Autism trolling #3

Using weaponized autism to troll libtards #3Cont from >>396048115

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>>396073647Early bake anonBut is fineThese things happen

>>396073647Tits or Gtfo

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>>396074000I’m not the autist femanon and you are a nigger.

>>396073647>sex work is real work>child labor is illegal>pick two

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speak to the hand your dark secrets.

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A big thing anons can do is to actually read theory.If you can communicate red pills using their language it's a spoon full of sugar that makes the medicine go downFor example if we're talking about how jews stole your 4skin, instead you can talk about Capitalism and unnecessary medical procedures and how 4skins are turned into face cream for profit

>>396073989Fuck me, is bump limit not 300 anymore?

>>396074824No it is, you just baked at like 290 on a relatively slow thread.If anything I'm nitpickingIgnore

>>396075000Alright, no worriesChecked and wasted-pilledMy iShit is dying soon so enjoy if this takes off

>>396075203Meh, looks like interest is dyingProbably wait for autism femanon to post docWe shall see

>>396073647I'm somehow still awake.I had something I wanted to ask.This opportunity to get insights is vital.I have heard people respond to my initial questions stating that their objective is to learn to "subtly redpill" or "plant the seeds" of a redpill in others.Hypothetically speaking, let's say you succeeded in doing this in an everyday, unremarkable conversation. The person did not react strongly, but there was clear indicator that something jammed in their mind, albeit briefly. >What impact do you expect this to have on this person in the coming weeks, if any? Do you expect to notice them from your perspective, or do you expect this process to be too internal?>What are your most important topics that you think you'll encounter and need some more detailed examples or insights on? My ideas were: COVID, troons, kikes, nogs, and abortion, but this is open to additions and changes as needed if you have suggestions.>Are there any unclear parts of my texts from coworkers that are unclear, lacking context, or have details worth asking (and answering) questions about?This is both to improve my communication and see if there's anything I can fan out to explain or describe better.

>>396073647Reposting this from thread #2, it's excellent and full of ideas

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>>396075651>What impact do you expect this to have on this person in the coming weeks, if any? Do you expect to notice them from your perspective, or do you expect this process to be too internal?Being more empathetic towards different points of view, even if not at a conscious level at first.Leaving you the F alone and not talking about politics at meetings.Also the red-piller might just want to do this to help someone wake up, or themselves feel like they are helping someone.

>>396075651>COVID, troons, kikes, nogs, and abortionGlobalism is the death of nations. I bet it is affecting your company too.

>>396075517Ah, do not wait for this here and now. When I say a doc, I mean a doc. Big doc. Booklet type doc. I am more for quality than anything. Right now I am gathering input from everyone I can who will answer, to make sure that this document is properly translated for the male perspective. So please do not wait around and go enjoy your night. You will be able to recognize my posts once I do post it in coming weeks. You will most certainly get your hands on it once it is out, but I'd rather not hand you a speed-typed pile of dogshit in 2 hours so you instead have something you can truly use long-term with more impactful results.

>>396075743Will check back in, and thank you.

>>396075651On troons, SOME percentage of Trans presenting people are in fact schizophrenic and it's basically the same as them believing they're Napoleon or Jesus.>How can we ensure we're protecting vulnerable mentally ill people while ensuring we're protecting Trans rights?Protective dominance

>>396075517Though I will add, the more input, questions and suggestions I get the better. So if you have opinions or interests in this category, please share before tucking out for the night.

>>396076008What uncommon keyword will you use so we can find your posts in archives?Autfemanon ?

>>396074687any reading suggestions? read theory is a bit vague.

>>396076008Ah, this is an ADHD vs Autism thing.Wait for me can be a year, thread will continue or not, your posting style is obviousWhen you come back it'll be like picking up a thread that's been waiting while I'm multithreading on something else, do your autism magic, I'll do my own in the meantime

>>396076214Hm. How about Autfraulein, unless that is not unique. I assume it should be.

>>396074156Doing God's work, you look past who's posting for the sake of good discussion and like mindedness. She mentioned it before that merit garners support from who's willing to offer it. That value is important for me as well, I would be alot lonelier if this wasn't the case, and observing others if it seems like there's a good connection and would support them.I'm in the camp where the work environment one-sided freedom of speech. My job is heavily saturated in left-wing politics so I usually feel uncomfortable posting about it. I lurk here to decompress and my inner monologue calls for help. One day I'll be on the outside and share more freely, but in the meantime thank you and all for continuing the threads informative experiences and takeaways.

