We keep losing quality females (male) because they hate living in the same country as Putin, how do we stop this?

We keep losing quality females (male) because they hate living in the same country as Putin, how do we stop this?

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>>396066287we'are losing cretins, no big deal

trans-duginist syncretism


>>396066287Just breed more 25% mongoloid 75% white sluts. They're peak female form(female and male)

Lock them up in prisons.Cut off their feet.Make a country next to russia. Call it ukraine and make them live there, (dont tell them it is actually russia)

>>396066287>We keep losing quality females (male) because they hate living in the same country as Putin, how do we stop this?This girl looks 100% swedish, its only natural that she is also as dumb as a 100% swedish woman.

>gulag written in latin alphabetits all so tiresome

>>396066287Stop conscripting them just to rape them, mongol

Putin will use Romanoff's western flank to restore Russia to Glory:youtu.be/Zhxl_uM47Yc?t=6

>>396066287>>396066349you could have a quality male like me in Russia but you dont give out visa to germans. Even tho i am an AfD voter and Medwedew invited us.

>>396066287She does look like a Russian tranny ngl kek.Also all these Russian liberals moving to Georgia or some other shithole reminds me of rich woke US citizens (talking about) moving to Canada (why not Mexico?) when Trump was elected. In the same way these virtue signalling bitches won't move to relatively safe Western Ukraine because they know it's a hellhole that's dangerous to be in not only for a Russian and not this innocent creature Western media is portraying.

>>396066287I used to watch her channel way before the war, but never looked after it starterWhat she did?

>>396066287>We keep losing quality females (male)If by this you man you are losing trannies, you should do nothing, let it Go

>>396067215did she ever get her drives liscence?

>>396066287She is a lesbian degenerate..

She looks like Vitalik Buterin's sister.

fuck pussy

>>396067117We have enough of your "quality" around volga river, thanks

>>396067117Sounds gay, I want cute and young femoid immigrants, not some nazi пидop

rusia doesn't exist retards

>>396068126I can fix her

>>396068544>We have enough of your "quality" around volga river, thanksAnyone who didnt leave for Germany after world war 2 would have to be an almost pure blooded slav mutt.

>>396066287>how do we stop this?Rape them and force marriage afterwardsSolved your problem for youNo need to thank me

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>>396066287thats not a quality female. ugly little traitor whore addicted to attention. let that cunt go and dont worry twice about it


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>>396066287Give her to me.i'll take care of her if you know what i mean

>>396066287Thats Ukrainian mankurt.

>>396066287Invade Ukraine & take their women

>>396068659Yeah, that's nice cope i hear every time, but sadly your wishful thinking doesn't correlate with reality

>>396068604>>396068126>her>she>tranny is a she in huelandngmi huenigs

>>396067117>but you dont give out visa to germans.wtf basedkill all gercucks!

>>396066949underrated and non bot comment

>>396066287Putin is cursing all his critics to become faggots. I don't know a single anti-Putin Russian who didn't come out as gay eventually. It's logical to an extent since he is an anti-gay politician but even the people who had logical non-LGBT criticism eventually came out as gay This is black magic by his Shamans mates Idk what else is explaining it

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>>396069122Their women on liberated terriories are like 70 yo old

>>396066287>quality femalesrusanon, she doesnt have any ass, any boobs, any hips, she is lower average in intelligence, leftist communist... no hips... this is good for you, she would give you low quality children.

>>396070016Make it easier for females from Canada to come over. Trudeau is trying to collapse Canada and we are on our way from First World liberal to 90s Russia tier; our whores will want to jump ship soon. Too bad most are vaccinated with poison

>>396066287Remove monke, obviously.

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>>396066753it's not swedish, it's autistic

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>>396066753Wtf are Swedish women so mean to their own country and race?

>>396070122It's why there is male in parenthesis

>>396066287If they don't support Putin they're worthless anyway

>>396066287>quality females>14 y old>third abortion>quality femalesyoutube.com/watch?v=qyqOucB68o8

>>396068126Thats a man

>>396066287Poor Kermit!

>>396069138Care to explain more?

