Massacre of civilians in Donetsk, Ukraine

heck of a job NAFOsome great work fellasUkrainian government shells civilians in Donetsk city ZERO military targets many dead including children.

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Fresh globohomo war crime just dropped

good versus evil

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>>396070157sorry but this is war. i know russia in it of itself is actually trying to evade civilians as much as possible but this is war. expect shootings.

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Not my problem

>>396070157>starts war>good job my enemy I started war against, look at the civilians that diedJust kys already

>>396070957The shelled a city center full of civilians shopping, zero military targets.

>>396071183>is NATO>violated every agreement>is existential threat to Russia>overthrows Ukrainian government>starts training literally jewish NAZIs >uses Ukraine as corruption piggy bank for western elites>prepares to invade Donetsk and Donbas to murder a bunch of ethnically-russian Ukrainian civilians after 12 years of shelling them and murdering civilians>Russia finally moves in to protect civilians"HOW COULD RUSSIA DO THIS UNPROVOKED INVASION"

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>>396070157I am so glad that my government decided to increase weapon deliveries to Ukraine again!

>>396071050so don't support NATO being involved.

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>>396071430me too! pic rel: its me

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Omg... Put them in alley of angels :-

>>396070718is this the spirit cooking lady?

>>396071457I knew there was something sinister about this symbol, and why their state actors were so fucking obsessed with it


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>>396071657these people are sickPutin is doing the Lord's work

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>>396072274I am just making a joke! I am not serious! Diversity is our strength! Putler bad!

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>>396070157>"russia's bad">meanwhile

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>>396073500checked>you got it fats>now watch this drive

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>>396070157The Jew strikes out in pain as he strikes you.

>>396073709I hate kikes so much its unrealA few years ago I would have called you all racists now I think the holocaust never happened but should have.

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>>396070157>many dead including children.dead white children... this makes the jew happy, regardless of who did it

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>>396070957I wish they'd drop that stupid "Occupy" name.Occupy was loaded with communists who would oppose Maidan Nazis.


>>396071498reminds me of a guy i met in the french foreign legion who had a full backpiece linearted at the time of baphometwhat cursed imagery, whoever does that sort of thing is insane; hope they stop or get remove for their own misunderstanding or other's sake ffs


>>396070157NAFO is a faggot psy-op for Reddit. Ukies were doing this shit since 2014, so no sane person would support them as a "good fella".

>>396070157They've been doing this since before Russia's special operation. Is this news?

>>396077614more like it's never been on the news

>>396070157hmm those look really extra fake. just like the rest of this wag the dog war


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>>396070157>Ukrainian government shells civilians in Donetsk cityDAILY REMINDER !!!!!!! RUSSIA DID NOTHING WRONG BY ATTACKING UKRAINE.In 2014 after US sponsored coupe in Kiev, mostly Russian population in Luhansk and Donetsk area (called Donbas) decided that they don't wont to live under new illegal nazi regime in Kiev, and they decided to separate from the government of Ukraine in Kiev. It was a an act of a Divorce.Similar like a divorce in a marriage between man and a woman.But even before 2014, government in Kiev was economically neglecting Donbas area, no social services, no infrastructure, no hospitals. etc etc. So what happened is, people in Donbas declared a divorce from Ukraine. And instead of talking about it, peacefully negotiating, Ukrainian government in Kiev sent Ukrainian army there to bomb them into submission.So of course Russia gave Dombas military help so they can protect themselves from Ukrainian nazi attacks.UKRAINIAN nazi swines were bombing civilians in Donbas since 2014 every fucking day, killing innocent civilians.14,000 people got killed since 2014, including women and children.And now Ukrainian murderers are crying that Russia is paying them back.Fuck off, you had 8 years and two fucking (((kike))) Presidents to stop that war in Donbas.Ukraine, you blood thirsty subhumans, you rejected two Minsk Peace Agreements that you signed.Now enjoy your fucking misery, you heartless soulless demonic cunts."Donbass: The Grey Zone"Life in the frontline villages.WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY share this info on all social media sites.Let people learn the truth about the real Ukraine.image related WAR CRIMES COMMITTED BY UKRAINIAN ARMY.SATAN IS THE GOD OF NAZI UKRAINE !!!

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>>396071410>is existential threat to RussiaGood.

>>396070157>Bolsheviks kill children>Blame it on a White civilizationBeen going on for a century at this point. Not surprised mutts on Holla Forums still haven’t caught on.