>>396076378sounds like a plan to me.

>>396076303My favorite right now is "Neither Villian nor Victim" which is critical feminist literature. Thesis is basically that the current narratives regarding helping at risk women pushes women into the categories of either a Villian (she's just decided to be bad) or Victim (omg patriarchy!) when in reality women are people with agency, navigating a space with constraints and evidence based interventions based on Agency have better outcomes. Put simply, ranting about the patriarchy disempowers women a priori because it implies they aren't engaging in their own resilience strategies and are essentially without power in the face of men

>>396076533That’s good>>396076567Happy to help. I could have really used this info 3 years ago but I decided to become unemployed instead.

>>396074687yes or how to diversify hollywood. You must have trusted sources showing over-representation and then talk about it as being a diversity and access problem

screencap of last two threads:

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>>396076303>>396076829Basically you need to read enough of their stuff to do this IRL on the fly I also suggest you read Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto.If you are able to articulate the difference between Marx the sociologist and Marx the revolutionary, you can poke holes in pretty much any communist's position because antivanguardism isn't in vogue right now. In short, Lenin pulled a leeroy Jenkins on the dialectic and it's a natural process like Capitalism, they won't know what hit them

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We live in a society

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Tits or GTFO

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>>396076829This is generally very very accurate in my opinion. It is what disturbs me the most about our current education system combined with the troon factory pharma has going. Almost no female entering puberty is met with a comfortable time. It is a very vulnerable transition period in which even so much as off handed comments will start altering fashion decisions for a lifetime. Preteen and teen girls especially want nothing more than approval due to how deep the insecurity becomes in this sudden drastic change. I am certain that the LGBT shit all over the classrooms and troon teachers create this "comfort" zone that is dangerous, because it is not only validating but they get approval from authority figures. I have seen these fucks posting their degeneracy from their classrooms, the teachers. No one can convince me that they wouldn't treat a child differently when it starts warming up to their trap. Women can be very independent, but not without context. Every independent proud NPC you see, is proudly independent because she was guided towards this by her outer community. We don't really have those anymore so, maybe that's a bad sign.

>>396076947Are you still unemployed? What industry did you work in?I used to help people optimize their resumes, and generally just get hired faster and for better positions and so on. If you're actively looking for a job let me know. Otherwise feel free to ignore.

trolling people needs its own general? holy fuck this board is so fucking obsessed with generals, when are we getting /polg/ so i don't have to filter ptg, covid generals, ukraine generals, tucker carlson generals, spegy cunts like you generals, random country no one gives a fuck about general, etcetc

>>396077496Exactly, and the best part is it's literally a critical feminist narative analysis so no one can>muh Jordan b PetersonLearned helplessness is also a phrase anons should learn. Intersectionalilty teaches us that benevolent sexism, racism, ageism w.e. (be nice to [minority]) is more damaging than malevolent sexism, racism, ageism (It's da joos) because it causes [minority] to engage in learned helplessness and not better their situation!

>>396076567Everyone has been contributing amazingly to what I can summarize as fantastic start notes for this booklet and very good banter. I said it previously, but really early 2010s in essence, in very good ways. Was a good time to be imprisoning myself in this website. It has its ups and downs, it's been a hefty down this year. But I've been noticing things are getting better, generally. Did anyone else notice suddenly the influx of very coordinated reddit-tier opinions on here recently? I swear it really felt like shills, I considered whether it was the Kiwifarms thing, but on my end they didn't quite line up, and the influx was very broad and generic in tone. Maybe I am wrong though.

>>396077872After I posted this I realized more simplyBenevolent x-ism is bad per intersectional theory for the same reason you don't feed wild animalsFor studies go to google.scholar and search for Benevolent xism

>>396077201Oh wow, that is a lot.

>>396075651>What impact do you expect this to have on this person in the coming weeks, if any?I hypothesize that, depending on underlying cognitive dissonance with the present state of things in the individual, visible changes could be seen as early as 3 months in opinions on those topics, you outlined. Internally, it could be triggered by anything that reminds them of the topic. At the moment, my record with my present methods is 6 months. It helps that all you have to do is tell them the truth, but I've had a hell of a time rephrasing redpills to slip past normie filters. Once they're in, they're in but the hard part is finding the openings

>>396077322OP is just some simp of hers reposting.

