They want you to believe these were temporary plaster buildings constructed in 6 months

They definitely were not the remains of a lost civilization they needed an excuse to demolish. >When the Panama-Pacific International Exposition opened in 1915, San Francisco looked fabulous: Bedecked with ornate, European-inspired architecture and an array of technological wizardry, the city resumed its role as a West Coast powerhouse less than a decade after near-total destruction. >

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Other urls found in this thread:>Several

>>396038447>They want you to believe infinite-energy is impossible>>395999024 >Clean>Unlimited>Novel>Nuclear>Energy>>395999024 >Free NRG?It's NR-SHE!

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>>396038447they where out of wood and only surface plastered.

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>>396039471kek, that guy in the bottom left.


>>396038447Umm..How are those pillars in the fountains glowing like that?

>>396038447Jon Levi does some great research on all the world's fairs and old buildings. It's actually laughable the explanations on the old buildings especially in US in most cities how they were constructed in 1-2 years in many cases.

>>396045135You could build buildings that fast back when you you didn’t have building inspectors constantly up your ass about the numbers of doorknobs and faucets and ventilation shafts in each room.

>>396044774Lights shining on them and a long exposure.

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>>396038447Americans built this around 1875, mexico paid for the construction and then took it to mexico city.Not all were demolished

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>>396039070C.U.N.N.E !?! uhhhhhhhouuuggghh

There's extremely intricate architecture around the entire globe in places that very evidently never would have constructed it and only somehow mysteriously maintain.

>>396045135This. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about architecture or even construction. But I do know "history books say this lavish, expansive half-mile long cathedral was built in eighteen months" is hilarious when I can drive down town and see the same fractionally sized complex being worked on four years later and not even being half done. I'm not going to make claims about history being fake, about these being ancient buildings, anything like that. I am going to laugh and call a bunch of people retarded for not thinking the supposed consensus just sounds dumb though.

Woh look at this a documentary on Chicago's world fair showing is construction.Too bad all you schizoid will refuse to watch it and change your mind. you'd prefer this video explaining the simple methods used by one man to build the coral this proof and other proof that will inevitably be posted in this thread won't just be ignored.

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Three hundred years of frog in a fog.Made a fucking bog of Everything.But nothing new under the sun!

>>396045135US is a harbour of two major World civilizations that were killed like this one now is being killed and will be again forgoten.They were essentially world wide, Europe was always it but it was in US as well.

>>396053037Care to explain anything about them?

>>396038447holy shit, the palace of fine arts is back from demolition, everyone run!

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>>396046325Not when you don't have power tools dumb cunt, even making these out of wood stick and lathe and plaster would take a long ass time. Not to mention the size of some of these buildings, the domes, arches, towers and spires would just fucking fall apart without being made of something more substantial, especially the first time there was a decent rain or they got some snow loading.

>>396053125They were like all before hand.Some make it further down tech line before balance is too much out of order and they are killed.We are now greatly out of balance, but less advanced technologically then he previous one, All previous ones, which there were minimum five that we can grasp from here, but most likey too many to count.Two in US, one was ancient, advanced, as ancient as the indian wars,.The other one was advanced, I think and based on Zero evidence, thwt the second one had managed to seclude itself from the world when the rest fell and keep power longer, but it too was leveled like it always happens regardless of who becomes secluded.Frankly I belive in US, Americas the archeological rivhes can only be matched to Europe, some part of Europe that is and puts Egypt to Shame of Syria or others...I think bebeath our feet lies secrets of one of the greatest most advanced Civilization that we ever managed to build technologically especially before we went into a mad destruction.I think that what we percieve as external factors had something to do with fucking it up.I think it's remains are hideen all the way to India, Tibet, China, Arctic, and here... and that mountains hide shit we cant even begin to imagine.Dont ask ehy because I dont knowz but thats what I believe.It sounds mad but I feel it herr, literaly, it's engraved in the land.Not to mention Americas were.populated by Europeans before we were told, and that this cycle alone had more advanced clusters hidden, caal secret societies, and records errased and tampered with All the Time.Ultimetly, I cant explain it.No source per say!Sorry.

>>396053366Each fair built at least 1 permanent building.

>>396052313don't ruin it

>>396054140Trust me, that post won't ruin anything. LolIt will be deliberately ignored. These threads always go the exact same way

>>396052313Not only did Edward Leedskalin Build coral castle. He moved if from it's original location. He wrote books too. Cyphers and all.