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>>396070718>Russian Christian fundamentalismFor one, we’re not, but if we were, I’d be even more Z


>>396077059yup>>396077614yes>>396077753cope>>396078119agree>>396078143>is gypsy>>396078300checked

>>396078605centcom working overtime

>>396070157NATO are cartoonishly evil monsters. Truly horrifying

>>396070157vatniks saying woman killed in explosion from shellher purse just standing right next to her, unaffected by supposed explosion

>>396078723>bag covered in dirt and dust>obv been dragged (more like thrown from epicentre)You cockholes are just intolerable sometimes

>>396070157don't give a shit about traitors/. i support ukraine in cleansing the area of whoever they deem as russophilic. Fuck russia and fuck the russians, they are no better than the roaches. An infestation of violent subhumans that need to be removed asap.

>>396078723>her purse just standing right next to her, unaffected by supposed explosionoh so now suddenly the laws of physics are in play, kike?unlike when your fellowcraft vermin pulled off the Boston Marathon Hoax bombing in which the pic rel signs are still intact

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>>396078704yeah>>396078717I would fully support Putin taking over the US>>396078723good point! now that I look again, her upper half looks alrightshe'll be fine>>396079026how's Souda Bay?

>>396071457>neither the "moloch sigil" nor the "khazarian thamga" are trueyou fucking niggers better stop this

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>>396073500 >error: duplicate file exists

>>396078218this is how you motivate children to go to school.


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>>396080679>>396080956Real proof or fuck off

>>396082542search on Yandex for things that are contrary to mainstream narratives

>>396070157don't care lolstay mad russiacuck

>>396070157Based. No mercy for traitors

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>invade country>lose the territories you had prior to invasionwhat the FUCK is putin doing

>>396084914Ayo I think you need to post a few more times. People are still unsure who you support and show bias towards.

>>396070157>>using Iranian drones>>using palishit tier propaganda>>lose like arabsrussia is middle east shithole tier

>>396085725u mad bro?

>>396070157All children in the DPR/LPR will be vaporized

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>>396086347until the last Ukrainian right?

>>396085987The middle east shithole that saved you from total extermination*

>>396079026Absolutely based, Greek bull

I will cut up a ukrainian child in parts and eat them before raping his mother, ngl, though, tbf.

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>>396080679Ukrainian black metal is actually good. Fuck Russian nigger communism.

>>396086428Until the last ethnic Russian child

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>>396086611You're currently the main exporter of communism worldwide, your culture is communism, you are communism, communism fucked your mother 13 years ago, and after 7 month you were born

>>396070157>>396070623>it's ok when russia kills the same civilians

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>>396071235Who cares, we've done worse. It's sad that white people are dying though, so it should carry more weight.

>>396086799>Who cares>It's sad good point

>>396077059Most kids in nafo were literally toddlers in 2014 and have a world view derived from call of duty: tranny edition

>>396086748Lol, you're lucky you even have internet you third world shitskin monkey. What year did you get internet wired into your home Ivan?

>>396086520Thanks for reminding me to never go east.


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Why did LPR shell DPR?

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Hey, discord tranners, answer me this, who is picrelated?

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>>396085514Based falseflagger, it's actually clever

more russian false flags?

>>396087026Like 5 years before your mudshark mother gave birth to you, and, 2004 irrc

>>396087185cause LPR niggas are virgin cucks, no one can match DPR niggas, DPR children are blast resistant from all the artillery shell diet for 8 years

>The whole 2021>10 dead DPR citizens>Russia starts the protection of DPR>all male population lies dead near Pisky>15 DPR citizens get slaughtered on a single dayRussoid retards fucked this up.

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Why are Anti Russians all jews ?

>Russia gets involved in a conflict>Other side starts gassing and bombing themselvesWow why does this keep happening, Vlad

>>396079785If you flip it over?

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>>396070157>many dead including children.based. this is how you fight a war. Normies love to slurp up whatever goyslop propaganda is served to them by their (((masters))). that is...Until you start dropping napalm on them. Normies lose the taste for war fast once you bring the painand without normie support, the war effort will collapse overnight.

>>396086472no Boris, we won our freedom with fire and blood, the mutts sanctioned us, just like they do you, except we are better then you, we won

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>>396087632They still can't let go pogroms(totally justified cause jews are subhumans), it's so deep in their head that we dared didn't pay them like germcucks so they decided to destroy russia, jews are greedy rats

>>396070157Good job, kill all traitors.the people of Donbass are nothing more than cannon fodder for Putin and hence can be treated as animals, they are not human to support a dictator who sent all their young men do die against front coming machine gun fire

>>396070157Holols and specially NATO trannies are subhumansglobohomo enablers

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>>396087632Because jews and chechens are the masters of russoids.

