Some People Are Finally Getting Their First Dose

>“To tell you the truth, I kind of felt stupid that I waited so long,” said Linda Ford, who got vaccinated in June ahead of a trip to Niagara Falls that required the shots.>“They’ve finally been able to understand their risk of getting significantly sick outweighs their apprehensions of getting vaccinated. It just takes some people a little bit longer to get to that point,” Mr. Ketel said.>Other holdouts might simply find the time to get vaccinated, according to Dr. Omer. “They’re not necessarily aggressively antivaccine but it’s just that it’s not a priority,” he said. >“It took some time to get comfortable with it,” said Mr. Johnson, 46 years old. are totally real people for real for real and you little chuds are scared of a little prick? HUH HUH? YOU SCARED LITTLE CHUD?

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>>396067704>archiving WSJ trashI can't tell if I'm impressed or sad

>>396067704Theyre never going to stop building the lie

>>396067704It's all over this is a world of retards now

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>>396067704Waited till after covid to get the covid vax

>>396067704Holy fuck imagine avoiding taking that garbage all this time and then folding like a bitch now when all the health problems this shit causes are being exposed.Either top retard or this is just a desperate attempt for them to claw a few more people in.

>>396067704Imagine holding off through all of the hysteria and threats, to only give in now once it’s becoming clear even to shit brain normies that the shots are at best not what they were marketed as and worst clot inducing gene therapy fascisticly pushed onto the plebs of the world.

>>396067704> you little chuds are scared of a little prick? I’m not scared of you.

>>396067704Anyone that gets their first shots now is purely coping because they tapped out. But basically everyone that doesn't have the shot now, will not be getting it no matter what under any circumstances.

>>396067704They are real people. I just got my first dose early September. I had no side effects except a sore arm, tingling feet, and a headache that won’t go away. Now I am not a dirty plague rat.

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I will wait til Im dead

>>396067704>Wall Street Jewnal LOL good one user

>>396068273Gold medal in the Darwin olympics man


>>396067704Still need an explanation of what a chud is.

>>396067704Here's your (you) faggot

We all took our jabs, OP. We're only pretending. Haven't you gotten your latest booster yet?!

Listen CHUDY if you dont get your first shot guess what? You cant have the new super platinum bivalent hyper effect vaccine. Dont you feel silly?

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Very interesting study from before the vaccine was launched. Basically they were deciding which Propaganda/manipulation they were going to push on the public to convince them into taking the vaxx. See how many you recognise. Its all planned. This study tests different messages about vaccinating against COVID-19 once the vaccine becomes available. Participants are randomized to 1 of 12 arms, with one control arm and one baseline arm. We will compare the reported willingness to get a COVID-19 vaccine at 3 and 6 months of it becoming available between the 10 intervention arms to the 2 control

>>396068154It isn't real. It's propaganda. See my post above.

>>396067704Moshe go to sleep, and never wake up again faggot

>>396067704I'm just not taking it at all

>>396067704Don’t care. I’m never getting the Trump vaccine

>>396067704lol imagine living 2 years longer than other vaxxies, watching them all die knowing it's your turn soon

>>396068489now you are dead dumb cunt enjoy your heart attack

>>396069139What a retarded headline. Gene juice! Like that's isn't going to convince people not to take it.

>>396068843You do understand, your time to choose is coming up. Do you want to join the vaccination subscribers and lower your life expectancy to join society, or the unvaccinated and be hunted down? A year at most until the decision time.

>>396069139I hope this applies to all vaccines going into the future because I'll never trust these kikes.

>>396069527that's why it didn't work on us, they used normies as a baseline!hahahaha

>>396070039How will they hunt us down? They'll all be grasping at their chests when they start to run.

>>396067704I doubt the veracity of any claims made in this article. Suckbmy dick then kill yourself. /thread

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Why would I get it now?Biden said the pandemic is over.

>>396069527What the hell

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>>396067704>They’ve finally been able to understand their risk of getting significantly sick outweighs their apprehensions of getting vaccinatedMaybe you could have made that argument a year ago, but the TV isn't even talking about the coovid anymore. Now that the alleged virus has mutated to medical insignificance, why would I even consider getting the shot?Reminder: NEVER refer to it as a vaccine. It validates their decision AND their bias against "antivaxxers".

>>3960677042 Years eh? Makes sense why a bunch of old people in my community have started dropping. Felt like I've been to more funerals in the past 3 months than my entire life. Should be seeing the youngers line up soon as well then?

>>396067704Still not getting it.

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>>396070405does this apply to the people who died from the vax

>>39607040He should get a ouchie in his butthole from being raped in prison.

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>>396068453My brother and his girlfriend did because social services took their child and said they couldn't see him unless they got vaxxed.>they are both idiots.>get in a fight while under supervision.>child is close adopted out, never to be seen again.

