This photo is being distributed by Ukraine as a victim of the Russians...

This photo is being distributed by Ukraine as a victim of the Russians.This body with fresh blood and clean ropes was allegedly taken from the grave in Izyum. The body has a pink color, the blood is very fresh. It is obvious that the man was killed quite recently, when the city was already under the Ukrainians. According to local residents, Ukrainians torture and kill local civilians simply for the fact that they took humanitarian aid from Russia or went to work while the city was under Russian control.

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>>396037999How Jewish of you. No wonder everybody hates you.

>>396037999It's no longer a secret to anyone, it's "Bucha 2" to get more money. They don't give you money for nothing, and you want cocaine, you need a good reason. hohol = faggot. hohol, kill hohol.

>>396037999Don’t careThe Ukraine should have agreed to Russia’s demands

every time an orc dies I smike you Russian shit

>>396037999Your soldiers are responsible and one day you will despair for having supported such evil

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>>396037999The US NPC goy public has turned their attention to next thing. The Ukraine-Russia conflict isn't relevant anymore.

>>396039325sliker scamming people is more important than the war.

>>396039216they are ukrainians mostly


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>>396039325This. You faggots are wasting your time. Nobody in the US gives a fuck about either of you but a handful of virtue signaling retards. Save yourselves faggots, no one cares no matter how many stories you tell for either side. Maybe instead of all the bullshit sobstories you should find more men like picrel.

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Do you remember the picture with a bracelet on the arm of a dead man from the graves in Izyum, which flew all over the Ukrainian media?It turned out that it belongs to the slain soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergey Sova. Initially, all military officers and Russian journalists wrote that during the battles for Raisins, Ukraine lost hundreds of its fighters there, while refusing to take the bodies of the dead. And they were buried in that very cemetery, even having crosses on the graves!But political necrophiles from Kiev decided to present it as a genocide of civilians. Well, you understand.

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>>396040779Or them engaging a Russian bmp from the camera footage at that nuclear power plant, or them firing a rocket at a train station. Bring your evidence to the world's stage or fuck off. Nobody gives a shit. Do something about it.

>>396037999This! Besides Sergeant Akhmed Gandonov reported to RT that after bravely inspecting their crevices with his penis they found nationalist tattoos inside their rectums. The west shouldn't be so quick judge before knowing all the facts. Dumb bigots

>>396037999Kill yourself r*ssian faggot.

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>>396037999Same old Jewish tricks. Wouldn't be surprised if there were visible women's or little girls red shoes in the bigger picture.

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>>396042108>Look at the photo we set up and feel guilty until you do what we want you to goyims.Fucking idiot. Learn to pattern recognition these faggots dozen or so manipulation techniques.

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>>396037999it doesn't matter that it is fake. what matters is that you cunts will be blamed for it because putin and his generals are retards

>>396044945Maybe, but Zelinskyy while serving to create second Israel out of the misery of the people the globalist hired him to lead to slaughter has the same problem as Tel Aviv. Nobody believes they are the victim when they do obvious terrorists state bullshit daily.

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I dont care just one side win simple as a drawn out war is fundamentally bad for vatniggers and holhols

it's weird that the OP is implying dead Ukrainians is somehow a bad thingI thought you niggers hated Russians.. I mean what do you think Ukrainians are? They're just Russians lol

>>396037999Mate, you don't get it do you. Most of pol/ couldn't give a fuck about Russia or Ukraine you're a sideshow for the npc's to be enraged about 'the current thing'. In less time than Covid nobody will remember Ukraine or Russia or what even started this shitshow. Meanwhile niggers and third worlders are taking over our countries. We have more important issues on our doorstep than some slavs having a bitch fight.

>>396047537most people don't give a fuck. Even in Russia.People want cheap prices of food and a stable situation. And the situation is not stable because orcs keep invading a country in Europe for fuck all reasons.You're not obliged to care, certainly not beyond wanting it to end asap.BTW I'm not sure UK issues are a good example. You had a massive things aimed at fixing UK, called Brexit. It ended with UK gov passing 1M brown immigrants per year. If something like that backfired, then what are you planning to do?

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>>396037999They're lying fucking kikes, what did you expect?

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>>396037999Also bump and checked.

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>>396048905>through the art of deception thou shalt win

>>396037999Truth doesn't matter, never did and never will. You did it vatniks.

>>396045493>but Zelinskyy while serving to create second Israel

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>>396038551I don't hate him. I hate you though.

>>396037999Source: Dude trust me.Of course, why wouldn't the Ukrainians kill their own people.It's not like they found torture chambers your soldiers left behind, litteral war criminals.

>>396051808>Of course, why wouldn't the Ukrainians kill their own people.AHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHASeriously, is this a bait or you're just really retarded?

>>396039325True, even the /k/ reddit shills/bots have slowly subsided.

>>396048905Wasn’t this from a protest or some shit?

>>396037999Looks like nail polish. Eat dermo, Sergey.

>>396037999Ukraine is a nigger land with savage people.Of course they torture their own.At this point only retards support them

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Russians are pathetic, day of the rope is coming

>>396039325Yeah really, we need to remember what conflict is like, get us out of these bad times created by weak men.

It is interesting how most of the Ukrainians look like vikings. fuck all the bs shills all they have is slander.

>>396054369Lol this aged like absolute shit ahaha. Now Ukrainians are using the highest tech western weapons while russians are forced to use tanks from the 70s and wear helmets and plates from the 80s

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>>396037999based retreating putin and surrendering kharkov rather than just dropping a few hypersonic missiles on the ukrainian caravansbased 450d chess player cuh just like trump 2 more weeks as he loses the presidency

>>396051004Get fucked, Jew. Your children will die

>>396043638The angels wanna wear my red shoes

>>396039241>burnt on the outside>raw on the insideJust like mama used to make

>>396037999Ukrainian lying swines are so despicable and evil. Same like they lied that Russia shot down MH17.

