Holla Forums webm thread

Holla Forums webm thread

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>>380676722Fake tiktok, thats a woman

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>>380677277It's like in video games where a gunshot only does 10 damage.

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>>380677236Shhhh, let the troons think that's achievable

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>>380676800What is the sauce for this clip?? Please


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>>380676845Tf?>>380676958Death to all nigger lover christcu cks but this is disingenuous. You both are two sides of the same coin.

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>>380677842>Just like you and me!!

>>380677579pilpul level 100

>>380677047Only in india

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>>380677579This is the perfect example of Chutzpah.A culture centered around being a proficient, unrepentant liarOnly one thing to do with cunts like thisDisgusting

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>>380678174Pilpul level 110

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>>380677047>did you think we had forgotten>did you think we had forgiven

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>>380677277Based nigger basher

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>>380678176Based dick stretcher getting those gains

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>>380678116I like how he not only jogs slowly, but somehow loses all momentum mid air.

>>380678054That first video is real. WE think she is dead. Nobody her from her after that

>>380676722What a nice piece of man ass


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>>380677047Poor nigger

>>380678308yes, but what are numbers except for an intellectual construct made by white men?

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>>380677866kek waterthrower?

>>380677579Jews don't have an inherent concept of truth. The only reason they have to deal with it at all is because it's so essential to how whites live and see the world.


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>>380677047>When your moms roastie level is so high it seeps into your very genetics

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>>380677047At least he gets to hug mommy

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>>380678782>EU flagNafri detected


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>>380676800>How many Sexy Ukie blondes have been tuned into Nuggets since Feb 24th

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>>380678264perfect troon bait videoguaranteed to make them rope

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>>380676958Yet I cant fuck my little sister because of "Genetic Risks" Lmao

>>380678116Is he OK? I mean did he des?

>>380677047Damn, poor guy is black.

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>>380676958>has a kid even uglier than her

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>>380677346Man this gives me the most evil chuckle

>>380676800Holy fuck

>>380677498> dont eat, dont eat, the gas kills you slower on a full stomach I'd like to think some number of kikes starved purely because other kikes memed this too hard

>>380679045kinda funny

>>380677236She/he name is like Tafdah or something and yes its a trans Male to Female

>>380677346Jesus lady, just put in your 2 weeks like a normal person.


>>380676800>>38067913710/10 fucknugget

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>>380677884>Browsing reddit for the first time.webm

>>380677952repo man irl

>>380677346fucking hell that's dark (literally)

>>380679516didn't get a highrise

>>380677579This is like when my wife is mad at me for no reason.

>>380677346How the hell did she get there?

>>380678264Dead at 22

>>380679314didn't this stupid bitch finish like 16th out of 13?

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>>380677866Thats just fucking cool

>>380679086>I'll never make anyone this happy in my entire life

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>>380677867I think the Egyptians were on to something with worshipping them

>>380678176>>380678469ancient jelqing

>>380678264>HRT at 12>Makeup still can't hide itCan trannies stop lying to little kids?

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>>380679086you just know what they do in her bedroom

>>380678264these fags probably suck extreme dick

>>380678469>>380678308These two vids are emblematic of the depraved and disgusting nature of these two most horrible brights on mankind

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>>380678339lmao what a shot

>>380678264I love these videos because they aren't trannies and real trannies will never look like that

>>380679753I guess he only likes Kosher dogs.

>>380679260yes and yes

>>380677277Bottle man is in jail now

>>380678339This webm is amazing, you can see the hand that throws the toilet paper and the person the drone lands on.. amongst all that carnage in the crowd..

>>380677952nerve gas?

>>380677952any ideas as to what this is? holy shit

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>>380676845I miss her so much bros you wouldn't believe

>>380678308Man why dont they just lynch these fucks

>>380678228why would they stop the flash flood isnt going to die down.

>>380678469He relaxed.

>>380679885We do know what a fucking pathetic loser you actually are

>>380679260It depends...he probably didn't des...I fell into the bon fire during juhannus once but got up super quickly. I barely had any burns just some tar on my skin and my clothes were a bit fucked up and smelly.

>>380679260he's OK.. in the afterlife

>>380676722He's going to be so repulsive once he hits true adulthood, i.e., his adult male brain development finishes in mid-20s.



