Why does the majority of Holla Forums still deny climate change is real...

Why does the majority of Holla Forums still deny climate change is real? There are record heat waves everywhere now and people are literally dying from it.

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>>396072789he's vaxxed, isn't he?

it's always been hot outside

it's a very unique "oh, shit" feeling when you've run out of fresh water and are miles away from the closest available source of it


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>>396072789Technically it's a climate shift since the zoning is just changing across a cycle, not whatever the fuck this model is they've created to scab the public of funds through fear marketing.

>>396072789>triple digit temperatures in Arizona summerImaging living your life being this much of a retard

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Climate change claims another victim.

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>>396072850What the hell does that have to do with how he died, and if he's a doctor of course he's going to be vaccinated you shouldn't be anywhere near medicine if you can't understand basic science.

>the desert gets hot in summerClimate change must be to blame for this. Probably white people too.

>>396072789So smart but he never heard of a Garmin instinct watch. Would have saved his life

>>396072789It's not.It's called weather.

>>396073426>of group of six>one who died is 32 yesrs old dudeMakes you think

>>396072789>medfag>hike in Arizona>get lost>run out of water>ACK yourself>muh climate changea dumb but not as much as OP


>>396072789The highest recorder temperature is 134F in 1913, and that was only as high as the thermometer could measure. If we're really warming, why haven't we beat that?Maybe because the vast amount of temperature readings are from areas of blacktop and concrete, where everything in the area generates heat and absorbs sunlight, increasing the average readings and skewing the true number.

>>396072789>no, I'm too based to go on a cruise

>>396072789>go for a hike in the desert>in the middle of summer>don't bring enough waterthe only thing they need is a darwin award

>>396072789For being a doctor he sure isnt very smart.

>>396073706/threadNext, op will post about how drowning in the ocean is the result of "muh climate change"

>>396072789This happens to Mexicans everyday in Arizona. Why do you care now?

Hikers die in AZ all the time because retards believe the "at least it's a dry heat" meme. It's a big fucking joke around Phoenix because no tourist seems to understand that dry air at 120 will rip the moisture out of you if you're outside for extended periods.

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>>396072789it's obviously the vaccine that killed himmoron

>>396073426>>396073426>you can't understand basic science.There's nothing basic in science. What they teach in grade school is a massive oversimplification of every topic to the point of almost being worthless.Vaccinations themselves are a combination of biochemistry, epidemiology, law, ethics, and others.You really don't know anything about it yourself. You're repeating talking points provided by your political"team".

Climate change only hurts the brown countries. Who cares.

>>396072789>gifted doctor>died a retarded deathHmm, something doesn't add up. Then again I guess all you need to be a doctor nowadays is good memorization lol.

>>396072789>>396072904>>396073461The fuck do you get lost in this sort of terrain for long enough to run out of water and die, unless you are a complete and utter retard? >Six people were rescued after Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies received a call at 1:25pm about hikers in trouble at Spur Cross Trailhead Mountain>The hikers had continued on the trail after running out of water before getting lost, said the Scottsdale Fire Department.>All of their cell phones were out of battery after hiking in the heat, leaving them without the means to communicate around four-miles into the trail.Bro, what the actual fuck was wrong with these morons? HIking in the middle of the day with too little water, no survival equipment or charged phones and getting lost in flat fucking terrain with massive, highly visible landmarks. It's probably lucky that the dude died now, who knows how many people someone that stupid could he have killed with malpractice otherwise.

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>>396072789Govts have been able to manipulate weather for 60 years. Why are you so stupid as to think this isn't occurring?

>>396072789doctors these days are nothing but agents for pharmaceutical companies. literally any idiot with enough money can get a medical degree.

>>396074068Because he is a doctor, not some short fat ugly beaner who is going to drive down wages, increase the cost of living and chain migrate his whole fucking family over.

>>396072789Probably because some of us oldfags have been hearing the world was going to end in 10 years for the last 30 years.

>>3960744575.2 mi loop...LOOP, 465 feet elevation gain. Darwin awatd time.

>>396073426Define basic science dipshit.

