CIVIL WAR 2 IS HERE! COMMIE REP JONES: "If the filibuster obstructs us, we will abolish it. If the Supreme Court objects, we will expand it. And we will not rest until we have taken weapons of war out of circulation and our communities each and every day."IT'S TIME TO TAKE UP AND CALL TO ARMS.IT'S TIME FOR CIVIL WAR 2. THE DEMS WANT TO DISMANTLE THE CONSTITUTION AND TAKE AWAY EVERYONE'S RIGHTS. IT'S A REAL HAPPENING! >Ronpaulitshappening.gif

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>>380679358It won't happen, they are trying to rile you up. It's all theater. Stop falling for stupid Jewish tricks.

>>380679358>REP JONESliterally who? That doesn't sound like someone who has any control in the party, just some retard talking shit.

>>380679768Rep Jones is kinda like Mike Jones. Niggers and libs will relate to that. They love swisha house

>>380679358>blocked by a white dude from west virginiakek get fucked libshits

>>380679695even if it did you would all hand over your guns then cry on 4chan like the cowards you all are.

I'm gonna say something rare, that has never been said before, and is indeed a revolutionary statement>Shit never happens

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oh no muh rights to bare arms

Give me one good reason you need weapons of war? You are all sick, the rest of the world has already done what we’re asking of you uncivilized dinosaurs

>>380679358Manchin's already been explicit in saying he will not abolish the filibuster. DOA.

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>>380679358>filibuster obstructs us, we will abolish it.That haven't been able to. What do they think they have going for them this time. And the same for the supreme court.

>>380680551Because I can use them to kill people.

>>380679358how are you going to win the CW without leaving your mom's basement tho?

>>380680402Keep crying glownigger. FAFO

>>380680551Self defense against: Foreign/Domestic terrorist niggers and sand-niggers.

>>380679358>our communitiesI don't understand why their opposition and people in general don't cut them off/interrupt them to call out their perversion of this word.You don't live next to me. You don't know whether I keep my lawned trimmed. You don't know what kind of dog I own.You are not a part of my community.

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>>380680556Of course Manchin is against it. He's the one dem up for re-election and they will boot his ass out in a heartbeat in WV.

>>380681019Niggers are the cause for the shootings. 13/50? 13/50.

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>>380679358>weapons of warThis phrase is used frequently in the Book of Mormon

>provoking/calling for violence >projecting/not trying to seem obvious by calling others glowies>memeflagSlow day at the office mr agent huh

>>380680709Show flag, KIKE. Why don't you come out of your nanny-state diapers in Tel-aviv. You welfare nigger edomite.

>>380681182Literally who gives a shit.They aren't members of my community either. Not my fucking problem.Stop spamming your own thread with bad arguments, you histrionic dumbshit.

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>>380679358i think they might be just retarded enough to try it.

>>380681417They aren't coming for your guns. I'm not sure why you would want them too.

>>380680810stop larping, we both know how this will end

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>>380681619So we can kick this shit off for real.

>>380680402>the cowards you all are.Mommy wouldn't like you to be posting that. I'd end your miserable existence with my bare hands and you'd offer little to no resistance Tell us who you are if we're the cowards you pathetic little fucking internet faggot

>>380682195There is nothing stopping you from kicking it off right now. Why do you need to wait for a gigahappening?


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>>380679358wow it's the same propaganda I used to see during the obama administration

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>>380681906I think we all do.

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>>380680402>does nothing : c-c-cowards>does something : WHOA WHITE INCEL RAGE BAN ASSUALT WEAPONSseriously eat shit and die. I hope your kids gets HIV from whoever is molesting them.


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>>380679695awww just shoot the democrats anyway the school murderers were all democrats anyway get some payback

>>380679358>translation: pee pee poo poo

u won't do shit

>>380679358Joe Manchin still exists. This is not even worthy of a thread.

>>380682221Yeah the election was proof of how tough you are, you thought you lost the right to vote and did nothing lel


Attached: two_weeks.jpg (768x1024, 97.7K) ramp up your fear to escalate you into a buying frenzy. They've been doing it since Clinton at least.

>>380682553i don’t care how you feel, you’re giving up the guns

>>380680402You're not in any position to seize my possessions and outside of the law, which you're now acting as a criminal and enforcement of occupied government, I'll kill you for making even a half-assed attempt at disarming me, my neighbors (whom I don't even speak to or know their names), and/or family. Do you not understand, faggot? There's nothing left to lose and this is most definitely something worth killing and even dying for. I'll see you before you ever get your fucking sights up and breaching my door will be a mistake you won't ever repeat again. You've had your warning.

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>>380680551Because the ability to wage war should not be exclusive to governments, in case they no longer represent the people. Which we all know they don't.

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Lol they don’t have the judicial votes so it’s end of story

>>380679358>attack the thing the American left holds most sacred (abortion)>let a week pass>attack the thing the American right holds most sacred (2nd amendment)If you really cannot see the pattern by now, then you are forever an intellectual plebian and will not be invited to the big kid's table when the world ends.

