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Is nostalgia a dangerous thing or was life actually better back in the 80's and 90's? No one wants to get stuck in the nostalgia trap but are we really living in the ruins of a better civilization?

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Tell me some good 80s movies lads

We got pilled by movies

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I was blessed to grow up in a pre Walmart town in the 80s. Not too big. Not too small. There where some great places to hangout and there where places I have some great memories of my Grandfather when he was still in his late 50's. Vital and healthy. We went ice fishing,saw movies together. I remember having an old fashioned malt at this family owned pharmacy that had been around since the 1940s while he talked sports with the owner. I remember the movie theater. Not AMC owned but an old fashioned movie house in the art deco style with 80s neon additions to the decor. I remember block BBQ's and trick or treating when the whole block competed for most spooky yard decor. People where friendlier. There was optimism. You never heard the anti America sentiment or whining brown people and complaining queers. Maybe it wasn't perfect,maybe it was flawed but it was a hell of a lot better than this shit era.

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>>396065656You thought you got pilled by movies. You got Jewed instead. The standard Jew psyop is to put out a movie that mostly speaks the truth when there is public curiosity on a topic - but subtly mix it with another signal so that the distraction signal can then be amplified. In the case of Eyes Wide Shut, it was the orgy and Nicole Kidman's innocent sexuality. THAT is what people remember about Eyes wide shut. Same idea with the Matrix. It's the correct representation of reality - BUT it ends with Neo being a rebel. Combined with the imagery and messaging of the rock scene, you essentially generated Boomber v2 from all kids who grew up in the 80s and 90s. The default template of the Jews for the white Goys is the boomer pack - completely narcissistic and completely ignorant of their narcissism. Once you create a moronic generation like that, it is very very very easy to build a hero/redeemer generation. Anyway, the supposed redpill movies and associated infrastructure are why morons like Steve O and Tom Delonge are being given the responsibility of disclosure. Cause they're cool.

>>396066329>Matrix>BUT it ends with Neo being a rebelIt tells the story of a "multicultural" crew. There are just two white men. One white man is evil and is the bad betrayer - due to his unwillingness to accept reality.The other one sacrifices himself to save Zion and his feminist strong wamen.

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>>396065403If a mall looked like that in 1994 it was trash and nobody would be caught dead there

>>396065403Keep the 80s separate. Like anons in the 80s thread mentioned, it was better than the 90s by far.

>>396065403watching planes trains and autos right now.

>>396065403Nostalgia is a psyop meant to discredit people's recognition of trends. Today's young people don't recognize how shit the world is now (and we do because we're older and we've seen a better life), which is natural because they've only just started living, they're optimistic for their future and they don't know any better. In 10 years from now those same people would also notice that everything had become worse, except they won't because they'll be brainwashed into thinking that nostalgia is a thing. They will think to themselves "the jews aren't ruining the world gradually, I am just being nostalgic".There is no such thing as nostalgia. Everything in the past was objectively better and everything is getting objectively worse, by conscious design of the jews ruining our world. Nostalgia is just a meme idea meant to combat people's recognition of worsening state of affairs.

>>396065403Life was better.Of course it was, think of it like maxxing out your credit card and thinking you can just ride it out on minimum payments

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>>396065403The people that participate in these threads aren't even of drinking age. They are just zoomers who larp as boomers because they think their life would be better if they were around in the 80s and 90s when in fact they would've felt exactly the same as they are now and if they were alive back then they would be complaining about how the 80s is too superficial and poised and how the trad 50s are so much better.Zoomers can't even go a day without their smartphones, what makes it seem that they can survive the 80s and 90s back when people were still reading newspapers and calling on landline. Zoomers are so fucking retarded, holy shit.

>>396065512>Tell me some good 80s movies ladsToo many, all movies from 1985 are good!!

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>>396068508Why are millenials so mean, dumb, and closed minded? You see genders as only black or white, when in reality its multi-colored. Genders are very much a mood and generally people can go on a phase for years and that should be respected as a human right. And let's not even begin with talking about race. Plus, half of you don't even believe in electric cars or saving the planet. Us zoomers are here to save the future. We're going to start by sharing everything. 1 car = 1 community. We're already sharing property, airbnb and its been working great. Why can't we recreate the model with everything else? Share rooms, roommates! Sharing pets is already happening. Sharing clothes, thrifting! Sharing each other, polyamory! You don't have to own anything to be happy, you just have to be happy to be happy!