>>396073815>The highest recorder temperature is 134F in 1913, and that was only as high as the thermometer could measure. If we're really warming, why haven't we beat that?>Maybe because the vast amount of temperature readings are from areas of blacktop and concrete, where everything in the area generates heat and absorbs sunlight, increasing the average readings and skewing the true number.>>396074084>Hikers die in AZ all the time because retards believe the "at least it's a dry heat" meme. It's a big fucking joke around Phoenix because no tourist seems to understand that dry air at 120 will rip the moisture out of you if you're outside for extended periods.>>396074457>Bro, what the actual fuck was wrong with these morons? HIking in the middle of the day with too little water, no survival equipment or charged phones and getting lost in flat fucking terrain with massive, highly visible landmarks. It's probably lucky that the dude died now, who knows how many people someone that stupid could he have killed with malpractice otherwise.Quality posts, agree with all.Extroverts are just so fucking irritating.>Noooo I HAVE TO GO HIKING NAOOOWWW I NEEED muh exercise I can't just go to the gym WAHHHHLook, if you live in the desert, you don't go hiking in the summer. You act like an adult and realize you can't do exactly what you fucking want all the time. At most, you get up at five am and take a little run or a brief hike in an easy area you know well. Even then, you bring plenty of water, an extra battery for your phone, etc. You get home by the time the sun is fully up. No backpacking, no day hikes, JUST NO. You do those things in winter.These morons deserve what they get. They remind me of that idiot liberal couple from San Francisco who moved out to I think it was Calaveras County? And went for a day hike and died, their baby and dog too. So unfair, they didn't get to choose.

Remember when it used to be called global warming? Lulz

>>396075228>5.2 mi loop...LOOPlmao all this faggot had to do is not get heatstroke for 5 miles and he'd be finehe decided to for a fucking hike in an arizona summer knowing he couldn't walk the 5 miles and fucking died for itthank God he died doing this shit rather than killing patients later given just how retarded he was


>>396074457You know what's good mate. The equivalent is like driving in the outback with no water. These guys were idiots for hiking that far in the American desert with not enough water. It's also the desert in the summer. Way too hot outside. It's a dangerous level of hot that makes working outside impossible.>Global warming is fake and gsy.

>>396075643I liked it better when a bunch of those beaners melted in the back of that truck out in texas. Left there by a another spic too. Enjoy the ride, i fucking hate those people.

They didn’t listen to Bear Grylls. youtube.com/watch?v=P7RfxG2_jxE

>>396073426look at global temperature fluctuations pre ice-age then come back here you fucking homo

>>396073426Hilariously enough, I'm going into bioengineering and refused to get the vax.

>>396072789>Go hiking in the desert as part of a large group>In the summer>Don't bring enough water>DieClimate Change did this

>>396072789Why was it hotter in years past?

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>>396072789Didn't know Arizona has active volcanoes. A doctor should have been smarter and not get so close to one of these boiling things.

>>396075489My wife and I did Deem Hills, 5.0mi loop with 1300ft elevstiom gain on our route, in June of this year. 90' at the start 101' when we finished. I carried 4 liters of water, only drank one while hiking

>>396072789global warming isnt real the earth is actually in a process of cooling, what you are seeing now with severe storms and temperature fluctuation is because of the solar minimum and the weakening of the magnetosphere (currently in process of reversal)

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>>396072789>be a fucking dumbshit>go hiking in arizona>in the summer>IN ARIZONA>run out of water>dieCllimATe CHanhEGE ISS REeeaalIn all seriousness, it happens all the time there. If you are out after 11am in the summer in Arizona, you are fucked. Its basically a countdown till you literally cook. I used to ride my dirt bike out in the desert and I had some really close calls. I fell really hard once and twisted my ankle so bad, I couldn't even shift. I had to kick start the bike too. It was probably the most pain I've ever felt in my life, and I've been shot before. I knew I had to get back before it got hot because I could've easily died if I just gave up and sat there.

ya it's hot in the summer wasn't it?also not my problem.

>>396072789He looks like the average Bong whoremaxxer in Thailand.

>>396072789You're probably right, no one died in deserts into recently.

>>396072789> get lost in the desert> run out of water> dieOMG IT WAS CLIMATE CHANGE BROS!kys

>>396072789You're a dumb cunt beyond belief


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>>396072789>It's hot out in summerYou're just a soft faggot, that's all that is, it's really not anything else.

>>396072789sounds like someone was the victim of a covered up murder.he must have been a mormon

>>396072789>Look, this guy got lost in the desert and died>Please give more money to the government

>>396073426That's bait folks. Come on man.

>>396072789>triple digit temperatures>ArizonaOP that's the dryest desert in the world with an average of 4 inches of rainfall annually. Believe it or not there are some tards on this planet who think such an inhospitable environment can be designed in the same manner as mild European cities where everybody takes trains and walks everywhere.

