Mark Esper, the US Secretary of Defense under Trump...

Mark Esper, the US Secretary of Defense under Trump, has rolled out a landmark essay about a large-scale crisis in the US army.Only 23% of young Americans are fit ( ) to serve in the army. The rest do not pass due to obesity, mental problems or drug addiction. Of the fit, only 9% want to serve. Due to the shortage of recruits, the US army will have to be reduced ( /) up to 445 thousand soldiers - the minimum since 1940.The results in the tests for admission to the army have worsened over the past two years ( ) by 10%. The Pentagon has to ( /) recruit recruits without a school education and with problems with intellectual development. A separate base will be equipped for them, where they will be specially trained for service.

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Esper calls ( ) this is a systemic crisis of a completely voluntary army, which is becoming increasingly difficult to function normally in the US society split by cultural wars. And with a collapse of trust ( /) to the army against the background of scandals with the politicization of the service ( ) and incompetence of management.He proposes to create a Congressional commission on army reform. And the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, already offers ( ) return a partial draft. It is possible that this will happen - especially if Ron Disantis comes to power ( ), a retired military man. However, if Americans are forced to participate in the endless wars of the United States, it threatens to cause a real explosion in a split and atomized American society.

Good riddance, death to America.

Russian demoralization thread Sage and report

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>>396043330THIS.Don't you have a war to lose Vlad? Worry about your own deserting army LOL.

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>draftBased, I won't be responding.

In the days of Operation Enduring Freedom they had a recruiting problem so they just lowered the bar. A bunch of gang bangers joined for the tactical training and frequently just absconded with weapons and disappeared into the concrete jungle.

>>396043330>R-russian demoralization!your veteran suicides vastly outstrip the actual battlefield casulaties of most regional conflicts these daysThe russian man making this thread didn't demoralize you, the jews have been hard at work on that for more than a century now

>>396043748They're literally the Mexican cartels.

>>396043330Americans are the greatest nation in the world, the smartest, the most athletic, the most cultured. Are you feeling better now? Don't pay attention to the facts, if they are unpleasant to you, go have a beer instead.

They want the draft because those 23% of fit Americans are not the ones joining the military anymore.The army is filled with fat niggers and hispanics while young healthy white men are working as engineers.Jews need a draft so they can keep sending more cannon fodder to the middle east.

Turns out wanting a weak populace of easily controlled consoomers leaves you without any cannon fodder to fight your forever wars.

Couldn't kill us with the vaxx, so now it's time to kill us with a draft.

>>396043059Between this, shutting down oil production, blowing up our currency and selling off the strategic oil reserve, I really am beginning to think they're weakening us for an actual invasion

>>396043059America should cure low intelligence with sperm donation therapy. Encourage and incentivize women to use sperm donors proven to produce intelligent and healthy offspring. The army is failing because Americans are becoming dumber. Sperm donation therapy, also known as Eutelegenesis, can fix this. In fact, it can fix the whole world.

>>396043315This. Death to "america" long live the United States.

>>396044950Death to Israel, death to Ukraine and death to the United States.

>>396044913>Americans are becoming dumberSpics have lowered the IQ of the entire country.

>>396044616That and letting veterans kill themselves because the government prefers to spend mkney on niggers and importing the people they have us fighting, probably not a good plan ther what with losing valuable experience and training that go to waste.

>>396043059Lets be honest here Fedor, Russian zoomers aren't fit nor motivated to serve either

>>396045015Are you a spic? Hating isreal will not change that fact, they are the worse people in this country right now.

>>396045020And increased obesity rates top kek. Fat and dump spics. The government fucking love them.

>>396043059>The results in the tests for admission to the army have worsened over the past two yearsI wonder why intelligent white men skip?

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>>396045138>unironically defending israelLmfao


>>396045020right, however, if you cross a latina with a genius, then the offspring will probably be smart enough to be of great use to the military or any employer really. the boost in IQ would be significant.

>>396044616>>396043059You got me. I'm throughly demoralized. Please conquer the ukikes and do what you will with them

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>>396043059>>396043080The military has forsaken it's core recruiting body (white conservative middle america) and then they wonder why no one wants to join. We don't even have a nation anymore, there is nothing worth defending. Give us something worth defending and the tide will change. >>396043330He speaking facts you dumb nigger. Either we address it now or it just becomes a greater issue

the military could even crossbreed third worlders with geniuses so they could create a huge number of crossbreeds that would be brought up in places where there is a low cost of living. then they could test these people and recruit the smart ones.