>>396069422Fuck off you Schwab shill.

>>396069422Are zoomers really into all that gay shit? I thought it was failed millennials who push globohomo.

>nostalgia bad>thats why im making this thread to jerk off to nostalgiaeat a bullet op

>>396065403You don't miss the 80s and 90s, you miss White America.>You don't miss the 80s and 90s, you miss White America.You don't miss the 80s and 90s, you miss White America.>You don't miss the 80s and 90s, you miss White America.You don't miss the 80s and 90s, you miss White America.>You don't miss the 80s and 90s, you miss White America.You don't miss the 80s and 90s, you miss White America.>You don't miss the 80s and 90s, you miss White America.You don't miss the 80s and 90s, you miss White America.>You don't miss the 80s and 90s, you miss White America.


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>>396070092Well fucking DUH I miss white America. This diarrhea stew of brown people and transexuals just isn't my cup of tea.

>>396067778>no one would be caught dead in theredepends where you were, 90s blacks started going to arcades and malls to sell drugs and then started gang fights whjch caused them to become undesirable

Back when picrel wasn't pozzed yet

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>>396070391I grew up in a place that was so damn white I didn't see my first negro until 2004 and it was bizarre. Seeing one for real with its pants half down its ass. Underwear hanging out,stupid chains and its big shiny lips blinding me with the sunlights reflection. Horrible moment. Almost as scary as the first time I saw a troon.

>>396065512In no particular order . . .Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1982) - peak 80'sThe Thing (1981) - absolute classicChristine (1983) - this is a brilliant movieThe Never Ending Story (1985) - it's about nihilism, though from the standpoint of a nihilist and so doesn't really defeat itReal Genius (1985) - pozzed, though I still like itLost Boys (1987) - the Jew who directed it is actually admitting a lot in that movieThe Blob (1986) - way better than I rememberedPredator (1987)Die Hard (1988)Terminator (1984)Aliens (1986) - fuckin' aySecret of Nihm (1982) Vampire Hunter D (1985)Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan (1982)Robot Carnival (1987) - mostly the intro and that one about the man who made the robot waifuRepo Man (1984) - the life of a repo man is ALWAYS intenseThat's all I can think of off the top of my head.I hope to see some other recommendations.

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>>396070166No one checked your digits, user.Buncha slack jawed faggots.

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>>396065403America has been on a downturn since the jews got of the boat a century ago. It's correct to say the 80's were better than the 90's were better than the 2000's.


>>396070092Yeah.Well both, but yeah.

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Nostalgia is interesting and you learn something about yourself if you dig into it deep enough. It is mostly useless for moving forwardThe important thing about the 80s is it is the last American decade where white culture dominated. Everything after was a fusion, a dilution. Anything made in it's style and ethos will be inaccessible to anyone but white and some black and hispanic Americans even if you never lived in the 80s. That's where it has the most value and will likely reform as virtual environments of the future. 80s irl is not the same as 80s nostalgia. It doesn't have the longing and depression that comes from post 90s culture.>T. in 1980 I was 12 years old in NYC. It was better than anyone can conceive of online nowyoutube.com/watch?v=9OFpfTd0EIs

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>>396066204I vaguely remember this as a child and thinking it was great. Then it quickly became dog eat dog and everyone for themselves. Minorities and immigrants unironically destroyed the cohesive communities Americans had built until then.

>>396065403no social media. you went to the arcade to play video games and meet people. when you were younger you rode around on your bike going by all your friends houses to see where everyone went - you can tell by the 5 other bikes parked on the lawn. out and about from morning until the street lights came on. moms had a phone chain and knew exactly where you were and what you did. porn stashes.

>>396071616That diversity shit they feed us is exactly that. Pure shit. No one wants to coexist. Human beings are tribal and prefer their own kind. Blacks prefer their own,Latinos prefer their own. Whites are the only ones punished for wanting that kind of community for themselves. We are forced to mix with people we share nothing in common with,with whom we have no cohesion. Hell I can't even remember the last brown person I talked to that didn't make me uneasy or uncomfortable to be around. So sick of this melting pot shit.

