98% of the women took the vaccine

>Will pass the spike protein onto you >Will pass the mRNA code to any children you have with them Lads this is the end of race i hope you find a nice Bulgarian or kazakhstani qt

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>Will pass the spike protein onto youThat's where you're wrong, kiddo!

>>396067327i miss rose

>>396067327How do I find a tradpilled Christian based schizo gf that didn't take the vax?

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>>396067327>giving women rights was a swell ideaSaid no one ever

>>396067601what is her name again, user? I must know her name

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In my circle of friends and family like 1-2 women took the vaxx.I personally know at least a dozen unvaxxed, based women.


>>396067327>2022>posting randyfuck you user

>>396067919there's a girl at my work who looks exactly like her and I want to comment on how she looks like the cute german tomboy sportswoman, but I have no idea who the fuck she is. pls help me, based user

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>>396067327I didn't get it an my daughter was born in January of 2020.

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>>396068152You know you could have reverse searched your own image. Isn't that hard. Lazy pervert.

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>>396068152that will just hinder your progress user. Good luck though, getting a Voll look-alike is a great accomplishment

>>396067327I will always love Rose, dude or not

>>396067505>>396067978>>396068006>>396068824poor roze that spike protein accelerated her aging

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>>396068964I'd accelerate her aging if you know what I mean ;)

>>396067327You win this round Amish!


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>>396067327Jokes on you, I don’t talk to women

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>>396067517Antivaxxer fb groups. They have a code, search for the carrot and then go down to the rabbit hole.

>>396068637I did, used tineye and it came up with actual niggers. thank you for your patience.

>>396067327I can just wait another 20 years.

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>>396067327can you really get the spike from fucking vaxtard pussy? i rawdogged 3 npc hoes since new years. What have i got doc?

>>396070290yes they grow syringes in the pussy and stab the dick back

>>39606732798% of WHITE women

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>>396070379she said it was just an iud though.

>>396067517I told my wife to not get the clot shot and she obeyed. She looks like your pic but with bigger tits.

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>>396067505new videos every Christmas

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>>396067327>women prove they are all npcs once again

>>396070384Rihanna Bo'Blana is dumb and evil.Thinks she's a witch, dumb cunt.

>>396067327Everyone but me in my family took it. I won't even inherit much, like 150k tops.

>>396071041>won't even inherit much140k more than me lol

>>396071493It would be more if my sisters didn't live hand to mouth and keep renting while having stable jobs. I'm unemployed but still have 15k savings lol.

>>396069282No, I don't know what you mean?

>>396067327Where the fuck do i find a Bulgarian gf?

>>396067327That's why my wife is clean, and I fuck her on the regular and my children are blue eyed, blonde hair purebloods.

>>396068637Based tomboy appreciators.

>>396067938Yeah. Only the types of women that would have abortions took it. So like 75% of the fertile ones. Not a big deal. Most were ugly. For 16 yr olds there’s more unvaxxed girls than boys

>>396070290You dont seriously believe this do you lol. Everything from the vaccine leaves your body after a week or so. Thats why immunity wanes over time ( like flu shots). Most brown retards in this place have never taken an immunology/biotech course in college to understand how any of this works.

>>396067327good thing my sister isn't one of them.

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By the way this thread is no joke. Ever since I had the coof I've basically been invulnerable, while everyone else around me is having all kinds of health problems. They are on sick leave like 2-3 times in 6 months wtf?

>>396067327You're wrong actually.Not every child got vaccinated, and it wasn't given to under 10's in many places.Meaning competition will be massive, but it won't be the end of the world.Not to mention when it turns out that older women have fertility problems.... Well you'll see how fast "women's rights" disappear.

>>396067327>God is omnipotent and benevolent>Believes in God>scared of vaccinesHow are right wingers so dumb? How can you be afraid of a silly vaccine or literally ANYTHING? If it kills you, don’t you get to meet your sky daddy in heaven? Isn’t that more based than living in your shitty mixed neighborhood?

>>396067327shut the fuck up kike. You jidf jews are so tiresome.

>>396073068>If it kills you, don’t you get to meet your sky daddy in heaven?Vaccine kills connection to higher power


>>396067327>pass the mRNA code to any children you haveIs the world just full of magic to you?

>>396067327>98% of the women took the vaccineyou're actually retarded if you believe this

>>396067327It really will be hard for people to find a good woman after this stunt. I'm lucky I started dating my wife years and years ago, and got married before the covid shenanigans were all underway.

