David Hogg will not have kids until guns removed

washingtontimes.com/news/2022/sep/19/david-hogg-vows-never-have-children-i-would-much-r/>“Also BIG reason I will never have kids in the US- I refuse to raise kids in a country that values f—ing guns over children’s lives,”good riddance

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how is he 37 years old already?

One less retard in the gene pool

>>396072393Faggots can only adopt kids. And then, well, you know

>>396072393I forgot about this little fed faggot.

>>396072393>that piclol, imagine being so low t that your beared looks like it's penciled on. a guy like that probably shoots blanks so it's not like he could have kids anyway


>>396072393Imagine the lines looking like star wars trilogy rerelease....

>>396072715Looks like the John Lovell's gay opposite brother

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>>396072393Another good reason to oppose gun control

>>396072393Who fucks guns?

>>396072393>turning the fact no one will fuck him into virtue signaling

>>396072393Good. Don't want this faggot passing on any genes.

>>396072393>Lanza can grow a beard?who knew

>>396072393that little creeper wouldn't have kids either way. The little faggot was notorious for shilling his victimhood status for anything from automatic admission to ivy league schools to pity sex from any female within 10ft. He's one sexual assault conviction away from being the cell block D prison bitch.

>>396072438theyre cursed and bald young



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>>396072393Poor guy still can’t get laid

>>396072393I'm surprised they still have money to fund this absolute nobody.

>>396072393well i hope he doesnt get terrible side effects from the pill.

>>396072393trannies can't have babies

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>>396072393He was never gonna have kids anyway. Also if everyone went by "I'm never gonna reproduce unless my sugar plum fairy fantasy movie in my head becomes reality," humanity would have been done ages ago. Life is tough, the world doesn't revolve around you. if you can't understand that concept, you definitely should be a spinster, you'll do far less damage that way.Also, obligatory: Hogg is a plant and glows bright.

>>396072393I will swap citizenships with him.Guns are strictly controlled in Vietnam.

>>396072393I'm surprised no one has shot this piece of shit yet.

>>396072393That poop dick literal homosexual wasn't going to have kids anyway.

>>396072393who is this manchild

>>396072393This makes me want to donate to the NRA.Anything to keep that larper from reproducing

>>396072393How about if the kids get a gun? Seems like a fair compromise.

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>>396072393He is literally turning into angry soi meme, also balding

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i dont care if he reproduces or not lol

>>396072393Kek. Sounds like coping to me

>>396072393> dysgenic moron threatens to reproduce if guns are bannedI think he's unwittingly campaigning for gun rights

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>>396072393That's not why you'll never have kids Davey. Nice cope.

>>396076436In my fantasy world, every time David Hogg tweets, and AR15 is sold.

>>396072393You don't have to die to win the Darwin award.

>>396072393No one posted a single daisy hogg yet

>>396072393Most zoomer "men" will never reproduce. Especially the whites and asians.


>>396073445Source that he's not gay and banged a lot of women?

>>396072393KEK, like this pug-nosed annoying little faggot was ever going to have kids in the first place

>>396072393Let’s remember when /pol trolled Hogg to the point of tears. dailydot.com/unclick/david-hogg-daisy-chan-meme/

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>>396075042I miss our Daisy Hogg. That was delicious trolling.

>>396072393They really are trying to make this creepy twat relevant. It's a hard sell; will be interesting to see how it pans out.

>>396080375This kids FTM, gotta be.

>>396072393Good. He should move to Mexico where guns are le bad for regular citizens. Why is this faggot even relevant, I honestly forgot besides the memes of him here and him being a treasonous puppet

>>396072393If they ban guns I'll smack his kid in the face with a baseball bat just to prove a point.

>children are expensive and millennials can't afford them.>I refuse to raise kids in a country that values guns.I'm sure it has nothing to do with how fucking creepy, weird, and pathetic he is.picrel is his tinder profile.

