A strange encounter, a warning from the General cashier

He asks for I.D. even though I'm clearly old enough. "Sorry man government is cracking down. Cracking down on everything. My friend bought an M-16 on the dark web back about 10 years ago, when Bitcoin blew up, for equivalent of $150. He just got raided last week looking for the weapons."He says he was in the military for 10 years and fought in Iraq. He says we couldn't fight Iraq today, we literally couldn't get troops there without a draft. He says the military is so weak they don't even pretend to promote on merit anymore they can't get anyone to join. We couldn't really fight any war not even on a WW2 timeframe of years to mobilize. He says China and Russia are clearly mobilizing, their largest destroyers and subs we have tracked for years have suddenly gone dark. He says the grid will go down, there will be a major land invasion of drafted Chinese armies. The military will be, by design, unable to defend. We will be on our own. Our leaders will be Zelenskyy on steroids, begging us to fight in the streets til our last breath. It will take years, it will be apocalyptic. He says this is the deal already made.

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>>396063065just walk outthey cant force you to pay

>>396063065Why are you repeating this nonsense?

>>396063065They give meth heads jobs now?

>>396063065Cuckservatives think you can have a country with Jews at the same time. Eventually you have to pick one or the other, and cuckservatives seem willing to choose the latter.

Not my problem basically.

We call that getting dollar general’d

This is the most bot filled thread I’ve come across.

>>396063065lmao, the job market is fucked. I know a guy who went to a dollar general the other day and got his card skimmed at the self check out. I bet even dollar general doesn't know who the fuck works at dollar general. they cant keep a live body in the store to stay open past about 4 pm

>>396063065We got this so to this shall pass

>>396063065>Listening to a poorfag wagie.For shame.

>>396063065Seems credible.

Go take your meds, OP. You're rambling.

>>396063702Used to just have smalltalk with wagies. You know how fucking odd it used to be for some normie to start talking about the apocalypse or WW3. Now it's fucking normal, everyone senses it, you can strike up a conversation with Gramma at the Walmarts about the world ending

>>396063065Im a personal trainer at a gym near a large military base that has secondary school trainings at it, Air Force and Navy personnel often spend a year or more here. Tonight I had six people come up and tell me that tonight is unexpectedly their last night here, most of them are 6+ months out from their training being finished. They told me something bad is happening.

>>396063065It's rape time if true.

>>396063065oh shit bro. you've been briefed by the Dollar General. you're practically special forces now.good speed, user.

Can confrim the enlistment status. Im a leaf in my 30s, the only people I ever heard of joining the canadian forces were lost dopefiends who couldn't get their lives together and thought that the army would be the path out. Lost track of em all. Its funny how badly they fucked up, even after 9/11 people were all down to sign up. Lots of children that watched the towers fall pledged to become soldiers one day. Than the Obama days came and we seen how they fucked around in libya and syria and all over the place, and really see what ZOG is all about. Not a single person who used to view soldiers in a good light do anymore, even if they dont laugh them off calling them ZOGBOTs internally they know you will go fight bleed and die for NOTHING. The globohomo is public enemy number one of humanity, any one with any self worth would not join ZOG

>chinks invading mainland USliterally not possible. tell him to medicate next time

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>>396063065>top intel from some lowly cashier at the store with the very cheapest merchandiseSure thing, chief.

>>396063065Cool story that never happened tranny dicksucker

>>396063065I live in the appalacians. By the time China pushes this far the USA will be ready to surrender, and I'll just learn Chinese to watch more of their Donghua.

>>396064153>he isn’t aware of the intel agent to dollar general cashier pipeline

>>396063065Based Dollar General Chad prophet. Dollar tree sucks ass.

>>396063065I also agree chinks will invade us or atleast go on a full conquest. Chinks are pumping out more ships and military hardware than Germany USSR and America in 1930s and during the War combined. Theyre pumping more ships than we pumped out in the 40s. They are obviously going to use them eventually. Than not to mention the whole of the West has been forced injected ( especially all the ZOGBOTS) with a maiming bioweapon that NO chink soldiers or russians for that matter took. 100% we have been infiltrated from within and bad shit is coming down the pipeline. They are 'fattening' us up so to say, getting us to hate everyone, nobody is allied with anyone, everyone is fractured, nobody trusts anyone, and oh yeah everyday we ship all our military stockpiles out to ukraine to disapear into a blackhole along with our funds, and the other stockpiles (food,fuel,materiels) are also being siphoned away, while all western leaders, north america and europe together have rampant and open treasonists running their countries, pandering to globalism rather than their nations self interests.YES WE ARE FUCKED.

