What are signs of a 1st world country?

What are signs of a 1st world country?

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>>396071687high prices on same chems that cost 5 cents in mexico

>>396071687other countries dying for interests of your rulers

>>396071687>What are signs of a 1st world country?it's when you have road signs written in french or japanese

>>396071749>>396071799Any country that isn’t full of Russians or faggot hohols

Proper nutrition

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>>396071687Do you mean a developed country?A good standard of living without extreme deviations Or do you mean (((first world)))?Gay parades and black people

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>>396071687no niggers>>396071940rape sex


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>>396071687low crime

>>396071687No bike thieves.

>>396071687no niggers

>>396071687Intact hierarchy which prioritizes the most effective

>>396071687Rampant feminism, nigger worship, goyslop, massive debt, corrupt politicians, homosexual rights, massive immigration, and they are very much allied with the anti-christ.


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>>396071687Unlocked bikes and cars


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High Bigmac index. It takes 4,3 hours of hard working in Zimbabwe to afford bigmac in nearest Mcdonalds It takes 10 minutes of working in Norway to earn a bigmac. All 1st world countries have huge bigmac index.

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>>396071687First world country the day to day state levels of interactions should not be openly corrupt, like Mexican cops or Indian police. 3rd world right there. You should also have infrastructure and a functioning power system that doesn't go out every few months (sorry Americans, soon Germans). There shouldn't be sewage drinking water either (Americans again).

when a full grown man is able to strap on massive fake tits, yell at everyone about it, and not get shot

>>396072348Yeah pretty much.

>>396072551Urkaine was 1st world till 00sAt last, I truly see

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>>396071687Functioning government. Stable currency. Trains run on time. Clean running water in every home. Traffic lights that people generally obey. Fresh food available within a short distance of any neighborhood. A military with actual deterrence value. Unrestricted travel. High quality medical care. Functioning emergency services including ambulance, fire and police. Rule of law.

>>396071687There are no 1st World countries anymore

>>396072839Fish seeks where it is deeper man seeks where it is better. Migrants escape 3rd world countries and run to 1st world countries. And turn thouse countries to 3rd world by fact of their existance there. I was in Oslo in 2020. It is like affiliate african branch office. 20% of pedestrians are brown and black and talk foreign language different from norwegian and english.

>>396072457oh yeah I forgot we did that kek

>>396071687>What are signs of a 1st world country?Non-Whites won't believe it, but White people. Children of Light/Color/God, they have the taste I like the most. t. reptillian non-humanoid

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>>396071799I can’t wait until they shell your cunt-try into oblivion. Your language is fake, your country is fake; kys.

>>396071687No spics is a good start.

mainstream complaining of shit that doesn't matter because humans become bored with no adversity so first world citizens spend their lives trying to create something that they can imagine is making their life harder

>>396072128stahp itget help

>>396071687unlimited free public waste disposal(Fuck you China fuck your country with a million rusted rabbit traps) Xi Jin Ping Cao Ni Ma

>>396071687Very few niggers, if any

>>396072754The heck does Azog tolerate these kinds of actors sometimes I wonder if they are able to do anything but kill White children and grannies

>>396071687Participated in First World War./thread


>>396071687Vapid whores.

>>396071922>>396073402>ukrainian flag>neuron activationKikes are pathetic, drown yourselves in semen, subhumans.

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>>396072758We did it Reddititos

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>>396071799>ukrainian boys fighting our enemy>using our weapons>using our intelligence>8 years after the most blatant US coup in recent memoryfeels good lol

no niggers no jew influence


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I've lived in 4 first world countries (the US, France, Belgium, Japan), one second world (Poland) and one third world country (Vietnam). Also, visited many, many more. My thoughts:- in first world countries basically everything works and when something doesn't, people get pretty upset- in second world countries usually everything works but when something goes wrong (as it fairly often does) people get cynical, withdrawn, helpless, ashamed that their country isn't more first world- in third world countries basically nothing works properly and the people have no concept of things working properly

>>396071687Being able to turn on the heating in any shape or form without any second thought whatsoever.ALSO neck thyself

>>396082502nice. I can walk down the road for a few minutes and come across these mini farmer things.



>>396072128I will get you rangebanned

unlocked doors

>>396071687>What are signs of a 1st world country?clean streets with well kept roads.

>>396071687>What are signs of a 1st world country?Kids walking to and from school unaccompanied

>>396071687>What are signs of a 1st world country?noticable "minorites"

>>396072128one on the left is a tomboy one on the right is a hispanic male

>>396071687>What are signs of a 1st world country?Jews.

>>396071687Well-spoken workers of Turkish descent


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>>396071687LGBT rights, trannies, abortion on demand, no guns, no freedom of speech, no individual rights, hate speech laws, forced "ecology", mass immigration.

>>396071687Lobbying which totally not corruption.

>>396071687>First world country?Lots of niggersAnd jews

>>3960716871st world country: the beggars are shitskins and niggers3rd world country: the beggars are white

>>396084577In my country they are referred to/recorded into rape/murder statistics as "Germans".

>>396071687no whites

>>396085962>this psyop

>>396071687Roads that reach anywhere, in good state. Flights anywhere (when possible). Law and order.1st world is mostly a thing of the past, it died a while ago, we are only starting to notice because it corpse stinks.

