Large crowds gather in Leicester overnight as violence breaks out

Hindu vs muslims UKHAPPENIING!!!!!!!!!

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>>396073723>Britbongistanwho cares no white people live there anyway

Attached: 10kdhq.jpg (640x370, 75.52K) you want to see whats really happening. I think its over guys. WW3 soon


>>396073723>nigress with small assrare breed

>>396073723>be chauvinistic colony empire with no tact or grace>have two child nations who hate eachother>get drunk and shut your eyes when they fight>"come on boys you're brothers just love it out">zzzzzz.exe>act shocked when one child dies>"how could this happen!! I did everything possible to raise those good boys">oh well back to sleep zzzzz.execlearly Islam wins, thank England my dad?

Fuck the hindus.

>>396074367> cops losing ithow about that diversity lads

>>396073996Diversity is nothing more than a trojan horse to bring down white western nations. Change my mind.

>>396075613Shut the fuck up Paki nigger. Or are you Somalian? Either way fuck off and go back to your shithole.

>>396074367I live about 40 mins from here, it's a shithole.


>>396074367coming to a town near you soon.

>>396073723Imagine the sm-*pukes*

>>396074367part and parcel

>>396075798The white people accepted it. What else can you say.Let the foreigners fight it out, its going to happen anyway.

>>396074367Turns out diversity is a huge fucking weakness. The kikes invited all these trashy people who already hate each other and are now fighting over the dwindling resources of white people's whose nations they are squatting in as unwanted guests of the jews. This will be one hell of a cleansing.

>>396073723The Brits should have gone full missionary when they ran that country

>>396073723Hopefully the faggot police are too scared of being racist and just let them kill each other off in a thunderdome style shitskin deathmatch

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>>396077449Yeah, you’re right. That’s why you should go back to Europe. Stop squatting in the Americas.

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>>396075798>Change my mindWhy? You're right.

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>>396077449Mate, in order for there to be a cleansing, you need legions or divisions of your own physically fit, organized, and motivated men willing to fight and take back what is theirs.Uhhh... where are they? The 2020 BLM riots exposed how naked white nations are now. We're done, we're a defeated people and we don't even realize it. I'm starting to believe that another country, like China, could literally just invade the west coast of the US and we wouldn't be able to muster and train enough fighting men to repel them. We are a dying society and people. We let decay, degeneracy, feminism, self-hate, and hedonism into our midst, and it weakened us.

>>396073723This shit is two days old you retarded coomskined faggots

>>396077794Shut up chink, my family's blood is soaked into American soil.>>396077838I mean the ethnics will cleanse themselves. I wonder how interesting a zoo would become if all the fencing between the enclosures disappeared.

>>396078246>my family's blood is soaked into American shooting or gang clash?

>>396073723Havent the poos and the mudslimes seen the rainbow cars? Whats going on?

>>396078246>I mean the ethnics will cleanse themselves. I wonder how interesting a zoo would become if all the fencing between the enclosures disappeared.But they won't and it's hubris for you to think that. It's a big shit sandwich and we're all gonna have to take a bite. It's just that right now most of us don't want to be the first to bite, or simply aren't aware there is a shit sandwich in the first place.But seriously, I don't see our countries being able to defend themselves anymore. We've become like Carthage or late empire Rome, where we'd have to rely on foreigners and mercenaries (you could argue the US is already doing this with Hispanics in the military). And you know how that worked out for those two.

>>396078440If this continues their will be riots bloody ones at thst

>>396073723Rollang for Hindu flawless victoryDeath to muslims

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>>396073723POC creating chaos, again.The elite have really destroyed everything nice.

>>396074839based canguro

King Charles is pissed because they disrespected his mothers passing and he will commence the PURGE.The Purge Siren For 5

>>396073723I can't even begin to describe how pissed off I get when I see huge numbers of non-White people in White countries. Not only do I want to go full Nazi on the immigrants themselves, but I also want to go full Nazi on any White person that played a part in these invasions - which includes all of the normies that are allowing themselves to be brainwashed by the judeo-left into supporting this invasion.Brown people just do not belong in the UK or Europe. Fuck off back to your Third World cesspits. Stop bringing your retarded ethnic conflicts to old British towns that look like they'd be a setting for a Sherlock Holmes movie. The contrast is bizarre. It couldn't look less unnatural.