>>396067704I am simply too intelligent to get this vaccine or fall for government propaganda, sorry.

>>396070158Drones. They’re doing a test run in the ukraine currently.

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>>396067704>Niagara fallsI used to live there. I’d tell her “fuck off, they’re full” but they surrendered to chinks, pakis, rag heads and niggers many years ago. It’s a wasteland of Toronto faggots and subhumans now. It was always full of greasy WOP’s, but it’s fucked sideways now.

>>396070070You make Bill worry chudy. You need to stop. You dont want to make Bill sad do you? Of course you dont.

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>>396070039I prefer open warfare than to be a slave, are you a slave, user?


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>>396067704So that you could visit Canada? That’s the saddest stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Makes the donut people look like erudite wisemen. The absolute fucking state.

This one is damning

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Also it doesn't even make sense.Everyone's had Omicron by now, or the later variants.It's a highly virulent virus, more infectious than the previous strainsIf you have the natural infection, you're even more protected, and for longer, vs the vaccine. (and God only knows what that does in full)

>>396070461>2 Years eh?Did I lose a year? It hasn't even been two years since covid was known, has it?

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>>396071535You ask if I am a slave yet you fail to understand the nature of this test. Surely you are just pretending to be retarded.

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some surfer guy literally just died. had a seizure while surfing. tick tock vaxxies


lolLmao even

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>>396071623Anon your going crazy. I remember specifically that my gf moved in at the start of the first quarantine in February 2020 and we got covid rather late. You lost more than a year.

>>396072081>you will take the estrogen>you will chop your dick off>you will be a womanIt’s so tiring

>>396072081lmao I remember that, all the anons were freaking out that our governments would lock us up and force us to take hormones.

>>396067704WTF who would get the covid vaccine in the current year?

>>396071284SAFE & EFFECTIVE.Stop spreading misinformation.

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>>396067841It's so you don't pay their kike ads or get their pay wall you fucking dipshit.

>>396067704>scared of a little prick?No one is afraid of you, glowie.

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>>396067704There's literally no good reason to visit Canada right now.

>>396070039I think they pushed too hard too fast on this one. I don't doubt that's coming but it'll take more than a year.

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>>396071999It also causes issues with factor IX and XI. user, do you want to die with the rest of us or live on if you are strong and intelligent enough to make it? Nice trips.

>>396070811>My brother and his girlfriend did because social services took their child and said they couldn't see him unless they got vaxxed.Why didn't he kill the social workers that took his child?Why are you white people such pieces of shit?If you kill one of your enemies you are even.If you kill two you are golden.If you kill more : they can only kill you once.Why do you worship Jesus instead of YHWH?Jesus fucking hates you. Makes you live as slaves. "do not resist evil, white faggots" etc

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>>396070883Lol sweet! I have drones and I fucking bet I'm better at flying them... lets play

2 years of constant psyc-ops really did a number on me. I used to have some hope for the world but now I've become an angry and bitter person after so many people turned on me after I said noI want to turn to salt as I watch God punish the world with fire bros

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>>396072592>right now.

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>>396070811what the actual fuck?

>>396070811>White faggots love their life and Jesus so much they will not resist evil people taking their children from them.Remeber when you were a little boy and you wanted to kill and join the army and use the maxim gun to mow down medeval armies?What happened to that?Killing and torturing your enemies is the right thing to do.Taking young girls as brides is another correct thing.What happened white?What happened?Kill your enemies.

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>>396072638already took a jan last year, im toast mate. taking all the detox, anti-coagulating, nicotine i can but idk if it will help i may be too late.

>>396072089Well damn, not sure if this is a good thing or bad just yet

>>396067704I have seen the word chud so often now that it means less to me than anything anyone religious has ever said.That's how retarded you are.

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>>396072832>>>396070811>what the actual fuck?White people do not resist evil: they worship Jesus instead of God (YHWH).YHWH says slaughter your enemies; kill them; kill their boys; kill their women; take their little girls for yourselves; take an eye for an eye; kill anyone who entices you to follow another Power other than YHWH; marrying little girls is fine; man is the ba'al (master) of the female.Jesus says: do not resist evil; become a eunich for the kingdom of heaven; turn the other cheek; obey your governments; better a millstone. Men die for woman.Whites obey Jesus and spurn YHWH.They do not resist evil.They do not torture and kill the police, etc.They obey Jesus.

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>>396067704Get Fucked nigger

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>>396073105Lmao. Watching this kike lashing out at Jesus is kinda entertaining.Your father is satan, you yidnigger.

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Stop calling it mouse vaccine you uneducated incels.