>>396077979That's why I jumped on the thread lmao. This thread has creative energy concentrated like we haven't had since the 2015 Kek (pbuh)-posting era. As for the shills, I've noticed a major influx. The last 4-5 days it's been borderline unusable, not even humor threads have been surviving. I feel like it might have to do with the queen's death myself, or the greater schitzo's are onto something about the 24th.

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>>396074233Monkey paw make a wish, receive it with a dire twist.

>>396077872Mm. This was the first issue I noticed with the feminism that was really being pushed everywhere in the 2010s. That and it seemed to be so angry at nonexistent barriers.Once in uni I passed by a few straggling but passionate activists. I asked and they were advocating for women in science.This peaked my interest.She outlined the horrible harassment the few women in STEM experienced due to the male to female ratio, said some things about clearly poorer grades on average in key subjects. She said we needed more women in these majors. So I asked how we'd go about this, getting more women in.The answer was free money, obviously, and I think I remember something about better reporting of the teachers (?)I asked what major she was in. It was our uni's version of a business major, which was our uni's version of a joke. I asked her why she wasn't in a STEM major. She said well math and all that, not her strong suit. I get it, it's not mine either. It's why I failed it when most of my other classmates didn't, and I had to retake it the next year.Most of them didn't have to retake it because they were just more naturally suited for those subjects. Because they were men. Because I was getting a BS myself.This chick had gone on very emotionally about the issues women in STEM face to me, which I had never faced, while not being one. I still do this day do not get why this was a big subject for these feminists at the time; women in science. You know why most women aren't in STEM?Because they don't fucking want to. It's not their thing. There is no sign on the door saying women cannot. They just do not do so in large numbers naturally. Almost like men and women have different ways of thinking, better suited for different things.

>>396078121The best part is that even if Autfralien doesn't produce, some ego user like you will make it to prove their testicleAnon, this is a direct threat to your manhood, best herOr are you just a cheeto dusted shitposter? Are you that pathetic?

>>396078720Minooe monkey kkonkr

>>396078569Ah, the Shemitah's ending. Yes. Shemitah ends the 26th, with peak chaos starting at the Shemitah's date repeat (started Sept 11 2021 I think, but not sure, but if so would mean Sept 11 2022 is start of peak chaos.It's when symbols of stability and security are removed; e.g. Lehman Bros 2008, Twin Towers 2001...they're often economically related (wow money and kike holiday moving around together, spooky). So it was interesting that this year it was a literal person. Which to be fair definitely fits the bill for symbolic figure of stability, and was on schedule so to speak. But yeah the shills are bad; I'm going to just start making threads whenever I'm on so we can keep this going and make a refuge. We've gotten some very neat exchanges thus far.

>>396078121Can you not tell by my clear, straightforward and simple worded replies at this point kekI usually tone my own autism down on pol unironically. I'm surprised there was not more people complaining about this, because when I forget to tone it down, it is a problem.Clearly the privilege working its wonders while that is still known.Sometimes I do wonder how much more horrible life would be as an autist from the opposite side. It's not just women perceiving you as weird to the point of threatening or unredeemable for minor monkey ritual garbage, but many men as well.

>>396079113That sounds awesome. It honestly feels like a wakeup call to me. The board won't get better if we don't outpost the fuckers. Lately, I've taken to dumping the oldest greentexts I have in humor threads, hoping a newfag laughs and learns. I've tried participating in occult threads here and on /x/ that seemed to be going in directions I could help and learn with, but it ended up being me and maybe one other poster actually discussing things, with just as many directly ignoring or degrading the discussion while (as usual) contributing nothing at all.

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>>396078075I see. So you would see yourself definitely as a reoccurring figure in this way.>What would you do if they were becoming hostile to this?In many instances, realizations are not super pleasant. People tend to avoid pain, so you inevitably will get people who upon properly receiving this, would actually start running further away from it to avoid the confusion or lack of security and so on.I am not gaging for the validity of your answers by the way, this is all just seeing how the male mind might assume or perceive things differently and where I should adjust accordingly.

