Who else here is nonwhite and uses Holla Forums?

I use it because Reddit is ass cancer and this place is a lot more free speech oriented

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I am trying to make the case that Christianity can solve all the problems.

>>396060047Pretty much the same I wouldn’t be surprised if tons of people using the word “shit skin” were actually pajeet or Hispanic

>>396060047That's the irony of it all. Holla Forums is more diverse than the so-called 'diversity-proud' places.

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>>396060047I actually am white unlike you shitskins.

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>>396060745>those scarsAnd yet you still tried to kys

>>396060612Non whites don't want to have to kill you fools. Stop instigating the government.

>>396060809Or it's just carpal tunnel surgery.

if you're pro-white, you're honorary aryan. if you're a nigger who shoots a clerk in the back of the head (at the grocery store) for a bag of peanuts, then you get the death penalty, or you're deported and banned from white countries. if you say "kill all white people" like a anti-white chink or muslim terrorist, then you get deported and banned from white countries.

>>396060047If globohomo is going to enforce diversity, I want every minority to be as racist as possible

>>396060876Makes sense, those hands were looking frail

>>396060047I'm white.

>>396060266This guy gets it youtu.be/HtI76bH8xy4

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>>396060954I'm already banned from anglo countries

>>396060612>democrats are da real raycissss!

>>396061071Story time?


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>>396060047i use this to masturbate to the thought of chuds wasting their life meaninglessly here. I masturbate a lot.

I'm hispanic and hate niggers and hispanics.

>>396061111I had a record and posted content in a forum I started about making a bomb

>>396060047Are you a nigger? Will you please tongue my anus? It's getting a little dry.

>>396060047I guess me but everyone thinks I am whote before I tell them I am from the mideast because I look east european and speak with a near flawless accent

>>396061189I mean, there’s a guy called Lazer user who makes eye scarring beams, has actually hurt cops/feds and he hasn’t been banned or anythingWhat exactly did you post?

Because i hate normalfags so god damn much and normalfags see 4chan as a "scary evil place" so they filter themselves out of this social media-ish website, making it a bearable place to get news from.

im Hispanic and love white culture. i don't like niggers and most Hispanic groups. white people always treated me good compared to others. i was raised by white people though

>>396060047I come here to relax and now it's all ruined thanks a lot.

>>396060047I'm Brazilian, therefore an honorary pardo. There's no blood so pure these lands can't corrupt.

White supremacist is such a meme kike word.Most people would identify with something else, like "ancap" or "natsoc" or "Pan Europeanist" or simply "nationalist".White supremacist is in nature so vague, alienating and divisive that it servers support from all other races and sects of societies.

>>396061279I said I was going to make nitroglycerin, posted the lab equipment and that I was going to bomb a sorority. I also visited a mosque and the authorities raided my house while I was visiting my uncle in England.

>>396060047I’m not white, i’m Italian.Sacco e Vanzetti will be avenged, you don’t just kill some demigods like that

>t. yid

>>396061451I still kind of want to bomb a sorority. That's the females headquarters. I want blooood

>>396060047I'm actually white. My family and dna traces back to 1066 right before crusades. I even have my own full suit of armor and sword.So I can't add anything.

>>396061451>>396061571…I see

>>396061225>>396061542This you?

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Are any Mongrel Holla Forumsacks before going on Holla Forums that did bad stuff that the White Man considers immoral because of corrupted Genetics?

>>396061127tuck your sack back, gook boy, and we could have a nice time tonight

>>396061638I also looked into making satine gas but that is super difficult. It is the most effective way to kill people though.

>>396060047I'm of a healthy orange hue.I support white supremacy because I recognize whites as the superior race.By studding history is obvious to see who has come on top, despite several bumps on the road and of course having to deal with some retarded stuff here and there, like science denialism during the dark ages. (Though I blame the church and by extension jews for that.)The white race has all the qualities that are good in humans, hard working, smarts, compassion and culture.The only problem and biggest enemy of the evolution of humanity is Jews.If there were no jews, white people would be kind to every race while simultaneously staying away from them and helping them on their own way, as they did in South Africa until they got kicked out by dumb niggers.It's only the Jew, who takes advantage of the good qualities of man to hurt them, and thus, the white race can reach it's full potential, and thus bring a new era of flourishment to the world, as long as Jews continue to exist.The more you study story you see, the hurdles whites have had to overcome and to this day keep facing due to the greed of the filthy kike rats.Stay strong white people.

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>>396060047we know your not white, rabbi

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>>396060612/pol/ doesn't care what race you are. If you're racist, support your people's interests and are against international Jewry, you're good.

>>396061734I used to take 2 pieces of candy instead of 1 as a kid when it was Halloween

>>396061757Whites are autistic but we need them for tech

>>396060047I consider myself nonwhite (but people here think otherwise; Brazilians only care for skin color).

>>396061821oy vey

>>396061746What makes you want to kill people so bad?

>>396061855Yeah I just look like a Jew with a Jew fro really. I'm practically white.

