Why are w*men so bad at making electronic music?

>Though there are a number of female DJs rising through the ranks as Aoki suggested, there are no women on this year’s list. In fact, since Forbes started tracking DJs in 2012 not a single female act has appeared on the ranking.forbes.com/sites/monicamercuri/2019/07/29/the-worlds-highest-paid-djs-of-2019/?sh=141472f57a97

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>>396068134>Why are w*men so bad at They're bad at everything besides cooking and having sex.

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>>396068134they are actually bad at everything... you just haven't noticed

>>396068134Rezz is pretty good

list is dated, scene is changing quickly to all young women djs and mixed races

>>396068480sorry forgot picmaybe it is forced

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>>396068134Everyone is bad at electronic music

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>>396068246Women aren't good at cooking.

i think amelie lens is okay but i probably only think that because she's cute and autistic and i want to have sex with her.

>>396068134Rezz is unironically probably the best tho, but not great on the scale of fact EDM takes a few YouTube tutorials and borderline creativity to pump out. The rest is Jewish success

>>396068134Sorry to break it to ya op, but good artists don't usually show up on Forbes. That's for sellouts and industry plants.

>>396068134women were made to take care of the children and family but then brainwashed into believe that its humiliating, and soon as they start doing other stuff it came out weak.

>>396068623>>396068480>maybe it is forcedyah, since I've never heard of any of them

>>396068246women aren't even good at having sex, sex involves reproduction and they abort their children because they're afraid of commitment to responsibility

>>396068457Rezz has some of the best sets of the last few years

>>396068134Women over 20 are too old to marry. They all look haggard and frumpy.

>>396068841fair point, but it does show success which correlates with resonancemy favorite djs are all male, even the ones most people have never heard of

>>396068134I like Bad Snacks on YouTube, she has some nice tutorial type videos.

>>396068800deadmau5 probably ghost produces all her shit faggot. Her dj sets are fucking terrible.


>>396068760Or having sex really

>>396069135>but it does show success which correlates with resonanceThe industry is all rigged, m8. They tell us what to listen to, and what's popular.

I went and checked out Rezz, not impressedhere is one chick's song I like:youtube.com/watch?v=RuzOh6zdGkEthis one ain't bad either, supposedly an Allison Wonderland alt project:youtube.com/watch?v=beBvc-6kBpM

>>396068786based lens enjoyer. most other women are fake and play pre recorded sets. nina kraviz is the worst


>>396069461trap is gay

>>396068786>>396069690Based technobrahs

>>396068134Huh? Grimes is based and redpilled.

>>3960681346 months and finally a thread worthy of pol

>>396068722Lets a hideous, gargoyle jew perform his lyrics with a cursed by God for eternity, nails on a chalkboard, jew voice.

>>396069901She is stupid and ugly.

>>396068134Because they want attention. That's all.

>>396068246I never understood where the women cooking meme came from. They are bad at cooking just like everything else besides having a womb and that's only because biology prevented men from so far accomplishing even that in a superior form. All of the best chefs in the world are men by a large margin. Cooking is an art and a science, both of which are fields of knowledge that men are objectively superior to women at conquering.

>>396070050Well yeah that's what I said.

>>396068447Based faggot

I listen to Goldfrapp (she mostly just sings desu) and have a Mira Calix CD, but most of my electronic music, which outside of the metal/punk I listen to, is male-dominant.

>>396068246Men are better at cooking.They make most of the chefs today.Men are also better babysitter, if he cares enough.Even Byzantines and Asians used Eunuchs over women. Because they are retarded.The only things women are good at are breastfeeding, offering sexual services and giving birth, because those are exclusive to a real woman. Women are like substitutes when men are not available.

>>396068134I've been out of the game so long, I'd need a playlist. Throw me some tracks and sets user>Will click that shit nigga

>>396070279Artificial wombs are really going to break our roastocracy society.


>>396068134Because the only thing women are good at is making babies. Anything else is cope.

>>396069836I do miss my degenerate technodays. Having 3 kids makes life hard for technobrahs


>>396068134If men are so good at making electronic music, why do I not like it?

>>396070544>not "aroastocracy"Missed your chance.