>>396044879Meh. Meet the new boss same as the old boss. I really don't care if someone invades. Our oligarchs would just cut deals with them anyway.T. Honorably discharged from the Army

>>396045217Fucking A dude, youre fucking spic. They already lowered the IQ of the entire country. Look at california and texas, they single handedly destroyed the school districts of both states. Mixing with these beaners is a terrible idea. They are trash user.

>>396045020And made it fatter, shorter, rapier, more consoomer, more violent

>>396043059Good. Without a military, the powerful become powerless.

>>396043975Yup. Posting from the gym. Working as an engineer, not joining the military

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>>396045217Spics just make more spics. The Spaniards have already tried this and look how that turned out

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Close all foreign bases. We’re a scourge on humanity and the country is rotting from within while defense spending bleeds tax payers dry.

>>396045535What do you mean? Defend her, -a strong independent woman.

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>>396045648>Mixing with these beaners is a terrible idea. They are trash user.Indeed. Their numbers have grown large enough that they basically have became niggers of yesteryear. Give it time and theyll be 100 times worse than the niggers we have today going around and killing white people.

>>396045648>israel defending kike calling everybody in the thread spicsThis isn't going to boost your recruitment rate, kike. Death to Israel and death to the United States.

>>396045648just to clarify, all they're getting is the sperm. Do you get how this works now? It would only be a net benefit.

>>396045911They are already worse than niggers, if you google “most violent cities in the world” it’s these

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>>396045863I went on a rotation to Korea and I saw lots of disgusting american niggers walking around in the cities wearing doo-rags and ugly sweatpants. We are truly a horrible countryWe export armed niggers to other countries to rape their women. It really is true.

>>396045800might take 2 or 3 generations. and I just mean sperm not marrying them geez.

>>396043330but it's literally true, the (shitty) condition of Russia's army notwithstanding

>>396045928>unironically defending racism because lol Israel worseYou're a white nigger.

>>396045880America NEEDS to be humbled so we aren't ok with this garbage anymore

>>396043059They really need to ban seed oils.

>>3960460211/1000 chance to get murdered in mexicoJesus (I mean the messiah, not the mexican)

>>396046093>unironically being against racismFuck off back to facebook

>>396046021Are African cities counted or do they have no data because they're dying too often?

>>396043059Did you know in vietnam it was common practice to accidentally drop grenades in officers tents and foxholes?

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>>396046108being humbled is important for personal growthI think it will help our nation as wellIt's only a matter of time

>>396045648The American education system got fucked as soon as desegregation hit. Before then, American schoolchildren were the highest scoring in the world. Ask any teacher and they will tell you one or two disruptive students can hold back the entire class. Well it’s not hard to guess which race tends to be loudest and most disruptive.

>>396045933It would just make better criminals that are slightly higher iq and slightly lighter brown. The only way your plan could work is if you sterilized 90% of them first

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>>396043672>dude the CIA doesn't exist isn't NATO based fellow kids?

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>>396046142Meant race mixing, which you seem to have inherited a love of from your mother.

>>396046171Probably no data. Africa isn’t even sure of their own population numbers and some tribes make up high numbers to sound more important

>>396046030Saw the same thing in kadena

>>396046229>whoops akshyually i meant thisDeath to Israel, death to Ukraine, and death to the USA.

>partial draft>forcing white men to fight for this gay nigger nation That’s exactly how you get a civil war.


>>396043779Before le "speshal operation", 44% of russia's suicide rate was from military conscripts.

>>396046368Listen you reddit spacing race mixing white nigger you're still getting strung up no matter how hard you try to fit in.

Why fight for America, if I wanted to serve my country, It wouldn’t be by throwing on a uniform killing men on the other side of the globe. Our enemy lies in Washington DC and Wall Street, New York. Anyways the military says I am unqualified for being “suicidal”, sorry that I spent my whole life in a country that wants to attack my racial heritage and culture.Anyways, Heil Hitler

>>396046210stop being a demoralization shill. My idea works, obviously, if you knew anything about genetics, fool. After 2 generations of crossbreeding their DNA is 75% different. Did you know one man produces 500 billion sperm in his lifetime? if you wanna beat the invasion, there is only one thing that can do it, and its sperm.

