I am ashamed of Spain

England’s empire is bigger. Their colonies are nicer. Their language is spoken more. They are better looking. They beat us in every war. They told the EU to fuck off. They are Chads. Our girls love them. I wish Spain was English.

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>>380677314You don't know what you're talking about, imagine not being proud of being a Spaniard chad, your history is good enough to learn from it. Every Western country is going through shit times

>>380677314Kill yourself.

Fuck off Gavin you fat cunt.You're making us look bad.Just enjoy your shitty Benidorm holiday and stfu.

>>380677401You have to go back.

>>380677314why so many fucking threads about spain eh?

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>>380677512Sorry I don’t talk to Pakis

>>380677512>Just enjoy your shitty Benidorm holiday and stfu.kek

>>380677314This was written by some bong tourist in Spain, probably shortly before he fell from a balcony.Also:>They are better lookingFucking kek.

>>380677314Yeah I feel u bro, we got conquered by the retards of Europe centuries ago and now I get to walk this God forgotten mutt hellhole. Thanks for that

>>380677314what are you talking about, spain is singlehandedly destroying europekek that is a better service to humanity

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id love to live in Spain in the middle of the desert, so i could build my own earthship and turn it into a hippy cult and be the cult leader.donno what id call it tho

>>380677531Ok le bouègre, seething that they kicked your ass centuries ago ?

Anglos have all the land. Their provinces are nicer. Their language is spoken more. They are better looking. They beat us in every war. They tell Trudeau to fuck off. They are Chads. Our girls love them. I wish Quebec was Anglo

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>>380677314Jump off the balcony William

>>380677314Lol some vpn retard got salty because of the finnish hate thread that Spanish user made.All of pol/ knows you retarded NATO shills have the best VPN

>>380677314Spain has Med weather and lifestyle. Why the fuck would you want a gloomy Bre esh lifestyle based around wageslavery?

>>380677314cortez and pirazzo were pretty cool dudes

>>380678579The British are wealthier than us. And they are also whiter. I envy them so much. Instead we have open EU borders with Fr*nch people and F*nns

>>380678328We're genuinely going to have to brutally murder every single one of you iberian animal

>>380679272Ah donc t'es vraiment un bougnoule ? Imagine saying that while parasiting another country

>>380678900>The British are wealthier than us.They aren't much wealthier. Spain is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe.

>>380678900>Muh ShekelsWe know who is behind this post

>>380679510Anon, I'm gonna come over, grab your pedro ass with my bare hands, twist your fucking skull open, and send you it back to your mother in Madrid with a photo of me skullfucking you.

>>380679733Oui Mohamed, c'est bien

>>380677314Everyone hates Britishers, especially the British. In every fantasy game/movie the orcs and goblins always speak with guttural British accents.youtube.com/watch?v=0SRcZ7J2AWI

>>380679272Germany invaded you in a few hours French people get battered by everyone

>>380679733seethe harder muhammad

>>380680036>the iberian invader is still typingOnce your latino globing ass goes back to your failed nation we'll see who is a "Mohamed". You were literally ruled by these subhumans yet you have the audacity to call me that.>>380680209Haven't learned from your lesson, I see?

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>>380677314show teeth and nose

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>French people get battered by every-ACK

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>>380678404They just banned civilian guns in your country. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the bugs leaf.

>>380680245imagine seething this hard on spaniards, on this shit forum over a random french flag. Vehiculate your hatred towards the monkey fucking your sister faggot

>tfw your dad is a loser

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>>380680245But France is a med country Germans and Brits lump you in with the PIGS

>>380680245Do i really need to pull up the average heights in europe?you will see that the dinaric race rules supreme

>>380677314Fuck off faggot.Go to Magaluf and suck english cock then

>imagine seething this hard on spaniards, on this shit forum over a random french flag. Vehiculate your hatred towards the monkey fucking your sister faggotWe're gonna have to genocide your mystery meat kind of existence, bash the little ones against the stones. It's the only way.

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>>380677314You guys really fucked up by not killing all the Indios in the new world, and breeding with them instead. Thanks for the spic problem, Pedro.

>>380681114suck a dick gringo, go die for putinremember your failed invasion of mexico?

>>380680875And I'll lump you into a wood chipper negrito

>>380677314All of the USA speaks your language now.

>>380677314If I were a Spaniard, I would be ashamed, too.

>>38You better start learning spanis, mutt

>>380677314at least you're better than moortugal

>>380681114Is that from your personnal gay porn collection ? Stop replying, it's getting ridiculous

>>380677314Most english in spain are all hopped up on alcohol and UV rays

>>380681467Leave my country moorish rapebaby. You've been warned

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>>380677401Mr. Frances you are right, we are being invaded by blacks and Moors, and they promote miscegenation which leads to our disappearance

oiiiii trabajo duro demasiado tiempo

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>>380681866is that you?