>>396069997nigga, this is low-effort, nearly all the meaningful threads I post get limited exposure.....Holla Forums is full of reactionary normies, especially these days

>>396070279men are better cooks, yes. better babysitters, no>if he cares enoughthat's the thing, men don't have nurturing instincts. they can protect, and should, but mothering children is mostly just being there, being patient, warm, affectionate, responsible, loving


>>396071729>patient, warm, affectionate, responsible, lovingi'll take 5 traits modern women lack for 600, alex

>>396068246Most women are also bad at those these days

>>396068246obviously never enjoyed the company of a gay chef

>>396070423These aren't very new, but depending how long it's been (say, you were into EDM in the 90's and stopped or something), they may be new to youMostly 2010s stuff, some random shit in here but there might be something you likeyoutube.com/watch?v=sJ_FLMPHAb8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59BIX16RSkUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h1-jYFwsFEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUguoWUujVEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ye-x0MQvtAhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ8S1pA5Gu0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NQMkGUD86Yhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO67Mln4x2ghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKGoNBT5fCY

>>396068800>>396068457>>396069097Rezz already peaked a while ago. All her new shit is poppy vocals and she pretty much fully sold out now>>396068134>>396069461Clozee is probably the most talented female artist right now.youtu.be/pZhDfHXnX-ohttps://youtu.be/KFwHRo-KUDIThere's also Zingara if you like the more bassy stuffyoutu.be/jL3Kz63InPUAnd Khiva for Dark Bass:youtu.be/jeQ7BC9O05Yhttps://youtu.be/G6kVl-2Mm4g

>>396068134I made a remix of a Post Malone song and that fucking thing has 180 THOUSAND plays. Show me one whore that could do that. I'll wait.

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>>396070004This. Fuck Geddy Lee

>>396068786>>396069690Amelie lens is great there's also ANNA, Giorgia Anguili and Lilly Palmer. I feel like techno has more female artists than most other genres

>>396071983it's in their instincts, though many have been corrupted

>>396068134I will tell you why: almost all female "producers" are ghost produced by whoever they are fucking, and since the diversity meme hasn't quite hit most of these labels, they stick with one roastie their lead artist is hooking up with and leave it at that.

>>396072534This. Billie Eilish has her brother FINNEAS who she most likely fucks and has incest shit going on with.

>>396068134Aruna used to be ok

>>396068134>Why are w*men so bad at making electronic music?kittyangel

>>396068246they're only good at seduction and manipulationa tale as old as time

>>396070998>Tfw engaged and planning a wedding Iktf, at least my fiancee likes the stuff I listen to. Did you ever go to any of the big Gabber festivals in NL or was that not really your scene? Going to Thunderdome has been on my bucket list since highschool.

>>396068134i don't know any DJs and i still don't really know what they do besides playing music for people to dance to

>>396068760>>396068722All of this, I’m bailing now. Paz chimuelos

>>396068320That is amazing please tell me that is real.

>>396070089I've been to some high end restaurants but at the end of the day I just like what my wife cooks. She doesn't over complicate it but she makes things she knows makes me happy. I have simple tastes and I like the fact she bakes the bread she makes grilled cheese with or just goes a little extra and makes things taste special.

>>396068447>Women are badThe sentence is complete

>>396068246Not entirely true, but those are their intended function along with child rearing.

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Nobody here knows Nina Kravitz?

>>396072822>>396070089it is their job, yes. a continuation of their responsibility to breastfeed, they provide sustenance to the family

>>396068246They get good at those by being trained by men.

>>396068134>electronic>musicthat isn't music, its just shitty noise

>>396068134>why are women?You just answered your own question

>>396073007aye>In itself of course the [feminine] is just as important as the [masculine], but the attribute of devotion defines the place occupied by this primal power in relation to the [masculine]. For the [feminine] must be activated and led by the [masculine]; then it is productive of good. Only when it abandons this position and tries to stand as an equal side by side with the [masculine], does it become evil. The result then is opposition to and struggle against the [masculine], which is productive of evil to both.I Ching, chapter 2 (Wilhelm translation)>The foundation of the family is the relationship between husband and wife. The tie that holds the family together lies in the loyalty and perseverance of the wife.>The wife must always be guided by the will of the master of the house, be he father, husband, or grown son. There, without having to look for them, she has great and important duties. She must attend to the nourishment of her family...Chapter 37

>>396068134For me, it's Charlotte.

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>>396068134Neon Vines is one of the most accomplished electronic performers on Youtube that I have ever seenyoutube.com/watch?v=1nfVFngLhnE

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>>396073536She's got a little doodle bug there

>>396073028nina kravitz plz go

>>396072161Thanks man. Giving it a run

>>396072188Checking these out, this thread is going to make me a technobrah again

>>396068246>average Holla Forums virgin claims all women are good at sexGuess my wife never got that fucking memo...

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>>396068246women are better singers. thought of somethingthat's why the best producers use female vocalsyoutube.com/watch?v=h3qMS5FhKFMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woVW_hLVEOQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86EhyLpcJTE

>>396072693Different scene/genre and not my cup of thee. But I have been to many of these parties because i use to do work at id&t and q-dance parties/festivals. Mostly the first 4 hours and after that free to join the party. Awakenings was more my thing back in the day (think it got to big now). Last time I went was ok i guess ( early 2020) .

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>>396073536Doesnt her boyfriend pre record her sets?