>>396064057They don't have to launch a physical invasion. They'll keep sending their people here, we won't be able to make the same kind of strategic in-roads to China, and eventually they'll collapse the USA from the inside.

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it will start in the sky and end in the mudbring on the chink horde

>>396063909yeah its crazy fucking times brej

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>>396063065The obsession with disarming of everything except nigger glocks in the hood where the actual gun violence is really makes sense if they want us unable to defend invasion

>>396064337You guys are so stuck in 20th century, traditional warfare modes of thinking. China is 4d chess and running circles around us because of you old ass boomers who think there needs to be a war, when we're literally letting them colonize us as if there's already been a war. Whites are so unimaginative these days.


>>396063945I took my mom grocery shopping earlier and this old man in his 70s was walking past her, turned around and pointed and says, "Don't teach a wolf how to meditate!" and there was like a 10 second pause and he fucking walked off like nothing happened lol

>>396063065Shit larpKys

>>396064665It really makes too fucking sense. They can behave their total revolution. They can have us dead in fiery Armageddon, millions of Americans and Chinks like they want, while getting our consent and absolving themselves of the blame.

I saw Ryan Gosling at a Dollar General in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying.The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.


>>396063294At dollar stores? All the time.

>>396064909I thought those were reserved for the pill poppers.

>>396064745a war in the current century looks like the last 2-6+ years.

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>>396064745War is not about money and colonization. They want people to die.

>>396064665Recently a large ammo shipment was stolen, mostly 9mm...

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Dollar Tree is where it’s at, DG is over hyped and over priced. Compare the dish soap sizes.

>>396063065General cashier doesn't make the decisions. President Biden and his chocolate sundae football manicures the imposition. Watch out fuschia they're sneezing your gums.

White flight happened. Why would anyone feel any comaraderie if your crew mates are niggers? Same reason why whites left football

>>396063065>>396063294Happening in Oregon, they check all ID’s no matter what

>>396065071I remember last summer, 2 arsonists were caught setting fires in California, both left wing idiots. A third was arrested in Oregon, illegal immigrant who was caught and released. Anyway, China will win because they have a coherent, effective strategy for victory in place, and we don't.

>>396063333despite your inane dribble, checked.


>>396064192Just met a guy who got discharged over the clot shot, said his branch was 25% low when he got out.Take from that what you will.

>>396063065>an m16>for 150 bucks

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>>396063065What happened today? That one fag said kaboom will happen during the Queens funeral

>>396064745Idk man maybe they want their piece of pie this year...not in 100 years.

>>396065410I've seen niggers fight outside my dorm in the parking lot. Security forces would walk up and down our hallways with a loaded gun and a dog.Had female niggers threaten to start fights in the shop.Niggers. Niggers. Niggers. Niggers. Niggers.Nobody wants them.

>>396063294I could really use some meth right now. Is your mom home RN?

Based General.Surprised he left out some sort of tie in to revelation.

>>396063556>dollar general>self checkoutYou what

>>396063065You've clearly had a discussion with the general. Why are you being such a faggot about it?

>>396065877That was the point. He got a deal during the bitcoin bubble. He said at that time things were being sold for Bitcoin pennies on the dark web because they were expecting it to boom.

>>396063065No your friend didnt. Stupid faggot.

>>396063065I’m going to get captured by the chinks and forced into a breeding program to make hapas

>>396063909Had my baby in the hospital about a month ago. This post reminded me about a conversation i had with an older boomer in the elevator.She told me she didn't care about herself, but it was a damn shame about what's happening in the world today. She proclaimed that niggers are above the law and it just makes her sick. We shared a few laughs about our hatred of nigs and we went our separate ways. It was nice boomer encounter. Reminded me of my racist grandma that died in 08

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>>396063065OP you just spoke to a common methamphetamine addict. Don't overthink this. He works at a Dollar General. He doesn't know shit

>>396065189Then if it’s strictly ammunition, why isn’t the FBI on the case, since it’s theft of interstate transport, not guns, alcohol, tobacco or explosives? There’s more to the story than just bullets.

>>396063065Military recruitment goes way up once call of duty kids can drone strike shit from thier basements. There is a solution to every problem user stop being such a whiney faggot.

>>396063265x2what a waste of random reading.