>>380682045When a Spaniard breeds with an African it creates a Frenchman

>>380682152It's a photo of your ancestors, mutt.>>380682216May the lord give me a hammer and lock me in a room with you, all I'll see on that day is a nail.

>>380677314are Spanish women complete slags or based trad?

>>380681866Now seriously, by 2030, France's percentage of extra-european births will represent 50%, Spaniard admixture in French population exists but negligible, it exists in the south and Paris and its surroundings because of modern immigration in the 60s and 70s. I understand the problem even inter-european relations and offsprings represent and it is a major issue, but there is an order of priorities.

>>380677314hey Spain just vote and leave EU.or just leave anyway fuk the low brow french cunts (or belgians) as they're called. You don't have to do anything the EU says, go to belgium and burn it down.

>>380682514and the WHO and UN while you're at it

>>380682453Do you genuinely think you're fooling anyone shitskin? I'll destroy the other niggers but I'll also destroy your disgusting mutant kind

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>>380682360Napoleon got chased out of Spain and got his shit pushed in by the BritsHow does that make you feel, Ahmed?

>>380677314Vuelve a sudamerica/marruecos

>>380677401Based frog.But your country is the main reason of spanish decline.

>>380682669I'm not fooling anyone dumb faggot. You don't know what you're talking about. Spaniards are of Iberian stock or Celtiberian stock. Other mutants can fuck off. I agree that their presence is not legitimate in other countries too idiot.

>>380677314>Our girls love them.This is what gave you away, Steven. Spanish girls only like AVSTRIAN BVLLS. Enjoy your vacation in Spain and then fuck off.

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>>380682683Oh don't worry, in our case we won't chase you out, you'll directly be sent to the graveyard

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>>380677314Nice proxy

>>380677314At least you won the Champions League.Stop drinking so much and you will get your girls.

>>380677314Yes all of that is true.

>>380677314Spain and Portugal are just degenerates today, they insist on following the French/British/American path.

>>380682946france is the height of faggotry

The #1 thing you should be ashamed of is racemixing and creating the race of vile mongrels known as Hispanics/Latinos.

>>380683187there is no french path except bend over and surrender

>>380682773he's a bongistani

>>380683049French people can’t fightYour entire history is just an endless list of Ls against English lmao

>>380682946>Spaniards are of [LIES]Your kind isa basically proto-Brazil, racemixed to oblivion due to centuries upon centuries of foreign invasion, be it the carthaginians, the romans, the vandals, the moors, the latinos, and nowadays the niggers. You're toxic waste that should be buried in the middle of a desert

>>380677314> bong from my holidays in benidorm

>>380683457very very truethey cannot fight, drink some wine eat cheese and surrender.useless cunts

>>380683529Says the frenchie

>>380679272calm ahmed, go pray to some ass and shut the fuck up


>>380682394Iberian women are turbo feminists always seething that men aren't good enough for them they are hags

>>380683529>talks about lies posting articles written by literal Jews (Razib Khan lol)fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limpieza_de_sangreWe could talk about the south of France, plagued with literal mutts since centuries. But it's not the point.

>>380681114the one being genozided is you by fucking moors, kek, imagine the delusion of this poor gabacho, you will never have cojones

>>380683529france wiped out by romans, france occupied by vikings, brits, germans, muslims.most useless country in history. Run by a Corsican who is apparently still their hero. Whenever he wasn't there spain pissed all over you, Portugal hated you. France really is useless. Hopefully you'll celebrate 100yrs of sovereignty by 2044, unless Russia takes you over (again)Should of let Germany keep you under occupation. Life would be quieter

>>380677314You guys shouldn't have fallen to your lustful desires to fuck a cute Aztec chick

>>380682394feminism is strong but some based women like ayuso or isabel pop up sometimes

>>380677314Hello Nigel, how's Ibiza?

>>380684006>literal moor bragging that his ancient rulers are trying to do to us what they successfuly did to his kindDemons in "human" form

>>380680245>FlagThinks he's Nordic. Cute


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>>380684557People in Normandy are.

>>380677314wtf are you talking about nigga we had whole fucking america, stop being a bitch pray to cristo rey, lift and vota vox o la falange nigger

>>380677314t. brit on holiday

I had to fucking move to this shitskin 3rd world country, I hate Spain too.

>>380677314>England's empire is biggerBut their people are weirder

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>>380677314Don't beat yourself up user, Spain has a fascinating and admirable history and an amazing culture of its own.

>>380677314And yet Britain is a pakistani leper colony these days. The fact that you envy them shows that you're pretty fucking low IQ.

>>380677401>spain>historyraping monkie tier humans aren't history