Can we all agree that Americans are barely functioning retards?

i mean you only see shit like this in nigger infested countries where the IQ of the basic citizen can be compared to that of a

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That is a wild video

>>396070960I'm and American. What's ur point


>>396070960Don't break the lawWhite Americans think they can act like niggers

>>396070960>21:14:54>>39607102721:15:46>17 minute videoThat is a wild video



>>396070960>Babe, babe>Babe can you tell them to stophahahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHI wish this fucking retard would have died god damncaptcha: S0 W0T

you can tell he was freaking out because the gun he had was illegal and didn't want to get caught on a felony gun charge. in the US you cant own a gun if you're a felon and this guy already had priors. usually when someone is acting strange like this you know some shit is about to go down, especially resisting like groid floyd was doing. typical degenerate behavior. really good training from the cops tho, they handled this thing done and shut. ended up shooting the guy in his dome before he had a chance to "fight" and use his gun against em. gonna suck the PTSD they'll be having tho. but great training on part of the officers immediately radioing in the status of the perp and the shots being fired!

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Cunny Cunny Cunny Cunny Cunny Cunny Cunny

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>>396070960Holy fuck I hate walmart.I hate everything about them.

>>396070960I have stolen many things and been in many altercations, most of which have ended in gunfire. In addition to this, I have had sexual intercourse with a great number of the opposite sex. In contrast, and despite the lack of legitimate evidence, I believe you to have been involved in a fair amount of homosexual activities; activities I and my companions look down upon. I am so much stronger than you, and my powers of rhetoric so much greater than yours, that you could employ an army of some sort to aid in your fight with me; but I, of course, would prevail because I am stronger than you. I'm sure I needn't remind you of my place of birth, wherein as I explained before, the living conditions are much worse than in your aforementioned city of residence. I would like to stop here for a moment and remind you that I am orating with little or no prior preparation (an act commonly referred to as "freestyling"). Once again, and I think this bears repeating, I would like to restate my claim that I am, in fact, much stronger and have endured a larger number of hardships than you; hardships that have left me with aggressive behavior and an imposing demeanor which I believe frightens you. I know of a woman with whom you have had sexual intercourse. I too have had sexual intercourse with said woman, and she complained to me of your less-than-exemplary performance in bed. She went on to explain to me, in graphic detail, the dimensions and particulars of your genitals; and I tell you what she said was NOT very generous, sir. In conclusion, I would like to leave you with a brief summary of my argument: you, sir, are a weak, timid, and untrustworthy homosexual. The city in which you live is not nearly as difficult to live in, nor is in such a high state of disrepair, as mine. I am the superior monologist in this debate, and any claim to the contrary will result in physical violence and perhaps even death.

>>3960711576 months old

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>>396071692I was is referring to the op post time to the reply man

>>396070960Oh my god lmfao. just wow.

>>396070960>Shoot him >BOOM>blast him in the head>nice, niceThere’s something wrong with shartmutticans

>>396070960>babe, can you tell them to stop?These fucking people have no sense of authority.

396071846ya they shoulda just let him pull his gun out and kill them, very smart well thought out reply leaf. can always count on you dotards to chime in with the leaf "wisdom"

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>>396071956it's in their DNA, most of them have the genes of gelded subjects.

>>396071846What you mean

How hard is it to not do weird illegal shit in public and shoot at cops

>>396072094I don’t speak to walking bags of corn

>>396071846whats wrong about your buddy killing the guy who was gonna kill you?

Imagine if he just fucking walked out of the store instead of fighting the cops

>>396070960Police are local, most are cool if you arent some fuck head. I've been let off with warnings lots of times as a teenager. Once we were all going up to the lake, I was like 17 and we were like 3 cars deep. We were all underage and had cases of beer. The sheriffs just took all our beer and gave us a ticket to appear. They wrote it with a felt tip marker though so it never transferred. So I showed up to court on the date and there was no record of me having to appear. That was pretty cool of them because I thought my license was going to be fucked.

>>396071846Kys faggot


Lmao. What even is the receipt scam? Never heard of it?

>>396071846I saw on the footage that at the time of shooting the gun was out of the perps hand and the sheriff could have taken it or pushed it away. This man didn't have to get shot but did anyway.In America is it not legal to carry?

>>396070960These cops are utter incompetent shit. Close range shot to the head and he survives? Now taxpayers have to foot the emergency medical treatment and reconstruction surgery on top of incarceration costs.

>>396071956The gun when perp was shot.

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>>396072472Legal to carry but not during the commission of a crime and certainly not when you are resisting arrest on top of it all. And in all honesty, who gives a shit? One less thief.

