Blackpilled vs the National Jewish Paywall (NJP)

Ourguy Blackpilled received a $5 chat on his Odysee channel from a fan. You decide>Devon what are your thoughts about the National Justice Party? I can get on with allot of their platform and feel fired up by many of their speeches, but the fact that they're lead by a shapeshifting jew that calls himself white *chuckles* Mike Enoch and nobody acknowledges that fact gives me the answer in full linked above. This has caused TheRightShabbos network to spend a 40 minutes attacking him personally. National Jewish Paywall has gone full attack mode against Devon Stack for his honest opinion. What kind of people hide behind a paywall to attack /our/guy/?Will Rabbi Mikah Enoch Sipple Peenovich sick his jew york city goons on Devon Stack to stop him from ever telling his honest opinion ever again? What will happen anons?

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>>396054365Kike Enoch butthurt lol

>>396055800Kike Enoch? You mean pic related?

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>>396054365>National Jewish PaywallKEK! Good one! Fuck TRS for supporting covid-19 tyranny and ZOG lockdowns.

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>>396055938Michael Eunuch Penisbitch.

>>396054365That salty rant Jizzhands did also seemed like it was meant for Holla Forums.I wonder how long it'll be before Jizzhands himself starts posting here like Jordano, Southern Arabo and others in the TRSsphere do.Hopefully soon, I need some entertainment.

>>396056382And you'll know it's him when he tries to shoehorn cringe esoteric made up words every two sentences.

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>>396055938Devon Stack is a eccentric hermit living out in the desert. Plus he was engaged to a Jewess Yenta

>>396056687HOLY SHIT MY SKETCH, you colored it. God Bless, user.>>396056857pic related for you

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>>396054365The reason I started listening to TRS is because of how hard they were shilled against in this place.

>>396056687>goddamned jignat-wignat lightswitchbrains on Holla Forums who worship the tranny Devon Stack!I'm really enjoying the pivot towards Paranormiedom t.b.h.Jazz and the Mad Wop when?>>396056857At least he broke it off before the marriage stage- unlike Eternal Fuhrer P'novack who brought her on his podcast named after a hololol pun, while trying to lie by ommission.

Meh. I like both TRS and Blackpilled.


>>396057597Good, support them both. Jews rub their hands when you partake in gay movement drama.

>>396057597HOW DARE YOU!!!!!JIZZY HAS DELCARED!!!!!!kek, yeah that's fine user, I just wanted to give both sides above. One guy answers a $5 superchat over a minute and a half.TheRightShabbos went on for nearly AN HOUR on the FREE show attacking one guy who once helped them with their shitshow. This is what happens when you help jew york city dwellers. They stab you in the back.

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>>396057731thissend shekels goybuy my shirts too

>>396057731What kinda lightswitch brainery is this?Nnnnguy, supporting Debra Stack just means less money for us here at the NJP, the only true hope for a future!Our Primarily Nordic hero-god(>>396057889) needs our unquestioned support and monetary contributions!t. Jizzhands McFails

>>396054365Blackpilled is still on JewTube, how do you explain that?

>>396058344He hasn't posted to YouTube in about two years. His last video was him telling his YouTube subscribers to stop using YouTube altogether and follow him on other platforms.

>>396058323just keep the superchats coming goy

>>396058344>how do you explain that?

>>396057200As John Maynard Keynes said, in the long run we're all dead.As [redacted paranormies guest] said, on an ever shortening timeline, Johnny Monoxide is always correct.>shortening

>>396054365TRS dick suckers are as insufferable as groypers

>>396056382So Dingo is really Lebanese? Wow wtf..

>>396056382After Jazzhands made his rant, the other guy mentioned others like Torba that are actually doing something. Jazzhands immediately starts shitting on Torba, lmao. It's like dude, practice what you preach.

>>396058742Become feral.Oppose both homosexuality cults.

>>396054365Blackpilled is an idiot who lets jewish double bluffs and well poisoning get the better of him.