>>396065403The only reason we have fondness for the past is because its not mysterious to us. If I were to travel to 2003, I know what's going to happen in the next 19 years and I wouldn't feel anxious.

>>396071853>melting potA termed coined by picrel, who made a play by the very same name

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>>396071467Nostalgia was considered a sickness originally.Half of me thinks this is a trick to get you to "let go of the past. Kill it if you have to."Nostalgia can become a hamper or a blockage if you let it.On the other hand, I think it's important that you have a sense of history.You should know where you were and how you got to where you are.You should value elements of your past when appropriate.We should have something to which we can look and say, "Yes, I want to recreate something good for the future and I will use the past as a model."Not that you should only look to the past.Novelty is important as well.Otherwise things become brittle and prone to breakage.There must be flexibility where it is needed.I think the past and memories are important.People, Whites especially now, need to know what happened.Otherwise we are doomed to Jewish propaganda about a fake history that they concocted that never existed.In some sense nostalgia is a natural defense against negative Jewish narrative building.youtu.be/niKFn5dK0Bc

Nostalgia is just a buzzword when you can't actually think of any real reasons as to why your life isn't good, keep at it adventurers

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>>396072043Oh I know this. My Grandfather taught me all about THEM back in the 90's.

>>396071467I would argue the last decade whites had any significant dominance was the forties. Maybe the fifties. Jews really began infiltrating America from the 50s on, and the increase in black/brown culture began from the 50s and continued on, and the tipping point was from 1988 to about 93/94, when they began to really push for the normalization of ghetto nigger culture.

>>39606540380’s were great90’s were shit and the start of the slide into the fucking clown world we are in now.

>>396072291Pretty much this

>>396072728The 90s where okay but I swear the real slide to hell began in 9/11 when the whole country became hysterical and afraid of everything. If 9/11 never happened they would never have been able to get away with that "pandemic" bullshit back in 2020.

>>396072291I sort of agree with this.The deregulation of movies in the 60's gave us the weird, largely shit, cinema of the 1970's.There were some good movies in the 70's, but most of them weren't that great.That's also when they went hard into social commentary.It's like those movies were a window into the future we now "enjoy."

>>396066329the guy who made this movie also shot the fake moon landing footage, retard

>>396071172How can ya forget ghostbusters and back to the future?

It''s really hard to say. I am 41 and living through those times, but I was still kinda young. So I have nostalgia for that. You'd need people 30 plus during those decades to give a better opinion, bit I am sure most of them have nostalgia for the previous decades when they were young.

The foundations of the shit we're going through now were being laid and you could see it. Basically the evil ones realized with the JFK assassination in 63 that they could literally get away with murder. Then they started the planning and prepration for the 911 attack. When that succeeded in fucking us over then they started to dream up various pandemic scenarios...next, soon; artificial famine.

>>396073279Oh yeah.And Ghost Busters 2 (1989)The second one is like when you have a second round of dessert.You're not going to like it as much as the first, but you can't help yourself.

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I still remember seeing Godzilla 1985 with my Grandfather at the local family owned theater. An old fashioned movie house style place from the 1930s they dressed up with some neon decorating the art deco era flourishes with this deep wine colored carpeting. It was amazing seeing Godzilla up on the big screen with my grandfather. Hell maybe what I miss most is my grandparents and a sense of normalcy.

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>>396074223>normalityI miss it too.Navigating the unknown is exhausting.You have to learn about new people who just moved in.And how to deal with them.And also the other new people.And the weird feuds between them.And what they think about you and how to deal with that.And maybe some pronouns or some shit.And maybe there's someone listening who will be offended and try to ruin your life or whatever.And it's not like it's reciprocated.No one goes out of their way to try and learn about you and your people and culture and pay some respects.No.You're just another White person who's bad for whatever reason the television said recently.After a while you just get tired of it and stop going outside.

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>>396074553Oh they'll miss us when we're gone and they learn all too late the jews are far crueler masters than we ever where. They will learn real quick just how good they had it when whitey was running the show. Try getting sympathy and mercy from old man Fineberg you feces colored heathen.