>>396071774We get that, but it's safe the assume the guy had already seen the video.

>>396072670no. the subtitles just stayed up for a few seconds. the gun was not out of his hand when he told the cops to shoot him

>>396072164I don't either. We have this in common

>>396070960>California make shoplifting defacto legal>still have time to execute whites over fake walmart receipt

>>396072980When the shot was fired, the gun was out of the perps hand.The civilian was yelling shoot him and nice!LOL

>>396070960I repeat this on this board a lot, but America and Europe have vastly different areas. Western Europe mega cities are much like ours but our are more Hispanic, and West Europe's tend to be more Islamic.Inner US has crime rate similar to Europe, US has murder rates similar to Africa. U.S. cops in cities keep doing dumb things because they dont know how to cope with a retarded lawless aggressive public. Our black population is more crime prone because of progressive culture and the Drugs that some Hispanics bring into the country.

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>>396071027Ya I believe Earth is alive and he's my bro, but tell me why you want to live

>>396073314Is this a malfunction bot

>>396070960if you dan't want to get shot then don't break the law

>>396071108Talks like a beaner.

How did this fat spic get shot in the head at point blank range and not die? Are the cops using pellet guns?

one less retarded beaner. Good.

>>396072149Some people aren't very good at adulting.Especially if they've already fucked their lives up.

>>396070960i'm american obv (^) and I agree with OP. I hate most other americans.


>>396070960did he grab a cop's gun or was it his?


Did he have a gun? Did he have it in his hand pointed at anyone when he was shot?Hard to tell with these carefully edited pro-cop videos.Niggerpill me on this situation please

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>>396072149cops kill people for no reason all the time in america

>>396074604The fat spic lived.He was already stupid, imagine how much dumber he is after receiving brain damage from being shot in the head.

>>396070960americans don't function at all

>>396074808It was planted.Another great job done by America's finest.

>>396072670So they shot him just because he had a gun? Isn't it legal to carry a gun in the United States? If you get arrested while carrying it the cops just shoot you?That being said the guy was being a retard. It's the same shit every time. When the cops arrest you, do not resist them. If you do they will probably shoot you.


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>>396073102Your retardation is truly noteworthy. You didn’t watch the whole thing. I KNOW you didn’t watch the whole thing, because the location of the gun and the timing of the officer’s shot was extensively established through multiple replays. The perp’s hand was clenching the gun at his waist. One of the officers grabbed the gun and started wrestling with him for control of it. About the same time, or just before, the civilian calls out the gun. Then another of the officers fires the shot, the perp’s hand goes limp, and the officer pulls and slides it away along the floor.How did you make this cocky assertion having not even watched the whole video? I’m so nice I’m going to give you a free therapy session now, and all you need is a mirror. First, finish the video, you leaf retard. Then, look in the mirror and take a deep, cleansing breath. Look yourself in the eyes and say, “I was wrong. I, user, was wrong and stupid. Now that I have confessed my stupid error, I can learn and improve from this experience and be wiser in the future. I have gained wisdom today and am now less retarded. I was wrong.”You’re welcome, it’s on the house.

>>396072699>who cares he was a petty thiefAmericans are truly brain rotted mutts hahaha

>>396071588shut up nigger

>>396072589>Now taxpayers have to foot the emergency medical treatment and reconstruction surgery on top of incarceration wut, no we arent paying to fix his face. We give border line care to keep you alive and then charge you for it. You know nothing about the US. Also stop living in a fantasy land of what you imaged should of happened. Reminds me of when I was a kid and Id watch a cool action movie. Id think to myself oh ya id pull all those sweet moves and fuck anyone up. Your life is fragile and can be taken at any moment. Dude was reaching for a gun resisting arrest. I am more upset they didnt use some bjj , if they grabbed his thumb from behind the palm and twisted it he wouldn't have been able to resist. Its called a thumb lock. But here again I am fantasizing as well. There's this vid somewhere, the cops take in this community leader and take him through a training course. The community leader that was complaining about cops shooting people. This leader during the course shot every person and this was just a practice course.. Life is not a fucking marvle movie. It would take a heroic will or complete lack in your own will to live to not shoot that mother fucker.