>>396046021Honestly those numbers are only true because they actually live in something we can almost universally call cities. A series of yurts or mud huts a city does not make

>>396046548Listen kike, if you support this country, Israel, or Ukraine AT ALL, you do NOT belong on this website. You are a fucking shill.Fuck NATOFuck JewsFuck IsraelFuck UkraineFuck the USand fuck YOU

Americans should send half their calories to Russia so both sides can have soldiers of roughly correct weight.

>>396043059>fill military with women and niggers due to 'volunteer shortage'>every single enlisted man worth a damn gets out after their first enlistment because military is a glorified jobs program with a colossally fucked bureaucracy that punishes hard work and encourages coasting because the leadership is filled with niggers and womenoh no how could this have happen

>>396046685>race mixing is based because Azov got jewish money lolYour still getting roped

>>396043059Thats fine - they can draft all the spics and niggers they are importing to fight their oil wars.Anyone shows up to wrangle my kid into service is gonna find themselves buried somewhere remote on my acreage.

>>396046886Nobody said anything about race-mixing, if anything, it's you kikes who are pushing it.If you don't say it with me, you are a kike:FUCK ISRAELFUCK UKRAINEFUCK THE UNITED STATES

>>396046685Nah man, NATO are the good guys

looks like nato need mandatory military service again. since i'm too old and too fat I would endorse that. fuck zoomers

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>harmless, legal drugs that should be and are available over the counter are disqualifying potential recruits

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Any nation that treats its young people the way america does should not be defended by young people. Let the goyslop-producing, pill-pushing, debt-creating, porn-pushing yids defend us.

>>396047032>unironically believing this in 2001+21Retard lmaoNATO and its constituent countries are the most evil, vile entities on the planet.

>>396046993>I just chimp out like a white nigger at people who call anons spics for advocating for race mixing with spics because I hate kikes so much lolRope

>>396043059they just kicked people out of the military for not getting vaxxed. So what they want are golems to do their bidding.

>>396043059Why the hell would anyone want to sign up for endless wars, for causes they don't believe in, to help zog enslave them and their countrymen?

>>396043059I smoked weed in the past so I'm disqualified. I should've just lied about it like everyone else I knew who went into the military for cash for college. But that was the whole point: I needed to be a liar, and I failed the test.

>>396047183Yeah you would have a problem with a white man who is against Israel, Ukraine, and the country currently genociding white people: The United States.Stay mad, kike.

>imblying anybody wants to serve in your globohomo army

>>396043916i reckon you're on to something user

>>396043059The crazy thing is it only takes about 6 months of training and diet to drop 100 pounds safely. One of my friends that I wrestled with turned into an obese alcoholic and was about 320 at 30 years old. It took him 3 months to hit 200 pounds doing extreme dieting and cardio 4 hours per day. He got back to his fighting weight of 180 in 6 months, and he was jacked. You could whip fat kids into shape in boot camp if they had the right nutrition and good training. It doesn't have to be a problem.

>>396046637Your idea creates more of picrel

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>>396043059I have a solution! We remove the citizenship requirement and recruit foreigners! We already have foreigners running our companies, and in some cases our politics. It's only right that we let them join up and serve in the military as well. Let's promote this on social media as meeting our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals. Anyone who doesn't support this is a bigoted racist who wants to destroy our democracy.


>>396047319my brother has type 2 diabetes but he is so stupid that he refuses to believe it.He exhibits every single symptom of hyperglycemia aka out of control high blood sugar. I've been yelling at him that he has diabetes and warning him about it but nothing is getting through to him.

>>396047254You're a WICO (white in complexion only).

>american education is so bad that even their military has to make a special education camp

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>>396043059>obesity,more organic natural ballistic defense system

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>>396043059Oh no! That sucks! Anyway

>>396047619You're a conservatard.>Herp derp I can still save the US! I just need to vote harder!Beyond delusional, still fooled by regime media into this ridiculous false dichotomy of democrat vs republican.You will never have a soul, NPC.


>american military benefits include, going to a jewish owned hospital for veterans after waiting years for an operation and having a homeless man impersonating a veteran having taken your recovery bed, and still being billed for it, despite it supposedly being free healthcare

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>>396047385when I say crossbreeding I mean the women get the sperm, not the man, so one man could donate to thousands, or tens of thousands of women if he had perfect genes.

