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iea.org/data-and-statistics/data-browser?country=UK&fuel=Energy supply&indicator=TESbyPopThat's

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▶Webmsrentry.org/hpb6f>Audio thread>>>/wsg/4546839>>>/wsg/4537038>>>/wsg/4530052▶NEW>AZOG pit footagefiles.catbox.moe/dxznof.mp4>RU paratroopers thwart UKR counterattackfiles.catbox.moe/ag5ld1.mp4>BTR chases away US/UK mercenariesfiles.catbox.moe/vq1aj8.mp4>RU infantry clearing out trenchesfiles.catbox.moe/ytdovl.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/1dvl98.webm>DPR using captured stugna on UKRfiles.catbox.moe/3llmxo.webm>Brutal strikes on grouped up UKRfiles.catbox.moe/2jb74j.webmhttps://files.catbox.moe/gzldi3.webm>UKR volkstrum abandoning positionsfiles.catbox.moe/czix1x.webm>Cleared UKR fighting positionfiles.catbox.moe/z41fbe.webm>Kadyrov's latest shitpostfiles.catbox.moe/82ayht.MP4>The Lozovoy Strikefiles.catbox.moe/9oi2m9.webm>Azov Surrender Footagefiles.catbox.moe/v8gp6k.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/qjrorz.webmhttps://files.catbox.moe/nqu9n1.webmhttps://files.catbox.moe/sat9r5.webmhttps://files.catbox.moe/xqvaiq.webmhttps://files.catbox.moe/sat9r5.webm>Cleaning of Azovstalfiles.catbox.moe/f9j12w.webm>RU Drone Assisted Artillery Strikesfiles.catbox.moe/el7cbs.webmhttps://files.catbox.moe/133vkx.webmhttps://files.catbox.moe/86vtl3.webm>Sniped UKR tankfiles.catbox.moe/onu1co.webm>Russian Grad and TOS in actionfiles.catbox.moe/lklhsk.webmhttps://files.catbox.moe/ohp6x6.webmhttps://files.catbox.moe/qqpn7f.webm>Artillery Kinofiles.catbox.moe/7t7uas.webmhttps://files.catbox.moe/xsaqb6.webm>RU Psychological Warfarefiles.catbox.moe/msoo67.webm>Tinnitushttps://files.catbox.moe/ujn6sy.webm>Pro-Ukraine Rally in New York, USAfiles.catbox.moe/wra9di.webm>Pro-Russia Rally in Germanyfiles.catbox.moe/4btubw.webm>Serbians at basketball gamefiles.catbox.moe/xakl4w.webm>La creatura arrives in Ukrainefiles.catbox.moe/n6fobc.webm

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▶WEBM PLUSrentry.org/webmplus▶/chug/ Rus user's translations!>Interview with Kostya, Donbass militiafiles.catbox.moe/x7hubm.mp4>Russian Special Forces thanks for the supportfiles.catbox.moe/fk71jc.mp4>Interview of Chechen fighters near Mariupol.files.catbox.moe/v0lg4b.mp4>Chaos in Moschun outside of Kiev as Ukrainians fire on their ownfiles.catbox.moe/l3h1gj.mp4>Third Generation Warfare: an interview with father and sonfiles.catbox.moe/l6yxja.webm▶/chug/ Thai user's translations!>First POW video released by LNR.files.catbox.moe/kgd0pn.mp4>Second POW video released by LNR.files.catbox.moe/9xtqx2.mp4>Reporter Poddubny reacting to torture videos.files.catbox.moe/atloig.mp4>An interview with a dagi sergeant that had half his face shorn off in an RPG explosion.files.catbox.moe/anqwb6.mp4>Militia member with a PPS-43, he reflects on how symbolic it is, calls it going on a walk with grandpa.files.catbox.moe/lfj6g5.mp4▶Fighting in Mariupolfiles.catbox.moe/jaf4pi.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/wpjaph.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/vqm2vn.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/83x5zz.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/15ymak.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/0kxpc9.MP4https://files.catbox.moe/b60xg3.mp4>Ukrainians shoot down Russian missile over Odessa, end up with debris landing in civilian areafiles.catbox.moe/ajwbz3.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/6mfe4t.mp4>Ukrainian Su-25 gets shot down near Izyum, Kharkov region by a Russian missilefiles.catbox.moe/pjslz8.webm>Tank obliterates AFU infantry at point blank.files.catbox.moe/fiajbh.mp4>Colonel Andrei Kislovsky of the AFU arrested while fucked by a tranny (GAY)files.catbox.moe/5lrsyl.mp4>The Butcher of Kievfiles.catbox.moe/jparo9.webm>RIP baker of Mariupolfiles.catbox.moe/3w78vj.webm>TA ZA SHOOOO?!? Kherson Editionfiles.catbox.moe/hm1r19.mp4

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>>380678740no way man, that's insane

▶Ukrainian War Crimes:youtube.com/watch?v=BuWPSZ7rZzM files.catbox.moe/0p26zt.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/g0ipce.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/k5twey.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/0lv22z.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/rv8x2t.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/lywwvl.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/5htqz4.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/y4mlrg.mp4Interview with Lara Logan: "We are lying about Ukraine on an epic scale"files.catbox.moe/zou8mw.webmNATO is not involved in Ukrainefiles.catbox.moe/dwsdsr.mp4CIA involvement in ukrainian nationalism:redstreetjournal.com/p/cia1?s=rZelenskyy Greenscreen:pastebin.com/2N2G93M8Heros Z:youtube.com/watch?v=i6WJL9YM8ks youtube.com/watch?v=ED8ok5ihFh4 youtube.com/watch?v=-6flR8CdLfg youtube.com/watch?v=BZdumjSIB4I youtube.com/watch?v=DD6Ku8SdFy0 youtube.com/watch?v=RgX7AR6BLYE youtube.com/watch?v=IHIJbfXreAw youtube.com/watch?v=oKxg40wjH-s youtube.com/watch?v=A-d1zYIsdgQ ▶Chechen adventures in Ukrainefiles.catbox.moe/7sp1hy.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/uvqfrq.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/0ryjx4.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/b9h1ha.MP4https://files.catbox.moe/ie36q5.mp4https://files.catbox.moe/06sgok.MP4https://files.catbox.moe/p02i5z.MP4https://files.catbox.moe/t7vmwu.mp4▶Patrick Lancaster, First Western Journalist In Russian-controlled Mariupolyoutube.com/c/PatrickLancasterNewsToday/videosCOMFYPOSTING:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjk1nHkoFReclamQPfp119Q/videosUnnofficial /chug/ Playlist™youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMRI5OkcCfbIJIoLFXhe_vAYff2AKBQ4-Various videos with english subtitles:youtube.com/c/rosskiy/videoshttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjk1nHkoFReclamQPfp119Q/videosOther original content by regulars:booru.eientei.org/

