Pentagon admits Twitter/Facebook are US propaganda outlets

They're not even hiding itGlad I'm using 4channel instead

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>the White House

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>>396060527>>396060562it's not what it says, it says that twitter and meta did analysis and called out the US governement for making spambots, and now they're pissed they were called out

>>396060527>hurrrr>durrrr>What is a trend? >How do I do maff? >How do I steer a herd? >Farming iz hard wurk

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>>396060527Uh oh glowies might have a harder time grooming shooters and getting 12 year olds to chop their dicks off

>>396060784you just said it says exactly what I said it says

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so wait, they only care when user calls out the 150,000,000 DoD IPs?

>>396060932It’s either a bot or a retard who likes to argue more than read.


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>>396061311>OY VEY>IT WAS ALWAYS THIS WAYIf you could point to a year, where clown world kinda went off the rails, what year would you say?2012-ish maybe?

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>>396061311the scale is exponentially higherit's also more personal, as it leverages a subconscious association that the words come from an average person

>>3960615792012what really happened in 2012?

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>In 2012, Assange communicated directly with a leader of the hacking group LulzSec (who by then was cooperating with the FBI)

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>>396060562>>396060527I dont get it. Why would the USA care to show their hand by admitting to psyoping Russians?This makes no sense. Im not saying they are not doing just that but why would they pretend to be outraged by it?

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>>396061660It's also an indicator that US DoD is the source of all the trannyprop and cancel culture happeningYou will agree with US DoD policy, or you will be treated as an enemy combatant

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>>396060527this shit been going on since at least 2011 with the centcom sock puppets

>>396060527now make them admit this>How the CIA made Google>

>>396060527Fortune is govt too lmao. Just not America's.

>>396062390I think they spent all of 2020 waving their dicks in Americans' faces and nobody retaliatedThey're just comfortable showing their power level now

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>>396060527>>396060562not only do they do that, but they promote literal marxism-leninism

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>>396060527These are the people who coerced everyone into experimental gene therapy that killed literally every single animal test subject while censoring and destroying the careers of everyone who told the truth.If they don't hang, America is beyond saving.

>>396063519Radio Free Europe was created and grew in its early years through the efforts of the National Committee for a Free Europe (NCFE), an anti-communist CIA front organization that was formed by Allen Dulles in New York City in 1949.[12][13] RFE/RL received funds covertly from the CIA until 1972.[14][15] During RFE's earliest years of existence, the CIA and U.S. Department of State issued broad policy directives, and a system evolved where broadcast policy was determined through negotiation between them and RFE staff.[16]Whereas Radio Free Europe broadcast to Soviet satellite countries, Radio Liberty broadcast to the Soviet Union.[29] Radio Liberty was formed by American Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia (Amcomlib) in 1951.[30] Originally named Radio Liberation, the station was renamed in 1959 after a policy statement emphasizing "liberalization" rather than "liberation".[31]

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>>396060527Gen. Miley got sick and tired of all the dank anti-Miley and anti-NATO memes.

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>>396060932>5.2 million tweets shared by 60-80% fakeaccounts/bots while 90% of them were pro ukraineinderesding confirms what Holla Forums has said for years

>>396060527most important thread on Holla Forums right now and it's getting slid to death

>>396063519>>396063700here is that same literally-CIA run organization shitting up the political environment of my country, completely openly and even with some bragging about itthe protests spawned from this are one of the biggest that my country has seen so far and successfully led to the taking down of the government, in favor of the most US puppet government in our entire democratic history so farhere is the result of CIA shitting my country up–2021_Bulgarian_protestshere is the US embassy directly and publicly meddling with it, no facade whatsoever, and inciting protesters to revolt because "No one is above the law" just one fifth of any of the above happened to the USA domestically, there would be mass putinbot purges and the GOP would be outlawed. Here? Just another day.

