Share Thread 1 - Holla Forums edition

ITT: share Holla Forums related material with other anons - cartoons, comics, etc.

Link to vola:
still very fresh, so upload content to fill it up

Other urls found in this thread:!AIASWLpL!kk9wSsV60ymX7k3o6S0seOHYSZWqdDLA3IaqbOv_4o0!uRlDkDSY!Ax4nUCCT!_5vN--HYA1R6ahJUNcx-wQ!LoInCT5a!xMAAa8iPJ8D4nVQW_Oa-2oPFpOffmKRDB4ZhcRE1MGc* category:books/!K4NACahS!L5Bskc_mArHS9psC3_zhWQ!69Nl1aqB!rgSW0Wm8LJJPXHGH7ED5BQ!Bo1m1bZZ!F-YrW3LgsxSJRoiDlo4OAQ!0Ng1RTbK!0wC3xMNH5Ah5hjiW_WbnvAël!mYgB1IzZ!6yIck5wjrThS5l282fs3hA!WUMGSAzI!keeuqdcUMo2QcoKY4QW_-w!ad1UCQjR!TX2-YsH0ilJKfVNv9XAcEA!qYMTGTKJ!WkuEq_mMkDHAsdimeBJmwA!UgNDVKJR!QlUkuaZxOV4O9DoZ5PzCpQ

Wondy got on Skitter's bad side?

What are these feels in my chest

dead links everywhere
and not Holla Forums related share

Cool, I will be sure to post those first two link in the OP in the future.

Well here's mine i'll be uploading them slowly but steadily due to crap internet connection , if you want something specific from these just ask and i'll prioritise that

The ( ) is for when it's in a language other than english with the two first letters of the language in it p'ex. (FR) for French ; everything that doesn't have one is in english

At The Worlds Edge 1-4
Before the Incal
Biocosmosis Enone
Borgia 1-4
Memories Of Outer Space
The Age of Darkness
Arkadi's World Vol1&2
Wake 1-17
Cape Horn
Dylan Dog (IT)
Fluide Glacial-Edika (FR)
Ekho 1-3
Electric Warrior
Epic Illustrated 1-34
Falca 1-5
Lanfeust (that includes pretty much everything related to Lanfeust including tie-ins and one shots)
The Land of Oz
Leo Roa 1&2
Magnus Robot Fighter
Metropolis V1-3
Metabarons 1-17 +Genesis
Murena 1-9
Nathan Never (IT)
Neonomicon 1-4
Snowman Killer 1-3
White Lama 1-6
Missi Dominici
The Incal
Privateers Of Alkiviades 1-5
RanXerox (FR)
Storm (FR)
The Ring of the Seven Worlds
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse1-3
The Keepers of Mashe 1-7
The Mercenary
The Throne of clay1-5
The Great Game
Thorgal 1-15
World Without End
The Collected Fantasies of Jean Giraud
Various Enki Bilal stories Nikopol trilogy ,Townscapes ,The Chaos effect ,The Cruise of lost souls , The woman
Various Phillipe Druillet stories from Heavy Metal , Chaos , Delerious , Urm The Mad Voyages

Doing God's work, user.

those are gonna be up on vola

Ekho please.

it's up on vola

isn't the time limit for file deletion 4 days normaly?

Because i'm only getting 2 days

Apparently, only the moderators can extend the time.

I'll just upload Morrison's run on Doom Patrol.

yeah i saw it in the chat

hopefully they'll see it here and extend it because while 2 days is ok for re-uploading smaller files , for larger ones would be better if they stayed up for longer

For now Imma upload:
The Eltingville Club no.1
Arkham Asylum Living Hell
Lenore Volumes 1 and 2
All-Star Superman
and the Morrison run of Animal Man.
For my Holla Forumsmrades.

maybe later I will upload some Jimmy Olsens

Wait, scratch that. I think I dont have the entire Lenore Vol.2, but I will upload what I have.


put up some pin-ups and Little Spirou on vola

BO, plz sticky.
That way anons can see the vola to download stuff, add to it, or maybe request stuff that is erased because of the time limit.


Uploading some Power Pack.

And then some Bruce Timm cheesecake.


These files expire every few days

you can always re-request something or if anyone has a mega or filchier acount feel free to re-up them there as a more peramnent thing

Part of schedule

Some extra ones

Unless requested from the list
i'll be uploading anything larger than 500MB during the weekends so that most people can get them and sporadicaly update and bump the thread with smaller files , mostly capes , during the rest of the week

Since i see others contributing i would suggest putting a list up here ITT by grabbing a screenshot of your folder of Holla Forums related stuff or just writting things down like a dumbass i did so that others that come can make requests for them since for the time being the files are gonna be up for just a couple of days

hellocomic doesn't even open for me

Do something right for once in your hotpocket career and sticky this you piece of shit.

Why would he need to sticky a fileshare where they get deleted after 2 days?

Having it stickied at least for a while will give the chance for the sharing snowball to start rolling and for the culture to take root.

It'll also help make it easier to find and that way people won't have to dig for the thread and keep bumping it all the time.

Doesn't seem worth it.

Put your capecode on you coward.

the board is dead slow as fuck what is there to lose by making it a sticky?

i am uploading dc one million guys

Does anyone have the Requiem Chevalier Vampire vol.1-10 in english?

Thanks for the sticky. Reuploading Blacksad and /r/ing someone to reupload the morrison Doom Patrol.


I don't get the point of this. Volafile dl speeds aren't that good. It's usually just faster to torrent something.

Well it's supposed to be a share thread where anons share stuff they have, maybe you'll find something you can't find on torrents or maybe you have a problem using torrents because of your country's ISP so you have this alternative

That's why i say it would be a nice idea if someone made a screencap or a list of what they have post it here and periodically check back and see if there is any demand for it

Feel free to up shit on mega or something else like that as a more permanent thing, but as far as i understand in the threads from Holla Forums and such as of late they had issues with people reporting those links and taking them down and then there is the whole transfer thing where now Kim Dotcom isn't the owner of mega anymore but instead some chinese corporation took over , you can read more about that on >>>Holla Forums

Here's my capes and other assorted stuff

I also have various pin-ups and Heavy metal Stories , but i have to sort them out first

Also i'll be putting some Holla Forums movies in there from time to time, Rock&Rule is currently up

No one's gonna download shit if you don't try to explain the comic and why it's good.
No one here is requesting anything either besides two or three people.
There's an expiration date so you're going through the hassle of uploading all this only to have it die two days later.
Share a popular comic or cartoon but everyone's already seen it plenty of times.

Everyone is sharing but very few will be downloading since no one asked or are even aware of what these titles are.
Is there a way to view download stats on volafile? You should check it.

Only here because some random fatguy crosslinked a warhammer storytime. That OP image scares the bejesus out of me.
Heading back to /tg/.

In the process of uploading Titan AE

I might be tempted to upload another animated movie. I have -
The Triplets of Bellville
The The and the Cobbler (The unfinished one)
The Illusionist
The Secret of Kells
The Road to El Dorado
A Scanner Darkly (eeeh, close enough to Holla Forums)
Planet Hulk
Iron Giant
Plenty of other animated movies but /a/ related.

Is that the jodorowski comic with the vidya dev cult, the guy who hid his penis to avoid castration and the raped priestess who gave birth to a red girl, a grey kid and a white kid?

A Scanner Darkly please

close 'nough i suppose

request meant for

I also have a crap load of DC animated movies but I couldn't be bothered listing them off. I think I have at least 90% of them.

Iron Giant

on its way. eta 2 hours.