>>396058344you're an obvious liar. just like the national jewish paywall prefers, dumbass retard goyim with no critical thinking ability.We can all live factcheck your kike master and his shabbosgoy jizzy as the show is on. They're all obvious liars and they will be found out, for this they will be hated.

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>>396057200How will Devon whose system of organization can’t even manage a discord because of boomer he is, going to beat the IRL organization of the NJP?

>>396058441Where does he post?

>>396059103He does a stream on Odyssee on Wednesday and Sunday night

>>396057013 Enoch is well spoken and decently well informed on current events. He may be an asset, but he is no agent. This is rural American, straight out of the mobile home park or apartment life. He's not capable of jewing anyone. But all this means is I think you're overestimating his influence. He's about as influential as Matt "First and foremost" Heimbach.

>>396059012Their IRL organization is just a podcast live show. It's no different from "Cum Town Live", "Skankfest", or Opie and Anthony's Virus Tour - none of which resulted in any kind of political power.

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>>396058777Dude's a Italian supposedly.Either his family is from the admixtured latifundia parts of Sicily, or he's the product of a few generations of N'Awlins Quadroon Balls.Who knows, who cares t.b.h.>>396059012Protip, I consider both of these outfits propagandists and not much more.>organization of the NJPSo pool parties rebranded as NJP units= organization.Add in a racialist ComicCon every 6 months, and voila- NSDAP 2.0, eh?

>>396059103odysee Blackpilledgo to website odysee search his handle, profit from much knowledge. His PatCon series goes over every AntiWhite agenda by ZOG since the beginning. Other network TheRightShabbos and National Jewish Paywall wont even tell you the Truth about that LLC scam.

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>>396059012He's not trying to lead a political movement. He's said himself that he's just providing entertainment.

>>396059296He is a lot like Heimbach.From a law enforcement and intelligence perspective what were the potential goals of TWP?

>>396059521>>396059521>>396059521>fat Trent Reznor

>>396059296At least Hymiebach got higher quality kike pussy. Ames is a pig, who's like a decade older than Mike.

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Was this posted before or am I deja vuing again

>>396054365Jewshit enoch trying to defend himself, the njp is just as subversive and deceptive as "liboftiktoks" who are orthodox rabbi's, while spreading degeneracy through the other jewish arm of antifa / furry conventions, and overly degenerating youngs on Twitch / youtube with a monopoly of jewish funded streamers.They play both sides, all the time, and they get more and more power while none of you want to excel in any particular field , it's too late to fight in any meaningfull field now, it's all covered.

>>396059654I'm more partial to seeing him as a fat Frank Zappa.Zappa's "Cosmik Debris" seems to describe Enock as well- a political snakeoil salesman guru.

>>396059566>TWPDepends on whether the West or the East was funding it. We all know about governments supporting these groups and some of them, the leadership for instance, being the only ones in the know. Same as Proud Boys or the American Nazi Party of old. They're useful to the order. And the money flows in, regardless of who is promoting a helpful agenda. They may or may not even be in the know about it.

>>396059823Another user was spamming something similar in the TDS threads earlier

For the rest of Holla Forums that never cares to go into those trs advertising threads, pic related attack Holla Forums and Devon Stack in the OP clips.

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>>396059903Like the quartering sharing "libtard" / leftists video of degens and outrageous trans exagerrating their views , that are all of jewish descent, roleplaying as teachers / adminstrative jobs and trying to stir retards into over reaction / rile people up that don't understand the jewish death cult hive mind.

>>396054365Stack is more credible than the NJP which is little more than the GOP for just white people. More of the same.

why is Holla Forums so slow?

NJP never apologized for their terrible Covid takes or for being completely wrong about the election. Imagine saying "white strike" out of one side of your mouth and it's worth it to take the Vax to keep your job out of the other.

trs will have trannies harass him now fucking faggots. devon is the only reason i visit odysee once in a while he seems alright

>>396066712Red pill me on this TRS tranny foreign legion...Is Hovater their pimp?

>>396054365NJP is totally irrelevant along with every single 'dissident' e-celeb grift operation. If you are still suffering from the delusion that fringe political ideologies matter; you're a moron. 1. All ideologies are Jewish. 2. There is 1 purpose in life, and it's God. Join the Catholic Church.