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>>396064078>>396063700>>396063519>Globohomo gotta Globohomo

>>396061579Based Dept. Calling on line 1

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>>396060527The fact that US gubmint is propagandising to its own people makes me distrust them even more. It sways me from by default supportive to by default hostile.

>>396065279But there was no mention of the gov psyoping their own population.

>>396065428It's recently been made legal. They are doing it


>>396065594I see.

>>396063519>>396063700>>396064078indeed. stay safe baltic frens and beware of zionist misinformation!!!

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>>396060527NO WAY They’re so good at it I could barely tell

>>396060527Oh noes. Not the heckin Glowerinos

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>>396060527>4channel insteadsure thing dude sure thing

>>396060527>Glad I'm using 4channel insteadWait until you find out what they're doing here.

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>>396060932its not much of bots. its more like people who get heavily influenced by the press and their misinformation and form giant cults around it on the internetz. spreading the false info all across the internet for them. via r/volunteersforukraine etc. which explains why the board has been so heavily flooded over the past 7 months

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>>396062390Because they got caught by independent researchers

>>396060527no shit?

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>>396066205fuck they glow hard. I wouldn't be surprised if these were the same cunts that held a discord server that groomed the buffalo shooter.

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>>396060527Cool! All the more reason to fuck with them.The redcoat is coming, America.

>>396066653the rate keeps dropping? why is that? can't the presses make up their mind!?

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>>396060527Your shitty attempts at social proofing are a joke.

>>396063150BS this is a honeypot fed op and it glows


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Oh come on Holla Forumstards dont you feel a little silly you waited this long to get yours?

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>>396060527>Glad I'm using 4chanDoesn't matter. Glowies on here shill "muh russia" and "muh Jaina!" Non stop. You also have the brainwashed and butthurt boomer mutts and bongs who wont shut the fuck up seething about those two countries.

>>396060698That's quite good. Here, have some OC from years ago.

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>>396060527They are guiltily of suppression of my rights under color of law. I was removed because of my support of Trump. Anyone know a good civil rights attorney?

They are only doing it because even a blind idiot could tell that they are running psyops on social media.

>>396060863Ease up on the beer, Cletus.

>>396066205Ya lol, this forum is like 70% bots now, if not much higher

>>396061286It's the second one. I'm convinced that there are no bots, and that there are just 50-cent wu mao dang types just rattling out whatever they are told.

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>>396061579>IT WAS ALWAYS PROPAGANDA WAR~2009 all new places go bankrupt due to not making money off classifieds anymore~2010 all people get personalized screens with personalized new feeds.GG

Imagine being a ZOGBOT under orders to post literal agitprop and propaganda against the populace for 12 hour shifts.Just fucking kill yourself lmao, you are surely hellbound regardless.

>>396062980Read his link anons, and then find part 2 where Enron was also one of their in-q-tel OPs designed to manipulate the energy markets so they could build a pipeline in India.

>>396060527reminder that all pro-NATO posts on this site are made by actual paid shills

>>396060784Yes. OP is saying this is proof glow niggers are running gay ops on social media, as if we needed it lol

>>396060527Ha! Caught you!

The Pentagon is being allowed to review itself and the operations of US government agencies and US corporations which includes tech and social media corporations. The US government is not a trustworthy organization to review itselfThe best that is to be expected is the Pentagon will use a technique known as "limited hangout" which would include the US government organizations admitting to coordinating with tech/social media corporations so that becomes the headlines as the deep integration of US "intelligence" in the media/tech/social media can be covered up. Admit to a lesser crime so the bigger crimes go ignoredThe US government can not be trusted to investigate itself

>>396060527It honestly would not surprise me at this point if the Pentagon is outsourcing fulfillment for its domestic psyops to Chinese bot and troll networks. Or paying Russian trollfarms so they can then identify and claim them as a threat to national security and ask for an increased defense budget for "cyber warfare". In fact, I'd pretty much assume it's 100% guaranteed they are.

what did these kike operative accounts post about during the 2020 election i wonder?