>>396068246women can't cook. the only thing they're good at is flexing out in public with their phones and handbags while appearing fashionably busy. they have to cultivate those skills to make other females jealous

>>396073337>that isn't music, its just shitty noise>noiseNow, THAT shit is where women excel without a doubt. ..

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>>396072188>first song somebody else remixed, a manalright let's try the second... meh same old shit from 10 years agoInvestigating more I find "after playing it a few times, I felt like it was missing something. So my team and I decided to reach out to a couple vocalists to see if anyone would be interested to collaborate on it." and there ya go, who's the 'team', it's the men she collaborates with (pays) to write songs like every other DJ/producer these days. OK let's try Zingara absolute garbage (can't write due to filter) tier.. moving on to khiva turns out she is in with Tristan Roake and Andre Fernandez and they produce the music, though early on the music was probably all her own. Anyway not impressed

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>>396073669Seen here once at a festival called dgtl. She was super boring and played the crowd to sleep. Her gimmick is dancing like a crazy where.

If anyone from /bleep/ shows up here just punch them in the kidney and don't reply.

>>396073536For me too bro

>>396073536I walked into the Nag's Head for to sustinate me belly,There was a fit crack in the corner but I knew her cunt was smelly,She smelt of rotting fish heads and old and crispy sick,Said her name was Charlotte and she wanted suck me dick.Oh, I thought now lad, times are hard, and it's nearly closing time,I'll put a bag on her head, and a peg on me nose,And I'll grummage through the slime...Charlotte is the biggest slag in Macc,She'll do anything to get you in the sack,With her legs spread wide she opens up her crack,Spends her life just lying on her back.

idk but minimal techno is best technoyoutu.be/AcqdC0_MyL4https://youtu.be/5Ep8M8D8mkwhttps://youtu.be/dharG5FybzQ

>>396074713that's pop music

Electronic music promoter here, I've brought some of the best in their field from all over the world to make underground parties. You can have kids busting their asses, making music daily, actually investing good money in the material they mix, spending on gear or booking a place to make a party.Every 2 years or so a new female artist appears and starts playing in every underground club recurrently. Bland mixes conformed of just waiting for the track to break and adding the other track (with a shitton of fx to hide the little mix there's available), 0 blend or groove. And their repertoire is milquetoast at best, barely any effort in their picks.Also, female empowerment has made it so promoters are scared shitless of making a party with only male DJs. You need at least 1 token female.

>>396073580She plays like a stupid, robotic cunt

>>396068134Imagine not even being able to DJ>connects laptop to house PA>opens up FL or Ableton>loads pre-made set>presses spacebar>pretends to do stuff for next 2 hoursyoutu.be/HRUCxQCeQW4

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>>396072161Nice mixThe first few are chill, mid progressive, and the last one funk. Thanks

>>396073536For me, its Paula Templeor Amelie Lens

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>>396073580>>396075586Style over substance.youtube.com/watch?v=hHe0nckLiYU&t=32s

>>396074168>Checking these out, this thread is going to make me a technobrah againThose aren't techno for techno try theseyoutu.be/iZ-hNqOLpqwhttps://youtu.be/shGpsg1RKjYhttps://youtu.be/eAmgCCllkLc

>>396075354I watched a progressive house mix by a girl called Miss Monique one time.youtube.com/watch?v=FFDnXQMSV5oSince that fateful day, I've routinely logged in to stare at this girl's bellybutton while generic house tracks play in the background and she makes slight adjustments to knobs and points at the air for an hour.It's not really "bad", it's just not really good either. It's absolutely not worth 5 million views.You can actually correlate what this girl is wearing to the amount of views that it'll get.You get a leg up in life regardless of what you're doing if you're a moderately attractive female.I've come to accept it.


>>396068760>>396069243Very true. A majority are terrible at both.

>>396068134Surprisingly mtf trannies are really good at making electronic music. Sewerslvt and anything by any of emma essexs millions of personas are pretty good.

>>396074305Fair enough. I bounce around quite a bit genre-wise, listening to a lot of Techno proper and some IDM lately - mostly from this killer collection I found dropped off at a local thrift store the other day, 20+ discs for 50c each.

they just do it because its cool and gets them instagram points not because they enjoy it.

There is a DJ by the name of Lupe Fuentes, and she’s based here in La by way of Colombia, I am not interested in her music. But I am still a fan.

>>396075610>the most basic and soulless method imaginableyou don't know what you're talking about at all lmao

>>396076159Well, electronic music, specifically house & techno, rose through the marginalized gay and black communities of Chicago and Detroit (yeah yeah I know there's European contemporaries).And if there's anything degenerates know how to do is how to party.


