Gays are DECLARING WAR on transwomen after poopgina article

This is blowing up and they're getting militant

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>>380684918wait that was a real article? I thought that was just a Holla Forums meme

>>380685049came here to post this very thing

>>380685049There are no more memes. Just clown world.

>>380685049It is. It's this article it's on reddit and facebook with like 10k upvotes are running embarrassed from the conversation, and even gays are getting openly disgusted

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>>380685049>>380685160>thinking Holla Forums is ever wrong

>>380684918reminder that a tranny without a penis is like an angel without wings

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>>380685049#metooAiden mad (whoever that is)

>>380684918Pretty weird that a fag is complaining about poop, though? They like to slam their dicks in it often enough.


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>>380685049>where memes and reality collides

>>380684918wait fags are based now?

>>380685478AHHHH LET ME OUT!!!!!!!!

>>380684918Aren't gays used to the smell of shit?

>> articles on this site seem like they might be satire but ride that line really hard.Another article by the same guy is 'encourage men to pee sitting down to be inclusive to trans men'It's a little too silly to take seriously.

Normies are getting redpilled at scale. I have never seen so many people spam the puke emojis. Like normal people not Holla Forums type accounts.

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>>380685241Wasn't it an organic Holla Forums meme from times of globohomo art general?


>>380684918the parasite riddled aids infected faggot finally understand how normal people feel about him

>>380685049Art imitates reality

>fags think their buttpumping colon diving fetish isnt a feces fetishDelusional. The infighting is funny at least.

>>380685610I pray not.

why again to tranny open wounds smell like shit? someone redpill me

>>380684918Finally the faggots are tired of being fucked by men (trannies)

>>380685627It also turned a lot of real articles into easily sharable images that was part of the point. I remember the 93% peaceful protest one that was based on a real viral article.

>>380684918>>380685049>>380685241>Encourage woman to smell their poop>(((Braunstein)))>a link existsOk, this must be that "satire" thing i've heard so much about. Which one of you did this?

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>>380685049>>380685160>>380685219>>380685478>>380685627mfw we are actually writing the script for this god damn simulation we are in

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>>380684918>distinct transitioning odor

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they are trying to divide and conquer the LGBTQAI+ community

>B R A U N S T E I N

>>380684918>BraunsteinBrown stain?

>>380684918Ignoring the fag thing...You should at least look at your poop when you drop a duece, weird poops can be a check engine light on when you need to go to the doctor for cancer or other internal issues.Piss too. A lot of diabetics discover that they're diabetic because their piss starts to smell funky.Early signs of liver failure (jaundice) can be seen in your cum, as well.

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>>380685049I didn't actually read it but now I did and it kind of makes me feel physically ill.

>>380685828Always have been.

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>>380686001Brown stone

>>380685049Everything about it reads like Holla Forums satire, right down to Braunstein. Despite this evidence, we are so deep in clown world that I honestly can't definitively say if it's a meme or satire.

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>>380685219If we do not reduce honking to pre 1990 levels in the next five years, Anthropogenic Global Clowning will cause mass extinctions across the planet.

>>380684918Yaasss queen tear them troons a new neo-vag


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>>380685857Are (they) in the room with you right now?

>>380685739because "doctors" use part of the colon for the inside of the "vagina"

>>380685812i'll say "me" if it makes you feel better

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>>380685857Yes they are. They want to divide the LGB from the TQSTRUV+No one likes troons.


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>>380686378ah ah ah ah tigusa to poodoogina, Han Solo

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>>380686378I'm really starting to think the glow boys are purposely trying to get the nation to hate faggotry and get people to push for more centralized control just to stamp out trannies and faggots and commies.

>>380685612poe’s law is in effect.

>>380686666Witnessed, time to get a new toilet

>>380686666Nice numbersFucking weird Germans, though


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lmao virtuous faggots lmao lmao


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>>380685049When everything is a meme, nothing is a meme.

Oh wow the author is a STEIN what an absolute surprise

>>380685241Why in the holy mother of fuck is anyone entertaining this shit? So many (((doctors))) deserve to be lined up against the wall when society starts correcting itself

>>380686163What is this? Somewhere along his speech logic stops making sense, yet the conclusion is not totally illogical.

>>380684918They’re necrophils

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>>380686723I'm more inclined to believe this is serious after looking around a little

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>>380684918Jews love scat apparently.

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>>380687231So they have common alliance with trannies

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>>380686666i-is this true? Germans you'd better explain yourself

>>380684918Spread the meme

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>>380684918What a sick and vile world we have created.. or rather have let be created

>>380684918Damn but it's supposed to be all the letters in the alphabet + pedophile pride month

>>380686666I like the German design, you wont ever have shit splash into your asshole ("feels good man")


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>>380684918>Some women have a hole where their penis used to bewhy did this make me laugh?

>This freak fest needs to endAgree with the faggot. He needs to end too, though.

>>380686046Also be mindful of prostate pain and discomfort urinating - enlarged prostate can be signs of BPH or cancer and UTIs can be a symptom of more serious urinary defects like strictures.Women's love to mock dicks for being simple, but the reality is they're stupid complex, so much that urology still struggles with basic men's health problems.

>>380687130>quoting a critical theory Jew who tried to associate necrophillia with fascism while supporting the pervert sex research that caused transgenderism in the first placeThese people are completely disigenous intellectuals fueled only by Jewish neuroticism, no sense of honesty beyond criticizing, subverting, obfuscating

>>380685828dont forget to write that we all have massive penises


>>380687620Levels of absurdity that are only possible in the Clown Zone.

>>380686378It's paid poopooganda. It's a smear campaign. It's fake poos. The shart of deception.

>>380686657Why is there a fucking L? Why do dykes get their own letter? Does gay not work for dykes? OH wait, they're women, they need attention.

>>380685739See for yourself

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Also fucking LOL at the faggots pretending to be offended by the smell.They ram their cocks in the shithole every time they get their jollies off. But heaven forbid they smell it!

>>380687746Oh, Bruce!

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>>380687746Oh fuck you, I laugh so hard I might have actually pulled something.


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>>380685619Once a woman smells the poop of a transwoman, she can’t go back to smelling ordinary poop. This is the poop pill.