Steve Jobs email to himself shortly before he died


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hes gay

>>396061453Looks like a suicide note.

>>396061453>smart enough to lead Apple to become the largest company in the world by market cap>falls for crunchy granola mom Facebook posts about kale curing cancerit is a mystery

>Sent from my iPad Sent from canuckistan

>>396061453>Sent from my iPadLmao, this loser invented the freaking iPad and he doesn't know how to turn off that stupid message?-RickSent from my Big Button JitterBug 2 with StraightTalk

>>396061703It was definitely AIDS

>>396061744>sent from canuckistanSent from estados unidos

sounds like someone is trying to discredit him and his inventions

>>396061453I can relate, which is scary. What is it about some people that they need to have a hand in creating/managing everything around them?

>>396061453>Sent from my iPad

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>>396061906Those aren't mutually exclusive (AIDS leads to sarcomas) and both can be treated if you actually take your meds instead of shoving acacia fruit up your butt.

>>396061453Lol what a loser. I build all of the things i use

>>396061453shoulders of giant kind vibe. based

>>396061453What a drama queen.

Sounds reasonable

>>396061453Reads like the lamentations of a wise man beginning to wonder about things. Little on the foolish side so not at the point of true wisdom. Wonder if he figured it out before the end.

>loves his species>ruins it by inventing the iPhoneWish you caught cancer earlier, Steve

>>396062168How did you build a woman?

>>396061453Goes to show even geniuses are dumb as fuck. Also, fuck Steve Jobs. Hope his death was hella painful.


>>396061906Jobs was always a hippie kind of guy. Apparently he got his “big break through” while in India doing drugs and on a fruit only diet. He may have he an eating disorder or something too, and AIDS caused by HIV is fake and gay. “Immune deficiency syndrome” is exactly what it sounds: your immunity and ability to survive is now mostly gone. Literally anything can cause this, and like another user here said, this email does seem pretty suicidal. I wouldn’t doubt that he just starved and withered away willingly.

>>396061453>I, I, I, I, IEven when trying to be profound and humble he has to make it all about himself.

>>396062186That gets real interesting when you consider the giants were the ones, biblically, that gave man knowledge of wicked devices.

>>396061453He was practicing humility because humility did not come to him naturally.

>>396062372He's never used one

This is some feel good noncesense. He doesn't say, "I am a liar. I am a thief. I took your work and sat on top of your heads." This is pointless, as are all 4coom threads now. If there were someplace else to go, you best believe I would never come back here.

>>396061453He was wiser than any Holla Forumsack. All vegans are.

>>396062448Existential pondering starts with I, it ends with God.

>>396062194No one reaches anywhere remotely near Jobs’ level and isn’t a drama queen.

>>396062506Is this how the lightbulb was invented ?

>>396061453Idk seems like some vegan liberal nonsense. I thought Jobs was like a guru of understanding products and the thought process of normies though. Didn't he stay away from touch screens until they could perfect the technology? And even in the books and movies about him they make it a point to have him talk about how people would perceive and use the stuff. I remember a scene in the movie where Woz has a gimmick watch and Steve jobs points out the design and tinkering of it would look suspicious and be too complicated for brainlets.

>>396062587God's ass ends with my dick in it.


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I hated and will always hate Apple and Apple products, but Jobs was shockingly based. Here's a hint: if every popular depiction of a real-life figure is critical and negative, chances are the real-life figure pissed off the right people.

>>396061994It could be general thoughts about others. I know myself i have a problem immediately deeming people's personalities as inefficiencies and not valuing human expression

>>396062074My HIV meds only work if you take YOURS

>>396062834He was a modern day Hitler.>Charismatic>Vegan>Interested in art, forced to use his talents in another field>BTFO'd Jews on the dailySteve Jobs was based, simple as.

>>396062372why would you build a mistake?

>>396063372Try asking god.

>>396061453Fake and gay. I used to work for Apple when he was still with us and that's not how his emails looked.

>>396062834This. While he never really revealed his power level and we will never be able to verify it by ourselves, he is definitely different from all the cucks in the tech industry, including his own coworkers.


>>396063060I mean one need only look at Jobs vs. Gates.>Jobs>was fired from one of the most successful companies in US history that he FOUNDED>goes on to develop NeXT Computers that ends up creating shit Microsoft wouldn't get around to using for nearly a decade>creates the GUI interface that would end up being MAC OS X over a decade later>if you own an IPhone you are literally STILL using shit created in the fucking 1980s that they just keep updating>meanwhile Apple stagnates through the late 80s and 90s as the PC wrecks its shit>They finally ask Jobs to come back and save the company>He does so through numerous innovations that, for better or worse, change the world again>dies still working to create new innovationsvs...>Gates>continues to steal throughout the 80s and 90s to put out his products>DOJ comes down on him>basically uses it to force him to work with Google and other companies to backdoor his shit>spends the next 20 years being a "philanthropist" while his company limps along under Ballmer>hasn't produced an operating system worth a shit since W7, couldn't produce a viable phone platform, ruined Office with 365 turning into a subscription service>meanwhile he's telling you to literally drink your piss and eat the bugs and/or your shit>entire establishment supports him in thisAgain, fuck Apple, but Gates is evil. Maybe Jobs was too, but so far the only evidence seems to be fictionalized accounts of other people talking about what a jerk they thought he was.