>>396073028She's not good

>>396073536thats herpes, an std you get from hsving sex with hobos or black peoplegrimes has hit the wall and is morphing into a troll or smt idk

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>>396068623I stopped watching Boiler Room when I got bored of seeing yet another mediocre woman over and over again.>>396068134Organisers and promoters deliberately stack the deck in favour of women and non-whites, and yet women particularly fail regardless. I don't know if it's because women have shit taste, or aren't risk taking, or too aesthetically-minded to build their craft, but the demand for women far outstrips their collective ability. They have every advantage and can't do better than your average teenage bedroom DJ.

anyone got anything like thisyoutube.com/watch?v=ljnxZypkjn0

>>396076408There's a law here that's basically "blah blah serve alcohol in establishment, need X hours of live music" and what I describe legally qualifies as live music, thanks to a recent revision of said law. Are you bringing your A game on a Tuesday night for 23 alcoholics? You'd be surprised at how accurately I describe the current state of music here.

>>396076801It's a lip ring you retard :^)>>396073536Based

>>396075938>Drumcode You HAVE to be going darker, user. Your taste must become ANGRIER and MORE ECLECTIC. you have to start listening to PERC TRAX and HANDS releases ok. youtu.be/pMxZ9EJpr-Ehttps://youtu.be/fpYxHjjbkPchttps://youtu.be/Y76dxe1HV6Ahttps://youtu.be/zIRFSZ-c9xs>>396076159Listen to uptempo hardcore, it's breakcore for men who inject testosterone and not estrogen


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>>396068134youtu.be/rD4sLbNK-rw?t=2742how are they supposed to compete with this

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>>396077665Dobar post brate!

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>>396077230>b-but the law...! i only play for mediocre crowds!!! i'm actually r-really good...they don't deserve my "a game"..they wouldn't get it...so what? tremendous cope, sounds more like a "you" problemplus i never said it didnt qualify as musici said it was soulless, amateur behaviorwhich it is lmao stupid smelly leaf

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>Merle Travis Quotes

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>>396077976Sounds like I touched a nerve. I love how pretend-musicians get so mad. I describe the vast majority of DJs. Cope, amerimutt.

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>>396078231>seething so hard you start accusing your accuser of the thing you are guilty ofextreme hebrew nigger behavior LOLngmi little fella

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her mouth makes a good cock receptacle

>>396068134>Why are w*men so bad at making electronic music?they do techno/hardstyle well, but that's it, been into dance music since the late 80's and it's just one of those things, they aren't good DJs and when they are...it's techno or hardstyleKraviz, Moudaber, Lens, Lady Dana

>>396078231>>396077230>>396075610this you lol

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>>39606862310-50k views for every single video>post ONE video with a white blind girl in the thumbnail, gets 181k views in 10 days. These people are shit at their job.

>>396068246>besides cooking and having sexsince when?also just laying there and having some poor dude work his ass of isn't good sex


>>396077382Haha I know Joris Voorn but not the rest thanks user. I usually don't listen must to drumcode these days but i was more giving it as an example of female techno you know

>>396068134They're not thoughyoutu.be/Rf1usmb1Dd0

>>396068134Nora En Pure is great tho.youtu.be/OR0Elzaf1Go

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>>396077665Who the fuck cares what some spic thinks? Electronic is currently the whitest music genre by far other than larp metal (but many attempts are currently being made to get it more kiked)

>>396077665nah, he's/you're not listening to the right songs.

>>396078659you see the same thing on Holla Forums. why has this mediocre thread taken off? and not the important ones I post continuously?>>396071562

>>396075616Glad to hear user! Nobody I knows listens to this stuff /:

>>396079198Post a link to the right song thenyoutu.be/iMyZf3F9o8Y

>>396079008So it's a girl

>>396079448I posted links to some great songs already:>>396074248here are some more:youtube.com/watch?v=aX-1cbYfzJ8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8-wvLjD8a0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Frh-c_Kn5gand more james holden:youtube.com/watch?v=oD8cRAjFB1whttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsabvPfkLfM


>>396068722Incredible drummer and incredible band, but he had pretty bad politics desu.

>>396074434Who gives a shit about her music.

>>396077795fucking kekd

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>>396080052"Planet funk" has a main theme on the live guitar so it's not proper electronic music ( but I liked it the best ), "I'll hold my breath" sounds like listening to Amiga game tape on your cassette player and those with vocals are so-so, nothing impressive.youtube.com/watch?v=RCdneDxFRYQ


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These girls are pretty goodyoutube.com/watch?v=m5I_SWbGw7Q

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There's plenty of good womans DJ's desu. soundcloud.com/bonnieford-1/bonnie-ford-fusion-tanzwuste-020722https://soundcloud.com/mia-mangata/spinning-beatventure-maze-berlin-201902https://soundcloud.com/djannara/everything-is-possiblekiev-february-2020https://soundcloud.com/wildsarah/sarah-wild-garbicz-festival-i-wiese-ihttps://soundcloud.com/ida-daugaard/club-der-visionaere-100818https://soundcloud.com/britta-1/fusionellaNothing in particular, just a few sets I've listened to before.