>>396043330>coping this muchno one wants to die for fag rights

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>>396043059>Drug Use>Health Problems>Crime>Academic IssuesYea same.Anyway, what do you anons think about Free-Energy mashoos? >>395999024 >Clean>Unlimited>Novel>Nuclear>->Energy>>395999024 >Free NRG?It's NR-SHE!

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>heh what are you chuds gonna do when you get drone striked by your own gubmint>ahh sounds like you don't need zogbots anymore nice>WAIT NOOOO OY VEY

>>396043330>>396043672The Russians didn't have to demoralize us because the government betrayed the people decades ago.t. descended from colonists

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>>396043330Found the NATO shill, you should be demoralized. Under child fucker joe everything has gone to shit including world affairs

Hey, don't you want to fight for a country owned by politicians who made 9/11 happen to cover up their own investigation?

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>>396043059>Of the fit, only 9% want to serveOnly 9% are demoralized and retarded enough to die for trannies and israel.

>>396047780Since you're ok with "bleaching" spics because they might be white one day I'm guessing you would also love having Thomas Sowell as a neighbor.

>>396045648Check out SEL. That's what is really fucking up our schools. Worse than just crt.


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>>396048180Might wanna go back and read my posts you fucking kike, and point out where any of my posts are pro-race mixing.Fuck IsraelFuck UkraineFuck NATOFuck the United StatesFuck GlobohomoFuck JewsAnd fuck YOUI will N E V E REVERFight for your gay bullshit. I will kill any recruitment officers who come to my door and that is a direct threat.

>>396043059Anyone else here part of the Chad 14%? I'm fit and I don't give a fuck

>>396046179Now imagine what would happen in case of an eventual draft against Russia or Iran. You'd probably see the army collapse in months given that white men, the only race that can win wars despise the government. Jews subverted themselves kekw.

So the army is having problems getting smart people, right when they need them most, because war has never been more complicated and high tech as it is today. The Ukrainians are learning well and using drones and our military hardware to great effect. I doubt our beaner brigade could pull it off.

>>396048408I think the niggers who fucked your mom before you were born left a little DNA in there.

>>396045933>potentially thousands of mixed kids raised by "strong independent women" without a father figureYep, this is definitely how we fix our country and is 100% a net positive.


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>>396048719You are a nigger.You love niggers. Wanna know how I know?You defend the United States, the country that WORSHIPS niggers.Argue all you want against that, you can't. You lost. You will never have a soul.

Time to get those AI robotic soldiers up to snuff

>>396048788Genes are more important. Don't worry about that aspect. It's less important than you think.

>>396048837>if you don't want open borders for the US you're a niggerI hope the cartels feed you your dick lmao

one thing that this kind of stuff leads to is that the people that get out are the people they need to retain to get shit done; the people that stay are the bottom of the barrel. The worse the problems get, the easier time these folks have it as standards are lowered, but at the same time their individual op temp will have to increase as those who are left have to cover down on more tasks that HAVE to be done. This starts a cycle as people start to be burned out, they leave, the next layer of scrum gets more work, gets burned out, leaves, etc. Turns into a failure cascade in short order.

>>396047885lol it gets even more jewish than that. Something like 30% of volunteers get cut off before their contract is up. They do this in order to not pay for school or free healthcare.>sign a 4 year contract goy we'll give you free school&helathcare>contract contains clause that you can be kicked out for any reason prior to fulfillment>thanks for your service to (((our))) nation. Now go die off in some street for all we care.

>>396049056>waaaa impotent rage waaa you disagreeing with me makes me mad waaaaaaLmao seetheI will never defend the USDeath to Israel, death to Ukraine, and death to the United StatesDeath to all NATO countriesDeath to every single Jew on this planetAnd death to YOU

>>396049007It's actually not kike faggot. It's one of if not the most important aspect. Your idea is retarded and would never work in any capacity.

>>396046520Really? It's that bad? Why? I heard from others that being a conscript was just like summer camp. Shooting guns and doing manual labour.

>>396049193>capitalized jewOops, you outed yourself you little kike rat. Where are you, I've got a rat to stomp.