>>396052313Good video on Chicago, very nice... Was the Museum of Science and Industry built out of wood and Stucco too?Was the 35 track train station also temporary? there was a fire that consumed the place, which main sources claim was 'arson'...

>>396054128>The Field Museum of Natural History (FMNH), also known as The Field Museum, is a natural history museum in Chicago, Illinois, and is one of the largest such museums in the world.[4] The museum is a popular natural-history museum for the size and quality of its educational and scientific programs,[5][6] as well as due to its extensive scientific-specimen and artifact collections.[7] The permanent exhibitions,[8] which attract up to two million visitors annually, include fossils, current cultures from around the world, and interactive programming demonstrating today's urgent conservation needs.[9][10] The museum is named in honor of its first major benefactor, the department-store magnate Marshall Field. The museum and its collections originated from the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition and the artifacts displayed at the fair.[11]the field museum is also from the world's fair. The Japanese tea gardens are also still present from the 1893 world's fair

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>>396054593Don't forget the MASSIVE concrete foundations, the canals and lakes, and the fountains/waterworks

>>396038447What happened to it?

>>396038447They are/were Phoenician(aka Israelite) architecture. Destroyed Khazarian Maphia tp hide Truth so that everyone would call them 'Jews'

>>396055812They demolished the buildings almost immediately after the fairs ended.

>>396038447Leftists hate beauty because it's othering to ugly shits.I hate leftists because they hate beauty.

>>396052313If they could fake a global pandemic in the 2020's they could fake the construction of buildings in the 1890's.

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>>396059166I agree, because that's what they did. Built fake buildings. Lol

>>396052313>Woh look at this a documentary on Chicago's world fair showing is construction.>Too bad all you schizoid will refuse to watch it and change your mind.The documentary hardly includes any real details. Just a few sketches and one or 2 photographs of the construction. It just sounds all so unbelievable. Over 600 acres of swampland were reclaimed and turned into a massive fair with incredible Roman architecture in no time before machinery was used.

>>396038447I don't even understand the point of making different types of architecture. If we White people already achieved perfection hundreds of years ago, just still with it. Get your ugly modern architecture the fuck out of here. It's depressing.

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>>396052313A comment on that Chicago video>"One time I found these old high school science class videos on YouTube from the early 1950s and what they were learning was college level and much more advanced than our schooling here today. The comments were full of Americans in shock saying they felt robbed of an education. We haven't progressed, we are moving backwards. Our ancestors were much more educated than us. What went wrong? Nobody invents anything anymore, Americans were the greatest inventors, well if you seen these videos youd see why. Anyone reading this needs to ask themselves, what kind gov pits it's people against eachother and doesn't want them to succeed? Well generally that happens when you are under a foreign occupation and maybe don't even know it."

>>396061961It's funny how "easy" it was for these buildings to be constructed hundreds of years ago. According to the experts, all engineering problems were always solved with a surplus of laborers (or slaves in the case of the Pyramids).

>>396039070>They want you to believe infinite-energy is impossibleAnd to them it's "for good reason." The problem with infinite-energy devices is that some work and they are considered too dangerous to allow in the hands of humans living on a crowded planet like Earth. LENR or cold fusion technology is an entry level example of this problem. The problem with LENR is successful transmutation. You understand what that means politically. If you admit it's possible to transform 1000lb of x+y (note I didn't just say x) to make 1000lb of plutonium, obviously if you can transmute to produce dangerous isotopes then that's a problem. The only thing that holds back the use of nukes is the difficulty to refine targeted isotopes. The first thing that stops people from transmuting elements is a fundamental misunderstanding of the atom down to it's components. So encouraging garbage textbook models and truthy science spokesmen... Hint hint, neutrons are bullshit. Also there are a few forms "unknown" slow moving electromagnetic like radiation that turns probably nine hundred and eleven or so different materials to dust.The second thing stopping people is probably active interference with developers, open source honeypots, social media and company tracking. LENR is an amazing industry but you'll either be discredited by hell bent "true believers in science", or you'll "unexpectedly die" or you're offered to "take a deal" like where you & your crew magically get US passports & money, yet decide to quietly shut down your golden goose of a company. If you're given a deal, I suggest you take it. Or if you want to stay out of that game, I suggest you do your research in private. But you see the problem. And it's not just LENR. We're surrounded by a sea of particles most of which is out of phase with us except a few "virtual" particles. But you can tap into that sea as well, with possibly dangerous consequences. The problem is the water get's deep fast.