>>396066216It was the first time I heard of that as well. Turns out some small number of dollar general locations have self checkout.

>>396065965idk zhang, why don't you go back?

>>396063556>Here's the cheap third world labor you imported


I, too, am a retard who gets my military intelligence from cashiers at Dollar General.

>>396067930DG cashier > anyone on tv, the media, governmentUnironically and without hesitation, condition or apology

Don't listen to random schizos at Dollar General. Wait till they post it on 4chan, then believe them.No, you know this thread would be taken more seriously if it wasn't outright attributed to a cashier at Dollar General.

>>396064745Yep. They're buying land next to military bases but ignore that.

>>39606306530 years war 2.0 incoming.

Whoops meant 7 years war.

>>396068193/pol/ even in it's heyday is infected with demoralization. Even if they know about the astroturfing, that not Twitter, the fake polls and longstanding democrat machines in the cities and the idea that the illusion of division is more important and easier than the division itself, they forget and isolate among their cohorts here and set the normie as hopeless and lost. But if they went around and talked to people they'd find the normies being based and discussing things they though were only discussed here. It's why I believe those maps that show Trump really won almost every state. The normies are more redpilled than Holla Forums gives them credit for.

>>396064195Im not surrendering shit. Il die fighting before ceding a single inch of American land to Chinks.

>>396066281A fifteen grand rifle for a hundred and fifty bucks is more than a deal, retard.

>>396068826*Bot twitter


>>396063065Yep. Some old prophecy, don't remember, said in the end times an invader will sweep across North America like a band of locusts. Like 10 years ago my Rh- mother said she expected it to be the Chinese.


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>>396063065He was probably a freemason

>>396069076My gut is telling me thisAllies: USA, Canada, Australia, NATO vs New Axis Russia, India, China/NK

>>396063333Checked. These fools need to wake up to the simple fact that Jews exist to tear down the Christian world.

>>396063333checked and checked. kek always highlights truth. oust the jew--it's already too late as the damage is done, but the coming war cannot be won with them in our midst.

>>396063065Source: >dollar general bro said it's so

>>396063065>Our leaders will be Zelenskyy on steroids, begging us to fight in the streets til our last breathThey can beg. They should beg not to supply intelligence against the zogbots. Zogbots are more dangerous to the people than some invading army, just like in the Ukraine. Having said that, there is no way the Russians or the Chinese will liberate this nigger infested shithole. Our overlords do more damage to the people than an invading army.

>>396066544Checked and yeah Globohomo stole that ammo to use it in a false flag.

>>396069206>China x Indiawat

>>396063490Gas the race war jet fuel now.

>>396067930>>396068056These are both so goddamn funny and righteously true.

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>>396063065keep eating plastic, soh-ee, and fluoride. Then going to megachurches and giving all your money to israel

During the invasion, I propose an organized resistance against the US government and against the invaders utilizing the Lambda symbol

>>396063065I work on a damn military base. They're churning out like 2500 to 4000 recruits every 6 weeks.

>>396064239We prefer the term clerk


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Mexico under control of Russia I could see invading as well.

>>396068869>fifteen grand>m16Even uncle sam doesn't pay that much retard

>>396070467Do you think if the vaccine wasnt required to join that there would be more people willing to join?


>>396063065>a major land invasion of drafted Chinese armies.God i hope so. These gooks are gonna get murdered. Im going to blindside mexican migrant trash as well.

>>396068869>15 grand rifleYou mean 15 hundred.

>>396067213>You imported. Fuck off, they are storming the country using random children as human shields. >NO NO NO YOU CANT DEPORT USSS

How high is a dollar general ranked in military command? How serious should dollar generals be taken?

>>396068842Then we need to stop immigration NOW ffs. Shut down the border with mexico.

Look at all the shills ITT. Suddenly it's something to mock if you consider what someone tells you for yourself. Saul Alinsky tactics. Ridicule, humiliate.

>>396063065>there will be a major land invasion of drafted Chinese armies.The Chinese cannot control the ocean. They cannot move men to the USA. Simple as that. It is a 50 year goal for their military. Red dawn is not happening. The enemy is a kike in wal street that is making your money worthless. You already work for their benefit. The game is already over.

>>396065467Because you're using a credit card? Or... why? Buying alcohol?

>>396063065Haha...i got carded at Dollar General last night too.