>>396061453He was a retard and would be still alive if he went to the hospital rather than eating fruit.

>>396063915>would be still alive if he went to the hospital>pancreatic cancerBoomer detected.

>>396061994Man was destined to create, much like the father he came from.

>>396061703modern cancer treatment consists of "nuke it". His type was non operable

>>396062442Well good for him he got his buddist style death, and his wife now gets to fuck niggers in the super yacht he commissioned while he was alive.

>>396063953>treatable by medical professionals

>>396061453here is an email he sent me:>dear user>turns out you were right>apple is gay and so am i am about to die of aids in fact>you are also right the turtleneck makes me look like a fag

>>396063915>Prognosis>While pancreatic cancer survival rates have been improving from decade to decade, the disease is still considered largely incurable.>Survival Rates>According to the American Cancer Society, for all stages of pancreatic cancer combined, the one-year relative survival rate is 20%, and the five-year rate is 9%. These low survival rates are attributable to the fact that fewer than 20% of patients’ tumors are confined to the pancreas at the time of diagnosis; in most cases, the malignancy has already progressed to the point where surgical removal is impossible.> know you can stop saying dumb shit about a topic you know nothing about anytime now.

>>396061453Did Obama murder Steve Jobs for China?

>>396061994By all accounts he was dark triad as fuck and very psychopathic. I went to school with an engineer that got a job at Apple during undergrad and continued well into school (this was like 3-4 years before Jobs died) and he would tell me horror stories of just how much of an asshole he was. You don't get to those heights without cracking a few eggs. He was a perfectionist and steam rolling asshole 100%

Yeah humanity has made great strides but that doesn't change the fact that most people are shit filled morons who need to be tortured to death

>>396062442That's how you create tech

>>396064111his "i only eat fruit because im a baby" diet very likely caused his pancreatic canceryou cant only eat sugars and candy even if its in banana formashton kutcher ate his banana diet when he did the jobs movie, and go tpancreas problems and had to stop

>>396064051In a very few cases, you’re most likely going to die quick and painfully if you develop pancreatic cancer.

>>396064013It was operable, if he didn't wait for months without telling anyone about it. It was actually one of the most operable types of cancers initially.

>>396063953Boomers would say he should prayed to Jesus for healing.Dumbest generation of all time.

>>396061847>inventor of the ipad>not being proud of the Sent from my iPad message

>>396064242I'm not defending Jobs' hippie or vegan bullshit. I'm calling out anyone stupid enough to claim that someone who died of pancreatic cancer would still be alive after a decade if they "just went to the hospital".

>>396061453>i just realized how fragile I amSo profound. Preppers and the Amish have been on this forever though.

>>396061688looks like narcissism. he needs to reassure himself that other people have value because he DIDNT INVENT TALKING. but totally could have and probably would have if he got to it first


>>396064111>>396064242Either way if Steve Jobs were to be alive today he would be very progressive and liberal tweeting about Trump all day.


>>396061453>Sent from my iPadppfffftt hahaha wtf that makes all the rest of it seem that much more retarded. Faggot should have just wrote a haiku.

>>396061453He’s putting himself into perspective, smart to do.

faked his own death imho. same as bill hicks.

>>396064388Lol exactly. Its a marketing thing. Of course hed leave it on you turbo retards.The “sent from iFag” shit probably generated billions in sales

Jobs didnt play nice w adding security backdoors and paid the price. same thing happened to blackberry.Android was compromised from the start by the G masons



>>396061453What a dumbass he ccd himself

>>396061453Consumerism identified by Steve Jobs HIV. Apple's Mantra.


>>396064559Wrong again.>

>>396061598No, but he invented faggotry by inventing iPad.

>>396061453I kind of feel the same. I love humans deeply. Some people i hate but humans as a species, especially white ethnic european humans are incredible

>>396061847It’s intentional, but incredibly faggy

>>396062168me too, I build this computer and internet I'm using right now from scratch. Even flew my own satellite into orbit on a paraglider

>>396063826Apple stole literally everything you moron

>>396064027Now? She probably gave him the AIDS

>>396062442>HIV and AIDS aren't homosexual diseases.Only thing fake and gay is you. How's the pridepox coming along? It's not a sexually degenerate exclusive disease either, right?