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>>380683150There's a legal way to amend the constitution, why not try that instead of fomenting a civil war through executive tyranny?

>>380683164“this is most definitely something worth killing and even dying for”yeah yeah yeah, two more weeks, try that at my house” yada yada heard it all before you’ll do nothing like every other time before and cry about how you will next time for sure

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>>380683418We're not amending shit. Fuck these communist interlopers and their Jewish handlers. They can all die in a pile of shit. I'll gladly help facilitate their departure.

>>380683418Because democrats own stock in firearms manufacturers and they want their stock pricies to go up.

>>380683301What ever happens so long as the jew is removed completely we will all be free. Shol kek nemron. Jaffa kree.

>>380683731They picked a soft target, as usual. Come to my neighborhood, you stupid fucking idiot. LENOIR, NC. Come. Try that shit down here.

>>380682534Remember waco, kids that know their home can do the job, the problem are fucking campers, get lásers.

>>380683871How does banning some thing increase a stock price when trade of banned items are always pushed to black market deals?

>>380679358Hear me out, nothing ever happens. This is suicide for Zog.

>>380684148They're not going to ban shit, dumbass. They want you scared that they are so you'll buy more.

>>380680551Because I haven't accepted my enslavement like you have

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>>380679358No matter what they try to do, the second amendment stands until there is a constitutional amendment to replace it.Constitutional amendments cannot happen in the current climate.

>>380684243That makes even less sense when the goal is complete subjugation. Harder to do against an armed populace.

>>380680551To eliminate the jews.

>>380680551>the rest of the world has already done what we’re asking of youWhich is why you live in third-world conditions under oligarch tyranny. Eat shit and call it caviar - but don't expect others to follow your cowardly and degenerate example. Kys.

>>380679358>House Dem>Abolish FilibusterThere is not Filibuster in the House, only the Senate

>>380683418Lol yea amend whatever you want faggot you'll be killed if you go along with that one. All of you going along all of you advocating for gun control are fair targets. Mere advocacy of it is justification to fill your house up with propane and send it while you sleep.

>>380684446>complete subjugationwhy would they want to do that? They already control the money, government, internet, and media conglomerates. They've got all the power they want. What purpose would an expensive, inefficient police-state serve?

Oh ok can you just give me one second?>picrelatedAlright im ready cut em loose.

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>>380680551Give me one good reason you need to go gun grabbing. Your reason also needs to be bulletproof, because that's the only way you can enforce it.

>>380684971They want to fuck kids, thats not happening unless they disarm everyoneAt which point they will come to your home and take your kids away from you so they can fuck themThey are done doing it in secret

>>380685437>the government wants to openly fuck kids in front of the populationdid you live near power lines or eat paint chips as a kid? what purpose would putting that shit out in the open do? they're already fucking kids and getting away with ityou should seriously stop taking the schizo shit people post here seriously. it's not good for your mental health.

>>380684971They want Chinese style governmental powers and European style demographics - with everything that attends with it, especially rape/grooming gangs. There's no way in hell I'd disarm voluntarily after seeing what the governments did to Europeans - FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS, COME AND TAKE IT. I don't owe you a goddamn thing and you're not a legitimate authority to dictate any existing laws to me, much less to write new ones

>>380684971Because the only reason they get away with it is most people have a high standard of living. They want to be able to maintain that power while everyone is homeless, sick and starving. Then I guess they turn most of the planet into golf courses staffed by kids with explosive collars they can diddle all they want.I'm not even kidding about that last part. Look at the worlds of degeneracy people create online, then imagine what someone like that with unlimited power over the real world would create. Not to mention its a tenant of satanism to do exactly that. Create your own idealized environment to inhabit all who enter must conform to.

>>380683301These shootings always occur days before a major law related to securing second amendment rights are going up for a vote. It's a crazy coincidence how it always seems to happen.

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>>380679358Tell Democrat Representative Jones that if he wants the guns, he can personally come and take themThese are powerful threats from what I'm assuming is a skinny old little cuck of a man

>>380685963I agree with your sentiment but I can't see our PTB willingly throwing the country into a civil war and devastating their income stream/voter base for the ability to do openly what the PATRIOT act lets them do in secret already.>>380686003>They want to be able to maintain that power while everyone is homeless, sick and starving. why? how would that benefit them in any way? >satanismah, you're schizophrenic.

>>380685905They dont want to do it underground anymore and they want to be able to roll into your town ans fuck your kids.

>>380686594Not necessarily satanism, but definitely. You underestimate how much they hate goyim and want us to suffer

>>380680164Who?>mike jones Who? >mike jones

>>380686770>They dont want to do it underground anymore and they want to be able to roll into your town ans fuck your would this benefit them in any way?>Not necessarily satanism, but definitely. You underestimate how much they hate goyim and want us to sufferWhy blame malevolence when greed is usually the answer?

>>380684104“yeah youre fucking my wife but try and cum in her and i’ll show you what happens punk!!”you’ll do nothing then like you do nothing now