How did you discover Holla Forums

>>23612590webm in this thread on /gif/ was basically how i discovered Holla Forums

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>>396065568I'm a 2016 tourist that never left.

>>396065624yeah i fucked that up, thank u user

The anger of media at 4 Chan's right to exist

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>>396065568/b/ turned faggot. Holla Forums used to be funny. I come back each day Hoping today will be the day. Today will be the day Pol makes me laugh like b used to.



>>396065568Encyclopedia Dramatica, 2009 or 2010

I was addicted to pud's Fucked Company ( a far superior board to this one by far in its earliest two or three years. It started in June 2000 and I found it in June 2001. The education level was far superior as it was full of refugees from the big dotcom crash. When 4chan started in 2003 people at Fucked Company Kiwi's Astroglide started posting links to Holla Forums and /r/ and from there I sort of wound up here. The odd thing was that Pud Kaplan a jew wanted as free speech a board as possible so the antisemitism almost immediately went off the scales though not pursued with the kind of pedantic rigor you found at infinity chan.

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>>396065568I discovered Holla Forums in 2008. I was actually one of the few oldfags from the 2000s who are still on Holla Forums. The board was much better back then although it was wayyy slower.

Spanky...AKA Amish Script Kiddie Brian Saville etc etc etc. He had zillions of monikers at FC. What a dirtbag.

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One day 4chan was like "there's a new board" and I was like *click*

I first heard of 4chan on a Gamefaqs message board in the mid-2000s

Found 2009, I think I found it from some weird warfare game where each move took days and people would talk on the forums, the members had gif profiles or maybe someone mentioned it, I don't remember exactly. This site has been going to shit ever since.

>>396067828Oh wait that's how I found 4chan, I remember looking up psychedelic trip reports and came across Styxhexenhammer and he mention Holla Forums and I figured to check it out.

"discovering" Holla Forums means you're a fucking newfagif you werent on 4chan before the existence of Holla Forums there is a high chance you are a leddit refugee.


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>>396065568/b/tard in 2006, never left until about 2011.Came back for Zimmerman trials, then euromaidan introduced me to Holla Forums.2015 I came back fulltime, then Trump's campaign started a few months later. Stayed ever since.

>>396065568Something Awful goons trolled me in Battlefield: Vietnam and at some point I wandered here to find them and tell them to fuck themselves.

Well after BBC dropped in 2019 I have been addicted to internet, I found 4chud in late 2021 after one of you nerds posted on my reddit page

>>396065568I came over from Holla Forums because I wanted to know why 4chan had a board just for Nazis.... Now I know.

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I forget which congressional hearing this was at...

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>>396065568>join r/ 4chan for le funni greentexts>start seeing stuff about COVID>check in every now and then for COVID updates>"Wait, 6 million dead Jews were mentioned 30+ times before Hitler rose to power?"

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>>396065568The AyyLAMO brought me here. I was big on conspiracy theories and aliens. This image (or the real one?) attracted me to /x/. But, Donald Trump attracted me to Holla Forums. What can I say? I love Donald Trump. The dude is a madman, and I love madmen. I love Trump derangement Syndrome. I actually think Trump made fucking sense when he spoke. Jewish puppet? IDK. Entertaining? 100%

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Been on 4chan since 2006, Holla Forums didn't exist back then so I discovered Holla Forums around the time of its creation

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>>396068962I was big into this...

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>>396065568My aspie weeb highschool gf introduced me to 4chan in 2006 and we protested scientology together with Pokemon masks. It was fun.


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One of the most epic moments in 4chan history

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>>396069038This. Holla Forums was used instead and it was full of political shit.

Ironically, it was via some youtube clip.Well it was an article that mentioned it, as in dont come here itd Bad and Evil...Then I watched a YouTube clip.I belive it's that how i got to it.I was also doing a bit of reaserch on the cicada at the timez when I sww the pic of it I became a bit captivated... I was late...It was a trap! lol

>>396065568Used Holla Forums back in the day when it was cool. Discovered Holla Forums years later when it became the only place to have an honest discussion about World War 2.

Actually was here on 4chan since late 06' started on Holla Forums and pretty much chilled there for a bit then left to /fit/ which also had lol moments thsn kinda went to other boards. I came here around 15' I never did check Holla Forums before that.