>>396061320It includes more than that. You should actually watch it.There was definitely machinery back then too.And yes the feat seems impossible by today's standards, but that's not because it was impossible. It's because jews have destroyed beauty and wonder to the point that the world is now almost devoid of it and people don't have any idea what they are truly capable of anymore.

>>396062292Based and truth pilled>>396062363You're almost realizing the right realizations

>>396038447death to kikes

>>396038447They have destroyed so much of our historyPic related, our society isn't real.Did we loose WW1, WW2, or the cold war?

>>396038447They have destroyed so much of our historyPic related, our society isn't real.Did we loose WW1, WW2, or the cold war?Forgot pic

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>>396038447>>396039471>>396046654thisit never was american culture, just american goyslop, european architecture in goyform plaster format used as entertainment and a novelty item

>>396062292whites have degenerated, plain and simpleblaming da joos or niggers is pure cope denial

>>396038447World Fair was just a fair and not some kind of lost civilization, user... Stop watching Jon Levi videos. Man is bonkers.>>396038447

>>396064806It doesn't cover everything, technically its only one world fair, it doesn't cover the St. Louis Fair which was THREE TIMES LARGER. It doesn't cover the fairs in south america,And its funny that you are ignoring all the other points around these places. Do you address the crystal palace? The universal destruction of these places by 'arson'?You're ignoring the glaring problem with the narrative, these places are destroyed at a loss, or often deliberately . For what reason?

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>>396052313who gives a fuck about the coral castle, that coral stone can be cut with a wood saw thats hardly impressivealso you worlds fair video is disappointed it didn't show a damn thing about its construction, why are you such a faggot?

Just don't ask questions guys, stay asleep.

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>>396070899eh, it did show some construction, driving the wooden foundation, framing and some plastering. But it didn't cover the "permanent" structures, or the main statue. Or the destruction and cost.

>>396047663I hope it's kept in good shape, buildings of the past and the tech that went into them are simply taken for granted now. Plus if it's an old world's fair building that's even more cool.

>>396071268time stamp? I blasted through that bitch at 2x speed and didn't see any of that in the video

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>>396039070It's simply the harnessing of static electricity: stick a pole in the ground, and erect an antenna into the air... put some capacitors (cathedrals) in between.

>>396038447OMG I can't believe people were able to construct temporary buildings in just 6 months, must have been the remains of a lost civilization that materialized over night!JFC Zoomies are retarded.

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>>39607139227-30 min.

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>>396039471Why is there a naked dude in the foreground of this picture? Dead center

>>396068175>>396071755Memeflags derailing discussion, weird huh?

>>396054855>Massive neoclassical building standing alone in a treeless, grassless wastelandI can see why Tartarianiggers get so worked up over this shit. It's a very uncanny image.

>>396071755Logistically you cannot, fabricate, transport, and install all the glass necessary for the Crystal Palace in 6 months TODAY. Let alone in the 1850's.

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>>396072304Wasn't a lot of that fabricated on site?

>>396072211You could argue its just construction, but there are old world places that look the same.>pic relthe people just don't fit in

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>>396072431>the people just don't fit inTell me about it

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>>396072366153,000 sq meters of glass.>cylinder glass, 4'x6'80 glaziers installed 18,000 panes in one week.ALL of the glass had to be done in 4 months.the WHOLE palace was built in 39 weeks...

>>396072304>Logistically you cannot, fabricate, transport, and install all the glass necessary for the Crystal Palace in 6 months TODAY. Let alone in the 1850' your country is such a shithole

There was a similar palace in NY, but it burned down in 1858.>how do glass and steel burn?>how did the fire start?nm, don't ask questions

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>>396053971I've researched some of this and it appears the official history timeline is completely made up. It's possible we are basically only in the year 600 A.D. I wouldn't be surprised if the idea of the USA was made up and no revolutionary war ever fought. If there was a secluded advanced society living in North America, perhaps they took them out and the had all kinds of migrants come over here from Europe. That would be why they had to cover up all the leftover buildings. It's such a rabbit hole to go down. Boggles your mind to realize everything is a lie.

tartaria is so fake and its clear these people have never heard of the chicago worlds fair or read about it

>>396073161ad hominem, you didn't address the point>meanwhile under france...