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There is a 0% chance of Russians having done that. Putin is very strict on that kinda shit.They are deep into it as it is and the last thing they have left is the moral right to protect the people in Donbas. If Russians soldiers did that they would have nothing pretty sure it was ukranians doing it.

>>396061591Meanwhile, Wagner hires ex-maximum security prisoners and isn't strict at all about this kind of thing. It's very believable Russians did this, just not the official army

>>396061943Why would you assume the Russian prisoners did this when Ukrainian prisoners have been running around for almost 8 months?

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>>396061943have you seen what NATO did to Gaddafi?it's not off the table that nato troops and people that get trained by them torture and desecrate people and their bodies as much as possible

>>396062183>>396062208The irony is Bucha was done by an actual Russian army unit, so this whole discussion is irrelevant, we already know the official army is capable of this kind of thing

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>>396037999Hitler was right about russia

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>>396037999What do you expect, those faggots also claim their own losses as Russian. I hate Ukrainians so much bros.

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>>396062299>we already know the official army is capable of this kind of thingWhat do we know?Your claim of >We already know without providing any evidence means you're trying to project a narrative of consensus that doesn't exist, thus you're trying to pain a narrativeIf we take only the facts at hand we have>Russian army soldiers sitting around while Ukranians wave flags in their faceVs>Ukrainians killing those they deem "Saboteurs" or "Russian spies" for 7 months

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>>396062849>gigantic pile of vatnik cope: the postIt's well documented the 64th is responsible for the Bucha massacre. Putin even praised them directly.

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>>396062299>>396062849Unlike the regular internet which has an attention span of 2 weeks, Holla Forums has been following the war from the start, and anyone who saved even 5% the information from the war can easily disprove your retarded claim

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>>396063044This is pretty embarrassing that you're in denial about a massacre Russia openly admits they did

>>396063037>It's well documented the 64th is responsible for the Bucha massacre. Show me the documents

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>>396063105>You're in denial about a massacre Russia openly admits they didWhere did they admit it?

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>>396040779>political necrophiles from Kievjews you say?i heard a report about this on npr and it made me hate jews beyond belief. the reporter tells how she was in the woods surrounded by graves with wooden crosses- and the smell of decomposing bodies as 'officials' dug up the graves to inspect the bodies for 'war crimes'. she kept saying 'mass graves' as if she had never even mentioned the 'hundreds of wooden markers'.i knew right then and there that the war is coming and jews will get what they gave 1000 fold. to dig up christian dead, who were obviously in marked graves, and tell the world about it via media is nothing more than a slap in the face of human beings.

>>396037999They been killing their own people from the beginning and blaming Russia.

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>>396063123>Look at this post from Intel Slava Z, this clearly disproves the mountains of satellite evidence showing Russia did Bucha!!!!

>>396063170Kind of incredible the sheer amount of VPN vatniks and western Russian diaspora that post on this board

>>396037999Do you know who cares? I don’t. Do you know how many shitholes around the world one group of monkeys is blowing up another group of monkeys? Probably lots, but I don’t know or care about any of that shit either. Most of the planet is a stinking shithole inhabited by worthless, uncivilized monkeys, and I couldn’t fucking care less about any of them. You’re just another one of them. Get fucked and stop shitting up this board.

>>396056985Why do you support kikes my Jude?

Oy vey it's anudda hoholcaust!

>>396039241man do you sound like a massive faggot lmao

>>396063640Ah of course>the BBCoh and how could we possibly forget>THE DAILY MAILand you top it off with >YAHOOas the cherry on topDelicious Meanwhile we have IRL

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>>396063170if you hit f5 twice fast you can get dark theme instead of that shit with darkreader

>>396063858There's literal satellite images showing the bodies appearing shortly after Russia took control of the town, how can someone be this fucking stupid?

>>396037999Literal niggerAsiatic ape

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>>396037999China stands 100% with Russia because Russians and Chinese have the same goals and motives.

>>396063979Uh huh, and like the same argument that was had months agoThe counter to your argument is >Maxar Technologies having a CIA connection and not even fielding overhead satellites during the times the bodies were purportedly pictured.And than>Why were they moving the bodies onto the roadThan the next argument is >Why was Zelensky so happy in the other image

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>>396064527And than your counter to this argument is >THE BODIES MIGHT HAVE MINES IN THEM THAT'S WHY THEY'RE MOVINGFrom which point I'll say that's fucking retarded because it was never seen anywhere else during the warAnd than your counter to that counter is >You're a vatnick/orc/mongoloid/etc etcThis is so boring, it's like talking to a bot who isn't even programmed well

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>>396064527Oh good lord, Russia controlled the town completely during the period the bodies appeared. Azov was not there. There's hundreds of witnesses who have corroborated this. There's even CCTV footage of Russian army with civilian hostages. You are a fucking idiot.

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>>396064702Still images of Russian mongol paratroopers taken from CCTV very clearly wearing Russian uniforms>nooooo it was Azovkys

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>>396064842>There's even CCTV footage of Russian army with civilian hostages.Uh huh, or maybe because the area was getting shelled since ya know, bucha is right next to KYEAV?But one would have to ask, why feed a man you're about to shoot?

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>>396037999>Mongol Russian subhumans would never commit warcrimes!Uh huh

>>396065033Why assume they were feeding the hostages? They're discarded army rations, that just confirms the army were there and responsible for the massacre. You're making my argument for me, you absolute retardThere's dozens of shots of Russian military captured on Bucha CCTV, they didn't even try to pretend they weren't killing everyone in the town, meanwhile you're here denying reality

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>>396037999Its a Russian doctoring of a corpse saying the Ukrainians faked it. Every word out of Russia is pure lies.