>>396065082Apple did. NeXT didn't. Retard. They didn't steal the iPod. They perfected the music player. Microsoft stole without innovating. Hell, they fucking BOUGHT DOS from a Seattle company and just worked out the bugs(mostly).

>>396063060>Worships consumerism...Hello my fellow Nazi.

>>396063107>This Test works after ...would medical documents really use language like this (with random capitlization to boot)? wouldnt an authentic be more like to say something more like "Test is most effective X days after exposure"?

>>396065276And Hitler worshipped Leni Riefenstahl.

>>396061847It's an ego stroke user. I hear you can grow some more brain cells these days. Like those sponge in water toys, not so sure about combining them with an organ that has ceased development though.

>>396061453>shortly before he diedof AIDS

>>396061847Except Steve did not "invent" the iPad, he just stole all of the credit from his employees.Sent from my smart e-toilet convertable with bluetooth

>>396061453died of aidsfagget

>>396061453He lacked faith in Christ and without that he lacked any real dignity

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>>396065036>Because x works there isn't the possibility of other things.Decentralize everything. Consoooom nothing not produced by your own labor. Abandon dependency. Destroy modernity.

>>396062372Just identify one into existence

>>396065477>to the point of pretending that all CEOs of companies that produce innovations don't claim they are responsible for inventing said innovationsDid Steve Jobs fuck your mom or what?

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>>396064707He needs to remind himself of very basic things that everyone knows, but for a narcissist like him these things don't come naturally.

He was an overachiever. Hard on himself. Probably wanted total independence but searched for it in overintellectual areas. Loving your "species" but wanting to be free from them at the same time. At the end realising he was totally dependent on them. Which is normal and anyone can grasp that. We live in a society where everyone contributes something. It's what Eddie Bravo said like when you're in an aeroplane and can see huge amounts of land being totally unused by humans, then you see the city where everyone is crammed and have social problems caused by being too close and therefore too dependant on each other.

>>396064524Such a stupid take. All knowledge is cumulative. There person who invented the microwave didn’t discover microwaves.

>>396064524>>396065947I might have misunderstood your sarcasm.

>>396065657I'm just saying while they were working hard Steve just sat there and cried like a baby because the buttons on the calculator app for iPad were too big.

>>396061453WHat every toddler knows, not deep, just an entitled faggot being mad he's rich.

>>396063826Dunno man, who wants Word when you can have vi for free? Gates lost that fight years ago.

>>396061999lol. holy shit I remember thomas the tank engine. kino man.

>>396065407And Holla Forums likes Pepe. Repurposing propaganda is different than being dependent on systems that propagate weakness. You should calm down propping up elements of the current system you enjoy; you glow too bright.

>>396061453sounds like it was written by a faggot

>>396061453fuck this guyhe was diagnosed with literally one of the few forms of pancreatic cancer that most people survive. Instead of actually getting treatment for it, he drank kale juice and shit and died for his retardation.

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Ligma balls.

>>396061453You'd understand if you'd dropped acid once or twice

Tech companies are created with the same formula time and again. It’s an ascetic tradition and use of psychedelic drugs. Lends credence to the Alex Jones clockwork elf communication theory.

>>396061847You can add "sent from my i-pad" to the end of your posts here and the newfags will believe it.Sent from my iPad

>>396061847it’s to show people you wrote the email from a mobile device and not your office/work, otherwise the email would have your regular signature

>>396061453interesting to see how a man coming to terms with his imminent passing looks like. Most folk will die of old age or some random hsppening so they won't see it coming. But I do wonder what rollercoaster of emotions it must be to know your time on this earth is pre-determined. Seems about right, he must've been doing a lot of introspection @ his time of passing. R.I.P Steve!

>>396066400Forgot picrel

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>>396061703He worshiped street shitting pajeetsHe learned from themAll he knew was status symbols and fraud and a whole bunch about toilet curry

>>396061453A harrowing vision into the final insecurities of one of the most successful tech CEOs.Needs to be shown to every STEM student.

>>396061703He died of AIDS

>>396065036I invented air

>>396061703When you are dying you are desperate. Don't be too hard on him,

>>396061453Fake and gayDeShawneesaSent from my Fungho shinto 3 with extra FBI tracking (c)

>>396061453In an odd sort of way, I can’t comprehend the ultra wealthy. Financial security and comfort is one thing, but excess just seems like you’re wasting more and more to distract yourself from the inevitability that you’ll have to let it go at some point.

>>396066416New fag here. 7 years. I know this is fake and gay.