>>396061885I know I’m a monsterI wake up in a cold sweat at night just thinking about it

>>396061887Women in the United States deserved to be killed. The carnage should only stop until they submit.

>>396060047You should be designated as second class citizens on Holla Forums.

>>396060047I'm literaly mongolian, am i welcome here bros ?

>>396060047i'm black and i use /paul/ just to pick up white girls

>>396061992Are Thai women any better?

>>396062036You’re technically a minority if you’re white, especially on this shit hole

>>396061821Are Mongrels that accept the truth about Non-White Genes autistic?

>>396062076Yeah my wife calmed me down, but she's not putting out. She only puts out when she asks for money for her family and stuff. Not sure how this is going to work

>>396061940you should gas yourself to relief the pain

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>>396061829Whites have "become" autistic, but this is due to the "entertainment" industry and pollution.These two are not natural to the white man, but they fell into the honeypot. And have payed the price.It's the Jews, over and over again, putting obstacles to whites. Because they are envious of them, because they know whites are the real God chosen people and they can't cope with the fact that their God will never take them back and will never forgive them for their crimes against his name.

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>>396060047Who else is banned here? This kind of garbage is not allowed

>>396060047Reminder that not every Latin American flag is a brown beaner, we have high percentages of white people, Brazil being almost the same as the US, and Argentina and Uruguay actually being whiter.

>>396061931Does someone who looks Jewish in Thailand stand out too much?From my surname, I probably have kike blood but something from around 400 years ago, from what we call "new Christians" in here - kikes who came to Brazil and "became" Christians only to have the right to own land, since Portuguese didn't allow non-Christians to own.

>>396062189No dude they're loners. They're like pseudo cromagnons that got killed by tribal people. They don't know how to carry their objectives outside of business.

>>396062268Because all the aztecniggers moved to USA

>>396062150It's called race realismI mean look at Haiti, it's a shithole!Why? Because they're black! They can't into civilization.No hate to smart blacks but they are a minority (and should stay a minority), otherwise societies collapse.

>>396062150Are you ever going to get those candies back?>>396062172Sounds tempting, but I think I’ll learn to live with myself

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>>396062311In my time in prison I realized quickly that Hispanics are the opposite. Highly organized. Which is why whites ought to be led by Hispanics in the separation of races between women and men.

>>396060047>Who else here is nonwhite and uses Holla Forums?it is my job tho.

>>396061734We have a fine saint for the mixed race peoples youtu.be/HtI76bH8xy4

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>>396061700Nope, I have 100% European DNA.

>>396061734Saint Martin pray for us youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwJ8L1fp4N1AfFOVnT1ef8h9tAMbLXoft

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>>396062719Reminds me of that one time some Mexican (US) user claimed to be 100% Bavarian stock and the whole thread mocked him when he posted his hand and then later face

>>396060047Me brudda

>>396062478Listen here is a rule amongst Hispanics. Like they say when one of us looks pie we all look pie. You can not allow any single member of your race to do something degrading like kneeling to black people.

>>396062355Does accepting the truth require autism?

>>396061516Based but saccoberg e vanzettistein were 2 filthy anarchists and emigrants so fuck them too

>>396061757It is a myth about science denialism in teh dark ages, most especially from the Catholic Church. They are the ones that kept science alive. Jeeeeez, you fucking shitskin, don't you know that?

>>396062268Is it true that Behind every American Flag is a Beaner white Behind every Mexican Flag is a Whitexican?

>>396062355Hey hey hey.Haiti was colonized by the French and introduced no values, just stole from the land and left.On the other hand Dominican Republic, which in on the same island and with the same negros, was colonized by Spaniards who left Christian values and tried their best to educate the population.Haiti is a shithole while DR is a heaven of tourism and prosperity. because the negros of that side of the island where colonized by White Christians.Blacks are inferior, but they can learn, it's only the white race that has the patience and capabilities of bringing the best of every race.In contrast with the filthy fucking jew French faggot frogs with no God other than degeneracy that only feeds and plants nothing to grow in the future.The Haiti and Dominican Republic is a perfect example of the endgame for each side.If you stand with the Jews, the world becomes Haiti.If you stand with whites, the world becomes like Dominican Republic.

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Lol Im paki, I did not really consider myself a white nationalist (but heavily leaned to being pro white) and did consider myself a Nazi (I'm aware I'm not German) but after a while getting called sandnigger by people you support gets tiring. I was trapped in the false dichotomy, thinking there were only two sides (that's what the media conditions us to believe). Either Zog or white nationalism. I obviously hated kikery so aligned myself more with white nationalism. But I have come to realize this movement itself is extremely pozzed. You have become as evil as the kikes have tried to make the world think you are. Evil themselves they desperately need a boogeyman to point at and many of you gladly took up that role. Not even Hitler was as deranged as some of the people here. After some time this led me to detach from white nationalism. Even got to a point where I hated white people or thought I did, but you guys are alright with the exception of libshits and evil genocidal retards on here. The average white man in the west may be buggy, but they're harmless and just need some guidance. Only victims of the system

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>>396062886Are you asking if i'm autistic? I bet i'm not. But maybe the fact that i like to be alone and don't want to have friends means i'm weird in some way.