>>396062166That cholo looks like he couldnt hack a tamale.

>>396060527Yeah because there's no psyops here on this anonymous forum filled with bots and shills.

>> cholo is a fed informant.

>>396072655>>396072365Also, when anyone claims to be "Anonymous" they're feds. Much like American Feds admitting to using cyberwarfare against


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>>396066675Yes glowies have found that discord is a fertile ground for conducting their psyops

>>396072374Sound exactly like you are pushing some sort of psyop, glowie

>>396060527Any link?

>>396072023That the election is safe and effective. Get your election booster today to save democracy

>>396067428better late than never

>>396067448The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where "feed" and "seed" both end in the sound "-eed", thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was "Formerly Chuck's", implying that the two words beginning with "F" and "S" would have ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck". So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called "Chuck's Feeduck and Seeduck".

>>396063700Kinda like pretty much every media outlet on Earth speaking of Vicky Nuland saying "Fuck the E.U" instead of noticing that she and Pyatt were handpicking the Prime Minister of Ukraine following the CIA/State Department/Clinton/Soros coup. Note: She absolutely meant "Fuck the E.U" too.

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>>396066205Lol wtf

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>>396073438thats what im guessing but it seems like it would be a huge bombshell if someone could prove it. literally civil war inducing info

>>396060527>Make pro country propaganda>Suddenly the white house is concernedCan Joe Biden make it any more obvious that he is bought by the chinks?

>>396060527What do you think /ptg/ is?

>>396074118It’s kinda an open secret at this point that the US government rigged their own election. They did the same thing they do in other countries. Color revolution then rig the vote.

>>396060562Mk ultra and mocking board were successful. Man fuck these people. I will now do the opposite of what the government tells me just to spite them for putting me through so much bullshit and manipulation.They envy Chinese authoritarianism so fucking bad.Fuck you


>>396060527Shills everywhere

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>>396066205It's amusing when they post using the VPN, yet everyone knows it's some D.C/Langley diversity hire.

>>396062390It’s because they have something the feds don’t like admitting tactics and tools until they have a new one

Oh, fuck!Shit is worse then I thought, these idiots haven't figured out yet it's not US that controls thek or tiktok...Fucking idiots!I wonder if they even question if their ideas are theirs really.It's that bad!Surly results speak for themselves*ByNow.Surly by now?

How it started.

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>>396062390>Why would the USA care to show their hand by admitting to psyoping Russians?because their primary target is American people, not foreigners

How its going.

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>>396074990Ah a limited handout

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Hang them all.

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>>396066675That’s the buffalo discord a fed boy was caught in

Ghosts In The MachineBTFO

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>>396060527Please someone link any “Pro US” psyop they have seen anywhere for years. Unless “Pro US” means vaccine propaganda bullshit lies.

>>396061579Yes. It was 2012 definitely.We dont need to go that far from reality into some fringe theories to pin point the exactly period shit started to flip, just look at the occupy wall street being psyopped into tranny and BLM shit. Also the Arab spring happening in the same 2 years window.

>>396060562Why don’t these mother fuckers spend a dime or two trying to moralize the demoralized Americans? Has that fucking occurred to these “American” military officials? Do they have their fucking heads stuck in the ground or do they want Americans to die? I don’t understand what they actual fuck they are doing. I hope there is ONE fucking PRO AMERICAN military member somewhere.

>>396075801I'm sure there is. She's probably jerking her brave and powerful all-American female penis on a foreign base somewhere.

>>396074485i know but i want it to be an open fact that even the mass of lemming midwits accept as reality how the fuck do we break through the CNN kikeditioning?

>>396060527This is a coverup for psyop campaigns done on American citizens, "we only doing to Russians whoopsies nothing to see here burger!"