>>396065568dunno, one day I just woke up and I was already here, can't remember anything before that.

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>>396069249I miss /sg threads>that’s when glories hit this place overtimeMad we were calling in air strikes, we were to powerful


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a friend told me about encyclopedia dramatica and i thought it was really funny so i came and checked out 4chan.

Also, I dont do "memes".But before memes were a thing, before I discovered them I used tk wonder why noone does them, and immagine if they became a symbolic language online it would bring a whole new meaning to comedy and understanding.Because symbolism can be one thing a picture that can tel a story... and I was then exploring communication layers, and how a culster of symbols knkwn and stories can be assigned a shmbol that those that know can look at and trigger all othrr aspects of the story, essentially distil and compress a file, make it a key... And how that affects Civilization, development coms ect.And memes became here which I enjoy Alot.Just like I thought I would.

i migrated with the Holla Forums refugees after their faggotry got too faggy

>been on 4chan since the 1990s

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>>396069673Call them by what they were originally known… image FUCKIN macros


>>396065568The year was 2010. My friends and I loved Tibia. Now I'm here.

>>396069798You must lurk for 2 years before posting user

The great meme war.

>>396065568 I think Holla Forums was around 2012 with Occupy. I came to 4chan in 2008 and started on /a/ and Holla Forums. You are a fed. I give you this info freely.

>>396067679Funny, I was active here in '08 as well and still think of myself as a newfag

>>396065568Basically, I discovered it through my brother. He discovered it after Holla Forums he said in original Holla Forums there were questionably young cam whore girls who would post on Holla Forums on red chat or something and he would record them then fap to them. But eventually he got tired of being a pedo and went exploring other forums, he found pol and told me about it after I woke from my coma.

I got addicted to WoW and made a few posts on their off topic forum.I continually got told to take my behavior to 4chan, so I did.That was around 2007.And then I spent years arguing about niggers on Holla Forums


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>>396068967Man I miss when 18 year old girls were hot. Why are they so obese and goblin-like now?

>>396069798A highly evolved super-intelligent humanoid being from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization came to earth in his Star Wars ailen-space craft that can travel through time and space decided to take a selfie of itself and posted it on a Mongolian basket-weaving forum.

>>396069798>QrdHmm... There isn't much to say on this. basically a photo appeared in 2017 on /x/ (or was it Holla Forums? I forget) of an alleged AYLMAO alien , that was taken in a desert climate. This caused a really big stir, to the point where it attracted people like me (I came from another forum). Apparently, there were reports of this image being purged from peoples' hard drives. People were getting banned for posting it too, apparently. As well as jannies constantly deleting threads about it. Followed by many fakes and renders that appeared afterwards to apparently muddle up the original image. And no, at this point. I have no idea what the original image is. I'm not even sure if I have it in my collection.

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>>396065568I remember people linking images from 4chan back in 2003 on irc. Then I started browsing the hentai boards in 2004 or 2005. But I didn’t really get into posting on Holla Forums until I was in college in 2008. I moved on to Holla Forums when Holla Forums really went to shit sometime around the 2016 election. But yeah I’ve literally been here since the beginning.


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I remember when moot created /new/, then it got raided by Stormfront, purged, then moot created /news/, then it got raided by Stormfront, purged, then because the rest of the boards were being raided by Stormfront, Holla Forums was created as a containment board.

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>>396065568The hacker known as 4chan told me about

>>396069719>i migrated with the Holla Forums refugees after their faggotry got too faggyI can tell you the exact moment I left Holla Forums. There was crazier and crazier stuff. First the Boxxy shit which was tame then that Jessie Slaughter bitch. Far from being pedos everyone was telling her to go away. She was a fucking retard asshole. Then there were others. Really weird feral little girls that would pop up doing shit in the nude...11 or 12 year olds but they were fucking really ugly sub human retards you didn't want to look at. doing somersaults and falling off the bed. The last straw was some fucker posted pics from this authentic late 17th century Italian villa made with this crumbling blond stone...really fancy baroque scrollwork and then on one side you could see this fantastic baroque park going up a hillside in the intense southern sunlight. On the curving steps of the pallazo two little 4 year old girls with long hair tied on zorro type eye masks custom made high heeled knee high black leather boots, with bullwhips in their hands and that was it. Buck naked except for obscene merkins (pubic hair wigs). I scrubbed my computer for half an hour after that. never again Holla Forums

>>396065568Wow, everyone here really is a newfag now. I've been on 4chan since 1997. If you didn't first come to Holla Forums because you saw moot announce the board's creation you should just stop posting.