>>396063589actually this was a complete hoax, clean clothes, no blood

But I want them to destroy more hohols user. I want them to destroy civilians, kids, girls, and all Ukrainians. nothing will be lost.


>>396037999Wolf? Again you say?

>>396037999Have a (you) you mongolized sub-human.

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>>396065221AH YES WHO COULD FORGET >THEY WERE EATING AND THAN THROWING THE FOOD ON THEM JUST BEFORE THEY SHOT THEMOf course that's the next response, the literal exact same one that was repeated over and over and over and overAgain these arguments are circular

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>>396065221>meanwhile you're here denying realityand people wonder who are all these delusional Trump supporters on here...One guess

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>>396065506Not going to bother arguing with you any further, any amount of evidence would not be sufficient for someone as brick stupid as yourself

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>>396065579Almost all vatnikposting is done using US or other western flags, people posting with actual Russian flags are usually pretty reasonable and not supportive of any of this bullshit

>>396065814Uh huh. That's because when the argument usually gets to the >Mysterious food and white armbandsThe shill bot usually not having any more available copes or responses proceeds to dip since the script has run out, the only thing left is >VATNICKBut not to worry, in about 1 week this thread will come up again and the shill bot will continue to repeat his narrative because how could we forget>The person who repeats the lie more often turns it into truth

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>>396065893Those retards (being that they're retards) don't understand that this shit that they're used to feeding to the ultra-retarded segments of their domestic audience is just cheap entertainment for everyone else. Why the fuck are they even wasting resources on this is beyond me. But seeing how bad they are at waging war it's hardly surprising that their propaganda sucks major donkeyballs.

>>396038551found the kike loving bootlicker

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>>396065893This is one of the few threads I seen in months where there's some agreement that the Russians are committing atrocities.

>>396066232Lots of morons here gobble it up, see /chug/, I'm not sure it's as ineffective as we might hope

So much propaganda on this site.

>>396037999Another casualty of war. Regardless of the backstory, whether you are a pig or siberianigger, the value of the lives of 99% of humans are 0. Free yourselves. Live your life and provide for your spawn. In the end, we all will end as gases being excreted from microscopic bacteria.

I wish Ukraine and Russia would stop fighting. But if anyone cares at all about Ukraine they’re pissed because of all the money transferred out of the US. Who knows what Biden’s regime is really up to besides to transfer wealth out of the United States. All the posts are ignored as propaganda.

>>396062420Tricolor was used long before USSR, mein nigger. Ask yourself, whom would the Hitler side with if he were to live now: with slavic people or with the west?


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>>396066851They money paying for Ukraine's aid is frozen Russian foreign reserves, not US taxpayer dollars. But you already knew that and just shitting up the thread with more disinfo

>>396037999I hope your shithole gets nuked, communist piece of shit

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>>396067122good question Untermensch

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>>396053923its a fake video, find me the originalrussian shit propaganda is ussr tier bullshit, only snownigger under their government are stupid enough to belive itoh yes, stupid Qtards also belive the dumbest shit, all they can do is spam JEW JEW JEW JEW

>>396037999Truth is the first victim of war.Everybody says what is advantageous to them. You have assholes who can't get along, then you have the idiots who do their dirty work and finally the poor suckers on whose land this shitfest takes place.There are no good guys, this is reality and not a fairy tale.

>>396037999Cope cope op cope

>>396037999yeah obviously the Jewish mercenaries are killing civilians to blame it on the Russians.

>>396066424Handful of the same schizos off their meds ,and shills getting paid by gov are larping with each other. That glowie in some St. Petersburg troll factory and that retarded redneck with his armadillo helmet in some trailerpark in buttfuck nowhere of muttistan - they're of no consequence to the larger picture. /Chug/ is a nice containment board where everyone can go and shitpost and laugh at the shills&brainlets.

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>>396037999Why did you abandon them?

>>396037999I know Russian bro this is the tactics the CIA are teaching these days. Please tell Putin to stop being a pussy & start using the strategic bombers.

>>396037999I'm supposed to care about some pile of 40 bodies of who knows done by who knows what side when zog has been killing tens of thousands for the past 7 months, and millions over the past hundred years.and I'm supposed to believe whatever the media says about it and the government.

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>>396051004Is it just me or did kikes used to be better at shilling?

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>>396062299>The irony is Bucha was done by an actual Russian army unitI've yet to see any evidence besides kvetching.

>>396063979>There's literal satellite images showing the bodies appearing shortly after Russia took control of the town, how can someone be this fucking stupid?So it's either>They use mobile crematoriums or>They bury corpsesTruly a subhuman behavior! Should've let them fester and spread pestilence.

>>396037999In politics nobody cares or ever cared about the truth.Same thing in the media.In fact, on the whole people who care about the truth is a tiny, irrelevant minority.

>>396068422There's photos of them in the town taken from CCTV. I guess the residents just magically dropped dead though. >>396065221>>396064963

>>396063044>dislike neighbor for some petty bullshit years ago>accuse them of being saboteur>loot his apartment when he gets taken away

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>>396062299Yeah and Assad really gassed his own people with chlorine.

>>396067727>/Chug/ is a nice containment boardI agree with the rest of your post but containment boards are not a thing. They end up being a staging zone to spread schizo bullshit over the rest of the site.

>>396068581>There's photos of them in the town taken from CCTV. I guess the residents just magically dropped dead though.So your whole basis of evidence is that two groups of people were in the same town?