>>396060527Project lifelog was a darpa project from it's conception


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>>396062390They want to distract you from the psyop being done on Americans. There's nothing to change in Russia or China their system are too ironclad. They want to brainwash Americans to give their lives and make the ultimate goy sacrifice one click and flash at a time.

>>396060527Lifelog is Facebook. DARPA created and owns all of the internet giants. Who else can run at a deficit of billions for decades and flourish? Government.

>>396062605They also collect and create cp

>>396061660Just admit you didn't see it. Time for another booster.

>>396062390I can say that their psyops are so successful that putin can thank you them for his rating, kek. Because cia psyops is pure retardation just like from meme when they try to troll you by pretending being retard.It's work mostly on already crazy people and single childless women what the same really.

>>396074516>They envy Chinese authoritarianism so fucking bad.

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>>396061579Obama and the NDAA

>>396061311>Propaganda>Audiovisual poisonPropaganda should make the public love you, not automatically elicit a reaction of disgust over anything American.

>>396076079>>396074118Create your own bot farm.

Will people finally know about pic-related?It's about fuckin' time.

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>>396065279Making you hostile by default is their goal; can't go see?

>>396074516Chinese autoritalism is based on traditions. Psyops can create only crazy people and you can not really ruke them, because they are crazy stupid. You can easily psyop niggers but just try rule them

>>396075264>Hang them all.This. The only way to heal as a nation is to roll some heads that deserve to be fucking rolled.

>>396075264And there's an insider confessing to literal crimes against humanity.

>>396076958WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG?.

Remember folks, election was Stolen.The world was watching.They will bite and rip US into shreds whats left of it after it finishes killing itself.Illegitimate goverment, and Even Worse Stupid goverment.Occupied, betrayed, weak and paraded as the reatd that it has become, and if Clear.Never forget Trump is the only legitimate President, key to even begin to attempt, attempt to live another fucking day.And frankly jigg is up, it's over.Dead fucking line.Investigation?More fucking investigation?Everyone fucking knows!Stop wadting time, time which they dont fucking even have anymore because of wasting it so much the same fucking way they did for decades.I am sick and Tired of the fucking Ignorance.

>>396077094Enough people need to feel the pain to get up and do something about it. Normalcy bias is a powerful drug.

>>396075264"I'm sorry" should be written with doctor and journalist entrails in the middle of the road, not on a gay relatable meme with pop media references produced by viscid monsters which want you dispossessed, substituted and dead.

>>396076791i always try to raise volunteer posters here from Holla Forums to post in coordinated ways but everyone is too fucking lazy

>>396064326This.They promoted genocide, division, mental instability and weaknes on the people Here.Wtf are they talking about being pro Western anywhere.Thats a cover.They were anti everything drcent here, absolute waenafre against their people.Dollar and military is always as strong as it's people, these fuckers got that shit backwards.They comited Treason, enemy occupied it and used it to Murder here and elsewhere.They killed generations here, killed potential of the young people.Killed economy...You name it.Now PuXhi will have their way with them.And who can blame them, who?If you dont love your own here do you expect someone to want to do biz with you thinking you will love your neighbor?Retarded Fucks.I am genuanly tired of this stupidity.Get the grip Pentagon.Wake the fuck up?Good morning bitch its tht time of the time!Hello, anyone sane there?God damn it.I can't watch!

Full Retard!

>>396070355Immagine this shit, proof and investigation... questioning commities.Banna Republic.We know, Everyone fucking knows.Stop the embarasing sharade, eithe die in silence because you chose it or do the difficult thing and Try to salvage.Immagine fucking that, investigation...They are stuck in year 2000!