>>396072789i guess it takes ten years of medical school to get lost in a flat loop

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I don't have that much of a concept of dying from cold but I sure do from heat. One time I tried researching what temp kills plants and only found research for cold, not heat. Then I realized that most people have never experienced too much heat, lol.

>>396072789Holy shit, it gets hot in Arizona? Wtf?

>>396077513he was, is that a joke?

I always ask warmists...what caused the ice age to end ?

>>396072789>deny climate change is real?Real or not real big deal. You are a little inconvenienced and cry like a baby. If it gets hot people will migrate toward the poles. If it gets cold people will migrate toward the equator. Just like the snowbirds do every year.

>>396072789Climate change is real. It’s a constant process. Climate Change™ is an international racket designed to manufacture consent for higher taxes, less freedom of movement, and ultimately the enslavement of all non-elites into a kind of global soviet-style communism run by a cartel of monopoly corporations who control each industry like the Ministries did in the USSR

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>>396072789Hiking in a sand trap and packing clothes versus water...so unfortunately he spawned a child instead of removing himself from the gene pool prior. Oh well.

>>396072789No map or compass? I don't see how you could get lost if you had at least a compass.

>>396072789climate change is our best bet at bringing the west back to reality. Holla Forums should be supporting droughts/famines/fires/floods etc. so that this hedonistic society will stop with the tranny/faggot bullshit all the time

Phoenix user here. I walk five miles every day here but I either do it at dawn or in the dark. It's only 90 around then and you're not getting the direct sunlight. So this nigger died doing something I do every day kek.

>>396072789>hiking>with not enough water>in Ari fucking zonaYeah, it's climate change, or maybe winter vagina...

this story is so fake and gay. you guys gotta watch the insider edition interview with his stupid wife. I havent seen acting this bad since sandy hook

>>396073945Hiker and backpacker, not carrying enough water is noob mistake #1. Also not wearing sunblock at high altitudes and getting burned to a crisp, and the perrenial favorite, going on first backpacking trip with brand new not broken in boots.

>>396072789another proof that doctors are retarded monkeys with good memory

>>396073426>scienceyou wouldn't know proper science even if it cut of your dick and called you Sally

>>396072789>doctor >vaxmaxxed>go on slightly intense heat trip>...>ACK!

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>>396078683Don't forget people who don't research their route/landmarks ahead of time and don't tell anyone where they're going or when to expect them back. ACK!

>>396073426You're expecting me to believe he got lost4 miles into a 5.2 mile flat loop trail in broad daylightand died from dehydration after only two hoursbecause it was 105 degrees outsideat 32 years of ageIt's more likely he and his entire group of doctor friends had brain fog, wandered around sweating until his post-vax prescribed blood thinners were useless, and seized up in a massive clot attack

>>396072789I worked on the border US/mex in AZ for three years over a few contracts/companies, surveys, border road maintenance construction.We had gud boys from national guard from different states cycling in. One group I heard about landed in Yuma working in the dunes. A girl from Arkansas died during her first day on the job. Heat stroke.Myself I've lived here whole life and I can take the heat well but there is a limit to what even a trained body will take.Best thing would have been to just sit down and get a shady spot and wait till later when it cools off, panicking and moving too fast without thinking clearly will kill you.

>>396072789I don’t even deny climate is changing, it always did and always will.But this is inconsequential to us since (whites) have large crop production and lowering populations, so it doesn’t matter if climate gets much less ideal.But also at the same time changes are not caused by humans in nearly as large degree portrayed and also most what we are doing is sending dirty production else where, where pollution is made worse by no regulation (china).Its all just political mumbo jumbo to pump up taxes (starting on EU level with energy CO2 coupons).In EU trillions went for green reformation and what do we have? Its all bullshit and everyone knows it but its forbidden to speak against

>>396074084>seemsI lived in PHX for 22 years and would go hiking in mid summer all the time because there weren't any snowbirds shitting the place up. Always brought a gallon of water and never had a problem. I could never understand how people just wander off and die like that unless you went out and got injured and couldn't walk or something. How the fuck do you get so far away and then drink all your water? Fuckin retards I swear.

>>396080413Wtf I didn't type that green text.. that's fuckin weird

>>396075228What a colossal pussy. Starting to think most people these days should just stay inside for the vast majority of their lives.

>>396080577if you had the word selected and replied to it will auto greentext it. thats prob what happenedeither that or a poltergeist

>>396073364lol that cat is playing the xbox


>>396072789>Sky is fallingTake meds

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>>396072789Doctors are retarded


Arizona is already a hot desert, you fucking retard. No "climate change" necessary. The stupidity of some retards...