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>>396070960I really don't think anyone from my country is in a good place to judge Americans over their intelligence, honestly


>>396070960>literally just shopping>store worker wants you to leave, accuses you of crime with no proof>cops detain you and want your details>act like total assholes to you>shoot you in the head when you are not even pointing a weapon at themHAHAHAH LAND OF THE FREEEE

>>396071108nobody in that video is white

>>396074917>Did he have a gun?you didn't watch video, you are a bot , troll, retard, trying to bait or instigate retardation. >>396073456ya the bots are getting out of hand. >>396071537> the PTSDya I could hear that one cop almost start to cry, dude thought he was gonna die

>>396076189I watched it and then rewatched the different angles, and quite obviously the gun was out of the perps hand when the shot was fired.You don't need to give me any advice thanks anyway.

>>396071537>you can tell he was freaking out because the gun he had was illegal and didn't want to get caught on a felony gun charge.or he's a retarded spic robbing a walmart. he wasn't thinking anything through.>muh ptsdshut the fuck up retard lmao. the civilian there literally said "lmao. nice. LOL even. very nice"they're so SHOOK UP! 10 years of paid leave and therapy! fat fucking pussy faggot.

>>396070960Americans are all on some sort of drugs. Have you ever spoke to an american from the US ? They all look like they are high on drugs.

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>>396077195>ya I could hear that one cop almost start to cry, dude thought he was gonna dieYou heard a fucking civilian not a sheriff, You better go rewatch it again as you are severely lacking copper.

>>396071157It's trending right now, got recommended to me a few hours ago as well. Already saw it.

>>396077426lol wut, I didn't know bots knew how to gaslight people. I mean its a pretty terrible attempt but I am impressed no less.

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>>396070960>Hides behind meme flag>Posts image of some latino or half latino>Complains about Americans

>>396072281>have some beer at 17>they take you to courtWhat weird fucking country man.

>>396070960What did this retard think he was going to do with a knife and a gun?

myyyy moniiiiieee ACK-

>>396076189He's a jew or a nigger, they can't comprehend being wrong

>>396070960i press F for my fellow american. that fucking karen just cost this man his cerrebellum because of a tv. ponder that for a moment. next time just let him have the damn tv.

>>396078647>they can't comprehend being wrongSounds like an American problem to me honestly.

>>396079269>claimed she saw the fake receipt was enough to have another man murdered.

>>396077426That fucker calls me a bot for asking what exactly happened, cuz everything is apparently clear in the video. Then he proceeds to get the details wrong. What an embarrassment>>396077195

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>>396070960they're not more retarded but more bold about it if it makes any sense kek

>>396070960I hate cops and latinos. Put the two together and i hate them even more.

>>396071846>Shoot him >BOOM>blast him in the head>nice, nice>there's nothing wrong with this>shut the fuck upThese people are deeply degenerate with innate urges to chimp out. They want to see cracked skulls and dripping brain matter and they get their outlet in what they think is a socially accepted way through aggressive boot licking.

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That idiot completely deserved the bullet. The problem with modern day is that nature doesn't kill the retards anymore, we just let them grow into adults. He thought he could take on trained cops with a knife and gun. He had his hand on the knife his intent was to fuck these pigs up and they knew it.

>>396076945Its fucked.

I guess he died doing what he loved

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>>396071385Posting test test hello im helping

>>396071407HelloThis is bulge

>>396070960>Don't break the law>cooperate with the police officers when they ask you to.>don't get shotEasy as one two three.

>>396075946Short fuse

>>396071537Second amendment says he can own a gun, he should have shot the unconstitutional agents of zog

>>396070960No sympathy. He did it to himself because he resisted getting cuffed, no matter if he was right or wrong. The world ain't fair. Understand that you gotta follow procedure. If you were wronged, challenge it in a court. There's no other way around it.1. Be suspected of crime.2. Resist.3. Die.4. Those involved in your death may or may not be held accountable. Doesn't matter, you're dead. Congratulations, you won the Darwin award.1. Be suspected of crime.2. Surrender.3. Be processed.4. If innocent and with or without evidence depending on the situation, go through the legal procedure and resolve the issue in court.5. Either you're guilty and are charged or proven innocent, absolved and maybe get reparations. Regardless, you're still alive. Congratulations, you have common sense.

>>396088476Truly spoken like someone who has never seen how corrupt and unjust the inside of a court room is. Unless you have 6 figures to throw at lawyers justice is not for you.

>>396088658Spoken like a dead man. I hope you don't ever waver in your beliefs and immediately resist any officer that approaches you for any reason whatsoever. Fight the system! You'll show them, Rambo!

>>396072589If you look it up, you'll find that people usually survive getting shot in the head, which is why the military says put two to the chest and then one to the dome to be sure.