>>396065403Anyone got the "are you still there?" gif? It's very cozy.

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>>396065403Life actually was better in the 80s. Society was higher trust than today, mostly due to more homogeneous demographics and less social decay. It was better than the 90s by a long shot. It's okay to look back to the past and reminisce occasionally, but doing it too much is usually a sign of depression.

>>396074553>>396074836When we die, i hope to see you two in an arcade, the smell of popcorn, hot dogs, nachos and pizza all around, as Galaga, Rally-X, Pac-Man are heard.

>>396076271Oh I know I'm depressed. Hard not to be.

>>396076332Here's hoping we get an afterlife like that.

>>396065403In a lonely, abandoned mall, seemingly frozen in time in 1987, a song rings out into the emptiness....youtube.com/watch?v=QN2RnjFHmNY

>>396065403Was just listening to Norm and Dennis Miller and he mentioned meeting Milos Forman and Milos Forman asked Norm what he thinks about free speech. Saturday Night Live was great in the early 90's. Saturday night television was good.

>>396068123my 80's Chicago nigga

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>>396071172Good list there. Here's a few extra:Conan the Barbarian (1982)Tron (1982)The Karate Kid (1984) - hasn't aged well, but good for the time.Fist Of The North Star (1986)No Retreat, No Surrender (1985)Dragonball (1986) - The original, not the Z series. It was so politically incorrect, it's amazing this was marketed to kids.Hong Kong martial arts films - Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, etc. It was absolutely wild watching this as a child in the 80s , because it was groundbreaking at the time. Films made today are just derivative.Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)Friday the 13th FranchiseShit, so many. It really was a good time for movies and TV.

>>396065403too much mauve and black lacquer

>>396077354Top Gun, Blade Runner, Scarface, Scanners, Airplane!Decade is full of iconic movies, even makes the 90s squeal

>>396065403youtube.com/watch?v=ALpdtFIUNCIGood old days

>>396071172Red Dawn (the original, not the faggy new one)Risky BusinessSpace BallsApocalypse NowDonnie Darko

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Blazing Saddles>"nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger" all movie long hahahaha

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>>396077525Its really sad to watch the Hulkster grow old....fucking time.

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>>396071905We used to look forward to the future.

>>396076332SEE YOUSPACECOWBOY . . .youtu.be/Sy2MqQ_uNIY>Captcha: J8Y 88

The 80's were peak comfyI cannot say the same about the 90's, it was the starting up of the dystopian feel .Many people would argue oh but user there was nice video games and movies.Dudeee that was what literally started to isolate me from social interaction, because the world outside was very hostile already in the 90's, stupid fights over chicks, street culture was already starting showing the first signs of nobody given a fuck for others security .Ironically I would rather play pc games than deal with that shit, surely I would go out and stuff, but I recall going out always with a eye in my back and never fully feel comfortable , would always be super aware because of drugs also cause people would simple not care about consequences of the drugs on other people, they would even laugh of it. I remember "friends" dropping mda on other friend drink for "fun" without the person being aware of it, totally not loyal move .Not saying the 80's sounded better cause I was a kid in 80's and not young adult , but it seemed to have some innocence .I dunno guys during mid 90's and starting of 2000's I witness a lot of shitty things happening.

>>396077354Conan was awesome.Funny thing, when I was a kid I didn't like black Orson Wells as the villain.They gave him White people hair and I found it off-putting as a kid.Otherwise, I love that movie.>>396077467I forgot about Top Gun.Great pick.youtu.be/ukZfjUlYmDY>>396077634Risky Business is actually about a psychopath gf.Read picrel for details.Good movie, but spooky.

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>>396065403Where can I find more art like this? What would you call it?