Did you also go on and complained about the Warhammer storytime thread ? Because i don't remember anyone asking for it , some user just thought it was a good idea to share it with the rest and did so

I'm not gonna sit and write an essay explaining every single title , this ain't a fucking blog ; i'm giving you the title of the book and i trust the average dweller of this place can put two&two together using their masterful google-fu skills to find out wheter they're interested in it or not ; and then they can proceed requesting it if other means are unavailable

If you're too incompetent to do that then do yourself and society a favor and kill yourself ; if on the other had you're just too lazy even for that well then congratulations , you've reached the pinnacle of meta-human evolution and you're a valuable asset for this board now with a bright future opening up for you and all sort of possibilities for doing it ''sans compensation and for hotpockets on the weekends

Also if the guy that made that Warhammer thread reads this i wouldn't mind getting those scans, so feel free to share with the rest of the board

volafile ,mega or other

Did it ever get past 3 chapters? That is all I can ever find.


I'm sorry it isn't on the list and i'm not familiar with that one, who wrote it ?


It's up

thanks user

Not implying this applies to this thread or anything in it, but I thought you might appreciate this little bait webm

requesting the king and the mockingbird.

Requesting The Mercenary 03. It`s the only one missing from volafile

it's up

are you talking about the animated movie or is there a comicbook version ?



Thank you very much!

just to make it clear this is the one right ?

yes that one.

I only have the old LQ version of it , do you want it?

Is it English or French with subs?

It's in english

Here's roughly what the quality of the non remastered version is like

ETA 2 hours ,it's gonna be on volafile


sorry about the delay my internet started acting up and i had to restart the upload ,it's gonna take a bit longer

Uploading the Question vol 2

it's up

Dang, that's some pretty art. Shame it's already gone from the vola. Any chance of a re-upload sometime?

On it.

Thank you very much guys! I downloaded almost every comic in the folder. The european ones have a very different style. Very nice to look at.

Uploading a Starship Troopers collection.
It has:
Blaze of Glory
Damaged Justice
Dead Man's Hand
Dominant Species
Insect Touch
the Movie Adaptation comic
the 2006-2008 series
and Brute Creations
Might take around an hour to upload because of my shitty internet.


Ugly Americans

Thanks man!

The Epic Illustrated 02 of the series is corrupt and only contains half the pages , i wasn't able to find them elsewhere , the rest is just fine

If anyone has it whole it would be appreciated

I'm uploading the episode just i case anyone wants it, i think i'll do the rest with the 2 seasons of the show i have this weekend


does anyone wants the Rocko's Modern Life comics?

dew it

ok, uploading

it's up :^)

Alright I need help.

Since this is a share thread, I might as well ask for help finding this particular comic.

I think it's a Heavy Metal comic, I could be wrong. It's this Tarzan guy and he has a wife and kid right? I think the Tarzan-like guy is killed by his wife for his gold, but the animal kingdom heard that their king was dead and killed the family in revenge.

Now, the only thing I remember is that stuck the Tarzan-wannabe guy in a tar pit.

Anons, I need your guys help.You probably heard of it.

Anyone have the Fritz the Cat movie?

Which one ?

I still can't believe this show got shut down for Brickleberry.

Can Comedy Central ever have more than one South Park companion show?


Any Doug TenNappel graphic novels? Something to share with Holla Forums in the Armikrog threads would be nice. I remember Cardboard and Creature Tech being storytimed back on halfchan and they were pretty great.

the first one is up , the second one comes tomorrow

Hello, OP here. I have been checking the situation on Vola for some time and it seems that it may not be sufficient enough, as the files get deleted too quickly. For this, I have decided to create a shared MEGA account for Holla Forums, where you can upload files.

The username/mail is: [email protected]
password is: hazelnuts96

If anybody know a better file hosting alternative, please let me know.

prove you're OP

second one is up

Ravage 2099 #17 is broken

No it's not





Thanks user!

Someone sure likes Magnus The Robot Fighter

I think Magnus Robot Fighter is missing issues 9, 10 and 11

n-no i don't


Guess I'll be the first to upload something.


Well got most of the Ugly Americans episodes up , but for some reason my upload speed has crawled to down to a snail pace on the final 7 episodes of season 2 even though they're half the size of the others ; hopefully they'll be up by day's end

I was wondering if anyone can zip and upload seasons 2-9 of the simpsons.


Apparently some mod caught wind and raised the time limit for the files on volafile

thanks for that

So, I've downloaded Wakfu season 2 from kat, but episode 21 is missing. Is this episode even translated by Holla Forums?

If someone has it, can you please upload it to volafile?

Thanks man. Batch torrent is alive.

Lanfeust is up plus some Epic Illustrated stories , plus some cheesecake from Frank Cho

Holla Forumsirgin here, shared some stuff. Might wanna add sharing on mega or other file hosts like we have in our share threads.

Anyone got the Superior foes of Spider-man? And for that matter, The Ant-man series that continue it? pls?

fuck off


Cry more, tumblrtard.

You're new here aren't you?

What does that have to do with you crying

Anyone got

Oh no…

I have Kung Fu Panda , i'll upload it tommorow

Anyone got MouseGuard and/or Mice Templar?

Uploaded my DVD rip. You'll have to wait for someone to upload a Blu-ray rip if you want HD. (Also, I'm not )

Can anyone upload some valiant titles?

compounded with almost all my darkhorse, mirage, and 90's 2edgy4u comics

doing a massive upload of some decent stuff along with exiles.

i uploaded vertigo's user if anybody is curious about late 90's stuff the SJW's maintain doesnt exist.

lazer eraser &pressbutton


and am uploading the filled out hp lovecraft comics for whoever uploaded the fall of cthulu

rutracker has the most update and complete valiant and vertigo if you wanna brave torrents though

So no one have the Superior Foes of Spider-man? Anyone?

Thanks, Been wanting to watch it ever since I lost my dvd in a move also thanks

I'll add iron giant and some BTAS episodes tomorrow

it's up

Next one isn't exactly Holla Forums related but close'nough i suppose ; it's going to be Cemetary Man or Dellamore Dellamorte which is the closest one we ever got to an actual Dylan Dog movie and nobody even mention the 2010 dunghill

Can someone re-upload the Marvel Swimsuit Specials?

Can someone upload x-o manowar?

on it, check within the hour

Yeah I can see 1 and 2 got uploaded so far, thanks a lot user.

Requesting any Sam & Max comic. just dump everything you have

Wow, no one had it?

It was uploaded a couple days ago, along with the Ant-Man one mate.
You missed out. Just because no one in the thread responded directly doesn't mean it wasn't there.
Try asking someone to reupload it.

Sorry, I'm so sorry.

Can some please re upload it or is it on the Mega?

If anyone can reupload any of these, that would be rad

Ekho, Maus, Conquistador, wake, Metabarons

Sure thing.

i'll upload them

Uploading some.

Also going to re-up Rock & Rule along with its music.


The_Metabarons__1-8, 7 is corrupt
The_Metabarons__9-17, only has 9 and 17
Ekho, only has 2 and 3. and 2 doesn't work

Must have been an upload error. I have it and it works just fine for me.
Ill reupload it later.

requesting x-static full run. Pretty please

they work fine for me man, i'll re-upload them but they open just fine for me

try renaming the files and then open them again

Currently uploading BBC's Shakespeare Animated

/r/ing Transmetropolitan

Thank you SO MUCH.