>>396070960these beaners and niggers are dumb as dog shit, dont they know if they are evne booked they wil be out no bail? dont they know under zog they will never be deported and ice doesnt do anything? dont they know if the officers found the gun, if he was even placed under arrest he would get a free jew lawyer that would say he needed that gun to defend himself against racist trump supporters? how do these non whites not know the law is fully on their side? dumbasses dying over being banned from walshart

>>396088859Rather be dead and make them die too then locked in a cage for something I never did. Would you rather the cage? Sad, many such cases!

>>396070960How the fuck can the police even justify that shit?In France, there is unarmed private security in supermarkets. I know a thing or two about it, because I used to do that job for a bit.The police doesn't bother for thefts for a value of less than 500€, and even then, they usually don't bother because they couldn't care less about non-violent thefts in stores.Anyway, in the case of the video, there wasn't even any proof of stealing, they should have let them check out, and then catch them on the act, and then yeah you can arrest them.That's how we used to do it here. We knew people were stealing goods thanks to surveillance cameras, but we didn't interact with them until they went to check out, and then we have proof they don't intend to pay for the products they've taken, and then we send two security guys to talk to those people. We don't make a fuss, and we count on people not wanting to make a fuss to avoid the shame of being called a thief in public, so we tell them to follow us in the security room. There we tell them that we have proof they've not paid for products (we never use the word "theft", we simply suggest they forgot to pay), we can even show them the videos if they deny it. Then we ask them to pay for the products. If they do it, problem solved, they can leave. If they can't pay because they don't have money, and the goods they've stolen are still in good shape, in their blisters and can be put back on the aisles, then we'll do just that and let them go. Even if the products are damaged, if they are low values, which is often the case, we just let them go anyway. It's not worth doing anything further.Lastly, it's forbidden in France to refuse service to anyone regardless of the reason, thus it is impossible to get a thief trespassed from the store. Of course, we do recognize thieves and when we see them enter the store we are extra carreful with them.

>>396075946his blood is boiling

>>396071385checking in

That intervention was really sloppy.

>>396089038That being said, I've noticed that thefts in supermarkets were usually petty shit that people do for fun. For example, a couple of white people with children, they buy for 200€ worth of groceries, but they'll hide a pack of AA batteries or some chewing gum in their bag. Why is that? For the thrill? I don't know. The thing is, those people pay for the product after we tell them to, and they'll come back and buy again, that they tried to steal something that costs less than 5€ is irrelevant when they buy for hundreds every month.Going back to the video, that shit is absolutely crazy, I don't understand how some niggress can decide people are thieves without any proof, and armed cops barge in and arrest those guys without any proof of any wrong doing, just because they are "trespassed", and somehow they end up shooting the guy in the back of the head while some sociopath is saying "nice nice nice". What the fuck is wrong with those people?

>>396071054You can barely speak English, you proof OP right

>>396070960Usually I do the typical fuck pigs they deserve nigs routine but this time I'm willing to make an exception. I see this type of behavior pattern often times in sociopaths where they constantly try to weasel and lie and ride the social courtesy rules right up to the line and then some to get what they want. Dude could have shrugged his shoulders and easily walked away from this knowing his shit was blown. Instead he was doing faggot shit like "Am I a human?", constantly trying to lollygag and as a result of his dumbass faggotry cops became more suspicious and noticed a knife. It was in that moment he knew he fucked up. Now if he just left from the start and the cops were to notice later out in the parking lot while fully cooperating they wouldn't feel the need to disarm him as he wasn't under arrest or being cuffed. They would just hand him a ticket and everyone would leave. Instead they knew he was doing the stupid passive resistance shit that women do and once they saw the knife they wanted the knife. Then he knew a whole new can of worms was being opened up as he was going to get searched and his illegal firearm would be found.

>>396089010What a simple minded idiot. I hope your wish is granted.


Amazing how a gun materializes out of thin air whenever a cop shoots someone, why the fuck was a random civ helping the cops? It could have easily been his gun.

>>396089674Like I said you're clearly clueless, you speak from speculation and not experience, you are naive enough to think you'll find justice inside a courtroom and dead enough inside to think life in a cage is better than dying fighting for your position. What do you do for a job may I ask?

the beaner was willing to die over getting banned from a walmart. he would have been let go with no bail and given his gun back and an apology because hes a spic then go back to his free housing and free healtchare like a king. king of amerisharts

>>396070960>blonde>whiteno, she's not white you stupid motherfucker

>>396070960>>396088658>>396088859I typed an actual post then deleted it just to tell you niggers that the US is

>>396070960>you only see shit like this in nigger infested countriesThe US is a nigger infested country. Eliminate niggers and the crime rate would plummet. The US would be one of the safest places in the world to live. >*sniff* If only, if only *sniff, sniff*

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>>396075639Wrong.A good majority states require a license and cucked as it is its basically outlawed in California though on the books you can get a license. Don't get wrong it should change but its almost impossible to get a CCW in most areas because it requires approval of the sheriff/police department and they just auto deny unless you are a security guard or some high risk profession. That is the whole reason he really started to freak when the cops noticed the knife as he knew then he was about to be searched so he tried to pull his gun on them.