>>396037999>Ukrainians torture and kill local civilians simply for the fact that they took humanitarian aid from Russia or went to work while the city was under Russian control.we know user. Please tell Putin to nuke kiev and london.

>>396068130Of course you are. Don't be an anti semitism.

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>>396037999The west doesn't care about lives, they only care about destroying you and your people. If you don't protect them, they die. Simple as.

Reminder that I hate angl*s and wish them death and suffering.

>>396038551>>396039216>>396040085>>396042108>>396051238Shalom JIDF golems!

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>>396063979>Russians take over city before it could get evacuated>City become a war zone with almost full civilian population>City got shelled by ukrainians every day >Most civilians died from shrapnel wounds >Russians dig a hole to place bodies there temporarily>Russia leaves >Civilians come out to see wtf happened>ukraine shells the place again before they capture it>ukrainians literally announce that they are cleaning up the city from Russia collaborators and sympathizers>Russia did thisThis whole narrative of Russia genocide Bucha is dumb.

>>396037999For fucks sake, his nail has rotted off he has been dead for so long


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>>396069832A serb has woken up. It's early morning. Like clockwork, has got to drink the first glass of vatnik cum.

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>>396065287No, its ukrainian doctrine to say "Russia did this" every time they do something they are not supposed to do like shelling a nuclear plant.>"oh its just Russians shelling themselves for no reason"

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>>396069832Of course they would kill every pro Russian civilian, why wouldn't they? The west gives them a free pass to do whatever they want with zero repercussions, believing every word blindly, and you know much they hate Russia. It's the perfect opportunity to cleanse the land.

>>396037999There is no fresh blood there you idiot, the finger nail is removed and the red muscle under it is exposed

>>396070088Imagine believing Globohomo prograganda.>Western homosexuality and degeneracy le good!>A few gays in russia le bad!

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>>396070113Imagine shit talking other nations while you are from a chihuahua nation.I don't think your people ever had independent diplomacy.

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>>396070308Exactly, it rotted and then it fell off when they exhumed the body

>>396037999>triple nines>Russian war crimesKek always know the truth

>>396070308>muscle>on fingertiptopkek burger education

>>396069201You'd be in jail for posting that in Russia

>>396037999>Slavs acting like slavsI don't know why people is surprised how this war is being "handled" by both sides.

>>396048905Ironic, that was russian disinfo using footage from a protest, that wasn't even in Ukraine or Russia

>>396037999No wonder they know where to dig

>>396070598what ever, I guess you call that part the tendon that is connect to the muscle.

>>396070189Its crazy how much the western media about ukraine is based on lies.The hohols can do literally anything and the media is either going to be silent about it or pretend that its the Russians who did it.>himars their own national heroes>Shell the nuclear power plant >Fire banned butterfly mines into residential Donetsk>Try to storm nuclear power plant while there is a UN inspection and the place is evacuated from Russian troops to make it safe/neutral>Slaughter people from recaptured areas who worked with Russians

>>396069832There's literal video of them marching Ukrainians towards where we know the mass graves ended up being discovered see >>396064842, the predictable grovelling behavior of Serb posters towards Russia is simultaneously funny and sad

>>396071128there are no muscles in fingers especially not on the topside of the finger.muscles are in hands palm.connected with tendons to the fingers right.educating burgers here on basic knowledge geez

So what? Fuck Russians. If you support Russia, don't be surprised when members of NATO shoot you in your little commie head. It's what NATO was formed for, it's why we're moving east, and it's why we're fighting for Ukraine.Fuck Russia.

>>396039241 French colour detected. But what does it mean though?

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>>396071163>People moved at specific direction that means Russia did genocideThe majority of dead people in Bucha died from shrapnel.Did Russia shelled themselves like in the nuclear power plant?You're just naiive and want to believe your fairy tales from CNN.

>>396071461At least you're honest, which is more than I can say for liberal fags that scream that NATO is a defensive alliance.

>>396071461>omg le hecking based and redpilled nato killing dem commies

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>>396071565>You're just naiive and want to believe your fairy tales from CNN.Gaslighting is an Eastern European national sport, kys moron

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>>396063044OK. Kindly link the Archive that proves Ukraine was behind Bucha

>>396063520I heard a man say, “ if ukraine was our worst enemy and we wanted to really punish them we would push them into a war with russia, destroying their country/infer structure, and use their population as cannon fodder against the russian meat grinder. “Fuck nato and fuck globohomo

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Whats really funny is that the only people in the world retarded enough to believe russian lies are other russian people.Ruskis are "smart" in a way that a child is by not brushing it teeth to get at its mother.You will burn in hell, russian shills. Now fuck off, peasants.

>>396071461>So what? Fuck Russians. If you support Russia, don't be surprised when members of NATO shoot you in your little commie head. It's what NATO was formed for, it's why we're moving east, and it's why we're fighting for Ukraine.Nope thats not what you are fighting for fucking second rate Amerigolem. What you are doing is giving your jewish masters what they want.

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>>396072026>are other russian peopleSerb posters are pretty reliable firehoses of Russian disinfo, see this thread for proof

>>396071461You didn't formed anything you filthy nepotistic kike, you can only infiltrate in packs and ruin, you're plague of the world

>>396063640I’ll pretend some of you might still have a functioning brain…The satellite images show what could be several of the corpses near craters made by Ukrainian SHELLING!Also, don’t forget that shelling wounds are different than bullets made by execution…

>>396037999cope and seethe vatnigger

>>396072382They found the majority of the dead had bullet wounds, and had not died as a consequence of shelling >>396071804Even Germans getting in the act of spreading dumb misinformation apparently

>>396071901>Who ever would historically be behind such a thing?