I tried redownloading, renaming and opening with 7zip and winrar. no luck

i reuploaded the ones you claim to be "corrupt" as .cbr and .cbz , just use the search function of volafile to find them and if they turn out "corrupt" again then i'm afraid it's a problem on your end

Anyways the scans where pretty LQ anyways so i'll reupload them the HQ version of them some time later

Hello, OP here. I just uploaded The Punisher miniseries, Extras, Oneshots and various other goodies to the Holla Forumsmmunal MEGA. Here is the link in case you do not want to log in to the MEGA:!AIASWLpL!kk9wSsV60ymX7k3o6S0seOHYSZWqdDLA3IaqbOv_4o0

However, I heard that MEGA has been compromised, so if anyone could recommend me a similar file hosting site, I would make another account there. Plus, with how an average comic is big in terms of file size, I am worried that we may run out of space sooner or later.

Mind you files have been disspearing from MEGA in more frequent volume since the chinese takeover so that doesn't bode well but compromised may be an exaggeration

Has there been an update since the chinese takeover that i missed ?

See. It was compromised when Kim Dotcom lost rights to it, I'd say the takeover guarantees it's somewhat less compromised.

The entire series of Shakespeare Animated is up ,next comes the limited 5 issue Comix International by Warren Publishing


If anyone could upload King of the Hill, that'd be swell.

Requesting Ninjak

Try if you're in a hurry

you're bound to find some over there

The first few pages of The Metabarons 07 are corrupt. The rest are working fine.


Correction: everything from Hypnos is corrupt

They work for me


The fact that there are different people getting the same issue but with different files makes me think it's either an issue with volafile itself or my internet ,otherwise the files would appear corrupt to me as well

I can't do much there except reupload stuff that appears corrupt and hope for ther best unless someone has another sollution

If it was my internet connection having hiccups though , wouldn't it simply stop the upload and restart it anew ?

Did the korra comic come out yet?

Also pic related is the comics I have if anyone is interested i'll upload any you want. I don't have many digital comics.

I'm gonna upload the muhphoenix thing tho since everyone should have that

Whatcha got in the Spiderman folder?

Demon Wars bls and thank you.

shadows of evil past storyline from amazing spiderman that got posted on Holla Forums not even sure if I have the whole arc


It's okay, dump what you have if you can… Thanks. :)

pls upload more valiant


how complete is that?

This please, I'm looking for the very first issue of transmetropolitan to get started if anyone has it.

Anyone happen to have any Patrol 03 episodes? I could only find 1,4,15 & 26 on youtube.

Any 2000AD fans enjoy Strontium Dog in it's B&W awesomeness , it's up

Claudia Chevalier1-3 and Requiem Vampire Knight 1-8 is up however issue 3 is missing because i was only able to get it in spanish so if anyone has it i'd appreciate it

Asides from that there's a mixed bag of Tihuana Bible ,Heavy Metal illustrations ,pinups and NSFW comix to pick from

Uploading Way Too Wonderland for any of the two other Ever After High fans on here. Just give it some time to finish uploading to the vola.

Does anyone happen to have any bloodshot? I lost my entire collection last year.

Volume 3 of Requiem Vampire Knight!uRlDkDSY

Forgot the decryption key


Does anybody have Game Over (The French-Belgian comic) issues 10, 11 and Origins?


much obliged

Anyone got the Thorgal: Shaigan books?

Yes but they are in french

For those that are wondering about Il cavaliere inesistente or "The non-existant knight" it's an early and a bit obscure italian movie/animation hybrid based on Italo Calvino's book of the same name ; it's in italian and sadly i couldn't find any working subs for it

Could anyone upload Multiforce? I seem to have lost it.

Just some old capeshit proving that it is indeed a vicious cycle even as far a publishing goes and that the same shit (Whor , all female Avengers) have indeed been tried before and had the same amount of success

The Marvel Two In One #55 is broken and is missing a page or two , there may be others

Anyone have inside out?

Anyone have any lead on where to find the Jaegir comic, it's a spin-off of rogue trooper.

The anthology collection is from Sptember this year , so you probably will have better luck finding genuine evidence of bigfoot actually existing than that


thanks comrade, exactly what i was looking for, just hope all the issues are here tho

I can read french.

Well this is embarrasing

Apparently in the French series the issues refering to the Shaigan story arc are numbered #19 - #23 , in the english version however the issues to that story arc are numbered #11-#15

So i have them both french and english version and they'll both be up within the day to chose from

I need Neighbors From Hell, episode 6: Guns For Mutts.


Found a working torrent, but only 69.9% available.

Holla Forums BO, add more fucking pages, you nigger!! Ten is fucking retardedly low!

and get rid of the early 404
more than a dozen times I saw a new thread, and wanted to post in it later, since I was busy at the moment, but by the time I had the time to post, the thread was already gone.

Someone upload all the futurism episodes pls

I mean the futurama episodes


Nobody reads these comics. More people watch cartoons

No we aren't fast enough to warrant more than 10 pages. There have been threads here for months, for example

It takes a few hours before a thread passes page 5. If the thread couldn't get enough posts by that time, it wasn't very important. If you want to talk about a thread that had just died, remake the thread.

We don't get spammed very often but the early 404 has already helped once during a raid. So I'm leaving it on.

anyone have a link to all of the first season episodes of Pig Goat Banana Cricket? Kisscartoon is being unreliable as fuck to try and watch them with

Rude, but, yes, I really want this episode. It's proven difficult to find, so if someone has it, I'd be ever so thankful.

Also, Ralph Bakshi is a titan of film animation; pure genius.

Oh, thank you so much.

This is nice.

Well as far as goes , i'll get on it tomorrow

I also have Coonskin and Heavy Traffic if anyone is interested

Oh what the hell, I'll take Coonskin. Never got to watch it.
I've seen Hey, Good looking earlier this year thanks to Kisscartoons. Might as well, see coonskin.

I added shadow of the Bat issue 01.

Thank you for the throgal issues

Coonskin and Fritz The cat are up

The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat will be up tomorrow

/r/ing Frank Cho's Drawing Beautiful Woman.

Well i don't have that but i do have some of his art

Also The Nine Lives of fritz The Cat is up

Based, thanks a whole bunch.

Based, thanks a whole bunch.

there seems to be an error when i try to unzip the file, user. can you reupload it?

Not that user but have you tried re-downloading?

Yes, downloaded it twice and while unzipping I had an error, both times. Will try again to make sure, though.

I don't think there's a need for that, 2 times is enough…

ok i'll repack and reupload it , check back in a couple of hours but i'm not having any problems with it

just out of curiosity what OS do you use user ?

Windows 3.0

I don't think that's a problem, since I've downloaded stuff from the vola without any problems before.

I personally don't see how the OS makes any difference… The programs used maybe.

Thanks user!

A little heads-up The Privateers of Alcibiades Vol5 was partialy corrupt and i couldn't find it elsewhere in a non corrupt form, so i saved as many the pages from the partially corrupt one i could and repackaged it , there are however a couple pages missing from it

Anyone got JLA Earth 3?

Oh and Witcher comics

Was that in the Else Worlds series?

Eh, I fucked the pooch on that one..

It's Earth-2.
I also want Emerald Archer with Kevin Smith.

Please guys, give me something good by picturebox publishing. Pref. Mat Brinkman - Multiforce or powr mastrs.

here's the book of Jim(both volumes) by Jim Woodring for your trouble

Has anyone got downloads for the The Sandman and Lucifer spin-off books from Vertigo?


So i kinda gonna go AWOL for a couple of days but i'll be back for the weekend , in the meantime decide which one would you prefer for this weekend



any les sisters in the vola? i really like the artstyle


Just uploaded the first issue of Stjepan Šejić's Switch.

I uploaded the two that I have to the Vola.


Unzip it or get a CBR reader. Whichever you like.

Does anyone have all the issues of Sinergy?