>>396077177The pain timeline is already in place by default, the fed already printed enough money to crash the system. They are just tailoring the psyop to run smoothly with the economic crash timeline so you retard burgers won't go full 1776. It's in the stones of our Founding fathers that America will be destroyed from within and there is only one group that patriots should fear and it's the deep state. Thier end goal is war, notice the patterns from WW1 -2, Vietnam , Iraq, it's always a way to tie some bullshit psyop to get burgers willing to go war mode. This time is no different but most important final step where the world system crashes and mass global suffering will happen. They will take advantage to send you all on war path through degeneracy then ending freedoms through technological enforce fascism. Same way Nazi Germany destroyed Europe. Only through war can we clean these debts, it's the final battle for world domination.

>>396074724Dont worry, when they finish killing whats left of sanity Screamin into the endless wknd ccp will have their way with them!Cowards will die like cowards.Other will go into the winds and death their way, the proper way.with truth.

>>396077900I just know human nature well enough to understand most people will wait until it's too late to do something about it. Whatever it is, like household problems, not just our nation crumbling.

>>396060562Imagine if they dismantled pro Israel and pro China networks.

>>396074724I wonder if his "warriors" will be able to provide energy, rare metals, quick manufacturing ramp up, gases, chips, food... everything Russia and China will hold back soon enough as they isolate and sanction us, and I cant even blame them.It's war.

>>396078206They will merely subsume them.

>>396075125These idiots betrayed Israel and killed it, larping as patriots.Check out what their frkends like obama and dems and new york high legs did to it.Check out the neighborhood, and then draw rings like ripples on a map, and take a look at any rkng perspective ans see what's it all looking like!Now good, that's what!

>>396074516>mocking boardfuck

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>>396076680Immagine this, happend in US!Once at least where it's population was sane, Christian, good, productive and strong.This happend, this bitch made it on tv...Representing a department in a illegitimate government.How the fuck?How is this not the most shocking red flag that warrents Absolutely every drastic step imediatly on any sane branch left within, imediatly.How?

>>396077900The cia psyop is even more ruthless than any Soviet or Chinese system that they scare you with because it ties your subconscious and they will take full advantage of using degeneracy as well as nationalism and mixing both spectrums to create an inescapable system that they catagorized every American into which they can then manipulate using words and numbers as well as stage events (911, shootings). An easy example would be their two party system which is all horse shit which they use to manipulate burgers like a seasaw. Thier psyop is the most advance, you might think weaponry is where the budget goes but half of it is put into scaling mk ultra for all 300 million Americans. They don't care about you they will flood migrants if it will help trigger you or weaken you so that you can be more easily controlled. They would turn your kids into trannies to cucked you as well as get you to rage which they will also use to their advantage. The perfect system requires utilizing every aspect of subconscious and emotions from all degrees. This is just a coverup they aren't doing shit to the Russians or Chinese. The burger is the most important target.

>>396060784>that twitter and meta did analysis and called out the US governement for making spambotsThe shilling has been so over the top after the Ukraine war started, so Twatter and Faceberg were forced to take them out.

This board is flooded with shills they will use bots and ai to record and create fake conversation of genuine good guys to lure others in by exploiting trust and facts it's all a trap once they control the programs.

>>396061311>IT WAS ALWAYS PROPAGANDA WARYou don't say?

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>>396060527>Glad I'm using 4channel instead

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>>396075516>Please someone link any “Pro US” psyop they have seen anywhere for years.

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>>396060527No matter what anyone says glowies tongue my anus.>>396060527

>>396076943If you are shaping people's behaviour to do what you want, you are ruling them. Just look at the George Floyd chimp-outs. An absolute piece of shit negro drug dealer died because he ingested his fentanyl stash when stopped by a police officer, who deployed a standard restraint technique. Somehow, of all the deaths of similar individuals that occur every week, this one gained immediate and huge traction in the media and this gigantic and clearly pre-planned campaign swung into action. You think any of that was spontaneous, and not carefully planned and controlled. Black people are extremely easy to rule if you understand them.

>>396079981And I should say, so are white liberals and leftards.