>>396073068>right wingersshaka, when the walls fell.also knowing it kilsl means taking it is suicide so no heaven. at least know what you mock so you don't look retarded to even non-religeous people.

>>396070817I love her. She looks gorgeous.

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>>396072882Telling unvaxxed women you arent interested breaks them. The fucking PARAGRAPHS.


>>396068964Wow she really hit the wall huh

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>>396072270He would bang her so hard, that her hair would grow gray. That's what he meant.

>>396067327My woman and I stayed far away from the vaccine. No worries there.


>>396067327Forever Damaged holes will completely embrace genetic engineering, in vitro babies and transhumanism, bringing forth man-made horrors beyond our comprehension.Never asking for responsibility for who damaged and sterilized them, because that would be socially shunned. Giving to the same people most of their capital in order to be experimented onto, for a half assed solution and turn humans into viscid monsters completely dependant on the technè. An evolutionary dead end.And women will rationalize every single bit of it because it's the only path left for them to have their cake and eat it too.

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>>396067601>>396067883You want a smelly, sweaty dike? You think it's romantic when a woman looks like a guy? Then go ahead and meet her halfway by dressing like a woman, growing out hair and taking up knitting or pottery.

>>396067517Here I am.

>>396073681Mouse studies suggest it can immune system damage can last up to 4 generations. Mind you a mouse generation is a lot shorter than a humans in gestation time, and the damage may be rectified after the first generation in humans.

>>396074777>You want a smelly, sweaty dike?she's none of those>You think it's romantic when a woman looks like a guy?she doesn't>Then go ahead and meet her halfway by dressing like a woman, growing out hair and taking up knitting or pottery.that's gay

>>396067327Mine didn’t though

>>396067327>another Harry Potter and the Pureblood Chronicles on reddit 2.0You niggers think about the vax more than you think about chicks with dicks.

Sometimes I think i found the one, then nights like tonight happen. first time she tried cooking in over a week, I told her it is her night to cook. we had sauerkraut, and potatoes au gratin from last night that I made and all she had to do was cook some porkchops with caramelized onions. She literally asked me how to re-heat the potatoes and I told her "put them in the oven until they are hot" and spend 1 hour cooking pork chops without any onions. after panicing for 30 minutes because she didn't know how to cook onions / pork chops after I have shown her several times.She took the vax, i didn't. and she just is a complete inept retard. I have no clue how someone could be so void of thought and can't think to look up how to do things herself instead just give up if she doesn't know how to do something.She is now worried that since she took the vaxx that she will have miscarriages since that has been coming up in her facebook feeds

Convinced mine to get Sinovac only.No MRNA

>>396067505We all do.

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>>396074904and spent***

>>396067517Probably easier to find a new age mystic girl whose crown chakras are aligned.

>>396067517Amish country. They don't shave, either.

>>396067327>Will pass the mRNA code to any children you have with themmRNA isn't DNA

>>396067327>>Will pass the spike protein onto you>>Will pass the mRNA code to any children you have with themAs if Holla Forumschuds would breed.

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>>396070384Her pre-frontal cortex seems to be unusually large for a nigress.

>>396075263Already proven that it is able to be encoded. And thus, it becomes inheritable.

>>396067601I'd like to imagine you and twain are the same person .

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>>396067327More women took it than men but not by as much as you guys think. Also part of the reason for that is because the over 55 crowd is disproportionately female and they are more vaxxed. Younger women are not all vaxxed (unless you live in a country that's 95% vaccinated.) In my state of Nevada less than half of the white people got it, same for Idaho and a few other states.

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>>396075464well you're wrong

>>396067327So glad I met a woman who had a kidney transplant and couldn't get it. For the first time it's finally going well as long as I don't lose my cool.

>>396067327>took the vaccinethe placebo was mixed in. Some of them won't have the spike proteins, but mentally they have cucked.

>>396070384At least in the US, whites are the second least likely to get vaxxed. Europeans seem like they fell for the scam harder though.

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>>396069587>wait, what declaration did we sign last night?>...>shit, all right

>>396067327I have “not interested in vaccinated women” in my tinder profile and it has gotten me more dates than people have complained about it I’ve noticed goth women do not like vaccines, and single moms

>>396075263>mRNA isn't DNACorrect, but there exists proteins called reverse transcriptase which convert it. You might wonder why that exists, and one of the reasons is something called Long Interspersed Nuclear Elements, which are regions of your DNA which contain the machinery to relocate themselves inside the genome to alter gene expression.