I might have that neighbors from hell episodes but it's probably on an unlabeled cd in the back of storage. Might take me a while to find it but I'll check for it later. These were from when the show first aired so I'm not sure if they are still working or if I still have them.

Well it's up ,enjoy

Anyone got the Hellboy comics, starting from Seed of Destruction?

Thanks for Othello. Any chance you've alteast Macbeth.

i am gonna be uploading the entire series of BBC Shakespeare Animated, but since last time shit got corrupt due to volafile doing that on occasion i'm gonna be uploading one episode a day from the series , so check back often

Thanks, it's rekindled my love/hate relationship with Shakespeare and it's on my Amazon wishlist for if they drop the price to a reasonable amount.

Requesting idw transformers


Completely complete IIRC, i loved me some crossgen.

Come tomorrow i think i'll be slowly uploading old toon series ,1 maybe 2 episodes per day

I think i'll start with The Mysterious Cities of Gold , quality is TV / VHS like but overall it's watchable

Any interest ?

I just hope the issues with posting are fixed in the meantime because it's getting really annoying

Sounds pretty cool.

Don't suppose anyone has Clan Apis?

First six episodes are up

okay pic, grab bag is just a bunch of misc cartoons i don't plan to get more than a handful of episodes so far it ain't got shit so which one? a movie?

Can you be more specific on what shows are in Grab Bag?

My Dark-skinned African (but don't upload it unless someone else wants you too)

i literally only have one episode of AT because i like canyon's costume
and like two jackie chan adventure episode, it'll be mainly shows that i like and think are pretty sweet
but i won't bother with gathering all the episodes or just little animated goodies like Bring Me The Head of Charlie Brown
fuckin' finally someone else who watched bump in the night!
also pic of grab bag








Any chance you could add Crayon Shin-Chan later?

sure but i don't have the AS dub it's more a ton of the movies, i have no qualm with the dub, it's just i didn't feel like grabbin' 'em individually still want me too? i will
just for you

and the first episode in japanese because i like how everyone was round

I actually didn't know there were movies. I'm a grump about movies based on series, so I'll just check it out elsewhere rather than sticking you with that.

23 as of next year, but i don't have all 23 only 10 from all around the years it seems
i mean they look pretty funny haven't watched any yet
eh, i'll add one or two movies, and first season of bump in the night

Does anyone have that one page calvin and hobbes comic where Hobbes becomes an allegory for Calvin's sexuality, and at the end he becomes a true perversion, that is then killed when Calvin takes control of his life? Black and white, Only a handful of panels.

if it's an official comic do you know which volume it might have been in? i don't specifically remember it but i'd be willing to look for it if you know the published collection name.

In request from the 2000AD thread, here's the progs for the ABC Warriors

Enjoy and SPREAD THE WORD !!LoInCT5a!xMAAa8iPJ8D4nVQW_Oa-2oPFpOffmKRDB4ZhcRE1MGc

thanks a bunch

Make sure to keep watching the 2000AD thread, Holla Forumsmrade..

pls halp Holla Forums

I don't think they ever did an OST of swat kats, if they did can anyone find it my searches have turned up empty

So should I just split my Heavy Metal magazine collection into parts then upload to vola or what?

Please this

I made a thread recently requesting Lobo main man series, but I couldn't check the board for days and when I came back it was already gone from the catalog.

ok check back later on volafile ,there will be some issues on and the entire series probably by the end of the day

my connection is on the fritz again so just to be on the safe side i'll be uploading individual issues one at a time because that way i won't have to restart some GB worth of file if my connection gives up half-way

the files are gonna be up for the next 3 days or so

i guess whatever comes easy for you ,if you have a shitty connection like i do it by issue if it's good try larger volumes (just keep them under 1GB just to be on the safe side) or if you have some other filehost like mega or whatever do it on there

Requesting re-upload of first 19 episodes if possible.

The series isn't done yet , it has a total of 39 episodes and i'm currently uploading episodes #25 and #26 right now

So get the ones that are available as i share them and after i'm done uploading the whole series i'll re-up any episodes for anyone that missed it

Okay thanks, will do.

Uploaded some IMAGINARY STORIES for the Holla Forumsmrade who was looking for good "what-if" stories.

It's hard to find torrents of the older stuff and even harder to find one with seeds.

Hmmm… thank you very much! I'm searching for the issue in which he kills the entire population of his own race, but it doesn't seem to be there. Just to be sure:

It's the "Reservoir Mooks" issue, or Lobo #0 (Zero Month crossover), and not The Last Czarnian or any other issue or series… right?

Again, thank you for uploading all that, I'm looking through it right now.

Just to complement: thank you for making it all available user, but it's not there after all. Anyway, it was great to re-read the last issue of Lobo, that was funny as hell.

*writes long winded theory about the Silver Surfer's dick being able to ejaculate enough cosmic power to re-invigorate the surfaces of the planets Galactus devourers due to centuries of blue balls*

So you are telling me , i am missing an issue?

Well… I tried one by one your whole Lobo collection… and it's no mystery that there is a #0 Zero Month issue.

I've actually bought it back when it was released, but I don't have it anymore. Maybe I missed one from your archives, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

Unfortunately it was made by someone else, but it gets posted here now and then. I tried to Google search it to no avail. Thanks though!

Added some robin comics.

Can you reupload? Always wanted to read Superman 149.

I uploaded a few James Kochalka comics.

don't suppose anyone's got the first issues of Danger Girl (1998)? shut up don't judge me

Sorry, I only have the physical version.
14 year old me fucking loved that comic.

Sure. Grab it while it's hot.

Does the mega link work? I should probably upload them there.

Do you have any of Yuriy Norshteyn/Yuri Norstein's stuff? Finding anything other than Hedgehog In The Fog is rough.

Thanks, Buddy.

See picture.

I try to get up.


Shit's up. I uploaded the entire seven issue run. if you want any more issues, just ring a ding ding.

Issue 147 fucking changed my life.

It's the shit, this is fucking awesome. Thank you so fucking much.


Luthor is the fucking shit.

Thanks a lot to the uploader of MCoG.

Anyone got some of the Hellboy comics, starting from the first issue of the first series?
Or the BRPD series?

starting this weekend i'll continue the old toon series with Spiral Zone episodes

Does anyone have Lobo/Mask? I thought I had it with my Mask comic folder but I must have lost it at some point.

#4 came out this year on 30th September, but no English fan translation yet. Hell, i couldn't even find frog speak version cbrs - maybe that's what holding them back.

Holy shit, there was a Kull comic book?

Yeah, but it was lame. Good art though.

Request: Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter

Digital version is nowhere to be found - all there is are dead ends and fake or corrupted files. I am hesitant on dumping $50 on something that might not be enjoyable, hence few questions to ones who have read it. Is it worth the money? Is the story "tight" or do you have to piece it together from the info in the book with some holes here and there? How hungry for more does it leave you?

I more or less a coffee table book with cool art that peripherally related by being in the same universe.

Any chance someone's got samurai jack?

Hello, Volafile moderator here. I have set the lifetime of the room to 5 days. I will also be dumping a shit load of comics (42.2GB)

Are any of them non-cape comics ?

And which ones do you have ?

Tbh I dont really read comics unless they are recommended. If you guys have a request upload a .txt to the room and i will fill it. Same thing for old animated shows.

Damn, Son. I wanted Scarlet Spiderman but your collection is meager.

Thanks anyway.

I upload Monstress.

S-sorry. Going to upload Samurai Jack for this guy

Just finished uploading Samurai Jack, going to start uploading Popeye The Sailor.

Popeye The Sailor is done.

Does anyone have the GIJOE animated movie ?