>>396057180Me too, but now I see their point. They really were TRSodomites all along. Jizzy in particular. What a fagguette.

>>396054365Kek, they're attacking a guy just for saying he doesn't think voting our way out i gonna work?Kike Enoch is going to alienate everyone eventually.


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>>396066383>their terrible Covid takesTheir approved narrative is bizarre. Something about Jews trying to develop a vaccine for themselves some middle eastern virus, but it leaked somehow so they wanted to force everyone to take a vax to protect Jews. This makes no sense and absolutely nobody else has this conspiracy theory. What ass did they pull this theory out of and why were they suddenly extremely confident in it? The TRSodomites are sketchy as hell

>>396067006>>396057180Did Morpheus even exist or was he just a straw man used to make people think "Duginism" critique was from antifa mexifags

>>396054365jazzhands>h-he..he cpuld have just reached out and asked us...Yeah, he should he reached out before giving his honest opinion on some throwaway internet bullshit stream GTFOH

Devon Stack is kind of useless. Just blackpill your audience and do nothing.

>>396067796How does Penisbitch’s dick taste, TRSodomite?

>>396054365>Eceleb cancerAll fields

>>396067917You have bad reading comprehension. I'm calling jazzhands an idiot

>>396067900That’s not even what he does. Just because it’s called blackpilled doesn’t mean you can make a blanket assumption about the channel.

>>396067917>75 IQ white nigger screeches like a woman at someone who agrees with him

>>396067711Good question. Doesn't seem like McNabb thought of this, but maybe it was a brainstorm between Mike and McNabb? Or it was Sven?Or their handler?My gut tells me they came up with something that sounded interesting at first glance to compete with Johnny of Paranormies because they all act like women.

>>396068263My sincere apologies user. I just really want to break the dreams of a TRS cultist tonight.

>>396068745Jizzy if I recall was the most ardent screecher of the theory, stated like an absolute fact. My feeling is Jizz has a separate handler to Mike and Sven.

>>396068804They really don't show up in threads that aren't the podcast beg threads.I assume that their BANG thread/NJPexposed/threema chat/poast DMs orders their shills only to post in those threads, then leave the site.They say that the users here are all weed "dabbers" and idiots only wanting "kekkies/lulz", they have no real reason to stick around other than to try and gain a couple new paypigs.

>>396054365You are the exact discord moderator who'd send 5$ to him to try and troll for (you)s. You will receive no bump to your thread. Good day sir.

>>396068804Just tell them it's either them or Mike.One of them is going to federal pound-ass prison.And Enoch has a nice thick fat booty, just begging for it. Too bad he looks like a pedo and thus won't enjoy

>>396069716They do/did the same thing with KiwiFarms too-people straight from TRS's comment section doing damage control on the Peinovich thread.That era is probably over now since Striker explicitly bashed KiwiFarms, and during the last hack all user profile pics were changed to the Poast logo (was it people trying to make tensions worse, or actual poast people?)

>>396069716>They really don't show up in threads that aren't the podcast beg threads.That's why I made this thread. So our guys could hear about the honey pot cult without so many kike shills.

>>396070713Their paypigs are some of the most pathetic posters I have ever seen.They constantly get treated like shit by the people they give money to yet they still insist on defending them no matter what they do.

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>>396071724I also laugh at them thinking they can get Devon to grovel at their feet as if he was one of their paypigs.Devon will either not give a fuck and ignore those retards or he will tell them to go fuck themselves because that's just how he is.They are delusional if they think they can get people to turn on Devon too. Unlike them, he is liked by everyone and doesn't have the kind of baggage they have.