>>396049420Great argument there ShlomoYou're real convincingAlmost makes me want to defend the United States and fight in gay wars for Jews so that Uganda can legalize gay sex.

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>>396043059>recruits without a school education and with problems with intellectual development. A separate base will be equipped for them, where they will be specially trained for serviceLiteral tard divisions

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>>396043330at least he's using your own sources rather than made up claims kek

>>396049193>stop talking about beaners goy, we have a war half way across the world to worry about and a Lithuania to destroyHoly fucking shit, you couldn't be a slimier kike if you tried.

>>396049841Holy shit lmao he's still defending Israel, Ukraine, and the US government against criticism>maybe if I say this poster is talking about spics, it will make the lurkers in the thread think he is a spicHey man, guess what, I'm just going to NOT support the US, Israel, or Ukraine. I'm just going to NOT respect NATO. Is that okay?

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>>396050041>still wtf are you talking about? Do you know how IDs work, newfag?

>>396043330>>396043672NAFO fags on sewer slide watch

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>>396050331I know exactly how IDs work, do you, IP switching faggot? Since you're such an ID pro, please point out to me where I'm talking about Mexicans in this thread, besides reminding you chucklefucks that I'm not.

>>396049543>noooooo don't turn nigger brothers gayOnly white people should be subjected to that, right Chaim? Can't believe you're a fucking jewlatto.

>>396050492>WAAAAAA I'm just going to make up pointless bullshit to deflect from the fact that I am an Israel, Ukraine, and NATO shill!Man I hope you're paid a lot lmao

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>>396043059Does he make any argument why young men should give a shit? Or does that never show up in the essay?

>>396050454>le samefag copeLooks like you went off on a tangent on pretty much everyone who was shitting on beaners for absolutely no reason. Post hand.>>396050633>muh based beanjewNot really helping your case.

>>396043059Recruitment is low, because General Milley is a raging faggot with transgender generals.

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>>396050709>look he posted a mexican! that proves it! Maybe now I can deflect from the fact that I am an Israel, Ukraine, and NATO shill!You chucklefucks are so ridiculously easy to troll.

>>396043059Heres some fun facts im 25 i work out every day i go hiking and shooting on the weekends and im never gonna put my life on the line for zog.

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>>396050828>I have beaner reaction images to "troll le gringos epic style" when they realize I'm a fucking spicYou'll never be white.

>>396043059who would fight for a country that can't stop its own invasion?best you get is people that are just there for pay/bennies, no loyalty

death to america

>>396045617Isn't this Mississippi?

>>396043330>Russian demoralization thread>Sage and reportMutt department calls.

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>>396047920We could try that abroad, here it would just create more shitskins and fatherless ones at that

>>396051383Keep deflecting from the fact that you are a super obvious NATO shill, surely another one of your fellow employees in the thread will back you up, maybe even some pro-Ukraine redditors.

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I've been saying over and over.Stop playing warhawk cause the us has no national defence.


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>>396051842Good Lord this aged like Madelinne McCan.

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>>396050709>muh based beanjewYou have exposed yourself

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>>396047385What were they thinking at that moment

>>396043080>return a partial draftConfirmed shabbos goy

>>396043059What’s the problem? Just lower the standards like they do for women. Besides, we have drones and robots now. You dont need flesh and blood humans to transfer middle class wealth to the military industrial complex anymore.

>>396043059The logic and organization of violence is changing. The real happening is the death of the nation-state system, and some things are about to get very real, very fast.

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>>396043330But it’s not incorrect though, shill.

>>396050746>Photo: Transgender military personnel from Sweden, New Zealand and Australia listen to Corporal Natalie Murray of Canada.At least post american trannies if you're gonna screech about america

>>396047314He is right about the guns that disappeared and deaths around fort hood they are behind it

>>396045125>>396043059>not fit or not joining I don't think this is just a us problem. The west and most of the world as a whole had this issue. Young people aren't worth a fuck anymore. And the chads are at the gym trying to fuck bitches.Who's left?The mdx has honestly fucked itself. A draft? In current year? Bawhahahahaha, good luck.

>>396047689Anon getting a heart attack isn't a defense mechanism

>>396053046>What’s the problem? Just lower the standards like they do for women. Besides, we have drones and robots now.the writing is in the wall. They're likely preparing all out conflict against Russia Iran China. The current army couldn't untie its own shoelaces nevermind taking on anyone of equal power. women & drones won't win you shit.