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>>396072755>2 years of constant psyc-ops really did a number on me. I used to have some hope for the world but now I've become an angry and bitter person after so many people turned on me after I said noYou didn't allready hate them when they denied you child brides and wanted you to be a slave for whores?>I want to turn to salt as I watch God punish the world with fire brosWhite people follow Jesus and do not resist evil: and thus evil rains down upon them. If they'd follow God (YHWH) they would kill their enemies like once they did. But they reject God and follow Jesus instead.What is the Vaxx but their punishment? They'd rather follow anything other than YHWH:1) Their governments2) Their police3) Their social workers 4) Their schools5) Their TV.They want to live.Instead of wanting to kill.When I was young I only wanted to kill: all us boys were like that. There was no thought of holding onto living no matter what.Yet whites love life.>Those who love life will lose it.

>>396072498Everything causes heart attacks. Everything except for the safe and effective vaccine

>>396073301Do I look like a kike to you

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>>396073134Yeah, that's exactly what long covid is.Time and again I've argued with people about them having it and every time they said their doctor was telling them there was no sign of anything.So apparently doctors telling you something wrong because you feel it = experts, doctors telling you nothing is wrong because you feel otherwise = wrong.To be fair, all doctors are fucking worthless and 95% of visits to doctors for me and all of the family I'm aware of are exactly that.>Oh, you've got a piece of shit in your leg torn from an ankle twist that took off some bone? Nothing to see here even though I just told you there is!But you can't just use your feelings to decide whether someone is an expert or not . Especially not when you've based your feelings in fear mongering that has little to no basis in reality.

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>>396073446>s-stop following Jesus, goyim!>proceeds to quote the Lord HimselfAre you even trying, you fucking nigger?

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>>396067704Who the fuck is paying for these articles?

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>>396067704Me too. I honestly just fell into a silo full of millions of Covid-19 Vaccines they couldn't sell at -80 degrees on the open market.You can call me Scrooge McVaxx,

>>396073538What a faggy stare.

>>396072844Which pasture would you rather graze in until slaughter? Another option has been presented. The unvaccinated have their place in the pen. >>396072593Up to a year for the decision to be finalized. When the effects are realized is circumstantial with various groups getting the news at different times.

>>396073301Satan means "Adversary" in hebrew.YHWH is the God I worship.He explicitly allows child brides

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>>396067704still not getting the vax

>>396073617Always trust the Israelis Holla Forumstards.They are god chosen people.

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>>396070811Social welfare employees must be the scum of the earth. If you know a welfare worker see them no more

I empathise with these newly-anointed vaxcattle. They were stupid to resist what was explicitly tailored for them in mind.Vax up, vaxcattle!

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>>396073639>What a faggy stare.Do I look like a kike to you, yes or no.

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>>396073446Anon you seem to mistake me for a pacifist. I agree with your sentiment, I just try to avoid fed posting for opsec reasons

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>>396073874I mean... You actually said "I worship YHWH but I do not recognize Jesus". Can't get more kike than that.


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>>396074065TWO MORE WEEKS

>>396073692Shut up. Fucking one-dimensional retard

>>396073597Jesus is not God.You explicitly reject God (YHWH) because he allows child brides: which you hate.Jesus: who hates white people: Said those who love their life will lose it.How does he know that?Because he's running the scheme.He tells you to be pacific. Who likes to be pacific? Those who don't want to fight and die.He tells you everything opposite of what YHWH's law is: and you love it because you hate God (YHWH): and you love your replacement Lord (Jesus).Fighting means death of both you and your enemies. This is the life YHWH proposes: to kill your enemies: take their girl children: rape them: and keep them as brides.Also to rape and take as brides your own people's girl children (and pay the appropriate bride price to the father).

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>>396073505Dont touch grass.

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>>396071284Muy bueno.

>>396069468>Luciferase>lucifer>purple malfunctioning streetlights>strange sounds heard worldwide>project bluebeam>food additives in processed food>monkeypox vaccine>ai>5g towers 6g prototypes>microwave weapons>conciousness beaming>space weather>sunflares


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>>396072716Godspeed user.

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>>396074088>I mean... You actually said "I worship YHWH but I do not recognize Jesus". Can't get more kike than that.Jesus explicitly rejects YHWH's law and tells us to abandon our families.White reject YHWH's law and allow the State to take their children.Jesus' "way" is at play here.YHWH would have you slaughter all these people, and then rape their child-age daughters (4th book of Moses).Jesus said YHWH was satan (adversary): as if him negating everything YHWH spoke for wasn't enough.They are not compatable gods. YHWH is the better one.

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>>396074170>Shut up. Fucking one-dimensional retardMake me.YHWH allows child brides.

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>>396073657thats what i think too, the great culling has begun. guess it doesnt matter in the end. maybe dying in my sleep would be preferable, at least i wont see it coming.

>>396074550And by child you mean?