No, but I do have something even better :^)



Now I feel bad.

Look, I uploaded Clown Fatale.

Thanks a bunch.

Looking for the new series Wabbit. Seeds are hard to find.

Preferably little 40mb files

Thanks for the info. Doesn't sound like it is worth the price, considering that they are just photoshop paintings.

No problem

I will upload it when I get home


Will post the rest of solomon kane tomorrow, uploads kept failing

Looking for some Heavy Metal for a friend trying to get into Retro Sci-Fi. KAT has so few seeders on it it's crazy. By few, I mean 1 guy out of 50 uploads with Heavy Metal Magazine in them.

/r/ing Transmetropolitan again

Anyone got street fighter unlimited 1?

Does anyone have the first Volume of Powers?

You want the first volume of powers?


anyone got all the Gargoyle comics?

fucking winning

I got a shitton of different cartoons availible. If someone uploads the Gargoyle comics, or cares to I'll upload it, if I got it.
I got Extreme Ghostbuster, Freakazoid, Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Gargoyles, Swatkats, Cybersix. And many more.
They're mostly TV rips.

Do you mean the comicbooks or the animated series?

If it's the animated series i am interested

In exchange for what I ask, I upload what I got. Yes, I got the Cybersix TV series. Not amazing quality, TV rips, but I do have it. I can upload it regardless. No one browses Holla Forums enough to see my posts anyways.


Is it bad or something? The concept seems interesting.

No it won't. doesn't save images.

sure it does

oh you*

Does anyone have the Gendy Tartakovsky version of Star Wars:The Clone Wars:The Uncut Version? I own it, but between the 2 discs and the constant intro/endings, it's annoying. Sorry if I'm bitching.

Thank you very much for uploading all those Venom comic issues.



Anyone have spider-man 2099?

you are a GAWD

This bullshit has gone too far

Please upload Samurai Jack.


Does anyone have a list of releases that are not yet posted to other sites? (I'm not requesting for mirrors.)

Striperalla first 6 episodes are up ,the rest are on the way

Why does the episodes cut or is cutting scenes? is this intentional or just a crappy animators studio in a budget cut?

I'll be uploading soon. I was out of sorts, so I couldn't Sometime in the next two days I'll upload it in one zipped thing. Both Cybersix, and SJ.

Weird show.

I miss these kinds of animated shows….

Dont you have the uncensored version?

I've just watched the first episode and it cuts/glitches at certain parts, is it originally like that or just a problem with my download?

I downloaded it again, looks like the original file was corrupted to begin with.

What you got was the censored version here's the uncensored version in torrent.

Can someone upload Conan, and the Red Sonja meets Spiderman (originals?) for me?
Any recommended Conan really.

I uploaded my TVrip of Cybersix. I have many more I could upload. In case anyone wants?

Wow. This is a cheaply made show. Damn.

Thank you :)

Shit who got >>500000

Does anyone has ABC Warriors: Return to mars ?

Does anyone know of a live torrent for the "Big Entertainment: Tekno Comix"? The torrent I'm downloading from has no seeds and I just want particular comics from it.

So whatever happened to this?

Uploading The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea for anyone interested. I still need to watch them.
Requesting The Secret of NIMH and American Tail.

RetroShare might be worth considering. Some existing threads on other boards.
It even supports Tor/i2p if anyone wants or needs privacy. (The program itself encrypts communications between peers, so it's only really necessary if you want to hide your IP from the random peers you add.)
I've mentioned it a few times here, but I'll give a quick summary.
It's limited to what people choose to share within the program, but I've downloaded over 400GB of games, movies, and anime through RS alone. You're guaranteed to find at least something.
there's drama within the RS forums right now, but it's not really important if you only care about file-sharing

Also, the file-sharing is done similar to torrents. You download files from multiple people who have the file (or are also downloading it). Downloading from 1 peer can be slow due to RS tunneling connections through peers, and also because some users use hidden nodes via Tor/i2p, but I've gotten up to 1.5MB/s down from total downloads even on 0.6. (not since I started running a Tor-only node, but that's the sacrifice I made for anonymity)

Injustice unlimited alpha 1.5

Is there a guide somewhere on how to use RS? Especially with Tor/I2P?

Check out the existing RS threads for general questions. Using the program is pretty straight forward for forums and file sharing, but adding friends seems to be the most difficult part. RS uses PGP certificates meaning you need to share certificates with your friends before you can share information and communicate with each other.
To find your certificate, go to "Add" and click Next. The top box will be your certificate, and the bottom box is where you can add a friend's certificate. Simply copy the top box and post it somewhere that someone can copy it and add you. (Probably RS threads on Holla Forums.) Similarly, you will then need to add that person's certificate as well.

This video explains how to set up RS for Tor on Linux. I have a Windows tutorial webm (also for Tor), but it's 95MB. I don't know how to compress it to under 8MB and still have it readable. Should I just toss it in the volafile, or would it be better to keep it Holla Forums-related?

Hey Holla Forums I just wanted to post the first 2 pages of a story I'm gonna be working on.

this is basically starting off with the legend of this world, before getting to the actual story.

Let me know what you think! I welcome constructive criticism

There doesn't seem to be an apparent character motivation for him wanting to put a stop to evil. Unless he's unusually righteous, which could be an interesting thing, most characters require some kind of background or further push for their journey.
What the evil is seems to be ambiguous. I think in this instance it may not be totally necessary to make the evil a vague thing- I think this is because there are plenty of ways that this evil can be constructed in such a manner where it is flat out impossible, naive or dangerous for anyone to approach or rid of this evil, especially the boy. You would just need to write it so.

I understand how it feels like the story is missing some key elements, especially when it seems like the focus is gonna be on this character.
However this is starting out with pretty much the lore of what will then become the story, and for this purpose, the boy is meant to represent some sort of highly moral figure, like jesus or budda, that does things normal people wouldnt normally do, evil also takes an ambiguous meaning, like the concept of sin, which for most people is things they consider bad or mean, but its subjective in the end.

Where the story goes its a set up for our main character and I hope I have captured your interest enough to see where it leads.

I see, it seems like it was meant to be read like a folk tale, so in that I guess it makes more sense

If it doesn't make sense I would still like to know, one can only improve through criticism

Just put up Pirates of Dark Water on the volafile. Quality is good so enjoy it while you can Holla Forumsmrades

I added more information to the first part, to make it clear that this is a legend

new part

Anyone got Ampney Crusis Investigates

Reminder that there's a vola room for manga:

Thanks a bunch satan
On what board? Because there doesn't seem to be any on Holla Forums currently.
If it's on YT I can just watch it there.

Link's almost dead, can you post a torrent hash?
Also if you've got one for S.O.NIMH (4.4 GBs) that would be great.

And here's the Windows tutorial for Tor. (posted by someone within RetroShare, not from me)
If anyone wants to use i2p or needs further help, you'll have to read documentation or ask Holla Forums. >>>Holla Forums487504

With TPP shit getting worse (and even starting to pass in some countries) we need a good solution to file-sharing in the darknets whether it's RetroShare or something else.

RetroShare on Mac, after doing the mouse encryption to 100%, just hangs up while generating everything. It's still running, but nothing happened after an hour. Try again?

It shouldn't be taking that long, so killing the program and restarting might be a good idea. If it keeps freezing, ask Holla Forums for further advice.

Lady Death pls

There are only three files in the volafile….

Reupload, please!

Anyone down to re-up the Ekho comics?

It pretty much shows up to read online when searching it, but I was wondering if the file that was put up before had a better image quality.

Does anyone have the Archie Mega Man comic book series?
I'm having a seriously hard time looking for the complete collection.