>>396070713>>396071724Okay so I have an IRL friend who got into TRS after Charlottesville. He's not into the pool party or NJP thing because I think deep down he knows it could have blowback on him. I almost went to a pool party thing and by an act of fate, God, whatever... something happened a few miles out and I didn't make it.Anyway he's not totally in the cult but doesn't seem to take what I say seriously. And I know some shit about these fags that has never been posted on here as far as I can tell. I've told him plenty but he won't be logical.Any advice? I feel like I've told him so much and he doesn't even think their content quality has dropped... I'm not going to give up on him as a friend but I think I just have to give him more time to see how much of a shitshow it is.At the same time he's got some sketchiness in his past and, well, I don't want to assume the worst. He just doesn't want to admit he was duped, maybe?


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>>396054365Buy an ad

>>396073379Kike Enoch before receiving his Nazi update

gay shit thread with a lot of jewish shills.

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>>396073379Why would he pick a disgusting neanderthal avatar like that...?Oh, wait, ya...Yet another example of the obvious being in everyone's face, but people act as if a spell has been cast.

>>396054365Devon is one of the few /ourguy/s.

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>>396073525They just did an episode on 9/11 being mossad Jews and dancing israelis bit... you guys are lazy shills lmao

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>>396073693No, I'm actually not.

>>396073776>believe me fellow goykys

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>>396073261If he's fully bought in on the grift then it may take a while.The paypigs are very stubborn and can't seem to be able to wake up until TRS fucks up on something they deeply care about.I think what is most important is to make your friend see that he can still be pro White without following those retards.People cling onto those groups because they need to feel like they're doing something even if something is just listening to the show in the background while they do something else.

>>396073693yeah but why did they attack people who said that years ago? i like that they protested in waukesha and the other place (idaho maybe) but they have some bizarre takes, lets be honest

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>>396054365All those faggots are just fighting over shrinking amount of willing paypigs.

>>396072269Devon is the fucking man

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>>396073853Nice flag, kike. We know, the thing the Jews want most is for whites not to organize. What are your accusations against TRS? That Jazzhands is tetchy and a bit unmanly?

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>>396073261He has sunk cost with the group, like vaxxies they can't admit they were duped.TRS has Duper's Delight from fucking him over, as they have DOZENS of guys in the past. Its all recent history.But, this should help, pic related.

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>>396073581He’s a real bro. I relate to him a lot being raised Mormon too. Been on a lot of the same ups and downs to figure things out. When you have your worldview shattered as thoroughly as you do from waking up from the mindfuck that is Mormonism you aren’t eager to be duped again.

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>>396073837>>396074213Organize your neighborhood watch and it SHTF organize a fire team.Get encrypted radios.Learn OPSEC as TRS has terrible security.

>>396074021whoa there bud! National Jewish Paywall says they Trust The Science. They're going to revoke your little Chairman's badge for calling their valiant CDC kikes. Your master Rabbi Mikah Sipple Enoch Penisbitch NEEDS that judeo-pharma to even breath, goyim.I mean, a White man would just LOSE FUCKING WEIGHT, but your kike master NEEDS jewish poison and they TheRightShabbos will defend to the death their Investments (with your paypig funding) into

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>>396074213>Nice flag, kike. We know, the thing the Jews want most is for whites not to organize. What are your accusations against TRS? That Jazzhands is tetchy and a bit unmanly?

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>>396074292>>396073853At least he isn't vaxxed, has told me before "ya they're probably run by the feds", etc. There's hope but he backtracked whilst TRS is imploding.I think most of all he wants entertainment but he's also into the hot takes. I dunno. He'll be fine.At first and because of how I found out he listened to TRS I seriously considered he could be some kind of informant, because he had been in prison. But really I think he lost all his friends due to drugs and TRS really is a sort of internet friends simulator. But I'd never be friends with any of those guys, I can't imagine he would either.He doesn't fit the demographic of paypiggy at all. I can't think of any logical reason. Maybe he's on the spectrum and I've never noticed it until now.

>>396075045Good to hear you're looking out, user. >>396066769This thread here shows that the FBI is going after Devon at THE EXACT SAME TIME AS THE TRS/NJP FED OPWOW, what a Cohencidence!

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>>396075417I glow by osmosis and he's not a bad guy. Don't want him to end up like that professor from Arlington Road or something.

