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Prev: >>380675169▶Day: 99 - Daily battlefield assessment: isw.pub/RusCampaignJune1▶Latest>Russian forces control parts of Severodonetsk as heavy fighting continues in eastern city>EU to ban two-thirds of Russian oil imports>Ukrainian forces launch counter-offensive in Kherson region>ISW: Russian invasion that aimed to seize & occupy entire country has become desperate & bloody offensive to capture a single city in the east while defending important but limited gains in the south and east>Russia to remove upper limit for military service in armed forces>Russia increasing intensity of operations in Donbas>Russia takes control of Svitlodarsk town>Workers digging through rubble allegedly find 200 bodies in Mariupol apartment block basement>Food shortages could cause more deaths than war, UK minister warns>Senate passes $40 billion package for Ukraine>Russia continues air & artillery strikes on Azovstal Steel Plant, indicating that a remnant of Ukrainian defence is still in the plant>Several Missiles hit Lviv>Remaining Azov fighters in azovstal agree to surrender, as per instructions of Ukrainian command>Finland & Sweden to join NATO, Russia threatens to cut gas and energy supplies>UK signs mutual security pacts with Sweden & Finland>ISW: RU forces involved in battle of Mariupol likely heavily damaged, Ukrainian forces succeeded tying down & degrading substantial Russian force>Lavrov: Special military operation going according to plan>War could last years, Nato warns▶Telegram Channelsrentry.org/telosinthttps://t.me/ukr_pics/▶INTELLIGENCEhttps://www.understandingwar.org/publicationshttps://odin.tradoc.army.mil/WEG (equipment explorer)oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equipment.html (tracking visually confirmed equipment losses)twitter.com/Skawtishhttps://twitter.com/Osinttechnicalhttps://twitter.com/Militarylandnet▶/uhg/ OP Templaterentry.org/uhg2022

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>The children and staff at Nursery No 200 in the Russian city of Saratov have been singing about their readiness to die for Putin>"But if the commander-in-chief>Calls us into the ultimate battle,>Uncle Vova we are with you"twitter.com/GraniTweet/status/1532350055696551936

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Isn't that the non-functional meme gun Lithuania made in the 80s lol?

Threadly reminder that russian separatists are the jannies of this wart.me/s/strelkoviiI want you people to note this part from strelkov>As it turns out, the families of most of the mobilized soldiers DID NOT RECEIVE any due payments for THREE MONTHS, while the breadwinners risked their lives and health on the front line.The soldiers of the separatist forces, who are fighting alongside supposedly brotherly nation, who is supposedly liberating them, have not only got no modern equipment, body armour, IFVs or tanks, but they have been fighting for them THIS ENTIRE TIME FOR FREE

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>>380685536Thread themeyoutu.be/R8xZO1QIaAY

Video related to that picture of the bodies around the truck a few days ago. Reported as VDV.

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>>380685922>80syou are seriously brain dead kek

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>>380685922that is a radio frequency jammer probably for downing drones

>>380686048Do you need to ask?

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Salaam alaikum, my name is Abdul Hamsiraji Al-Filibiyni.I’m a 21 year old Filipino (Tagalog) Mujahid (Jihadi for you infidels). I read the Qur'an and Chechen training manuals on my tablet, and spend my days perfecting my sword skills and listening to superior Nasheeds by asda Media Group.I train with my /unregistered firearm/ every day, this superior weapon can cut clean through kevlar because it is made by Russian slaves in rusting factories and is vastly superior to any other firearm on earth. I have been getting better every day.I speak Arabic fluently. I know everything about Islamic history and usul al fiqh, which I follow 100%.When I get my Chinese visa, I am crossing the border into Chechnya to attend a prestigious terrorist training camp to fight the Kadyrovites apostate dogs.I own several Islamic head bands, which I wear around town. I want to get used to wearing them before I move to Chechnya, so I can fit in easier.Wish me luck in Kyiv!!

Nice avatar usage bro

Well it seems Russia will win my bros.

>>380686206So it seems, so it seems.