I have never seen a youtuber, twitch streamer, or tiktok influence promote the military. Are they even trying to market to their target audience?

>>396048810I think you mean day of the rope when ?

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>>396045138no, no there are not.

>>396053562Part of western backed sphere so same shit though Anglo colonies are far worse them Ameirca

Fake. They ousted 100000 or more fully functional good conditioned soldiers because tehy didnt take a first, second imor a third vaccine.

>>396053890Actually they came to a solution they will slowly drop it and phase them back in

>>396053726We have far too many niggers, spics, trannies and faggots anyway. They need to be first in line in the draft, as they’re first class citizens with rights.

>>396043059Fewer zogbots to oppress the citizenry and extort their earnings. Dear God, the horror!

>>396046555Based and sensible reaction.

>>396043739Tou are who Esper is talking about. You are not fit to serve, as evidenced by your reading comprehension.Fucking "draft proposal" dumbass.

>>396048670That's 90% of why we're using Ukrainian fighters in the first place; they're tough, in shape, aggressive... and that's before we even got there. They're also ideologically radicalized (for violence) and have a sense of cosmic mission. They're not getting paid jack shit and still they're running into artillery fire and suiciding themselves for free. You think "muh benefits" Amerilards with 2 moms and undefined gender would be will be willing to do that? Not a fucking chance.

>mutt military a memeThose in the know have long known, and if it's now reaching normies ears, it's long past fixing.>conscriptions, bots, or bust

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>>396044913 its becoming dumber because of pic relatedIt was all don by design and the shift to get third worlders into military positions The writings been on the wall for a very long time the jews realisd they boasted too much and gave the game away!Home schooling and teaching your kids to be wary of Government's is the way froward for whites We should definately train our kids and have them know how to run businesses to avoid the jew corporations Black market in food production too and keeping it in white areas sold under the counter Fuck all of them that jumped on the jews white hate train

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>>396043059fuck zogbots

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>>396054218You are too stupid to bother responding to seriously.

>>396053074you wack bro.

>>396043059>US gigakikes laying ground work to argue for killbots instead of soldiers.

Imagine joining and possibly dying for a country that fucking hates you

>>396043059Gee I wonder why?

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>>396053740They’re not trying to solve the problem, they’re trying to make it worse.

>>396045138Kys boomerkike

>>396055299What even for?

>>396053936this; Navy stopped enforcement against SEALS, and USMC stopped chapters like last week. But the White House is not going to say shit about it, since it makes them look bad.

>>396045138I hope iran nukes greater isreal out of existence. total aryan victory.

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>>396055572inb4>NOOOOOOO that means you're a spic!! I love Ukraine!

>>396043059>hey, should we follow the USMC's incredibly successful recruitment model of presenting the US military as a respectable, masculine, traditional institution of hardcore warriors?>nah lol let's alienate any decent person who would want to join by allowing tranny freaks and homosexuals into the military, lowering the standards for women and niggers to succeed, pushing woke garbage onto soldiers, and forcing them to take the vax which is insanely unpopular among our traditional recruitment base of conservative males>wtf why does nobody want to join anymore???

>>396053937>They need to be first in line in the draft,you know that's not happening. They'll narrative shift 540° & portray the white man the savior of the day again & rub zogbots ego. They'll be joining en masse as the browning of the nation accelerates & they die off in foreign lands.

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>>396053863america was practically the last country in the west to allow trannies in the military

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>>396054952i love that 3 of the trannies are the same person. nice "collage" there

>>396044879Don't forget all the food plant fires and shut downs. Wouldn't be surprised at this point. Kikes would love nothing more than to rush underground, wait until all the whites are dead and then enslave what's left, from their DUMBs. They definitely have a subterranean city at this point.

>>396043059Weren't soldiers paid obscene amounts of money in WW1/WW2? Why are soldiers getting paid less than a burger flipper to get blown apart nowadays?

>>396043059>A separate base will be equipped for them, where they will be specially trained for service.There's going to be a Tard Division?

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>>396043941Loving the Russian humor, fren.

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>>396047319Nah, military have been spoiled with fit white rednecks recruits who needed little to know "tweaking". The gig is up and they need to actually build the morons from ground up. No biggie, commie block had 2 year military service for the longest time. Enough time to build ANYONE (less low IQ handicap LOL)

>>396043315Get out, loser nobody.