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>>396073705>tartaria is so fake

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>>396071289The craftsmanship of old is taken for granted yet very few people can hand craft such things. The attention of details in the constructions of old is astonishing and it paints a clear picture of the level of skill the artisans had back in the day.

People often underestimate just what you can build with wood. Pic related.

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>>396073934That shit square block was built with plywood (did not exist more than half a century or so ago), power saws, drills, impact drivers, electric/air/gas nail guns, cranes, trucks, man lifts and all fucking sorts of shit.

>>396074311Except this

Take the Chopinpill, Tartary was the final ethnostate that built the world and America. They killed it because Lucifer ordered God's creation to be removed.Welcome to hell.

>>396072431>the people just don't fit in>>396072741That's because the people who built this stuff were a lot bigger and smarter than us.

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>>396072304Maybe not with how jewed and pozed and diverse our current society is, but we absolutely have the infrastructure to do that technically now I think. I agree though, the whole "all this crazy architecture we built in the early industrial age just for the lulz" of the official history just doesn't add up.>"yeah, all the ancient cultures of the world were just building these massive, perfectly engineered, cosmically aligned, impossible to construct today pyramids and megaliths to be buried in, and perform sacrifices and stuff. crazy right?Same vibes for sure.

The Mud Flood and Tartary is just the final redpill.This is past the Jews and the Jesuits - this is what they removed. This is how they are now in power, they killed it - all of it and history is now altered to their likings.

>>396070383There are other documentaries for other fairs. I haven't watched them so can't comment. You could also look to a library they're are books that are better then the videos. These places weren't destroyed by arson. They were temporary buildings that were demolished in the typical fashion when it came time for them to be demolished.Perhaps you're referring to almost all the major cities being burnt down and rebuilt around the turn of the century?As for your last statement, do you not understand that they weren't permanent buildings? There is actually one small temporary building from one of the world's fairs that was left standing. I forget which of the top of my head, but look it up. It lasted a surprisingly long time, but not forever because it was just made out of wood and stucco.>>396070899You're a liar, so there. >>396071268It's been a while since I watched, but I remember it showing demolition. And what do you mean it didn't show the cost? >>396071482Cool gif>>396072014I would guess he was swimming in the canal?>>396072304See>>396064806Or>>396062292

ITT, people who have zero experience with any kind of manual construction jobs will tell you that it is impossible to lift a straight wall or draw a rectangle without advanced software and laser tools...

>>396074789>5'10 vs 6'

>>396073728zomg there's sewers under France???


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Something needs to be done about this shit, a forum and a 4chan thread plus Jon Levi won't do as much.

>>396073818It's fake in the same way "we wuz kangz" is fake. Niggers existed, they just didn't create every impressive thing in the world. >>396074311Your ignorance of the truth does not change the truth. >>396074849But they aren't impressive to build today. I guess in a way they are, building that way is literally illegal now, and our education has intentionally been dumbed down, many people argue that the coral castle is impossible. Yet I've linked a video very thoroughly explaining exactly how 1 man cut, quarried, lifted, assembled, deconstructed, moved and reconstructed the entire thing by himself and at night.JUST BECAUSE YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND HOW IT WAS DONE DOES NOT MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE. The above is exactly the goal of the jews.

>>396074862>all of it and history is now altered to their likingsProof of this exists. And shills can go fuck themselves.Verification not

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>>396075293Imagine America became a monarchy, shit like that would had been squares to this day

>>396071116The great mud flood

>>396073705>tartaria is so fake

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>>396075293America really could have been so great.

>>396075550America belongs to Quebec. Notice the Fleur de Lys next to the American Flag in the picture.

(((They))) are hiding so much from us all. It's just not what most of you think they're hiding.

>It was all just wood and plaster, goy

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>>396075449say nigger right now and i'll believe you.

>>396038447I'm sure these plaster buildings are stronger than the homes built today in gentrifying neighborhoods.

>>396076487Shut the fuck up you kike-faggot. Ebro knows the nigger-word is a no-no

>>396077099Check my doobs and forgive my phone posting.

>>396038447Pretend I'm a retard and have no functioning limbs and therefore have to be spoonfed. Can a kindly user give me a fairly concise QRD on this post, I have amended a thread like this on pol years ago. T.I.A

>>396077761Read my posts in this thread. The 1st one specifically

396075131for a shill you're pretty dumb.No (You) for you

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>>396076756one of the small plaster dome buildings was left after one of the fairs. it stood a surprisingly long time before.longer than many of the houses being built now.