Anyone have some proper scans of "Monster Allergy" in english? I've found some on zetaboards and facebook, but they're pretty much shitty quality.

I uploaded this to download it back:
Supercrooks #1
Through the Woods

someone upload something good pls

I noticed the Holla Forums recommends is missing a lot of png's specifically ones im looking for. does anyone have the recs for gambit and nightcrawler?

Check the user dumping in his weekly threads.

I've seen a lot of Holla Forumsrecs, and have never seen those 2. I'd suggest making a thread and Anons can get together to make Holla Forumsrecs for missing heroes.

anyone have any requests from my drive?

Tank Girl, Lady Death, Ronin, Hellblazer, anything with the Heavy Metal Magazines, Zatanna as well.
Cybersix, and Vampirella, The Crow, Dejah Thoris, Domino, Cliver Barkers Hellraiser + Nightbreed. I don't have these in my digital comic collection. If you're up for uploading all those I'd appreciate it.

Yeah I can upload them. Couple of them are multiple gigabytes, so you might be better off torrenting them. How about look for as many of those on if you can. If you can't find some of those I'll up them. I know for a fact that a few of those you probably can't find.

Finding complied torrents is a pain, as it could have something missing from a few years, or some run.
Well upload what you can. If you can help me find links to torrents I'll toss up magnets I find of anything as well. What are specifically multiples gigabytes so I can go looking?

Yeah man

The heavy metal collection -

It has everything up to the middle of 2012, plus bonus stuff.

Lady death -

It's not really ordered, which is a huge pain, but I'm pretty sure it has everything up to a few years ago. I haven't gone through it all yet

hellblazer -

mine is a little off by now, not complete, haven't reached the end of it yet

is gigantic, it has mostly everything.

Dejah Thoris -

Haven't gotten to the end of it yet, still pretty big. It has most of it all collected, missing some new stuff.

Hellraiser -

I actually think this torrent has more than I have downloaded, so I think its a good bet.

The ones I haven't linked I'll be uploading to the volafile

Thanks, as well as thanks for the uploads. I'll grab them as they appear.

anything past Vol.8 would be appreciated

Also pic related is my newly found obsession thank you random Holla Forumsirgin user that brought them to my attention and if anyone does have any decent scans (english preferably) i would appreciate them

I just added my Penthouse Comix collection to the vola.

Get that hot Adam Hughes fuck doodles while you can.

Guess I'll contribute for once.

Uploading Bad Dog Vol 1.
It's a pretty good read.
A werewolf and his redneck buddy solving cases and having fun.

Also uploading the first 14 tomes of Titeuf in french.
First tome is kind of a shitty scan, but it's the best I could find online.

damn son

the french are so sex obsessed je les aime

Yeah I'll throw up my vampire knight folder. I only have up to vol 10. Does vol 11 even exist in english?

My eros folders are very lacking, thank you for this upload.

i'll request that

Also you have a file titled European Comics , what does that contain ?

Uploaded The Ticking.
Really creepy yet emotional shit.

Uploading Keepers of the Maser, I liked the first arc more than the second, and frezzeto's art is always on point

pic related for my european folder, I think all of them are scanlated

Thanks and in that case i'll also take Aldebaran ,Arawn , Sha and The Fires of Askell because that shit looks good

hell yeah man, arawn is fucking badass as shit. Really wish it would get a print run.

Actually recommending Arawn to everyone here. If any of you like fantasy, or heavy metal magazine, check it out.

Also highly reccomending SHA. Same team who did Requiem Vampire Knight. This comic is about a spirit of vengeance taking revenge for witch trials so many years ago, but the reincarnation everybody is way in the future.

thanks, kevin

no prob, I love sharing

Anyone got Trees #9 and up ?
I only got the first volume.

Sorry don't have them but 10-13 are all up on kickass category:books/

Thanks, but I already seen those and the downloads are really slow and the #9 has no seeders at all.

Anyone have Anna Mercury hiding somewhere on their hard drives?

anyone have the Megaman comics from Archie?

I keep hearing they are really good.


Does any1 have complete chapters of Tera?

I only have first volume and can upload it if you want. I will upload it once you respond to the post, so I know that you didn't give up and file won't expire before you get to it.

Could you upload Sha? I could not find it anywhere else.

I uploaded what that one guy uploaded. So there you go.

Anyone know what happened with Heavy Metal 273 through 277, as far as scans go?

Does anyone have:
* "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?" Omnibus
* The Sculptor
* The Sixth Gun 42-47
* The Sixth Gun - Valley of Death 01-03
* The Sixth Gun - Dust To Dust 01-03
* The Sixth Gun - The Days of the Dead 01-05
All the torrents I got for them have 0 seeders.

Thank you

I've been trying to get them too. I will make an account and message Nem for reseeds on Thursday. You can go ahead and do it too.

I've never been able to find any scans of HM past 2012, sadly

No problem, I actually managed to get it from one seeder after several days.

Did you happen to get volume 2 as well? All links and torrent files I came across appear to be dead.

Does anyone happen to have Bazooka Jules? It was story timed a while ago, and I missed it. There seems to be only 1 seedless torrent of it available.

nope sorry

Does anybody have any raw DVDISO's of some Adult Swim cartoons? I'm looking for Space Ghost, Harvey Birdman and Morel Orel. I'll encode them myself with ffmpeg, but I need the ISO's.

You should look into a telivision or cartoon focused private tracker, they should have disk images if AnimeBytes is any indication.

Does anyone know if the french animated movie "Long Way North" (Tout en haut du monde) is uploaded somewhere?

I guess, yeah. I'm not too deep into the private tracker game sadly, I mainly use AB but my account isn't in good standing. Sometimes rutracker has full ISO's but not this time.

It's still in in the theater, wait for the Bluray release

Added Ekho #1-4 in English to the volafile.

Oh shit dude thanks for Ekho. I had no idea 4 had been scanlated yet.

i need punisher comics

all of it pls

In case you are still loooking for the 2nd volume, I uploaded it to the folder.

Make the posting of US comics a bannable offense
(a short list of authors apart)
and i'll post on that board
also originals and sketches thread

Anyone have Dredd Origins?

cant find it anywhere

Im searching for these

Uploaded. Tossed in The Connection as well for good measure. Enjoy.

I've got all 10 books in separate files in Black and White and 1 colored collection. Which one do you want?

I have issues 42 - 47, The Days of the Dead, and Dust to Dust. Let me know if you still need those.

I myself am still looking for Bazooka Jules and both volumes of Human Target.

Does anyone know if is any good? They seem to have a decent amount of stuff but are they reputable/safe?

Does anyone know if is any good? They seem to have a decent amount of stuff but are they reputable/safe?
let me post dammit!

both would be great, but if you dont have the time or the bandwith just the colored ones, thanks in advance user

its fine, but you should use jdownloader if you want to ignore the adfly style redirection

Doesn't jdownloader had adware and/or malware though?

I need the pastebin for the hi-res episodes of My Life as a Teenage Robot.

Never mind, I found Human Target. Now its just Bazooka Jules.

Both of them are uploaded.

It looks fine, aside from that bullshit redirect. Their catalog is fairly impressive, and they have some stuff that is hard to find otherwise, like Human Target. Website doesn't appear to be shoddily thrown together either.

Please, could you reupload the Crow?

I don't think anyone here is stupid enough to click those, bud.

crow is up

Thanks user.

I'm looking for basically all of marvel/dc for 2009-2015. any torrents or IRC channels you can recommend?

