Why don't Europeans want to move to Canada?

If you're European, why don't you wanna move to Canada? If you're Canadian too, why do you think Europeans aren't moving here? Immigration is generally more lax for the average European. We're a resource rich common wealth nation with all the healthcare and social benefits of a European country. But only south east/asians move here, for some reason. Why don't our anglo brethren join us?

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Because Canadians live there

>>396072628because of picrel

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>>396072628I'm good here at home; no need to move. I was born here, i grown here, why would i have to move there? For ((money))?

>>396072738But Canadians are the nicest, most open minded, diverse, and accepting people. >>396072739Proud to be part of a diverse nation, aren't we, my friend!

>>396073633>Proud to be part of a diverse nation, aren't we, my friend!No.

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>>396072628>with all the healthcare and social benefits of a European countyIts obvious you've never needed medical procedures and grew up (moderately) wealthy.Canadas healthcare is absolutely fucking whack compared to most western european countries, and our "social benefits" are completely retarded too.But yea, we're better than india and china so we have bajillions and bajillions of those fuckers coming in every year.


>>396072628why would I leave what is objectively the best country on the planet to go to canada, a distopian anglo shithole in the new world?>>396074116>I've not met a single happy person in my life.

>>396072628Shitty weatherLoss of family and friends and dearly loved places.Everybody is a fucking goof here. Rude and crudeSee pic for proof.

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>>396072987Kek there's no money here.

>>396072628I had a neighbour who migrated to Canada like more than 10 years ago.She recently left Canada after the covid lockdowns, I think both her and her husbo refused to take the vax and they lost their jobs as a result.So they moved to Spain now lol. But I heard they only spoke French, so maybe that was also a factor, they could only find work in the Quebec area. Anyway, for some reason Canada has stopped being much of an interesting place to migrate to. It's probably the distance, the cold weather and the fact that it has been invaded by poos and chinks.

>>396072628It’s cold up there

>>396074258a better question is why arent you moving here for the same reasons your ancestors moved here to create the new world?- we have a lot more space here- anglo world mostly except in inner cities, unless banging foreignors is your thing then that becomes another feature - hockey- we won ww1 and ww2- europe is less safe, and having more problems with class, division, etc etc- we have relatively fewer refugees- we have the best of everything- we are the best actually, just ask any 4channer from canada we are the best, please immigrate here to help keep our anglo identity alive, please im begging you

>>396072628Non-white here who befriended Europeans studying here. They liked the sun and beach in Kelowna as well as the open space but I warned them to not come and that Canada is a shithole country. I helped prevent people get scammed by this shit country.Just think about it you Canadian white trash: why would a superior non-white trash european want to move to Canada? There is literally no benefits and only downsides. Everything is superior in Europe, I'm speaking from experience because I've fucking been there. Even the women have less of a dick count than Canadian white trash women. Rent is cheaper. Food is cheaper and tastes better and is organic. More selections in the stores. Extremely good healthcare, I got an eye infection there and a tooth infection (which I had treated by a shitstain Canadian dentist (iranian origin) and it came back because Canadian doctors are trash).FUCK Canada. Europeans should enjoy Europe.

>>396072628Fuck off I want the country that's bigger than their entire continent to myself!

>>396074763Stay there, please.I shit the place up so if I'm supposed to be demoralized. You certainly will be too. See how that works?

>>396074594Europe's cold too

Too many chinks, not enough latinas

>>396074897Stay in Europe? I'd gladly stay there but there is no special visa for daytrading. Look I'm not saying Europe is perfect. It isn't, there are places so expensive where even a senior engineer can't afford to buy a home for his family (Leipzig). But it is way cheaper than Canada that's for sure. I also loved the dutch, Germans, and Austrians. They felt more human to me than the people living in Vancouver. The only Canadians I've liked are from Ontario. That's my experience, maybe yours is different. That's all.