>>396078944Here's how you can tell this "pro us" crackdown by "tHe pEntAgOn" is bullshit. How many Russians and Middle easterners are even on Facebook and twitter? These third world countries aren't social media addicts like the United States. You don't see these third world countries dying from tik tok challenges and other bullshit. Everything is targeted against Americans. CIA Pentagon targeting Americans, these third world countries aren't on Instagram, twitter or Facebook posting about their third world wagie life, only dumbass Americans are doing this, only articles and research of depression and health problems from internet and social media is from Americans. We are literally the most brainwash population on the planet. Other countries uses force which Americans are armed to the teeth and can overthrow the government with only 10-20% of the arm population rising up. And don't talk about stealth bombers 1 bomb dropped on some red neck milita is shooting thier own toe off.

>>396063570America died in 2001

>>396063225thank you


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>>396066229>its more like people who get heavily influenced by the press and their misinformation and form giant cults around it on the internetz.proof libs are not self aware


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>>396080296As you can see the shills will try to slide the thread with meaningless images

The bots aren't the problem. The social media platform is the propaganda, the entire shit from the line of code to the moment you visit the site. Don't miss the forest for the trees. Kids in us manage to kill themselves over a few post. This shit doesn't happen in Russia or third worlds, literally CIA is brainwashing and psyoping Americans.

>>396080985>>396080462>>396080371Shill slide harder

>>396080296>These third world countries aren't social media addicts like the United States. You don't see these third world countries dying from tik tok challenges and other bullshit.Wrong on both counts. People in the third world are just as addicted as you, and numerous examples of them falling off cliffs trying to get a better selfie. Indians are especially adept at this.

>>396060698>100 years from now on people will go>"and then one day people vote for Biden"

>>396081475The U.S. Gov is the Whore of Babylon and is just doing its thing until (((their))) prophecy setup is complete. what'cha gonna do, psyop me?

>>396081782Also the argie archived the original link and I thanked him, meaning we both support the sharing of this information. Thank you for showing you are a newfag

>>396068091Right? I truly see little difference between a brainwashed average redditor, for example, and a bot at this point. They’re being trained by the latter anyway.

>>396081746>literally CIA is brainwashing and psyoping AmericansWhat I find outright evil, is how the lies often destroy the families of the ones that do not fall for the propaganda, because the US regime present doubters as evil people.

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>>396060527big surprise

How many Feds monitoring this board actually wake up and realize the government is a corrupt cesspool of fags and pedos.

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>>396060527>>396060562This reports says that social media basically said “your propaganda is so shitty we’re not gonna host it”

>>396082113Worst part is that US doesn't even hide it, you have RAND documents being published which outline everything, yet people will ignore it, as they did with Assange.

>>396081793Bullshit. If they were thier technological advancements would need to be on par and as developed as the US. Most third worlders are living life outside of their phones there's no comparison to the hours Americans put into their phone. And btw convincing a bunch of third worlders that use social media sparsely isn't enough the budget goes into brain washing Americans they had mk ultra 60 years ago you really think they deviated from their goals that were originally set in controlling Americans through propaganda gtfo of here. Americans are beyond addicted and are wired to the system. Third worlders some don't even have internet connections so stop making up statistics, they mostly working hard labor jobs that barely pay shit while Americans are getting into tranny kids and fighting over this in the national stage while suffering from being fat so who's being brainwash?

>>396075264torture them

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>>396062980> ahmed is a good source, i vouch for this link. he was one of the first ones to call out the UN 2030 SDGs and the Rothschild/Vatican Council for Inclusive Capitalism, literally on the first day they were

>>396074516>New terminology coinedProject Mocking Board

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>>396060527people need to drop social media and go back to gettin loaded at the bar with real bud, fren

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>>396073931sometimes judging a book by its cover is absolutely the good and correct thing to do

>>396082918Holly shit you can taste the diversity estrogen glowie that crafted that (((meme)))

>>396082244checked many and soon to be more but not enough for fun times

>>396083117that is the truest meme i've seen this week. your id literally glows.