>>396065568some fucking faggot nigger feds implanted the idea in my head and now im fucking dangerous.

>>396070287fast food is ubiquitous and cannot even be questioned. Plus society is becoming unspeakably vile.

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>>396071360Turn it off! Turn it off!

>>396070648Thanks, I’d seen the pics before and needed this to get the idea.

>>396071505Nothing like being at work and hitting some really interesting weblink and it's spoofed, concealing then suddenly in the middle of a crowded office your speaker starts to shout in a really strident man's voice;HEY EVERYBODY I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNHEY EVERYBODY I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNHEY EVERYBODY I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNAnd your computer monitor seizes up with zillions of castcading Mr. Goatses

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I was a Holla Forumstard in 2006-2007, eventually got bored of Holla Forums. I don't watch anime or care about any Japanese culture shit so I quit 4chan for a few years. Ended up coming back to /r9k/ (which was actually a good board for sharing stories at the time, it wasn't just an incel board). Quit /r9k/ when it became overrun with faggots. Came to Holla Forums during the Zimmerman trial. Briefly quit Holla Forums for a few months in 2016 because the diehard magapedes made it insufferable. Still here and don't use any other boards.

>>396068287omg the summer is OVER go BACK

>>396071768>Thanks, I’d seen the pics before and needed this to get the idea.For the record. I never visited 4chan before the AYLMAO. The Alien photo was enough for me to come here. Or... X. More like it. It was a big deal. It was a single photo of what was claimed to be a reptilian alien standing in a desert. Allegedly, the photo was purged from peoples' PC's, but a corrupt image still remained. The CG was actually, some people trying to recreate the image, and perhaps some were there to spread some disinformation, to perhaps hide the original image. Yeah, some were trying to legitimately just recreate the image. They would update new renders and post them on the forums.

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>>396065568>this thread right after the "what radicalized you?" threadDO NOT FALL FOR DATA MINING


>>396069249How many times has that been compressed? You can barely make out the details.

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>>396067679/pol/ didn't exist until 2011. I was shitposting in Holla Forums by late 2009I remember I was a friends house and he was lurking Holla Forums and there was the Yu-Gi-Oh "you just activated my trap card" with the troll face and it was so bizarre I had to ask him about if it was legit and he said "no lol". Good times, lots of CP and gore stuff though

In 2008 I was on this website called "The Flood" on I think it was shut down. Anyways there was a thread where a guy asked "how are babies made" and someone linked him to Holla Forums and said "You should ask them, they'd be happy to show you."I never left. Later on I got banned from that site for antisemetism kekekek. Oh and if anyone else remembers>FUCK QBIX>FUCK RECON>FUCK FOMAN

>>396071216>that Jessie Slaughter bitch. Far from being pedos everyone was telling her to go awayAs I recall, lots of Holla Forumstards wanted to go after Dahvie Vanity for raping Jessi and dozens of other preteens... I mean a bunch of them just wanted to fap to her nudes themselves, but still.

>>396065568I got there from reddit yesterday , can anyone tell me what is a sneed?

>>396071859I fucking miss lastmeasure

>>396072458I've got a ton of images saved. What's so fishy is apparently once the site was back up there were dozens of fakes made in a short time frame. They all follow the same general depiction, an alien in front of a tree. The point is for there to be so many you will never know which one is real even if you see it. You will just think it's another fake.

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>>396065568>how did you discover Holla Forumsmy younger brother showed me 4chan before Holla Forums was a board, i was a Holla Forumstardnow he's dead b/c jews and i come back here to remember him

>>396072576Thanks Dana>>396072868You have to go back>>396072885You have to go back>>396072927Go back

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>>396065568Friend told me about 4chan in 2014.

>>396072982I'll try to post a few more.

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>>396071216What did it for me was when Boxxy came back and everyone started worshiping her despite her ewhoring.



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>>396073045>Go back.Haven't got a time machine, or I would.