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>>380678740>It's literally another hoholomor


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Did Polacks ever thank Russia for crushing the Szlachta?

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Republic of Turkyiv

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>>380679113>golodomor 2.0 with blackjack and hookers

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I translated it

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Russia is fighting for the DUMBASS

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>>380679227I mean hohols are Turkic and Semitic

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>>380678388Пoшeл нaхyй, кaхaх нoyлaйфep. Блять, cидишь тyт цeлыми нeдeлями пoлныe дни, чмo.


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Pat Lancaster has dropped a comfy vid, a visit to DPR forces camped in Kherson Oblast, a look around their facilities, their 'trophy equipment, Ukrainian army tents, a mobile bath house, a truck etc.also of the 5 platoons based there one is their sniper platoon, they're all armed with WW2 era mosin's!youtube.com/watch?v=YN6I9IJMxtY

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>>380678847Watch the latest Patrick video. The commander says that they lack small drones to observe the territory and advance faster.Deki said the same thing on multiple occasions as well. DNR/LNR soldiers are begging for them but are not receiving any. Also they gathered money themselves and sent few people to go in Russia to buy drones. And guess what happened...the border police confiscated the drones they bought and then resold them.Then apparently Deki was a guest on a TV show in Moscow and said what happened. Then higher officials heard about this and told border police to not touch the equipment.


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I hope my fellow Robros and fellow Zooropeans are eating well these last few months before the engineered collapse arrives.

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>>380678740I miss RT on youtube

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> He still didn't watch newest obstanovka> He doesn't know what is the DPR sniper's secret that every Russian soldier envy.> He doesn't know about totally crowd funded journalist, share on social mediayoutu.be/YN6I9IJMxtY

>>380679395any news on dane mami? does anyone have a full collection on xir? any follow up on xim going out dressed only in a flaga bit of a fan here

>>380679585>Roza ShaninaThat jaw says she had more testosterone than most men today.

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twitter.com/jrusso_monteiro/status/1532440157818961925jrusso_monteiro's avatarJoãoRussoMonteiro @jrusso_monteiro6mReplying to @RockaRolla_1974 Remains of the Kherson Counteroffensive that never materialised. "We are a separate 18th Marine Battalion of the 35th Brigade, appealing to the public for help, to influence the top leadership of the brigade for their criminal orders, sending us to attackCan anyone translate

>>380679635I liked the crazy documentaries, better than vice

>380679577Teбя, кcтaти, мoгилизyютИ ты пoдoхнeшь

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>>380678740Oy gelvat, it's annudah hall of domor

>>380679577kuda ti sid'ish?

>>380679685her jaw looks normal

I ate a big ole cap about 45 minutes ago.AMA

>>380678740>I'm in Spain for a few days>a few dayssure

>>380679577Paд чтo y вac жoпa пoдpывaeтcя

take the monarchypill /chug/gers

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>>380679585fuck you beat me to it


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>>380678740Is that a man or a Jewess?

>>380679720my favorite were the sweden one and the bolivia one

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>>380679685not even scandi lego-jawwhat are you on about?

>>380679863Monarchy with the right to bear arms is the objectively best form of government>>380679865

>>380679863>wanting to be cucked by people who are less intelligent and less strong than I amHow about I take my guns and take over your stupid monarchy

is lahta back from factories?

Check the 360 no scope at the end

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>>380679598Fuck that's rough. Not having to send guys ahead to scout the enemy is probably the biggest blessing modern tech has given soldiers.

>>380680062Yes, tovarish. I am ready to again debunk your shitty hohol narrative about Russia bad. Hit me with something.


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>>380679863tfw. you will never Partition Poland with your Prussian and Russian bros again

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>>380680074frfr no cap

>>380679506That's literally hell, no wonder everyone wanted to flee and join cossacks.

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>>380679598the DPR guys really are a peoples army, mass mobilised and equipped with battle captured equipment, they say they lack quadracopters for surveillance and walkie talkies for communications,it's pretty cool that citizens are raising the funds to supply them as and when they can,it shows it's not just Russia 'invading' but also to a large extent the Donbass people liberating their territory,interestingly one says they're helping their brothers in other Oblast push out the Nazi's and also they aspire to make it to Odessa and establish a land bridge with Transnitria,Slava Transnitria!Transnitria.. Sila!


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NEWS: corrupt officials are selling the javelins in the black market.twitter.com/EISuco/status/1532390313582645259

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>>380679577He вeди ceбя кaк в cвинapникe

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>>380680062You foolI got your reply and i now I gonna get +15₽ Suck on that

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>>380678388Russian ships are now again welcome in Swedish ports. Welcome back rus frens.

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>>380679227Its Türkiyearchive.is/3mCUh

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>>380680254>corrupt officials are selling the javelins in the black marketbig if true

>>380679376Poles are whores

>>380679378Virgin's boots also get stolen

>>380679801>>380679926Tall/thick jaw. Her jaw is taller than mine.

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>>380680074All thats missing is an "allahu ackbar" at the end.

