Why are we spending so much of our time glued to screens? Phones, tablets, PCs, it's baffling...

Why are we spending so much of our time glued to screens? Phones, tablets, PCs, it's baffling. How do we cure ourselves from this addiction?

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>>396070987>turn that shit off>go outsideez

stop texting and watching the news.simple.


>>396070987butt-worms. dopamine parasites. toxoplasmosis. niggers, crackers, and kikes.

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>>396070987I work outside without it for part of the day.

Joe Biden plans to mandate net-zero carbon emissions for homes, offices and all new buildings by 2030. That basically means no windows, no nothing. It’s very hard to do … tell people when they want to go into some of these buildings, ‘How are your eyes? Because they won’t be good in five years.

>>396071283Thist. butt-worm

>>396070987Because looking at shit on a phone or playing vidya is more appealing than raising our head to look at a bunch of fat people, boomers, and niggers.

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>>396071586This picture is worse than starving children.


>>396070987>Why are we spending so much of our time glued to screens?because it's easy dopamine. Doing things IRL like outdoors takes longer and results in less frequent dopamine hits. Delayed gratification is a lost art

>>396070987By hanging out with people irl but no one wants to hang out with me. They would rather be on their phones.

>>396070987honestly I could very easily go for days without looking at screens; unfortunately my job requires me to sit starting at a screen.

>>396070987I would suck milk out of those titties, ofc without looking at a screen

I’ve always been anti social and hated talking to normies. I love that everyone is glued to their idiot bars. It lets me ponder the ‘verse and enjoy my lunch without needing to entertain or respond. But then again, I do see and understand the utter irreparable harm it is doing to current and future society.

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>>396070987I'm staring at the same thing she is. Hey o

>>396070987>Why are we spending so much of our time glued to screens?Because empty time is boring and people desire stimulation. You aren't unique people have made the same complaints about newspapers and magazines. There is nothing wrong or unhealthy about wanting to fill up empty time with some form of mental stimulation.

>>396072372found the jew

>>396071586>we are proud of you>american flags in the background>vaccinated>everybody is alone in a tableI used to have a desire to have an american life and live in the US, after Obama became president the US truly became shit

>>396072468And will you stay in Venezuela to die in your shithole or will you migrate elsewhere?

>>396071162>go outside>feel no self worth unless filming content to put online

>>396070987I wonder how much it costs to buy her

>>396071716I wouldn't know. I've never seen a starving person since our obesity rate is 43%.

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>>396070987That has to be the most beautiful and fertile woman on earth


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>>396073878Saw that, roastie seething.


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>>396073878the eternal roastoid

>>396070987It gives cheap dopamine and pleasure, and lets people exalt themselves, and feel as if they are above the rest. It lets them compete and feel a false sense of satisfaction and superiority. Even though the satisfaction is fake, because nobody really cares, and the superiority is meaningless, because they are just like everybody else in their craving of simple material pleasures, as their lifes greatest and only meaning.

>>396070987Just wait till your phone breaks or becomes unusable from updates and simply don't buy another.

>>396070987I need to shit, it literally takes hours for me to shit all my poo. I need a distraction while I shit

>>396073878Need to do the Darth Vader zoom in on her reflection

>>396070987>seething roastie in reflection

>>396070987I have a rule. When i leave the house, no screens. Its sad most normies aren't the same tho (Especially Zoomers)I honestly miss waiting rooms before smart phones when everyone would start talking about current events etc. All that small chat is gone because of fucking phones.


>>396072581I hate how this has been society since about 2010. >Lets go do something>"Oh how can we involve social media, otherwise im not interested"

I have all notifications turned off on my phone. I ask others why they don't when we have lunch or drinks/whatever.>user I might get something importantWithout fail during out catch up they will receive a notification. I will ask what it was>It was an email>oh yeah what type of email>it was marketing for XYZSo super important stuff. Would be other things too, like spam SMS, spam phone calls, messages or emails they don't need to deal with this very second. Notifications from socials, etc. It is all worthless but they must be aware of it now. I am a gamer from the late 90s, I went through the phase of being the weird one for using a computer, pointed at by the very people that are now glued to their devices for seemingly no reason. It boggles the mind that people don't turn of everything, or at least most people. My retired mother, my aunts, uncles, etc who no longer work don't need to be notified that barnes and noble are having a 3% off sale tomorrow.