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I’m an American and I approve this message

>>396074919Europe will be the same soon thanks to your policies.

scum with raisin sized balls got what he deserved

>>396070960That's it though, this behavior is lower in intelligence then dogs, when a dog knows it's in a lose lose scenario it'll submit. these fucking morons resist arrest out of brain disfunction, they have no idea that another option is even available to them.

>>396076945No, he was a previous "customer" and by customer I mean chronic shoplifter and the store has a right to kick you out regardless. Imagine having such a bad wrap as a shoplifter that you get kicked out of a fucking WALMART of all places. Dude most likely previously stole thousands in merchandise. Then your proceed to lie through your yellow buckteeth again and say he didn't point the weapon at them yet you can see clear as day him pulling the weapon out in the struggle.

the cops sounded faggy and there was 3 of them trying to wrangle him and he still could pull his gun. they needed the big roided out cop with the satisfying body slam, would have saved this beaner fag from getting shot in the head too. having a tiny brain saved this spic from being killed since the bullet missed

>>396076200It's walmart. There probably some of the biggest globalist Thief in the world? I could give a fuck about Walmart. It's when you steal from local owned buisnesses that actually scrape by and shit to live. Hella walmart employees are on foodstamps. Goverment funded foodstamps paid by taxpayers. Where do employees go to shop with foodstamps. Walmart. Taxpayers are paying Walmart for being faggot. Idk how it is now since they raised wages but cut hours. From what I know they make the same but work less. So probably still on food stamps lol. Not real good Healthcare benefits either.

woah is me when i was younger i thought the police sounded like an awesome profession, where you save white people from nigger and spic crime. little did i know the cops terrorize and write white people fines because they actually pay them, and let the niggers and non whites run wild. then the jew legal systgem and DA convicts whites and lets niggers walk to balance the crime statistics, and lets mark down arabs and beaners as white when it suits them

>>396088658This. Particularly in California. Fuck COPS, spic cops get the bullet, and fuck the court systems.

>>396090654Yeah walmart is gay and it's not wrong to steal from them but all the walmart had the cops do is kick him out. He wasn't even getting arrested. Even when they saw his knife they could have just let them take it off him instead of reaching for it himself like a retard.Btw a great thing to steal from walmart is high end leg sets. Just walk out of the store with them and hop on a boss they won't do shit about theft

>>396070960>10:34the nices start rolling lmao

>>396089038Never talk to or associate with cops here in the states.

America is a dying shithole, nothing of the sort ever happened here, never saw a chimpout, never saw anyone attack the cops except for a few very isolated cases. I seriously don't know what the fuck is wrong with you, it's not the guns it's you. People have guns all over the world and nothing like this ever happens.

>>396089801>Amazing how a gun materializes out of thin air whenever a cop shoots someone, why the fuck was a random civ helping the cops? It could have easily been his gunThis is either entirely fake and staged or blatant cop murder and the "civilian" was a relative of some sort to the cops. A bunch of cops on someone like that clearly means they don't need to shoot, IF cops had hands on a gun of his then they can just take it away. Civilians don't cheer for cops to shoot people they are piled on and then say nice after a shooting. So this is either entirely fake and staged or an excuse for criminal rapist child molesting piece of shit cops to murder someone. He probably never even had a gun. Cops plant guns on people. They're criminals.And righty government establishment shill board like pol, full of freemason satanist criminals government establishment personnel, is doing what they always do trying to strip people off all rights and terrorize people into servitude and obedience to violent sex offender porn cult piece of shit criminals called cops and the rest of righty government establishment illegitimate tyrant regime by posting cops killing people and saying "better be afraid of the cops and don't disobey or question or rightfully resist criminal assault from cops ever period, doesn't matter how disrespectful or rude or illegally threatening they are, what laws they break or illegal demands they make or constitutional rights they violate and any and all illegal violent acts and sex offenses they commit is perfectly fine" because illegitimate criminal tyrant regime relies on piece of shit criminal cops first and foremost. That's how you know the government is far gone crooked criminals that are trying to usher in enslavement, and those in said government need to die especially the cops above all.