Your thoughts on him

Your thoughts on him.

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What’s the chap’s name again?


>>380682704extremely based and shooter pilled. dude man targetted that church because it was a meeting house for black 'elites' who were conspiring all sorts of fucked up BLM shit. he shot a senator and for christs sake, and people say he was motivated by 'hate'. wrong - he was motivated by not sitting around and taking the left wing communist bullshit anymore. look into the history of that church - i am pretty sure that congregations roots stretch back to the hatian revolution and they have been planning a similar revolution in the US using that church as a front. things are not what they seem - dont trust what the media and influencers tell you. dylan "storm" roof was on a mission to kneecap an upcoming revolution. i could be wrong - but thats doubtful.

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>>380682704he shouldn't have done what he did

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Based af


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>>380682704Dumb faggot same as Buffalo shooter. Low value targets worst case scenario life for a dedicated white male. Only shooters who target journalists and politicians are based.

>>380682704FBI Agent psyop shill

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>>380683533he killed a senator, retard.

>>380683388checked, sawse?

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Video: BANNED: Why Dylann Roof is RIGHT – Whites UNDER-REACT to Racial Whites go into HIGH GEAR! Incredible White fightback in Germany & Dylann Roof a man of Honour! Re-Release: Dylann Roof is a White Nelson Brave Dylann Roof (man of HONOUR!) chose DEATH rather than use Jewish psychology as an excuse! Like a true White hero: Dylann Roof was more concerned about his reputation than DEATH! Roof’s prime target: A Black State Senator whom he killed FIRST! Political Assassination! many more Dylann Roof roof

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>>380682704His music sucks.

on death rowprison rape victimno internet everfailure, didn't start a race war

>>380684073oh im sorry i know about the senator but is there a good link on the history of that church?

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>>380682704coward, targets elderly women just like the other faggot in the Tops shooting. They know better than to approach real niggaz.

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>>380682704Also fake and looked like some guy from the Terminator movie.

>>380684482i am digging for it - may take a few minutes, but start

look at that haircutautistinceltortured pets

>>380684909thanks fren


>>380682704hero, killed an early BLM nigger and a state senator as well as other community leaders.


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>>380683245>>380683374>little faggot shoots up a bible study>the only niggers even remotely decent that makes you guys faggots as wellbased nigger killers kill niggers that need to die like street youths who will be written off as gang deaths.

>>380682704>your thoughts in him politically Honeslty he's cute. I was in high-school when the shooting happened and I remember normie girls arguing pretty hard over whether he was cute or dorky

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>>380685555there are no good niggers, it's just like Tarrant said, they're all enemies regardless of age.

>>380682704Another white man frustrated by the constant antiwhite attacks and the great replacement. But he also seemed slightly autistic or some such. Watch his interrogation on youtube.

Oh and also, don't do something stupid like this if you are thinking about it. Attacking random people does not for our cause.

Dylan Roof interrogation:

>>380685720at least there's an excuse for killing Mohammad worshipers, they are organized anti-Christian invaders imported by the kikes to reestablish open slave markets

>>380685851very good advice.

>>380685632>bowl haircut>cuteyeah I'm sure those girls were cute too. in fact I bet you're "cute" too.

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>>380685431>HatiThe future game plan for all Europeans.


>>380683339>>380683339Macaulay culkin

No politicians or elites = failure.

>>380685939>black's a good color... for clothes (laughs)lol what a fucking Chad

>>380682704meh, he should have shot people with power and not just some useless nigs

this is my favorite part from the entire Roof Saga>The motion described one instance, uncovered by the FBI, in which Roof posted an anonymous ad on Craigslist seeking a companion to accompany him to Charleston for a historical tour. >Dr. Thomas Hiers, a retired child psychologist, spotted the ad in February 2015 and was struck by its blunt message advising “No Jews, queers or (N-word)s.” >Hiers reached out to Roof through Craigslist, suggested that he expand his world view and offered to pay him a quarter for every TED talk he watched online, the motion stated.>Roof thanked Hiers for the suggestion but said he could not take his advice because “I am in bed, so depressed I cannot get out of bed. My life is wasted. I have no friends even though I am cool. I am going back to sleep,” the motion states.

>>380686449>>380686264>>380685555he killed an early BLM supporting nigger, who was also a state senator for the state. at a church with a history of nigger rights activism.

>>380686179100% - proven to be more true with every passing day.


>>380686264KYS retard

>>380686264He killed a senator and several activists, you moron

>>380686617>he killed an early BLM supporting nigger, who was also a state senator for the state. at a church with a history of nigger rights activism.every fucking nigger church is like that. all he did was provide niggers and Democrats with an evil white man to use for their narrative.absolute fucking fail He helped niggers and the anti-white Democrats

>>380682704mentally ill retard, accomplished nothing except adding to leftist propaganda

>>380684075Thanks for helping to prove White Supremacy is the biggest threat :)

>>380686876also true

>memeflag>one post>shilling for murderer who did nothing good>all these discord faggots in the thread

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>>380686941Crime stats disagree, worldwide in fact

A loser who target people who cant shoot back. I never see these types try that anywhere they can get fucked up. Big time coward.

>>380686941Well, I mean, in the interrogation I watch now he says "well, 100 whites are raped a day by blacks, whites are murdered all the time.. this a 2005 FBI statistics, it's even worse now.. what I did is miniscule to what blacks do all the time".

Is that the kid from stranger things?

>>380682704Seems like a non-glow op on the surface, he has character. Most MKU victims seem like impressionable blank slates

>>380686449It's very odd these people never do huh? Except for Breivik. He did that.Groomed by FBI I guess

A saint above saints, the holy saint of nigger lynching. God bless his soul.


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>>380686419Lol. Well. RIP to the victims. What is the point of shooting random old blacks? It's just dumb man.

Your loyalty and admiration is mine and mine only chuds

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>>380683428saved nice

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>>380687118perception is reality and retards like Roof and the Tops shooter are doing a great job to justify the stance of the government.

>>380682704Should have killed politicians.

>>380687528>Should have killed politicians.He literally killed a senator, dumbass

>>380687470Well, those facts are right, but these people had nothing to do with it and hence it's a stupid thing to do. It's doesn't benefit anything.

He's still an idiot who had no ambition, i won't glorify him, and i'd be cautious of anyone who does.

>>380682704Average Pol user