Republicans BTFO

The House WILL pass meaningful gun control. We WILL win the midterms and we WILL pass more laws.

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The lake of fire is forever

>>380677797I do not consent to evil taking our guns.I do not consent to a ban on our guns.I do not consent to our rights being taken away.I do not consent to our freedoms being taken away.I do not consent to communists, satanists, moloch-worshippers, and other evil beings ruling over us.Before they pass any law against guns, I want all of Secret Service and White House cops to be gun-free. NO guns on any security for government officials, including the President. No armed guards or cops or secret service or FBI anywhere!! Make them practice what they preach!

>The housepasses all sorts of traitorous shit and will get nowhere.

>>380677797Ah yes the racist cops will take away guns from the racist white civilians they protect and not just use this as an excuse to take away guns from black homes. All this is doing is arming gang members and white families, using the rest of us as target practice because we can't shoot back

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>>380677797It just isn't going to happen >So basically >I'm not gonna turn them in (my firearms)>I know.. UGH!! I KNOW!!!>It's just that I'm not gonna turn them in is all>Hhahahahabahaha

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>>380677797the Ar15 is the most popular rifle in American History. There are over 20 million of them in the US alone. Every time gun control gets mentioned, thousands of people go to the gun stores and buy more. Pelosi is postulating. There's nothing they can do and she knows it.

>this time>for sure

>>380679963I have no need for one and even I want to buy one

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>>380678812>lockdown for you, not for them>masks for you, not for them>carbon cap for you, not for themA. corn pop and hairy legsB. gibsmedat C. guns for them, not for youD. frfr no cap

>>380679480caption should read>but I thought government banned school shootings

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> government pushes for civilian disarmamentSurely it will work out well this time, right guys?

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and uh...what states are going to participate in that?

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>>380679963ar 15 isn’t an assault rifle, unless they meaningfully define assault rifle this is meaningless posturing

>>380677797assault is an action people take, not a type of rifle

>>380680671yeah but retards dont know that.

>>380677797I agree - all government owned guns should be banned! Confiscate all federal and municipally owned fire-arms now! Only the militia (all adult male citizens) should be allowed weapons. Any body that charades itself as "the state" and organizes it's weapons to plunder, tax and steal from others should immediately DISARM.

>>380677797Yawn. It is just a big show. It has ALWAYS been. Over and over and over again. For decades. How do people still not get get? It blows my mind.

>occupy democrats>completely subserviant to democrats>RT AND LIKE!!!!!11

Explain to Americans who are under direct threat from leftists inside and outside of our government why they should acknowledge laws passed by a government that is clearly against them? That they don't even see as legitimate? Pass all the laws you want, you can't enforce them on a population that doesn't acknowledge your power. Have fun trying.

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>>380680571 unless the definition comes from congress they can take their unconstitutional administrative Law "opinion" and choke on it.

>>380681038NV Faggot here, they tried shit like this in NV. Our shitty governor tried to pass a law saying all private sales must go through a federal background check. Feds went lol a state does not get to say how the fed uses resources we will decline any suck request.All of our sherifs, even the ones in washoe and clark (reno and LV) came out and said, "Yeah we are not going to allocate any resources to enforcing this, at all. "

>>380681038"... a state authority is entitled to demand respect and protection only when it meets the interests of a people, or at least does not harm them. There can be no such thing as state authority as an end in itself, for, if there were, every tyranny in this world would be unassailable and sacred. If, by the instrument of governmental power, a nationality is led toward its destruction, then rebellion is not only the right of every member of such a people - it is his duty. ">"In general it should not be forgotten that the highest aim of human existence is not the preservation of a state, let alone a government, but the preservation of the species. And if the species itself is in danger of being oppressed or utterly eliminated, the question of legality is reduced to a subordinate role. Then, even if the methods of the ruling power are alleged to be legal a thousand times over, nonetheless the oppressed people's instinct of self-preservation remains the loftiest justification of their struggle with every weapon. "

Senators want to be re-elected. I'd put money on Sinema and Manchin siding with Republicans in opposing any gun bill as those are red states. Sinema already said she won't overturn the filibuster so where are the 60 votes in favor of an AWB going to come from? This is all DOA.

>>380677797the house will get shot up and you will still never be a woman, nigger.death to niggers, jews, trannies and communists

>>380677797They probably will, and they will kick off a civil war that they could well lose. I'm rooting for freedom.

>>380677797I'll bet none of that happens OP

>>380677797lmao okay nigger

>>380681762They aren't going to do shit, they're weaker now than they've ever been, the issue itself isn't very popular among their crowd, and they've got a figurehead that's widely despised. If Obama couldn't get a gun control bill then it's DOA for Biden.

>>380680493>drug abuse 11kand it was at 107k last year lmao

>>380680671>any rifle/gun used to assault someone

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>>380677797Too bad a person knows where she lives and she is in legitimate danger because a thing that is happening tonight.

i thought there was already an assault weapons ban 30 years ago....before all these school shootings happened....


>>380677797And you will have civil war which is what we want

>>380677797>military-style>assault weaponsNobody and I mean NOBODY, not even the military, should eat MILITARY STYLE, ASSAULT MREs.