>>380679863Cool it with the antisemitism. The Soviets were the best form of government

Holy kek, wtf happened in Lyman?twitter.com/militarylandnet/status/1529565701555556354


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Medvedev, in an interview with Al Jazeera, said that if Kyiv uses weapons against objects on Russian territory, the RF Armed Forces will have no choice but to act to "defeat the decision-making centers"This time for sure guys, i swear

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>>380680214I said it before and I'll say it againThe Donbass chads need to conquer Moscow next and straighten the fags a bit

>>380679614I've got some apples, grated and reducing down in their juices to make an apple marmalade, whilst a rice pudding cooks in the oven,rice pudding with a big blob of apple marmalade will be my next tasty homecooked snack!

>>380680346What do you mean big? You honestly mean you didn't totally expect this?People know. They just look the other way while Ukraine is being useful.

>>380680372my sincere condolences


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>>380680341Dear diary, today I shitposted IRL and it was glorious.Long live Türkiye!


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>>380680529nah, Chechens will go to Moscow

>>380679708Guerreiro is saying more and more Ukrainian units are rebelling against their commanders, particularly in the Dumbass. Then this Judas Priest guy is asking for source.

>>380679863why would you take the cuck pill?

>>380680528if they say 100 daily then what might be the real number? 1000 maybe?

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>>380680337yet you sent rocket launchers ((again))

>>380679585I like Paddy but he needs to Stop running about War zones with his handlers , he will tread on a mine I talked to him about it Based War Hero

>>380680557It's over...>>380680595Nice art

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>>380680218>MonarchyHow about empire like Rome?

>>380680476What happened to my nice boy Medvedev


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>>380679506I love how after every rebellion those animals got humiliated, after 1863 russia made a brutal land reform that made a third of them poorer than former serfs.

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>>380679234Few typoes in their banner. Correction below: TRANSGENDERTROONS LEAKING FROM THE FRONT WOUNDOr they are admitting their only value is as single use mine sweepers.

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>>380680529this, Russia needs to be decapitalised

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>>380678740Based russian womenkek

>>380678740Fake news. Women cannot be THAT based (or use RT in EU but ushhh...)

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>>380679585Is the first guy he talks to sound to be speaking Ukrainian or is it Russian? Some sounds I've heard in Ukrainian but not in Russian.


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>>380680896Polish people republic was a mistake.

>>380680684oh shit zilinski is back into acting! can't wait for the blockbuster

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>>380681070He has southern accent, it's pretty common in Russia too. And in Ukraine of course.

>>380680920these troon fucks are really obnoxiousbut our tittyposters (male) are incredibly based

>>380680058>less intelligent and less strong than I amyour gay and retarded and nobody wants to be around you

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>>380680130okay, why azov prisoners have better meals than dnr conscripts?

>>380680662f(x) = A * x^2Such that x is the number of dead hohols claimed by the Kyiv independent, and A is the Arrestovich modifier, which changes each day.

>>380680964For you if you don’t have it yet

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>>380680058>burger immediately starts talking about cuckoldry

>>380681200>I'll rewrite myself...

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The cope in the comments section of this video is pure gold.youtube.com/watch?v=0RRdxyIYOjk

>>380679729>>380679577Кaк нe кpacивo c вaшeй cтopoны гocпoдa.

>>380681344its for the sake of the optics, of course

>>380680746Empire is large monarchy. If you are of the size of Luxemburg, its ridiculous to call yourself Empire. Duchy is already a bit large, it really should be a county.

>>380681348thx fren

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>>380679635get it on KIKE TUBE>>380680214Slava Transnitria!Transnitria.. Sila!Phase 3 .. keep it quiet UK NAVY know and are sending UK SHIPS In Fact is all 75 frigates have no missile systems that work .. Missile ships have SAME issues with the TECH DOES NOT WORK to LAUNCH .. Or so THE ROYAL NAVY TV SHOW reported recently So Phase 3 is a go

>>380680058>How about I take my gunsand shoot beer bottles in the woods?

>>380680684>>380681161he should grow a chaplin 'stache, I'm sure that will go over very well with his constituency

>>380680707the vid before he's walking out into a field to look at a crashed Ukie SU-25 and he says he's been told the field isn't mined but he's walking in the tracks of some vehicle so he 'should be ok' !!I think he's fairly used to the deal there, it's been at least 8 years of war, he does seem to take plenty of risks to us, but for Donbass people maybe it's just normal now?youtube.com/watch?v=WGeBtl7eHvM

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>>380681554it'd be slava transnistri'i (unless these crypto gypsies dropped the conjugation)

>>380679598these guys are 70km in the rear, they don't really need drones. he does say they need comms equipment and thats pretty cheap, a dozen baofengs isn't going to break the bank, its a shame they can't get them that.

>>380681521No problem fren>anything you’re looking for specifically?

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>>380681344It's logistically easier to feed people in detention/hospitals than on the field. Soldiers are usually being fed basic stuff like bread, porridge and steamed meat which is easy to make and ingredients for which don't spoil fast. In the places with proper kitchens, professional cooks and good storing capabilities you can have better quality meals.

>>380680684our jewish overlord speaketh and commandeth

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>>380681663How it's possible that he's still fat is beyond me.

giving the gray eagle drones to ukraine is a really risky idea

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>>380680920>bleading from the front

>>380680529>>380680602>>380680974Gutless cowards wont send a Ukraine force in cos eh .. KILLED /SHELLED TOP TIER KEK TRANIEs AT WORK

Neo-Mongol empire incomingSeriously, go take a peak at some of the least kiked economic metrics:>>380674876iea.org/data-and-statistics/data-browser?country=UK&fuel=Energy supply&indicator=TESbyPopThat's my best find on globohomo websites to date, other than depopulation plans. Keep the finger on the pulse to see what the new data will show, after both coof and war

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>>380681725I like everything drawn ^^

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>>380680441old news. >t.me/intelslava/30549If Svjatohirsk is taken too then there is Lyman-Izium-Russia rail connection.