>>396074763>Even the women have less of a dick count than Canadian white trash women.You're mistaken. Having experience in bed is actually a bonus. >Rent is cheaper.That means you can't make money as a landlord. That SUCKS!>Food is cheaper and tastes better and is organicActually more expensive processed food means people eat less, which helps reduce our carbon footprint.>More selections in the stores. That means people waste more time trying to decide what to get because of having too many options>Extremely good healthcareHave you not read the news lately? Canada's healthcare system made the news for being recognizable in the world. World class.

>>396072628Because Canada is a disgusting shithole 3rd world country filled with changs and pajeets.So is Western Europe though so there really is no winning is there.

>>396072628The climate coupled with high taxation.

>>396075512I know you're trolling but when I got an eye infection I actually had my eye scanned and it was printed on the paper that I'd take to the pharmacist for meds. Like a literal retinal map. World class healthcare. And the allergies medication there worked like fucking magic. Here when I used to get allergies, the allergies meds work sometimes or not at all.I have nothing but good things to say about western Europe.

>>396072628Quebec is full of French people they're a pest

>>396072628bugs and excrement skinned people have set up shop here and made it shitty.

>>396075860but there was a point where canada was pure white and immigration slowed down, before immigration started happening. why didn't more europeans move over then?

Maybe I will live there for a couple of years, who knows..

>>396075655Uh.. wrong! Vancouver has a similar mild climate as the UK and our tax rates are about equal. You lose, you gotta move to Canada now! Welcome, eh?

>>396076146there was a post-ww2 immigration wave from eastern europe. western europeans don't immigrate here because their quality of life is already comparable. china and india are irredeemable shitholes however so they have far more incentives to come.

>>396072628Your country seems like a total shit hole due to the crazy oppressive laws.

They do. It's just that they're all pakis wogs and poos who've immigrated and waited for their Yuropeen citizenship and hence passports that then come over. Keep them, good riddance.

Same problem as USA. You need a fucking car to go literally anywhere, and public transport is absolutely dog shit.

>>396076146canada is a shithole that didnt even have indoor plumbing until 1890. while people in europe and the US were driving cars, politicians here were driving carriages to parliment.Canada was filled with white trash, the trash of europe. i even heard that the french shipped over prostitutes for the colonists so they wont get lonely... this honestly explains why Canadian women are fucking whores who are into threesomes.the only good whites who came here, came after the world wars devastated their home countries. No smart person from a non-shithole country wants to come here. Americans invaded mine and destabilized it and isis took half of it so my parents came here.

>>396073633>But Canadians are the nicest, most open minded, diverse, and accepting peopleHow long until you realise it was a mistake? Nation of idiots.

There's plenty of Europeans that keep coming here.www150.statcan.gc.ca/t1/tbl1/en/tv.action?pid=1710001001Not that I want any aside from Britons coming here. They come here and promptly vote NDP, Liberal like any other shitskin. The NDP was created by slavs after they failed trying to start a commie revolution in the praires. So bad. Same with the wops, and all the other balkan shitholes.

>>3960726282 words, Trudy Castro.

This threads getting out of control. That part about Europe sending all its idiots to the new world cut deep. Where's all my fellow canadian 4channers at to back me up? The ones that wanna see Canada become more anglo/white instead of more pajeet and chinese. The europeans are listening, now's the time to try and sell them our country! Post about how good Canada is. Talking trash about pajeets and complaining obviously isn't helping. But we're smarter than that, right?

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>>396076561>Americans invaded mine and destabilized it and isis took half of it so my parents came here.Good. I hope many of your relatives were killed.

>>396072628>Lots of niggers>Truedau is a WEF shithead

>>396077580^ he's just kidding. dark sense of humour. we're honestly a very welcome people! I just can't figure out why people don't WANT to move here, it seems they mostly HAVE to move here. im so confused though because we're a country full of loving, hate-free people!