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>>396072393Vaxxed excuser>dudes shooting blanks

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>>396072393Based and natural selection-pilled

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>>396084065I'd still wreck his bussy

>>396072393I'm sure that's the reason. >for the simple minded it's because he is gay

>>396072393>“Also BIG reason I will never have kids in the US- I refuse to raise kids in a country that values f—ing guns over children’s lives,”

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>>396077060Hey Ray Charles, you missed it. >>396075042

>>396072393>My face when a hyperleftard gets ass mad and tries to retaliate by threatening to take himself out of the gene pool

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>>396072393I don't think people on the right have enough sympathy for this guy. If I was involved in an insane mass shooting when I was only 16 or 17 I'd probably make it my life's mission to take the guns too. Doesn't make it good policy but it makes sense coming from him

>>396075451cause in reality no one cares about this guy. Hes irrelevanthes like those sandy hook parents who are still out there complaining, but no one pays attention


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>>396072393they're mocking themselves at this point.

>>396086277People are always going to promote their own self interests. That's not the problem. The problem is that he's trying to force his interests onto everybody else. So he gets ridiculed, not just because he's a gun grabber, it's because he's an overdramatic, attention whore, authoritarian gun grabber who is a feminine little weakling who tries to talk and threaten people like he's Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's a joke.

>>396086277He wasn't actually there. He was at home having a skip day when he heard about it and scampered down to the scene so he could be a victim for fun and profit.

>>396086595lol this dude is such a lame ass. I think he had another twitter post where hes showing off his grandfather's freemason cufflinksdude is going to grow up to be another card carrying psyops faggot & not just an amateur psyops faggot like during Parkland

>>396087328>nd scampered down to the scene so he could be a victim for fun and profit.he was selected to be the poster boy. its pretty obvious considering he was on tv every single day after the shooting fumbling through his scripted DNC talking points

>>396087541They need a new casting director then, he repulsed both men and women.

>>396072393Nigga's hairline is fading fast.

>>396072393He won't have kids because he's gay and an MKULTRA victim

>>396087998he def got the gig through his dad's connections

>>396080474daisy was some of our best work

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>>396072393Good, but I didn't think faggots could have kids, without adoption of course.

>>396086595we put these kind of retards into camps 80years ago - and it was a good decision for everyone, including them

>>396086870> The problem is that he's trying to force his interests onto everybody else.He also gives off these fake & phony vibes it's cringe

>>396088578ever since he got his free ride to Harvard, he has become ALOT more radicalized.

>>396072393I doubt any of the younger generation cares about this faggot. He is a completely fabricated political figure.

>>396072393what a shame.oh well moving on.

>>396072393>David Hogg will not have kids until guns removedI'm ok with this. Certain people should not breed.

>>396088870every time I he goes out and does one of his PR stunts, they always use really tight camera shots cause the crowd only consists of him and 5 friends

>>396088321>the perfect woman doesn't exi-

>>396072393True, most faggots don’t have kids

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>>396072393>values f—ing gunsI don't know anyone who actually fucks guns; what a fucking moron.

>>396072393>David Hogg will not have kidsI unironically applaud her decision

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>>396072393Good we don't need no assbabies.

>>396072917>"what is that over there? It's my gay opposite brother..."

I feel like david is trapped in the algorithm loop. all he sees every day are news articles talking about how everyone in America just loves to shoot their ar-15s all day long, and hes just like>NOOOOOOO!!!!!!111

>>396084065No way is this kid straight, I mean I am a campy Millennial straight guy, no Funkos in the house and I am sure he has at least done handjobs wtf.

>>396089586Fucking kek

>>396089394Is that Allyn "if it's not yet a talker it's ok to pork her" Walker? From Cunny University?

>>396089465gotta admit, it'd be fun trying to impregnate her

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>>396087328Let’s assume you’re right. He still loses friends in a mass shooting event. Of course he’s going to hyperfocus on justice for what happened and how to prevent it happening again.

>>396089970if he was any kind of man, he'd take shooting lessons from his little sister

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>>396072393I would shoot this piece of shit in his vagina, if he broke into my place but my dog would probably kill him before I even woke upPlus I dont give a shit what this nerd thinks or wants in America


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>that face you make when you take a big cock with no lube and a full colon>so you decide to stroke another cock to take your mind off it.