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>>396087753You're better at being unscrupulous nation of nepotistic bastards, it's actually makes sense cause you're neanderthals and you don't have frontal lobes that are related to conscience, the frightening part is that you infiltrated america like a parasite infests host, and they're very armed host

>>396070157Sorry, since 9/11 I have been completely de sensitized to things like this. You dont have any shock value to make care.

>>396087765kys nigger, most pogroms happened outside of actual russia, in places like ukraine, baltics, belarus

>>396070157these are all russia’s faultwithout their war of aggression, this would not have happened ergo this is a russian war crime as well, case closed. see you at the hague, you russian sympathizers will hang in nuremberg 2.0google julius streicher, he said he dindu nuffin but was rightfully exposed as propagandist mouth piece and died at the gallows, reportedly suffocated to death instead of breaking his neck. this fate will be everyone’s spewing russian propaganda bullshit

>>396071410if that was true all of Russian tv would have been talking about this 24/7, but instead they were more like "haha ukrainians stupid"Conclusion: meds NOW

>>396088059Because??? Come the fuck on dumbfucking baltoid, i know your IQ is close to 89 but it's very simple questin, jews weren't allowed to live where? Little hint to you: Cherta osedlosti(practically reason you butthurt belters all have jewish roots)

>>396078119kys zigger bot25 civilians died in 2021, more than half killed by russian rebels

Also this is the reason why butthurt belters do not shun from using hutzpah, i.e: they shoot themselves, it's air conditioner blew up, etc, they're simply have jewish blood


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>>396088239nigga, your entire country is run by jews. go check the ancestry of all your oligarchs.

>>396070157Look at all those Christian Judeo values. Jewish providers, many religious people, always same outcome. But lets think about muh holy book and their laws to not do harm, but then this is what happens every time.

>>396087523just because you type out lies doesn't make them true. no one believes you glownigger

>>396088553Oligarchs are disposable, poisonable, throwable, who the fuck cares, back to 90s we basically had similar to hohland situation with them, like they had their own tv channels, more authority, more levers for "lobbying", but then evil putler came and semibankirshina gone

>>396085514>big noseIt's like Goebbels all over again.

>>396078119thisthank goodness there are some reasonable people in the EU.. History will be on our side... lets just hope we can save as many people as we can...

>>396070157I dont care about dead slavs. A dead slav means one less thief and drug addict in this world.

>>396070157Holy based, finally Ukraine is doing something good, they should kill more Russian civilians.

>>396071457>tpDishonest kike

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>>396088092Remember those lines yourself, NATO kike rat

>>396088741Ask not how much economy you have, but how you redistribute it when you ban foreigner ownership.

>>396078119This war is good because its Soviet infighting, no matter who wins, nothing will change the fact that theres going to be far less Dimitrys and Yuris in this world. And no matter who wins, Ukraine will remain a 3rd world shithole.

>>396088844Why? Afraid that there will be nothing to steal and huff to you after us, Jose?

>source: russian telegramso it was fsb, nice try ivan

>>396088862Future rulers of Ukraine will be more like Westerner Russian. They all need their blood stamps to start talking about real democracy.

>>396088987Whats there even to steal in eastern europe? Empty vodka bottles? Bootleg cigarettes?Hell, the only thing of value there is the weaponry NATO sent them, wouldnt mind getting my hands on a Javelin.

>>396070623Nah, russians just reaping what their sowed for 8 years or so.

>>396088955and this guy knows a thing or 2 about third world shitholes, am i right pedro?

>>396088921This question is still on table, there's plenty of people that upset about this, and there's more and more every month

>>396084914Post proof. Now.>>396087720Looks nothing like it. Come on nigger.

>>396070157CIA gets hard seeing dead children

>>396088888nice quints, us jews need to deal with these kinds of goyim lies on an hourly basis

>>396089121So you're bootleger, pickpocket or pusher? Make your mind Jose

>>396070957Funny, concidering around the same amount of people died in the invasion phase of the Iraq war.

>>396089279None of that, i'm a taxpayer, as such, i'm a rightful owner to any NATO weaponry there, be it rifles, vehicles, artillery or aircraft.

>>396089157Democracy is around the corner, you just to have to give more of your benefits to rich and other scavengers, then when they have all their houses, they will blame you for economy failures, which they call perfect economy.

>>396070157they've been killing civs the whole timethey call them "russian collaborators" and MSM carries water for it

>>396089136I would, after all wr have commies who worship the Soviet Union in charge here.Should send the entire political class here to Chernobyl armed with forks, see of they either get bombed or die of radiation.

>>396070157GOOD! Donbabwaens deserve death and to be strung up from lampposts for betraying their country in 2014

I'm convinced Russian intel is pretending to be Ukraine supports and being super evil to make them look even worse.