>>396063065>He says China and Russia are clearly mobilizinggood thing one of them is almost completely neutered by a literal who eurostate and the other one couldnt make a ship that would get here in one piece


>>396063065hes right, listen to your superiors

>>396066553I'm sure telemetry and control will be super secure.Kinda like how our predator drones used unencrypted Ka band for video feed transmission so it was trivially easy to see what the drones would see, at least for the first few years of Afghan and Iraq 2.0 wars.

>>396072131Yep. Too much "shut it down" not enough discussion of the idea. It's eerie.Like, we know it's just some dude talking at the store and there's no real credibility of merit here. The OP is making that abundantly clear and not claiming anything more. It doesn't make sense when it's already self-effacing on that fact to be lambasted so much for it, unless it's shilling.

>>396063065Is this fresh pasta?

>>396063065>Our leaders will be Zelenskyy on steroids, begging us to fight in the streets til our last breathBoy, they are going to be disappointed. On a related note I expect the population of mexico is going to go up significantly.

>>396072829Yep. The weird ass cluster B signature is obvious. Trying to set up a narrative frame and so on, characterize, narrativize, turn all discussion onto the posters themselves, a bunch of thinly veiled "I am, you are", same old bullshit. Hate them, deeply.

>>396063065Good, we all reap what we sow. God punishes those who spread evil through disease, war, famine, and allows those who allow goodness to spring forth to enjoy their own fruits

>muh Russia and China threatLMAOOO I know our military has seen better days but worrying about those 2 shitholes who are behind technologically by at least 3 generations are hilarious

>>396063065I mean... nice anecdote but I thought the thread was going to be about warning (white) people not to go to Dollar General after twilight. Because that's a fucking Protip.

>>396072131Jews, angloids, and other goblinoids will suffer for every ounce of pain they inflict on others. Cancer, car crashes, allergies, even genetic diseases are never an accident but divine punishment against evil

>>396063065Oh shit now you’re a four star dollar general

>>396063065Amerifats live the homeland invasion LARP. You guys have never been invaded but this fantasy gets your ducks hard. Maybe of you weren't so fat brained and illiterate you'd read history of military invasions in Europe and realize it won't be you and your boys sniping from the trees but rather your wife sucking cock for water bottles and rations while 5 soldiers at a time take your 10 year old daughter in the bedroom to give her an STD which will ensure she never births any grandchildren for you.

>>396064579Hitler hated cigarettes.

>>396063294I dated a meth girl. She was surprisingly very sweet, also very pink and tight "down there" but she almost caught herself on fire in bed on night with a lit cig and was too wirey to handle really. the 2nd girl that owned a pet mouse who I knew actually killed it, while the methhead girl owned one and was able to take care of it


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what the fuck was this stream of words i just read

>>396073751>Maybe of you weren't so fat brained and illiterate you'd read history of military invasions in Europe and realize it won't be you and your boys sniping from the trees but rather your wife sucking cock for water bottles and rations while 5 soldiers at a time take your 10 year old daughter in the bedroom to give her an STD which will ensure she never births any grandchildren for you.That happens the day the army invades because the people are disarmed. There has never been a hostile invasion of a heartland populace like this

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>>396065585>dribble the word is drivel

>>396073751But user unless we get invaded by the Taliban or Viet Cong I have better training than most everyone who would be invading. Probably better personal equipment too.

the last time i was at a dollar general the aisles were a shitshow lol. one wasnt even navigable with all the shit in the way.

>>396071081>>396071346A civilian transferable m16 is minimum 15k. Probably more

>>396063065>My friend bought an M-16 on the dark web back about 10 years agoI've got a bridge to sell you

>>396063065Sir this a Wendy’s

>>396063065Dude they used to sell LAW rocket launchers on the dark web a long time ago. There used to be a vendor who sold pure class 3 weapons. I think they were converts. But full auto glocks, mp5s and m4s. They don’t sell weapons on the mainstream dark web anymore. Just drugs and counterfeits, fake credit cards, fraud etc.

>>396073944How do I meet girls like this?

>>396073944The first girl not the one who killed her mouse.

>>396063065>He says China and Russia are clearly mobilizing, their largest destroyers and subs we have tracked for years have suddenly gone dark. He says the grid will go down, there will be a major land invasion of drafted Chinese armies. The military will be, by design, unable to defend. We will be on our own. Our leaders will be Zelenskyy on steroids, begging us to fight in the streets til our last breath. It will take years, it will be apocalyptic. He says this is the deal already made.shoot blue checks first........