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>>396078783Pretty sure I read one of the comments in this video that actually stated the art style.I wish I could remember.Sorry, user, this is the best I got for now.A lead.youtu.be/sDhoHOidGeM

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Flickr has really good photos of old malls, not just current photos but you can find people uploading their old scanned photos as well

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>>396078783Found the reply:>sometimes i've heard the style refered to as "neo-noir," as well as "futurism" with some qualifier as a prefix, such as "80's-futurism, reagan-futurism, arcade-futurism," ad infinitum.>I've never had a easy time pinning that style or genre down myself. I see elements of it aplenty in paintings, music, games, and film, (Max Headroom, Hotline Miami, KUNG FURY, Far Cry Blood Dragon, GAMER, you could probably make a case for Justice) but I don't have a solid single one-word punchy category to throw that into. Best of luck to you....on your quest for knowledge..."Reagan Futurism" is my favorite.Reagan was a traitor; amnesty and all.Funny none the less.

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>>396079910>Reagan was a traitor; amnesty and all.LOOK OUT EVERYONE WE HAVE CAPTAIN HINDSIGHT HERE

>>396080006You want to see my powers wielded on my reply?Good God.What if I used my powers on my life?

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Lost boys unused poster art.

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>>396065403Life before 9/11 was good. After, the government got into multiple wars and put us into the depression. It was not good after.

>>396065403even the 2000s were better than now

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>>396076414>>396076271Everyone being white was the best part, personally. Growing up in my small midwest town, I rarely saw non-whites and the ones I saw were oreos.

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>>396080521I love that painting. Its been the lock screen on my phone for awhile now. Its hard to put into words what a comforting image that is. One of those paintings you wish you could escape to and just step inside.

>>396080698Those two old people in the pic....Imagine being born in the 1910s-1920s and living to see the 1980s and dying thinking everything was going to be ok and you where leaving a better world behind.

>>396080755I get it completely.My first thought was, "How do I crop this for my computer?"Cozy.youtu.be/wXyy6dkhS0o

>>396080878I know someone born in 1920. She has a constant look of horror and disgust on her face, especially when being carted around outside in society. I cannot even imagine. IMAGINE going from pic related to drag queen storytime featuring goblino xirs

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>>396080953Here's what i found

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>>396081020I miss them but I'm kinda glad my Grandparents died before the whole tranny thing went mainstream. I'm sorry they had to live to see Obama. God how sad is that?

>>396081189If only I could go back in time to 1910 and show the world their future if they engage in ww1/ww2, continue to consort with jews.

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>>396081020I knew a Jewish woman who was like 100 a couple years back.She was totally unbothered by the state of society.During the 2020 race riots she passed it off like nothing was going on.Even though we were getting phone alerts to not go outside after 6pm.I bet a White person of 100 years would be horrified, though.My grandad said, shortly before he died, "I don't like the direction this country is going."It's rough watching things happen when you are at the mercy of malevolent forces.

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>>396077467Anything john carpenter was great too. I watched one of his movies from idk 2013 and was a little let down. Assault on Precinct 13. Escape from new york and the list goes on. Holloween 3 was shady af and prolly/pol/ related? Not john carpenter but worth a watch.

>>396081314My Grandfather redpilled me back in the 1990s about them. He taught me never trust a jew and do the exact opposite of what one tells you. He called them ghouls.

>>396068508Nobody was saying the 50’s were better in the 80’s. Nobody listened to 50’s music or imitated the culture. The 80’s was about new/digital/computers.

>>396081428My favorite John Carpenter movie besides Halloween of course has to be The Fog. That movie was so atmospheric and eerie.

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>>396067814Early to mid 90s was amazing. From about 96 onward the downfall began

>>396082071It was a slowburn. I still remember playing Resident Evil 2 on release with my dad and his friend.

>>396082071Then 9/11 happened and the death march to hell began.

>>396081771It's great as a background movie.The plot's too thin to be attention grabbing.I'd put it on at a bar or at a party for atmosphere.I know what you mean.Carpenter had a real handle on atmosphere, tone, and aesthetic. youtu.be/Pa_buleqaMM

>>396082277He's a master at using setting and music to its full power. Watch the OG Halloween but take away his music and its not the same film at all.

Often tempted to 80's and 90's nostalgia myself. The one downside: anything tech-related. Tech is clearly better today, hands-down. PCs, smartphones, ham radios, everything is cheaper and more capable simultaneously. Aside from tech though, everything else was better back then. Even cars.