>>396078804This presents a unique opportunity for some game theory. So on reading this, one could see this as larp text, on the hand an autistic person could totally engage in this semi scripted scenario which has been posted previously. So, I can engage in a game of what ifs, or, I can attempt to find productivity Produce or gtfo and it doesn't matter who's a shill

>>396079887People who aren't yet in a pendulum will typically bolt the moment it comes near them. Naturally the shills are all in pendulums associated with their respective governments and entities. One interesting way the pendulum is apparent in shill threads is how adamant nearly every reply is to get a reaction - doesn't matter whether it's positive or negative, it just needs to be strong. A pendulum does not mind whether you'd like to swing it from the front or back, so long as you swing it the pendulum can gain momentum. For all pendulums, whether it's leftism, pro Russia, pro China, femcel, incel etc. etc., their absolute worst nightmare is you opting out entirely. You don't fight it, you don't even have a strong feeling of disgust for it. You've not participated so hard that to one person, it no longer exists.People can start their own pendulums too. I think I may have accidentally done so tonight, which was fun. Pendulums aren't always bad - big ones tend to be just due to their instability and how often they clash directly into another pendulum. It is funny when you think of the pendulums that dominated mankind without being animate, yet still as some force, seeking to grow and expand. Bellbottom jeans, were once a strong pendulum.Stone axes, or the chariot...all influencing how we fought, the materials we dug around for, how we spent our money, and in some instances whether we lived or died.All just so it could keep swinging around, until it couldn't.

>>396079465Yes. Being a male autist is definitely worse. You're getting quite a bit of attention on here even though you have a mental disability. Not only do male autists get completely ignored on here all of the time, but female-dominated online spaces would be creeped out beyond belief by a male autist and instantly ban them. And even though that's just online forums, it's pretty similar, if not worse, irl. I'd argue that the vast majority of human history catered to men because patriarchy, but modern society is the exact opposite. Being a man sucks now regardless if you're autistic or not. Being autistic just makes a shit existence even shittier. I'm not a troon, but I really wish that I was born a woman. I'm nearly 100% sure that my life would have turned out way better.

>>396080834Yes I can only imagine. On the autism side of things it's magnitudes worse. Not to say it's problem-free socially as a female, but much much less simply because you're weaker, so your oddities don't come across so threatening. This comes with the downside of typically not getting diagnosed very quickly. But I will take that any day over double the social isolation.

>>396080680Before I go to bed, this is actually a very good case study in feminine dominance Autfraulien could be a literal nsa glownigger and some user read my advice anywaysMasculine dominance requires me to make my own thread, feminine dominance means I can post here all I want

>>396081307Mmm, definitely plays a role. How big really depends. I've made many a thread that have gotten lots of attention without this detail ever being known. Here and now though, absolutely. Despite it only being said once in a capped greentext for necessary context, it gave the entire thing incredible amounts of attention. However I would not call this female dominance, personally. I think that it is just the very unfortunate dilemma men have, of their attraction being so strong that it can be attached to very distant or superficial things, like photos or the like. Here it was explained that it was the combination of being able to communicate and from there it becomes a connection to pay attention to (even if never realistically perusing in any form). I think some also get quite tired of simultaneously hating the group they're attracted to naturally. So when they find something they find redeemable in some way, they call attention to and elevate it quite a lot. It is man's natural way of getting women to behave more agreeably, because in real life settings, other women would see this praise and seek it out themselves.

>>396080071I've developed what I labeled as a 'Chad' approach, where I remain calm and polite, being reassuring and acknowledge their feelings, while reminding them that it's not their fault they were brainwashed. I haven't had a single conversation break into a physical fight, and recently started asking in an uninformed way about things I knew the speaker knew nothing about as a way to deal with Narcissist's and the damage they do to people, although I was using a more Socratic method on people I know well. Often, the most successful ones are where I can lead the listener to state the root of their problems in answer to a question. Also have to start small with most people, usually relating it to personal behavior. I redpill people because I'm trying to help them, and avoid dispensing them unless the time seems appropriate based on the problems they're having. This results in people who don't stop being good because they've learned the 'terrible truth'.>>396080718Based, yes! A big thing that unites every advancement in human history is the thought that goes into creating it, then learning how best to use it, then modifying it, all rely on a more mechanical sort of thoughtform that acts as software in the human brain. It shaped our life stiles based on what we currently thought about the value of any given thing through history. Languages were made to reflect the values desired within the great civilizations who made them. I like the metaphor of a pendulum for how the momentum/ energy of a thread like most goes. I have a feeling these threads are going to lead to better things here though. Maybe just hope, but it's a good feeling

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>>396081307Female dominance is more when you'd get women as a majority in a group or leadership, or feminine social rules become the cultural norm of a place - be it a company or country. One of the easiest ways I flag any place or group as female dominant is when they strongly condemn "aggressive" behaviors that are very small, like clapping, or whistling, or things like this. It's a sign the definition of "aggressive" has changed from physical aggression to intrusiveness. Most of the time lefties call something harmful or aggressive for example, they really mean to say intrusive, or rude, annoying etc. Such shifts only happen from majority feminine perspectives where stronger bigger individuals can feel more threatening doing nonaggressive things, just because you're smaller and weaker. So the perspective has effectively shifted to you.