I am pro white because I am a self aware shit skin. I know whites built the world and shit skins did nothing for 100's of years other then be barbarians. As proven by nonexistent technological progress of the native Americans.

>>396060612I made this meme about 48 hours after I first came to pol about 6 years ago.

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>>396062988Quite probably, all education institutes have been poisoned and thus is hard to know what is real these days.I do apologize if I'm mistaken. I'm yet to learn more about the past.What I'm solid in conviction though, is in my profound hatred for jews as i consider them demons who only bring misery to this world.

>>396063164Are you White?

>>396063273Whites need to be led by a white Hispanic. No other way around it. Whites harbor I'll feelings and they're incompetent. They kidnap majors because they think the government are the ones that wield power. Nick Fuentes is the only who's stepped up to the plate.

>>396063006>Is it true that Behind every American Flag is a Beaner while Behind every Mexican Flag is a WhitexicanProbably, let me let you in in a secret, most of the orcs who come throught your southern border arent actually Northern Mexicans, they're mostly Southern Mexicans, Guatemalans and Hondurans, lots of them camp along the border, so thats why people here who cross to see if northern Mexico is white call it bullshit, but go farther after the border and you will notice how northern Mexico is Argentina tier.

>>396063273I just believe that because of Thomas Woods book, How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization. Also Tom Woods is the fucking man. And yes, we should all have a profound hatred for dirty rat kikes. They are true evil.

>>396061700I'm saying I'm a Jew. Sorry for the confusion. Funny pic.

>>396063394By looking at my skin, i guess i'm like 60% white. I'm not obsessed with race i just want people to be civilized.

>>396063057Fuck crackkkers olive skinned caucasoids shall inherit the earth

>>396060047I'm white but I larp as many things for the lulz

>>396062156hang in there bro, I am rooting for you. take the guys advice, start lifting. Seriously lifting. Buff asian dudes are pretty fucking cool, and chicks dig them, means she will realize you can find better. Jealously will reign in that cunt. Likely shes just playing mind games because she knows you can do better, fuck that. You are user, best kind of man on this planet too.>>396062189you've got nice words for us, thank you chile bro. its easy for us to forget the good stuff about ourselves honestly, our worlds are fucking shit and we are looking at the fires of civil war or outright genocide on our ends. kinda blackpilling when surrounded by normalfag idiots and cowards. easy to lose sight of the hope and memory of what we are. thanks man.

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>>396060266>Christianity can solve all the problems.No

>>396063659>By looking at my skin, i guess i'm like 60% white. I'm not obsessed with race i just want people to be civilized.Does 23andme lie about your DNA?

>>396060047I'm white

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>>396064112Capitalism implies multiculturalism. If you want orderly sexual conduct the bible is a good base.

>>396063533OK nigger

>>396064411It's true. How ridiculous to keep targeting politicians when is known billionaires are the ones in charge. Or hell rich banker Jews?Either way like I said there ought to be no target because this can be resolved without violence.

>>396063540Which States are part of Northern Mexico and Southern Mexico?

>>396064625california, texas, arizona, new mexico.for both.

>>396064625basically, everything up from aguascalientes is the north, and everything down from puebla is the south

no one here is white its just blacks and indians and Asians who think there white but arent or Kids that are white but are probs femboys

>>396065002Map please?

>>396060047I'm white, however...Sometimes I like to fantasize about all of the non-white anons on Holla Forums transforming into women and begging to get bleached by me. Is that weird?

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>>396061427Even acknowledging any kind of White identity is regarded as being a White Supremacist to these deranged Leftoids.

>>396063057Reject Nationalism, embrace Deen and Khilafat

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>>396065088Im rangebanned because troons overuse my country's flag to shill, look up a map of the mexican states.

>>396065100Perhaps we could all transform into bottles of bleach for you to drink

>>396060334I know him... for he is me...

>>396065022Also Subscribe To Hybrid Soggy Mango and Alex Crish They are the Most UnderratedLichfaop and Jolly Wangcore and Scrubs Already Have Enough Subs But Sog and lic could use the subs the most and alex crish doesnt upload much

>>396060047Most whites are too cucked for this hellhole. I'd be surprised if even 20% of pol was white.



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>>396060047I am 100% pure bavarian phenotype and I love BBC.

Do Kikes have access to Time-Traveling Technology?

>>396060047Am I white? I am 10% native Mexican, the rest is European (mostly western and northern European, obviously a little Spanish as well.)

>>396063057The biggest disappointment about Whites is that for all of our achievements and cultural, technological and social advances we still degrade into fucking snow niggers when the opportunity arises. When Anonymity is granted, so called civilized men can afford to be discourteous pieces of shit to one another for lack of fear of having his skull split open. You're experiencing that in this environment.