>>396083381stop changing id fagget

>>396082430>you have RAND documents being published which outline everything, yet people will ignore it, as they did with Assange.Only the media simulacra is real in the West, while the real world is for the crazies.

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>>396081746It does but part of the perception management of your entire nation is to keep showing examples of online child safety failures from the USA only.

>>396082597All countries have their own state run media including the us. The US takes it a step further with social media. If it was a problem they would've out right ban it like China and create thier own with their own regulations. The ruskis just aren't that big on social media they just arent developed enough like the US or China to see social media as a threat to their population or have reach technological alignment with their population to facilitate thier own platforms, which is why when I say third world nations aren't on their smart phones it's a fact. The US could care less what the average indian did and keep a fucking database on they rather focus on waging economic warfare which will be 100%more effective than promoting some america loves u diversity bullshit. You know what this shit works on? Fucking Americans.

>>396083117>Holly shit you can taste the diversity estrogen glowie that crafted that (((meme)))You came out of the bottom of the shill barrel, right?

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>>3960829185 star meme pic

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>>396083701you need more support man. call the rest of the interns.

>>396083638Now i dont know if you're being intentionally stupid or trying to gloat with a kind of reverse American Exceptionalism.>what is Blue Whale. What is Vkontakt, Yandex, Telegram, etc etc.In a way you display a perfect example of how effective the US cognitive warfare is against its own citizens, you can't stop ranting about how shit you are because of it.

>>396067428>the wall street journalthis is a really funny picture, adolf

>>396083917Oh look it is the flat head from the picture

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>>396084099>>396084013Not enough people in the discord at this hour huh?

>>396083917so what is it you're suggesting is glowing in that? there's no mkultra or that the world is really flat?

>>396084287Hey another one. Keep them coming guys you almost accomplish something.

>>396084453no i was actually just humouring you, seems like you're only pretending

>>396066205you have to go back

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>>396084544Keep going.

From the washington post article

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>>396083638The general rule of marketing Americans and western hits and Registrations are always worth more than any genuine third world registration. Same applies to data collection, social media and media data is worth billions because they collect it from Americans which they can be sold for further manipulation, they have more buying power and greater influence on the world stage. Third world nations just aren't as valuable compared to the prize of feeding propaganda to Americans or western Europe.

>>3960615792012-ish maybeexactly 2012

The psyops here are general threads. UHG, TGDG, PTG, etc. these are not organic threads, they are filled to the brim with bots and shills and as someone who has been here for while I’ve never wanted to leave more than I have now that I know a majority of this website is inauthentic posters.

>>396084585UHG shill faggots you have never and will never fit in. Z

>>3960605274chan is just global glownigger central

>>396083932The argument here is these articles are bullshit and the gayass Pentagon is not investigating on themselves and being the savior for freedom and constitution. They are literally virtual signaling that they are shutting down psyops against the "enemy" because "psyops are bad". You won't see the Pentagon talking about the psyops being done on Americans and how every department needs to explain themselves next month on why.

>>396060562>glowniggers so inept they get caught by the same shit pajeet scammers donot surprised they're sniffing girls panties

>>396084635i can only tell you that you are a sad little bitch of a thing

>>396060932what's next? a study showing that 99% of reddit stories are fake? a study that shows the sea is salty? literally the only people that don't know these things are willingly oblivious.

>>396060527Stop messing with our algorithms tech goy, you’re smart amalek but we are gods chosen people

>>396085610shhhh shhh shhhh

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>>396085440Yeah, that's obvious. Red flags go up each time one reads a headline from a msm outlet.