>>396075664Same as me. Iv never ever had notifications turned on (Why would you, your phone would make noise non stop all day just from having a youtube app) My phone doesn't receive my emails. Only my Computer and tablet at home. I also turn my phone on silent if im with someone or doing something important. I actually enjoy going out and not having the internet for a few hours or people hassling me. I would go nuts if i couldn't get away from people for a bit.

>>396075664phone radiation causes cancer too and a whole lot of other mental and physical problems

>>396076062Yeah because I don't use notifications I don't need to carry it in my pocket since I don't check it every few minutes when it tells me something is happening. So it can go in my bag. If I do something it can stay in the car. This is the other benefit of not checking religiously.

>>396076227electromagnetic waves are a whole rabbit hole one its own will its a small improvement to not carry it in your pocket i would advice you to set it in airplane mode when you are not using it

>>396070987Use a burner dumbphone instead of a smartphone. You'll save a ton of time to do other things or just live. Smartphones are way more addicting than PCs, idk anyone who really uses tablets other than ereaders anymore

>>396070987There are no real physical ties anymore>>396071162Nobody else is out there. It’s not the sun that matters it’s the people

>>396071162People would if they could, for the vast majority who have pitiful willpower the only way to stop is to go cold turkey and get rid of their iphone

>>396070987i would do some things,if you catch my drift

>>396070987Why would you want to be present in this society?

>>396077121i switched back to smart phone for a bit from a dumb phone for years. theres something about that shiny light and touch screen, its addicting in a way computers aren't.

>>396070987All societal decay is downstream from giving women rights and free autonomy

>>396077535I just moved to a dumb phone a few days ago. It doesn't turn you into a productivity/health machine over night but I've already noticed a decent improvement

>>396077535>theres something about that shiny light and touch screen, its addicting in a way computers aren't.and NPCs think this is fine. I'm so tired

>>396077612Well that’s just common sense user

>>396073065I can hear some loser screech >WhY dO WhiTE gUYs lIkE AsiAn gIRLs?!?!11

>>396071586Here’s what annoys me.50 years ago, if you took any 3-4 people, they would generally be fit, well-balanced, of normal appearance. Being a complete crustacean like these cunts was a 1/1000 thing. That’s why they use to use words like ‘derelict’ and even ‘retard’ to describe people like this.The problem is now fucking everyone looks like this. I go to the shops and most look like that balding lady. Most. Is it just the boomers being a cursed generation?

>>396070987> whyBecause, deep inside, you knew when you grow up, youd lose your job to a pair of underage boobs and blowjob

>>396070987I suspect when zoomers start finding themselves in positions of power, they will attempt to heavily regulate social media and smart devices just as the boomers did with drugs.

>>396070987I must shitpooooost on 24/7 user.

>>396070987Well what else should we do?>>396071162>go outsideAnd do what, stare at the houses, cars and streets?Give me a fucking purpose or something.

Electronic detox

>>396083246eat pork infront of your local mosque to train your social interaction

>>396070987I live in a little village with (mostly) boring people.You won't really miss a thing checking 4chan on your phone in this case.Now when it's cold it's kinda over for me, I don't go to pub.

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>>396083411>eat pork infront of your local mosque to train your social interactionpuke pork mixed with hard liqour on a mosque to assert your dominance

>>396070987Looking thru Mimi reader as I'm taking a shit.

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>>396070987I don't know but I need to jerk off now to clear my head then I will get back to you

>>396070987Buy old but gold Nokia 3210, use it only for calls, as even texts are a chore.That's litterally it. Fuck smartphones. And fuck those bitches always glued on to their smartphones.

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>>396071162>go outside>see every millenials and zoomers glued to their phone

>>396070987She deserves rape for dressing like that.