>>396062288In the end, the conversos in Brazil really ended up becoming Christians and assimilating. It's a rare case, but it happened here. Maybe Brazil has something special about assimilating its new inhabitants, even the ones who try their best to behave as parasites.

>>396062054praise the glorious khan!

>>396065100That's oddly specific. You should ask your mom about this.

>>396060047I'm black but bot perma'd from Reddit for saying welfare should be restructured to incentivize work and be impossible to sustain children on because that incentivizes welfare-scumming. Reddit Legal said that the statement was an incitement of racial genocide. At least Holla Forums's users, feds, and bots are honest how they feel about niggers.

>>396065852I have severe mommy issues. That's most likely the root cause of my degeneracy.

>>396063057Lol it's ok sandnigger... have you ever talked to a white supremacist... there is not such thing as white people except whatever fucking weird mutt mix they personally are... at least you aren't a white nigger i hate them the most

>>396062954>saccoberg e vanzettistein were 2 filthy anarchists and emigrants so fuck them tooBy being Italian they are infallibilitable so whatever they did was right and brought ahead our demigod cause

>>396060266Well Holla Forums is a Christian board so..

>>396060047free speach you dimwhit

I have exactly 0 african/asian/amerindian ancestors and I'm non-white according to Holla Forums but I'll always support and fight for the shining beacon in the darkness that European culture and heritage represent. I'll fight for every one of you anons, against savages and barbarians, always. Don't let the flame die.

>>396060875Now I see you’re a Jew

>>396062054Mongolia seems cool, so yeah.

>>396060047I use both and even mainstream social media like tiktok and twitter. mostly to transport information from Holla Forums though in a zoomer kinda way

2020 boogey man profile pic for the shill liars. They can indulge their programming on who is who and continue to not admit to themselves that they are just played by everyone. Everyday. Freedom of speech, the truth wins. It’s really easy to be right you just stick to telling the truth where it matters, it’s a revolutionary act you’ve seen the censorship. Truth finds correctness not image programming from liars. Most errors stem from flaws in character & cognitive awareness leading people to not tell the truth - to themselves even. You tell who user’s are by asking yourself >what’s this fucker up to?and keep asking yourself that until you see it, which usually tells you who it is as well as what they are doing by writing a post. Apply that technique to daily life too, it’s a life lesson. A very important one.Little flags on posts mean zip. With all the mixing and unfixing that the unelected international tyranny has done.

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>>396063223white bitches luv bbc should be said by the asian

>>396060047Being white has nothing to do with Holla Forums. If you think nk in terms of skin color then you have fallen for mental conditioning tactics being used to demonize this place

>>396066119>>396066119Women ought to be married young is what it is. But thatd mean no more fooling around in college.

>>396065885I don't consider myself superior to you just because of skin color differences. But the average YOU will probably rob me or stab me for no reason.

>>396060266>>396060875>>396061071>>396061189>>396061279>>396061451>>396061571>>396061746>>396061829>>396061931>>396061992>>396062156>>396062311>>396062478>>396062885>>396063533>>396064267>>396064542This poster is clearly a Fed or a kike, probably both

>>396065100Same, except they're my frens and instead of fucking, we do cool and dangerous adventures to save people.

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>>396065543How did you manage to make it look like a gang sign wigger>>396065569Your long ass nails are pretty white too

>>396066460>this psyop

>>396066460>newfag doesn’t know about lazer user

>>396061127post clit

>>396066494I don't know; I just like the idea of having sex with non-white anons. If they were brown women, they would be the biggest sluts in the world, undoubtedly.

>>396066460Damn I post a lot don't I. Okay carry on without me...

>>396060047My dna test says I’m half Irish

>>396066736lol or don't be a faggot and do whatever you want

>>396066736Who gives a fuckFree speech means post to your hearts content

>>396060047I found this extremely true kek, especially Hispanic/east europoor

Unironically probably the most White hereNot that anyone would believe meIs it ok to sayBlack pride?Asian Pride?Arab Pride?Then It shouldn't be a issue to say White prideBut for some odd reason it isNo other race has this issue& it is predominantly among White Women who hold the negative view of itNothing against women, I love them but my God is it just the weirdest thing..Possibly blame this on the educational system / Indoctrination into the working women lifeBut it has to go deeper than thatI won't ever blame a Race/Group on this but I feel that White Women aren't treated nearly as bad as White Men on these subjectsSure Karen is a good term to use but it's somthing deep down in western society roots>inb4 its da jeeewwwwwzzzzzz

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>>396066523They're not that long

>>396066869I still remember the anxiety I felt after robbing that bank and running away for a week. I thought I was going to get 10 years. They gave me 3 ;_;

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>>396067177They’re just not short lol

>>396066646Never said that or anything about this straw man you are building>>396066736>>396066563Do what you want. But this user is a Fed. Or are you fags just catching up on the big psyop revelation from today?