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>>380681602is this from /sg/ times? quality material... second only to cute femboys supporting the right cauZe

>>380681872World's energy supply is becoming more equal.Unironically life is getting fairer for the average human.Interesting times

reposting:SEQUEL TO UKRAINIANS IN THE MINEFIELD!files.catbox.moe/vo450t.mp4please watch the first Movie if you havent already:youtube.com/watch?v=5YuNwPFoyAo

Attached: itsover.jpg (855x1178, 104.63K)

>>380678388The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where feed and seed both end in the sound "-eed", thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was "Formerly Chuck's", implying that the two words beginning with "F" and "S" would have ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck". So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called "Chuck's Fuck and Suck".

Attached: 1653125030741.png (743x736, 714.47K)

>>380681188>said the subject of a monarchy who decided to dab on Niki and his family because they were afraid to hurt socialist fee fee's Not that I'm pitying the poor fuck.

>>380681614>charlie chaplin starts his career with the bug mustache>right after that hitler comes alongI'm seeing a corelation here

Attached: 96273387_p0.jpg (708x1024, 178.05K)

>>380681960no, I think that's unrelated persian diaspora whore?

>>380681937Why did the USSR use the Swastika?

>>380681921nigger switched sides, I guess

Attached: photo1654111114 (1).jpg (807x562, 63.5K)


>>380680371Sad, but true. You can look at dead ukr bodies.

>>380681602>This one got me a 4 day ban.Early on in the [special operation] I got banned for spamming Alpha 1918/Czarina-chan. Jannies, mods and /uhg/ers are all troons, glows or spooks.

Attached: sam.jpg (906x755, 157.09K)

>>380681348holy kino

Attached: 1653407765687.jpg (640x870, 103.17K)

>>380682085still looking good... funny how her shawl covers more hair than average in Iran

>>380680254They are more valuable that way than they are for destroying armor unfortunately.The US MIC spent all the money knowing they don't work well in order to make them have to buy even more expensive ones once they met a conventional army.

>>380678740Holy shit it's a second holodomor!

>>380682238It was actually the second time.First ban was for this. The seethe of never-be-a-womans is totally worth it.

Attached: T H I C C.webm (576x1024, 2.39M)

What ?No more seething hohols?

Attached: 195BD2D3-6855-4CAA-A09A-8175CB4BB866.jpg (545x400, 73.03K)

>>380680337Sven listen You and Scania countrymen didnt want NATO !Corrupt Bully Boy US did this EVIL THIS too weak corrupt Govts !!! Hungary SAID NOgetting Sanctioned in that fake EU

>>380678740>for a few daysYou and 7 million others kekek


Attached: 1654183696410.jpg (794x1090, 226.19K)

50,000 Ukrainian military casualties in the Donbass alone since 18th April.Man the Ukraine is getting fucked so hard.


Attached: photo1654007597.jpg (1228x1280, 376.56K)

>>380682238youtube.com/watch?v=idUO16hqDWsThey fire as fast as mg34 except there's four of them and they're 23mm

>>380682443This is not curvy, its fat and gross.

>>380681663Armies which use mines should be wiped out without prisoners or survivors.

Attached: discord_says_stinky_feet.gif (600x430, 104.45K)

>>380682569>>for a few days>meanwhile somewhere not on a Spanish costafiles.catbox.moe/ytdovl.mp4Fucking clown world.

>>380682575sadhe's getting prothetic leg, r-right?

>>380682639I don't believe it can be that high desu


>>380678388Nato troops in Poland:youtu.be/4ljr6CjmQ6I

>>380681794comfy wife, comfy home life, also remember he's middleaged now, you tend to fill out a bit in your 40's,they say men put on a stone every decade, I was a skinny teen but I'm a decent weight now a good 30 years later!

>>380682006comedy gold

>>380682443Thanks, I vomited.

>>380682575KEKNice one :)Saved

Attached: zlEzJccXBhwyg3edkcyLyMZKO-JdwYu178Zm8AflOq0.png (640x896, 522.5K)

I met Kevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis while they were filming 'The Guardian' in Elizabeth City NC.Costner was pretty cool.Ashton was an insufferable bitch.Mila Kunis actually has a real penis.No lie.Bitch has a cock!

>>380682443bitch eats more rice than indonesia in a month

Attached: 89617235_p7.jpg (1528x2380, 1.29M)


>>380682443That's just fat

>>380682685No, that's a curvy BBW woman.

Attached: J3JQc984.gif (230x270, 2.57M)

>>380682515they come in waves, it's obviously coordinated

Attached: photo1653617940.jpg (960x1280, 326.48K)

>>380682842>comfy home lifeI thought he was in a warzone all the time.

>try to kill a mosquito>miss>it disappears>relax>mofo bites menever relax

>>380682006This is so bad I love it

>>380682520Scania is just a region in Sweden Tommy. And yes, we don't want NATO only the corrupt politicans and lying media. CIA got dirt on them all. Fuck NATO.

>>380682761It's fucking nutsLiterally paradise and hell, two complete opposites. I remember following a tiktok channel of this one broad leaving ukraine, for portugal or spain forgot which. She got out around the end of february, and is living in fucking paradise with her kids. Occasionally she'll post the "heil ukraine, everything will be ukraine, god protects our boys!"Fucking insane

>>380683011kekaround mosquitos never relax

>>380682777On another hand, they are conscripting 700 000 more people.

>>380682006Why were they both continuing to film?

Attached: 1475077279587.png (230x253, 133.81K)

>>380683089They gotta fill the generous estimation of 500 losses per day somehow


Attached: Jackpot です.gif (150x200, 212.13K)

>>380682777why not? Just look at the firepower ruskies use in Donbass.

Attached: Retard Ukr.webm (720x480, 2.75M)

>>380683167Wars are won on tiktok and twitter

Attached: FUPHPhBWAAAFE_i.jpg (1200x687, 224.59K)

>>380678388uh-oh i think i might have done a russophobia again

Attached: pederast culture.png (1836x537, 173.75K)

>>380682999he lives in Donetsk,it's a war zone and a living city at the same time!!!