>>396070405He's literally doing the merchant hand rub and narrowing his eyes in malicious amuse

Every time they use a picture of a syringe it makes me not want it even more. Why do they always do this? I'm not fucking enticed by the images of needles and people getting them damn. That pic looks like the bag of a volunteer cleaning up a shitty beach somewhere.

>>396074550Literally the most entertaining schizo that I've seen around here.Hope you find Jesus.

>>396074170>Shut up. Fucking one-dimensional retardLooks pretty three dimensional to me

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>>396074648It hard to make a painful medical procedure that can kill you look cute

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>>396067704>the pandemic is over>oh cool I should probably get my covid shot nowlol yeah okay

>>396073617I like how nobody's keen to explain why we need to vaccinate against Omicron, when Omicron is about as dangerous as fucking OC-43


>>396074602>And by child you mean?Read the Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.By child I mean child: young girl, little girl, not an adult. And that's what they ment when they wrote it.

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>>396067704You need a vax to visit a waterfall?

>>396074765TWO MORE WEEKS

>>396074170>Shut up. Fucking one-dimensional retardSeethe.Pound sand even.

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>>396074771But at what point does childhood cease, for boys and girls?

>>396074863You replied to me again?

>>396069139Hmm well those boosters must stimulate an overly intense immune reaction in those people who still have immune systems.

>>396068489Yes you are not feeling side effects. Meanwhile your heart is silently becoming enlarged and when it reaches its limits you get SADS. Which means you died of "natural causes".



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>>396075095No, I’m going to become an omicron.

>>396068489peripheral neuropathy? congrats, cunt

>>396067704Good for her. I'm not going to do it though because I watched joe biden get covid twice in 10 days this summer. Last summer I went rafting with a guy who showed up with his bandaid from the jabby and a week later he was dead. Then last week my sister in laws boyfriends cousin who was a 24 year old nurse died whole using an exercise bike. I've seen enough to know I am right and the entire government and corporate Jews are in the wrong.

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>>396073301It’s all the same jew nonsense. Grew up

>>396072844Quick smoke more cigarettes!

>>396069139Gotta get rid of all those old shots somehow!

>>396068104>>396074751>after covid>covid over

>>396073134It's all psychosomatic and always has been..I knew it.

>>396068154Imagine believing this shit. I'm only surprised they're still trying to sell the jew juice. Even Biden said covid is over.

>>396075570theres more ways to get nicotine than smoking grandpa. im using pouches. could use gum, patches or vape. spikes bind to nicotine then get sweated out.

>>396069139>you have to purchase the season pass to get the new contentkek they're just copying the subscription model. Highly lucrative.

>>396067704Was it real in your mind?


>>396075679Close. The symptoms of the vaccine are very real. >I’m very sick but it’s not covid.

>>396067704This is me rn. Got laid off late last year and have had trouble finding good paying work. Eating into my savings and taking on debt after my emergency fund got used up. Still gotta pay for my kids and my wife doesn't make enough to support us entirely. I've taken on shitty jobs that I am way overqualified for, but I finally, *finally* got a great position offered with great pay (30k more than my last 'good' job) and benefits, wfh, and extended medical/dental. The catch? They require vax (yes, even though it is wfh).I am untested, unvaxxed, but I'm going to go get one of the fucking elixirs next week so that I can afford to live and support my family the way that they deserve. Fuck this country. Probably going to go with Novavx so at least I don't get untested mRNA bs

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>>396074224Probably from pesticides.

>>396076588>I am untested, unvaxxed, but I'm going to go get one of the fucking elixirs next week so that I can afford to live and support my family the way that they can't support your family if you are dead or debilitated from the vaxx

>>396076588>so at least I don't get untested mRNA bs

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>>396076588Nice. Enjoy death, cuck. Your kids can turn to prostitution after you die

>>396076760Apparently he’s to retarded to reach that conclusion. Oh well...

>>396067704Many great rapes to you and your family!


>>396070417The covid hoax made me an antivaxxer though.I grew to realize they are all a scam.

>>396067704>Holding out for over a year>Take it just as serious side effects are becoming undeniableYeah, sure, this it totally true and organic

Stopping by to drop a literally who, that way you don't have to tab over, user.What are the political implications of jews infighting?

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>>396070697If you died from the vaccine then you can't die from covid.

>>396074354Cute little bugger. Should slap an led on it and release a swarm of them to have fake fireflies on demand for fairs and weddings or whatever.

>>396076760>>396076823>>396076842>>396076924Yeah it's a gamble. There are other factors too. My parents, siblings, and there families, have all banned me from family events since vax became available. I have two nephews that I've never met. I've lost all of my irl friends and most contact with my extended family. It's been psychological torture and I'm just done. I don't know anyone outside of my family in person who isn't vaxxed. I'm done.

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>>396077391You sound like a bullshit artist.