>>396077761>summer of 1893>chicago worlds fair>like an old-time tech convention but it's four months because commercial airlines aren't around yet>white man builds big convention center as a temporary place to host a giant fair>white man built it just to last for a few months>it looks bad-ass>world's fair ends>white man tears it down>120 years later mongrels cry about muh lost history because in all honesty modern architecture sucks donkey dick

"IT">inb4 South Park

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Attached: 1660489269416890.jpg (1600x1320, 231.42K)

Notice how they had to install smaller doors and fill in the top space? Gee, i wonder why the doorways were built so tall and the ceilings were so high...

Attached: Somerset-County-Courthouse-Pennsylvania.jpg (1536x1536, 1.51M)

>>396038447Nope this is a communist pysop to deny your own history. If you truly did you own research instead of watching tiktok videos you would quickly learn this.

>>396078513da nefylim?

Attached: giant2.jpg (504x783, 101.31K)

>>396071482That is pretty impressive and all but why would they build a whole city on a lake?

>>396078513yes, let me just assert that the doors were bigger with no proof, while I ignore the size of the stairs.You retarded niggers love to make the door argument, but you never ever consider the stairs, or the internal doors. you see some big ass doors on the front of the building and your retarded nigger brain concludes the only possible answer is "we wuz giants an shi"

>>396078594Their descendants, i suppose

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Attached: 1653675032193.jpg (2528x8284, 3.88M)

>>396077948Thanks. The gist I'm getting is at the turn of the last century feats of architecture were being built but were soon torn down inexplicably? There is still many examples of fine art in architecture throughout England that make me look at in awe of our predecessors capabilities. I still am not sure that's what you're alluding to, I think you American posters have been around us English too long as some of yous are very sarcastic. Apologies if that's not the case here, as I said, I'm a bit of a retard

>>396053665You can make all sorts of stuff with just carpentry was any of this stuff particularly tall?


>>396074789imagine the smell of those big niggers

>>396072014the naked man clearly wearing a white shirt?>Several Native American tribes, all separated by some distance, have a similar legend: that a race of white giants once walked the Earth but were eventually wiped out. These are the legends.>Chief Rolling Thunder of the Comanches, a Great Plains tribe, once gave the following account of a race of white giants in 1857:>Innumerable moons ago, a race of white men, 10 feet high, and far more rich and powerful than any white people now living, here inhabited a large range of country, extending from the rising to the setting sun. Their fortifications crowned the summits of the mountains, protecting their populous cities situated in the intervening valleys.>They excelled every other nation which was flourished, either before or since, in all manner of cunning handicraft—were brave and warlike—ruling over the land they had wrested from its ancient possessors with a high and haughty hand. Compared with them the palefaces of the present day were pygmies, in both art and arms.>The Navajo also spoke of a race of white giants, called the Starnake people. Their legend describes them as a "regal race of white giants endowed with mining technology who dominated the West, enslaved lesser tribes, and had strongholds all through the Americas. They were either extinguished or 'went back to the heavens.

Attached: BigCities.jpg (3400x2904, 3.27M)

>>396080385I am saying that the jews, or whoever you want to blame, inebriated destroyed those magnificent buildings, and inebriated made regulations and dumbed down education so that we could not continue building magnificent buildings. The reason for this is that if you grow up surrounded by magnificence or will inspire you. You simply look around and are constantly reminded of what you and others are capable of. If you're surrounded by shitty ugly modern architecture you are not only not inspired, but you are disheartened (I've been up a while, can't think of the proper word to put there).A population that does not know what they are capable of is much easier to control. They have accomplished their goal so thoroughly that you end up with people like the ones on this thread, who look at things from the past and are forced to assume that aliens, or giants, or some other mystical thing is responsible for them because they've been so demoralized that the idea of people building them is more outlandish than aliens and shit.

>>396081093Fuck me and fuck autocorrect

>>396081200phoneposting should be a bannable offense.

>>396080599checked and kekked as i had considered that

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Peace out faggots. Hope my posts helped enlighten at least one of you.

>>396082923later homo, i already knew about all this but I do love this kind of threads.