>>396089703Or maybe Ukraine supporters are just fucking evil.

>>396089779>>396089703You americans cant even point in a map where ukraine or russia are.

>>396071410>>violated every agreementthere was never any agreements between russia and nato>is existential threat to Russiahow is a defensive alliance a threat to russians that keep invading their neighbors?>overthrows Ukrainian governmentdidn't happen. yanuk was a russian puppet that started murdering ukrainian civilians>starts training literally jewish NAZIs muh nazis. where do you think you are?>uses Ukraine as corruption piggy bank for western elitesthat's swizterland and ireland>prepares to invade Donetsk and Donbas to murder a bunch of ethnically-russian Ukrainian civilians after 12 years of shelling them and murdering civilianspure fantasy>Russia finally moves in to protect civiliansby forcefully conscripting a bunch of them and sending them to the slaughterthere's a reason why everyone except shitskins hate russia and even now those shitskin allies are quickly turning against you

>>396089703>ukraine is not evilanon they're literally nazi, LITERALLY.Its not some kind of larp you goddamn imbecile.

>>396089779its possiblethey're just so obscenely evil

>>396089887oh man I feel bad about myself. Serbians or whatever are really good at insults.


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>>396088888Absolutely made up random shit. I love how ukies just pull things out of their asses without any connection to reality.

>>396089964Slavs cant be natsoc, you are literally the enemy. Would be like a black white supremacist.

>>396090219who the fuck are you

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>>396090315Someone who knows slavs cant be trusted and, deep inside, are all still bolsheviks.

>>396089920>there was never any agreements between russia and natoman I feel like an Indian now (feather not dot)>how is a defensive alliance a threat to russians that keep invading their neighbors?What happened when Putin tried to join NATO? >didn't happen. yanuk was a russian puppet that started murdering ukrainian civilians>no ufuck I can't respond to this>muh nazis. where do you think you are?I am in Nazi germany so you are right I am a hypocrite, please continue supporting Nazis>that's swizterland and irelandno corruption in Ukraine, good point. >pure fantasyyeah you're right the entire Ukrainian military got caught in a cauldron in the east because there was a birthday party and they were just there to drink punch and stuff>by forcefully conscripting a bunch of them and sending them to the slaughterthis is extremely convincing >there's a reason why everyone except shitskins hate russia and even now those shitskin allies are quickly turning against youoh shit, you mean there's a consensus to hate russia!?!? well that means I do too because I'm dumb and just do whatever it seems like the internet wants me to do. >>396089964its just so over the top though, it's like insane evil, like cartoonishly evil. its like NATO forgot about optics. >>396090094always a bong, always with this stupid "joke"this must be some kind of shill signal.

>>396070157>civilians in Donetsk cityther are sypatyser to the old gods. the goy need to eliminat them.

>>396070157>Ukrainian government shells civilians in Donetsk city>ZERO military targets>many dead including children.So?

>>396090429does the internal polling numbers show this tactic works?

>>396078723Ukr are saying at the same time that Russians are bombing themselves and that it is all staged

>>396090491good point, who cares about peopleWAIT A MINUTE! I"M PEOPLE! ALSO MY MOM IS ALMOST A PERSON!

>dead Russians

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>>396090509not the first time, remember when Russia shelled itself at the nuclear power plantits probably because Putler is crazyand NAFO is so smart and sexy and good and honest and sexy also smart

>>396090429oh really cunt... what did your country ever did for us?.. nothing...

>>396090579we get it, you're the bad guys, dial it back a notch


>>396070157Russia got them killed for not fulfilling their promise to defend Donetsk.

>>396090493No, since people are still picking sides over which flavor of Dimitry they prefer.The fact that we arent carpet bombing both Ukraine and Russia is proof of how tight the jewish control over the west is.

>>396090315nazi greeting is not the terrifying thing..the fact that 10-12 year old wears a bullet proof vest and an AK.. that is trully evil...

>>396090657this is logical >>396090673>The fact that wedoes Spain have airplanes?

>>396090614>muh good guys >muh bad guys American comic book morality lol

>>396090599You slavs literally instigated our civil war, you tried to turn us into a Soviet satellite and we were forced to kill all the commies. In fact we need to do it again soon.

>>396090748and they say Finland is a humorless countryhow could you have gotten such a reputation

>>396090774>You slavs literally instigated our civil war, is there anything Russia hasn't done? any evil they haven't caused? I submit: NO! Sun goes supernova in 6,000,000,000 yearsRUSSIAi crapped my pants yesterdayRUSSIAAlf was cancelled RUSSIANOT AGAIN PUTLER THIS IS THE LAST TIME!