Almost half of Americans believe that a civil war is possible in the United States in the near future This opinion is shared by 53% of Republicans and 39% of Democrats, follows from the results of a survey by the organization "Southern Center for Combating Poverty", conducted among 1.5 thousand people.

Attached: IMG_20220602_213728_710.jpg (960x1280, 366.69K)

>>380683191That webm is from before the war, I remember seeing it a while ago

>>380682777Gonna post something I saved from another user below:------Zelenskyy claims 100 Ukrainian soldiers a day are dying in Donbass and around 600 soldiers being wounded. Even western experts admit Russian losses will be far less than that in comparison.The likely range of deaths is 200-500 a day. Extreme positions may say 1000. I don't think its that bad yet but it will be when Kramatorsk-Slavyansk line is reached. If they put up a fight we'll see a six week, two city battle. They know once it falls, Ukraine is wide open to full scale take over so they'll become fanatical, suicidal imperial japanese tier blended with ISIS if they're true patriots and nationalists. Expect absolute brutality not seen for a long time. Of course they could just flee and try and defend another river line but I doubt they'd do that, a city defence is much easier for them.That means out of a starting official force of 66,000 Ukrainians(since then supplemented by unknown numbers of mercenaries,territorial militia and volunteers) in Donbass at the beginning of Phase 2 on 18th April that 9000 to 22,500 Ukrainians have been killed and 27,000 wounded based solely on the realistic range and Zelenskyys probably accurate wounded number. That's utterly staggering.These losses would explain why they need to bring thousands of men from 700 miles away to desperately reinforce the region.-----It's still absolutely enormous regardless of low or high end. Considering we're seeing single missiles killing 90+ guys at a time. It probably is on the higher end of the range.

Attached: 1650311416007.png (800x424, 510.91K)

Attached: FT4EL0RWAAcDQeI.jpg (678x765, 306.24K)

>>380681809>severo practically taken>next goalpost: WE DIDN'T NEED LYSYCHANSK

Attached: 1654134339506m.jpg (1024x1024, 185.03K)

>>380683011бoц бoц

>>380683011I killed the mosquito that won't let me sleep by luring him with the light from the screen and flashlight in the dark :)It was so satisfying.

Attached: 1647087670614.jpg (850x1010, 126.68K)

>>380683218Wars are won when you kill enough people.We haven't killed nearly enough yet.Ya dig?

>>380683318They are too lazy to care about civili wars. It only will happen if rabid niggers try to do something major.

>>380679585A modern army being wiped out by another using WW1 and WW2 weapons has to be the most kino aesthetic this century.


Attached: FUP1fdmX0AElSgD.jpg (1918x1520, 693.04K)

>>380679113>hoholomorWe call it "hohlocaust".

>>380683191What for

>>380682639They would collapse by now, if that were true. By that I mean wide frontlines completely abandoned.

>>380683318Russia and China will support the seperatists.Based.

>>380683036I have a theory that swedes don't actually consider skåne as part of sweden and that's why they filled it with immigrants

>>380680684I wanna be that ex Spec forces guy . LIKE OO& in Cassino Royale who sneaks up on him off a boat and kills everyone in his Israeli Luxory home then look down at the snoring big fat PIG in his Facepack .. I GO BOO.... WAKE UP NAZI .. Then snatch and take him away to Redruum him for all too watch FREEHurting him for weeks keeping that tranny pig alive , letting him beg for for Death then ending and bringing him back .. til he has no arms or legs but a HUMAN Slug , him begging for attention flapping ...as has no eyes now Keeping it in HORRIBLE PAIN some could call me a Fallen Angel !


Attached: laughing_slavpu.jpg (713x611, 97.18K)

>>380683477if I keep the window closed I'll die of heat, if I let it open the mosniggers are biting the shit out of me life is suffering

Attached: 95790107_p0.jpg (1600x1020, 1.09M)

>>380681554Aircraft carriers can't field a single squadron of F35s.Hospital ship about to retire.4 fleet oilers in repairs or working up.Destroyers have problems with engines overheating and shutting down.Frigates have out of date, obsolete antiship missiles. RN can probably put 5 frigates to sea at the moment, any claim they are going to intervene in the Black Sea is BS

>>380683338>>380683538low iq and drugs

Attached: Jewlenski Literally pol.webm (720x480, 2.82M)

>>380679863>genetic decay is so extreme family members are literally the same person

>>380682939post code fast

>>380679577Пoчeмy ты нe нa фpoнтe Tapac. Иди пoдыхaй co вceми твoими бpaтьями мaйдayны.Cкopeй бeги чтoб твoя дeвкa ocвoбoдилacь oт тeбя

Attached: 1652670220522.png (1350x629, 98.56K)


Attached: Zelensky camera on camera off.jpg (1024x1024, 195.14K)

>>380678740BaZed Zpain

Attached: 1650584386093.jpg (895x566, 55.62K)

>>380683507Did you miss bayraktar?

Attached: 54198741.webm (1280x720, 2.75M)

>>380683507>shot down after less than 5 minutesyou are right, it couldn't have ended better

I'm gonna sign off and download a bunch of torrents I've been meaning to replace.Copyrights are for literal faggots.I might even download a cam version of 'Maverick'.You can all suck my average sized, uncircumsized dick.Seethe more and bathe your ballsack.

bit of LPR artwork on the move!t.me/DonbassDevushka/9383

Attached: LPR Truck.png (678x1073, 559.01K)

>>380683730Get window net.Comfy night summer breezes without the threat of mosquitoe niggas

Look at the tree in the middle of the circle.Russian artillery at work btw.