Wierd af!An actual msg, not a copy of a reciept or something like that!Was it him, did someone else have access and he was chatting with them.Ive seen said thwt he was killed, but posioned slowely to death and sickness... not sure though.Also I've heard he became obsesed with food as medicine, but I dont know much about him anyway.Anyway, this does sound like a man close to death who like most realize nothing here not even him was his doing, in a way, and wondering what's behind it!The program, he began maybe to see a bit of it!Who knows really.He dident own nothing, but was he happy! Noone owns nothing here!

>>396061453he died over a year after this email. wasn't even close to shortly before

>>396061453Oddly I was watching a documentary on him earlier but it seems at least in his early years he had a God complex. Maybe it’s just him realizing he isn’t as great as he thought he was. Either way he was a pozzed faggot

>>396066982Like what, for example?

>>396061906>>396062074>>396062442>>396064052>>396065121>>396065151>>396065458>>396065489>>396066624Wow how original.

>>396061703Noone of them lead or invent shit all...Just look at bill, the fool that he is, one look and one knows hes a puppet on a string maskarading as as an administrator.

Send from my ipad Lmao lol even >sent from Iphone 13 promax plus

>>396061453The essence of gratitude

>>396061453>Dear me>I am very smart>Sent from my iPad™

>>396061847Stupid kids these days and their stupid technology, I'll tell you what. These kids don't know how things used to be done back in the day before EVERYTHING WAS ON THE COMPUTER. Us real men from back in the day new what a HARDS DAY WORK actually was. Unlike kids these days and their POKIEMEN and stupid tablets.PS - Stop stepping on my retirement and GET A JOB AND PAY YOUR LOANSROUGH TOUGH Jim>Colonel 1967-1969>Civil Air Patrol

>>396062372Put the lotion in the basket user

>>396061453When I was extremely sick, I had similar thoughts. All that I had was not really mine. It was given to me by others and could be taken away from me if that were what was to be.I became greatful for the fact that I was not in extreme poverty, I could read, I was never starving, had plumbing, had a good family, memories on which I could look bad fondly, and so on.So I can empathize. I kind of get what was going through his mind.

>>396061453>my speciesSadly all of these came from aliens

>>396066183>You should calm down propping up elements of the current system you enjoyMen who stand alone, do things their way, and end up changing the world through their accomplishments have always been simultaneously admired and hated, and that will never change. To observe such figures and admire their achievements is hardly "propping up elements of the current system you enjoy". That is retarded spin.

>>396067270Be careful before I take away your pension, gramps.

>>396062186Not based at all. Fucking zoomers think this man invented the desktop PC, they purchased the idea/design off Xerox and mass marketed it. Jobs barely knew how to code.

He realized he was useless?

>>396061453now make BILL GATES write a letter to himself

>>396066065Imagine being so salty at the concept of a CEO who takes an active role in their company and takes responsibility for product quality. I guess you prefer the retards who do nothing but dine on the company dime and give speeches to other rich faggots.

>>396061453>Thoughts?Don't try to bury him at the beach.

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>>396067482That's pretty gay, redditfagDid you think that being "greatful" (retard) etc. would bring god's mercy?What you need to do instead is demand that god cure you or you'll bust in the doors to heaven, kick his nigger ass, and send him straight to hell to get assraped by SatanGod only understands violence so this is the best path to take desu

>>396064013He had the very rare type of pancreas cancer that is treatable. He chose to treat it with fruit smoothies and yoga.

>>396067558>kiwifag>baited this easilyChecks out.

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>>396061453WTF. Is it normal for people to write emails like this to themselves? I thought he had a wife and loved ones he could communicate with. I'm a lonely autist and even I would never think to do this.

who is steve jobs?

>>396068002would you really bother your family with this faggy nonsense?they don't need to hear every stupid, unformulated thought that pops into your head, especially if there's nothing they can do about it

>>396068002Yes its normal. You're so high above people on this site you can't even imagine the depths people sink to. Try some of the threads on r9k sometimes, like the 30+ general

>>396067789No, I just realized I had taken everything for granted. And when I was aware of what I did have, I was grateful for it.I guess this is incomprehensible for christians.

>>396061847>Joker? More like... Mediocre! -Sent from my iphone"God made man, Sam Colt made Man equal" "fighting 49th OORAH Forever"

>>396067394Kek. How're you doing, Bill?

>>396067564as a sidenote, his last name, jobs, is not a real last namehe made up his last name for himself because he is adept at administering various "jobs" on the male penis(blow jobs, hand jobs, ass jobs (that's where he fucks your dick with his ass if you catch my drift), and more)

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>>396061453The cancer thing was all bullshit. He had AIDS and wouldn’t take the meds.

>>396067067Thanks. Consoom more pridepox, when?

I found his foundation site yesterday and it was great source of inspiration. I grew up using apple computers and never missed a single macworld conference. Jobs was illuminated and there's timbers of fire still lighting up after his passing.