>>396077391pussy. literally waited 2 years and giving in now is beyond retardationas this user said >>396076924 you're just a retard. no sympathy.

>>396077391>I don't know anyone outside of my family in person who isn't vaxxed. I'm done.would buy you a beeru frendo except I don't meet fellow poltards until by accident in the clown show afterparty.

>>396077532Welcome to life in Canada. It's all bullshit

>>396067704in other newssome people have not kts yetwhy don't you try itscared?

>>396067704and then everyone clapped

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>>396074354if I ever capture one am totally shipping it to Russia KGB for exploitation


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Imagine getting it now after everyone stopped caring and there's no pressure. It's like showing up to jonestown the next day, seeing all the dead bodies, and drinking the kool aid anyway

>>396077391so if everyone you know jumped off a cliff, you would too?

>>396076588I call bullshit. No one who hasn't take it at this point is going to take it for any reason. I would urge you to reconsider, but I have doubts you're even a real person and not just a shill trying desperately (still, for some reason) to persuade people here, of all places, to go out and sell their soul.It would be a slam dunk case for you to sue the company (as is the case all over your country, just no media will report on it) and take home more than you'd ever make working years there.Lastly, your children and your wife will respect you less if you give in after all this time. There is no doubt about that. This is coming from someone who's been rich and who's been poor. How your family looks at you is not about money. It's about how rock solid your convictions are. If they can get you to take the Theresa tam jam after all this time, where the hell is your line in the sand, then?The reason the world is shit right now is because no one knows who they are and where their line in the sand is.But I guess, if you can be bought off with fiat currency, you might as well roll up your sleeve and return for your successive boosters.

>>396077642I would kms but who would feed and water your mom?

>>396072755Same.I have a true vendetta against the vaxies who tried to force this horrible evil upon me.I know they are damned for hell, but I don't want to wait; I want them their now.

>>396077861There's no way someone who has held out this long is going to get it.

>>396067704>getting a vaccine that doesn't even work>a vaccine with known symptoms such as "sudden death">a vaccine with no legal recourse if it does hurt you>for a virus with a 99.97% survival ratengmi

>>396069527>every single one of them were spammed here

Attached: 1646020994710.png (548x666, 361.15K)

>>396077391And what, you think you can just take it and all will go back to the way it was with your family? Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to judge people for falling for the scam, but there is not a force in this world that would make me disown my family like yours did to you. If you are a real person, I'd say you should step up and show your kids the kind of men this world needs. What kind of example does that set for your kids? Become the patriarch of your new family line and let the one's who've forsaken you sleep in the bed they've made for themselves.All is not lost. If you get a grip on who you are, you're going to find that things have never been better, man.


>>396078465I knew the second people weren't falling in the streets in Tokyo after two weeks of back and forth flights with one of Japan's busiest air routes (Narita-Wuhan), if not the busiest, that this was a fucking rouse.

>>396077878Cliff jumping is a fun sport as long as most people survive>>396077907Yeah, this is pretty much the argument that has kept me from getting it so far. Why should money be the reason? But yet, we all sacrifice so much for money. We take on stress, we give our time, we take on risks.I think it's fair for you to doubt my story - it is definitely an uncommon one in most 'free' countries. That said, Red Deer anons seem just as disingenuous. In Canada, 86% of the population has had at least one dose. Are they really all going to drop dead? Sure they are probably under-reporting the negative side effects, but after two years wouldn't it have been obvious?

>>396072676this, if you value somethign you put your life on the line, conceding just get you what you deserve

>>396067704Taxpayers are still shelling out millions to big pharma corporations to buy these doses, most of which just got bad. You see what this is all about yet? Qui bono?

>>396077878NOOO! You can't use that argument like that


Attached: TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO------NO!.jpg (250x250, 24.71K)

>>396070405Didja mean to poast the webm, Clive?Here:

Attached: 100percen...uh 99...98...uhhhh.webm (640x480, 2.51M)

>>396078535Fuck my life man. Obviously this is the correct outlook, it's been a long year. I'll think on it. Thanks for the (you)s

>>396077120same. nobody is coming near me with a loaded syringe. no blood transfusions or organ transplants, either

>>396076588>>396077391Just out of curiosity, has your wife or/and kid taken it?

>>396073316They must have updated it...Until may this year it was>pic related

Attached: Faith-Healing.jpg (1070x717, 124.6K)

>>396078737It's not about whether you are going to drop dead or suffer bodily consequences. It's about knowing who you are and who your master is. My position would still stand even if you were to tell me "it's okay user, I got a doc who's going to hook me up with a placebo."This is about way more than what's going on in the physical realm. Anyone who hasn't taken it so far can feel that in their bones user. >Why should money be the reason? But yet, we all sacrifice so much for money. We take on stress, we give our time, we take on risks.I'n my conversation with *you*, I'm not really interested in hearing about the royal *we*. Especially if that *we* includes the 86% of people you are talking about. You shouldn't be concerning yourself with what they think. They have made their choice. Their line in the sand is apparently not "experimental medical treatment every three months in perpetuity."