>>396073723>>396074367>If you want to see whats really happening.We shall see if young Englishmen will push back against the foreign horde.

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>>396073723GO TEAM HINDU

So they stopped fighting for the queens funeral

>>396074367cops are screeching like they are surrounded by demons.

>>396073723this is unironically we should divide up bongistan into two parts as well.

>>396073723basically a bunch of Hindu immigrants from India thought their same harassment tactics would work in the UK against Muslims, only to find out that Muslims are very organized in the UK and outnumber the Hindus.The Muslims beat the shit out of the Hindus and then rioted in the Hindu neighborhoods and smashed their houses while the Hindus were hiding inside in terror.Why did Hindus start a fight that they cannot win?

>>396075613Hindu men are the biggest beta males on earth. Why are they starting fights with Muslim men, who are far more aggressive and alpha?

>>396078726Hindu men are the biggest beta males on earth. They are also massively outnumbered in the UK. Pakistani and Muslim gangs are highly organized in the UK and have been for decades.Muslims were literally rioting and smashing the houses of Hindu people in Leicester and the Hindus were hiding away in their houses afraid.Why do Hindus keep starting fights that they cannot hope to win?


>>396080265Hindus are the biggest fucking cowards on earth. They are literally insane to think they can win in a fight against Muslims in the UK, where Muslims massively outnumber them.

>>396081130it's hilarious to see these impotent passive aggressive Hindu beta males talk shit and get their fucking ass kickedThat's all Hindus do, is talk shit. Then when a Muslim beats the shit out of them, they run away screaming for help

>>396081752not sure

>>396074367Smart poos working on getting the pigs out of the way first.

>>396082026what I do know is that hindus in upper management outsourced operations to india and now we can't even have cloud services running properly

>>396073723>Import South Asia>Become South AsiaAll those communal riots in India that happened in 1969, 1989, 1992/3, 2002, and 2020 will all be common occurrences in England!

>>396074367fucking 5 foot tall wahmen "police" screeching like bansheesthis country is finished

>>396073723rooting for Hindoos

>>396080505>cops are screeching like they are surrounded by demons.Because they are.

>>396073723can we give them weapons?if we arm the brainlet hindus and nigger muslimsand make an economy of livestreamingand make false flagswe can keep this goinga curse and death spell on the faggot britbong's reading thisdeath magick to the families of any britbong faggot gov workers reading thisyou are evilyou are unspeakable filthyou are evil

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>>396073896That's not true. It's just that they've invaded by multiculti.

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>>396082069Hindus are impotent weak cowards. They are fucking delusional if they think they can win a fight against Muslims in the UK. Muslims in the UK are very organized and outnumber the Hindus too. Muslims are also protected by the liberal western governments.Hindus are starting a fight they are 100% certain to lose.

>>396077838>We let decay, degeneracy, feminism, self-hate, and hedonism into our midst, and it weakened us.boomers did that before any of us were born, GTFO with that we ____ ____ ____ bullshit.

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>>396078006Based street shitter.

>>396082429Hindus are weak, impotent cowards. >>396082166Exactly. FUCK Hindus! Muslims are actually very good people, very nice people. Hindus on the other hand, are very nasty, greedy, rude, and disgusting. Hindu women are sluts tho and love fucking white guys

>>396076058Well shit. I hope you'll be alright or can move somewhere. Heaven knows that there is nothing the elites will allow any of us to do about the problem. It's up to all of us to decide collectively what must be done with their absolute discouragement and disapproval.

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>>396081343Better question, why are shitskins bringing their shitskin retardation to the west and why are we tolerating it?

>>396080222trips of truth

>>396082718Hindus are seething because they are too cowardly to do shit but talk and bark like dogsMuslims in the UK are very organized. This is also a very one sided fight. Hindus talk shit, then Muslims beat the shit out of them, and the Hindus run away crying like a little bitch

>>396077794Hey, if they'd be so eager to take me as they would the refugees and give me free housing, I'm all for it. I even have family in Europe.

>>396082811Islam is a good religion. It welcomes white converts. Hinduism on the other hand, is just retarded simping and worshipping divine goddesses, and that's why Hindu men are so weak and effiminate.Islam will also put an end to the feminism problem that Jews and boomers created.