>>380678812time to swallow the democratic cum shot goblin, soon you will be serving Kek Keklestein harder than you ever have before

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>>380677797Time to buy buy buy I guess. Oh wait, you don’t want that though.Hahahahaha

>>380677797Then, the shootings begin and politicians start turning up dead. Bring it on, leftistniggers, we’ve been waiting!

>>380680671Assault rifle is the technical definition, select fire, intermediate cartridge, detachable box magazine. Assault weapon is the loosey goosey media term.

>>380677797So is this why they did more MKUltra operations?

>>380677797and the Senate will kill itand if they dontThe Supreme court willCope, Seethe and Dilate Tranny LOL

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>>380679963I personally bought one of those ak47s on palmetto state armory, they're pretty good at the price they're at

>>380677797say it LOUDER and that makes it

>>380677797I hope the next 20 mass shootings are like pic related

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>>380680571Assault weapon are not the same as assault rifles. In the 1994 assault weapons ban, assault weapons were clearly defined under US federal law. The definitions are quite straight forward, so simple that even gun nuts can understand:Semi-automatic rifles able to accept detachable magazines and two or more of the following:>Folding or telescoping stock>Pistol grip>Bayonet mount>Flash suppressor, or threaded barrel designed to accommodate one>Grenade launcher mountSemi-automatic pistols with detachable magazines and two or more of the following:>Magazine that attaches outside the pistol grip>Threaded barrel to attach barrel extender, flash suppressor, handgrip, or suppressor>Barrel shroud safety feature that prevents burns to the operator>Unloaded weight of 50 oz (1.4 kg) or more>A semi-automatic version of a fully automatic firearm.Semi-automatic shotguns with two or more of the following:>Folding or telescoping stock>Pistol grip>Detachable magazine

>>380677797cool, now niggers get to rob more unarmed civilians

>>380677797>Ignore and normalize mental illness for the last few decades>Have a generation full of fucked up kids raised by single moms>"We need to ban guns clearly it's a gun problem!!"This clownworld is disgusting

>>380678191>You will go to hell because you want to ban a certain kind of gunAmericans are literally brain damaged


In the future the number of school shootings will stay the same.But all the shooters will be coming in strapped with like 15 3d-printed guns, that fall apart after a few shots.Also martial law's coming soon to the hood to kill you, while you're hanging your flag out the project window.

>>380686154This. Let's ban guns from law abiding normal people while we let gangbangers shoot and kill 24/7 oh and ignore the mini war/bloodfest going on daily in Chicago

>>380686708>one guy says a thing>all people badkys faggot

>>380677797Can you feel it anons? Shit is about to hit the fan.

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>>380677797Finland, Switzerland, and many other countries has a significant number of automatic weapons. But no mass shootings. Perhaps, the problem isn't with guns?

>>380677797>The House WILL pass meaningful gun control. And the Senate WILL let it die.

>>380677797>Unpopular party will pass unpopular policy that would lose them even more seats.>Unpopular party will then win midterms.Keep dreaming. Any Democrat in a contested district would be completely fucking themselves if they voted to ban semi auto rifles so you won't even be able to get support from your party much less turn Republicans to support it.Midterm polls currently suggest the Dems are looking at losing a historic 35+ seats in congress and then you won't be passing anything.

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>>380677797You WILL never be a woman

>>380686834They'd be more likely to switch to pipe bombs. A retard can make one and they're very dangerous although on the upside there's a good chance the psycho blows themselves up.

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The house passes all kinds of retarded bullshit that never gets through the senate, it's basically a joke at this point. The going rate for bribing, er "lobbying" house congressmen must be dirt cheap compared to the senate.

>>380686018Except any one with any knowelge of guns know that those listed make zero fucking sense to anyone to regulate >Folding or telescoping stockDoes not make a weapon more deadly, if anything more uncomfortable to shoot.>Pistol gripDoes not make a weapon more deadly, most precision rifles dont even have them>Bayonet mountSuper subjective because bayonet mounts can be mounted i a multitude of ways, barrel, folding, rail, its a catch all. >Flash suppressor, or threaded barrel designed to accommodate oneLiterally a safety mechanism. >Grenade launcher mountSee Bayonet mount.>Magazine that attaches outside the pistol gripOnly a handful a guns use this and those are considered collectable, no modern pistol uses this design. >Threaded barrel to attach barrel extender, flash suppressor, handgrip, or suppressorAgain, does not make a weapon more deadly, many of these are safety features. >Barrel shroud safety feature that prevents burns to the operatoragain, safety features. >Unloaded weight of 50 oz (1.4 kg) or moreDoes not make a weapon more deadly or easier to wield if anything harder, shoot a full size 1911 then shoot a glock chambered in 45 and tell me which one kicks more. >A semi-automatic version of a fully automatic firearm.90% of all guns can be fully automatic>Folding or telescoping stockSee above>Pistol gripDoes not make it more controllable to deadly>Detachable magazineAgain, does not make it more deadly. Almost all of the suggestions are made by someone who has zero fucking clue how a god damn gun operates or works. Not a single mention of caliber, grain, max velocity, or anything else. This is just Thing scary best we ban.