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I have to say one thing about the 1980's and early 1990's it sthat you could see andexplore more and interact with more things because you whereforced to and malls where a great place to talk and make new friends idk relationships used to be a thing back then anf going to takout in side the mallwas pretty neat.i miss having fish burger and photo weges with sour cream.I used to mett my friends in the mall and play spacies and then later hang out with my gf at the cloth shopand try clothes on and pretend we where famous just for a laugh.people seemedmore relaxed and morepeople talked to each other just random small talk but at least it wasn't about what was on tv man after hearing that over and over again it gets abit boring.but no people used to talk about travel movies people , gossip about other peopleand ther was very light 80's music usually the top hits playing softly though the mall speacher and the accouncer calling out on missing kids that wondered off.the best things is being about to feel and tough the protecting and try them out before you buy.and demonstrators telling you how new things workednever see anything like that nowand of couse where was payphones for the old to get taxi's and cabsand the bus stop to get folks without cars home.yeah imiss that sometimes.got tomeet alot of new people every day and gettoknwop people that cshare the samehobbyies and what not.though most people generally just shoped and went back homeI remember every mall had a supermarket and most folks would end their shop there and just buy food and go home/ work, what ever.I have to admit though, there was a lot of security officers walking around looking for shoplifters and lost folks.Especially the elderly that would go into forbidden parts of the mall constantly most would be genitally moved somewhere safe alotof the time i had to ask security where the bathroom was or where a certain shop was. it got confusing and feet got sore alot.

>>396065403It was better in the sense that it was a technologically advanced age when things were simple, now things are technologically advanced, complex, and everything sucks

>>396082071I really think pop music died in the mid-90's.The last pop stars were slowly drifting out and sub-culture was everything.I think there was an attempt to make alternative and grunge main stream.It worked for a while.Like two or three years.Then techno got big.Prodigy, underworld, Crystal Method, Daft Punk, and so on.You could see the fracturing of culture in real time.youtu.be/KNfjpmvbQG0I suppose it's a good thing if only because Jewish controlled monolith culture is bad.We have to wade through a sea of shit to find anything worth while.But when you do find something you really appreciate it.youtu.be/TSNUjN4fISw

>>396066329The director got killed for making this film. It has missing scenes about human sacrifice

>>396065403The world was so much better before runaway globalization. If you missed out, just be happy you don't know how good it actually was to be alive back then.

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>>396068022Checked and based

>>396083834What sucks is I was there and I remember....

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stop frens the nostalgia is making me sad

>>396065403Yes, there’s no comparison, the general mood as we entered the new millenium was of progress and optimism for thd future, eight years later, the US and UK were bankrupt and we’ve had to suffer consequences since to the point we simply migrate from one crisis to another and that’s not even mentioning the systemic decline of popular culture beginning in 1990 with music and then 2000 with TV and film.

>>396083104It died in 1990 with MC Hammer’s “Can’t touch this”, some fucking clown dancing around with over exaggerated baggy pants got to number one in the charts in most english speaking countries.

Last I heard they are now going to remake this.

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>>396065403Desu I really like America movie in 80s, 90s maybe some in early 2000s

>>396071172The Running Man - 1986Robocop - 1986Predator - 1987Lethal Weapon - 1987Die Hard - 1988Lethal Weapon 2 - 1989the list above are the peak of the action film genre in the 1980’s.

>>396080282basically this

>>396082571Stanley Kubrick once said something about how editing a film was really about audio.Editing video is best when you have solid audio as the foundation of the edit.You're creating an emotional experience and an implied response.In large part it's a physiological response.Anyone in media knows this.We're now familiar with the tricks used (lowering the volume before a jump scare).Here's an example of a good edit based solely on good audio.Yes, I lament that she's a Jew, but it can't be helped.It's a good edit.youtu.be/Mt9FG9YjBMM

>>396081623you're grandfather sounded like a pretty smart guy, my grandfather told me never to lower my guard around blacks as they're unpredictability is comparable to wild animals.

>>396084948He worked at IBM for 5 yrs. He did work on some of the computers NASA used. Imagine him seeing that movie where they tried to credit the whole moon landing on some black skanks.

My bad 35 yrs. He never wanted to retire. He was so bored being retired.