>>396067397You only said he was a fed, which only a new fag would say

>>396062036fuck off faggot, everyone here is equal. user.

>>396065885Based black guy

>>396060875Never, I wanna unlock all the watch lists

>>396067380They've been much longer lol

>>396067695Non-whites of Holla Forums will undergo HRT and be transformed into femboy sex slaves for the enjoyment of white anons.

>>396061757>By studding history is obvious to see who has come on top, despite several bumps on the road and of course having to deal with some retarded stuff here and there, like science denialism during the dark agesYeah from high school history class lol. Dumb nigger


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>>396067840Armored trucks stop by the supermarkets every week sometimes at night. Between two or four people can over power them... You'll want four people. youtu.be/rBeuuH1-PzcYeah it'd go like that

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Friendly reminder that nobody here will accomplish anything or make any progress towards creating their ideal utopia.

I've done a DNA test, I'm mostly italian, than native american and iberic, so... I'm not white at all, in fact, I'm 1% nigger

The first step is asking this question: Despite our race differences, what most of us have in common? What unites us?Hate for communism?Disdain for the gay cult?Nationalism?Not wanting immigrants to come to our countries and replace us?

>>396068861Rent an aircraft and drop a crate full of ammo and weapons into a prison yard.

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>>396060612>no we are the real diverse ones>they are the real fascistsI am realy tired this stupid Christian conservative arguement .No we are not gonna be one in your Jewish cult.

>>396060047I'm a straight up nig nog cursed with a White level of intelligence. I wish, every day, that I could've just been a fucking retarded monkey like all of these fucking subhumans who look like me. I wish I could've had an IQ in the mid 70s. I wish that I could just live life only caring about getting high or drunk, harassing women, robbing convenience stores, and getting shot and killed by the time I turned 19. Or to be born White. I would give anything to have been White.I fucking hate this. I hate these people. I hate this "community," of which there isn't one, it's just that niggers get concentrated around other niggers because even niggers don't want to live around other niggers but everyone else has enough money to leave. But most of all I fucking hate White leftists. I hate them more than I hate niggers, even more than I hate jews. They're such fucking repulsive, disingenuous lying sociopath NPCs I fucking despise them.I can't wait until I graduate and can get a job and move away from these niggers, but I will always be haunted by the fact that black women are fucking repulsive and the only White women who would touch a nigger are overweight, mentally diseased trainwrecks. A black woman from the center of the ghetto is literally a safer partner to have than a coal burning White woman.Holla Forums is the only place I can share these thoughts. That's why I'm here. Rare as we are, it's a blessing to know that I'm not the only one of my kind who thinks like this.

>>396061757>The white race has all the qualities that are good in humans, hard working, smarts, compassion and culture.The problem is Whites take compassion to a self-harming degree. Pathological altruism. They have this genetic mental illness that makes them care more about their reputation among the "public" than their own health and safety.It's the thorn, on the rose. It's what makes them so susceptible to anti-White propaganda.God could you imagine a world where White people had developed all the good traits they have, but the resilience to propaganda they need against jews? You guys gotta get on that eugenics program asap because if you let jews wipe you out, this whole planet is fucked.

>>396063057>but after a while getting called sandnigger by people you support98% of the people doing this are jews pretending to be White to demonize Whites further

>>396070406>genetic mental illnessTurns out that evil is genetic. Is being a Christcuck "false redemption" since genetics matter?

>>396068302>there will be bloodshed.Strongest ayran vs weakest amerimutt

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>>396066702non-White women are so fucking thirsty for White men it crushes me. I understand 100% that it makes sense - to have children with a White man would be a dramatic step up, genetically speaking - but just on a personal level it's fucking depressing and infuriating. I don't see it as much with black women, but latino women will literally pick a 4/10 overweight White guy over a tall, masculine hispanic guy. But it's true even with black women who haven't been totally brainwashed into hating all White people. Then they come crying to me because they got rejected, because we are literally a different species. Girls that rejected me in high school, chased a White guy, then come crying back to me. It's fucking infuriating, made worse because I know it makes sense and I can't argue with it at all, or say that it's wrong. They're (trying) to do what's in their own best interest and in the interest of their children.

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>>396060047I’m white with extra Neanderthal DNA, aka Jewish. Most of the intelligent comments here are written by us. The rest are just edgy teenagers and 80 IQ Christian retards.

>>396060047It's complicated

>>396061427This guy gets it.

>>396060266>I am trying to make the case that Christianity can solve all the problems.The shitskin seeks to undermine white nationalism by promoting is childish jewish deathcult. Why am I not surprised.Begone shit-skin.

Attached: ChristcuckMutts.jpg (994x850, 470.39K)

>>396060612>That's the irony of it all. Holla Forums is more diverse than the so-called 'diversity-proud' places.No it isn't. This is just a psy-op by shills. I see these astroturfed threads pop up with the same few titles all the time.