>>396076058I live even closer than that, and yes, it is a shit hole. The ghettos are the worst parts of the city, once there was a time where corner shops improved the area, now there's rotting streets with people selling their shit on the road like an Afrikan market.

>>396082873Lol no Muslims are playing the victim you mong

>>396078006>>396078612Jai Shri Ram!

>>396082940>Islam is a good religionMuzdog gone mad. I see you, you pathetic whining dog. I hope I can put you down like a rabies carrying dog that you are.

>>396077835to be fair, if you get out of the shit holes and go to the affluent areas, it's all white. Instead of effluence.

>>396083007yea Muslims are playing the victim for the media so that white people will support them over the Hindus. It's always the same thing.A Hindu talks shit like a passive aggressive beta male.A Muslim reacts with violence and kicks their ass.The Hindu runs away crying like a bitch.This is literally what happens every single time.Does worshipping monkey and elephant gods turn your brain into literal mush?

>>396075613Wtf pajeets are 10× better than muzzies

>>396077835My ancestors did not fight for this.Well my black ancestors probably did but that quarter of me is responsible for me chimping out occasionally so you know.

>>396083046>>396083140why do you keep barking like a dog on the internet? That's all you Hindus can do, is talk shit online.God forbid you actually try talking shit face to face to a Muslim, and you'll get your beta male ass beaten, like you always do.Hindu men are the biggest PUSSIES on earth

>>396083329nope. Hindus are the worst people on earth. You clearly have zero experience with Hindus.Muslims are alpha, they are against feminism, and they are actually willing to fight, whereas all the Hindu pussies can do is talk shit

>>396083179no, it is not. you are fucking deluded and head in the sand pilled

>>396073723Having some "troubles"?

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>>396077838Well, China would be engaged in a conflict with the Diverse US military and all their supporters if that happened first of all. I'm not saying you're entirely wrong, just that the real problems are that we have a culturally foreign element in our midst, that despite our efforts to placate them with free shit and welfare they will never be happy. However, if we were able to separate them for ourselves in any way that would be good enough. We're seeing the very beginning of an all-out conflict and war between these groups and ourselves, not the end of it. Muslims pushed their luck the result was Brenton Tarrant and a Populus that secretly hates muslims. They were horrified when he arrived. If it were over there would be no one like pic related. And they wouldn't be so terrified to have to vilify everyone who attacks their agenda so severely. Imagine if Paddock had decided to mow down a BLM protest instead. They would be afraid, not as brazen as they were at the time. Even Kyle Rittenhouse shooting a few commies and wiggers terrified them.

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>>396083461hahaha, fuck off out of my country club, chav.

>>396083655no shit Hindus will lose. Hindu men are weak, passive aggressive beta males. Seems like the only thing Hindus are good at is getting their ass kicked.

>>396080222AKSHULLY he never said ‘rivers of blood’

>the race war finally starts in England >it's pakis vs pajeetsPretty depressing desu lads

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>>396083745I get it bro you are muslim. But the regent of the realm just passed away. Is it not unbecoming of your brothers to fight in the streets of Her Majesty's capital so soon after such a tragedy?

>>396074367They told me there would be a race war but they didn't tell me it would be World War Poo.

>>396083776Sons of Asgaard thirsty for retribution and will not be a long march through institutions. Volk ans Gewehr, start the revolution, turn streets into Rivers of Blood.

>>396082771>Muslims are actually very good people, very nice people

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>>396073723Did they have loicense for this violence?

>>3960743673 days old. Old news. Anyone wanna story time?

Would you Rather be ran over by Indians or Muslims? Pol reply here.

>>396077241Well some of them were fighting to prevent it but the anglo world view won so now everyone will drown in diversity and jew culture.

>>396074367part and parcel. and if you think its bad now, wait til the rolling blackouts and gas shortages start this winter. .... SPICY!!

>>396073723>there is a race war occurring in Europe>whites are not involved

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>>396082991You ever find gems on your African Street markets? At least you don't have to travel anymore right? But on some real shit how dangerous is it compared to idk portland or Chicago in the u.s?