>>396070987If it's a phone or a tablet just move your most used apps into a new folder because you open certain sites or apps out of habit. If you break the muscle memory you stop doing it without noticing I guess you could try the same on your PC but you actually have to sit down on your computer to use it so it doesn't have the same ease as just picking up your phone

>>396072249Next time you see someone walk out in front of your car while looking at their phone you can run them over and pretend you only saw them at the last moment cause they walked out in front of you while staring at their phone and get away with crippling them or murder. That's all I can provide for today. More redpills next week.

>>396070987>Why are we spending so much of our time glued to screens? Phones, tablets, PCs, it's baffling. How do we cure ourselves from this addiction?Because reality fucking sucks >>396071162Oh yeah and every vax maxxed normie fuckwhits have their budpods in with nigger rap music in and won't talk to ya

>>396070987It's simply dopamine addiction delivered in micro doses. It's so subtle that people don't realize it. Combine that with how socially acceptable the addiction is, and there's no stopping it. TPTB see the grip they have on the people around the world, and you can expect them to tighten that grip, not release it. Next will be the glasses. Then the goggles - then the pods and bugs. It's all for the best.

>>396072372Yeah, definitely a kike post.

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>>396070987you are here forever

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>>396078259>The problem is now fucking everyone looks like this.It's acceptable now to look horrible and to be unhealthy. 70% of the women I see from ages 20 to 30 are unfuckable. I imagine from an attractive/healthy woman's perspective 90-95% of the men are unfuckable just based on first impressions - no sense of style, big guts, dirty clothes/shoe just just'd.

>>396070987Every woman i see is on her fucking phone.And i know there are orbiters swelling her ego and they both need to leave life

>>396087693>It's simply dopamine addiction delivered in micro doses. It's so subtle that people don't realize it.This is a meme take and while it is sort of correct the>dopaminememe as used by most is wrong.

>>396070987There are two aspects:1. It's a useful device for doing research or entertaining yourself while you're just passing time. I can't see how this is a bad thing when we spend so much of our time just waiting.2. There are ongoing conversations you keep expecting to get notifications for, so you keep feeling the need to check or at least be available. This can be a constant and crippling distraction and it can delay you from getting up to do other things.Constantly being wired into social situations that call for an immediate attention and reaction leads people on an all-day emotional rollercoaster. They're haggard, generally irritable, and hopelessly addicted to dopamine. They end up acting out phone etiquette in real life, trying to collect surface-level news and rumors so they can engage and respond quickly and "correctly" in all kinds of conversations. The phone makes them miserable, and yet they fear turning it off.Something similar happened to me when I was working sales. Any time a customer would enter my store, an alarm would go off in the back room so I could engage them. You needed to be constantly listening and drop everything immediately and respond, and I felt on-edge even if I was taking out the trash or in the bathroom. If I was out of range of the alarm, I could hear it blaring faintly in my head at all times, warning me to go back to my post. I believe this is basically what phone addicts experience as well.

>>396070987because humans are all about exchanging information, and smartphones are insanely good at that.the problem is that few people have enough information to keep passing it on 24/7 so it really just turns into inane chatter for the sake of talking

>>396089203If you've ever played team death match - it's killing and respawning and killing and respawning. No real teamwork in most cases. It's just repetition of the same actions to get a chemical cocktail, a mix of dopamine and adrenaline. When you stop for 15 minutes or so you get a strong urge to play the game again.

>>396088126I get it that you have to be somewhat muscular and definitely fit to be considered a man (as it should be, regardless of women or not).But why tf do they care about useless shit like clothing? I earn 60k a year and never bought clothes in the last 10 years (I'm 30). I still walk around in my Dads Bundeswehr boots (they are from the 70s and still work) and on warmer days with brown hiking shoes that are also at least 15 years old, I am fit so I am proud for something I worked for, clothes you don't work shit, you literally just spend money, why would anyone give a shit about something you did where no work is involved at all?


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>>396090249Women size up a man's wallet by how he's dressed. They notice shoes, in particular because they can do it easily without making eye contact. Quality clean shoes (not trainers) puts a man above 80% of other men who are wearing dogshit on their feet or colorful kid's shoes... You can get away from the wallet thing in her eyes if you have a different sense of style - a broke tatted up badboy whose going to fuck her like a whore until she passes out. That's the other side of the coin. But you're invisible to them if you don't visibly rank above most other men.