>>396067704Oh damn, going to schedule my vax appointment now. Insulting my intelligence really changed my mind after the relentless propaganda all these years!

>>396071284alice in borderland

>>396068489Glories shill


>>396073357>anti-scienceI follow the method, you don't.

>>396067704WHY are they still on about this, it's dead. Over. Covido esto finito. Jewkraine is the current thing.

>>396068154Imagine beliving newspapers.

>>396068489>Now I am not a dirty plague rat.You are though.It doesn't do a single thing to prevent infection or transmission.

>>396079866Can you imagine the amount of money they raked in the las 18 months?That shit is hard to let go

>>396079745You just didnt know any better chudy. No shame in admitting it.

>>396079697>This is about way more than what's going on in the physical realm. Anyone who hasn't taken it so far can feel that in their bones user. Can you elaborate on this fren? Are you talking about just generally those who have taken it are mentally submissive for falling for it or is there deeper meaning to it?

>>396079261It's good to hear that user. Even if it's just to get me to stop replying. I'll take it as having helped another user realize that he obviously has the strength to be who he really is. No doubt you know you have the strength in you. You just needed a little kick in the arse. And thank you as well. It's given me some time to reflect as well. I know where my line in the sand is, but I am by no means a perfect man. Godspeed with your life user.

>>396067841One day he shall return.

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>>396069527All the boxes are checked for what media was pumping out here. I guess it's a good thing that I simply hate them and distrust anything they say and made my decision to not take it no matter what anyone including family said.


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>>396080061Too soon.

Attached: salute cat crying.jpg (680x422, 32.12K)

I don't believe that. Everywhere I look I see people who regret getting any of the covid snake oil.

>>396068273They're normies too the programming just takes time to update. You wonder why there are weirdo holdouts demanding we lock down again, well, these guys are just normies who are even slower to update.

>>396067704Pfizer is desperate, you are going to jail you will be executes for crimes against humanity. Its over.

>>396080496Pfizer is suing Moderna or some shit for stealing their intellectual property. they have already started to fight for crumbs. They know the good times are over.

Attached: 2022-08-26 Moderna Sues Pfizer and BioNTech Over Covid Vaccine1-jmHRK….png (610x722, 594.89K)

>>396079934Covid is caused by fear and vaccine side effects. You know this.

>>396072603I didn't realize fauci was such a manlet

>>396068851Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller

>>396067704>These are totally real people for realWeak bait

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Anons what is in the rapid test swabs? I’ve had 2 in my nostril (didn’t go all the way up) and am concerned and anxious. What’s going to happen to me.

>>396080874Jesus christ shut the fuck up

>>396074184you are either a bot or a smoothbrain.

>>396080874Look up who supplys your jurisdiction its probably south korea

>>396080874>Anons what is in the rapid test swabs?science.

Attached: swab-test-theragripper-detox 2.png (1654x1458, 2M)

>>396067841This was how it was done newfag before shills flooded this board after 2016

>>396080901You shut the fuck up leaf. >>396080932Yeah South Korea

>>396067841Youbshould always archive news and use those links. Never link to their real page, which gives the enemy ad money and cookie information. Newfags that do not do this must learn or die horribly.

>>396073105Hello rabbi

>>396079883social media, hearsay and gutfeeling is all you need

>>396069527Huh I guess I’m a psychological grandmaster because i didn’t fall for any of those

Imagine getting the clot shot NOW, after it's clear COVID was a nothingburger and not the second coming of the Black Death. Also, when so many have died suddenly for no apparent reason, after having been jabbed.Take yourselves out of the gene pool, idiots! Go ahead.

>>396071102I went there over the summer, you literally don't need a clotshot unless you want to go into Canada, and there's no reason to do that. Plenty to do on the USA side, and you can go on the boat tour and everything.Stupid is as stupid does.

>>396072081>erratic nonsensical symptoms> no two people report same symptoms > no one has ever isolated “the virus”, probably fake and gay >being a virus is a social construct, Covid is anything anyone wants it to be >Covid questions existence >Covid needs hormones to eradicate itself >YWNBAVGlobohomo gets them all in the end

>>396070039Wait, so vaxxed people are going to hunt the purebloods down? I don’t think the kikes are really that bright.

>>396073538What a delicious tranny. Keffals just got a boner.

Attached: mandaglorian and baby yoda butt plug.jpg (821x804, 147.12K)

>>396080979Highly doubt so as governments would be sued to oblivion if they did so

>>396077391As crazy as that is it’s a blessing in disguise. If they were willing to ostracize you for this, it would have happened eventually for committing wrongthink. Liberals love destroying families with their fucking horeshit ideologies and can’t wait to tell reddit about it

>>396080638I caught covid from huffing farts from fat gay nigra ass. I were the munchy monkey.