>>396082690absolutely malding muzzie

>>396083431A shit talking hindi who runs at conflict is preferred to a murderous muzzie who'll rape every member of your family and murder you cuz you said some mean words. Plus muzzies are dick choppers like jews and certain sects of Christians who also chop the dick.

>>396078246How many people ago was america founded dumb twot?? You say family because it's like what your great great great great grampa. Get outta here. Go back to Europe and reunite your people fag.

>>396083674mate, i lived in dunwich, and literally 10 minutes down the road are two small towns, full of wannabe gangsters and their nigger mates, 20 minutes further you have ipswich, lmfao. niggers are everywhere in the uk stfu.

>>396083373Muzdoggie getting furious at Hindus, says it's white.Hmm...

Just start killing the bastards.

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>>396083263>>396083263Whatever the case is I hope that Pakistan and India get into a violent, possibly nuclear conflict. I'm not rooting for Pakistan though.

>>396074839Hindus will beat Muslims and the rest of us will watch on and laugh.

>>396073723Can't wait for the race war, honestly. An age old tradition many have forgot about.

Forgive me, I'm still not entirely convinced that the foreign hordes heading into white countries is not some plot by the jews but a necessary outcropping of needing more workers to maintain the economic levels and thus power you have as a country. Isn't that right? Given the birthrates of the past decades and the clear trend going evermore downward, don't you need replacements or else you will be surpassed by the poos and chinks in the east? Either way you lose power and could potentially be killed off in the long run. In this way, with the foreign hordes, even though you face racial strife and division, you prolong your country's prominence and power by remaining stop. Is it better to die off with 98% of your people around you or to have your country, which is a creation of your people, live on and retain it's power? I know this is simplistic but it seems like this is really what's going on in the world. That this seems the better option.

>>396083179>affluence over effluenceIt's what my grandpappy used to say

>>396083431I don't know. The west used to be against feminism and willing to fight and die for what we believed in. The west was more alpha than any other civilization which explains why all others were subjugated or lived under proxy rules of the West. It's only in a turn of events that has ceased to be the case. Nevertheless, I don't accept Muslims in England killing/raping English children and beheading children in their own shitholes, such savagery is not welcome. Hindus built nukes, and they have a decent military, anyone that really tries to fuck with them will be getting a rude awakening. It seems like the Hindus benefitted from learning the civility of mother England, and the strategies of war as well.

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>>396074715Thats a man

>>396084547It's clear in this video the Muslims tried to cry out in pain after (probably) starting the fight to appeal to the media. That's not an alpha move. The Muslims are on the defensive, but they wouldn't need to try to appeal to the media if they were surely capable of winning this street fight. Muh Muslims are based because they behead children, so honorable. In the Islamic state one soldier recounted how he saw a playground in which the ISIS had put the heads of children around on the fence surrounding it.

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>>396085542>Thats a manThe same thought crossed my mindFuck /pol to have put discernment into my brain

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>>396082771muzzie chicks are also avid fans of white boy summer, though I doubt you are any way experienced in that regard. cheers faggot!

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>>396083263I don't care which of you are in the right or wrong. Neither of you should be here in the numbers there are today. We went from having the odd Indian or Pakistani family running the local corner shop to entire streets and now entire towns bringing your third world grievances and rivalries with you.>>396083674Believe me friend unless "we" organise and nip this in the bud now your country club will be an Islamic community centre by the time your grandchildren come of age. Please don't be complacent. I've lived through two replacement events in London since the 80s.and when it happens it takes a couple of years now not decades.

>>396082690>Muslims in the UK are very organizedWhen it comes to raping white women and girls and blowing up maternity hospitals and pop concerts. Fuck you cunt.

>>396082940All brown people are the same. Stop trying to pretend you do anything but obsess about being near white people, invade their spaces and then turn it into the shit hole thirdworld dumps you came from.

>>396073723Hope India and Pakistan nuke each other into oblivion. 1.5 billion less shitskins flushed down the Indian Ocean toilet.

>>396073723She/he has a dick tattoo

>>396075613jeets are better than muslims and blacks, but they're still shit people and they need to go back.

is this a part of britbongs mourning over they're dead queen?

>>396073723>hindu vs Muslim race war in the UKthe absolute fucking state lmao

>>396077838They're there man. You have millions and millions of people who are just waiting for a competent leader to lead the way. That's literally all that's lacking right now, leadership.