>>396046654Yeah, most of the construction was fake shit like this. Some buildings were permanent though. Look at the STL World's Fair in 1904. A lot of those buildings are still standing, despite the continued degeneration of St Louis

>>396064661>If you're given a deal, I suggest you take it. Or if you want to stay out of that game,200 iq postSome people are here for the purpose of developing it, because maybe they had it but they lose it. Someone needs to have it

>>396044774>>396046654it's lightbulbs bro. you can see it's covered in hundreds of lightbulbs if you look close. there are better pictures too.

Attached: 1612031620582.jpg (975x480, 106.45K)

>>396038447>They want you to believe these were temporary plaster buildings constructed in 6 monthsimpossible

Attached: gates of babylon.jpg (1280x1046, 314.66K)

>>396083659oh wait

Attached: The-Gates-of-Babylon-set-from-D.W.-Griffith’s-“Intolerance”-at-Sunset-and-Hollywood-Boulevards-Los-Feliz-1916.jpg (640x374, 71.78K)

>why yes of course goy, there was a period where humans of our size made ridiculously large books that were too heavy to carry

Attached: giant-books.jpg (640x360, 41.22K)

These fairs were a celebration of the globe lie and the destruction of the old world. One last peek before it was gone forever.

>>396084047Art project bud

>>396084315>there were definitely no giants goyim

Attached: giantbook1.jpg (618x540, 92.56K)

>sure, it's 300 years old, but it's just an art project, goy

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Attached: choirbook3.jpg (800x481, 91.43K)


Attached: choirbook4.jpg (800x540, 127.73K)

>>396073497The Silent Generation were the young children of the previous Great Reset.


Attached: choirbook5.jpg (710x540, 104.58K)

>>396071116There is 100 Tons of space debris falling to earth every day.


Attached: choirbook6.jpg (800x534, 89.76K)

>>396084719>space is definitely a real place goyim


Attached: 1659856464611602m.jpg (891x1024, 196.11K)

>>396084401>thaaaat's right goy, there definitely weren't

Attached: giant-femur.jpg (575x975, 366.27K)

>>396061961imagine having to clean that shit though

Attached: giant-mongol.jpg (750x701, 87.47K)

>>396084573People 300 years ago were shitposters like they are now. Imagine inviting some noble men around and you show them your giant book. Much keks would be had

>>396083659i'm unfamiliar with this image.where and when pleaseoh wait>>396083693lol>>396084573because people weren't making art 300 years ago?the books are intriguing though, and there are several things I've found that don't ad up and can't seem to be explained by the narrative.


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>>396084812I suspect this is very close to the truth. Likely an advanced, civilized "hybrid" version of humanity. The type that might not be interested in weapons and going to war and therefore was vulnerable to the ruthless Cabal. I do wonder if the founding of the United States was merely a tool to cover up the fall of their empire. A way of taking over where they left off. Most of the people who came to the US were immigrants who wouldn't have known any better. Most stories of the Revolution sound more like tall tales than the truth.Imagine if Washington DC was originally a city from these people that they took over and added all their symbology and the Obelisk and then destroyed their other cities under the guise of these world fairs. Truly tragic what must have really happened. And it's likely a fate that will happen to us. I doubt future generations will know what really caused the mass extinction. They will be told all sorts of lies. You must consider that the official narrative of history is 90% fabricated. To even begin to understand what really happened, you should start asking why did they say that such an event happened. What were their ulterior motivations behind it?


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>>396085248I don’t know why this was so funny to me.

>>396061320They had steam shovels.

>>396070383Sounds like Jewish lightning for the fires. They were white elephants after the fairs were over for the most part.

>>396078849because an eaglr was sitting there on a cactee and ate a snake. simple

>>396062292exactly this. I've watched the decline of education in my short time here, which is longer than most of you. You just don't know how much we're losing to the jew's diversity drives. I mean most schools don't even have individual desks anymore, it's all groupwork tables for 4-6 to sit at and share their work.Groupwork is the best way for no one to learn properly.