>>396061703Makes me think he didn't die, but devised a get-out-of-jail free card out of society so he could live in peace.

>>396061744Yeah, any chance this dude had any humility was finished with that finale. If I had to guess , I’ll guess Steve was a reptilian. All the money all the brains and he clung to life like a coward and never truly pursued a legacy on from Teslas genius. Or any one else really. Cell phones are basically CD’s at this point in time.

>>396062372With a rib

>>396061453Laughed at the object oriented programming worship. It's a meme for mediocre enterprise software.

Why is everyone acting like faggots? It's a note of humility, to the point of being somewhat belittling— as to make his coming death seem less toiling. It's actually comedic too since he sent this from his iPad. >>396068002People like Steve Jobs don't communicate with anyone, unless it's about work. You are a social butterfly on here spouting b/s compared to people like him. The dude estranged every single social connection he had to dedicate himself to his job, willingly. The guy had a net worth of 10 billion and was known across the world. So, sending an email to check yourself isn't insane. >>396068220>>396067833More power to him. One thing that is somewhat scary is being close to death and being strung along by doctors. Having to worry about whether you're going to die or not seems like shit. He had kids, but he was too busy to be a part of their lives. So, he was alone and died alone on his own merit.

>>396066445I think an ipad just flew over your head.

>>396068600He let his kid (who he denied was his) and wife life in squalor while he made millions. He was a piece of shit even if the products he helped create were good.

>>396068170No, but I wouldn't bother myself with this drivel either. I assume his wife is the one who got into his emails and shared this so she probably wouldn't have minded. She could always just not read them. My mom forwards me all sorts of random shit via email. I don't even open them. If it's something important she knows she has to at least text.

>>396067523Idolizing a man propping up walled gardens and increased consumerist garbage designated for landfills to hype the next big product is a scheme in the worship of dependance. It is the antithrsis of standing alone and changing the world FOR THE BETTER. It props up dependence on marketing and consumption. Your false equivalence is cringe at best.

>>396062372Pic related

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>>396061453sounds like a real communist.

>>396061847Dave liked a post

>>396061847Based Boomer

>>396067564yeah jobs was a douchebag but this quote and sentiment are pretty wise to bear in mind

>>396062704Peradventure >>396062770Ever wonder why sometimes you feel like you have an empty hole inside you?

>>396068927This. Same with UML, lol

>>396062560Nah, I'm not starving to death.

>>396069086>increased consumerist garbageContinuing to post this on 4chan, which is consumer technology, utilizing whatever consumer technology device you use to access 4chan, while whining about the precise sort of technological research and innovation that made doing so possible in the first place, demonstrates a lack of self-awareness that boggles the mind.

>>396061453>I didn't indent buttsecks between men but i sure as fuck engaged in it frequently-BillSent from my T-Mobile Droid Turbo2017 F-150 super duty dually lifted 5"2001 SS Camaro Edelbrock heads/cam & catback Wine 'em, 'dine em, 69 'em

>>396061703Interesting correlation between Jobs being a retard who didn't trust the medical establishment and Holla Forumstards who didn't get the COVID shots because they didn't trust the medical establishment.

>>396062834Yeah, he pissed off millions of Itunes users back in the day when their libraries got wiped out.

>>396069686>hasn't restricted his music collection to pirated MP3s since the 1990sngmi

>>396061453It's funny the crazy shit you write when the fentanyl kicks in...

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>>396068927Oop and design patterns are truly for retards. Conceived by the boomers who I fire for incompetence at this job.

>>396061453he smoked his last doobie, wrote down some meaningless crap, then traveled into the icloud where he takes bytes out of apples after the warranty runs out

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>>396068387Wtf is going on in that gif?

>>396061453>Thoughts?people who are sociopaths tend to put notes up around the house, always preachy puritan type stuff when they are going through a rare inward reflective period and realize what a shit person they are. it will be bad poetry or "enlightened" self quotes like jobs example or religious or guru verses or psychologist quotes, the real crazy ones will have a mix of all the above with no theme at all.

Why are there so many negroes in commercials and TV and movies?Sent from my iPaid

>>396061453He died from severe Aspergers.

>>396070198The child has found a way to make the pain stop. Envy him.

>>396061847I keep it so people will excuse my on the go formatting.

>>396061453What a faggot. Hope he gets cancer and dies.

>>396062834>>396063060>>396063826What is the historical record for Jobs' relationship with Best Ally? Did he even visit once? Wozniak is an ideal gauge in this regard. Was always curious because Bibi grew a real boner for cyber before and after 9/11, and I've heard rumors about his wife's affinity for that nation. He seemed closer to Bobby Fisher tier for calculating human calculation. Highest level security clearance for non military too iirc, higher than Gates.