>>396043059and it will get worse until the faggots, trannies, and women are expelled from the service.

>>396048445Might wanna check your math there, "Chad"

>>396043672CIA makes it too easyyou are literally useless

>>396043059>Only 23% of young Americans are fitthis has been true for decades now>Of the fit, only 9% want to servegee I wonder why

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>>396052811“At least we’re not speaking german”


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>>396045168follow the yellow brick road

>>396044879An actual invasion seems like the worst choice for them when they're already winning peacefully through control of the media, academia, banks, and via banks all public companies. Why create a chaotic situation where some white people would have an excuse to actually do something to prevent their erasure?

>>396054955You literally just responded to him tho?


>>396046421based test poster

>>396059061My father was a full bird colonel and he would argue they are all tard divisions

>>396043330You'd be surprised how many can't even get an entry level score on the ASVAB, a test that used to be considered a joke is now a filter. Not only getting fatter and unhealthier but also dumber at an accelerating rate.

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>>396070003My thinking is maybe there actually IS too much too fast where 5-10% of traditional America is just not going to go along. I dunno. Or just IF that happens the nation has crippled projection power

Anyone has the russian version of pic related?

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>>396072412Why not both sons?

>>396043941>Have a problem>Don't care about it/ignore it/blame other people for it>No longer have a problem

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>>396043059>>396043315Simply does not matter.. human soldiers are replaceable. Very costly to do so, but replaceable.

>>396074377Also and even better for the US, those that do WANT to join usually end up being some of the best soldiers out in the field. True with any other government agency.

>>396043315This. If we had a good army we would use it to ignore the border crisis and start neocon wars we don't know how to end.

>>396043330>literally everything is Russians

If the pay is shit, the job is shit, and the benefits negligible why would anyone join? With most states moving to offer free college there is no point in joining the military anymore except for free healthcare, a benefit that is wasted on healthy people. Either the military increases pay above commercial wages or they must automate. This is especially overdue for the Navy - replace all guns with EM weapons and begin replacing most planes with UAVs that do not have the physical fitness requirements manned aircraft require.All of this was forseen over two decades ago. It was the basis for the failed Zumwalt program. Perhaps the Navy's bean counter should have taken that thing more seriously, because if they had successfully implemented the Zumwalt's ideas across the whole fleet then yoy labor requirements would decline to a sustainable level.

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>>396043059The US weaponozed patriotism in the early 2000's...anyone who questioned the war in Iraq was singled out. Many white males (easily the most patriotic citizens) signed up to die for 2 bullshit wars.Now for political expediency these same patriotic white males are being labeled as nationist extremists and muh "biggest domestic threat to democracy".In my eyes this betrayal is unforgivable but now they will look to this demographic to fill these enlistment gaps. I hope no whites go to fight for that disgusting institution. Let the shitskins die in their interventions for once.

>>396074945This problem exists in commercial industry too. Fact is most transportation jobs can and will be automated. By 2050 all US ports will be full auto cranes, most trains will be unmanned drones, and all semi trucks will come with self-driving modes. These technologies must be aggressively adopted if the military wants to remain relevant. Which it of course will, what commander wouldn't want a bunch of self-driving tanks and logistics vehicles? But it also requires full electrification of all military equipment, and the use of standard power generation devices in place of vehicle-specific engines.

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>>396074947>Many white males (easily the most patriotic citizens) signed up to die for 2 bullshit wars.A bullshit comment. Most of the enlistees were browns especially illegal aliens who were all given special visas just to immigrate and drive trucks in Iraq. Nobody in the armed forces ever thought they were white nationalists, when half the boots can't even speak english fluently. The rest of your comment is funny because what is this, the 1980s? The US government has made it exceedingly clear racism isn't allowed in the armed forces since Vietnam, because they needed niggers enlisting voluntarily to fight there.


>>396045880I hope his boat sinks.


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Won't fight for his country, won't work just complain. I'm getting white fatigue man. Just roll over and die already desu.

>>396076016Based ladyboy.