>>396060954>if you're pro-white, you're honorary aryan.lolno. Low-IQ shitskins can't be honorary aryans, period. Allies in lower IQ races should be treated well and not harmed but they still should not be considered "honorary aryans" whatsoever.

>>396061757Curious how my family and I can immigrate to Chile. I'm Hispanic and my wife is too, and Chile seems the best place on earth to us from what we've read. Tell me why we shouldn't come.

>>396061427"white supremacist" now just means 'maybe I'd rather not see white people totally cease to exist.'


>>396060047I am but Im full potato nigger so some would disagree i guess

>>396069889but it's just a statement of fact


>>396069918>>396071224we share a lot of similar sentiments

>>396060266How old are you and what's your profession?

>>396072462Then breed incel

>>396060612ThisMost racists @ work are brown but it's not the nigs they h8,it's the central/south american browns

Attached: ab8.jpg (425x283, 38.19K)

>>396072146ThisI'm white

>>396061757Jews keep us on our toes. Even now, they're basically forcing White people to become race concious. In the end, they always get genocided or expelled tho.

>>396060334Mexican born man here, have no problem calling shitskins shitskins. Not like being brown myself means I can’t hate other brown people. I hate them more, actually. The whites are alright.

>>396060266>Christianity can solve all the problemsChristianity is a technology that seems to be the best among other religions (a technical category).Religions are technologies, rationally constructed to manage certain sensibilities (aka spirituality).Spirituality is the sensibility or sensibilities that religion manage, more especially the innate impulse to "restore" or "return" to a certain condition/place/something/someone.Theology is the intelligible articulation of religious and spiritual matters.

>>396060047Racist Indian/Mexican here.I like Holla Forums because I hate niggers, Jews, fags, trannies, WASP boomers, liberal white women, protestant nonsense, millennials.Chinks, honkeys, black family men, Zoomers, GenX, Catholics, Slavs, Islanders, Brazilians, Bongs, Micks, Whops, Rednecks, Hillbillies are okay by me.

I've use Holla Forums to discuss politics, history and random issues since /n/. This isn't a white supremacist site. I get a bunch of rainfronters showed up a decade ago when their little site came down but come on. Most of your stuff is the coopting forced memes.

>>396075279>WASP boomersI still cannot believe a whole generation chose jews over their own children!

All the brown people are here because they want to know if white people can save themselves in time to save Western Civilization.>Will they finally outsmart the Jews?>Do they bring China to heel like the insects they are? >Will they be over ran by gorilla people?The answers to all these questions and more on the next episode of Holla Forums

Attached: 08754B01-FEB5-40F2-A106-0D9BCA68C1BA.jpg (735x767, 205.65K)

>>396075818The only people greedier were the likes themselves. Reading a book about sociopathic boomers right now. Searing indictiments.

>>396071224>random text>latino women will a 4/10 overweight White guy over a tall, masculine hispanic guy>tall hispanic guy>masculine hispanic guy>tall masculine>random textbeaners are short, smelly mama's boy. I've seen fit ones, but they always look odd even 'masculine' as this fucking guy thinks.In short, spics smell like lard, shop in the kids section at Macy's and will fuck anything that moves.

Attached: carlos.jpg (500x367, 20.86K)

>>396060047jew here. you guys taught me to hate my people and now i can’t go back. stuck here for life

>>396069918based af nigger

>>396069918>black user hereYou're fish belly white you fucking marshmallow m8 you ain't fooling nobody

>>396060266>christcuck's law: as discussion increases on Holla Forums, the probability of an user suggesting semitic religion as a solution to problems created by semitic religion or calling you a kike shill for not accepting semitic religion approaches 1

Attached: christgoys.png (800x600, 734.93K)

>>396075455Storm weenies did a number on this place for sure. I miss 2008

Attached: coinyeshutdown.jpg (640x360, 9.71K)

>>396060745tell me you've never done a hard days labor without telling me.

>>396076609I have a half jewish friend who's getting there. He's already racist against non-Whites by the leftist definition, aka he's aware of crime statistics and genetic differences between the races.>>396076970Speak english you fucking nigger.

>>396060047Probably half the people here are non-white. The racists are being paid to post here, imo. Regardless, idgaf what they say.

>>396060047I honestly wonder what I'd look like or even be like if I wasn't White

Attached: 1663584563560066.png (600x729, 122.77K)

>>396075279>GenXcheers m8

Attached: 1657579920893.jpg (479x364, 76.85K)

>>396065618The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where "feed" and "seed" both end in the sound "-eed", thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was "Formerly Chuck's", implying that the two words beginning with "F" and "S" would have ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck". So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called "Chuck's Feeduck and Seeduck".

>>396070406We operate on societal consensus on a macro level. When we had control of our own countries and spaces the NPCs of our race fell into line and dissent was rare. This stems all the way back to the days when we lived tribally in small villages. The Winter made us averse to dissent from the group, because exile meant death. We're going to turn things around, it's just going to be a rough experience for all involved.

Native american and racist.