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>>396072026Also its insanely obvious what the script is.Just create a Bucha thread. Those faggots will create at least 3 responses, coming from: USA vpn (70% of cases), Canada (20%) and Australia (10%).So, Artyom, next time after you shill on FUCKING 4CHAN, when you get onto a bus or whatever, know that your work to explain why your 3rd world tier wannabe empire is literally genoiciding civilians is pretty fruitless.Eternal damnation awaits you. Enjoy.

>>396071804Ye i remember the pictures of random bodies just lying on the ground 10m apart.Thats not how a genocide looks.They gather the people into one place and then start killing them there not just randomly killing people individually.You know in the picture where the bodies are around 10m apart from each other on the street and one is on the left next on right then left again then right and so on, that looks like someone just throw the bodies from a truck while the truck was moving.You throw one left then right.ukrainians announced they are going to kill people who worked with the Russians so it wouldn't surprise me if those people are killed by them and then they just dumped the bodies on the street and pretended that they are killed by the Russians.

>>396072903The found them all in a mass grave with gunshot wounds nearby you gigantic retard, only a small number were found in the middle of the street

Attached: ukraine-bucha-mass-grave-1239721039.jpg (1200x630, 192.96K)

i am pretty sure the Russians buried the dead Ukrainian soldiers - which you have to do to avoid disease - and the Ukies are digging them, putting ropes on them and calling it murder.Fuck I am tired of the kike tricks

Attached: 1647967651590.jpg (960x1280, 244.73K)

that's a dude with painted nails.. lol

>>396073087Oh so the Ruskies changed the clothes on those "dead ukrainian soldiers" (male and female) before burying them?How convenient!

>>396072997Why are you lying? I mean, you can spend literally 3 seconds in google to check the info you asspulling here, what's the point?

>>396073719Russian accuses someone else of lying, top comedy. See >>396071804

>>396038551I dont know who's jewing who anymore

>>396072997Holy shit you must be suffering from brain damage you subhuman mutt.I was explaining that few specific pics that made zero sense from the genocide narrative not the whole thing.Most civilians died because they were in a war zone that got shelled and then their bodies got thrown into temporary mass graves.Imagine how much civilians would die in those constantly shelled Donbass fortress villages if they weren't evacuated.

>>396039241Fkn kek, it's so obvious when it's someone's first war. Just wait till u see what American soldiers have done in the Middle East.

>>396072502That’s nonsense. The folks in the satellite imagery died from the shelling. The corpses appear at the exact same time the shelling craters do. If you are not an npc and you have a brain use it. Don’t believe everything you are told. Just think for yourself. The bucket bullets story don’t add up with the satellite imagery. You can’t believe in two diverging accounts. Either the satellite images are fake, and they died being shot, or the images are credible and the shooting report is a fake. Good luck!

>>396074009I linked you testimony from workers who actually handled the bodies indicating they were shot not shelled, lesson learned, never argue with a Serbposter, reading comprehension is not your strong suit


>>396073898If western side was really as moral and correct here as they claim to be, they wouldn't need to lie about literally everything regarding this conflict. Truth would have been enough. But if they act like jews, they should be treated as jews.

>>396074133>reeee nooo the Russians didnt shoot the residents, despite first-hand testimony from people who handled the bodies indicating they died of bullet wounds rather than shelling injuries

Attached: 70LNS3pAzo4ltSEi0iA5QbbWjY5KHoAuNuxpPDikO_0.jpg (516x1599, 402.52K)

>>396039241Is he okay?

>>396074164both sides are lying kikes, russian cabinet is full of jewish oligarchs

>>396074222First-hand testimony of whom? Chujew affiliated figureheads? Consider suicide, seriously, stop wasting oxygen

>>396072502>even germanshe doesn't knowyou wouldn't believe how strong the pro nato pro zelensky propaganda is in this godforsaken joke of a country

>>396063703He's right. Bucha was a false flag. The local UKR gov admitted they were killing "saboteurs". They killed ppl with Russian rations and white arm bands.

Attached: 1649081443814.jpg (1892x2048, 389.45K)

>>396074382Anon don't bother you talking to a NATO shill they are NPC's programmed not to think. These are the same stooges who say "Russia is shelling civilians" Then you show them a photo of the AFU hiding in civilian areas and there responds is "they protecting there country so they have to hid in schools"

Attached: 1663184793478196.jpg (1363x861, 386.56K)

>>396074133Ruski, like how retarded are you to think that any westerner will believe your shitty lies? are not your countrymen, Ivan, and only people retarded enough to believe russian lies are other russians. Lol

>>396038551The biggest kike is you, Pedro.

>>396067567found the brown faggot. your country deserves all it gets.

>>396074127Ye but that is just bullshit from the ukrainian side and they are known liars.Like how they are lying that the Russians are shelling themselves in the NPP.>"almost all of them were killed with a bullet to the head or the eye"There is a lot of blood from gun executions and it blows off part of the head.I haven't seen any of that from the pictures.You are dumb.

>>396074512It just adds up together logically too. It would make no sense for Russians to do this (you can watch Mariupol rebuilding videos to see how desperate they are to have good PR to justify this). Whereas for Ukrainians this is a golden opportunity to remove Russian influence from their country with complete impunity, and as a cherry on top also frame Russians knowing full well western media will be behind you.If I was in Russian shoes I would be desperate to appear professional, because the blame is already on me. If I was Ukrainian who hated Russians and knew I could get away with anything, I would use this opportunity to cleanse the land. It just makes strategic sense.

>>396074932>I haven't seen any of that from the pictures.There are no pictures of the bodies. It's kind of stunning how no amount of CCTV footage, or other evidence is enough to convince someone like yourself who is so thickheaded, no amount of evidence can reach them.