>>396081286I don't think that the differences in how male and female autists are treated mostly comes down to females being less threatening physically. I mean, if that were the case, then why would they get treated worse online too? Women seem to have a more innate sense of camaraderie with each other than men do. You can see that especially in their political activism and voting, but even in how they interact with each other socially - both online and irl. Also, women, even neurodivergent women like you, are still desirable to men - as proven by all of the guys perving out on you. In comparison, having a mental disability as a man is a massive turnoff for women. And so they don't view you as a potential mate that they could start a relationship with. On the contrary, they're probably afraid of you.

>>396080680What are some good readings on game theory? Also bump not an autist but I like and want to learn from you

>>396082017Yep yep, I am optimistic and will keep starting them. Regardless of activity, from the start to now, it just seems like a place where a few people can pop in and discuss as we used to -- freely calling people niggers when they're being one, but also not spamming visibly loud gibberish in with "hello fellow kids" level interpretations of board culture so things can actually be said and threads aren't a disaster to read through.

>>396082451Oh sure, female autists generally have an advantage towards sociability and language that the males do not. Varies a lot person to person but almost always better than your typical male.Which makes sense if you think about hypermasculinizing a female brain vs. an already male one. You get pretty much what you see - women who with varying degrees of severity will think more like men but still clearly are not men, and with some feminine traits having softened the impacts of this development. Hypermasculinizing a male brain though, you're going to get independency so far off the charts that socializing and attachment now become more challenging, communication is delayed not due to intelligence but from a simple lack of any desire to. You really end up with some very different behaviors in general. Some are similar when you think of where they're coming from, but they just look and sound completely different, and I'd say it takes a lot more for people to say the female is too different from normal, while it doesn't take much for a boy. Sometimes it's just arbitrary things I don't quite get though. 10 year old boy obsessed with trains needs to see a doctor, 10 year old girl obsessed with horses does not. Of course, this is isolated behavior and in reality it's likely because the girl is more agreeable and not struggling as much socially, especially not yet. Still a bit funny though, just that specific instance.

>>396082657I'll do my best to contribute and keep them bumped when I see them. It's been a really fun night on Holla Forums for once. I wonder what sort of interesting real-world developments can come from the lines of thinking we're starting on today

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>>396082451I was more initially thinking of real life and body language, or just things like what a sensory overload might look like from one to the other and when that's going to be viewed as "potentially destructive or dangerous." I suppose with online culture it is very hard for me to say. I think I assume most people who call themselves autists here are just joking, so I don't know if I've ever properly observed autistic males in written communication. I can definitely imagine actually, retard sites like reddit and the like. I mean even I accidentally offended people all the time there and that was back in 2016. Probably way worse in your case then, I'm guessing? I tried visiting some autism spaces online over the years; they all sucked. So I didn't get much of that perspective. Would have been nice though, I didn't have any autistic friends ever.

>>396081870>I think that it is just the very unfortunate dilemma men have, of their attraction being so strong that it can be attached to very distant or superficial things, like photos or the like.Yes. Men have a much higher sex drive than women. I don't think women could understand it unless they experienced it themselves. Imagine the horniest you've ever felt, and at least double it. That's literally how men feel all of the time from the day they reach puberty until the day they die. And that creates all sorts of terrible issues for men because, in comparison, women are much more prude and pickier than men. And so you basically have hordes of insanely desperate and horny men constantly bombarding women with attention, but they're just getting rejected over and over again. And because male sexuality is so extreme, it causes them to stare at images of naked women (women rarely do the reverse if porn statistics are anything to go by), beg women for naked images, beg women to date them, and even paying women to allow them to see naked images of them, let alone actual sex. >I think some also get quite tired of simultaneously hating the group they're attracted to naturally. So when they find something they find redeemable in some way, they call attention to and elevate it quite a lot.Pretty inciteful desu.