>>396072789Because it is bullshit, they are creating it with geoengineering to further there goals.

>>396081550Same here now if its sunny or raining its climate change its so obvious the WEF and UN will lose this also now.

>>396079880The basics are eating well, not economizing on sodium in your food, and drinking a lot of water since you wake up. Drink water like a camel before going out under the sun. You will sweat a lot, your clothes will get soaked in sweat, but your blood pressure won't go down and you will be fine for a few hours.Only very old people are supposed to die like that faggot doctor on OP (5 miles lol). Just drink water, eat something salty and eat well, drink water and drink water.To me it always looks like you faggots in the Northern Hemisphere are not used to drinking enough water. So when you're in an unusual environment or weather, you get dehydrated very easily.>but you macacos don't know what a desert is likeWe have drought seasons as well, and for sure I've tasted some desertic humidity alongside a sun stronger than yours. Just drink more water and don't neglect your meals and sodium. Young people should not die like that.

>>396072789I don't deny climate changeI deny anthropomorphic climate changekill yourself globohomo commie fuck

>>396072789This shit always happens. I guarantee you he wasn't from Arizona. When I was in the service in New Mexico some French family took a hike in the White Sands during a hot summer's day. They got lost and the father went looking for help. The Army, Air Force, and Sheriff used aircraft to look for them. The mother and child were found alive and survived; the father was found dead.

>>396073586Weather is different from climate.

>>396072789if he's so fuckin' gifted, why is he so fuckin' dead?

>>396072789A man who went into a desert without water died of thirst? Well, obviously we need to ban fossil fuels. It's the only way to prevent such tragedies.

>>3960752285 mile loop wtf, sounds like bullshit. Assuming a slow 20 min per mile pace, he died in under two hours in the heat?

>>396072789>climate changeIt was man made climate change faggo. And you’re shitty computer sims aren’t controlled studies. Unless you have some spare fucking planet to do a worldwide climate change test fuck off.

>>396072789>everything is constantly record breakingFuck off retard.

Because it being pushed as entirely man-made. >This graph shows the rise of temperature along with carbon emissions, look there's a correlation!And do we have data on how temperature changed before the industrial revolution? In fact when was the last ice-age, when europe was still quite inhospitable? Not that long ago in astronomical standards. How do we know for certain that the warming didn't start earlier?>look at all of these dead species!that is mostly the result of us pumping toxic substances into our environment and stripping it of resources plus all of the plastic that jews shilled us to use. Mind you a lot of those substances come from the battery production and rare-earth industries. Hmm I wonder why those industries are ramping up production so much, hmmmmm....>Ok what are the causes of this warming then?Mostly the sun. It's activity changes over time. The sun is the main source of all of the processes on this rock. Change in it's activity would change the processes like weather and plant growth drastically.


>>396072789How the fuck do people die in the desert? I grew up in the Southwest and played out in the heat all day and would go off looking for reptiles & indian artifacts without a drop to drink for hours and did just fine.

>>396084487They were white most likely.

>>396076233>engineering>retardchecks out

>>396072789Triple-digit temps and no water in Arizona? No way!

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>>396072789Cool, he got trips

>>396074457I guess the lost part is what really killed them.... but I mean... im half way out of water and not even half way through the journey... why would you push forward?

>>396072789you werent alive in 1973 were you? so stfu... it was way hptter then than now bitch

How can you not have enough water? My day pack can fit like 10 litres, probably more

>>396072789Why the fuck would you go hiking in Arizona in summer ? Or Alaska in Winter ? Lol. Darwin awardees indeed.

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>>396072789>There are record heat waves everywhere now and people are literally dying from it.Replacing old records from 100 years ago. But "warming" only started 50 years ago.

>>396074457>The hikers had continued on the trail after running out of water before getting lostAnd couldn't figure out to turn around and take the same trail out as they took in.

>>396077742It's called heat stroke nigger

>>396072789>Arizona desert temperatures in the summer range between 105-115f (40-46c)even med school can't save you from being a retard apparently

>>396081094>uto greentext it. thats pcan confirm

The desert is hot

>>396083451His "friends" absolutely murdered him and used the hike as cover. Probably was selling drugs to local gangs and someone wanted to tie up loose ends.

