Dios Mios

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>>396044312>>396045665Spics can't even get the angle right.

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>>396045729I want her to krush me

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>>396044312I would clean her ass with my tongue


>>396046037Is this where they take the Jews that get a stomach ache on the way to the gas chamber?

>>396047037That's where they do those tortures that seem fake to anyone with an IQ above room temperature, but are 100% real goy.

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>>396044312i want to coom in her rn

>>396045824Whats her new IG?

>>396045665Isabel is mine.

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>>396044312who is this? qrd


>>396046415It's OK, this is a red board, you can post the full thing.

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>>396050275>who is this? qrdEither a woman or a tranny, so either way their opinion doesn't matter.



>>396051090This, but posting from my phone.

>>396044312Based, gringos could never



>>396044312Aye Carrrruummmbbaa!!

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>>396051731jajaja que pedo weiiii

>>396050275Mexican politician Andrea Chávez Treviño, but as US president makes an oath with the bible, mexicans just make this oaths because "muh secular state" (Chingue su madre pinche ateo masón Juárez). And she a disgusting commie and that's just her best angle, here another one. twitter.com/MiguelTorrucoG/status/1571337469085323265

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>>396051731Así toman protesta los servidores públicos y ésta es de las perras de AMLO de morena, pendejo.

>>396044312Why is no one talking about Elon Musk behind her.


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>>396054171>twitter.com/MiguelTorrucoG/status/1571337469085323265dios mios


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Das rite

>>396044312>>396045665Fuck you faggots. Don't follow a woman, no matter how based she seems to be.

>>396046415Weak betamale.

>>396048827 Her name was Isabel Medina Peralta, a History student, and she shouted antisemitic slogans never heard before, at least in democratic times. Isabel told to the attendants to the event “It is our supreme duty to fight for Spain and for a Europe now weakened and destroyed by the enemy” (“es nuestra suprema obligación luchar por España y por una Europa ahora débil y liquidada por el enemigo) as well as “the enemy will always be the same, even though wearing different masks: the Jew, because there is nothing more certain than this statement: the Jew is to blame” (el “enemigo que siempre va a ser el mismo, aunque con distintas máscaras: el judío, porque nada hay más certero que esta afirmación: el judío es el culpable”).


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>>396057083kek basedyoutu.be/alsdvBjS6o8

>>396054946Looks like fun :)

>>396056575Did she actually saiy this? You've got a source?


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>>396044312It's over Mexico is gonna be liberated from the AUTOCRACY BACKED BY A MILITARY JUNTA.

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>>396045824Dat ass

>>396046682This.. And I don't even like Italian girls... but she got more courage than all of Holla Forums combined

>>396044312>>396045665I want a based, mocha skinned hispanic gf so bad bros

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>>396044312Should we be concern or aroused?

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>>396045703God I want to pump full of my white filling. I want her pregnant


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>>396044312>We're going to mass import spics to ensure that the Holocaust can never happen here.>Oy vey!

>>396044312La creature de los americanos, mi corizon te amo

>>396044312Imagine fucking her cunt, splooging a load inside haha if you know what I mean

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>>396059711me in the chair

>>396059711Fuck off, nigger. Even Allah can't stand you ape

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>>396054946>Centro Simon Wiesenthal LatinoaméricaNot even here are we safe from the talmudics, but still we're able to question the jew, see mexican revisionist book sold officially by Amazon Méxicoamazon.com.mx/Derrota-mundial-Salvador-Borrego-Escalante/dp/9709288512

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>>396059980>>396060076Rather deal with a muzzie desu

>>396044312Is it a sign to worry that an actual mexican is whiter than 95% of americans?

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>>396059711fuck u muslim shit


>>396060865>white see >>396054171 It's even uglier than the average goblin here in Memexico


>>396059423Why does her mouth drop when she says el judío? lol

>>396059423Amazing how much courage it takes just to name the jew publicly like that. After she said it she just looked dazed.

>>396060491>muzzieThey are doomed by themselves. it is quite self-evident.

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>>396057553That's some of the coolest shit I've ever seen

>>396061532Nervous reaction, it's kind of a hangable 'ffense round those parts.

>>396061537Nah, she is eternally cute, that is all. I hope that she will have a lot of children and a lot of time to raise and educate them.

>>396057553Cool that it's on yt. You know what's a weird thought? If Nazi shit was considered acceptable in the mainstream, lefties would probably be some of the most dogmatic nazis out there.


>>396057553these south americans are filling me with the spirit of man right now. we need everything we can get

>>396061532see >>396061537


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>>396061810I do not want to pick sides here, but Lefties are red-painted extremists that fit right in. What you call Nazi is a national Socialist

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>>396061908sperm of man*I fixed it for you user. ;3

>>396062032Yumyum girl!

>>396044312I have never seen a mexican movement glow that hard kek their flag even has the Windmill quixote mistaken for a giant

I think it kinda tracks. Fascism and interest in strongman dictators naturally arises in fractured, multicultural and violent societies. Of what place is that more true than Mexico? Any normal person in Mexico would absolutely love a Hitler to sweep in and use an iron fist to murder the cartels.

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>>396044312Kek, even white skinned beaners look like monkeys

>>396055536>>396055659Holy fucking kek.

>>396062494TOP cringe

the man that defended hitler and natsoc the most after ww2 was a mexican btw, salvador borrego

>>396056575This is some good shit right here. Historical destiny of Spain will not go out without a fight. National unity may be falling apart but our destiny as nations goes on without us.

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>>396062499Viva Mexico, perce es un pais grande!

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>>396061532That slack-jaw expression is a common feature of Hispanic women indicating they are being moody. I have no idea why it's exclusive to them. It's just a thing they do to show how irritated they are about something. Very common at Carnival grocery stores where they can't get whatever item they want or during their menstrual cycle.