One theory is that the mass graves were actually dug after Izyum was retaken to bury the thousands of Ukranians who died retaking the city. Ukraine did not want to look like they won a pyrrhic victory so they said the graves were put there by Russians.

Attached: 82FEA8CA-FAE6-44A1-9E6F-62C5B4D1F83B.jpg (766x821, 759.04K)

>>396074538I just not used to such a blatant lie, i can't comprehend how one can lie that much without even blinking his eye, this is some sort of absolute clinical conscience-absence


>>396045493was he smelling girl's panties there?

>>396075308And millions of doctors recommend you to get the clot shot

>>396075308Show me at least one medical expertise result


Attached: 1647706543309.png (828x803, 1.24M)

>>396075308We even get a nice wiki article that tells you exactly who did it without any doubt.'m sure they'd never lie to me and they know with 100% certainty what happened. I always love it when I'm spoon fed by fact checkers.

>>396070465Russia is the AIDS capital of the world. Russia is so gay that the Kremlin made faggotry illegal and it didn't work. No wonder they flee from the battlefield even when at a material advantage.

>>396037999>dead ukierussian troops wouldve done the same, youre here to fuckin suffer now suffer stop bitching about it use your innovation to beat them if they have ATACM missiles blasting the bridge in crimea find an invention that overpasses that tech and you can beat them with your brain not your muscle which is the way it works anyway.

>>396075041Your source says that most of them died from headshot from close range.These guys doesn't seems to have any damage to their skull or any other bullet holes in their body either.Also no pools of blood either.These guys died from something else, like shrapnel or something.

Attached: ded.png (923x599, 1.09M)

Russian PoWs are getting off easy this war because the west is watching. They don't deserve it to be frank.

>>396039496he better give that money back and stop gambling

>>396075670Nigger it even lower than you alone, both per capita and overall

>>396075795Literally the guy on right has massive dried blood on his forehead, did you even look at your own photo before posting? You are too stupid to argue with any further

Bomb all pigcrainian TV stations you dumb fucks, sick of seeing their TV for 3 hours a day on our national channels

>>396037999I would respect vatniggers and holhols a lot more if they just stopped lying about the war crimes both of them are committing. Own your war crimes pussy. This whole oh the holhols did it nooooo the vatniggers did it is gay. Be a man and brag about your war crimes fucking zoomers

>>396040779Hy пpивeт, элитный peзepвиcт.

>>396075881Wrong, your aids rate is 3 times higher, over 1% of the population. You are cowardly fags on top of being liars who are too dumb to build modern weapons, too lazy to properly maintain coldwar stockpiles, and too jewish to avoid selling out your own defensive capabilities for pennies. It wouldn't surprise me if most of your nukes don't even work.

>>396075962They would need air superiority to do that

>>396073460>poleHow retarded!

Russian desperate to avoid the blame.

>>396075021Precisely. There's also countless footage of UKR soldiers beating the piss out of civilians and all the other shit I'm sure you're aware of. These ppl were sympathetic to Russians and thus only Ukrainians would feel a need to kill them, and since they specifically said they were doing so at this exact moment, it all points to them. Bucha was bullshit through and through.

>>396076211Nigger, it's not higher, you have around 5 milion of aids cases in the country, why are you lying again? Why? What the point?

>>396037999anuudah Bucha

>>3960763401 million, retard.

>>396076470Aids, not hiv, nigger

>>396076504oh no no no vatbros

Attached: 16254.jpg (960x684, 290.26K)

>>396076504You imply that a mutt would know the difference.

>>396076504No it's 1.2 million HIV. And that's including estimates of fags who have it and don't know

>>396037999You Khazaria against you, that's business as usual for it. They will kill Russians and pretend that victims are innocent Ukies.

>>396076584>newNow post overall per capita

>>396076263Bullshit. A fucking rocket/s over each TV studio at 11 am and all major towers and is over

>>396075795for some reason I thought serbs were less retarded

>>396076686Are you unironically arguing with CIA demoralisation memes?

>>396076686Even worse

Attached: 329_160_f2.jpg (648x632, 330.84K)

>>396040414>This. You faggots are wasting your're sending them billions and billions you fucking moron

>>396071804>murder everyone who accepted russian provisions or aid>expect people to make honest statements when they are under control of the Tscheka 2.0.

>>396076302They'll never be a better opportunity for Ukraine to make sure no "referendum" happens again and no pro Russian leader is ever elected. What better way to make sure your country is never pro Russian again than to exterminate every pro Russian civilian. Ethnic cleansing actually has strategic value as grim as it sounds, and from a cold calculating point of view it's the best move Ukraine has.

>>396075954Thats a minor nose injury you fucktard not a bullet to the head with a high powered rifle.

>>396063589I'm going to look for it, but does anyone have the pics showing all the holholcausted with unopened Russian MRE's at their feet?

>>396076695Do you think if they could do it they would not have already? They are incapable. They literally cannot land the shot. Their long range "precision" missiles can't be trusted to hit anything smaller than a mall and their planes can't get close.

>>396071804>Source: dude, trust melollmao>>396074581>'s been what, at least four months since Bicha was memory-holed.Where's the results of an investigation?

>>396077143The source is clearly listed, this whole thread is like arguing with pidgeons

>>396076765In contrast i always knew that most americans are heavily retarded.

>>396037999>Muh massacreThey pulled this shit in Syria over and over again, fools who are not wise to these maneuvers will fall for it hook line and sinker

>>396076876How fucking retarded you are? You have no idea what is "per capita" means?

>>396063854>>396074085Found the Russian vpn shills

>>396077175>The source is clearly listedAnd it's a hohol literally saying "dude, trust me".You dum-dum.