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>>380678264Do people really think these are Trannies?



>>380676958did bill cosby try a coat hanger abortion on one off his roofy dates?


>>380679490Taftaj is not this person and looks billion times worse

>>380677047>why the long face?

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What teh fuck is the point of webms with no audio????????????

>>380680393Ugly af

>>380676800who put makeup on her?


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>>380680393He looks like the slightly downy kid that everyone was nice too because everyone thought he was retarded.

>>380680663Uh, because he's black, user.


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>>380678639I like how the guy on fire knew he had a responsibility to go back and assist others. Faith in humanity restored.

>>380680256>>380680562all women know a dog is a girl's best friend

>>380680393Until I see this creatures dick, the text can be changed.

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>>380680393wont lie, i might take estrogen just to have a perfect hairline like that.

>>380677884God I wish that were me

>>380676722the infinite tranny raid and all the newfag not getting it will anyone leak that fucking discord already

>>380679314>Being and obnoxious cunt is cool fucking Christ

>>380678301fall guys for Harry Hopkins who used lend lease to send Stalin actual nuke materials

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>>380678897Mmm I love shota.

>>380679314>Fucking hell America, do you have to exist?

>>380679689it all started in africa. they mutated into niggers and then all shit went down hill from there. she was trying to invent an airplane. she was testing the first prototype.

>>380679411It would be, yea

>>380678639Seen it before, but what and where was this. What caused that mad shit?

>>380676800Imagine being like that and someone has to care for you and basically do everything for you. That's got to suck.

>>380679387Dude Kennedy was a globohomo faggot and a total piece of shit IDK why people act like Kennedy was some great man who would have saved the Republic he wanted the Immigration act of 65 he wanted civil rights and shit

>>380678897Always makes me smile

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>>380679565Notice they dont say hes wrong just that its against their mission

>>380679086Future bbc queen


>>38068106010/10 would race mix with and make her pop out a Nick Fuentes

>>380681392mutt moment

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>>380680679>virgin has never seen women without makeup

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>>380681392t. future gassed kike

>>380676845I hate the west.

>>380681578Imagine being a chinlet,My fiance loves when I shave she hates when I have a beard.

>>380680393He's drop dead gorgeous


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>>380681201>he wanted the Immigration act of 65 he wanted civil rights and shitthe problem was he was an anti-communist, and the Democrats needed a super-majority to pass all that Great Society communist garbage.No fucking way would Kennedy have gone along with any of those extreme laws. That's why he was killed. Democrats got their super majority running on sympathy for Kennedy's death.

>>380679740no 2nd or 3rd

>>380680393Imagine thinking those droopy fucking lips look good lol

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This is now a chink webm thread Post your best chinkshit

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>>3806820002nd raven saunders... needs to be hanged to learn her place.


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>>380679314Good, let other countries get the slightest taste of what we have to deal with on a daily basis

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>>380677047there is no god

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>>380679885>flag checks outmohammed nigger

>>380678065The journalist's head shake always gets me

>>380680857This video is at least 3 of my family members. Stoner girls are disgusting.


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>>380679314>purposefully is an obnoxious cunt and bares a striking resemblance to a wet water Buffalo anus.>wonders why niggers are universally despised and avoided at all costsDaily reminder that sub Saharans are a different species. As far from a Swede or Korean as a wolf to a coyote (which can also breed and produce coywolf). This vile creature in the video has DNA not found in any human population from an extinct archaic hominidsci-news.com/genetics/west-africans-dna-archaic-hominin-08123.html>up to 19% non human archaic hominid>19%So when you see videos like this and ask yourself>why and how?Now you know.

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>>380682084savedluv watching chinkies die simple as

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>>380679360>Wow, WOW, I admire you. unfathomably based host

>>380677867this is a good thread

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>>380679360Isn't that an actual line from the book?

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>>380679872You okay, Pierre? You’ve been asleep for a long time now, honey, cmon wake up. Your kids are waiting for you downstairs, they want to make sure their daddy is okay after that fever he had. I’m glad you slept it off.

>>380682084I heard bowling pins being hit in my head.