>>396077979>Did anyone else notice suddenly the influx of very coordinated reddit-tier opinions on here recently? I swear it really felt like shills, I considered whether it was the Kiwifarms thing, but on my end they didn't quite line up, and the influx was very broad and generic in tone.This board is under constant attack from places like leftypol and a few discord servers.You know /uhg/? Actual troon discord server running that shit."Built for BBC?" Most likely the same microcock obese nigger that got doxxed a few months ago."Christcuck = Jewish?" Left wing payops meant to exploit a perceived kneejerk reaction."Why do Americans..."/"Why do right wingers"/anti-car shit? pRedditfags who think their boogeyment from r/politics are real.They've been scared of the outreach that "Nazis" have for a while now, but it especially got bad around the 2016 elections. They're hoping to flood the board with absolute garbage to make it unusable.The silver lining is that they're focused on quantity, not quality, so when one engages beyond the usual 1pbtid shit, they usually use the same handful of tactics. I try to engage them just to outline exactly what said tactics are and why they use them in order to help any newfags and lurkers.

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>>396084022>Probably way worse in your case then, I'm guessing?I don't know if I'm autistic or not. I've only suspected that I might be due to how screwed up my brain/life is. I also took an online autism test, and I was only 1 point off from being classified as "highly likely". But those tests are probably a meme anyway. I'd have to go get properly diagnosed by a medical professional to know for sure, but I don't want to desu because I'd rather not know.

>>396084452That's nice, I bet that makes for really good observation. I love finding moments like that and impromptu studying them over a bit like a retard. >>396084367I would never want to imagine it honestly. It sounds like the worst weakness a person could have just in terms of how constant and strong it seems to be, and the fact that it revolves around women. Frankly I'm just really glad I don't have to be attracted to women in any capacity. It sounds complicated and heavy in my head as I write it.

>>396085129I'm glad that you're not attracted to women. That makes you cool. I thought that all women were at least bi these days, or at least it feels that way.

>>396084741Oh, you mean the AQ tests? Honestly unless you think you're really needing help, getting doctors involved...I have never seen it help anyone with their autism unless it's specific things like exposure therapy. For most autists that are adults taking themselves to the doctor, it's a very expensive way to find out what you know, and they try to give you medications you don't need. Unless you're unsure and thinking it could be something else I guess. You said you don't want to anyways but I like to just give out that warning because psychiatrists tried to ruin my life as a kid so I could be a reliable pharma cash cow. And that's what most other people I saw going in and out were like too, just in varying stages.

>>396085303>That makes you coolWow what a timeline to be on kekI can see why it would seem most of them are bi or something. I think it's usually just a combination of agreeableness and with people only doing sexual things and almost nothing romantic together. It would be very easy for a woman to have lackluster experiences with men, have a good one with a woman and decide this must be what they like because it was not awful.When really, it's more that the degenerate hookup culture combined with men getting horrible sex ed from pornography means they've readily slept with men who had no idea and certainly had no long-term incentive to make it nice for them. Whatever jew in hollywood figured out how to market hypersexuality to women is a genius frankly. It's like convincing nogs that going back to Africa is a great idea and that they should swim there themselves.All of the surrounding benefits to this dignitary sacrifice, physical chore and risk are completely removed, along with any security. Prostitutes at the least are smart enough to charge money for it and keep it the business transaction they've dissected it into.

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Pretty much dead thread from here.

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3 threads because a roastie act like a retard in front of her colleagues?

>>396077275sometimes this shit is so ridiculous i forget it actually happened.

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>>396085452My situation is pretty fucked because I'm nearly 100% sure that both of my parents had several mental illnesses, but were still somehow high functioning (maybe it was the era they grew up in, I don't know). They also had me when they were near 40, and so that greatly increases your chances of having fucked up kids. The only thing that I was officially diagnosed with was ADHD when I was like 6 or 7, but I honestly don't think it's legit. I don't remember being particularly disruptive or hyperactive in class, but apparently my teachers demanded that they put me on Ritalin. And so God knows what that shit did to my developing brain. But if I did have it, I also feel like I grew out of it because I really don't have all that much trouble focusing on something (I do have to read sentences over and over again until I fully comprehend them - but only when reading books for whatever reason). I was also super high functioning myself growing up. Got good grades in school and had lots of friends and girlfriends. But then something happened in my late teens. I had a total psychological breakdown during my first year of university. For the first time in my life, I didn't have any friends and I didn't know how to make them. I freaked the fuck out, came to within an inch of committing suicide, and my parents brought me back home. And ever since then my life has been a total nightmare. I also inherited a bunch of money and made some lucky investments which made me set for life financially. And while most people would dream of that, it completely destroyed my life because it enabled me to become a useless NEET incel and shut-in. I haven't had a single friend or girlfriend in over 10 years now, and I cut myself off from the rest of my family. I know that I should go get professional medical help, but I'm afraid that they'll take my guns away and throw me in a mental institution if I tell them the truth. I don't know what to do desu.