>>396072789arizona is a desert you nigger. if you go hiking in a desert you deserve to diecan you explain why co2 with a greater specific gravity than o2, o3 ,co and n allegedly rises very high up in the sky to make a layer? also within said explanation resolve smog existing when there is to much carbon emissions and its clear its a low cloud rolling through at ground level not rising . smog in LA and shangai in 2 different decades. explain nigger

Whenever I go cycling in the cerrado (brazilian equivalent of savannah) I always bring a lot of water and I also have a water filter so I can drink from any source I find.I have hiked / cycled in triple digit temperatures and dry weather for a whole day, but I always had enough water to keep going.

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>>396073426Suck helium.Lighten up, user, you were baited by humor into rage, perhaps it is I that’s missing the comedy in your joke of a reply.

This is why I don't hike in the summer. Ideal hiking season to me is mid April to late May and mid September to early November.Still how the fuck did you not pack enough water for a hike in the desert?

>>396087590Replying to y own post, yikes, didn’t realize you were OP. Your troll post brought me in, 3 posts and I let myself get treble hooked, phew, I concede, your shot posting passes the test.>>396084938>>396073426

>>396072789>There are record heat waves everywhereNo there aren't. Some places have hit record temperatures this summer and last summer just like there are new records for both heat and cold across a few of the many thousands of weather stations across America, Canada, Australia and Europe almost every year. And when a place hits a new record temperature it's usually by a degree or 2 F. That means it has been this hot in the past in order to set the previous record. If the past was this hot why it is now due to anthropomorphic climate change this time around and not the same natural variation in weather that caused it in the past? America has the largest and longest running set of data from continuous daily weather observations in the world. In much of the world this data is non-existent. The only other places that have longitudinal data from many weather stations going back many decades is parts of western, northern and central Europe, Australia and Canada. But America's data goes back further and America has far more weather stations. So America's data for long term weather trends is better than any other data on the planet. And the long term trend for America is a cooling trend when looking at daytime high temperatures. America's hottest temperatures ever recorded where in the late 1930s and it was much hotter than today. The number of 100+ days is declining. The number of 90+ days is declining. The only thing that has increased is nighttime low temperatures. Increased cloud cover at night is keeping weather stations in America slightly warmer at night. But increased cloud cover during the day is preventing American weather stations from heating up as much during the daytime high as in the past. That means a net cooling, not warming. If the place with the most comprehensive data shows a net cooling then what are the odds the places with shitty data are actually showing a net increase in temperature? Global warming is bullshit.

>>396072789>Wanders off into the desert and dies of dehydrationReal gifted.

>six hikersSome little bitch who brought his gf ran out of water

>>396073426>you shouldn't be anywhere near medicine if you can't understand basic scienceso he should have known heatstroke symptomscase of no refunds likely or some drug deal gone wrong

>>396077440>I don't know what tides are, therefore no climate changeYou should thank god every day for making respiration a reflex.

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>the majority of polSo, fed shills here to gin up a nuclear war? What's methodology lol.>it's never hot in september in fucking ArizonaOkay my gay boy.>climate change is real plus the first rule of dealing with climate change is permittimg China, India, and Africa to pollute as much as they wantGay my okay boy.

>>396072789Planet was hotter during the dinosaurs and they thrived, science, fuck you

>gifted>forget to bring water>dies from dehidrationLmao.


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>>396075489I honestly dont know how you can die doing this. If they just found a spot of shade and sat down somebody wpuld have found them after a day or 2 max. Even in 100 degree heat you have zero chance of dying. How is this possible

>>396077486What a stupid picture, it's just not rising in this spot

>>396079027Dont forget dead phones, all 6 of them. What were they doing just jacking off during the whole trip? Maybe that explains being so dehydrated you die after a light walk.

Does everyone in America dress like their job, but from a 1950s cartoon? I have literally never seen a doctor wear that garb in the UK

>>396072789Why would someone hike in that hot of weather? When the temperature is higher than your own body temp, that's a big problem and you should avoid being out in such weather and definitely not out hiking in it, in the sun, in Arizona, in summer.

It's menopause, whore.

>>396072850Of course he is, lots of of people who did the experimental procedure are now dying suddenly

>>396072789>Triple digit temps in AZ desert.This has never happened before. What’s next? Is someone going to start posting cats pics on Holla Forums? This is unheard of!

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>>396072789Imagine getting BTFO by the Sun as a doctor who could drop a shitload of money on proper gear and provisions. So much for being gifted.

>>396075371I've hiked the desert during summer, but it wasn't the hottest months of summer. You have to know your limits, bring a reasonable amount of water for the distance and heat, and wear a sunhat and sunscreen