>>396084214HA!While I don't think it was MC Hammer, I kinda get what you're saying.89'-92' was this odd area where "taste makers" didn't yet know what they wanted next.They were still trying to push the stylish black man idea.Arsenio Hall, Bill Cosby, Will Smith, and so on.In the back ground was N.W.A. and taste makers had yet to fully realize what a great divisive tool they were.Most Whites, at that time, were "post-racial" and would've seen black music as just another expression of art.Silly in retrospect.Funniest thing is a lot of Whites ended up embracing some of those sounds and did it better than the niggers.Say what you will, we got some good music out of it.youtu.be/_1aCB2hbMFgAnyway, yeah, MC Hammer was ridiculous.Even at the time, while he was on the radio, people were making fun of him.Milli Vanilli.You remember those guys?There was a whole complex churning out cringe while trying to pass it off as art at that time.

>>396065656>>396066329Any time you read or watch something that supposedly shows you the unembellished, ugly truth, you are probably watching jewish propaganda. They want you to see the world as evil and brutal.

>>396084397I'd buy that for a dollar!

>>396081771Classic. His movies had a real subtle vibe to them maybe besides Assault on Precinct 13 which was non stop gunfire throughout a lot of the movie. Think it was his first.

>>396085300Their tikun olam necessitates a broken world to be fixed.And, by an amazing coincidence, they're the only ones who can fix it.

>>396084356look at how much happier we were back then

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>>396085898Actual smiles. Not those forced-on the verge of a total breakdown psycho grins.

>>396085622> i n t e g e r sHis first was Dark Star.Which was kinda shit.It was also the inspiration for Alien (1979).Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) was outstanding. youtu.be/hb4hc1a7Vio

>>396081624Happy days culture you moron

all freemasons are race traitor lurches for kikes. freemasonry is headed by the british royal government. british royals are kike rothschilds. all other euro aristocrat nonjew masonic niggers are just mutant mongoloid trash whose retard geometry fits hand in glove with jewish filth.the white trash masons are retard dogs towing the jewish sled. again, britain is the head, and its head; the royals, are jewish rothschilds.this image is what the jews are their white trash ugly mutant euro aristocrat mongoloid lurches took from Us.

No.396086302this.and yes I listened to50's music and like everything about the 50's sctually.nothing wrong with the 80's ether expect the bad hair. yikes.

>>396086302I love how George Lucas was still trying to relive the 50's all the way into the early 2000's.youtu.be/neyY2qC9pCAThe way we see the 80's reminds me of how I think George Lucas saw the 50's.Rose tinted memories.youtu.be/c3iWP-9zUFk

>>396068026Such a wise post

>>396068026I missed this one.Good post, user.

>>396065403>are we really living in the ruins of a better civilization?yes.

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>>396086050>people legitimately enjoying somethingI remember enjoying things without cynicism.Good times.youtu.be/dddixPDWcp4

How do we move forward from here?

>>396087540I regard this as being a necessary part of keeping it alive.People need to know what happened.We have to know the past.What happened so that we can make some movements into the future.We can't just devise a comprehensive civilizational plan on a basket weaving forum on a weeknight.Well, not at this hour, anyway.I think the recognition of the past as being objectively better is a start.Of course those heady days in early 2016 were pretty great.We can recapture that in the future.We have to lay groundwork.I think community building is probably key.In the 80's and 90's you had communities that don't really exist anymore.Everything is insular now.You don't have a bowling team.You go bowling alone, as they say.I have a weekly meeting with friends and all we do is play cards.That's it.Cards are cheap and require people to interact.No politics unless it comes up and we let it go in general when it does.I think just finding people with who you can live is probably the best thing you can do.Find people who are gregarious.Those people are gems.The thing that I've noticed is that consistency is really important.If you see people here and there it's whatever.But if you do something weekly, it turns into something.Even if a particular person can't make one week or another, they'll show up when they can.With enough people you end up with spontaneous relationships and interactions.Quality people is important, so start with a few that are really good people.Well, that's what's on my mind when such a question is posed.

>>396088674Good answer.


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>>396065403Didn’t we have this thread days ago? The answer doesn’t change. Things were better back then.

>>396089589We can have 90 nightmare threads with trannies axe wounds seeping but we try to have a regular 80s thread and its the end of the Goddamn world.