Attached: Wheeeeeee.webm (720x480, 2.77M)

>>380683730I'm pro mosquito genocide. One day we will have the army to kill every mosquito in the world :)

Attached: 1646488190280.png (640x895, 318.99K)

>>380683730tutorial for heat management in your home.1)open your windows at 5am. MOSQUITO NET MANDATORY.2) close all windows, shades, at 6:30am. NEVER open your shades, letting light in WILL kill your heat level.t.lived in hot climates


Attached: IMG_20220602_225525_892.jpg (1080x925, 118.5K)

>>380678388Nothing ever happens

>>380683910Isn't that video from a year ago?

can't wait to see this clip full screen,Ukies don't seem to be having a good time atm.t.me/DonbassDevushka/9364


Attached: naato.jpg (1080x1080, 74.96K)

>>380683978Window netting has been a life changer

>>380678388Severodonetsk will take a long time, it seemsearly successes in storming, but it seems like the “prepared positions” being “calmly held” in the industrial area existwon’t be another Mariupol probably but it doesn’t seem to be as (relatively) swift as Lyman

>>380683953This, post above>>380683910

>>380683685That's the oldest swedish joke that Skåne isn't Sweden. ''Give it back to Denmark'' ''Dig a channel between Sweden and Denmark.... north of Skåne then!'' Finlands have been with us longer than Skåne. They have a very distinct accent. But the swedish king Charles XI wanted to expell skåningarna to the Swedish baltic areas during the empire.

>>380683540Not with the "To the last Ukrainian" mantra. An estimated 700,000 Ukrainians volunteers in some way for service. Donbass is falling though and entire areas are now being abandoned as they retreat to the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk line. As of early this evening, Russian troops are just northeast of the city after Ukraine abandoned all remaining settlements along the river to Slavyansk.The troops in Donbass aren't even aware that Mariupol fell weeks ago. Intercepted radio calls by Russian troops clearly has the officers telling the soldiers they'll be sent to the Mariupol front if they dare try and leave.Which means they definitely don't know that Kharkov and Kherson counter attacks were a total failure at heavy cost. Russia is now back where they were at Kharkov.

>>380683978>>380684115the window net broke, so now I am suffering>>380684110iceland doesn't have mosquiggers, they better tell us how they do it

Attached: 1642457993118.png (800x800, 58.09K)

>>380684268We call them screens, you fucking retarded apes.Welcome to the 17th century.

>>380681809ASPI is a sheltered workshop. They write about subjects that they have no experience on. Eg: submarine strategy & aquisition while never having been on one.Like all autistic spergs they get it right sometimes, but I wouldn't trust them.If the USA doesn't give the control consoles, satellite access & weapons then the Grey Eagle is useless.

Attached: Bad omen for Ukropistan.jpg (720x898, 281.73K)

>>380684320I give it a week then they'll have retreated to Lysychansk

>>38068412632 view ?

>>380684432Are you guys seriously so bad off that you cant go down to the local chinkshit shop and buy netting for a dollar?

>>380684432also get shutters so your shades and windows don't heat up

>>380684369This footage from Karabah, years old, dumbass >>380684126

>>380679877>Is that a man or a Jewess?It's the president of Ukraine in drag.

Attached: Zelenskyy-Fruitcake-Weirdo-1645917291746.webm (526x640, 110.27K)

>>380684320I give it two days.

>>380681663He is a Top lad , but as you say they see what western eyes dont see , Bless Him >>380681794Not nice dude ok bet you look like Brad Pitt .. ??>>380681701I hear you and YES you are correct what they got to Live for being shit on All Sides who hate them as filth .. I truely Believe when Ukraine loses moar ..Other regions will be .. ???

>>380683910That's footage from the Nagorno war of November 2020 where the Azeri's dominated the Armenians and now Russia is keeping the peace between the two.Just like early "Ukrainian footage" which was actually Idlib province in 2018, everything they do is a lie.


I hate all of you.You should be worried, if I wasn't so lazy.

>>380684390Lying to your troops will backfire at some point.

>>380684320If thats the industrial area in the east may I suggest that the reason they are holding it is they have fuck all option because they will be cut off from retreat and abandoned

>>380684595he's romanian. you have to climb a little bit to get in reach of a net.

Kek. In one of those threads a hohol admitted to being underage hence he’s shitposting on 4chan instead of “killing ze invaders” but he totally would guys!!!The true nature of hohol posters has been revealed. They’re all just kids coping about the fact their pig fathers have a big chance of dying on the frontlines. Kind of sad actually.

Attached: 42E16331-1EC0-49BE-BE78-20DF684416BF.jpg (828x816, 390.44K)

>>380678388When will we get rid of Zelensgay CHUG? Any estimates and guesses on his endings


>>380684759Show us on the doll where we hurt you glownon

>>380684596Oh yes of course. Shades are best for winter, Shutter best for summer

>>380678740>>380678740Can anyone translate?

>>380681602GALLONS OF ROPE

>>380684559youtube.com/watch?v=mo2Cve6ATgU 257 now, like it changes anythingfuck off with this gay shit

>>380684595the rot of the romanian people has always been laziness

Attached: 1642711267482.jpg (1200x1200, 1.42M)

>>380684091Why is it highlighted?

>>380679378>has to shout akhmet sila with his face in the pavementI just can’t help but like the chechens

>>380684724>Not nice dude ok bet you look like Brad Pitt .. ??What does it have to do with nice?People are standing in bread lines. Give a valid excuse for still being fat like that dude.

NEW /CHUG/ - /WSG/ THREAD>>>/wsg/4555163

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>>380684733 > everything they do is a lie.The leftist vibe and satan is very strong with them, agreed

>>380679506Nigger tier nobility, makes Tsarist Russia look like the free wild west

>>380684320Terrobats that retreated to Lischank seem to have been sent back over the river to die in the industrial zone!

Attached: no retreat.png (659x681, 88.52K)

>>380684658based and tranny pilled

>>380684956Thanks krautbro

zrada in 3 2 1

Attached: Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 22-02-36 Yaroslav Trofimov (@yarotrof).png (600x505, 137.19K)


>>380682679I remember getting mogged by Tunguskas, Shilkas, S-300s, Buks and various other SAM and Anti-Air in Mindscape Su-27 Flanker from 1995, which I played on my Intel Pentium 2 MMX and S3 Virge 4 MB back in 1998. I remember using Kh-31 Antiradar in anti SAM missions and Kh-31 Antiship in anti-ship missions. I loved that game. Perfect balance between sim and arcade.

