What would you do in a post apocalyptic scenario

What would you do in a post apocalyptic scenario

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Rape every woman I come across to


>>396069311lay siege to detroit

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>>396069311Collect lolis and protect them.



>>396069311Create the original vision of the Brotherhood Of Steel.

>unremarkable penis

>>396069311same thing I do nowuse my skills to get ahead of everybody and get more powerful

>>396069311Gonna find a pretty, gullible girl, lure her in my basement, lock her up, weaken her to the point shes entirely dependant on me, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and use her as my cum extractor on demand. Make her entire existence revolve around my cock.

>>396069311Shard and fard

>>396069311Checked>What would you do in a post apocalyptic scenario?I would go postal ....it would be apocalyptic

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>>396070146>Make her entire existence revolve around my cock.

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>>396069311I'd murder that lop-eyed bitch then rape your dad.

>>396069311In an apocalyptic scenario bitch would look like a dog without makeup and basic hygiene. I would unironically leave her behind in the dust seething.

>>396069311Join up with a local warlord and slot people that aren't us.

>>396070609Dammit I keked, you're alright dont come to school today.

>>396069311Starve to death

>>396069311i would prepare coffee and sometimes lead natsoc theory workshops

shitpost apocalyptically


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>>396069449I would literally stab you, rapists deserve to be killed

Purge all my local left wing loudmouths


>>396073086Lmao go back to your bong cave ya tea swilling buffoon


>>396073086I would rape you before you could stab me.

>>396069311swear loyalty to whoever has the most guns within 1000 ft of me and serve faithfully under them. I’m not a hero and I don’t want to die would much rather end up a trusted early subject of a rising Caesar then a failed one

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>>396069493Just dump a bunch of guns and air Jordan’s in the middle. Prob takes care of itself

>>396069311Eat people.

>>396073086Shut up simp

>>396073086I’d rape you

>>396069493The people of Detroit wouldn't realize an apocalypse had happened until someone showed up to tell them about it

>>396069311She's a nigger, along with brown and black man

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kill every nigger and fuck any women i see

>>396069311>Implying this guy wouldn't be dead in the first few weeks from wild basketball Americans or the remains of the government using their remaining bunker busters on any non government controlled compound. >His face when

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>>396069449Based and rapepilled


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>>396073086Can you figuratively stab someone?

>>396069449I would rape every rapist I came across. I am not even gay, Just want to force my dominance onto you fags. Demoralize and humiliate you to death.

>>396069311>Before apocalypse>cut wood carry water>After apocalypse >cut wood carry water

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>>396076039absolute fag

>>396075702>implying nigger skulls can stop .308 roundsLike shooting basketballs in a hoop

>>396076039>Demoralize and humiliate you to death.With your 4" dick, not likely..........

>>396069311Drink radioactive toilet water and die

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>>396069311First- SUPERMARKET SWEEPSecond- Cry for a little bit about the death of humanity at it's own handsThird-Visit the local pharmacy with a framing hammer in handTwo Weeks Later- visit the same pharmacy looking for laxatives and multivitamins Fourth-Visit the next pharmacy Fifth- Start building my breeding den/ homestead several blocks from the Home Depot so I'm out of the line of fire when survivors show up.Sixth- Begin to fill the breeding den Seventh- Begin to plan spring planting for the new yearEighth- visit the next pharmacy to plan for the August birthing season.I repeat this pattern year on year until raiders take me or a son rises up and seizes my harem, which is his right

>>396069498Better keep them away from me. There will be seed to be sown at the solstice when the season is right

>>396073086Better start sharpening that spoon now then, Nigel.

>>396069311>What would you do in a post apocalyptic scenariorapist cannibal

>>396069311Set up an actual democracy that cannot ever be reverted to kingship or glorified kingship, making sure to get rid of everyone who is or wants to be a leader that would want it stopped.

>>396075230thats just detroit still


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>>3960693111. Pray 2. My kids go peacefully 3. Take as many niggers/Jews with me as I can.

If you think your faggot arse is going to survive and ride into the country and survive on your homestead with muh gunz and muh harem. You’re not. >You will die.

>>396076681>first supermarket sweepBang, you're dead and your family are sex slaves now

>>396072180I could help with logistics by organising the dog food rationing .

remain dead as i'm near a major city and would be killed in the apocalypse

>>396076039In apocalyptic scenario I would rape people like you who think they would rape the rapists

>>396079323upvoted good sir. i will rape those who rape those who rape those who rape those eheheh, clever aren't i?

>>396069311I’d have a harem in my compound.

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>>396079502but who's going to rape the rapist raper's raper?

>>396069449>>396069459>lead the rapebest of both worlds


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>>396076184That book should be called "Cut platitudes carry platitudes"Good book though


>>396069311Shoot stuff probably.

>>396075088Tell me how I know that you are a French Canadian.

>>396080501depends what race it is

>>396069311Rapist Cannibal, what can I say its my calling.

>>396069449Look a sandnigglet.

>>396069449basedhumorously, that would make life better for the rest of usit would create a rape threat to women, forcing them to seek protection from men, at the expense of traditional servitude

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>>396081156you wouldn't eat a nigger.