Attached: 1663497965453897.png (576x512, 646.33K)

>>396060334it is weird how brown people are literally poop colored

>>396078495How was this image produced?

>>396078708Oh, found it.knowyourmeme.com/memes/sites/stable-diffusion

>>396060047/pol/ is unironically right. A lot. Some of it is wrong, silver isn't going to help you. Most of it is right. The wrong stuff can be repeated elsewhere and is easily found. You find tons of silver and flat earth stuff on other social media, but say anything about the jews and you get banned. Speak the obvious truth of trannies being mentally ill and a plague, and you get banned. Some places have vax talk, but only the retarded stuff so if anybody stumbles upon it they are met only with retarded information instead of the truth. So given that Holla Forums is right about a lot, and the correct information is often covered up elsewhere, why wouldn't I be here?

>>396072146>no it isn't>ITT, leafs, frogs, muricans, strayans, east asians, southeast asians, indians etc etc

>>396060047I'm not white but I'm definitely not a white supremacists or right-wing at all. That would be retarded. Anyone who is non-white and a white supremacist should kill themselves.

Attached: e95fcd5.jpg (835x1340, 167.35K)

>>396061796Eh, simpler to just say>they don't even care what race you are, just as long as you're being racist

>>396078925You don't have to be a White supremacist to wish for a peaceful separation and resolution of what is currently not working.

>>396078684isnt it weird how white people have pig skin

>>396078708Learn to paint with the colors of the wind, bro.

>>396079124>Not working>Implying there haven't been entire civil rights movements against segregation>Implying that the forced removal of millions of people based on race is somehow realisticHow exactly do you plan to force segregation on the masses and replace it with something "that works"?

Attached: MuhWhiteness.jpg (1115x1200, 237.19K)

>>396060266>semite religion will fix everything !NO!

I'm 2/3 Northwestern European and 1/3 Italian.Am I White?

>>3960803921/3 jewish

>>396072146Do you remember how shitskinny the meetup was, user?

Attached: 3566D100-9395-43EA-AA99-5361755B0270.jpg (1057x947, 191.94K)

>>396060745Fair skin doesn't mean you're automatically white. Having blonde hair, blue eyes and pink nipples does.

>>396061571For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be savedfor by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

>>396081294>pink nipplesProve it

>>396079800Assuming you are black, are you actually making the point that desegregation hasn't been an absolute disaster for your people? The homicide rate is up, fatherlessness is up, your women prostitute themselves, your men are junkies or dealers. This is the vast majority of the black community. You can't argue that point. The experiment failed. The reordering of society will either be peaceable or otherwise, that doesn't matter to me. If it were up to me I'd divide the country into different sections and give you the keys to your section. It wouldn't be a city or district, you'd get multiple states. You'd have black police, black leaders, it would be your prerogative to run it as you see fit. The alternative is steep decline, for all of us except the men in high towers. Do not delude yourself with the notion that this is impossible, much wilder things have happened.

Attached: 12094823502350903.jpg (1920x1080, 614.83K)



>>396060047>white supremacy is how people get rich, famous, and successful>WHY DOES EVERYBODY WANT TO BE A WHITE SUPREMACIST I DON'T UNDERSTAND

Attached: white_culture_in_the_us_7-15-20-1.jpg (799x2000, 258.46K)

>>396069517Mad lad.t. White America.

>>396081525Can you explain how desegregation is the cause for any of that?

>>396060047I just like calling people niggers on the internet

>>396060047I’m half and half. Father is Anglo, blonde blue eyes, mother is fairly white hispanic. Not sure what that makes me but I have no idea why the defenders of the white race are all not white. Do whites no give a shit at all about themselves? What the fuck man it makes zero sense to me.

>>396076025kekith, alas when are we all going to admit that 4chan is thee best site ever to be created. See you tomorrow faggots.

>>396077394>The racists are being paid to post hereNot true sweety. This is where i come to unleash my rage against mexicans, "hispanics", jews and this fucking government.

Attached: yes.jpg (1080x1012, 117.83K)

>>396082997>the defenders of the white race are all not whiteDid you mean POCels who come here to spam their worship of white women?

Attached: its goblin hours again2.jpg (597x457, 115.58K)

>>396060266fpbpkeep up the good work user

>>396061796Did you decide that all by yourself POCel? If this was an irl forum you would be killed for approaching without being white.

>>396060954Look at these POCels welcoming themselves in white countries lol. You will be genocided out of white countries and back in your homeland.

scrolled thru all the comments, 90% are fellow spics, Dios Mio........