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>>396068967>august>estWhy are women so retarded. August is daylight saving time. It would be edt

>>396066606>Cousin is Chief Compliance Officer of same company>Cousin is jewish>But Elena Nachmanoff isn't jewishlmao at your life

>>396073200giga chad

>>396069249CTF was the most time iv spent outdoors in 2 decadesI'm a bit I stay indoors

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>>396072982>I've got a ton of images saved. What's so fishy is apparently once the site was back up there were dozens of fakes made in a short time frame. They all follow the same general depiction, an alien in front of a tree. The point is for there to be so many you will never know which one is real even if you see it. You will just think it's another fake.Some of the fakes, were people trying to reconstruct the thumbnail image (I think). The thumbnail was one of the few things that I think people still had. The people making them would say that they were making new render updates. They weren't trying to fool anyone. Some renders seem to be fakes, to help hide the original. There were also many meme images, that could fall under either category.

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>>396071086luggage lad hated and feared Holla Forums from day one, and it was a big factor in his decision to abandon shipironic, since Holla Forums is just grownup Holla Forums


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>>396068914Who's that Russia, Russia , Russia kek

>>396065568/b/ raided gamefaqs in 2004/2005been a channer ever since I saw that ascii horsecock

>>396065568Trump 2015I never leftI am the cancer!

>>396065568Grew up in a fairly politically active family but 2016 was first time I could vote having barely missed 2012 election by a few months. Decided to check out the board on a whim from my usual /x/ browsing to see what all the hullabaloo was about in 2015. Seen some memes on here and I wish I could find them again but the top picture would be something like 'when your hurting inside' and it would show a vapid young girl crying all pretty and then the bottom picture would be a war photo of someone blown to pieces. I laughed for a bit and then slowly I stopped laughing and then realized how fucked things really were. Started looking into the clintons and deepstate pizzagate tier shit. Became existentially dspressed for a couple months and then voted for trump not thinking anything would actually come of it. Ive been here ever since.

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>>396065568When they created in after /news/ got shoahed. I didn't start posting here until, Holla Forums, /tg/, and /r9k/ all went completely to shit though. I'll never forgive those niggerfaggots for /tg/. I would have been perfectly content just being an apolitical dweeb surrounded by other nerds and keeping to myself just distancing myself from the normalfags but they just fucking had to come for my hobbies. The places i want to be aren't my own anymore so failing that the most active board is the most fun.

>>396065568The trolling of Shia Labeouf.


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Iv been on 4chan since i was 12 or 13 in 2006Was on Holla Forums, Holla Forums, and came to Holla Forums during the fudge dredd saga

>>396073045we're all on every fbi database. I've ranted endlessly about niggers, kikes for more than a decade. I've probably made some glowie friends along the wayWHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT DATA MINING.

So was the ayylmao stuff just to bring more traction to 4chan?

>>396065568Been on 4chan since 2010, when I was 18/19. Avoided Holla Forums for years, but I started browsing here in the past few years after Antifa & wokeism pushed me from center left to center right. When once I was a casual Liberal Democrat, today I am a serious MAGA Republican. I browse here to get the most sober perspective on things, but also because it's faster & sometimes more reliable than the news. My voting history is like this:Obama 2012Stein 2016Trump 2020

>>396065568I guess I'm the only one who came from /k/ only cause this is we're gun control threads belong

>>396072650Yeah I'd like a good copy..

>>396073095Boxxy = annoying attention whoring spoiled jewess.

>>396065568came to 4chan early where it was mostly moaning about SA without losing 10buxdon’t care for anime so left for a few yearscame back to shitpost around 2010 and still here nearly 20 years jfc

>>396065568Woke up one day, got on 4chan like I have been for years, and saw that M00t got angry and changed the names of /news/ to Holla Forums.

>>396071086>I remember when moot created /new/, then it got raided by Stormfront, purged,the real story is more jewish. stormfront never liked /new/ or Holla Forums or raided us, kiddo

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>>396065568I came from Holla Forums in 2009, glad I left that cesspit

>>396065568I came to this site because I was always into Nepalese basket weaving.

>>396071321/new/sman >Holla Forumsesmokers

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>>396074970'memba when Gaia Online was our archenemy? Before Reddit was even a thing.