>>380682654God I hate the Chinese so fucking much

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>>380680100early 2000s CGIx-files

>>380677047when incels feel they will never have sex because they're physically unattractive... think to that thing.

>>380678639Imagine the smell

>>380679740Never heard of a diversity hire before?

>>380677047the whitest american in existance


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>>380677047Abominacion de america

>>380676722things id do to HER you guys have no idea

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>>380681320At the risk of buzzwords, its "feels against realls". Which is the tactics of both agendas

>>380682047dude what the fuck is this sick shit

>>380682680You know what? I think the valve was frozen stuck and these retards were trying to thaw it out with fire.

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>>380677277Nigger Knife

>>380680100The last confirmed sighting of laser user

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>>380677983tbf your boat will freeze over or be punctured by ice

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>>380677277Did he glass that nig in the neck? That's straight up attempted murder at best.

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>>380683080Kek you made me turn my vpn on just to watch it, thank god I did Jesus

>>380680752i'm glad i watched the whole thing

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>>380680204Because the Israeli army will show up wtf are you talking about

>>380683419No fuck off post chink shit

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>>380680857the file name kek

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>>380679360Inconceivably based

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>>380681060Her name is strawberrytabby on tiktok

>>380677878wtf>>380678116darwin awards


>>380677047Reminds me of the depressed elder elephant god in conan


>>380680220presumably due to that woman being frozen with fear. that was some extra stupid shit for sure

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>>380677047The ones who make fun of him because of his skin color will have a big surprise.

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>>380684054Surprise brazilian!

Attached: 1644431341947.webm (540x960, 1.48M)

>>380679360Hahahah, perfect meme

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>>380678897>>380679086thank you wholesome norway bro, you just made my evening better


>>380677866Why'd they call the fire dept to deal with an invisible wizard? That's kinda gay, but I'll remember that the next time I'm accosted by wizards.

>>380684270Blanca IRL. Where's Ryu?

>>380676845Her name is Tiffany Dover

>>380684576No problem my dude

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>>380682084bottom left guy just turns 360 degrees and walks away calmly

>>380677047When a monkey fucks an elephant

>>380682893that thing will never have sex either though

>>380676845Died right on the spot. If that isn't a spiritual sacrifice broadcasted to those that follow Molech, I don't know what is. I bet there were many hands rubbing together at that moment.

>>380682859ta. i've been meaning to watch that

>>380677952Fake this is clearly reversed

>>380683163Chinks are really subhuman and disposable. They do not give a fuck

>>380684270Real life Son Goku

>>380678782LMAO remember this the next time a frog calls you a muttI'm literally >whiter than you

>>380678176Ok but, why?

>>380677346Instead of helping just records the nigger falling Based

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>>380678639God I wish that were me

>>380683080That fucking webm shows up in every one of these threads. I fucking hate it.

>>380679885kys abdul

So, I assume you fuckers don't post so many videos without audio. Why don't I have an option to unmute any of this shit?

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>>380677047>launches campaign ....Thats a lot of stolen bikes.

>>380679045Every faggot tranny on this site should see this video. Not because of the text, but because it clearly proves that Holla Forums meme that a real woman can wear sweatpants and you can still tell she is a woman. Look at her hips, hips you will never have as a tranny man.

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>>380678897This is all any man wants. But it was taken from us.

Attached: 1650203704087.webm (1280x720, 2.78M)

>>380679516Fairly certain the one recording was made of saudi oil money and that was one of his maids that pissed him off. Basically forced her to hang out the window like that.

>>380679086Literally cried ffs dogs are sent by God to bring us happiness

>>380685363lurk more

>>380685548>dogs are sent by God to bring us happinessIndeed

Attached: please wake up.webm (846x476, 1.98M)

>>380681198it better do

>>3806853634chins blocks audio. Also caps size@3mb bc it's 1999 or something

>>380679974>>380683414I'm guessing it's brasil, so he got Purple Heart for that deed

>>380676845Didn't actually die. Just someone who faints easily from any pain. Bad choice to put on TV though.



Attached: 1650202377460.webm (1280x720, 1.76M)

>>380678632Somebody please take the internet away from that crusty old plastic nightmare already

>>380685363newfags get the FUCK OUT

Attached: fruit to vegetable.webm (1500x1000, 2.2M)

Attached: 1650204707554.webm (640x640, 1.33M)

>>380685523>be chinese>walk >diepottery

Attached: dogs helping dog.webm (404x720, 2.91M)

>>380685363kys newfag

>>380679753That poor garloid wasn't hurting anybody.