>>396090741We as in the west. Jews really want to keep slavs around after how useful they were to them during WWII.

>>396090896Oh no you're a spic you're not part of the west

>>396090734>nazi greeting is not the terrifying thingAre you stupid vasya? Do you think they're just learning the salute and that's it?

>>396090859Not russia, the Soviet Union, I blame you, the ukranians, the polish and lithuanians etc. Hope the war expands to all of eastern europe and the soviets all destroy themselves.

>>396090926Statistically, theres a 45% chance you are a spic too.

>>396090998you blame polish for the Spanish civil war?maybe just stick to bullfights bud you don't seem to have much of a grasp on geo politicsweren't you defeated by Moors?

>>396091055as long as we agree spics aren't people, I think we're in the same camp

>>396091059I blame the Soviet Union and the slavs that made it up.Thats why I want to see all the slavic countries go to war against each other.Plus, just 40 years ago they were all communists, that alone is good enough reason to pray for their destruction.

>>396070623it's a Russian cover up topic to repulse the news about the mass graves of Ukrainians killed by Russians in Izium.Yes, the mass murderers that killed other people in Izium are immorally capable of shelling their own people for cover PR.

>>396090949children are stupid and impressionable.. do you think they walk with ak and thats it? someone will get hurt.. probably them...

>>396091222I don't speak Spanish sorry

>>396091232you idiots can tell you've absolutely lost the info war huh?

>>396091334Yes, Russia lost it.

>>396091291You better learn, you are half latino by now.

>>396091378>no unot really enjoying your job huh?

>>396091398its awesome that the best insult you have is that we're like you

>>396091059>>396091222Oh, and I dont blame them for the civil war, but rather, for the presence of communists in Spain, the civil war was a necessity to cleanse the country of commies.

>>396091439Not exactly, I dont see much in common with latinos beyond them speaking a bastardized version of my language.

>>396090734I'd put an AK in my kids hand if you were coming to kill him too asshole.

>>396091404It's not my job. There were a lot of West Euro countries deluded about the nature of Russia, but not anymore. Russia's mid-neutral reputation is gone. Putin is a master of creating enemies all around him.

>>396070157LISTEN, if you attack another nation, this is what you get. It's too late to cry now when ur the aggressor. It is MUCH more on stake than just some piece of land. European spirit and culture have moved in the direction of more freedom, dignity and human rights since the dawn of the French Revolution and the Enligthenment, if we had given in to backward Russia, it would have been the first time that we have had a defeat in our quest against oppression and intolerance. The spirit of Europe is in play and the very FREEDOM to BE WHO YOU ARE and to DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT, and THAT is why we fight so hard! As a person from the sexual minority community I totally KNOW how it is to be oppressed and marginalized, so I totally KNOW how much is at play here. You normies have NO CLUE how AWFUL it would be to be ruled by fucking dark ages vatniks. We DO, so one day you might fucking wake up and THANK US!>Noooooo your not allowed to do what the fuck yoiu want>Noooooo you can't just take what you want, you have to fucking work in the super market the rest of your life to get it>Nooo your not allowed to watch as much porn as you want>Noooo your not allowed to do that drugs and watch that vidya>Noooo your not allowed to put your cock in those type of holes but ONLY in that fucking type of a whole hole. (WHO are you to tell us what to do christcucks?)>Nooooo you cant worship the gods of your forefathers to smash this fucking "civilization" to us, when we are the FUCKING BARBARIANS and absolutely HATE civilization in the first place!Who says this?? THE CHRISTCÛCKS!! THEIR OUR ENEMIES!!!!" DONT BE FOOLED BY THEM!!! BE SMART!!! ONLY good thing with our fucking shitty flag is that we can make an upside down (inverted) cross with it, photo related, HAHAHAHHAHHAHHAH!Heill Satan!!Heill Wotan!!Slava Perun!!Slava Ukraini!!Heill Óðinn, Sire!!

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>>396091482shouldn't you blame jews and or Germans for that? or is Marx Austrian? I forget

>>396091276from young years they're being taught to hate russians and kill them etc. Being nazi doesn't exactly apply only to germansThis is what you should be terrifying of

>>396091566we get it, you think Russians are evil

>>396091482what did commies ever do to you? why so much hate? from spain of all places...

>>396091594No, it was direct Soviet influence, the quote that pretty much triggered the civil war here was Azaña (socialist faggot back then) saying that there would be a Soviet in Spain, that before 1940 Spain would be a soviet nation.

>>396091579I am convinced now that everyone hates russia and that convinces me to hate Russia as well