All of it in one torrent shoudn't be easy to find, but you can just download all the "Marvel Week+" and "DC Week+" torrents until it's too old and doesn't have seeders

Well this is an odd request, but does anyone know if there is a pdf on how to lay out a comic story so an artist can easily interpret what the writer wants? Even just something on general guidelines to follow would be useful.

I know this is an odd request, but does anyone have the entire Spider-Man clone saga and Ben Reily saga? Either the tpb collections or individual issues put in the proper reading order?

I would like, Dan Vs.

The torrent I found is stalled.

Does anybody have a link to a DVD rip of the Powerpuff Girls episodes Impeach Fuzz and Something's a Ms? All the Torrents are shit and most of the online versions are TV rips.!K4NACahS!L5Bskc_mArHS9psC3_zhWQ

Anyone got the Vampire: The Masquerade comic books ?

More books than comic books. Though I think I have what you're talking about.
I'll toss it up.

That would be great, thanks, I have pretty much all the books but I never read the comics

The pack doesn't include the comic-books.

i requesting the Goon,preferably firsts issues, cause i'm never ever read it before

First folder is up on volafile, and I will put up 2nd one tomorrow.

thanks user

It is done. For some reason, 1.6 GB zipped file would take 6h to upload, while uploading things separately took took less than 2.

I am still looking for Bazooka Jules, if anyone has it by any chance.

Thanks so much.

The Missing Arthur Episodes!69Nl1aqB!rgSW0Wm8LJJPXHGH7ED5BQ

w-wait what? elaborate on
"Missing arthur episodes"

Requesting download links to TMNT 2012 episodes.

sign up for

I'm requesting links for SU and Gravity Falls from that site, got banned for inactivity (what?)

Never heard of this place before.

Wow, lots of MEGA links with heaps of content I've never seen before. Looks pretty good.

It seems you have to make a post every now and then. I suppose it'd be something like once a week.

Thank you for uploading this art.

She has a nice Back

Crude redubbings of Arthur

Requesting Beast Wars: The Gathering and The Ascending

does anyone know where if felipe smith's peepo choo has been scanned anywhere?

only see this around, no volume two from what I can see

I like this manga too, I dont understand the hate

anyone have the dark souls comic?

requesting sky doll pls

Lol. If you can stand the occasional appearance of an autist from volafile's Holla Forums room,
(which, admittedly, is rather well stocked in terms of Holla Forums-relevant content)
then you'll come along fine with the room if you make it a point to lurk there in the background. At least when you've also got Holla Forums open.

As we speak, I'm uploading 5gb of Deadpool comics.

Ah, and the alternative?

My own haunt, THE DEADHUT.

I'm going to try to keep it stocked again, and other guys have contributed to it regularly in the past.

So, if you got comic-relevant stuff to share, please do, and please stick around.

Well, you might try the Volafile Movies room. It is well-maintained and regularly stocked.

The television room is also similarly well-stocked regularly:

In the case of either room, if you want to make a request, you can post a TXT file or an image-file in the file-bin, with an appropriate filename that makes clear at a glance what it is that you want to request
There's a very good chance you'll get what you're looking for.

lol. dem dubs.

while I did say that I'm currently uploading 5gb of Deadpool comics & content a few mins ago, because of something else I need to do that's work-related and is bandwidth intensive, I've had to abort the upload.

So… in the meantime… I give you this:

This take you to the Youtube-fan video of Deadpool VS Joker.

This is an amazingly action-packed and also funny vid, but, I warn you, like myself, though you'll consider everything else to be purely awesome, you might find that the ending sucks.

Oh, and lastly…

Check it out. It's a list of the major rooms on Volafile.

That thread is also ideal for finding other rooms on Volafile, and is also a great place to post your own rooms or your own Volafile site finds.

rogue like evolution!Bo1m1bZZ!F-YrW3LgsxSJRoiDlo4OAQ

I also posted it on pl and xyz

Yep, uploading it right now.

Anyone got those ? I can't find them anywhere too.

Done. New tome comes out this year.

Thank you.

I haven't seen that Supes gif in years, by the way.

Why do we still use vola though ?
MEGA doesn't limit your download speed.
I'm probably just spoiled with my internet speed but I'm sick of waiting more than 5mn for a 80mb comic.

Thanks for Sky Doll.

thank you, dear sir

You're welcome

MEGA is compromised now. Besides that, you need to install bullshit program for it if you want to download files over 700Mb.

Well, if you want to upload private stuff, you shouldn't, but if it's for comics/cartoons and shit, I don't see why it would be "compromised".

What ? You don't.

I don't know, maybe I'm retarded, but wherever I try to download something off of MEGA that is around 1GB, a message that I need to install their extension or downloader pops up and I couldn't find a way around it.

it functions better but that's about it

Requesting Ralph Bakshi's "Last Days of Coney Island" if possible.

Anyone got at least the first volume of Mercy Sparx ?
I couldn't find any torrents.

Yeah, that would be cool if someone with money could rent it, rip it and upload it, I didn't find it anywhere.

/r/equesting Multiversity Ultra Comics

I can one up you better. I backed the mercy sparx omnibus kickstarter. They will release the digital when the printed books get sent out. Dunno when that will be, but I promise that I will post it here for you all when it does.

Can someone upload Kingdom Bum and Vampblade ?

Any of you got Fuck Fairyland #4 ?

Yep, I'm uploading it right now.

Fuck Volafile, I can't even reach 20kb/s of upload speed, so here is a MEGA link:!0Ng1RTbK!0wC3xMNH5Ah5hjiW_WbnvA
I also put all the issues just in case.

God I thought I was the only one!
MEGA is solid, despite word about it being "compromised". I've been using it for 3 years now and never had a single file removed, and I've uploaded all kinds of pirated stuff.

Thought I'd share a cool tip for those who use Vola.

If you don't have time to download multiple gigabytes' worth of files before they expire, you can instead use a website that uploads files from URLs to your preferred cloud storage service (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive), then download them later at your own pace… The files you store won't be deleted for breaking copyright because they'll be private, and you can access them from anywhere.

CtrlQ (requires a Google account):

Thoai Media:

Sorry if that's a dumb question, but isn't there some site with a huge amount of comics and cartoons to download/torrent?

Pretty much like for anime.

A site especially for comics and cartoons, I meant.

Holy fuck, thank you based comic witch!

I have Mercy Sparx books, but my internet is shitting itself every few minutes at the moment. As soon as it gets fixed, I'll put it up.

I don't know about the huge amount, but I found recently and I could download some comics that didn't have any torrents.
You got to pass through 2/3 redirecting links, but they don't limit your download speed.

Mercy Sparx is up. Everything aside from Hack/Slash crossover specials.

Wew, lassie.

I might put these up at some point

Uploading the first volume of the Holla Forums soundtrack.
If you guys want more I'll start to do the rest.

If anyone has the four issues of Melting Pot, please, upload it. I'm losing my hopes here.

anyone happen to have a good cbr file for the dark knight rises?

Anyone got the IDW TMNT comics?

I want anything and everything related to Spider-Ham, please.

He's very attractive.

Does anyone have an archive of the latest weekly comic share thread? I pretty sure the last one was like the last week of April.

Please do.

Requesting pic related. Can't find it anywhere. Seems to be out of print, too, and even used copies are super pricey.



Is it a TPB of an arc or a limited series? I have every issue of Detective Comics and Legends of the Dark Knight.

Anyone got any Motorcity?



Can a make request to any anons that have batman, or superman the animated series. Justice league unlimited would be nice to


I downloaded them but then my hard drive failed before I got the chance to read them. Could someone re-upload them?

I will upload it to vola tomorrow

Alice in Wonderland (1951) & Sleeping Beauty please

It is up.

Keep going, please.

Thanks user!