>>396077247Do you really think 940k is a per capita number? It's obviously an absolute number, not per capita. The number here >>396076584 is per capita. Both numbers are appalling and the worst in Europe, I'm not sure why you're trying to nitpick 'muh per capita'. There is no metric that looks good.>>396077291The source is the UN you absolute fucking moron


Attached: 06CCF67A-7D09-4A4D-9CC0-11A5E5F5E994.gif (498x498, 3.49M)

>>396077222Checked and true. Muh Assad used chemical weapons on his own people is a myth that is still believed, even though it got debunked by the original OPCW team.

>>396077484This kind of behaviour is actually one of the best pieces of evidence that holocaust didn't happen. This seems to be standard practice during war, to lie this much, why would it be any different back then.

>>396037999>be azov (((nazi))) >retake down>kill anyone with a name you think is 'too russia' or you think could be a 'russian co-operator'>then claim all your kills were russian war crimesLiterally just more Azov kike shit

>>396076876Lmao looks like ukraine have multiple times higher HIV per capita than Russia.This explains why they elected a homosexual jew to lead them or why they are replacing old Russian statues with statues of homosexual porn actors.

>>396077609Wikileaks released a document proving that the OPCW deleted the original report, removed people from the team and altered everything to blame Assad. Thats also why Assange is to be made an example of.

>>396076978No doubt. From the start of the war they murdered Rus sympathizers in Gov positions, made others disappear, imprisoned countless people from simply having having a different point of view. Imprisoned priests, kidnapped and murdered others family members, the list goes on and on.

>>396077367>UN is regurgitating hearsayYou do know that this is even worse?>BuchaPeople claim to personally bury hundreds of executed civilians>>Radio silence after a week or two>IzumPeople dig up a graveyard>>International kvetching, camera crews all over.


>>396077289Found another zoomer experiencing his first war.


Attached: Retarded Wokak 1.png (491x353, 49.96K)

>>396078078not an argument

>>396076584>>396076876These two figures don't agree with each other, I guess (((UN))) has some difficulty being consistent. Russian population is 3 times larger than Ukrainian, so if it's 940k and 440k, then Ukraine should be first place on the first figure. Oops.

>>396078228They're from different years, so obviously they're not consistent, they're accurate for the years listed

>>396039241>>396058867>>396071541>>396074085>>396074245>5 hack marks before head is off>neck flesh not even charred>all indicative of amateur beheadingW-why would Ukrainians do this? Isn't torture against the Genoeva Conventions?

>>396078304I have trouble believing that things changed that much in 10 years, things like that don't change orders of magnitude in 10 years.

>>396077216>>396078078>filenamemaybe it is just seljak posters

>>396076584hiv is fake same as coвid

>>396078359Again, you're confusing per capita new cases and absolute numbers, the two graphs are measuring different things

>>396037999>Ukrainians torture and kill local civilians simply for the fact that they took humanitarian aid from Russia or went to work while the city was under Russian control.That's probably what happened in Bucha as well. And our governments know about this and still support the Ukraine. It's infuriating how our media does everything it can to present Russia as the bad guy in this and even more infuriating that normies eat it up.

>>396077844They literally have a semi official kill list.A lot of people already got killed from the list.

>>396078482I see, I noticed now. That explains what Russian user meant when he asked for per capita. So per capita is highest for Ukraine by a large margin. What this tells me is that these graphs were designed specifically to present in the data that shows Russia in worst possible light.

>>396078618The first graph is already adjusted for per capita, the Russian guy just has no idea what that is. Russia is double the rate of new case acquisition adjusted for population

>>396064702Damn Tom Scott is really looking old these days.

>>396078304>they're accurate for the years listedHow the fuck would you know? They could be made up by an intern for all we know.

>>396078695No, he meant per capita for total cases, not new cases. Per capita for existing cases in Ukraine is much larger than in Russia according to your second graph. New cases per capita is higher in Russia, if this data is right.

>>396078402>Typing errorYou got me there champ

>>396078695>>396078927In other words, if I was a pro Russian shill, I could easily make a graph that looks as bad for Ukraine as yours does for Russia, if I plot existing cases per capita.

Ever wonder why the Western media only ever says "Russian propaganda" or "Russian disinformation" but to hear "Ukrainian propaganda or Ukrainian disinformation" is unthinkable? Makes a man think.

>>396079106You seem to have a pre-determined pro-Russia position on this, so I'm not going to argue any further, suffice to say Russian HIV has grown significantly since 2007 while Ukraine has remained roughly the same, so the per capita number above is no longer accurate and Russia is genuinely doing much worse at this than anywhere else in Eastern EU>The number of people living with HIV in Russia reached more than 1.1 million in June 2021. Over the previous five years, between 85,000 and 100,000 new infections have been reported annually. These are only the officially registered cases; actual HIV infections are believed to be substantially

Attached: 614E347F-E9E4-46E7-A08D-D36AD188F861.png (1334x1334, 125.99K)

>>396078695>Russia is double the rate of new case acquisition adjusted for populationTo acquire new cases actual testing has to be done. Which is being done.People in healthcare and military, migrants get the mandatory testing.Pregnant women and their families, people from the risk groups: druggies, faggots, whores, prisoners, hepatitis carriers, people from high-risk regions, etc, are all strongly suggested or forced to do testing.

>>396037999>clean ropes>the ropes are obviously not cleanare r*ssians organically incapable of telling the truth?

>>396078305Why would they care now? The West, especially the US has run cover for them since 2014, assuring them they can get away with murder in broad daylight.>>396078555Yes. Even Varg was on the list, or was. Not sure. Haven't looked at it in a while.