>>396071687there is poon to be had but you need to do 3 dates minimum before you touch grass. a decent economy allows for social stability and thus women are more picky. they do not suck and fuck behind abandoned applebees dumpsters for mcdoubles moneythere are not many gunshots or sirens at night. vending machines exist and are bountiful. the abundance of commodities allows for the mass production of processed foods to the degree that vending machines are needed to soak up cash from people on the go. little fear of them being vandalized or broken into to have contents stolen or cash spent in them stolenamerica is no longer 1st world

>>396071687>What are signs of a 1st world country?males walking around with their japanese wifes

>>396071980Looks like a prison. Everybody has a small room, nobody owns anything, nobody farms.

>>396072403So thailand

>>396072515>functioning power system>sorry AmericansLolLmao evenI lived in south america for a while. Most places have indoor plumbing but the water doesnt actually function. The power goes out randomly due to failing infrastructure, or the government just shutting it off. Could be for power conservation because there isnt enough, or just corruption. Youd be sitting there watching a pirated DVD on your TV when the power just goes out. No word. No idea when it comes back on. Happens anywhere from once a week to several times a day. Some freak snowstorm in the Texas deserts and frost on a warm water ocean isnt a "non functional infrastructure."

>>396072479They should just line up Ukrainians and niggers on a stage, so the CEOs of these goyslop companies could all get there, on all fours and just eating out their ass-holes and have a competition who can eat out ass the most while live on JewTube.

>>396072128I messaged her on social media and let her know that there is an entire website led by a crazed Romanian fan of hers dedicated to her daily worship. Kek

>>396088542Well then you're even more autistic than me, not to mention just wrong

>>396073259Norway is completely on the way of Sweden in which almost 30% of the population is already made of niggers, Asians and dune-coons. Many European countries already face the situation in which 50% of their population aged 0–6 are foreigners. In big cities Mohammed is the most popular name for kids born. This is how you replace the population!Why has Norway had to take these disgusting parasites, foreigners and strangers? They found oil some 50 years ago and became therefore rather self-sufficient. Well, they don't do too much with just the oil per se: they have to exchange it for rectangle-shaped, thin pieces made of linen and cotton i.e. money. And to be more specific: American dollars. US Dollar is a product manufactured for The Federal Reserve for a minimal cost. They then sell them to a company known as the United States of America in exchange for government obligations. Despite its name, the Fed is a fully privately-owned company. They have the absolute monopoly for making money out of thin air. They're above everything: IRS, FBI, CIA etc. Congress has to ask for them money as calculated in the federal budget. The Fed decides which projects it grants new, fresh money. They have everything under their uttermost control.

>>396089296You give us your precious oil that is needed for absolutely everything imaginable on this planet and we give you some garbage bags filled with rectangular, thin pieces made of linen and cotton? You can't eat them, you can't burn them to heat your dwelling, nor can you put them into the tank of your automobile. Debt alone is not such a bad thing, for it makes the bigger, more expensive purchases in life also possible for "normal" people who are not millionaires: sportsmen, chief executive officer, paid liars i.e. politicians or other traitors getting their fat paychecks out of the sweat of a working man. These days all sorts of cultural marxist bogus jobs are awarded to charlatans and turncoats — for their services against their own people — within the world of academics, politics, miscellaneous bureaucracy, banking sector and — of course — the Jewropean Jewnion. It's needless to say that these exceedingly well-paying posts are paid from the taxes. We're being destroyed from within, using our money!Now, the interest. Interest is the price of money. It is the true, Satanic nature of this money; the very lethal force it possesses. Let's say you borrow one dollar. You have to pay back $1,10 . That 10 ¢ also comes from the same monopoly owned by jewish bankers. You always end up in more and more debt as they get to sell you more of their product at an ever-increasing rate that is known as the phenomenon of inflation. The whole concept of economics is based on eternal growth. Even a child or an idiot understands that won't work. Our politicians and EU-whores do not. Stupidity and greed in the hope of a quick profit is a deadly combination. But it's not the scumbag politicians that pay the price, but the common people who have absolutely no chance at deciding who's pushing the buttons in Brüssels for them or who's sitting at their domestic parliament trying to get the maximum gain for themselves and their likes — betrayers; criminals.

>>396071687Combination of criminal statistics

>>396089385The international jewish banking mafia is committing a legislated crime of money-forgering. For everybody must get their money from this one source, their counterfeit dollars and their money-laundering through NATO, NASA, Hollywood etc. makes them stand above everyone, just as I stated before. He who makes the money, lays out the rules. And he who lays out the rules, gets eventually all the money and everyone else's belongings used as a collateral as well. They will steal us of everyhing we own — make no mistake. They'll steal our forests, our lands and the minerals they contain. They'll steal our seas and freshwater supplies which are going to be more expensive and cherished than oil one day. They'll steal our fields, buildings, highways, railroads, electrical grid — our whole infrastructure; the biggest national property we have. Once they have it with the help of our idiotic, treacherous politicians, we will never get it back. They own our souls forever till the impending, gloomy end.This, my friends, is the cause of all the turmoil and trouble: zionism, talmudism, Euro-communism. It will poison our minds through the zionist-owned media. It will enslave us through fully "legit" operations such as the EU that has its rotten roots deep down in the Kalergi plan and Frankfurt school. It will kill us.And remember: the very core of the European moral is spun around the rancid, corrupt spine that is the alleged "holocaust". That's why they want to make it criminal to even criticize this vile system.As long as the Jewropean Jewnion decides for all the political choices for us we will stay on the path of imminent destruction and will get only two things: our possessions robbed and countries filled with more and more of these brown and black vermin.

>>396071749this, lmao

>>396071687>What are signs of a 1st world country?niggers are not allowed in

>>396071687Unlimited hot showers

>>396071687Having heat> t.sitting here in a 12°C room

>>396082502We also have for flowers field too but gypsie ans niggers just take them