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>>396075705>and single momsthey have simply caught on to what bullshit will get a man around to pay for their past mistakes.

rose is 34 years old

No joke I work with an 80s punk woman that hates everything about the government like that classical punk energy. This woman held out on vaccination until our job said vaccinated people could not wear masks. She got vaccinated so she could not wear a mask and put makeup on to spite the guy at work by "showing him what he's missing" because he broke up with her. This is what women are like.

>>396075640Asians being racial NPC's makes me sad. I really want to make some hapas. And only 1 in 5 of them aren't retarded.

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>>396072721You do know that the vaxx altered immune response is passed on to your offspring?

>>396076406Plenty of fresh ones still in the wild mate.

>>396076307Gonna have to go younger then. I hate this fucking clown world.

>>396067327I'd accidently trip and plow deep in her pussy. If you know what I mean.

>>396074904Ask her if she is doing it to get attention from you, faking mental disability to excuse laziness or if she is actually struggling with the most basic of tasks. The question alone will either win you a less retarded girlfriend or a more faithful retard.

>>396076581I guess we'll find out soon enough. No animals survived Phase 1 trials. The next year is going to be a bumpy ride.

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>>396070384Decaprio nailed that

>>396076581Idk about NZ but Asians in Asia are more vaxxed than most European countries. And South Korea's fertility managed to drop even lower than it already was so I think they got vaxxed with the same shit we did. There is a waifu extinction currently happening and we can only watch.>>396076406It's not gonna be easy to find one. People here say Unvaxxed sperm will be in demand but as for Unvaxxed women it will be the hunger games.

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>>396077555Look you only need 1, don't get greedy.

>>396067327Ashley Jones >>> Rose

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>>396077555I'm OK with competition. It's a vast desert wasteland of walking dead that I'm concerned with. 80% will be lying their asses off in a year. Need a passive vaccine Voight-Kampff test for these NPC's. Maybe nuke them with 18 Ghz and see if they dance.

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>>396078479Mutt spotted.

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>>396067327I always was fond of his benis


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What about swabs from rapid tests? How bad are they anons?

>>396067327I miss him bros.

>>396077103Well test animal are usually some guinea pigs or rats. Both small animals that weight less than 1/100 of that of human. If you ever took care of pets this small you know they don't really get sick. Getting sick from something and dying is very fast. Larger animals get sick for long time and die slower. Faster metabolism hearth rate that is several times faster everything happens very fast in small animals. If rat dies from the jab 1 day after his health start to get worse humans can take an year or more.

>>396074777I want to pin an athletic Dyke and impregnate her, and make her carry the baby to term.

>>396067517i met mine of hinge, but far right women are mentally unhinged

>>396067327I don't know I have only slept with a vaccinated person once everyone else was unvaccinated. I hope not but I have thought about it. I mean really what do we know about it but at the same time I don't think they would Poison every mother fucker including themselves eventually. Somebody's got to be straight and fuck to continue Humanity

>>396068152All you got to do is be like I like pussy but I'm really a fag and you look like this blah blah blah... I'd hit it but I'm not obsessed nor do I prefer it's a little weird. I have this girl that was a little bit broader in the shoulders and she had short blonde hair and when I sleep would trip me the fuck out cuz she look like a man. Feminine is preferred in all ways

>>396067938Based women. LOL

>>396078479Fucking gargoyle looking bitch.

>>396067327Does she have a fucking Saturnus tattooed on her arm lmao

>>396067919He's going to steal your tranny.

>>396089848Good thing that's not a tranny then

>>396074791>Here I am.user, your posts reads too good to be true, and if it’s too good to be true…! You know the rest of the phrase, yes?And, obviously, I’m not adhering to the rule… what’s a man to do, believe a Finnish flag on Holla Forums…!

>>396067327There's always sperm banks.The offspring traits that would come from this would make a good worker class. So that's the plan, right? Make a good slave class?Eugenicists won the world I guess, so we can exploit that by making the youth into a model soldier for their in-group or protecting their own. Don't have to be smart or in the best shape of one's life to simply stand by your kin. Start really worrying when they begin to aerosolise the mRNA delivery, or put it into your food stocks.

>>396067327The degenerated developing the vaccine and making the calls, did not plan so far ahead mate. As in every industry in our globalized world in the west, managers and financiers have the saying. Therefore the goal to create profit was archived. Anything past that is irrelevant for phrasma companies. Politicians will try to slip by on the same patch, but don't let yourself be fooled. And don't forget their outh.

>>396067327I'm not having kids so I don't care what happens to this planet or humanity after I die.


so many rose threads these past days!