>>396075175>gaiaonlinetake me back to the rpg message boards like mysticweb please

>>396065568showed up here looking for q drops. went to 8 kun for a week. came back here to say nigger. learned about kikes. more or less re-affirmmed my childhood intuition which has led me to aggressively avoid kikes my entire life. I just didnt know how to spot them before. Now, in hindsight, i have always had a gift i was unaware of.

>>396075175I remember blaming a lot of shit on ebaumsworld

>>396075340>Now, in hindsight, i have always had a gift i was unaware of.keke'd so hard from this, godspeed user!

>>396065649This. University and immigration also radicalized me. Dealing with mexicans and shitty spics changed my life.

>>396075175I though that was habbo hotel

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>>396065649same. pizzagate refugee from plebbit here pls no bully

>>396065568It began with an interest in memes around 2015. I discovered 4chan, then Holla Forums and haven't looked back since. This place is one of the few remaining refuges of free speech.

>>396075649gaia was long before habbo and even 4chan.

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>>396065568The dark enlightenment led me here when Holla Forums first started

>>396075698you guys are making me feel old af no cap

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>>396065568Randpaul doomposting memes brought me to Holla Forums in 2011

>>396065568Newer fag from after election stolen and getting censored on Instagram and Reddit and Twitter

>>396067679/pol/ started in 2011 user

>>396065568>how did you discover Holla Forumsfortune cookie

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>>396075930Before Holla Forums was /new/.

>>396065568redditors kept bitching about pol so after an hour of research i ended up here , idk what i would've done without plebit,they opened my eyes

>>396075842I come here to vent and express my honest opinions.

>>396065568idk ytmnd and ebaumsworld

>>3960655689/11 we just spun up a new thing cuz the old thing shut down

>>396068914KEKWeaponized autism

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>>396073938>. I'll never forgive those niggerfaggots for /tg/. I would have been perfectly content just being an apolitical dweeb surrounded by other nerds and keeping to myself just distancing myself from the normalfags but they just fucking had to come for my hobbies.The quest threads were the best on /tg/ then the faggot mods forced an entire /quest/ board thats filled with archive of our own tier erotica bs. I miss old /tg/ bros

>>396073938Niggerfaggot kikes ruined /tg/? When? What did they do too my beautiful boy?

>>396069249i remember that thread but why did you post a low res piece of shit post for

Been on 4chan since ‘07, started in Holla Forums, worked my way over to /r9k, Holla Forums, /g/, /mu/ through the years. Since 2016 I’ve been here.

>>396076047/new/ forced moot's hand twice before he pulled the plug on it for good

>>396065568Sometime around Fukushima meltdown I followed a link from some other honey pot to this honey pot.

>>396065568People posting about it at SA when it was was gay then and it's gay now

>>396065568When the Daily Stormer closed its comments section and went underground under the dark web right after Charlottesville when cloudfare terminated them from using their services to protect them from cyber attacks.

>>396065568I discovered it by fucking your mom. This place is a prison.

>>396065568Well, I have been browsing 4chan since 2006. I remember when /new/ was new. I was still a virgin and in high school when I started browsing 4chan and now I'm 32 and also still a virgin

>>396065568Since it was createdI remember the Stormfags and commies had more of a central identity here and the common enemy for all of us was JIDF

>>396073938>. I would have been perfectly content just being an apolitical dweeb surrounded by other nerds and keeping to myself just distancing myself from the normalfags but they just fucking had to come for my hobbies.I think that's the story for a lot of us. I'd still be a fatass game consooming bugman if pic related hadn't happened. >>396076521My nigga. Some of those quests were really fun.

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>>396075889Die boomer scum

>>396076589It wasn't overnight. A large part of was a slow and gradual shift in the userbase. Some of it was just bleedover from the explosion of "nerd culture" over several years, some of it was just mods generally being fags, some of it was like the user above you mentioned the thing about quest threads which I didn't mind so much but it was more than just quest threads and coincided with a general no fun allowed approach to threads and the mods very specifically being fags. The real nail in the coffin was Criticalrole though, in my opinion it's popularity was the eternal september for tabletop. I'm sure there's plenty of anons who feel similarly way about other "nerd media" type boards like /a/ Holla Forums and Holla Forums but i never really lurked there much. There are plenty of people who still enjoy it i guess but to me the soul is just gone, feels so sterile, like it's just reddit in the 4chan ui or something.