Attached: photo_2022-05-17_14-06-15.jpg (1280x1280, 106.38K)

>>380681960Yea probably. Got it from my old Holla Forums folder. Most likely 2014/2015.

>>380684995It's what real capitalism looks like

>>380680557How does a Jew whose religion forbids consumption of pork end up becoming leader of a country that eats almost exclusively pig fat?

>>380679720my favourite is the one with niggers dressing good in africa. LA SAP or some shit. so sad i can t rewatch it

In pitch darkness, the Beast woke upAnd the price of God was set.Everyone succumbed - even the brothers in ChristEverything succumbed, but not my country. It was a fruitful leap yearAnd death was drunk to satiety with bloodThe firmament bent from the leaden cloudsEverything succumbed, but not my country. Half the sky is flame,Half the sky is smokeDonbass is behind us,And God is with us!Half the sky is flame,Half the sky is smokeRussia is with us,And God is with us! Here, the memory of the ancestors isn't betrayedHere, the forefathers' land isn't given awayAt what price - words can't expressHere, they fighted to the death for the Motherland. And again the Russian might is in the handsBoth life and death for the Motherland is fairIt stands and holds the firmament for centuries -My unconquered country. Half the sky is flame,Half the sky is smokeDonbass is behind us,And God is with us!Half the sky is flame,Half the sky is smokeRussia is with us,And God is with us! Let it be destined to perish on the crossBut you can't bring us to the knees!In a bloody field, one for allDonbass stands and holds the firmament Half the sky is flame,Half the sky is smokeDonbass is behind us,And God is with us!Half the sky is flame,Half the sky is smokeRussia is with us,And God is with us! Half the sky is flame,Half the sky is smokeMoscow is behind us, 1And God is with us!Half the sky is flame,Half the sky is smokeRussia is with us,And God is with us!

Attached: novorossiya flag.png (997x356, 450.32K)

>>380684931>Why is it highlighted?Tell me you would have seen that ukr boddy hitting the tree???

Attached: photo1654007292.jpg (720x452, 34.99K)

>>380684432Then buy oneThey're also other solutions, such as bug zappers, I've also heard about special sprays that you can spray on your body to deter bugs

>>380684390And now imagine how a soldier feels when he realizes that those are lies.He might get some access to the internet or talk to family or some soldier who was there tells him.Those lies give you no real benefit.>muh moralis less important than trust.

>>380683773Nicky was jacked though

>>380684509the Ukraine has asked for the heli's they currently have on a mission with the UN to be returned,I really wonder how long this stuff lasts, Russia just keeps shooting down any heli or jet they manage to get hold of!

>tellerreport.com/news/2022-06-02-putin-announced-plans-to-extend-the-m12-road-to-chelyabinsk-nbsp-.r1GvPbBLuc.htmlPutin just shilled out 13 trillion banana tokens to extend a giant ass highway to Kazakhstan for China route.

Attached: 1607369845562.jpg (540x415, 45.95K)


Attached: photo1652859361.jpg (1170x1237, 203.7K)


Attached: Z!.jpg (866x967, 189.41K)

>>380684956thank you user.


Its over brosMoscow is done for4 of these bad boys and surrender is inevitable

Attached: ruskie16.png (279x192, 14.09K)

>>380680254Moldova's the perfect place for these dealings

>>380685027Azot means the plant produces fertilizer.>>380685106Hmm???

>>380685390They're big aswell. Russia will hit them as soon as they are across the border.

>>380684206Yes it's form Azerbaijan MOD

>>380679863Based but picrel was a retard and a cuck. I understand why people didn't resist communist revolution.

>>380683535pls no

Attached: trap+42563289.png (848x1200, 763.27K)

>>380685081Based pizza man

Attached: 1648105419158.png (1440x1313, 595.6K)

>>380685390How many new wunderwaffens is this? Four? Five?

>>380685262lol how fucking cringe is that

Attached: hips dont lie.png (235x231, 36.84K)

>>380682761The hohols have fighting spirit, that guy with grenades is a tough fucker. Russians don't surrender, hohols are russian brothers, thus, hohols don't surrender either

>>380685372>>380685386thank you for looking at my shitty webm's ^^

Attached: photo1653555281.jpg (554x498, 39.01K)

>>380685497No intel. The best bet is to guess where they will transported before being shipped to the front. Outskirts of Lvov would be my guess.

>>380685594 Delete tranny lover

>>3806856344 I think

>>380685390>undisclosed location outside of the countryBabadag, Romania. Call the cops, I don't care.

>>380685299the bug spray is a fucking lie, so far two nets broke from different causes, and for now I'll suffer until the store opens

Attached: 90486306_p0.png (1680x1200, 1.34M)

>>380685497That would be desirable. It‘s time this shit ends. And the fastest way we get there is Zelensgay getting btfo‘d with a subsequent dictate to sign his surrender

>>380685466I hope they're not hiding behind a warehouse full of ammonium nitrate,that stuff doesn't like being hot or subjected to shocks, think Beruit!


>>380681937Swastika pre-dates Nazis by thousands of years and exists in many cultures all over the world. Also, this swastika is facing the opposite direction from the Nazi one. Whatever the reason for it is I can assure you Tsar Nicholas wasn't a Nazi.

>>380685679Too obvious. Across the Carpathians is my bet coming via Romania.

>>380685639ehhhm dude thats a ukr boddy and it's from 2014/15

Attached: 1652554846347.jpg (1792x1790, 1.3M)

>>380685713kekits not a great secretit was in the media yesterday I think

>>380685690fucking retard lolno trannies here

>>380685713i ll send a tweet to RUMOD :)

>>380685358how do you ruski feel about growing closer to China? Imagine it's favorable to the West but bugmen are as untrustworthy.