>>396069311accumulate canned food and secure my bit of countryside

Contact my old Spefor platoon, move to an island and start sea raids from there. Viking time.

>>396069311Short term: utility provider. Firewood, potable water. Mid term: build a kiln to make and sell clay rocket stoves to drive demand for more stoves and firewood. Might make it a guild affair to service a wider area. Long term background scheme: breed rabbits and chickens to large scale and start a street food gig.

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>>396079138In an apocalypse scenario there is nothing to live for, might as well try to have fun before dying.

>>396069449calm down Abdul

>>396069311I would be dead very quickly. I am physically weak and mentally retarded.

>>396077865And here we find a gaggle of Irish Cowbirds in their adopted habitat.

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Shoot raiders and nigs that try to steal my beans.Once there's no more nigs or raiders I'll start a new society with my Mennonite bros.

>>396069311I'd go find Warwick Davis and actually do everything to him that is in our pastas just for shits and giggles.

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>>396081968based documentary man. his will be a funeral i watch. not that old battleaxe.

>>396081984you guard the beans, i guard the deenz

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>>396069493That already happened bro


>>396074045>peasant scrub spotted

>>396069311Find remnants of the old world and destroy them in all forms so the next world can be hopefully better than this one.

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>>396082386I've got your back, you've got mine.

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>>396069311Kill every single person I come across

It seems like I have a lot of work to do.

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>>396069311>What would you do in a post apocalyptic scenarioGrowing vegetables, hunting, fishing.

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>>396083415youre onna those muslims?


>>396069311I would turn white people into nigger behaving assholes. And laugh at whites misfortunes.

>>396083382 Yes because that exists in America, you white nigger behaving fool. Look how white people live and act today. It's because you lost.

>>396070554That fucken sucked cunt

>>396083561TranslationGrowing stupid, killing people and lootingYour a white nigger the new pandemic

>>396073086I’ll stab you with my penis in your vagina without your consent.

Drink bad water and die probably, much like the majority of humanity has

Probably gonna die like 99.99% of all the othersIf survive gonna cosplay Lord Humungus

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>>396082386>Sardines in goyslopNgmi

>>396069311Try to join the nearest Confederate LARP militia and get shot when they realize I support slavery and think Trump was a jew puppet.

The question isn't what you do in the post apocalypse, but what you do before. You need to start hoarding the necessities. Simple things like band-aids, womens sanitary products, etc. Suddenly taking care of your dental health is the biggest way to improve your lifespan. Floss will be expensive. I have a friend that hordes Tacobell fire sauce. Better believe they've bought their way into my canibal raiding gang.

>>396069311Anything I wanted.

>>396076039You are a fag


>>396079323I would rape tapers who rape rapists rapists that rape people who rape rape rape rarity rape

>>396069311Enlist a bunch of rednecks and roleplay "The Last Valley" with the fancy carpetbagger nieghborhoods in my area.

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Create a compound. Find a way to generate a lot of electricity. Start putting on huge raves. This will then allow you to handpick people with which to start anew. Negroes and Americans get shot on sight, obviously.

>>396084304Based. Might as well dress for the occasion.

>>396069311Play nostalgic song of( ill niño ), eat cheetos

Have solar energy powerbank so i can play even more that same song

>>396070554>>396070554Easily the worst Carlos I've ever read. Not surprising since its namefagging

>>396070554You ruined the thread. That was the least funny carlos I've ever read in my entire time on this website. You should be really embarassed dude. Go play on reddit, maybe they'll appreciate your pathetic attempts at wordplay.

>>396069311Probably die without my epilepsy medication. Kill a few people for a can of chunky soup on my way out though.

>>396069449This and only this.

>>396083561the industrial civilization and its consequences has been a disaster for the human race

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>>396087339i suppose you have a 100kw sound system at our disposition ?

I'll just die with the rest of the fags, got fuck all hard skills. Best thing I can hope for is my humor and based personality wins some alpha over. I'd just lie like i do at all my jobs and figured it out on the fly. Uh yes I am a doctor let me help you with that wound... >>396084767>canibal raiding gang.who wants to eat human without taco bell fire sauce>>396081545im stealing this idea, though i think once one person sees how you make it they will just copy. Making clay pots is stupid easy to do. >>396072877kek

Hide my banan.

>>396069311Well see in few yrs. rn were in apocaliptyc, waiting for the post prefixBut probably nothing, like now

Right wing death squad

>>396069311Go around the world with my gang looking for every surviving elite, politician, big picatoste from every religion, law enforcement puppets, masons, underground bunkers of royals and torture and dismember every single one of them for days. In Minecraft board game of course.

>>396069311Rape and pillage from horseback like my ancestors.

>>396089470Learn how to write coherent sentences you low IQ faggot.

>>396089212>Implying there won't be taco bell sauceIt will cost you a premium, but I'm willing to negotiate.

>>396069311I'd become a slaver

>>396069311Alcohol production. Keep the secrets to myself. Alcohol is good for a lot of things.

>>396089212The thing is.. after the apocalypse, if you just have fishing line, hooks, and a shovel to dig worms, you probably can get into a survival group. Horde a few bottles of isopropyl and H2O2. You'll make it.Co-operation trumps all other skills