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>>380685536what are these leaf blower looking meme guns?

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The russian is the ultimate cuckold. You get raped in school, in military, at work. If you protest about it, you go to jail where you are raped again. Your entire shitbag of a country is owned by very few, very rich jewish men, and you only get to enjoy the scraps. Your monthly wage as a doctor is way lower than what our homeless make picking pennies from the ground. Your women are leaving the country in droves, only a promise of western cock will make a russian woman betray the motherland. Even the fives of the west get a nine from Russia. You worship a bolshevist jew and a georgian who massacred ethnic russians by the million. Massacres that were carried out by the always obedient russians themselves. Your multicultural country has way more muslims than any country in Europe. Your famous authors, your national treasures, are only famous for portraying the misery of what it is being a russian, misery of kind the west had never seen.That's pretty much as cuckold as you can get.

>>380686339Drone jammers

>>380686206They'll win an aids epidemic and a lost generation, thats for sure


>>380686206sure thing

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>>380685806Are you secretly Russian?Even gay Ukrainian soldiers don't think so much about gay oral sex as you do.

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>>380685922>the dane who brags about his weapon knowledge and complains about how everyone else is retarded when it comes to weapons thinks the ukie jammer gun is a gp-37what the fuck

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>>380685875What an wunderful culture, what an wunderful people. Let that clip be a lesson for all those weak minded ignorants who believe in to "It's Putin not the people". It's very much the people. Same goes to all those islamic shitholes. It's the people. Fact that some Russians look almost European should not fool you. Use same standards that you apply to sand niggers to Ruskies and you have got it right It's the people.

>>380685536Cope General

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>MATADOR didn't do shit >Muh BMP armor >volunteers BTFO How did the cum /chug/gers cope with picrel?

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>>380686187I am friends with numerous atomwaffen division branch in north america they all want to join azov battalion, we speak on numerous secure platforms such as whatsapp, telegram and discord. How can I get AZOV in contact with them?

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>>380686187That's some fairly impressive schizoposting, ngl.Also, what kind of colourblindness do you have that compelled you to change your UI into whatever the fuck that is?

>>380686036That's interesting, thanks for your input.I am not very knowledgeable at all regarding Rome, to me it was simply an example of a multicultural empire that collapsed with time as all such large, forcible and inevitably unbalanced systems eventually do.

>>380685875Beautiful people. Russians really are the master race.

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>>380686041reminds me of a similar situation in syria. a tank hit a truck carrying a group of jihadis. bunch of them got "offloaded" at the back. funniest shit i ever seen.

>>380686465Brolau, paaiskink man, kodel sie du zmones juos taip pykdo?

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>>380686527You are thoroughly buck broken it seems and just punching the wind. Not a good look.

>>380686840You got some low standards, then again you're highly likely to be a beaner

>>380686882sakes Ukrainai, visiems iskyrus mus ant jos nusisikt.

>>380685922Lamo retard

>>380685875For Russians it's mostly about remembering WW2, although not entirely. In Ukraine, they send them to actual military camps:youtu.be/jiBXmbkwiSwI'm not blaming either really in this instance, maybe your life is too cozy to understand. Maybe you've forgotten what it's like to have to fight to survive.

>>380686912>has to call himself based>calls others buck broken

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>>380687026nemanau taip

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>>380685536thats a big obstacle

>>380686971I'm white, sorry you hate white people.

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>>380686655The MATADOR is a piece of shit.Which coincidentally makes it a perfectly good weapon to take out hilariously bad armor with. It's pretty funny actually.

>>380687026Gal tik tavo realybej pydareKodel tu dar lietuvoj beje? Valstybes ismokos neatejo kad bilieto nenusiperki?

>>380687128Nah you are a beaner

>>380686840Style over substance, hm?

>>380687220Keep on coping, it's what you retards are best at.

>>380687026Su tokiais ,,Draugais'' tai ir priesu nereikia

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>>380686365ahmed i...dont you have children to groom?

>>38068712856% white.