>>396081983>would be sued to oblivion if they did so

Attached: LOL crying LMAO.gif (377x372, 3.46M)

>>396077391>>396078737Dude, if you've lasted this long, don't get the vaccine. If you want to see your family and friends...I dunno what to say. Most of my family and friends are vaccinated, and up until halfway through this year they gave me shit about not getting it. But they still hung out with me and didn't ban me from events. I did have one friend who got it for similar reasons though. His parents live out of state, and they wouldn't let him come visit unless he got the vaccine, so he got the Johnson and Johnson since it was one shot assuming it wasn't as bad. Those people are fucked up. If they want to shun you for not getting an experimental vaccine, fuck them. You don't need those people in your life user. If anything you should just lie to them, tell them you got it, make a fake vaccine card, and then in the middle of Christmas dinner confess to them that you didn't get the vaccine. Make them kick you out in the cold on Christmas day so they can be confronted with their own inhumanity

>>396081032Now see if the company has any whistleblowers access ingredients list cross check with toxins

>>396080874Your soul has been extracted and vacuum sealed into little crystal vials for Metatron to play with

>>396080979It didn’t go up that far just the inside of the nostril. Like when you pick you nose if that makes sense. >>396081983Anon, I…..


>>396067704Oh look: It's psyop season 2. I thought they canceled that show after it caused so much uproar in the audience.

>>396082160Good point. Most of my wife's family took the vaccine, but none of them wear masks and they never gave us the first BIT of shit about getting vaxed. What the fuck is wrong with yanks/northeners?

How about those hospitals flooded with covid patients that were simply not true while staff was making tiktok videos, or the fake statistics, day one, week one, that 60% 80% 90% 20% 40% of the population was magically vaccinated that just kept varying up and down week after week, or all of the people that died asking for a vaccine? Which is it this time sheckelstein? Oh, it appears to be "Covid is over but get vaccinated to the polls, it's stupid to wait so long" contrarian shill behavior. Look at all of these newfags replying too

Attached: 1650729627882.jpg (1280x720, 104.59K)

>>396082347Wait for january

>>396069527Sure, let me just click that honeypot site! How about an archive link??

>>396082321/pol/ used to be very anal about always requiring 'news' articles to be archived so as to not give ad revenue to these sites or let them see tracking pixels/cookies of where people accessed their articles from. There are other benefits as well, but one Norwegian user in particular always encouraged this and shared links to archive sites.

>>396082544Stop talking about it.

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Only in anglo countries people need to get vaxxed for non healthcare related jobsCan we laugh at anglos just One more time? Not One job in Europe outside caretaker/healthcare requires the vaxThe whole private sector can survive without the vax

>>396082544Ah that's cool of him , I think I remember

>>396082544Based nupol can craddle my balls in their cheeks

>>396082358>>396082160>>396082671It's because social justice bs has so thoroughly permeated EVERYTHING. The groupthink is STRONG. In Canada, all federal workers and frontline workers are required to be vaxxed I believe. Lots of companies also required it 'in solidarity' and because 'of course' everyone will be vaccinated.>you will say every child matters>you will say black lives matter>you will say Kyiv>you will say ma'am>you will give up your guns>you will stop driving a car>you will stop eating the meat>you will trans the kids>you will be culturally enriched>you will take the vax>you will comply>you will comply>you will comply

Attached: 1659218551402153.jpg (1200x1393, 124.08K)

>>396067704I had covid already so no need to use the experimental vaccines

>>396082358>>396082544>>396083354Why are Canadians like this? Why do Americans seem to be the only group with even some people going against the vaccine? Whites are in dire fucking straits if America is the only place with rebellious individuals

>>396067704Lügenpresse or actual NPCs

>>396067704Imagine taking the injection now

>>396083354I didn't read your tranny blog but a quick glance says YOU WILL repeatedly. How does this statement of yours coincide with the heckincooterinosnipspappedhescockandheesack? Especially, in the sense that you truly never will be a woman?

>>396067704Some budget left over for one last viral ad campaign, huh? Use it or lose it!

>get the alpha shot to fight against omicron BA.5i was waiting for the world to return to sanity, but I suppose it will never happen.

>>396067704>More propaganda. I thought you faggots said there's no unjabbed left, but not allegedly there's first timers getting jabfucked? Which is it?

Attached: 1662636641289241.jpg (762x785, 192.83K)


Attached: 1663314490718671.webm (640x640, 1.94M)

>>396072837Eat shit kike, you're going to hell regardless

Attached: 1662572484256638m.jpg (1024x1024, 181.78K)

>>396072571How does one do this? I want to do this for some local news articles. But every archive site just defaults to the paywall.