>>396080735>"I'll hold my breath" sounds like listening to Amiga game tape on your cassette playeryou need better bass then, clearly

>female can't even link songs correctlylike pottery

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>entire thread>not one person saying "well she's pretty good" is making any comparison at all to a male counterpart, because no comparison can be made; they simply aren't even on the same levellol

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>>396080735you also didn't listen long enough, niggaI posted ~58 minutes of music you responded in less than 10

>>396081418>burger>can't into computerslike pottery

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>>396081590>>396081418>>396081587>>396081024okay, to be fair it was 4chan fucking things up"Embed Soundcloud links" setting caused some kind of error in the first 3 songs

>>396072363Fucking filtered

>>396073536as long as she doesn''t play her own music

>>396081556Well I browsed through it I'm not gonna listen to an hour of loops.youtube.com/watch?v=3MRx4LpYbQ4

>>396081892it's not that type of music, but to each his own

>>396068134Mariko Rossa and Charlotte De Witt are in my playlist. I personally think they are maestros

>>396068786Based, lens is also great

Everyone knows that women DJ are here because they sucked a cock>t. Dj

>>396068457was aboutta say, shes still pretty good. boutta see her this weekend, gonna be sick.

>>396072188Clozee got some good shit

>>396068134Rezz is probably one of the best.Others that seem ok are Mija and Alison Wonderland

>>396082783Alison Wonderland has some really good ones, some are really really good on psychedelics.


>>396068134I'm into Maya Jane Cole, she makes some alright deep house kinda stuff youtube.com/watch?v=4OvpiEilNbs CloZee is kinda aight as well youtube.com/watch?v=EnYmqdQA73s&t=513s

>>396068134I don't really know about DJs so I'll have to take your word for that stuff, but if women aren't very good at it, I think it is because making electronic music is actually more similar to computer programming than other kinds of music. There are lots of really great female singers because with something like that you can put your heart and soul into a performance, and say what you like about women, but they are fucking good at being emotional. With electronic music however, there is actually very little performance, there might be a but of singing here and there, and playing a few riffs and licks on a midi keyboard, but 90% of it actually just point and clicking on a computer to arrange everything, it is very cold and boring and requires a lot of patience, so I think they probably just find it too boring to take the time to master, I have to say that I actually agree with them on this, playing music with real instruments is a lot more fun and satisfying. Would you rather spend hours pointing and clicking on a glorified spreadsheet, or beat the shit out of a drum kit.

>>396068134Mother Nature gave women 2 huge gifts: Being naturally beautiful and attractive to men, and the ability to give birth. But since men are ugly and can't give birth, they need to attract women in other ways - such as being talented. That's why men are naturally smarter and more talented than women. Mother Nature also gifted us with superior athletic ability as well to hunt after food, protect our families from predators and other men, and to wage war. Simple as.

>>396068134>Why are w*men so bad atAnything other than domestic? You found your answer.

>>396068760Most top-tier cooks are men, despite women probably cooking 80-90% of the meals eaten in this world.It's a distribution thing.Women generally have a lower standard deviation on many properties.They have less geniuses and less complete morons.They are average, while men are distributed more towards the ends of the spectrum.

That cunt is sponsored on youtube. She pays to show up on search results when looking for actual musicians in EDM. I see her same fucking video every time. Red adidas shirt. So cool.

>>396082556No wayAlso>t. newfag

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>>396068134There is a difference between good and bad electronic music?I dunno, I never took Ecstasy.

>>396073580this is so bad like terriblewtf are you smoking?

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>>396073580>accomplished>ableton live loops>mpc one>light up toy midi controller>barely performing extremely normie core songwhat the fuck is this trash

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>>396083159good answer

>>396083251striving towards perfection is a masculin / animus valueit's bad when women as a group attempt to be something that's outside of their nature, i.e. feminism

youtube.com/watch?v=QZyHI0wo8PkMarusha has been always awesome though.

>>396083127>playing music with real instruments is a lot more fun and satisfying. Would you rather spend hours pointing and clicking on a glorified spreadsheet, or beat the shit out of a drum kit.now go look up the most successful bands in history, especially drummers and guitaristsyou will find they are overwhelmingly (like >95%) male. it's more than just electronic music is like programming and boring. it's something fundamental about music itself, especially rhythm (note that the word contains no vowels, which are traditionally feminine).women do have great singing voices, which is why the best electronic producers generally use female vocals

>>396069243brb taking the rainbowpill

>>396073224My wife is amazing at preparing and cooking a BBQ because her dad taught her when she was a little girl. Anything else and it's ok, but nothing special.

