he translated loads of books from medieval Spanish languages into modern Spanish) so I grew up listening to him going into autistic detail about Spain.

>>396074572Lol Cope Pierre. Your french kings dont even bother to learn your "language". Or faggot language,as its known WW. You will never have kings invited to other kings or Queens funeral,representing your nation. Just a weird boy married with his mother. Deal with it Pierre. Im chuckling while i write that. Its funny because its true

>>396089681Yeah pretty much it.Not worth invading. We have good relations.


>>396074172>1 post by this ID>>396054801not sure what's going on here but go back.on the flipside, this webm from the other thread made me realize that blondes are overrated.

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>>396087778light colors reflect light better because most of south america is a tropical shithole

>>396074172Wait, that tiny shithole Portugal still exists today?

>>396074172They conquered back their country from muslim invaders. Thats no small feat.