>>396061453Based collectivist. Live on through others. Heil Hitler. I carry the fuhrer in my soul.

>>396064225I knew it before I clicked>what the fuck is infotrode

>>396066093I prefer LibreOffice myself.

>>396061453If he weren't a neurotic lunatic he wouldn't have given himself cancer by eating nothing but fucking fruit for yearsThat being said Apple went to shit after he died. He was truly a visionary and one of the most important people of the 21st century

>>396065508I agree, but AA's roots are freemasonic, not Christian.

Nice intent but a super collectivist.As effective as one could be though.

>>396070482i think i say it wrong. does it sound like ass burgers?

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>>396061703It was AIDS dude.

>>396066065Yeah, but Apple struggled without him precisely because egghead engineers need a dimwitted normie sadist to really press the issue of how many colors the device will be available in. Jobs may have had an uneducated layman's grasp of computer science, and he may have abusively demanded the technically impossible of his underlings from time to time, but he was the perfect in-house idiot consumer, a one-man focus group who was alone responsible for Apple's "cool" factor.

>>396061453Pretty thoughtful, obviously trying to leave something nice behind to obsfucate from how terrible of a person he was and how detrimental his selfishness was to real societal progress.

Wait until you find out who Steve Job's widow's best friend was. Also the owner of The Atlantic. Google who the chief editor is.

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>>396064559Jobs wouldn't have joined Twitter. Would he be woke? Possibly why they killed him. He wasn't a depopfag like Gates but his China and Pfizer stances today would be interesting. He would wipe out Musk too. No way they coexist.

>>396069584>because x exists alternatives aren't possible.>You can't dislike the consumerist process, if you consume at all. Keeping purchasing and get excite.I am aware of my current levels of dependence. But to be giddily gushing over someone who actively decreased freedoms of said technologies via walled gardens is clown level retarded. Keep purchasing and get excited about next product; sending your old product to landfills is mind-boggling to you? I have not suggested what you are proscribing to me. Why are you strawmanning from your cherrypicked sentences?I will, however, admit prosumerism, decentralization, additive manufacturing, and related technologies that expand independence into a voluntary society with low barriers to entry is very much preferred to protectionist proconsumer crony capitalism. Your argument still refutes nothing about Steve Jobs being only a marketing genius that never stood alone in anything he did and contributed nothing but walled gardens. Pushing the kumbaya mantra to gain shekels is, again, the antithesis of making society better.

>>396061453what a fucking cuck

>>396061453Did this mofo "we live in a society" himself?

>>396067564Xerox didn't invent it either. Ever hear of "The Mother Of All Demos" of 1968? No. You haven't. It was invented in a University and GIVEN AWAY FOR FREE, AKA we paid for the development.

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>>396061453Even Jobs knew he was a useless piece of shit before he died.

Steve Jobs's yacht

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>>396061453>i did not breed or perfect the seeds

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>>396061453Who knows. But I want to grow so strong that I don't need to depend on anybody else but myself, literally.

>>396068224hes just an asshole.I understand user.I know.

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>>396061453Thoughts? Egocentric asshole

>>396069781That's the thing. Itunes ended up renaming everyone's mp3's into weird proprietary files. I lost a shit ton of pirated stuff on my pc when that happened.But yeah, should have probably just been happy with Winamp instead.

>>396069064Worse, he suppressed wages and stole minimum $9,000,000,000 from the most entrepreneurial class on the planet. Vast wealth snuffed by his greed.

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>>396072019There's a way to revert it back to the correct names. I

my memory of Steve Jobs was that he wanted people to be better than he was.. that was true even of his competitors.. he wanted more than just a family and common notions of success.. he was accessible.. you could email him and he'd reply back.. he was the only person in Silicon Valley willing to listen to an ambitious plan.. he wouldn't have cared if it wasn't the current thing.. i miss him very much

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>>396061453>Thoughts?Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow

>>396068988I'll never understand how someone like Jobs isn't paranoid about assassination plots 247, due to his number of enemies but also his priviness to information. For instance, 9/11. No way he bought the narrative. JFK? Probably why he placed so much tism on food too.

>>396061453>I really did not do shitthat's what happens when you become a COPYRIGHT WHORE

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>>396061453fucking ifaggot

>>396070125>he smoked his last doobie, wrote down some meaningless crap,I wonder if he ever felt bad about screwing his buddy Woz in the very first business deal he did, and why did he stay a sociopath even after all the acid he dropped?