>>396068134They're not particularly bad at it. They're just generally bad at everything except bearing children and that is only by default

>>396084166>having to dig all the way back to 1998didn't even listenhow are you all missing the point this hard? OP is saying in comparison to their male counterparts, these people are practically amateur tierand none of you have proven him wrong lmao

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>>396084233>>now go look up the most successful bands in history, especially drummers and guitarists>you will find they are overwhelmingly (like >95%) male.In rock and similar most instrumentalists are male yes, but not in the classical music.Women seem to be better currently in classical guitar which is very interesting. Not to mention violins and shit.Not many classical composers were women it's true but there was patriarchy so go figure.

>>396084501youtu.be/_ca4qTOs48c?t=1471Not only 1998, she was there in 1994.

>>396083661>this is so bad like terrible>wtf are you smoking?its way better than the other music links posted in this thread that I listened toWomen were pioneers in early electronic music, lest we forget, trannies too hahahyoutube.com/watch?v=7r-3hlzpV7M

Attached: Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 00-31-17 Sisters with Transistors Official Trailer - YouTube.png (885x610, 519.13K)

>>396084751>psyop'dgood goy>acknowledging that 99% of the music itt is shit>but not yourscope>>396084725>still missing the pointokyou faggots are hopeless LOL

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electronic "music" is awful. it all sounds like wet farts

I started playing and promoting raves and Techno clubs around 1991. In all my years, I have only heard and booked one decent female Techno DJ. DnB has more, but they are still rare.

>>396083159Without makeup, how many women are actually attractive? It seems pretty rare.

>>396071562link threads

>>396068246Woman can't cook nowadays

>>396083100>maya jane colesI Remember listening to humming back in the dat. She does look like the typical sjw dyke. Any thoughts on Fatima Hajji? youtu.be/063F0K6FzpwOnly seen her once and it was t bad. Had fun. I think the problem with many of the femj's is that you don't know if its them doing the work or if its some pre recorded studio mix. Nina Kraviz got worse after she and Ben Klock broke up.

>>396085813Forgot to ad pic

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>>396084536>In rock and similar most instrumentalists are male yes, but not in the classical music.classical musicians are just reciting, that has nothing to do with the creative impulse we're talking about.


>>396084868I understand your point. All I was saying there are female pioneers too in the scene. What is interesting to me is that now there are all-female techno dj lineups. Female djs and women dancing alone to dark techno. I find this very interesting, it's like to be a man is to be some kind of relic. Now it's mens part to be rare item in this brave new world of women. I stand back and watch in amusement where it progresses.

>>396085015>Without makeup, how many women are actually attractive? It seems pretty rare.Are you just used to seeing them with makeup and the gives you unrealistic expectations?

>>396068246The best chefs in the world are men.Arguably they are the best at having pussies, I will grant them that.

>>396068134On average, women suck

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>>396068480There is generally a correlation between a field becoming shit and women coming in.Electronic music was pioneered between the late 1960s and late 90s.Everything after that is a copy cat and/or garbage.Men have simply moved onto other things.

>>396086408I guess that's part of it, but I'd think really attractive women are just as rare as attractive men, since when they don't have makeup on, most of them have a completely flat face (i.e. bad bone structure) and don't look like anything special. I always look at pictures of celebrities without makeup and get grossed out, since even (supposedly) being top-tier attractive doesn't keep them from looking bad.

>>396086294>classical musicians are just recitingMoot point I already addressed that woman might be way under represented as composers.>that has nothing to do with the creative impulse we're talking about.How do I know you can't play any instrument ?Think about this: if what you say is true how come not all the classical guitarists can perform "Recuerdos del Alhambra" or "Asturias" on the same level even though they have the necessary technique ?

99% of women DJs are just in it for the drugs and social connections. >Don't worry, user. He's like a big brother to me. I didn't fuck him. He looks after me! He'd never give me bad molly!

>>396083251You've swallowed a feminist lie. Even on average men are smarter.

>>396073580Overproduced garbageWatch this:youtube.com/watch?v=3JQkW6BgUYU

>>396068246t. Bizarre

>>396068722Besides Zapp & Roger.

>>396085015>>396086699Do you think makeup tricks women into thinking they're more attractive than they actually are and makes their standards for men higher?

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>>396086927Z&R is great but I wouldn't consider it electronic music. It's just regular funk


>>396084751This is retconning.If women were pioneers, show me a documentary filmed *at that time* showing women.Otherwise what they do is go through archives, find the odd woman here and there, and then pretend it was some sort of huge movement or something.

>>396086699you don't understand the evolutionary bases for attraction. hint, hips/waist, larger breasts all contribute to evolutionary fitness for childbirth and child-rearingfor men it is more practical, actual - war, providence, protection. these are chiefly of the mind. aristotle said the mind is mascuilne, the body is feminine

>>396068134Classical music is dead, it's never gonna fuckin come back either, it's not even difficult to make, it's like musicians' music. Fancier times those were, with fancier people in a fancier place.