>>396065568When I was in high school I had a buddy named Kierston that introduced me to 4chan when i was 16. Been here ever since and I'm 31 now. You really are here forever.

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>>396065649This and my interactions with nigs

When moot made /new/ then nuked it and got troll's remorse.

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>>396065568When moot turned /new/ into Holla ForumsI'm still just a visitor though. You guys are nuts.

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>>396076643>>why?That's all I've got. I wish I had better...anybody?

>>396065649I loathe you faggots with every element of my being but it's over 5 years already so you might as well kys since you can't go back

>>396065921if any answer is different to this it is wrong, possible wiggle room for other boards although it's a case by case thing. I've been here (halfchins) since 05, my classmate knew a weeb and wanted to see Hermione nekked.

>>396065568When hohols first got pwned in 2014 jew Pud (Philip Kaplan) was Moot long before moot.His secret sauce? Freedom of speech. Pretty much impossible to get banned for anything from Fucked Company. You could be the most monstrous antisemite but from the point of view of the Mitford sisters.

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>>396068884It's like opening your third eye

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>>396082483OY VEY!

>>396065568Ron Paul gang... back when Holla Forums wasn't just nigger dicks and trannies.

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>>396065568it was the news board back then...get off my lawn faggot

>>396065568ILL GIVE META DAta Clown world brought me here

I forgot Pol Pot's birthday and when I checkec a search engine, I got a Holla Forums thread about pot

>>396065649>pizzagate refugee from plebbit here pls no bully>I'm a 2016 tourist that never leftsame as these 2

>>396065568I was surfing Reddit and saw a post relating to a pol thread talking about how deranged pol is. I agreed 100% with the oil thread.

>>396084373no coincidence they want you to relax, forget history, and destroy your mind

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Moot had a banner up advertising it when he added it.

>>396065568I came here after wanting to find out why all the other boards were turning to shit, and I come back every now and then for 'big events' to see what you mongols all think of the current outrage.Holla Forums is a great peanut gallery to watch.

>>396065568been on 4chan in one way or another since probably 2005 or 2006. Been on Holla Forums regularly ever since the Bataclan terrorist attack in 2015

>>396067492I remember a site I had ran into called Fuck Society. And I remember finding this place in 2003 im pretty sure as the weirdnumber chan website. And then Id remember to go back there later again. Because of chan and number. and liked the chat there, and continued to remember it as a place i went to, sometimes would spend 2-3 months there, but then leave. up until around 2012. Then I came here and well.. whatever. we got what we have here today. It changed in I remember aall these things. but the only real ever remembrance of the site changing was maybe 2008 at the earliest up to 2012. I may had a like time of not coming here for a while around then. Just if i did come here during then, it was less rememorable. THen this place turned into a pony mlp place forr a while. Thats when that /lgbt/ came in or whatever. i rmemeber when here used to get spammed with it. I mean like takeover. The nfinally dumb ass mods is what they had to be called finally made them their own section to fuckoff too. I remember it having to be begged for. I remember a stupid ponyfag would come in and fuck up threads. yea and when 8 chan came around. You would get more interested in the dicussion sooner but, you'd find they were a bunch of censorers.but thats good info to know too.

>>396065568that one nazi pony ocyeah i was a brony for a summer when i first got access to the internet

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>>396065568YTer made a funny recap of HWNDU capture the flag sagaCertain political discussion boards were discussedThat’s all i

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>>396065649>>396066254>>396075694>>396083274>>396087024>>396087267Die faggots. You plebbit transplants are a from a different, much less intelligent, much more domesticated stock than original 4channers.You're stupidity has literally destroyed this board's ability to function and spread awareness. You lack aggression, are dopey and mopey as fuck, and are infected with the jewish mind-virus known as christcuckoldry.Get out. We hate you.

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>>396065568Yup this was exactly true for me. 2006, was 14 with another edgy friend and we had unsupervised internet access. We heard about Holla Forums and he didn't care much for it but I was hooked.

>>396069249I have that but I cant find it. they found telephone polls that lined up on a map in the region and called it in and they confirmed it and bombed it

Pol investigated me as a suspected shenanigger but quickly verified my Chadness and now I'm here forever