Attached: 1650204179154.webm (848x480, 1.91M)

>>380682000>silvered in 2021 olympics>her throw was completely btfo by a chinkAll that literal fucking nigger faggot attitude and she fucking loses

>>380676800I want to be her boyfriend

Attached: 1650204577168.webm (426x318, 128.88K)

>>380679786Well you are not a super cute puppy sooooo....


>>380685548I fucking hate dogs>>380685652

Attached: 1653843645663.webm (1280x720, 1.01M)

>>380686124You obviously haven't seen a full grown garloid. Best burning them when they're small.

Attached: 1650202982885.webm (640x352, 1.91M)

>>380678339TOP KEK

>>380680141>haha, what if I put myself on fire?>oh fuck, I'm on fire!

>>380685655underrated, also checked

>>380685652stop posting this video please

Attached: apu crying very sad.jpg (563x372, 25.25K)

>>380685899dub s prove chinks are npcs.

Attached: 1650202106125.webm (1272x720, 2.74M)

>>380685512> TAKEN FROM USI dunno man. Become more interesting and women will talk to you.

>>380686471Have some eyebleach, buddy

Attached: fren gone.webm (576x720, 2.78M)

>>380681198I'd gladly do everything to-- I mean for her

>>380678471Women are so fucking stupid

>>380685771this shithole isn't brazil.we don't have this kind of nigger catering stores here. and we don't have security glass on stores.

>>380686590Not to worry, the video underneath was taken before the video on topThe cat was in the hospital, I believe

Attached: what time is it.webm (640x360, 2.93M)

>>380679918>>380680393so are the captions made up?

>>380686590joke's on you, I'm too retarded to understand what these two videos are implyinghahaha

>>380679856are niggers allergic to water? i thought it was a meme

>>380685899I have seen fucking hundreds of CCTV death webms and consistently, 99% of onloockers are unphased. The guilt in calling them "bugmen" always goes away after seeing this shit.

Attached: wrong book.webm (426x238, 1.89M)

>>380686643i am getting tired of posting this. women are not stupid. they just cannot think. they are like ants, or houses, or the wind. you cannot judge them by human standards.

>>380679086You just know

>>380686719Yes, probably.

Attached: PUPPY PANCAKE EXTREME GORE.webm (640x640, 2.08M)

>>380687008was the roller ok

>>380687008Okay, there's nothing I can say to undo the horror of that webmYou vile monster

>>380679886What do you mean? Are their boyfriends skateboarders or something?

>>380679360absolute balls of steel, kekhe will go far

Attached: 1589415539532.webm (720x404, 1.61M)

Attached: 1589414989478.webm (640x800, 2.65M)

>>380687098Luckily no rollers were hurt in creating this video.

>>380680139Should’ve ended with an edit and cutting to the clip of the bitch getting her head chopped off and kicked around like a soccer ball at her tent by mudslimeniggers

Attached: 1586841683396.webm (720x900, 2.89M)

Attached: 1586841630362.webm (640x800, 2.88M)

>>380686923top kek

Attached: 1582865510713.webm (642x800, 2.65M)

>>380686719Bullshit. I believe it regardless, thank you.

>>380687008you bastard *shakes fist*


>>380682815His head got smashed immediately. That's some kind of injection molding machine. The plates are usually heavy steel or alloy of some sort. Quick death for a chinkaroonie.

>>380683163Wtf man

>>380678065i predict that this clip outlives the internet

Attached: qui pepe.png (847x729, 337.97K)

>>380680968you just take DHT blockers lmao retard.

>>380687358>>380687315>>380687274>>380687189>>380687139thank you wholesome user

>>380687008I hate humanity so much


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>>380686009it's amazing that punch actually landed, given how long in advance you could see it cominghave these losers never been in a fight before? not like he stood any chance against the other guy either way I guess, given that he was probably almost twice his mass, but he didn't need to eat that knockout punch

>>380686923This one is french too I think. Based frogs

>>380682047super wholesome :)