Anyone got Batman: Noel by chance?ël is it specifically, I was interested in reading it.

Archie Sanic Comic Humble Bundle is up on the vola.

It's a TPB of Detective Comics, specifically the best issues relating to Ra's al Ghul up to that point (I'm pretty sure it came out in the 80s).

I could just read all the individual issues in order, I guess.

grant morrison's new x men by any chance?

Go to and find Nem's weekly uploads of Marvel. Just search for the title of then, which I think is 'Marvel Week NOW [#]', and go back to the week when it launched.

Anybody have that comic with the girl who gets possessed by aliens or something, transforms, then kills her family?

Ill put them up sometime tomorrow, if anyone still cares. In return, can somebody put up some Sam and Max?

already did that but thank you, I found the entire series from 1991 to 2015. of course it lacked some of the mini series where cable has to save the baby and house of M but it's nothing really.
also since in my country the series come with different titles and printed apart from each others what is the name of the series with Rachel Gray and Vulcan?

fuck my butt

If you're a gril then sure.

Holy fuck I've tried like a billion times to upload this shit, im gunna have to split it up into parts. I wont be able to do it until monday though

Does anyone have any Thorgal? I had a folder of it but I lost the hardrive.

does anyone have pic related?


Is there any good repo\thread where to find latest releases of Marvel comics?

Alrighty megaman is up, ill probably cross post to v as well



I will put up Thorgal on vola and Mega tonight. You and need to learn to back up your shit. I learned only after my GBs of everything Gen 13, including uncensored art, was lost five years ago and I am still trying to recreate it.
Just get an external drive and you're set. If you have spare HDDs, just buy a dock, and use them as oversized USBs.

Mega link:

MEGA link, since vola was taking forever!mYgB1IzZ!6yIck5wjrThS5l282fs3hA

Thanks, I never did finish these.

Samurai Jack!WUMGSAzI!keeuqdcUMo2QcoKY4QW_-w

Clone High!ad1UCQjR!TX2-YsH0ilJKfVNv9XAcEA

My Life as a Teenage Robot!qYMTGTKJ!WkuEq_mMkDHAsdimeBJmwA

Can anyone re-upload the Frank Cho's how to draw beautiful women comic?

Anyone got the Injustice TPBs?

i uploaded a buncha cartoons here

Anyone have that new Vision comic series? Heard it was good.

All 8 issues published so far are up on vola now. Ekho has been put up too.

Thanks bby.



Uploaded Trolls of Troy

Hey Holla Forumslumbine, I'm looking for a translated dump for the French comic Violine about a purple eyed loli that can read people's minds

Got u fam

Anyone got Steven Universe?


Stop with this "mega is compromised" meme and post there, or at least on 1fichier (i don't know how uploads works but you can download everything max speed, just make an account with a 10minutes mail, you have a limit of 10 gb but then you can just make a new account).
Also rerequesting the Archie's Mega man and Sonic comics.

Uploading Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen.


Requesting Dofus Heroes: Kerubim in french preferably, english is okay too.

Apparently it's now

and what the fuck is wrong with their tags these days?

You have
that are filled with capeshit from Marvel and DC ; it's not like those two don't have their own tags. Do they actualy expect me to go through all that capeshit just to find that one new release that actually belongs in those categories ?

any idea where I can find the 1993 Cavewoman series?


Someone can't zip

Anyone have (even has heard of) the Paranoia comics? Based on the rpg of the same name, ran for 6 issues.

If anybody's interested in French films, Le Chat du Rabbin (The Rabbi's Cat) is uploaded.


I got the comic book. Reading about fedora cat triggering his jew master into an oy vey fit is pretty fun but I didn't think it was fun enough to warrant a film.

Do you think you can upload the comic? I haven't read it.

I'd have to scan it first. I could try but don't get high hopes. And it's in french.

Does anyone have have issues 13-17 of the Moon Knight Marvel Now/2014 run?

Someone put up the first 12 on the volafile a while back and I'm trying to track down the rest.

My long search has led me here, at last. If anyone can find this thing I'll be eternally grateful:
I'm looking for a French animated short (maybe 10 minutes max). The plot concerns a young boy who gets a doll for his birthday; at first he's disappointed but then the doll turns into a hot girl and he loves the gift. I'm sorry that I don't remember the title, I saw it as a webm on this very board, a long time ago. Thanking you.

I tried my hardest and I can't find it either.
I don't have the webm and I think the channel it was on on youtube either fell into complete obscurity or got deleted.
Or I'm just completely retarded.

Give it time though, if you saw it here then it's doubtless somebody is still around that saved it.

Un Grand Garcon , it's available on vimeo last time i checked

here's the webm

Well that was kinda heart breaking.

>mfw no electric train toy

Does anyone have these?

I can't find anywhere can somebody upload the documentary The hand behind disney: Ub Iwerks story, please. Thanks forward

Can someone scan this comic book ?

Frozen comic #1 Joe Books

Literally no scan in the entire internet

Does anyone have any scans of Green Lantern: Mosaic and DC Graphic Novel: The Hunger Dogs?

I BELIEVE I have Mosiac, but not on this computer. I'm not at home right now and probably can't get it to you for like a week.

I believe it's in a giant torrent on Piratebay though.

I'm nothing if not patient

Uploading Helena ( 2 volumes)

"As far back as I can remember, Simon has always been afraid of pretty girls. On her wedding day, Simon sees Helena on the main square of the town of Nice. Helena, the beauty of his class when he was a child, his great love. that he has always loved and who was never interested in him. Between them, it's just a furtive exchange, nothing more. But a sufficient exchange for Simon refuses to say the small "yes" during the ceremony of his own marriage. He loves Helena, more than anything. And as this love is one-sided, it is a curious idea. He offers to give her 1,000 euros in exchange for three hours of his presence every Thursday afternoon."

tl;dr Oneitis The Comic


Fuck you you shitskin kike propagandist no one wants to see muh dik the comic.

Ignore it, it's a piece of shit anti-white piece about a guy getting cucked by harambe's cousin

So, KAT is ded and TPB is a honeypot.
Demonoid is shitty and lacking, and MEGA links keep getting taken down.

Where do you guys currently get new and old stuff alike from?

>>>/freech/ pls

Anyone know where I can watch/download all the episodes of the new Bunnicula show? Kisscartoon and the torrent sites I use don't have the ones after 9.!UgNDVKJR!QlUkuaZxOV4O9DoZ5PzCpQ

There you go user. The missing episodes.


Thank you. You're a life saver.

Can someone upload all of Bojack Horseman? Or atleast up through the second season?

request sidekick issue 1#

I've got Mosaic. Uploading it as we speak.

I'll have to go through my archives to see if I have The Hunger Dogs.

Much appreciated

Requesting American vampire issue 1-5

If there's a joke here I don't get it :/

I was told to request something, I couldn't think of anything so I request that since I remembered a story time about it from awhile back.

Hey, I was sent here by a friend because I'm having real trouble finding an anime (sorry it's not a western cartoon) and they said you guys might be able to help. Anyone here have a copy of "O-parts: Oman"?

Anyone willing to tell me what if any genuinely bad or worse in the vola? I'm feeling like getting schadenfreude out of some people on the internet? If not anyone willing to point me to torrents of that kind of comics? I mean shit like Cry of Justice, Rise of Arsenal and the Titans run that went full retarded edge with drugs made of dead babies?

Say no to spam/RB4JL

Say no to spam/RB4JL

Say no to spam/RB4JL


Does anybody have or know where I can find scans of Steve Ditko's Mr A?

Say no to spam/6hqKo

Say no to spam/6hqKo

Say no to spam/6hqKo