>>396061453Cancer-brain-stream-of consciousness. Seems like he was going for poem; it's not very good, but again, he was dying of cancer, so all in all, not that bad. Seems regretful and self critical, which is kind of odd considering what he achieved. I never really like the guy tbqh, but hey he built a multibillion dollar empire.Macs are still gay

>>396069781If it's your property. You have the right to use it how you see fit. It's an inalienable right. Computers should have stayed as tools and games. They made the mistake when they tried to make the internet a required part of life. Shit is just a multi entertainment toy that can count. Things were better because people were acting out their natural inclinations online and that just so happened to be file sharing. It's their property and the technology exists. Not you user, but, If you're a producer, lawyer, or some fool who benefits from the industries that computers can make infinite copies of out of the box and you believe that you have a right to attack people out there for utilizing its features it's you that is the problem and holds back progress.

>>396066278>he was diagnosed with literally one of the few forms of pancreatic cancer that most people survive. Instead of actually getting treatment for it, he drank kale juice and shit and died for his retardation.classic techno arrogance - doctors, what do they know?

>>396070975>a one-man focus grouphe was also very good at getting nerds to love him

>>396065269>They didn't steal the iPod.Tony Fadell sold Jobs on the concept, after Fadell had done the Phillips Nino PDA, Jobs then hired Fadell to do the Ipod, Fadell is only 53 now, he was a kid when he did the Phillips Nino,

>>396061453>source>my ass!Someone nuke this shitty island already

>>396070975>Jobs may have had an uneducated layman's grasp of computer science, and he may have abusively demanded the technically impossible of his underlings from time to time, but he was the perfect in-house idiot consumer, a one-man focus group who was alone responsible for Apple's "cool" factor."It is not the job of the customer to know what they want" - Steve JobsOne of the most important business quotes ever

>>396063953>>396064111he had the only form of pancreatic cancer that was treatable and curable. if he listened to his doctors from the start he would have survived. he was a retard.

>>396061906Nobody has AIDS. I don't want to hear that word again.

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>>396061453he was such an asshole that he had to write notes to himself convincing himself that other people have value, and he too must depend on other people"i love and admire my species" seriously who has to write that to themselves other than a soulless bug person or alien

>>396061453>When I needed medical attention, I was helpless to help myself survive.kek.

>>396072620It's like entire industries profit strictly from people's ignorance and hope they don't behave like a smart person and figure things out for their own benefit due to entitlement. People actually believe because they spent money to do something that they deserve more money than they spent to the point that they ruin normies in court over it. Its their property. The can download whatever they want should anybody decide to provide it for them. Anything else otherwise is entitlement because they spent oh so much money on it but meanwhile people with bandcamps over time are making nothing but profit and producing good things. If it was truly good enough people would feel compelled to buy it even if they could download a copy. And ultimately, nothing was stolen. Go on, show me where your missing files were last at. Oh wait, files don't get stolen. They get copied. Copyright shit on the computer harms no one. Nobody tells people to waste money but the fruits and innovation that would grow on the internet if they didn't snare it with laws our real lives would be better.

>>396073900the truth of it, norm (and I am only replying because of your digits) is that it's fucking lonely here at the top of the IQ pyramid, and getting worse because only niggers reproduce anymoreI'm only like three sigma above the average monkey, I can't even imagine how blackpilled someone like Pauling or Hawking or Jobs must have been

>>396061453He's trying to reduce attachment to his ego so that he is more comfortable with the idea of dying.

>>396072019The hypocrisy of it all is that everybody that works for the company "copyrights infringes" in their personal lives and then talk about the things they consumed/use while at work.

I even know cops that download music. The only people that don't are either rich people with more money than they know what to do so they go building a physical library but then entitlement brigade cockblocks poor people from making a virtual one. I remember how they're whine about x amount of people at y amount of websites making z amount of downloads about something which was all doom and gloom about themselves but then the next weeks they're talking about record profits while I watch amateur made ideas be copied by companies protected by retarded copyright infringement laws. Seen nobodies create music that even famous musicians copy and sample into their own songs. naturally you'd get punished for downloading that one if caught or youtube censors you. The biggest hypocrites of them all are the people who say filesharing is wrong because within the ranks of all their organizations, filesharing is going on. Copyright infringements happen and often times lawyers and other nobodies are sitting on trackers logging IPs to send threats. These people are the corruption. They are the ones who hold progress back. They live lives detached from reality and despite their success are some of the biggest hypocrites alive.

>>396075579>biggest hypocritesEven though the ones that don't file share. For people within the ranks of their organizations do and that's like being against drugs while housing drug users and drug dealers.

>>396076291Imagine your success being due in part by the very people you demonize. What hypocrisy.

>>396061703he had aids

>>396062558Welcome to leave literally any time faggot. You’re like those retarded women that complain about cyberbullying but refuse to block the people allegedly causing them pain, or just turning off the fucking screen.