>>396061961>>396061961>I don't even understand the point of making different types of architecture. If we White people already achieved perfection hundreds of years ago, just still with it. Get your ugly modern architecture the fuck out of here. It's depressing.user, if you study art history it becomes more apparent, at least up until post-modernism and brutalism. You say whites achieved perfection hundreds of years ago, but can you even name the era of which you speak. There are basically three high points near each other, but the subtle differences show you how things changed. There was the art at the high point of the Renaissance, which was based and pretty much perfect from a mathematical/golden mean perspective. But after a certain amount of time, just having something look "perfect" becomes boring. So people add various flourishes and put more emotion into the architecture and thus Renaissance style morphed into Baroque style. Then they got bored with the darker more heavy themes of Baroque, and started making gay little fluorishes and used lighter colors and called it RoccocoAll three of those styles might seem indistinguishable to someone but they have clear differences. Then Rococo morphed into NeoClassical, which is what most US buildings in the 1800s are based on. And then Neoclassical turned into Art Noveau and Art Deco in the late 1800s through the 1940s. Then everything has been kind of shit since then. Frankly, I think you can make the argument that everything from Renaissance era all the way up through Art Deco could be "perfect". It's only in the past 80 years that we adopted shit taste

>>396071482>dude lets drain the lake and build a metropolis on the lakebed nothing can go wrong

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>>396073818Damnit our clothes are so shit now.


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>>396038447That's the whole point of an expo, though? To do show off things, like recreating Babylon by facade, or building Crystal Palace. Because they're not built to last, you can sidestep the demand for architectural longevity.If they were built by Ayys or whatever and we dug them out of the muc, why did we tear them down after one interntaional exhibition?

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>>396074789Trick photography


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>>396086468>show off your discovery to the world>jews shut it downMany such cases.

>>396086468The Crystal Palace is very interesting, wonder why there aren't any left standing

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>>396053971Good fucking post.Perhaps you can feel it because you remember, or part of you remembers.I, too, remember.Below our feet reside wonders indeed, but it's the horrors that we should concern ourselves with, and they are legion.>blood is the food of the gods below>any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

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Are you familiar with skyscapers? They put up a lot more glass than that in 6 months. They had glass rolling user this is the 1850s.

>>396086858It's an expo though, and an international one, at which people from all over the world were invited. If they wanted to loot a new discovery and keep it for themselves, they went about it all the wrong ways.>>396087146Too expensive to keep clean, heated and functional, most likely. This is the Great Palm House in Kew Gardens, built in 1844 and is still eminently functional. It's a scaled version of smaller hot houses that are dotted all over the UK when people became obsessed with them. You used to find them in hospitals and other public buildings. They are heated by giant ceramic pipes with hot water flowing through them. They don't require anything other than the will and the money to make them, something we decided we no longer require.

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>>396074311Plywood existed during Roman times...The Scutum shields were in fact plywood. Was it industrially produced in a peeler mill? No, but plywood has been around a lot longer than the fucking 1970s retard. The standard 4x8 sheet is nearly 100 years old and it's older than that in different bespoke sizes.Schizos spend all their fucking time being right it pisses me off. No matter how delusional their shit that's where all their time goes. It's the end game of narcissism.

>>396075525Yeah that couldn't be commemorating something that took that much time, an anniversary. Must be a missing fucking millennium.

>>396081093Exactly what this user said and it should be a fucking pasta any time this kike demoralizing shit comes up. There wasn't some magical land or mud flood, Jews just ruined everything in the past hundred years.

>>396087923I would be honored if you, or anyone corrected my retard grammar and turned it into pasta

>>396087269>>396087580>>396087734>>396087923It's time for your scheduled booster shots bruh.

>>396082923Sleep tight, niggerfaggot.

We should create an organization of free men, who are also masons, we can call it something like... the freemasons, yeah, that has a nice ring to it.

>>396075525> On Google Earth, you can see how they added a n M next to the D... and it's a compressed thinner version because a normal sized M would have looked out of place. >Via Santa Brigida, 68, 80132 Napoli NA, Italy

>>396089987>forgot screenshot

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>>396089323What a pathetic retarded faggot you are.


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When did these expositions stop and why? I vaguely remember watching a cartoon that had one episode taking place during a world expo but i can't remember what it was.

>>396090569I bet the Holla Forumslacks of the day were warning about the dangers of the radio and moving images.

>>396090569Too tired to look up specifics; however, these World Fairs were from around the 1890's through the 1910's IIRC. All around the US. There were additional world fairs in the 20's and 30's; however, they were nowhere near spectacular. They look like what you would expect from a fair in the early 1900's. These fairs were different and far more extravagant with the architecture. That's why there's so much focus on them.

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>>396090569They aren't an entirely uncommon refrence. Disney was very connected to the world fairs. A lot of very important people were. There was entire movie made about them in 2015 called Tomorrowland

>>396091189They were WORLD'S fairs. They weren't just in the US

>stop asking questions, goy, and make sure you tune in to your favorite reality shows on your tv

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