>>396065403Who's making these exact same threads with the exact same pictures three times a day??? Is this the power of bots?

>>396089742It's not the end of the world.It's the end of something.They want a great reset.So do we.Who says it has to be on their terms?

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>>396089791Look I'm depressed,I wanna die and GTFO of this nightmare. Some 80s shit with a few user frens makes me feel a little better. >>396089946Oh God I wish you where right. They seem to be holding all the cards and we're backed into a corner.

>>396078314The 90s and 2000s. What you described, I witnessed here in Canada. It makes me bitter. You had a lot more free speech and freedom in the 90s compared to now, but those controlling the mass media and everything else decided to remove the optimism of the 80s and start to go full dystopian degeneracy. Video games got the blame for everything even though games were fictional media. With video games you just had a piece of entertainment that doesn’t reward you in real life. In fact, you get punished for being part of gaming and geek culture. Now compare this to the real cause of dystopian degeneracy. Black culture. Rappers rapping about killing and pumping and hating on whites. They were rewarded with huge recording contracts. This made so many whites become race traitors. Here all the kidswanted to be involved with black culture, even wanting to get involved with the Bloods vs. Crips gang wars and other disgusting parts of black culture. Parents turned a blind eye to it due to not wanting to be called a racist and the fact video games and “satanic” rock music kept getting blamed for everything. So yeah I say the mid 90s is when things went to shit thanks to black culture and the race traitor whites wanting to be black and letting the blacks get away with everything.


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>>396090566It'll be ok kiddo.Here watch this playlist I made, it'll perk you up.odysee.com/Growing-up-in-the-70s-and-80s:9It'll give you an idea of how it was growing up in the 70s and 80s.Chin up

>>396090566I swear the guy making these threads yesterday was in Canada. Posted the SAME pics.

>>396090951Kiddo? I'm 46 yrs old. I remember the 80s well. Oh God I remember it all too well.


>>396066204My town didn't get a walmart until the early 2000's. It was amazing to see a thriving downtown and lots of mom and pops shops everywhere for everything. Everybody's parents were entrepreneurs and many more people made $25 an hour in the 80's and 90's from the local steel mill. The town had big festivals, the companies poured money into every little thing including street lights and public parks. Now the town is a withered husk, everyone's on public assistance, and meth/pain pills/and heroin are the new church. Abusing yourself is the new sacrament.

>>396091051Ah sorry about that. Thought you were a young one.I hear this from Gen-Xr's almost everyday where I live. I'm early Gen-X myself. Everyone just seems to be over it. I generally feel the same.I jsut finished watching What We Do Is Secret (2008) about an hour ago.It's about Darby Crash and the Germs in 1980.Belinda Carlisle was their drummer and she joined the band from a flyer at her school that said, "Two girls that can't play an instrument but want to be in a band"The rest was history for her.I would not want to be a young man growing up today knowing and having lived in the 70s and 80s. I wonder if ignorance is bliss for them.Just found out a few days ago that my neighbor has cancer. he was born in 65. He told, I don't care, I'm done with all this, the world has turned to shit. I'm paraphrasing.Dunno what to say to you except, you are not alone in what you are feeling.Someone should start a I love the 1980s Trailer Park somewhere and we could all go live there.

>>396091212The last time I went to my hometown was 2009 and it was the saddest thing I ever saw. Downtown is stone cold dead so the chamber of commerce did that thing where they paint colorful murals of olde timey shop fronts on the glass of the long dead store fronts and the few things downtown are two thrift shops,a pawn store,a Gamestop and a sad chain diner. Most of the buildings where painted drab modern colors and nothing was recognizable. There where also three hookers hanging out in front of the pawn shop. In broad daylight.

>>396091411No need to apologize. No offense taken. Not a lot of people my age on this board. I'm not on Facebook or Twitter or anyplace else so this is my village square to come and air grievances and mock blacks.

>>396091411I'll learn to proof read my post one day.. Whatever lolYou might like this as well.Ever seen the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror? If not it'll make you happy and depressed at the same time.odysee.com/@XP:e7/90:efa

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General? You stupid retro faggots need to fuck off. Stupid ass shit. No bump.