>>396077812arent most WEF members European? Silly goose! (Silly goose is Canadian way of saying you're a dumbass)

>>396072628>We're a resource rich common wealth nation with all the healthcare and social benefits of a European country.And you are -40c most of the time.

>>396078126Come on it's not that cold

>>396078189Id I wanted extreme cold (and I don't) I might as well move to your country, at least there's no government micromanaging every single daily aspect of my life. The rules are there but few care, much like Italy.

>>396078341Understandable cold is not for everyone and their leader does look like a leftist cuck.

>>396072628because every single aspect of that place is designed to juice the soul out of a human. it’s the matrix. you are nothing more than a fiscal unit working in an invisible prison. so glad i escaped when i could.

>>396079039Is Finland better in this regard?

>>396079039oh yeah like europe is any better?HAHA AM I RIGHT FELLOW CANADIANS? WHERE YA AT? Seriously where the fuck are the other canadian 4channers to back me up

fuck off we only want Chinese only

Fuck off, we're full. OP is a faggot jew using a VPN.>>396072738lol

>>396079153it is


>>396072628Almost your entire population lives along the US border because it's too cold everywhere else. The entire leaf's existence has been one big sour grapes

>>396076423Name 3. By that, I also mean actual laws, not your assumptions from convoychuds from here.

>>396072628Europeans don't have to move anywhere anymore. We can do so if there is some good reasons to do so but what Canada can even offer us? Nobody hardly even knows you are there. If I was planning to move to North America I would go to USA. And I'm a Finn. My home country is as dark, cold and empty as yours is. There is other reasons too like Canada is really expensive place to move. And our young generations are really small. Old people don't move anywhere anymore unless they have to but young ones might. But we don't have them.

>>396082627More like their country is fake. Anything they have is only because of their proximity to the USA. 70% of their population lives between the tips of Michigan and Maine. The best of them died on the beaches of Northern France.

I see a lot of comments about expense, and maybe in Toronto and Vancouver that is true... but most of my American friends and family pay double what I pay per month in bills, and have less to show for it.

>>396077580None of em were. Meanwhile you will never afford a house or a family. How does that make you feel?

Canada is expensive and real estate prices are astronomical. Why live somewhere where you won’t be able to afford a home. I might only consider Canada to earn money there and come back, but here taxes come into play. Also it’s really fucking far away. If I went to Western Europe I could travel home every weekend for a moderate price. Which isn’t an option in North America.

>>396072628kek not propping up your real estate chang

>>396086449Although I’ve heard there’s no tax in Alberta so I might consider it as a get rich quick opportunity.

>>396072628Ten years ago a lot of „wealthy“ people I knew wanted to move there permanently. Now I help Canadians to immigrate into Europe. The main things that stood out for me were the crazy gang killings and the rise in cost of living/housing

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>European refugees arriving in Canada to find warming centresFuck off Euros we're full

>>396072628Canada is a tyranny. You literally can't live if you don't take the vaxx.

>>396072628I had a chance to move there permanently about 10 years ago. My relationship with a Canadian ended and so did my temporary work permit.Now I am happy I came back to Finland. I could stay unvaxxed here better. And we never had mask mandate anywhere.

>>396079153Yes it is. Been living in both Canada and Finland.

>>396072628>why would you not become homosexualsidk

>>396072628Because Canada's a fucking shithole. It has all the same problems as any European nation with the added benefit of a dictator and the state actively trying to make you kill yourself as a point of government policy. Your rich resources belong to China and your healthcare is a joke. And half of you want to be French for some fucking reason. At least over here they have the common decency to remain in France.

>>396072628my mother's grandfather had a chance to move to canada. some relatives sent him money so he could move, but he used it to buy alcohol instead

>>396072628>Immigration is generally more lax for the average EuropeanNo it's not. My wife is Canadian (British parents) and we seriously looked into it before we got married and it was a massive pain. Being married does help but by the time we did it we decided that Canada is even more lost than the UK is.