>>396070676Not him but there is a lot of ethnic Germans still living around the Volga region. A lot are participating in the special military operation and have received medals for courage from Putin

>>396070662Kek she really looks like kermit now that you say that

>>396066287Join them

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Natasha (the thread thumbnail) is from South of Vladivostok. She is just a basic vlogger who normally made videos about what things actually looked like around Russia, Especially the far East.She isn't really a political commentator, but she refuses to eat what state TV is serving. She is absolutely based.

>>396069030>mankurtDo Slavs use that term too?

>>396066287What is it about this guy? I hope he didn't left for Germany, we're fuckin' full!

>>396066287I can't see this lasting, quality of life in the West is becoming a kin to 2nd and 3rd world countries unless you are wealthy enough to live in a bubble and handle the inflationThe poorer ones will be lumped into refugee camps and shitty apartment blocks with niggers and browns who will rape and steal from them they will go right back to Russia

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>>396070793I know that but it sounds that they are a problem

>>396071200I want to fuck bussy, not become bussy

>>396070122She isn't a communist.The majority of communists want Ukraine to obviously be commie again and that means Zelenski and his Maidan friends getting removed.

>>396066287>We keep losing quality females they are the fifth column

>>396074334If general mobilization starts will you serve or will you flee your country? Start taking estrogen immediately

>>396073575It isn't most Russian-German people are very assimilated and mixed with the locals

too much anal sex with russian girls, use the vag a few times at least

>>396066287lol @ him moving to the country that Russia will be annexing after they are done taking half of Ukraine + all of Moldova. Absolute genius move. Georgia's absolute refusal to take a definitive stand on the Ukr/Rus war even when it seems like Russia is "losing" speaks volumes of how terrified they are.

>>396075207Putin is never gonna start arming normies and zoomers, it will be the end of him

>>396075736>too much anal sex with russian girls, use the vag a few times at leastYou speak of heresy (see my flag)


>>396066287>qualityYeah, no.


>>396081980Shut up, Kazakhstan Jr., our Natasha is cute and valid

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>>396066287this girl (boy) studied in Muttland under the student exchange program

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>>396066287where did zhe escape? getting shit on by some arab guy?

>>396069030Mindless slave, estranged citizen or both?

So what ? Only ones who leave are liberal subhumans like that nfkrz or this whore, what exactly is the loss ?Liberal russians are equally bad as the ones in the west, their corrupted kike mind is like a venom.I think she is even vegetarian, look at that shallow half-dead face

>>396082281To Stalin's homeland, she is probably getting manhandled by multiple hairy hook nosed men as we speak

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>>396082211If anything, Kazakhs are junior Serbians.

>>396082281Azerbaijan to Georgia. Russia will claim her back in the next decade.I'm just happy she's not here, we're overrun by Ukrussians.

>>396082664>we're overrun by UkrussiansEveryone is overrun by these white niggers

>>396082569Kazakhstan = 31 years oldSerbia = 16 years old

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>>396071889This is why the rich in the 1st world never ride with the poor in public transport and public transport in Germany at least has become complete shit.

>>396082762Are there a lot of Ukrainians in your country?

>>396066949Yeah, the real Gulag didn't had a sign. Just a kiosk at the entrance where a prison guard was sitting in case non-white forest savages will bring some Russia runaway's head to exchange it for buckwheat, or sugar or sometimes smokes.

>>396066287I dated a girl here who would not STFU about hating Trump the entire time he was president.It was intolerably idiotic how she focused so single-mindedly on it and let it distress her so.I only wish we stayed together so that I could've seen her lose her mind over the upheaval to abortion laws in the US.LOL.LMAO.

Lol russian zoomers, espicially girls, are fucking pathetic dumb goyim that worship the west.More proof democracy is a scam

>>396082895yes, i would say 500k which is too much for 10 milion country. Some people are so mad they started to pop tires of Ukrainian cars, these niggers form mafias here and fucked up enitre construction industry. Literaly equal to gypsies and niggers


>>396082792>he doesn't knowSweetie, Serbia is the oldest country in the world!