>>396075045If he's not dumping money into their pockets and you can criticize TRS in front of him without him going into meltdown mode then I'd say he's definitely salvageable.I hope both of you find a cute wife and have a lot of White children. Get out of the cities and raise a good family away from all the degeneracy.

If you can't tell Mike Enoch is Jewish at this point, after alllll the evidence, rhetoric from him, Jew wife etc. You are too dumb to be a serious WN and you deserve to get fucked by a glow op like NJP

>>396076669He has and recovered from his druggie problem. I'm more of a nerd and haven't gotten married yet.

>>396075417The TRS shills wasted no time.There are two threads up about him.I really hope this doesn't cause Devon any problems and fuck TRS and anyone that supports them seriously.>>396071538>>396066769

>>396054365sorry no honesty in the empire of lies, you vill lie and you vill be happy

>>396076792I agree.I feel the same about those vaxdBtw, TRS supports judeo-pharma with PayPig funds.

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>>396077136Based HansHere, enjoy

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>>396054365>allowed to exist>remotely names the jew>led by an obvious jew (just look at him)It's a trap, user

>>396058962omg is this the next useless alt right meme saviour who will milk the turds

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Imagine the thousands of hours NJP could've saved themselves if they just did a single video where they sit down and confront every single rumor/goof Enoch has made about his heritageI'll even be gracious and assume he really can't talk about the wife due to a pretty nasty legal clause (and considering she is part of the jewiest jews to ever jew, that's not a far fetched concern)They could've made a single copy paste video that has every answer one could desire and demand their paypiggies post it every time they hear allegations of Mr Enochs ancestry. Instead? Instead they are going to hear about it each and every time it comes up, because they are so arrogant and lazy that instead of facing facts and talking honestly they'd rather obscure and hide behind a thin veil of "hurp durp its already been covered a thousand times cmon bro remember that one video that covered it hurp durp it was covered in that video that you totally remember that one time remember"

>>396077938meth zomby food

>>396056332>Michael Eunuch PenisbitchMichael Eunuch-Foreskinless-Penisbitch-Friedman

Meanwhile Jizzhands is abusing the piggies who are not entirely convinced by TRS's take on Devon

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>>396056382Which episode was the Jazzhands rant? (time stamp please)


>>396078680Jazzie is a Feddy, you can bet on that. He's deep into the political game, hasn't been doxed afaik, and his content has been stale shit for many years.

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>>396078979It's linked in the comes from episode 515.

>>396054365I listen to get for their amusing takes sometimes. I'm home too familiar with the behind the scenes drama/kikery perhaps you could fill me in? However, I will say that Enoch, and Svenpai in particular, have been obnoxious gritting faggots of late and it's all become a little tiresome. Stack is right though; there is no political solution. The NJP is either a naive fantasy of a fed honeypot.

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The entire NJP and TRS operation is such an obvious honeypot. They even copied their logo from the NPD.

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>>396078680Kek, they have Reddit voting.Paypigs are patheticImagine attacking your customers, WTF

>>396079397Going with the latter.

>>396079397It’s a honeypot

>>396084724>>396081767To what end?

>>396085354Dissident WN dox is as valuable as gold to ZOGNJP photographs all IRL meetings (they admitted themselves).Mike Enoch got out of Cville lawsuit precisely because Kaplan found out the operation he was running. Mike’s worst crime isn’t his Jewish ancestry, it’s him setting up WN with glow operations. The guy became RICHER after cville. Think about that. He lives in a gated Jewish community with Sven (address public)

>>396078680i remember checking out ftn when allsup started there. i made it like 3 episodes i have no idea how anyone takes a person like "jazzhands mcfeels" seriously

>>396073582Why are people not posting these?Is Holla Forums dead?

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>>396077938Another thing - have it be a standing offer that you can walk up to Mike enoch, give him $14.88 or $148.88 or whatever and he spits in your tube and you take it off and get his DNA sequenced so you can figure out his ancestry yourself. He has repeatedly talked about himself as if he is jew. I suspect he is a mamzer and knows it.

>>396056208This! It was the last straw for me. That's when I knew for sure they were compromised.