>>380685390they lost something like 150 MLRS of Soviet design, now they think a handful of Yankee ones that need their own brand of ammunition are going to make the slightest difference?

>>380685390It's interesting how all those things that the West decides to send, are already delivered or on their way before they made the decision to send them.So the Western militaries send some shit, and then later tell their government to approve it.The whole government is just theater for the plebs.It also tells you that a thing that they approve and that you do not see on the battlefield in the next five days to a week... did most likely already get destroyed on delivery.

>>380685747Hold fast, fren.

Attached: cri (2).jpg (680x459, 43.29K)

>another anti-chug bread in the catalogueCan't /ugh/ stick to their own thread? Why do they have to slide everyone else's?

>>380685690Homosexuals and degenerates are in all in /uhg/. This is the chad thread

>>380685713@FSB glowniggers itt

>>380683910I doubt the first one is a kill. But it's Armenia Azeri war afaik.

>>380685955its a band aid for an amputation

>>380685760You can be sure that's why they picked that plant to play hide and seek. They know Russians don't want to blow it up and they feel safe.


>>380685847you should love this new ARMA mod

Attached: PRÖÖÖÖÖÖÖT.webm (1280x720, 2.97M)

>>380685986you too bro, heard syria is a hellhole this season

Attached: 75732232_p81.jpg (1036x1590, 208.63K)

>>380686005/uhg/ is dead, they have to make some other threads to get people to post

>>380685962They just use stockpiles from their bases in the EUThey will literally have a list of shit they dont need or need replaced and pick stuff of it

>>380685713(You) so that the rus/chinese/nk intelligence services see this.

Attached: Z (43).jpg (1024x1024, 106.38K)


Attached: 1652728029922.png (607x923, 534.78K)

>>380679863GOD SAVE THE TSARfiles.catbox.moe/tuq034.mp4

>>380681999checking since no one didit's actually real fucking weird that it does, but i think it has to do with significant slowing down of progress. we're basically 50's tech, just mass scaled and miniaturized in pretty much every area

>>380686195At least they aren't spamming the whole catalogue with monke Putin anymore, they killed some of my favorite threads with that. The latest is some Russian flag saying the war is pointless and a way for Russian Jews to kill Whites. They never mention the Donbass seperatists....

Baker leftIt’s overChug is gonna die

>>380686175Right now it's 20 C with cool breezes, but the day is hot, almost reaching 40COther than that we go through all the four seasons here, which is rare in the modern day climate afaik

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kids having fun

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>>380686478I shall emergency bake

>>380686618I’m joking

>>380683036RESPECT Sven , this whole thing is a Bigger NWO Listen to me The Kikes /NWO want to ruin West Developed Economic Govts as Corrupt FOLK RIOT AND DESTROY by 2023 xmasWHO/NWOMOVE in Put FOLK in Work Camps in WEST ALL WESTERN /!st world Nations Get Scupped up and sentt in Work Camps /refugees bases Yeah I get that its get tin hat onI predicted the Fake Pandemic , an 17 years ago they will have jabs that that micro chips that monitor you whereabouts and heart rate etc .. , ..Last week Davos we releaseing this for workers at Blue chip Companies in the Germany /USA .. to access the workers health and Mental Heath , cos WE CARE ! 7 big firms in Germany has already made staff take this vaccine / chip Obviously Microsoft .. has ...Get loaded on ammo and food

NEW BREAD>>380685943 >>380685943 >>380685943 >>380685943

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>>380686671Kek sorry didn't noticd your ID

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>>380686525Would love to have climate without winter. Summer is suffering too though. Why would you settle the big city on a fucking swamp of all places?

>>380685189Through lies and corrupt networking If you look at his comedy

>>380682028You /uhg/ troons will never be funny. Or women.

>>380686252No secret to it and you can be sure the Russians have HD satellite pictures from the training sessions proving that Romania can be preemptively hit with tactical nukes.

>>380686525I can barely stand 35 degrees, and for some reason it starts snowing in april now instead of winter

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>>380685933Pretty worrying. I was in Novosibirsk last year and there were packs of them in the airport. Like hundreds. You know what they were doing there? Flying around Russia and internationally Apparently, it is much cheaper to get on the bus and bumble their way to the boarder. Cross it and make your way to Novosibisk. Get aticket and fly to your desired destination. And I think this shit symbolizes our future relationship with them. A very nonsensical, bizarre, but convenient affair.

>>380685747Aeroguard works. But its a chemical spray applied to skin.

>>380685027So in other words this is going to be a repeat of Mariupol where Nazis hold up in the industrial area with hostages held against their will?

>>380686797>SwampSo basically desert-ish climate changes with humidity?I feel sorry for you >>380686888Checked Nukes soon inshallah>>380686955Also checkedIn april? Holy hell I start wearing my summer clothes in winter

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>>380685962Australias C17s that were used to deliver the Bushmasters & M777 to Ukraine? They were already prepositioned in Europe before we were asked to supply weapons.

>>380686797>big city on a fucking swampHey. Do not belittle our ex capital, okay?

>>380683685This is partially true, but also it used to be the heart of organized crime, so when they cleared all of the gangsters out, they had a lot of space for niggers.

>>380687496>Do not belittle our ex capital, okay?Best capital you mean.>>380687295Yeah, it becomes really bad even at +25 C because of humidity. At 30+ you feel like walking in a sauna.

>>380683742Totally Agree MY Other Grandad on WW2 Destroyers =Convoy too RUSSIA and Back ..was called The Senior Service Hugely Respected around the World !NOW uK royal NAVY is DOG SHIT WORTHLESS BLOW UP LILOs RUINEd BY WOKENESS NO ROYAL NAVY FLEEt Is Operational .. its there like in the Black SEA Liz HRT-fanny- dripping- wheres- the. mop ! haha She said Russia Never Ever STAND against the Might of Our Royal Navy Ruins UK military has SPASTIC /RETARD Cunts in uniforms as bosses thinks we can be a super power ! hahahaha