>>396079357ukraine is still worse with their 1.3%.I'm sure the recent embracing of gay culture from west/NATO are going to do great for their per capita hiv.

Attached: ukraine is the gay.png (1625x299, 64.79K)

>>396080429So you again failed to read the post fully and missed the part about Russia overtaking them from 2008-17

>>396037999When will Putin stop being a pussy and start flattening cities with the airforce?

>>396079357> European center for disease controlIs that even a real org?How does get these stats about Russia?What methodology does employ?

>>396079357Hahaha!You cited an EU agency!Fucking dropped, Lol!

>>396048905Using edited footage from a climate change protest. This is concentrated cope and you are lost in your own pathetic delusions. Tragic.

>>396080510>>396080510Russia have 140 million population,1.1 million got hiv.ukraine have 40 million population,400k got hiv.-ukraine still got more hiv per capita.

>>396045493Russians do exactly the same

>>396068422Yeah, I know you faggot that you are too stupid to read a satelite map

>>396037999Your fucking people cheered the video of cutting the soldiers nuts off. Everyone knows Russians are subhuman shit. You are subhuman shit.

>>396037999Their propaganda is getting lazy.

Attached: well_Im_convinced.webm (270x480, 2M)

>>396056985and yet, despite how the war is going, one side still needs to lie, interesting that you havent considered that because ukraine has not surrendered that russia hasn't given up for the same amount of time. As i recall, russia is bigger and has more people. Frontlines of conflict wax and wane, if the ukranians didn't take aid from the west, they would of lost user. There is no way you can sway me on this matter, the fact that im still hearing about this conflict means that both are still engaged, and as a result no matter how hard you scream that Russia is losing, i will not give a single fuck or iota about Ukraine anymore than i did when it began. Any other anons reading this should honestly know better, this conflict is being used a distraction and grifting point for WEF assets to cover up covid clots, and to destroy Americas economy by proxy with a blackhole for military funding and MIC subsidiaries. Supposedly mercs are russian assets now, and for some reason PMC's are deciding to go against said country armed with himhars and MLRS supported equipment, and allying themselves with a country that uses outdated equipment, all whilst taking pay that is nearly 200x less than what a standard Ukie gets just from being a draftee. Do you hear yourself right now retard, its obvious that things are not all fine and dandy. You sound like Gobbles before he swallowed lead. Russians just outside berlin and raving as if they were being pushed back all the way across the fucking oilfields of Ukraine. I don't have a hard on for putin, hes ex KGB and a commie is a fucking commie, But there is more than 1 side to this bullshit dichotomy you've concocted and im simply not going to allow you to spew your horseshit unabated in the once place on the internet that still gives me somewhat honest information, amidst a sea of slide threads and blantant propaganda.

>>396078474>hiv is fake same as coвidThey aren't fake. Covid and HIV are man made diseases made in a laboratory.

Attached: 10613022_907688145981325_5848730826078312243_n-32lyfja7gdz810ao2rek1s[1].jpg (640x361, 65.42K)

why didn't you simply fight off ukrainian/nato counteroffensive and protect these poor pricks?

>>396084192>Germans found torture chambersKrauts getting back at Russia for helping fake the holohoax

>>396064187Is he ok?

>>396037999Just wait for the end of this winter. Every single eurocuck who will still be alive will support Russia with all his

>>396037999fuck off upside down satan.

>>396063979you mean the maxar images that have been exposed to have fake dates on them?why are you even trying to lie about it now? it has been long confirmed the bucha people died from ukrainian artillery and from ukrainian executionsthats why everyone suddenly stopped talking about it

>>396037999bad thing for you there is the internet. you can't hide your genocidal nature like in the past

>>396077820>Lmao looks like ukraine have multiple times higher HIV per capita than Russia.only "russian" regions

Attached: Registered_HIV_prevalence_in_Ukraine.jpg (1537x1106, 167.92K)

>>396070681>You'd be in jail for posting that in RussiaYes. Communism in Russia: Genocide is good but antisemitism is BAD!

Attached: black egyptian frustrated that he's counted as white (in US census).png (400x232, 91.17K)

>>396085348Maybe they'll find gas chambers>or a real life holocoster

Attached: 1642778370733.gif (800x1146, 542.53K)


>>396038551I like russians. I hate globohomo scum like you though. I hope every hoholnig fighting for globohomo gets incinerated. Death to Israel.

>>396085912>exposed to have fake dates on themThey were 'exposed' as fake by RT and Tass, ie. not actually exposed, and you just gobbled it up unthinkingly.

>>396039241God hoholnig subhumans and their supporters in the west are such animals. Actual niggers.

>>396039241>reposting gore from april>WE ARE WINNING

>>396039241You're a faggot and I can't wait to do the same to you globalist faggot nigger shills. You'll be buried under the kikes

>>396037999You lie as easily as you breath. Your military are homosexual, sadistic vermin, and you are lgtdmaosing.

>>396088232If the Nazis killed only Polish (and left Jews alone), Hitler be just another obscure dictator. The zionists hyped him up.

Attached: Vladimir_Putin_with_Muammar_Gaddafi-2.jpg (500x334, 58.81K)

>>396088991*would be

>>396037999Subhumans killing subhumans. There is a reason why Ukraine, and double so Russia, are not considered part of civilised Europe.After Russia loses this war, your country should be divided among the nations of UK, US, France, and perhaps Belgium. Split into zones like that other failure…. East Germany.The idea that Russia might merely lose in Ukraine and not be broken-up is unconscionable. Of course the aggressor should lose their territory and autonomy. That is the rations order of the things in nature.


>>396090857>Of course the aggressor should lose their territory and autonomy. That is the rations order of the things in nature.lollmao