>>396075086>mainstream dark webis there an under ground darker dark web now?

>>396074800I hate army larpers so much it's unreal

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>>396063065He says.He says.He says.He says.He says.

>>396064745Tetraethyllead, because of this boomers are collectively the dumbest generation to inhabit this nation.

>>396063065there's nothing to buy at Dollar General that requires ID

Welcome to the fourth turning. It won't be like this but maybe similar and it'll def suck somehow but it's our turn.

>>396076072Wine, beer, cigarettes, lighters, Sudafed

>>396063065Your schizo friend is retarded. We have more troops on foreign deployment right now than many armies entire size. The fag agenda is bad, but it’s at least far from being a Russia tier military. Is this some sort of Russian disinfo attempt to demoralize?

>>396076253none of that stuff is available at Dollar General

>>396075847U wut?

>>396076395not true >gf was a manager

>>396076395They sell lighters. iirc there is beer at the one near me.


>>396076395Yes it is.

Yeah right. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi will whoop China ass and they dont even need me to help.

>>396063065>there will be a major land invasion of drafted Chinese armiesGood. I'm tired of plinking.

>>396063065A kid i have known a while just finished his time in Army reserves and went to his final meeting to do his paperwork to end his contract, worked Information Tech setting up field IT systems. I told him about stop-loss and recruitment not making their quotas.Said he didn't have any problem but it was strange. Many of his field group quit showing up this year. Didn't know why. The Sargent wouldn't take his inventory (returning his uniform and field equipment), just told him that they would finish his de-enlistment later, its two months now

>>396066216My local dollar general added one last year. Its broken constantly.

>>396063065Based. Tennessee People's Republic when?

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>>396075918Don't think I've ever bore witness to a more based chemical structure kek

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>>396063333Since you are obviously not a "cuck" then how are you fixing the problem, sir?

>>396075286attend a community college and have a girl that doesnt attend there but hang out there become obsessed with you to the point she starts going through your folders.Ask her what the fuck she thinks she's doing.eventually she will randomly leave to florida but only after you've "seen to much" anyhow.Realize she was using a fake name the entire time you knew her.

>>396076503you ever get those tube shaped plastic lighters where you can pop the metal cap off and adjust the flame setting to be like a midget flamethrower?I have a couple of those cheap things packed away in drawers still.we used those and aerosol cans to do a little number on whatever we pleased

>>396063065Shite b8 bread

>>3960630651pbtid but it's not that far fetched. the CCP owns this kike administration, that's factual information that's freely available. they've paid off the elites in this country for years. and nobody is willing to do anything about it.

>>396078183you havent even settled downthis thread was made for people like you and me>>396078271have you seen all the dollar generals making multiplelocations in little queef towns?

>>396078183Best thread on the catalog honestly

>>396063065a guy that knows all of that wouldn't be wasting his time at Dollar General

>>396078183the people want to know and I want to be the first man to shake your hand.tell us the real deal or get the hell away from me.but back away facing us because some of us have wild eyes and you never know what kind of mayhem WIckey Joey has in store

>>396063945"Secondary" training - you mean add-on training that is not part of their basic MOS training?If that is true, then most of those individuals will probably leave.However - every single military general mobilization I have seen was preceeded by political events. The Gulf War, deployments to Haiti, the Iraq War...most people had several months warning due to obvious Geopolitical events.If something was actually happening - the only time we act in pre-emptive fashion is when special operations go out. And that is kept pretty quiet.

>>396063958KeK. Fucking KeK.The Dollar General.Giving a briefing.

>>396077925I just want to meet a girl. Right now I want to meet one whose a furry but also cute. I'm not a furry myself but I want a weird girl really intense and into sex.I figured the drugs would help with that.

>>396063490the OP is a bot, whatchu expect homie?

>>396078537You are mocking the General sir. How dare you

>>396068842We allow then to buy farmland

lol lmaotwenty years of bullshit war does that to a country and no, the russians are fucking jokes and the chinese aren't as advanced as the russians

>>396078709that girl was pretty cool but her mouth always tasted like crushed pills and strange toxic after every time we kissed.every girl I meet I give a shirt of jacket too that in hindsight I want back.There were only two girls who were decent enough to have committed to but they were out of state... actually there was Jen from a few states over too. Those were the "scene girl" days though, now all women are "liberated" whores and you cant do too much now.Women wanted to do little things to impress you though and would try. now there is social media so thats all fucked unless you want to "do the dirty deed." I admit that with that one girl things could have rang true. But I think she had an alcohol problems so maybe that would have ruined my life.Believe it or not but in real life you could have met a decent broad, and on Myspace, well, that was a jackpot, also to develop friends and a community.The new social media is no different than network television and I cant stress that enough. But I see the world as not an empty or full cup, but as that shattered glass that man from the shattered glass in ass had shattered in his ass. You need God in your life and not the bitter solemn world of damnation that is all of my past mistakes.