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>>396061596 >>396061945No, see >>396065356That expression isn't her being nervous. That's her leaning into moodiness/irritation with the subject she's talking about. It's a typical moody Hispanic female face.

>>396065356That's hot. I want one to look at me like that while she steps barefoot all over my face.

>>396065553>Porn brainAnon consider a break from the internet.

>>396055749Last moments in the Hitler bunker(Berlín April 28, 1945)

>>396045665My heart genuinely flutters every time I see this image. I feel as though a tear begins to well up when I realize I will likely never find a woman like this. The agony of living.

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>>396044312Name of woman in OP's pic?

>>396061532I don't know, but it makes me fall in love.

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>>396045824god she needs to do some squats, even the bare minimum 3x a week would work wonders on that ass.

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>>396068318>gain 100lb>none of it goes to your assTragic

>>396048494long banned obviously

>>396067208see >>396065356

>>396048494I got a screen shot before it got banned

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>>396044312She's cute. When do we gas this spic?


>>396045729me in the back

>>396050275She's my local legislator and she's conpletely useless like all politicians.

>>396070610Honestly what do Mexican politicians do

>>396070851Hide lol.

>>396045757imagine how good her pussy must taste bros!i bet her ass hole smells wonderful too

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>>396070851And get paid by their uppers

>>396044312she wants BBC

>>396057553better put it on odysee

>>396065356huh... maybe I should learn this

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Who’s man handling her?twitter.com/grodira/status/1393634609036943367?s=21&t=Df9hA5zD_8kzZDrZWlhdyA

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>>396070851there was a time when they would go over to the 'meetings' sign up their names on the registry and go about their day cus you were supposed to have your name on the registries to get paid, later they paid faggots to write their names on the registry.some of them will stick around for the meetings but mostly was to get some clout, most of them will just sleep throught the whole thing.obrador is actually making them work now, he cut a shit ton of gibs they were scalping to build personal residences and buy property in americagoogle translate this article to have an idea what mexican politicians does-us.vida-estilo.yahoo.com/politicos-y-funcionarios-mexicanos-con-propiedades-de-lujo-en-ee-uu-205513721.html\basically anyone who gets any modest position in politics in mexico inmediatly starts buying a nest in america to retire to once they are done, thats why they don't give a fuck if the country sinks or float.i wonder why american politicians are pretty much doing the same, where the fuck do they think they are going to go once the cartels take over big cities in america

>>396071808I am.

>>396044312Me in the back.

>>396045665EL JUDIO

>>396071808That looks like an erotic soap opera, wtf

She's dumb as fuck, she's also super racist. You know that she said that black mexicans and normal brown mexicans are different species?

>>396044312She looks like she is wearing a schoolgirl uniform.

>>396059711She does look like a goat

>>396071897Better wife it up.

>>396072201>she's also super racistuhmm yeah, that's like the whole point of /pol you fucking plebit.>You know that she said that black mexicans and normal brown mexicans are different species?race theory is fucking based


>>396071808She is practicing self love with her manly handls

>>396072201Get fucked kike. Shes whiter then you will ever be.

>>396055940>>396056087Yes, fight against your own people even if they agree with you, goy!

>>396070610Do something about it

They made Isabel Peralta into the GTA 6 protag

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>>396057553LolLmao even

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>>396065356russians women have something similar,where they lean forward almost like trying to spit on you. It's hot as fuck

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>>396075380Drive by on the synagogue

>>396057553beaners are so fucking retardedthey dont know theyre monkeys, just like niggers that cant recognize themselves in the mirror until theyre 6

>>396077197seethe transvestite we might not recognize ourselve in the mirrors until we are 6 but you will never be a woman

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>>396070851Pay the cartels their cut of the slice

>>396044312Ay caramba

>>396077074Mommy.. i thought she was some kind of assistant. Is she actually important?

>>396044312She's just yummy

>>396044312They’re all white skin Hispanic so high cast Mexican.

>>396045665how do I get a falangist gf?

>>396080973Go outside

>>396058042It was pretty big news when it happened.

>>396065356I saw this expression on an Algerian girl. Must be something related to sabd nigs

>>396062460I just can't respect a politician who won his office by shallow words and empty promises. Thats why all American politicians right now are bitch made bureaucrats. He should win his office through heroics and battlefield mastery, imagine winning through "popular" consent and not popular consent won through with blood and sweat.

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>>396071874>actually making them work>lmao>former PRI politicianOh please, every MORENA politician is a boat-sunken party rat whom needs to get anything without to get a REAL job.Killing democracy will kill PRIism, and thus the corruption as a whole.

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>>396060076One is a rattlesnake the other a plague

>>396044312Fuck whatever you dumb niggers say>There are more based spics out there then based whites

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>>396046037>spics don't get the angle rightAt least we don't get arrested for saying nigger

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>>396085659>Killing democracy will kill PRIismMexico really self-sabotaged in the 19th when the conservatives lost and the liberals won, the liberals really fomented the Mexico's collapse by letting mercantile types into the government and displacing the nobility, love them or hate them the nobility served a purpose, gatekeeping the shifty type merchant, that we suffer today out of politics.

>>396059057Based, 10 babies at least!

>>396051012Booba saved my soul


>>396068318no way that's her in the 2nd pic

>>396044312Queen detected

>>396054171>not being cucks for once is bad because of these other morons (masons)non-catholic christians here are just kikes, it's better not to give them power

>>396077074>russians women have something similar,where they lean forward almost like trying to spit on you. It's hot as fuckinteresting

>>396045665This dumb bitch needs to get a job already.

>>396044312This is why Zio Don wants to build the wall.