>>396060527>>396060562oddly nebulous wording there. Is the WH worried about glowniggers running ops or worried they were caught? Trying to psyop ruskies into loving the U.S. is a joke. It's like trying to get people to eat a steamy pile of dogshit. The only reason America is tolerated is because of our vast resources and money. Our 'greatest allies' don't even trust us. israel constantly steals from us and sells our secrets and tech to china and no one in the gubmint even cares because they're too busy stuffing their pockets full of bribe money and insider trading tips. A house of corruption will eventually rot. Can't wait.

>>396083932China already ban FB and twitter. Why is Russia not banning these platforms admist it's war with Ukraine? It's just not a threat they have their own shit under control already, us psyops that this Pentagon article is talking about is doing nothing to hurt Russia. Which is why I'm calling it bullshit. Yeah no shit Russia has their own media platforms but they aren't on the levels of American data collection platforms it's all about the money thier data just aren't worth shit compared to western Europe and America. It's that difficult to feed your words and numbers to these nationalistic countries with ethnocentric traditionalist systems unlike the US that embrace shit like diversity which makes them more susceptible to psyops.

>>396085125>I’ve never wanted to leave more than I have now that I know a majority of this website is inauthentic posters.That's what makes me want to stay.I will break every single one of them.

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>>396086316What and induce psychosis in yourself? That’s what they’re trying to do

>>396060527Pol is the exact same righty government establishment social media outlet bullshit, full of obvious righty government establishment shill faggot

>>396086362>That’s what they’re trying to doI'm counting on it

>>396085278ask me how i know you’re new

>>396086848Actually that’s not true, Dumb kike. I’ve been here since 07.

>>396084585>antisimeticlol, shalom

They suck at it. The pro Ukraine trannies on Holla Forums were the most obvious shills possible and they don't even try to convince you, just endless spam and seethe at something that contextually doesn't even work with their "target audience".Shareblue was more effective lmao, fucking DNC and Clinton Foundation is more competent than Pentagon and its glownig LARPers.


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>>396086937if you keep lying i won’t tell you what made it so apparent

>>396066205I don't even know what's happening here.Can someone explain?

>>396084585holy shit you are grasping at straws

>>396087073I’m not lying I’ve been around since then, don’t need to prove myself to a well poisoner though

thank god there are no glowniggers on 4chan, jeez

>>396060527Is it about time we at Joint Base 4chan audit our own psyops?For example, are there memes from 2019 that we should cycle out of rotation?


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>>396060527Data provided by "Twitter and Meta"Yea, because they are reliable sources to solve 'the problem' of misinformation

>>396062787the point is they fucking tried in the first place dumbass

>>396060527Seems the U.S is admitting a bit these

>>396086848ask me how i know you’re jew

>>396083117Yeah, the retarded fat glowniggers think shit like this >>396082918 doesn't reek of retarded governmental faggots running a psyop.

>Be US Military>Literally own planet Earth>Invent the Internet>Start a bunch of tech companies and pretend the free market of ideas exists lol>use your fake companies to engage in psychological warfare against all humans>someone starts to notice all this shit is bots>"yeah the military keeps flooding our shit with bots, idk man.">military takes blame for hyperinflated user numbers, wholesale advertisement fraud>clown nose printer go honnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkk

>>396078350Nobody gives a shit about your parasitic pissrael, kike

>>396091389ownership is a reciprocal concept you could call the planet yoursbut that about all you are doing calling it something

satan possesses jews and tortures them into writing posts on websites like 4chan and redit for him.i am not sure what the "government" even is, but the lives of the men and women who work there are so unrelatable that i'll just assume they are all literally satan as well.

>>396091542the state is the beastliterally, like literally literally the beast from the Bible

>>396079415The guy just ignored the Seychelles bot farm that hit this place like a tornado a short while ago. Bots are everywhere here. People aren't even good at figuring them out anymore. There's nowhere to hide.

>>396091042 >the smartest amerimutthow did you know

>>396091493Ok pocahontas, but in this case, inventing the Internet and ensuring backdoors through the proliferation of the Internet is the context in which they "own the planet Earth."