>>396087034Of course a Woman thinks fucking a Chad will give her access to Chads eternal love. While she was just a cocksleeve for him.Same with SIMPS just because some girl talked to you doesn't mean she will give her holes.

>>396086737>might beand if pigs had wings they might be able to flywomen lack the creative impulse to make music, classical, electronic, rock, or otherwise. you can see the same huge disparities then and now, even in nations with the highest levels of "gender equality". women simply are not musically creative at the same levels as men are, especially when it comes to rhythm.and you will find most "successful" female acts, where they do exist, perform songs largely written and produced by men

>>396071729>patient, warm, affectionate, responsible, lovingThere is too much of that shit in today's society. There is an abundance of affection and warmth and patience. You kids are becoming too soft as a result.

>>396087659What kind of woman do I have to nut in to have a son with a big penis so I can brag to my friends and show them pictures to embarass him at college graduation?>Here's my son's dick when he was 10!>Look at his dick now!And that's when I reveal that his wife is actually a hooker I hired to prank him so we could finally have a wrestling tournament in the back yard but forreal this time.

>>396087965The kids aren't only retarded, but also they are niggers.

>>396087959>might be>and if pigs had wings they might be able to flyYou're either an ESL speaker or a pinhead>Repeats what I've already said in order to refute what I've already saidI've already said it dude

>>396087965nah tho, modern women abandon the household 40 hours a week, throw them in daycare with strangers from a baby on. modern kids are neglected, that's why there's so much ADHDpsychiatryadvisor.com/home/topics/adhd/adhd-risk-higher-in-kids-who-are-neglecteddon't confuse empty-hearted virtue signalling for the real thing. modern women are largely cold-hearted, foolish, selfish whores

>>396084233yeah some of the girl vocalists can send a chill down your spine depending on the song, pretty wild

>>396087862Dude women are fucking disgusting at this point I only don't fuck dudes because I will lose all of my respect at the manure plant.

>>396088292You must appreciate fine art, who's your favorite woman guitarist?

>>396068134I was into music production a long time ago, I even did it at college. There were a few girls in the class and they pretty much sucked although to be fair everyone sucked except for like 2 or 3 people.

>>396068134Umm fucking what cunt?youtu.be/gyKSI8i1uQI?t=206https://youtu.be/gyKSI8i1uQI?t=206https://youtu.be/gyKSI8i1uQI?t=206

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>>396088236no, your earlier post blamed it on "muh patriarchy", that's what I was refuting>Not many classical composers were women it's true but there was patriarchy so go figure.>>396084536

>>396088387Trick question nigger, women are weaker, less dexterous, and unable to perform based on memory or improvisation. The guitar is probably THE finest way to test a man's aptitude.

>youtube.com/watch?v=o0fmcbU6Hz4you best start believing in cyberpunk dystopias...

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>>396068134youtu.be/_knrJ3H80asThis bitch is now a DJ. There are videos with millions of views where she shits whipped cream into another whore's mouth and gets fucked in the ass by bald chads.jej atheism is a mental illness.

>>396068134>ctrl + f>no BjorkPretty embarrassing desuyoutube.com/watch?v=loB0kmz_0MMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3-v0e3vV_g

>>396068134It's an odd element that's entirely unnecessary, and they definitely fuck niggers so I'mma say I hope the abortion doctor fucks up their uterus.

>>396088405>ESL speaker confirmedI wasn't saying "muh patriarchy" it's a fact that women couldn't get to prominence before mid 20th century talented or not, hence "go figure" as in hard to tell for sure.Mozart's sister was a prodigy too but didn't really leave a mark. You have to look past mid XX century to get a more realistic estimate.I'd say women are still under represented but I don't know that for a fact, unlike you I don't pull conclusions out of my ass.>>396088461You're talking about electric overdrive guitar don't you.It's for kids basically.youtu.be/fwjX-m4LkYkhttps://youtu.be/inBKFMB-yPg

>>396088997>I wasn't saying "muh patriarchy" >proceeds to attack "muh patriarchy"women...>hence "go figure" as in hard to tell for sure.no it's not hard to tell, it's easy to tell for reasons I already explained. you can see the same disparities now as you see then in practically all forms of creative music, not just classical composition.and you made an assertion, a positive argument, you didn't just mention it randomly "oh it's hard to tell for sure", typical dishonesty, make an argument then pretend you weren't making the same argument you're still making!

>>396068134> making good music takes its timename a single woman who can be isolated in a room for hours in and out just doing one thing. Only men has the fatigue tolerance to do such a thing, Picrel, you will look like shit, and these girls look good, it should be obvious they don't even make the music.>>396068457co produced by Deadmau5, not even meme'ing here. Her projects are an ableton template she has resused her whole career.