He got what he deserved....>>396061453Atheists when they die and find out there is no place called "Peace" where they can "Rest in": Oh Nooooooo

>>396065313Yes, you're right

>>396062372Plans for Helen O'Loy were communicated in a 1960s short story.

>>396062442Never EVER eat fruit in India ffs.

>>396072898Not the ones who worked for him.


>>396061453He didn't write that, I can tell because that shape of his face, and hearing him talk. God I hate this virtue signaling bullshit.Jobs is probably screaming in agony right now because we all know what sort of filth floats to the top of Big Corp.

>>396066838I've actually known a couple billionaires.Some of them chase money like sailors chase pussy.Others were just very good at something and were surprised to find themselves attracting gobs of wealth like wealth magnets. Both types have to face the fawning and viciousness of others, but they handle and regard it all very differently.

>>396067482I felt something when paralyzed nearly totally with GBS in the hospital for months. I have also felt that right at home, looking around at all the things in my house, reflecting on the threads of interconnection making it all possible.Nevertheless the most perfect experience of my life was a prairie walk at 40 below, minus 80 windchills, in a whiteout blizzard.

>>396067482*felt something like that

>>396063657Sneed sells feed and seed, which is completely normal. Chuck, on the other hand, sells fuck and suck.

>>396061453interesting, these don't seem like the words of a lefty, but a right winger, by all means utilize the resources available to you, but there's something special about being able to rely and see the stuff you create yourself

>>396068988We all die alone, user. Every last one of us.

>>396061688Well he did refuse to take anti cancer drugs and instead went onto a hippy fruititarian diet (which actually fed his pancreatic cancer)So in a way he did commit suicide.

>>396061453reflections of a dying psychopath who, in his last moments, finally realized how the humanity works

>>396061453Facing death humbles you

>>396071494>Why are you strawmanning from your cherrypicked sentences?I quoted exactly your fucking words and pointed out the absurdity on what amounts to social media on a fucking phone or tablet or pc or other consumer electronics device. Why are you hallucinating what I'm doing and making hyperbolic exaggerations? >Walled GardensNope. That entire concept is sour grapes nonsense. If they want to expect their customers to operate from a single corporate brand for all tech needs, and their customers are stupid enough to do it, let em. There really is no point in trying to outlaw cults and if those cults want to brand and sell, again, that's their choice. Honestly more cults should be rounding up hundreds of fucking idiots and ridding us of them.

>>396072620>Computers should have stayed as tools and games.This, over and over and over again. They should have stayed shameful and uncool.

>>396061847Had a sensible chuckle

>>396061453LSD talk from a very small mind.NOOBS

>>396061453>tl;dj he's a normie and product of circumstance

>>396061453Who gives a shit about Steve Jobs.Sent from my iPhone

>>396061453Even in death a lifelong cheater tries to cheat. Amazing. Treated everyone around him like a cunt for his whole life, all in service to his enormous ego. All in vain, because in the end 'I' still die. But maybe, just maybe, if I show a bit of humility I can still pull it off, and get a reprieve by whatever cosmic being is in charge. Let's send an email to myself and hope it's being monitored by the big guy. Like a kid posting a letter to 'Santa Claus, North pole'. I am a good kid, really.

sounds faggy and prentensios like the man himself but he ain't wrong i guess

>>396069640Except that we're all fine. And in fact Jobby was likely to die anyway so it made no difference to him either. Anyone who does trust the medical establishment at this point is the real retard.

>>396079174>>396061703Isn't there some basis to that belief? ie. acidic blood from protein heavy diets?

That’s why you marry 4 and make your own clan and make internal laws. All governments try to assimilate tribal people into being soulless npcs that will follow UN and NWO

>> jobs invented the language he used. He created modern mathematics, he created the freedoms and laws enshrined in the constitution, its amendments and US code, for which he is responsible to enforce.Steve Jobs was white, his ability to take credit for all these things was earned.

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>>396068927It's good for office software.

>>396080256Was about to post this. He had taken psychedelics


>>396061994Shamed as a kid.

>>396061453>Source: I'M A FAGGOT

Didn't Steve Jobs invent apples tho



>>396061453> I speak a language I did not invent or refine.What does he mean, I have entire conversations exchanging only stickers and emojis. And literally everything is called an 'app' now. Life is so simple. Thanks Steve :-D

>>396069640>this shitpost sponsored by Pfizer

>>396061847>Invented Ipad.That's tablet and tablets are not new.

>>396061453Egomaniacs LOVE statements starting with "I".

>>396061453>i love and admire my speciesYour "species" wasn't responsible for modern human advancement, It was White people. And now Whites are getting replaced by a bunch of stupid blacks and browns who can't even fix the technology that breaks, never mind create new tech.

>>396061598more like steve BLOW jobsamrite?

>>396061703One could say he took too many bites of the Apple.$666.66 & no refunds.