>>396069784I'm moving to Denmark for work. 90% of 25-50s ar are vaxxed there where do I find purebloods to hang out?

>>396085546If some kind heart with an paid account archives it I think they article will show up complete. If you dont have a paid account and try to archive it you are cucked.

>>396067704lol, is it sponsored article?>I kind of felt stupidnot a feeling, it is a fact if you get it now, with so many sheninghans out>risk of getting significantly sick outweighs their apprehensions of getting vaccinatedhe has obsolete data, bad doctor, avoid>They’re not necessarily aggressively antivaccinekek, you pushed me this way also gave terminal case of antisemitism

>>396085667But how do you do it? You clearly need to provide your login details to the site somehow. But how?

>>396085830no idea I have never paid for a subscription in my life.

>>396067704>outweighs their apprehensionsnot even going to acknowledge side effects? how fucking blind can people be?

>>396070417>Reminder: NEVER refer to it as a vaccineSerial genetic material injections

>>396067704>current year >still shilling the "vaccine" lol LMAO

Attached: Cromoplasmosis.jpg (480x360, 24.76K)

>>396067704>start feeling stupid>immediately get vaccinatedThis can’t be a coincidence.

>>396082544He made a bot that would reply to msm articles with an copy of it.

>>396067704Rearing up for that next wave I see.


Attached: sad-crying (2).jpg (396x385, 100.67K)

>>396067704>biden gaffes that the pandemic is over>hours later a massive rush to shill more pharma jewceThere is no pandemic. Only old and sick people are dying from this, if they're even dying from it and not something else being attributed to it. Vaxxies are the only ones seemingly having problems. "long covid" is not affecting unvaxxed. Even at the height of this so-called pandemic, the data was unambiguous. There is almost no risk to healthy people. why tf would you take magic jew potion in your veins that hasn't been tested adequately? wtf is wrong with these people?

>>396069527Dear lord it has so many of the exact types of messaging that was actually used, and STILL is used, despite being obviously not true.Also I found the>"We find that persuasive messaging that invokes prosocial vaccination and social image concerns is effective at increasing intended uptake and also the willingness to persuade others and judgments of non-vaccinators. "Fits in with all those people taking pics of themselves getting vaccinated and the heavy virtue signaling about it, and the heavy shaming of people who didn't want to get vaccinated.

>>396069527so we are actual anomalies huh?

Attached: 1644613606389.png (416x643, 212.45K)

>>396068489look at all these replies that cant comprehend the sarcasm. the quality of this board has fallen>a headache that wont go away He literally gives it away with this line

>>396072498>It's the herbal supplements>It's the heat>It's joy>It's pandemic stress>It's gardening >It's masturbationIt's the vaccine>OH HERE WE GO ANOTHER CONSPIRACY THEORY TAKE YOUR MEDS FUCK

these people didnt do 1 hour in chemistry class. the og vaxx does nothin against the version of covid that exists nowpure Darwinism

I'm fully jabbed and I support Israel

>>396081301I prefer life experience and studies with repeatable results.

>>396076588At least you got laid

>>396067704>I hate not... come this far... to get jabbed now.

Attached: Nick.jpg (1280x800, 47.49K)

>>396067704I'm glad they're getting vaxxed.

Attached: 1663259415303637m.jpg (1024x683, 56.01K)

>>396067704>>I have not... come this far... to get jabbed now.

Attached: Left-4-Dead-2-left-4-dead-2-15794709-772-466.jpg (772x466, 31.44K)

>>396067704lmao, they honestly expect me to believe this shit? that people refused to get it throughout those whole 2 years where it means constant oppression, but then changed their mind now where it makes no difference?

>>396073943Why is under 18 so high?And why are we still talking about Covid cases when there is STILL no test to isolate a sars cov 2 pathogen from a patient?How can you test for cases without a test....STILL.

>>396068039They cant stop, if the public ever found out that the entire MKultra division of domestic intelligence was turned against americans to overthrow and election and poison westerners with a chronenburg mystery juice, the public would be furious.

>>396089993>the public would be furious.kek good one user

Attached: lol kek lmao.gif (360x346, 176.33K)

>>396067704>IF you want to do anything you must let us jab you!Seems these motherfuckers are really really scared that enough of us didnt die and now they are facing a sizable chunk of our chud population who are still able and willing to push back when the faggots run for the bunkersIt also occured to me that all this tunnel fighting training points to this as being fact!They are fucking anything over (especially in the USA) that would give us facilities to carry on in everyday life starting with food processing etcWe literally have no personal access to doctors here they are just staying out of the way incase they get fucked over for helping a genocide!It is a good thing tho that traitorous left wingers are dying en masse through their own self abuse and selfishness The payment of judas is well deserved!



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