>>396086609Non Remi, en fait c'est car on avait des discussions après, et pas tout le monde est aussi convaincre par l'ideologie toxique du monde - version "elles sont tous des sallopes les gars, je l'ai vu sur Pornhub jordi."Tu as le droit de s'amuser pas sans nous hein? Des temps en temps, nous sommes fatigues de nous detester tout les temps juste parce que le plupart des femmes et des hommes sont un peu tellement stupides.

>>396078804There are some very smart women out there who don't need government gibs to get a high education. Most women don't want to take certain career paths and I things people should respect that. Its not like we are pushing men to become nurses or kindergarten teachers, so we shouldn't push women to become pilots for example.A man is usually a more suitable and more intrested in being a pilot, however you do have exceptions and I don't think we should deny a woman who has the intrest and ability to become a pilot that opportunity.I draw the line when one group feel entitled special treatment. In the old days women had a pretty big disadvantage in terms of career but through very hard work some of them managed to prove they were exceptional. Society should be built on the backs of the exceptional people who worked hard to prove themselves and not a bunch of entitled brats.

>>396086534and still no tits. Shame innit?

>>396087155Ok, firstly your university story is really rough because I went through something similar; slightly different reasons but ended up wounded in hospital and had to take an extra semester, but really tanked that entire year. Isolation in that sense is very different from physical. It is enough to freak people out. My mother is also batshit insane, I cannot imagine having two like this. Must have felt unpredictable in a place with people who should be predictable for you at least.So I can see all these things coming together...congrats on the financial success with your investments, but it almost sounds like you wanted to tap out voluntarily this time. Like if you shut things out, you wouldn't find yourself in such unpredictable circumstances. Being isolated in your control is still miserable, but it's not unexpectedly miserable like isolation in your college year.I think sometimes it's oddly comforting to grasp at things that don't work because we at least know how it doesn't work. It sounds like the stability you established for yourself, which you need, is a rotten type. Maybe a different type of stability is in order?Some people find mental institutions do help with that. Not the kind you get forced into - if you have the money, look into voluntary private places and see if they're in your budget. Consider it a vacation; everyone needs those. Yours will also have you coming out refreshed, and lots of those can be in nice places too.Sounds like you are actually quite social, but have some anxieties about it. So maybe you are right in feeling like an institution would help. Again if you're worried about your guns (do be, I still can't have them ): just remember you don't have to tell them everything on your mind to benefit from the facilities and go there. You're allowed to keep things to yourself for good reasons.

>>396088050Yes I agree. I think the biggest insult is the lowering of standards. Said it in another thread, but I got a scholarship for nothing other than being a woman in science as well. I didn't take it (it was small, not crazy to sacrifice) just because I was legitimately offended, in a "wow Jimmy great picture, we're going to put it on the fridge where everyone can see it" way. Except I was the picture. I had good grades, I wrote good essays...there was no reason I couldn't have done something by merit. My grandma had a rags to riches thing being a business lady in the 50's when that wasn't common. She told me that women who want to work need to look like ladies, think like men and work like dogs. In 2 generations we went from this to asspats for entering a spooky major. In addition to entitlement, it breeds unhappiness amongst everyone. Women will feel inferior inherently with these in place, and will act accordingly.Which is not submissive -- it's the shitty attempt at aggression they try to serve as "independent. In which, they cannot understand why everyone thinks they're a bitch, but don't realize that women naturally are only an authority to children. They will start talking to people as if they're children when assuming authority and proceed to piss everyone off in the process.Derailed that but this behavior in particular infuriates me to experience.

>>396087383>that google translateMade me laughThanks for that user

>>396089364Kek you know you give it away when you only say it whenever its not true. I swear your country shares 20 jokes amongst the population at a given time. My French is and will remain absolute ass though for now. I have convinced a few Germans that it is ch'ti. I like to think they're still out there somewhere, believing this.

>>396089604Tbf it's not that badStill understandable, but you can say it's either a FSL or translated