>>396066287Putins achievements in this area will be recognised by God himself.

>>396066287She finally left, after month and month of bitching about it! Fucking finally!

>>396066287>quality females>that bitchpick one lmao

>>396083061But there is a country that much older than Serbia. It's Kosovo.

>>396066287>Trannies moving outNothing valuable lost just don't direct them here

>>396066287A troll from Russia has launched an online broadcast for Europeans of a working gas stove 24/7.It costs 1.5 euros per month.m.twitch.tv/russiangas1

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>>396082810when i visited germany i prefered to walk because of shitskins and niggers doing some jungle hand rituals in tram basically using arms only to get from one end of the tram to another while using the bars.for public transport to be good there must not be subhuman scum present

>>396066287breed more you have cheap energy four kids should be no problem. Hell I bet you can even run a green house all winter and harvest food with all the cheap gas you guys have.

>>396083002Yeah, you guys have it way worse. We only have around 7500 Ukrainians and somewhere around 20000 Russians. Russians are mostly liberal goblin looking crybabies with a few hundred silicone dolls with their criminal sugar daddies. Ukrainians are mostly the latter. Their ambassador is also throwing regular fits over how things need to change since they don't feel welcome in little Russia...>>396083135Of course, old Serbia.

>>396083467Possible, but only if you are a muslim or non-White.

Natasha is CUTE, fuck the haters

>>396066287>Quality females (male)Lol, we're stealin ur heckin trannerenos. U mad?

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>>396066287Nice, we needed more Russian influencers here so all liberal Russians who watch these people can live in Georgia like it's their second home. I agree, we struggling in a degenerate department, this will fill the void.

>>396084457Oh shut the fuck up, nigger, one of the biggest school sluts I know was 7/10 Georgian girl with no father and big azz

>>396071369it was coined by a russian lol

>>396084904Actually by Soviet Kyrgyz back in the 80s

>>396066287Get rid of Putin?

>>396085042But clone Putins are even more retarded and low IQ

>>396084634you like it or not, Georgia is a conservative country, here lots of people still believe that girl must be a virgin to get married. Your country is a degenerate, pro-whore nation, vastly different from Georgia. Few examples of muh Georgian sluts in Russia not gonna change that. The reality is that constitutionally Georgia is closer to America's ideals that's why it looks liberal, while Russia is a authoritarian nation and that's why it appears to be conservative.

>>396066287You wait for them to either come back or freeze to death with the eurocuckstwitch.tv/russiangas1

She gives me real uncanny valley vibes, I don’t like it

>>396085658its not her youtube has a filter on faces that make people slightly less human and more animated. no one knows why

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>>396085258Russia is sending us the biggest degenerates they have, with the only thing distinguishing them from other Russians being that they are liberals. Meanwhile you just said above this lesbo whore coming here is a good thing.

>>396066287she is so fking cute. i want my ideal girl to look like her. homely and cute. :(

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>>396086312Do you know what sarcasm is?

>>396086331Ur mom is homely

>>396086331Would happily simp-drink onions for her!

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>>396066349Good joke.

>>396067117>AfD voterWow. Worshiping fags and israel. Quality guy right here.


>>396066287She is beautiful.

>>396066287>We keep losing quality females (male)

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>>396066287how big is >her penis?

>>396066287There's so many Russians here now. Igor you can't all come here, we don't have capacity.

>>396066287She looks dead inside

I'd take her as a war bride

>>396070310Because swedish men are twinks while swedish women are the best looking in the worldThey want something different

>>396090530>herWell if you draft your women you'll get anything that's left.

>>396066287Modern femoid in Russia>omg no McDonald's no Starbucks? Literally a gulag!America is the Cancer of the world

>>396066287>Moved in GeorgiaSomebody kill me already

>>396090447Don't worry, there will be even more of us when unexpected reboot of Winter War is announcedWinter War (2024)


>>396090713You will take Russian zoomer liberal trash into your country and you will be happy.

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>>396090530Take me as your war bride!

>>396066287You remove putin

>>396067117>i am an AfD voter>I am retarded

>>39609164515 years in gulag