>>396043059>Join the military so you can witness horrible things while richfags enslave your family

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>>396075389>A bullshit comment. Most of the enlistees were browns especially illegal aliens who were all given special visas just to immigrate and drive trucks in Iraq. Read my comment again and try to comprehend if you can. If browns were being coerced or incentivized to sign up for citizenship then they would not be a portion of the people that I was referring to now would they? .... e.g. those who signed up for patriotic reasons in case your not following.Do you dispute the statement I made that you quoted...that "many" whites signed up for this reason?>Nobody in the armed forces ever thought they were white nationalists, when half the boots can't even speak english fluently. No idea what this means or how it relates to my comment.>The rest of your comment is funny because what is this, the 1980s? The US government has made it exceedingly clear racism isn't allowed in the armed forces since Vietnam, because they needed niggers enlisting voluntarily to fight there.Again WTF does this have to do with what I said. I am saying the same patriotic based impetus that white males had to serve their country (and that was being, shall we say encouraged by the government at the time) is now the very quality that is being used to villianize white males....unless you missed it when some of your own politicians referred to flag waving as symbolic of the growing "nationalist" threat.

>>396076935>some of your own politicians referred to flag waving as symbolic of the growing "nationalist" threatwhomst has done that? besides angela merkel, of course

>>396043672>THIS.>>Don't you have a war to lose Vlad? Worry about your own deserting army LOL.>>396043330>Russian demoralization thread >Sage and report>>>/k/>>>Holla Forumsuhg

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>>396043059ah yes, not signing up for the WOKE military to fight for homosexuality in ukraine is what is putting america in danger.

>>396043059russians are so fucking gay. go join the army then retard, everyone in volunterr military is usually a dead beat moron who couldnt do anything productive with their life. fucking russian retard go die in some shithole for your jewish masters

>>396043059so what's Espers plan to combat goyslop? Does he name the jew?


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>>396043059OH SAY CAN YOU SHART!!!

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>>396043315>>396044950You have it backwards brothers. America is her people; the United States is a nation overthrown long ago and replaced by international elements. Long live America.For the subject at hand--a draft would be devastating to the nation. I know plenty of people that are ambivalent about the current state of the union, but would turn against the government in an instant if forced into service or to work for the government in any mandatory capacity. I certainly don't claim to have any knowledge anyone else doesn't, but at my best estimates, I believe we're probably a decade off from the civil war going hot. We're already fighting it, but we're in the hearts and minds stages right now. Force a draft though and citizens start lighting up government forces within a couple years. There is simply no love for the government left in this nation and they are making a grievous misjudgment if they think there's any significant will left in the people to keep the union together.Forget all the propaganda, the misinformation, the lies and subterfuge--ignore the intentional attempts to silence or alter the voice of the American people. I speak the best that I can for my brothers. We are proud of what we have built and accomplished; we love our brothers despite the propaganda designed to wedge us apart into manageable groups. We praise our forefathers for their foresight in developing the nation that they did. But we also recognize that somewhere along the way we were invaded and conquered. Silently but effectively they replaced our nation with their own and have been subjugating us since. It is the uneasy truth Americans only speak of in private but everyone is aware of. There is a mixed belief that the government is either too incompetent to realize how little support for them is actually left amongst the people, or that they do know and are simply buying time to delay the inevitable. Either way, a day is coming when America will meter judgement against them.

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>>396043059That's why they design weapon systems like the Javelin that even fat retards can operate.

>>396049311hispanic dads get drunk and rape their family members you dumb retard. You don't want them around a half caste.

Fuck the joosa

>>396074527Your military is regularly beaten in wargames by far smaller nations so this doesn't track at all, also you could argue that America has never won a war on their own and even then the last war they won as a participant was WW2.Now that the US is losing global economic hegemony and is ruled by a bunch of negros and Jews things will sharply decline, you're already showing signs of being South Africa 2.0.

>>396086693>Your military is regularly beaten in wargames by far smaller nations so this doesn't track at allSo you just decided to reply without fully comprehending what I said? Also, do you know what "wargames" are, user? You should know we setup wargames with you bongs on a daily basis and get our asses beat..

>>396046520Got a source champ?

>>396043059>The rest do not pass due to obesity, mental problems or drug addictionor in other words, due to being average gringos

>>396045217>boost in IQNo. You’re advocating for lowering IQ via dysgenic reproduction, this is exactly what is being done to this country.

>>396089673no, the cross is through sperm donation only. so it is eugenic.