Attached: FQY7st-XoAUSJZ5.jpg (1318x1241, 154.01K)

>>396082727I think your people were beginning to adapt to White culture, not necessarily losing their own, but shedding the antisocial, more criminal elements of it. You can look at it in many different ways. The welfare state created by LBJ, feminism which bastardized all of our women, the social attitude, the politicians elected by your vote, I could go on. The caliber of men in general was higher back then. When a man stepped out of line the community would come together to set it right. For example, they tried to pin the murder of Mary Phagan on a black man, and the Whites and blacks in town correctly ascertained that he was innocent, and went out together to lynch the true perpetrator, a jew by the name of Leo Frank. Understanding that blacks need to be under White rule to be successful does not mean unfairly persecuting and oppressing them, just acknowledging that they function better that way. I don't see why we should try to repeat this cycle, if you want freedom we will give you freedom. We all deserve the chance to pursue our destiny unhindered by opposing interests.

Attached: 103495823459262.jpg (1300x1217, 469.16K)

>>396083707>You will be genocided out of white countries and back in your homeland.That means that you will also be genocided in your homeland as well in your POCel IQ thought this means "go back".


Attached: nog.jpg (375x508, 76.82K)

>>396084212Do operation condor again and I'll go backCentrist right or right those ought to be the options for the people of LATAM. You want to relax wait until you die and go to heaven.

>>396083707I'm already stuck in this country, are you going to deport me to the rez? I'd rather take a bullet, thanks.

Attached: 1662346962450610.png (1000x1000, 618.99K)

>>396084389Dont (you) me again you christkike goblinoid filth.

Attached: die goblin.jpg (1576x2358, 641.95K)

>>396074722>genocidedThey haven't been genocided yet.

>>396084439Impalement or pyre.

>>396084486I can't go back to my country or any country in LATAM cause they're leftist you prick. You've cursed Latin America with political instability.


>>396084673I'm not even I'm the us. I can't put up with your psychoses and don't want my kid learning about privileges by a tranny teacher. You better pray there is a wwiii

>>396084825ww3 will be a genocide of non-whites worldwide and their christcuck minions.

>>396060047Why does he have a box with a hand poking out of it?

>>396085045it's a jack in the box

Attached: file.png (282x858, 244.38K)

>>396079693Pigs eat poop. We can't stop winning shitskin, your insults prove your inferiority. You will say cumskin but sperm give life and shit is rejected by our body, you will always be brown as shit cope

>>396060047white supremacy has become synonyme with truth.opposing white supremacy means you are furthering an evil agenda fueled by lies.and who would want to associate with that?

>>396084513Try it memeflag white boi, you could barely take us when you had a 2000 year tech advantage and jews weren't controlling you.

Attached: 1662255625569195.jpg (613x614, 54.04K)

>>396060047My mom is from bongland, so I'm probably not considered white by Holla Forums's standards.

Youll either have eternal mordor or you get genocided. Either way is fine with me as long as your kind suffers. Cant even have a fucking forum without POCels following around welcoming themselves in it. You will either get genocided or grow extra limbs like indians do cause you dont have the white man to un-mordor your living enviroment.


Attached: Negro_nazi-1-.jpg (360x480, 19.86K)

>>396086119Its a matter of mindset not technology nigger. All it took is a dutchman to go full viking and your nigger ancestors were pilling up endlessly from just a bunch of white men. You POCels are lesser creatures and can do passive agression, ill show you how active agression is done.

>Holla Forums is for non-white white supremacists>/fit/ is for lifters who don't liftmany such cases

Attached: 1657539065619.png (512x512, 29.81K)

>>396078495Oh you are injun. Ignore the dutchman thing it was for niggers from africa.

>>396086538>muh vikingslol, biggest whitoid cope. Vikings were the only white people we actually defeated.

Attached: 1657264185186.jpg (812x1024, 140.1K)

>>396086860Oh, my apologies, my aryan brother.

>>396086918>We defeated them n shietOnly in the revisionist version where whites had to be memory holed from the history of american continent so that you could cry to braindead boomers to get free casinos.

>>396086980Get fucked spic.

>>396060875Imagine thinking that non whites can into organized slaughter like white people. We will kill all of you vermin. We won't just remove you faggots from our countries this time, we will eradicate every race hostile to us to the last man. Your countries will be vacation real estate for whites.

Attached: 1624805657061.jpg (720x757, 43.23K)

>>396087303With what tank ,drone and airship?You're going agaisnt the government right?

>>396087055>>396087111Nice digits.>back to seething at me for the smallest slightHow do I know you're a white trash nigger that has no accomplishments? I'll fully admit my people are nigger cattle, you'll fully admit your people are nigger cattle, but as soon as you realize we're not the same race you're coping and seething. Protip: true aryan overmen don't care about the status of other people.

Attached: 1661749801166575.jpg (409x409, 114.85K)

>>396087403When was the last time tanks drones and airships were used on American soil? Go ahead, I'll wait.

>>396087479You get offended when you get called a taco spic but youll call yourself aryan with a complete lack of etiquete on the same note huh? Impalement or pyre.

>>396060047Bruh we gotta be like oprah with that supremacy shit, everyone gets one

>>396087614They airdropped bombs on the black panthers

>>396088245>on the black panthersOh the irony....

Attached: 1b5.jpg (600x600, 24.19K)

>>396061757>it's full potentialits*