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>>396089187You dumb broen.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_women_composers_by_birth_date

>>396089561Speedy J looks OK.

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>>396068134Why are you implying theres such a thing as good electronic music?>US flagAh, right.

>>396089925It was million times less stressful world in 2003.

>>396089561One of the best pianists, male or female ( imo ), Nina Simone ( composer, performer and an improviser) was actually bat shit crazy and autistic as fuck.youtu.be/3ZS7iKdRo5Q

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>>396090091>Why are you implying theres such a thing as good electronic music?Most music is electronic music (since the 1980s). Almost no acoustic instruments.

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>>396090192>It was million times less stressful world in 2003.How? I was only an elementary student.

>>396090283>Electric = electronic

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>>396089822>the reason there are so few women composers is because of patriarchy>no wait, I wasn't saying anything about patriarchy, I was just saying like, ya know, hard to tell for sure>but also it's a fact that women couldn't get to prominence before mid 20th century>what are you even talking about, look at all these women composers [that nobody's heard of]!you need to find your argument and stick with it, this is embarrassing

>>396090283>electric instruments = electronic musicRetard

>>396068246some of them just lay there like a log. If thats good at sex then im the pope

>>396090479>>396090384Name a pop song without synthesizers.

>>396068134It's because women only like music that glorifies them, or is sung to them by a man. They have neither the interest, nor the motivation, to make the subs shake sufficiently to bring the boys to the yard, so they fall back to dressing up and selling themselves... Again, because they have neither the aptitude, nor the interest to do anything that doesn't serve their own interests. >in before some slots get reserved to ensure some women are forced into the charts, and dudes that are constantly told "gosh. You're good, but just a little shy of the charts this year." start going trans for those sweet diversity reserved spots.

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>>396090475>what are you even talking about, look at all these women composers [that nobody's heard of]!>I've never heard of Django Reinhardt so Jimmy Page must be a better guitaristIt's more like you're a midwit MSM gobbler MTV enjoyer

>>396090332There was still more money in music although less than before. Electronic dance music was still in mostly fun and experimentative era. Parties were real not hypercommercial-business projects.

>>396068134Women don't need taste. Like Hitchens famously said women don't need a sense of humour, they also don't need taste as they just imitate others instead of expressing themselves.A DJ is all about taste in music. It is what separates them from each other. Performance hands in the air DJs are just lineup filler

>>396068134women are just there to get retards to lust after them and seperate their money into the record label/record label puppet womans bankliterally no female djs or producers i have ever met are good.

Illume has some good psytech

>>396089561>name a single woman who can be isolated in a room for hours in and out just doing one thingYou can't be that retarded, can't you? It's not a man/woman thing at all. If you have never meet a woman able to do that you haven't been around people much.

>>396068623Boiler room sold out to big brand D&I policy makers and get paid to go to those obscure places and present non whites to present a false narrative

>>396090830Im talking about 14h+ stuff, mixing and fixing stuff. not a 6h studio session for a singer

>>396090648>all these female mozarts and beethovens, excuse me, BETTER than mozart and beethoven, but suppressed by muh patriarchy that uh I'm not actually arguing>can't think of any other reason why SUPPOSEDLY perfectly beautiful and resonant music wouldn't find willing ears to listen and spread aroundor we can just cut through your insincere bullshit and you can post some links of these female composer's songs, and where they're being performed. surely in this modern era of "gender equality" liberal city orchestras and wikipedia programming brosisters will be spreading these female mozarts and beethovens' music far and wide today. let's see/hear some music................

>>396090617How about shit ton of Adele and Elton John songs.youtu.be/h6KYAVn8ons

>>396069461>CloZeeThis is a middle-schooler's attempt to duplicate generic tunes from Hospital Records (ultra embarrassing for a french bitch), and a rip-off of Snow Patrol. Most of it is just copying by ear, and then changing the instruments out in the DAW (not even going to say "her DAW" because hack musicians have commonly just been fronts for some behind-the-scenes fuckers... But this is so garbage that I doubt whomever made it even took a class on music.>333I don't know how someone could be so monotonous in a 2 minute song... It's kinda catchy though.

Clozee is good

>>396091023>mozart and beethoven>Midwit confirmedLmao, Bethooven has like one good tune and Mozart has none, unless you consider "Alla Turca" a masterpiece but it's no better than "Popcorn".youtu.be/NjxNnqTcHhgIf you said Bach I'd consider you not to be a muggle.You pulled out those because they are the most popular just like you would pull Jimmy Page and not Chet Atkins as an example of a top notch guitarist.

>thread full of people posting gay musicim glad i dont know you retards in real lifeyoutube.com/watch?v=J6akf4TcFcg

>>396068246Most professional chefs are men.And a dick is a requirement for having sex. Sex is something you do TO a woman, she just needs to spread her legs.