>>396073723>>396073896>>396073996>>396074367>>396074715>>396074839Friendly reminder that dogs are seen as 'haram' in islam, AKA, as pests.

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>>396088013should've been cats

>>396087186all white peoples fault. anyways, whit*oids will only fight online whilst they are actually outside doing something for what they believe in. kek every time

>>396078006>This shit is two days oldSo what if it's 2 days ago? north leicester is for us hindus. The mudslimes already have east leicester and the whole of bradford to themselves.>>396073723As you can see in this map, the mudslimes were the ones who encroached into our area like the barbarians they are

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>>396087901>millions and millions of people who are just waiting for a competent leader to lead the're a leaf, so I don't expect you to get this but what you typed is exactly the number one problem. "never have I seen such lions, led by such lambs".and so on throughout history.

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>>396086433Listen from 1:04 approximately.

>>396088013>leaf minus dickconfirmed

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Maharathas vs MugalsWho will win ?Is there anywhere where I can bet ?

>>396086788I agree that neither should be there. The Indians would be tolerable if it weren't in the numbers we're seeing so that the Muslims and the Hindus are in violent conflict. I hope that someday the UK will be a peaceful land, just as it once was, where British people in the proper sense can live in peace, just as it had been when my grandparents were growing up. I used to wonder why they loved that country as much as they did, but now I know it's because they had lived in a pure nation where none of this was a problem.

>>396089016>masjid at taqwaliterally the name of a mosque meters away from my house kek

>>396089921I'd like to see that. After they realize that their colonist in South Africa are being slaughtered just as whites are in their country, the Hindus will glass dem dindus.

>>396088013>>396089239Yeah, killing dogs (mans best friend) is so based. Fuck muzzie savages.

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>>396082940Brother it could all be true and you guys will still be 85 IQ Jewpawns.Yes Islam would fix Feminism, Yes Islam would fix women. However the problem with it all is the whole religion is being followed by 85 IQ shitskin degenerate rejects from Muslim shithole countries. Think about it. What good could come mixing with you people?

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>>396089522What are the win conditions?

I want more fucking fighting, wheres the livestreams of street brawls?

>>396088013Proving that Muslims are not man's best friend. They are the enemy, along with Jews, and blacks.


>>396073723Who are you betting on Holla Forums, OP's 1 second video is super shitty. To me, I don't know. I think I'll pick the jeets.. but then there's the north african dudes that work at the smoke shop. They're alot cooler than the hindus I've come across. Jeets can be rude and spiteful sometimes. They get jealous or someshit.I changed my bet, I'll go with the hajis on this one.

>>396089087Its what all edgetards say


>>396078006OK nigger


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>>396090383Absolutely nothing. You're right. Muslims get triggered by anyone that sees their savagery and points it out. The moment a french teacher had been beheaded for bullshit lies and French children had been run over by the Islamic truck of peace, should've told everyone that Islam will not be there for us when it matters. They will be our enemies along with Jews and blacks. Europe was doing just fine before the mudblood Islamic people showed up to Europe. The Netherlands is fucked simply because Moroccans came along and made an already perfect society, dangerous. I have no sympathy for Muslims that come to Europe and hope to invade it and rape European women. May 1000 Brenton's be gifted to them all.

>>396090940Muslims are actually very nice people.Hindus on the other hand, are nasty, greedy, annoying beta male pussies who are only good at getting their asses kicked.

>>396074367The cops should just drop tear gas grenades and flash-bangs from helicopters.

When you import a population you import its problems.Let them have at it, if they're busy scrapping they're too busy to run grooming gangs.

>>396089522Marathas. t. Marathi

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>>396091036If they were so good they'd not have left their homelands for white civilisation, dumb dumb

>>396074367They don't have guns, so what are these cops going to do? This mob can slaughter them at anytime and what's left of Britain can't do anything about it.

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>>396091440Muslims are good people tho. They are also the solution to the feminism of western women.Hindus on the other hand are only good at cheating, being annoying, and getting their asses kicked.If given the choice between hindus and muslims, choose to support the Muslims

>>396091440*for Northern European civilisation

>>396091468You ignored what I wrote, "good person"Clear off

>>396076058>>396082991Stay safe lads.