>>380686041VEH>>380687096Don't bother, I think he's really just an internet wignat teen from Denmark.

>>380687096>yokel still thinks I'm chuglol

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>>380687303Cope, only beaners like russia. Chug is 99% non-white

>>380687220He's probably only 15% tacoThe test will be kosher salt

>>380686971Please brother will you help me get me in touch with Poroschenko? We have at least 300 atomwaffen members and approximately 500 ISIS members at the ready to help you with the Kadyrov apostate dogs. We will die for Israel brother alongside one another. FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!

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>russia has already lost 5x the tanks compared to the ussr-afghanistan war, which was over 9 yearswhat the fuck

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>>380686041Looks like ordinary army or donbabweans

>>380687212rusyne pašalpos mažesnėsgal ne taip ir blogai pas mus visgi...

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This is a serious post and a serious question. What is the outcome the ukrainians are fighting for at this point? Probably no neutral person would think that retaking Donbass, the south or even Crimea is anywhere near realistic. The Russians lost so much economically and diplomatically that grabbing land has become their only way to compensate for those losses and the more the war prolongs the more the land they will grab.Are the ukies basically hoping or actively working for a "Pearl Harbor" kind of event so that America becomes directly at war with Russia like the UK was in 1940? Are they bleeding Russia slowly hoping that it becomes weak enough so that when their Pearl Harbor happens America intervenes comfortably based on he fact that Russia has been exhausted in a long attrition war? or the Ukrainians are just basically commiting suicide and hoping to cause as much damage to Russia as possible in the process of its suicide?


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>>380687384yeah, just an enlightened outsider who happens to agree with them about everything.

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What did they mean by this?

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>>380687459Nah they are russian regulars, they have been sitting there for a long time, that is why they look so scuffed

>>380687209Did they send ammo for MATADOR?

>>380687384When did i call you chug? Wipe the tears out of your eyes, you're not seeing right

>>380687404Kek and you're telling him to cope hahaha

update since this morning

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>>380687128Why do Vatniks keep posting this picture as if it's some sort of massive own? She's the trashiest-looking woman I've ever seen, and I shudder to think what her relationship with her dad is like.

>>380686041Is there a video of the truck being hit?

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>>380687128Whiteness also has a cultural aspect. And you seem to be in opposition to it.

can anyone give alternative description of russkyi mir to me?Best I have is so far is:>have batshit crazy senile dictator outside the bounds of law>enable dictators' friends to take any companies or real estate and gift them to friends>oligarchs have concentrated power but no incentive to improve the country. They just hoard wealth>created kleptocracy forces big time corruption just for people to get anything>kill or jail all journalists that write inconveniently about the glorious country leader or oligarchy>guards at prison rape said journalists>jail all activists and beat them there>go all out on psyop and hacking ability just to hurt the west>pretend industry and economy isn't stagnating>pretend country can be superpower if we hurt the west a lot>go all out with military complex size. No smart investments. Soldiers effectively are zerglings>include physical punishment and rape in soldier training>have AIDS epidemic just as a cherry on topSeems to be true with both ru*sia and bel*rusThis is what vatniks are fighting for

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>>380687529War of attrition. Russia will yield first.

>>380687064No one has given me a real answer, which means I'm right.I really wish nations would stop sending non-functional trash to Ukraine. Clearing out all your bad cold war purchases under the guise of helping Ukraine is genuinely disgusting

>>380687427TRUST THE PLAN.

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>>380687649Flag checks out, he's definitely am expert on trashy women

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>>380686840My opinion on russian tanks is severely tarnished after this war, they are all confirmed to be overhyped pieces of shit

>>380685875What so the incentive here? Do they do this because the he want to or because they are asked or told to?Amazing how this mentally still persists despite the collapse of the Soviet Union.

>>380687529>lost so much economically and diplomatically that grabbing land has become their only way to compensateThey won't be doing that if they destroy every single industrial city in ukraine and build resorts over the ruins of factories.

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>>380687789Thank you, I was not unfortunate enough to be born on jungle mexico for nothing.