>>396068205Apparently that base in Texas where the Chinese bought the land next door - then they put up those tall green energy windmills on the acreage right next to the base.

I have a family member who is an emt. He says many many times when they were on runs and the police were at a domestic, where blacks lived it was crazy. They would be yelling and throwing chairs. Damn, why do the nigs always start throwing chairs when there is even a small chimpout?

>>396079016my friend was a veteran and recently we had the demoralization of "this iraq war was for nothing at all!" he had become crippled in that war, also. not anymore crippled than the pride of our nation in which is a home of fateful sorrow and many a maniac mexican jumping bean hopping across our narrow border,or the millionth ARAB or curry maker opening a grocery shop as this very word is typed.

>>396071346Did he mean an actual (older version) M16 where you can select automatic fire?

>>396071583It depends usually on their combat experience.

>>396079145Son Texas had annexed out of the pile of SHIT I had to see at the war of Armidillo.I'd seen men plowing through boxes of hard tact and gravy because the power was cut out. We had lots of gruesome casualties piled up at the region, and had an entire wall of fat ham planets with gunshots riddled through their hefty and hepatitus ridden bodies.All them mashed potatoes were meant for the civilians but they were already ambushed and murdered a week before we got in. It was a no-cell zone and they gave all our men Magellians to load our local routes.Well we had no local routes and ol Maggie was MIA since day one.18 of our men killed themselves before we were desperate enough to eat the civilian's supply.Morale was low.

>>396079470it was hell and I tell you think because I was there. I was one of the packed box of mashed potatoes.War is hell

>>396063989>>from le leafThis was me 100%, I remember watching the towers fall ok the TV with my backpack ok waiting for my mom to be ready to drop me off at the bus stop. I quit my job at best buy to join the marines at 18. I quit because most marines really are crayon eating retards, I didn't get political until Trump.

>>396072477>>there will be a major land invasion of drafted Chinese armies.>The Chinese cannot control the ocean. They cannot move men to the USA. Simple as that. It is a 50 year goal for their military. Red dawn is not happening. The enemy is a kike in wal street that is making your money worthless. You already work for their benefit. The game is already over.Checked.The only way ONLY WAY would be storming across Alaska. That would require a mammoth buid up of armies in Russia that you could see from Mars...With biden at the helm.Maybe.But no its some morons headcannon.


I assume this is a stealth bot exposing thread, with a ridiculous OP to attract bots like>>396063333

>>396079771he's wrong

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>>396063065>He says we couldn't fight Iraq todayYou gave up being the world police in 2019. So you are not even planning to fight any wars anymore in the near future. >He says China and Russia are clearly mobilizingThey do, and they have to, because you are not the world police anymore. Different geopolitical problems haven't disappeared just because you were so dominant. They were just kept under the hood but they are still there and they got to/will be solved one way or another. Like Russian's geopolitical problems will be solved either by Russia being able to expand its borders or country will eventually collapse.

>>396063065I can't decide whether to bail to mexico or stay and bootleg.

>>396082689Hilarious, Americans wanting to be refugees in Mexico now. Full circle shitshow

>>396079077Mind if I ask, do you live a sober life or just do whatever you want? Strike a balance?I remember the myspace days.I was a prude and straight edge. Heh.Missed out on so much.

>>396064745>White's are so unimaginative these daysWe had too many of our stock sacrificed in wars, leaving only the dysgenic to restock

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>>396083619I wont fight for zog.Most "Americans" are more loyal to israel than to the US.Why would I care who holds the authoritarian's whip?

quit responding to these shekel posting OP's you fucking faggots. Each you puts a shekel in their pocket, you cockmongling retards.

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>>396065777I never took the shot and wtf r u talking about

>>396063989You'll have to swallow the mandated military service pill, leaf and yanks. I.e. conscription, but I said it in a way that makes Holla Forums cum their pants.

>>396063065why use overt military invasion when you can literally just transport your entire military as "civilians"?

>>396085187>Missed out on so much.you didn't